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    • August 10, 2019 7:30 AM CDT
    • WITR's live stream is back! The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday August 10th from Noon-2:00PM EST. Tune your radio dial to 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live from the link at http;//

    • July 27, 2019 7:59 AM CDT
    • I'm not going to sell you a truck load of crap. I'm going to be playing some high quality punk and garage tunes on the radio. Tune your dial to 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live from the link at from Noon-2:00PM on Saturday July 27th.

    • July 14, 2019 1:49 PM CDT
    • Check out this garage punk band called The Prickly Grapes from Tasmania, Australia. "Bosnia" is one song from them id reccomend.

    • July 13, 2019 1:50 PM CDT

    • Playlist 07-13-19

      Tempests - Rockin' Rochester USA
      Fleshtones - Girl From Baltimore
      Hi-Risers - ATM Inside
      Harmonica Lewinski - Bikini Beach
      Nasty Rumours - Austerity Plan
      Briefs - Bad Vibrations
      Justine and the Unclean - Passive Aggressive Baby
      Lucy and the Rats - Stick To You
      Duncan Reid and the Big Heads - Baby Baby
      Dead Frequency - I Don't Wanna Know
      Cassette Apes - TV Dinner
      Les Freres Tyran - Frankenstein 19
      Droogs - Other Side of Town
      Manic Hispanic - Manic Hispanic
      Angry Samoans - Haizman's Brain Is Calling
      Fiendz - Don't Point
      Amyl and the Sniffers - Gacked On Anger
      Fret Rattles - Kick Out The Jams
      Jonny Manak & The Depressives - Anybody Wanna Skate
      Los Pepes - Ain't Life Easy
      Glen Robinson - I Don't Wanna Be A Ramone
      Fox Sisters - Uum Uum Uum
      Televisionaries - No Return
      Dirty Fences - I Can't Sleep At Night
      Dean Landew - Kissin' In The Midnight Rain
      Andy Smash & The Rust Belt Hotrods - Undercover of The Night
      Carambolage - Soupeur
      Duck & Cover - Stand Corrected
      Chats - Pub Feed
      Dirt Byrds - Gone Daddy Gone
      Moons of Saturn - Gimme Some Moore
      Ultra Sect - Violent Acquisition
      Dictators - Search & Destroy
      Naked Soul - Helicopter Man
      Swingin' Neckbreakers - The Girl Can't Help It
      SLRB - Fight Fight Fight
      Cretins - Haven't Got A Clue
      Big Eyes - When Midnight Comes
      Night Times - I Got My Mind On You
      Barracudas - Don't Let Go
      Hüsker Dü - Keep Hanging On
      Godfathers - Gone to Texas

    • July 13, 2019 6:34 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be Rockin' Rochester and the world on Saturday July 13th from Noon-2:00PM EST. Tune your radio dial to 89.7 WITR-FM if you're in Rochester or stream it live from the link at

    • July 6, 2019 2:11 PM CDT
    • Playlist 07-06-19

      Upper Crust - We're Finished With Finishing School
      Dickies - Communication Breakdown
      D Generation - No Way Out
      Electric Frankenstein - Face at the Edge of the Crowd
      Amyl and the Sniffers - Got You
      Chats - Pub Feed
      Jonny Manak & The Depressives - Sticks and Stones
      Ultra Sect - Power Through Victory
      Nasty Rumours - I'm Not Okay
      Briefs - Underground Dopes
      Fret Rattles - One Step Ahead
      Cowboys - Pie In My Eye
      Andy Smash & The Rust Belt Hotrods - Undercover of the Night
      Cassette Apes - Cold Caller
      SLRB - Fight Fight Fight
      Dirt Byrds - Birth School Work Death
      Duncan Reid and the Big Heads - Kellys Gone Insane
      99ers - Sweet Strawberries
      Dead Frequency - I Don't Wanna Know
      Big Eyes - At The Top
      Dirty Fences - Love For Higher
      Lucy and the Rats - True Romance
      Los Pepes - Action
      Dean Landew - Money
      Serpent Power - Black Angel Rider
      Les Freres Tyran - Génération code
      Night Time - I Got My Mind On You
      Les Bof! - Formidable
      Schizophonics - Welcome
      Cretins - Haven't Got A Clue
      Moons of Saturn - Gimme Some Moore
      Tweens - Rattle + Rollin'
      Toxenes - Fingertips
      Bad Beats - What You Trying To Say
      Avengers - The American In Me
      Weirdos - Life Of Crime
      Pegboy - Hardlight
      Bullet LaVolta - X-Fire
      Ramones - Don't Come Close
      Wonderstuff - A Wish Away
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas


    • July 6, 2019 7:59 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday July 6th from Noon-2:00PM EST. Tune your radio dial to 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live from the link at

    • June 15, 2019 2:26 PM CDT
    • Playlist 06-15-19

      Troggs - I Can Only Give You Everything
      Nomads - I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time
      Other Half - Mr. Pharmacist
      Love - 7 and 7 Is
      Jonny Manak and the Depressives - Sick of Feeling Sick
      Lucy and The Rats - Stick To You
      Ultra Sect - Stolen Lands
      Briefs - Dumb City
      Dirty Fences - Goodbye Love
      Cowboys - Some Things Never Change
      Los Pepes - Let Me Tell You Something
      Descendents - Marriage
      Cretins - Haven’t Got Clue
      99ers - Girl Eyes
      Duncan Reid and the Big Heads - Pretty Little Rachel
      Dead Frequency - I Don't Wanna Know
      SLRB - Fight Fight Fight
      Suck - Basement Buzz
      Beggar Belief - All Our Know Devices
      Dick Dastardly's - All My Friends
      Night Times - Watch Your Step
      Serpent Power - In Her Mind I Am Me
      Les Bof! - Fin De Monde
      Jonny Magus & The Bursting Bubbles - Intergalactic Superlove
      Fadeaways - Nowhere To Hide
      Les Breastfeeders - Ma Mort Davant Ma Mort
      Bad Beats - What You Trying To Say
      Schizophonics - Streets of Heaven and Hell
      Wipes - In the Park
      Slow Faction - UDI
      Klammer - Being Boiled
      Jet Buzz - Mr Eugene
      Big Eyes - When Midnight comes
      Constant Mongrel - Action
      Lane - Winnepeg
      Dirt Byrds - Look Me In The Eyes
      Badass Motherfuzzers - I Can't See
      Godfathers - If I Only Had Time
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • June 15, 2019 6:53 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be bursting at the seams with new punk and garage tunes for your listening pleasure. Tune your radio dial to 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live from the link at from Noon-2:00PM EST.

    • June 1, 2019 1:48 PM CDT
    • Playlist 06-01-19

      13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me
      Roky Erickson - Creature With The Atom Brain
      Roky Erickson - Cold Night For Alligators
      Roky Erickson - Don't Slander Me
      Ultra Sect - Modern Nights
      Beggar Belief - Burn It All Dwon
      Alements - This Is Eden
      Bad Beats - Ain't No Friend of Mine
      Big Eyes - Young Dumb & Bored
      Los Pepes - Anyway
      Suck - The Catfish
      Meat Tray - Meat Lover
      Gorilla - Stuck On You
      Clash - I'm So Bored With The USA
      99ers - Sweet Strawberries
      Radio Birdman - Aloha Steve & Danno
      Constant Mongrel - Action
      Lane - Dirty Liar
      Klammer - Being Boiled
      Psychedelic Furs - Flowers
      Wipes - Way Too Slow
      Slow Faction - U.D.I.
      Jet Buzz - Mr. Eugene
      Cowboys - Red-Headed Girlfriend
      Les Bof! - Liberes Moi
      Les Breastfeeders - Hey Petite Fille
      Mongrelettes - You'll Never Fall
      Rod Hamdallah - Think About It
      Bee Bee Sea - Be Bop Palooza
      Jonny Magus & The Bursting Bubbles - The Night of A Thousand Stars
      False Positives - Eyes Wide Open
      Julian Cope - World Shut Your Mouth
      Dirt Byrds - I Ain't Thick It's A Trick
      Dick Dastardly's - Overthinking
      Hospital Food - Burning City
      Priorities - Keep On Fighting
      Woggles - Luminol Test
      Blotto - I Wanna Be A Lifeguard
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • June 1, 2019 8:35 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday June 1st from Noon -2:00PM. Tune your radio dial to 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live from the link at

      R.I.P. Roky Erickson.

    • May 18, 2019 2:00 PM CDT
    • Playlist 05-18-19

      Ultra Sect - Violent Acquisition
      Alements - This Is Eden
      Slow Faction - U.D.I.
      Beggar Belief - Next Stop Outta Here
      Klammer - Being Boiled
      Jonny Magus & The Bursting Bubbles - Intergalactic Superlove
      Bee Bee Sea - Be Bop Palooza
      Rod Hamdullah - Carry You Home
      Jet Buzz - Mr. Eugene
      Hospital Food - You're Not PC
      Lane - Stand
      Wipes - Why'd You Run
      Cowboys - Pie In My Eye
      99ers - Girl Eyes
      False Positives - Eyes Wide Open
      Les Breastfeeders - Ma Mort Davant Ma Mort
      Les Bof! - Jezebel
      Yeah You Rights - What I Say
      Tracys - Wendy-O
      Los Pepes - Ain't Life Easy
      Dick Dastardly's - Nuclear Korean Girl
      Suck - The Death Machine
      Sourpuss - I Wanna Be Loved
      Dirt Byrds - Gone Daddy Gone
      Meat Tray - Meat Lover
      Toxenes - Redux
      Priorities - Weekend Warriors You Say
      Richard and the Young Lions - Action Woman
      Mongrelettes - Never Come My Way
      Bad Beats - Don't Mean Nothin
      Cynics - Now I'm Alone
      MC5 - Rambling Rose
      Cult - Love Removal Machine
      Redd Kross - Play My Song
      Lemonheads - Two Weeks in Another Town
      Cramps - Psychotic Reaction
      Pandoras - Hot Generation
      Screaming Trees - Wish Bringer
      Devo - The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • August 3, 2019 9:14 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist August 2nd 2019


      1. Steel Pulse….Black and White Oppressors….from the recent Mass Manipulation release.
      2. Jack Oblivian and the Dream Killers….Scarla….from the recent Lost Weekend release on Beluga Records. Remember when Jack played with The Deadly Snakes at Call The Office here in London 6/19/2000? Great show as far as I can remember.
      3. Baston….Honda….Beach Boys cover from the recent Howlin’ Banana Summer Sampler. For those that don’t know, Howlin’ Banana is a print fanzine covering the world of garage punk, that used to be available locally here in London.
      4. Lowdown Dirty Mojos….Voodoo Doll….from their recent Screamin’ Hoodoo R’n’B release.
      5. The Mongrels….Do It….first Sunday of the month, so The Mongrels have their monthly gig at the Richmond Tavern.
      6. Mohair Sweets….The Green Light….from An Introduction To…. Release and they’ve recently relocated to Windsor after years in Winnipeg.
      7. The Guess Who….It’s My Pride….from their self titled album on Birchmount.
      8. Evil Farm Children….Hangover….from The Evilling release and from Ottawa. This trio played London many times, even doing a live to air on CHRW somewhere around 10 years ago.
      9. Hiroshima Hearts….Wreckage….most recent demo and they had a gig the evening this show aired. And another on Sunday down in Port Stanley.
      10. TVD….I’d Kiss You Honey But You’re Standing On My Bottom Lip….from the Salvation Through Distraction release and they have a show tonight at the Richmond, along with….
      11. Running From Daylight….Dead Man’s Crossing….from their recent 7” and they will be playing along with….
      12. Randall Pee Coltrane….Riptide….from the Fort Likkerdale release and all  3 of these bands are at the Richmond tonight.
      13. The Polymorphines….Camaro Cowgirl….from their self titled  release from 2008 and from Ottawa.
      14. Cinecyde….Enemy Man….from their I Left My Heart In Detroit City album from 1982 and goes out to bass played Chris Girard who passed away earlier this week. Cinecyde also had their own record label, Tremor, which released many Detroit compilations all through the 80’s.
      15. Cinecyde….Tough Girls….from the Detroit Defaces The Eighties compilation and is from 1980.
      16. The Boners….Cool Teenagers from Planet X….from another Detroit compilation on Tremor Records called Mandatory Music from 1981.
      17. The Cubes….Rockin’ Right….from the Detroit Defaces the Eighties compilation and this has production my Wayne Kramer (MC5). I really liked the early Cubes sound with it’s tough synth and abrasive female vocals….a fave track of theirs is On A Leash from their Spaceheart 7”.
      18. Vertical Pillows….I Am The One….from the Tremor compilation Folk Songs From The Twilight Zone on Tremor Records. Rob Tyner (MC5) was helping out this all female combo behind the scenes and even appeared on stage with them a few times. Vertical Pillows appear on several other Tremor compilations and released a 7” that is quite good.
      19. Chris Houston…..Mean To Me….from the recent Hazrds Of Glitter release and this features Lori Yates on vocals with Chris.
      20. Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra…..How Can People Be So Wrong….from his Don’t Mind If I Do release. JJ and company played London many times, always drinking way more than any other band and always putting on a great show!
      21. Light Bulb Alley…..Problems….from their most recent release and from Montreal.
      22. Larry Wallis….Police Car….from a 1977 Stiff 7” and the flipside is On Parole….
      23. Larry Wallis….Leather Forever…..from a 7” on a French label and found this when digging for Police Car.
      24. The Touch….Stop Stop….from the recent Lost and Found release. The Touch were a UK mod band that formed in the late 70’s, released an album and disappeared. Magically re-appeared about a year ago, started work on this release and have a reunion show happening later this month in the UK.
      25. Dr Feelgood….She Does It Right….from the Down At The Jetty release from 1974. Features the phenomenal Wilko Johnson on guitar! Wilko has his own unique style; no pick, all fingers simultaneously slashing the lead and rhythm sounds out of his Telecaster.
      26. Count Bishops….I Take What I Want….from The Bishops release from 1979.
      27. Boy From Nowhere…..Lift Up Your Hood… recording from the long gone Brunswick Hotel.
      28. Etta James….Good Rockin’ Tonight….from a Greatest  Hits compilation and originally from 1956.
      29. The Mods….Step Out Tonight….from the Twenty 2 Months release on OPM Records. 1978 recording from this Toronto combo and a song that used to go through my noggin’ before heading out to the clubs.
      30. The Jam…..In The Crowd…from the All Mod Cons release and the first Jam album I bought. Saw them right after this in Toronto!
      31. The Scenics….Great Piles Of Leaves….from the In The Summer release of 1977/78 recordings of this Toronto trio who played London several times in the Cedar Lounge days. Several years later, Andy (guitar/bass/vocals) opened up a record store here in town, and if memory serves correct, it was at the south east corner of Queens and Clarence.


      Thanx to all who tuned in, phoned in, emailed in, messaged in, and dropped by the studio to say Hey!!!!

    • August 3, 2019 7:34 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist July 26/2019


      1. The Underground Divas….This Train Is Running Out Of Faith…From Montreal and certainly have their ear on the ground as to what’s happening in this crazy world we all live in.
      2. DOA….Woke Up Screaming….from the recent 1978 release and originally came out in 1978 as a 7”.
      3. Sheep Look Up….Civil Disobedience….from Slippery’s Club Hits, the cassette that came with What Wave zine 24. Originally released as a cassette circa 1983 and blows my mind as much then as now.
      4. The Zellots….Soldiers…..also from Slippery’s Club Hits and originally recorded back in about 1981 at EMAC.
      5. 63 Monroe…..Drums Beat in the Background….from the recent Faded Glory release. London’s longest running glam/punk/whatever combo and they still play out every now and again.
      6. The Rizdales….One More Beer….from their most recent, Lucky Enough release and regulars at the Richmond Tavern here in London.
      7. Dashboard Rattle….Little Miss Selfie Taker….from their recent self titled debut and also from London Ontario.
      8. Genya Ravan….Don’t Go Into The Bathroom….from her recent Icon release and a true story if you ever tried to go to the washroom when at CBGBs. Genya’s been around since the early 60’s and one of her claims to fame is producing the first Dead Boys album.
      9. Hiroshima Hearts….Wreckage….their latest and they have a gig coming up next weekend at the Ribfest here in London.
      10. O Lendario Chucrobillyman….Midnight Jungle….from his Man Monkey release and he’s a one man band from Brazil. And had a show at Duggan’s the night of this broadcast.
      11. Weird Omen….A Place I Want To Know….from their recent Surrealistic Feast on Dirty Water Records and goes out to Lionel Haug.
      12. Electric Cows….Frenzy….from the recent Wheatfield Fuzz release and from Winnipeg.
      13. Andy Butler….I’m Crushed….from his recent Garage Heartbreak release and yep, it’s the same guy from the Legendary 905s out of Brampton.
      14. Long Day Journey…..Spreads Of The Psychedelic Sandwich…..from a recent 7” from this Hamiltonian who is constantly releasing and recording.
      15. Bill Haley and the Comets…..13 Women….this goes out to Dick Boccelli, aka Dick Richards, the drummer for Bill from about 1953 to 1955. Dick passed away very recently at the ripe old age of 95 and probably the last of the Comets from that era. And 13 Women is also my fave Bill Haley track, check out the absolute Killer version of this track by Sweden’s  Renegades from 1966!
      16. LeRoi Brothers…..Ballad Of A Juvenile Delinquent….from their 1983 Check This Action release. Had to toss this one in after Bill Haley as his fans were considered JD’s back in the band’s early days.
      17. Positively Stompin’….Ain’t I’m A Dog…..from the Cat O Nine Tales cassette that came with What Wave zine 21 from 1992. The boys in Stompin’ found this track on the above LeRoi Brothers release and loved it so much they had to record it.
      18. LeRoi Brothers….Check This Action….from the album of the same name and a song that sums up being a LeRoi.
      19. David Clayton Thomas…..Brainwashed….Came out as a single back in 1966 and features Freddy Keeler on guitar. Freddy passed away recently and was one of a few shit hot guitar players out of Toronto! A master of the telecaster!
      20. David Clayton Thomas….Boom Boom…this version is from DCT’s solo LP, and not the earlier recorded version which features an even better guitar solo by Freddy. DCT calls out Freddy to take the solo on the version we played.
      21. Betty Harris….12 Red Roses….from New Orleans Funk Volume 2 on Soul Jazz Records and originally from 1968.
      22. Artwoods….Can You Hear Me….from the Art Gallery release on Repertoire Records and originally from 1966. This track features a young Jon Lord on keys, eventually to find fame in Deep Purple. Art Woods,  from whom this band takes its name is the brother of Faces/Birds/Stones guitarist Ron Wood.
      23. The Touch….You’re The One….from the brand new Lost and Found release. The Touch were a late 70’s/early 80’s UK mod/pop combo who released one album back then and ended up breaking up. Due to its rarity, the band decided to get back together and this recording is a result of that. Reunion show coming up in August!
      24. The Touch….Grey Day… above.
      25. The Meters….Ease Back…..from a Greatest Hits comp and goes out to keyboardist Art Neville who passed away earlier this week. Art started his career in the 50’s and remained a New Orleans resident up to the end.
      26. The Meters…Chicken Strut….as above and love the chicken yells on this one!
      27. The Meters….They’d All Ask’d For You…. As above. All 3 tracks from the late 70’s/early 80’s and Art went from here to the Neville Brothers.
      28. The Fleshtones…..You’re Tearing Me Apart….from the Hitsburg Revisited release and a tune they always play live in Hamilton…and The Fleshtones are in Hamilton tonite at This Ain’t Hollywood and tomorrow at the Horseshoe in Toronto.
      29. The Fleshtones….Remember The Ramones….from the Wheel Of Talent release and another live fave.
      30. The Fleshtones….5 New Fleshtones…..from the Angry Years release.
      31. The Fleshtones….Girl From Baltimore….from the Up Front release from 1980. The Fleshtones have been around since 1976, with 2 original members, drummer Bill joined shortly after the band formed and bassist Ken Fox has been with the band close to 30 years. And they’ve still got more energy than pretty much any band out there! My fave live band!
      32. The Fleshtones….Watch This….from the Angry Years release.
      33. The Fleshtones…..The Dreg….from the Roman Gods release.
      34. The Fleshtones….I’ve Gotta Change My Life….as above and had to fade this as we ran outta time.


      Big Thanx to all who tuned in, called in, emailed, messaged and the others that said HEY!


      Back again next week with more noise to annoy.

    • July 2, 2019 9:12 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist June 28/2019


      1. Coaching For Sara….Haunted…brand new recording from these locals.
      2. Sex Pistols….Holiday In The Sun….from their first LP.
      3. Evan Johns….Vacation Time….from his Rollin’ Through The Night release on Alternative Tentacles. Got to see Evan a coupla times, Hamilton and definitely Oshawa a couple times. Always a Great live show!
      4. JJ Burnel…..Do The European…from his 1979 Euroman Cometh release. Solo release from The Stranglers bass stomper.
      5. The Vikings…Let’s Go….from their Go Berserk! Release on SFTRI.
      6. Light Bulb Alley….I Don’t Owe You A Thing….latest recordings from this Montreal trio.
      7. Chris Houston…Out Of The Blue….from his recent Hazards Of Glitter release.
      8. Chris Houston….War Of Da Dudes….this one’s been stuck in my noggin’
      9. Teenage Head….Kissin’ The Carpet…from their debut album and this is a 1981 pressing on OPM, different mix on this one. And that’s Kelly Jay on the piano on this one. RIP to Kelly Jay.
      10. Crowbar….House Of Blue Lights….from their Bad Manors release from the early 70’s. Sounding a bit like the Roy Loney version of The Flamin’ Groovies.
      11. King Biscuit Boy….Shout Bama Lama…from the With Crowbar release.
      12. Crowbar….Oh What A Feeling….from their Bad Manors release and the song that got them lots of radio play.
      13. Daddy Long Legs….Death Train Blues…from their Evil Eye On You release on Norton Records and they are playing Tuesday night at This Ain’t Hollywood.
      14. Frankie and Jimmy….Shakemondown….from their Blues On The Brain release and they usually open for Daddy Long Legs, but recently broke up.
      15. Daddy Long Legs….Comin’ After Me….from the Evil Eye On You release.
      16. Pack AD….Build…from their Funeral Mixtape release from 2007
      17. 63 Monroe….Hot Mess…from their recent Faded Glory and they were at Call The Office last night.
      18. DOA….Whatcha Gonna Do….from their recent 1978 release on Sudden Death.
      19. Subhumans….I Got Religion….from their New Dark Age Parade release and so timely these days.
      20. The Dogs….Call My Name….from the Sonny Vincent benefit CD.
      21. The Gruesomes….Three Men One Coffin….from the Live In Hell release and also on the 7” EP that came with What Wave zine #18.
      22. The Gruesomes…..What Wave…..from the Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood release from 1989.
      23. The Gruesomes….radio advert and then went into Hey, from the release of the same name. This one got lots of video play on Much Music. All The Gruesomes music is available now on Ricochet Sound out of Montreal.
      24. Bad Beats….Ain’t No Friend Of Mine….from their recent Off The Hook release and from Vancouver.
      25. Simply Saucer….Dance The Mutation…..from the Cyborgs Revisited release and playing Sunday at This Ain’t Hollywood.
      26. Dr John…..Right Place, Wrong Time…..from a Greatest Hits release and the song that got Dr John on the radio. RIP to Dr John.
      27. Dr John….Mama Roux…..from the same release as above.
      28. Ko and the Knockouts….You’re On My Mind…from one of The Coolest Songs In The World release put together by Little Steven, who happens to be coming to London on Tuesday.
      29. Cocktail Slippers….Rock’n’Roll Babe…as above and from Norway.
      30. Fondas….Wanna Be…as above and from Detroit.
      31. Lost Patrol…..Roast Beef Song….from the Mr Garager’s compilation and they were from Windsor Ontario.


      Thanx for all the messages, emails, phone calls, Heys etc!!! That’s what makes it all worthwhile!!

      Back again next week….with some Dave Bartholomew who passed away this week.

    • June 16, 2019 9:03 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist June 14/2019


      Back on the airwaves, dedicated this show to my Mother, Dr John and Roky Erickson. And the second half of the show is a Roky special as we’ve been fans for way too many years!


      1. Tony Low….Abomination….from the brand new To NY release. Some of you may remember Tony from his days in The Cheepskates, a great 60’s pop combo that lasted from the early 80’s to late 80’s releasing a couple of amazing LP’s. ‘Run Better Run’ should have been a radio hit!
      2. Lucy and the Rats….True Romance….brand new release on Dirty Water Records and this track Lucy doesn’t sing, just plays bass.
      3. TVD….I’d Kiss You Honey But You’re Standing On My Bottom Lip….from the Salvation Through Distraction release and TVD will be playing Call The Office Thursday night along with 63 Monroe and Swearcrow. Thanx to Pete Dekokker for calling in and giving us the complete info!
      4. Brother Leeds….Somehow….from their self titled debut release and from London Ontario,
      5. 63 Monroe….Hot Mess….from the recent Faded Glory release. Archie Gamble has rejoined the band on the tubs.
      6. Roger Zuraw….I Gotta Hunch….from his There’s Life, Then There’s Song release and goes out to Jocko.
      7. Dashboard Rattle….1979….from their self titled debut and they are playing next weekend at Victoria Park along with several other local bands…Thing From Outer Space, Twin Fin and more.
      8. Chris Houston….Out Of The Blue…from the Hazards Of Glitter release from earlier this year.
      9. Lowdown Dirty Mojos….Can’t Have Enough Good Luck….from the recent Screamin’ Hoodoo R’n’B release and features former Londoner Paul Wootton.
      10. DOA…..Liar For Hire….from the recent 1978 release on Sudden Death Records.
      11. Boy From Nowhere…..You’re Gonna Miss Me….snippet from the Mt Pleasant demos circa 1985 and transitioned into….
      12. Boy From Nowhere….Testify….as above and then transitions back into You’re Gonna Miss Me. Boy are still active on the local circuit and well worth checking out live if you get the chance.
      13. Reverb Syndicate….Clubfoot The Avenger….from the Last of the V8 Interceptors. They were in town recently and put on a phenomenal show according to all sources.
      14. UIC….You’re Gonna Miss Me….live recording from Bullwinkles 2/14/1986. If memory serves me correct, that was the first time Shark Graffitti came to London and Purple Toads were also on the bill. Purple Toads also covered You’re Gonna Miss Me.
      15. Roky Erickson…..KSAN interview from 1978 to start our Roky special.
      16. The Spades….You’re Gonna Miss Me…..from 1965 and the original version of this song. Roky left The Spades to join 13th Floor Elevators and brought this song along.
      17. The Spades….We Sell Soul….flip side of the above.
      18. 13th Floor Elevators….You’re Gonna Miss Me…from an IA 7” pressed in Canada by Quality Records. This one looks beat but plays with minimal noise….real quality vinyl, not like today’s records!
      19. 13th Floor Elevators……Roller Coaster….from the Psychedelic Sounds Of….Their first LP and one from that era that still sounds as good, if not better than when first released.
      20. 13th Floor Elevators….Fire Engine….as above. Always loved Roky’s lead vocals and the background siren vocals on this one!
      21. 13th Floor Elevators…..Reverberation…as above.
      22. 13th Floor Elevators….Tried To Hide….as above.
      23. 13th Floor Elevators….Don’t Fall Down… as above.
      24. 13th Floor Elevators….Everybody Needs Somebody….live recording Summer 1966 at La Maison Ballroom in Houston and on the Elevator Tracks release. Live they sounded like no one else….Roky’s unmistakable vocals, Stacy Sutherland’s killer guitar riffs and the jug!
      25. 13th Floor Elevators….Satisfaction…. as above. They take this one into a jam session, something the Stones probably hadn’t thought of at this time.
      26. 13th Floor Elevators….I’m Down…. As above.
      27. 13th Floor Elevators….I’ve Got Levitation….from the Easter Island release.
      28. 13th Floor Elevators….Living On….from the Bull Of The Woods release.
      29. Roky Erickson….Bermuda….from a 1977 Virgin Records 7” and features Duane Aslaksen on lead guitar, a guy who stayed with Roky for a few years.
      30. Roky Erickson…..2 Headed Dog….from the I Think Of Demons release.
      31. Roky Erickson…Don’t Shake Me Lucifer….. as above.

      Ran outta time at this  point, but had a number of Roky songs I really wanted to play….Bloody Hammer was all cued up and ready to go!!

      Thanx for all the crazy phone calls and requests for the next show. And Thanx for all the emails, texts, FB messages and Heys!!


      Back in 2 weeks as next Friday is National Aboriginal Day in Canada and there will be a day of special programming to celebrate!   And CHRW has a fundraiser at the London Brewing Co-op on Sunday from 11 till 3PM. Fuse is also involved and there will be food vendors, DJ’s, beverages and local record store Odyssey onsite.


    • June 1, 2019 6:11 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist May 31/2019


      1. Bloodshot Bill….Hook Me….from his recent Come Get Your Love Right Now release.
      2. The Mongrels….Do It….another first Sunday of the month means another Rock’n’Roll Rent party at the Richmond….4 till 7PM on Sunday.
      3. Electric Cows…..Frenzy….from the recent Wheatfield Fuzz release and from Winnipeg on the Dub Ditch label.
      4. Flesh Rag….Inside Your Mind….from their Inside Your Mind release and sounding a bit Stooge like.
      5. The Stooges….1969….50 years later and it still sounds as good as ever!!
      6. Destroy All Monsters….You’re Gonna Die….1978 recording on the November 22nd 1963 release and features Ron Asheton on stun guitar.
      7. Long Day Journey….You’re An Algorithm….from the CD that came with the brand new 7” LDJ just released! Very limited quantities on this brain warper.
      8. The Move….I Can Hear The Grass Grow….1967 recording on The Best Of The Move compilation.
      9. Dogmatics….Sister Serena….from the 1984 Thayer St release from this bunch of drunken hoodlums outta Boston. Coupla O’Halloran’s in this combo, most likely related in some bizarre way as they’ve got that look! Relatives are starting work on a documentary on this somewhat overlooked band, we’ve sent our pics down for consideration in the doc.
      10. Jr Gone Wild…..It Never Changes….from the Less Art More Pop release from 1986. Another combo that is getting a documentary produced and this one should be getting near completion. Again, sent pics from the first time Jr played at the long gone Key West venue here in London.
      11. Washington Squares….Can’t Stop The Rain…..from their 1987 self titled debut release and timely as we’ve had more than our share of rain recently.
      12. Jill Porter….Just Ask….from her 2005 release and some really nice rock’n’powerpop.
      13. Jill Porter….Rock’n’Roll Songs…. As above….Jill is from Newfoundland and has a bit of a Real Kids edge to some of her material.
      14. Cool Blue Halo….Throw Me Down….from the Kangaroo re-ish that came out a couple years back on DWR Records out of Toronto.
      15. Andy Butler….You Go Girl….from the recent Garage Heartbreak release and Andy is from the 905s, but you knew that.
      16. B Girls….Mystery….from the recent Sonny Vincent tribute 3 CD package that you can get direct from Sonny via FB.
      17. Sorrows….Bad Times Good Times….as above. Believe this is the late 70’s NYC based beat/pop combo that released a record on Bomp Records. There’s no band notes with this compilation.
      18. Chris Houston….Psychadelic Igloo….from the recent Hazards Of Glitter release on DWR Records. For those that don’t know, Chris was an early bass player in The Forgotten Rebels and was responsible for the song that most attribute to the band, Surfin’ On Heroin. Since those days, Chris hasn’t released a lot of material, but what has come out, has that cool outsider sound and imagery. On this track there’s references to the early Toronto punk scene, Chris seeing his first band and some of the Toronto sound shapers are mentioned. There’s a who’s who of guest musicians; Steve Koch, Cleave Anderson, Gordie Lewis and so many more! We’re gonna cover a bit of his keyboard players history in the upcoming songs, that being Michael Fonfara.
      19. Chris Houston…..Kill Your Sons….also from Hazards of Glitter….Lou Reed composition from the Sally Can’t Dance release from 1974 on which Michael Fonfara was band leader and keyboardist.
      20. Lou Reed….Sally Can’t Dance….from the same named LP and of course features Michael Fonfara on keyboards.
      21. Rhinoceros…Apricot Brandy….from their self titled release from 1968 and again features Michael Fonfara on the keyboards. One of these days we’ll have to do a special on MF as we’ve seen him a coupla times at This Ain’t Hollywood backing up bands.
      22. Guadalcanal Diary…Watusi Rodeo….from the 1985 Walking In The Shadow Of The Big Man release and goes out to guitarist Jeff Walls who passed away this week. Jeff was most recently in The Woggles out of Atlanta.
      23. Shoobies….Girl Or Gator….from the recent Nevermind The Hardcore, Here’s Shoobies release and they are playing at Call The Office on Thursday night with Isolation Party.
      24. Marshmallow Overcoat….Wait For Her….from the recent All You Need Is Fuzz soundtrack release.
      25. Long Ryders….10-5-60…..from the 10-5-60 release and the Long Ryders are back touring and releasing material. This release is from 1983.
      26. Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men….American Music….from the Out In California live release and The Blasters hit London in October….not with Dave, but most likely will play this song.
      27. The Makers….Intro….from the Rock Star God release from 2000.
      28. Joan Jett….Roadrunner….from a Greatest Hits compilation.
      29. Big Star….In The Street….from the Live At Missouri University 4/25/1993 release. Caught part of a Big Star doc on TVO the other night and they went into a bit of depth on Alex’s involvement with The Cramps and Panther Burns.
      30. Big Star….Thank You Friends….from the Third release.
      31. Panther Burns…..Hey Little Mama….from the Behind The Magnolia Curtain release from 1981 and features LX Chilton on guitar. And Tav Falco was just in this area recently…speaking of, last time I can remember Panther Burns here in London was about 1981 when they strolled onstage at Fryfogles and proceeded to tear the joint down!! Wish I had some pics from that gig!

      Huge Thanx for all the crazy phone calls, emails, FB messages and Heys!!!

      Next week we’ll be doing at least part of the show on Roky and the major influence his work has had on so many others!

    • May 26, 2019 7:14 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist May 24/2019

      1. Nash The Slash….Guns and Sandwiches….from the Thrash release. Bought this from Nash last time we saw him here in London, playing a partial set with DOA. Stupidly didn’t take any pics that night, but there is video up on youtube.  Nash’s brother ran the longtime London classical and jazz record outlet, The Madrigal, before leaving for the east coast.
      2. Coaching For Sara….These People….from their only CD and they have a gig on Sunday at the Old East 765. They are supposed to be on around 5PM.
      3. Coaching For Sara….She Cums In Waves….latest recording from this local powerpop combo.
      4. Mack MacKenzie and Chip Kinman….It’s Not Worth it…from the recent Cua Tro De Los Angeles EP.
      5. The Rizdales….Honky Tonk Honeymoon….from the recent Lucky Enough release and there’s a shout out to the Richmond. Singer/guitarist Tom Dunphy brings his classic country show to the Richmond this afternoon.
      6. Wanda Jackson….Money Honey….from her self titled release from 1958. Now retired, Wanda had The Rizdales as her Canadian backup band for at least 3 tours, if not more.
      7. Crazy Rhythm Daddies….Crazy Rhythm Boogie….from their self titled release from 1996 and features 2 of Ray Condo’s Hardrock Goners and a Gruesome in the band.
      8. Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners….Catty Town….from the Condo Country release and this month marks the 15th anniversary of Ray’s passing. This band played London several times, always tearing up the venue and we’d end up talking about old cartoons and B movies for hours afterwards.
      9. The Bookmen…7 Buttons….from the Bang Shang A-Langle cassette from 1986 and goes out to Dave Bookman who passed away this week. Dave was a longtime radio host in the Toronto area, getting his start on CIUT and moving on to The Edge and Indie88. He was a HUGE champion of Canadian indy music, starting the Indy night at The Horseshoe Tavern and well respected by everyone in the business. Only met him once when his band performed at the Star Club in Oshawa in the early 80’s.
      10. The Bookmen….What’s So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding…. As above.
      11. The Bookmen….Pump It Up…. As above.
      12. Brother Leeds….Easy Come Easy Go….from their brand new release and they are from right here in London Ontario.
      13. Dustbin Flowers….I Don’t Mind…from their recent Made To Last release and also from London.
      14. The Thing From Outer Space….Mai Tai….their latest release and they had a show last night at the Richmond. Right around this time, Jeff from the Reverb Syndicate called in to yammer about their big show at the Richmond that night with The Thing….
      15. Reverb Syndicate….Motorik….from their Last Of The V8 Interceptors release.
      16. Reverb Syndicate….Last Of The V8 Interceptors… above.
      17. Reverb Syndicate….The Happy Pessimist….as above.
      18. Running From Daylight…..Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet….from their recent red vinyl 7” and also from London.
      19. 63 Monroe….Hot Mess….from their recent red vinyl 12” called Faded Glory and also from London.
      20. The BellRays….Mine All Mine…from the recent Tribute To Sonny Vincent 3 CD set of which all funds are to help Sonny’s son and his family who were severely injured in a fire. Full details are on Sonny’s FB page.
      21. Deadbeat Poets….It’s Summertime….as above. Deadbeat Poets came through town last fall and put on a killer show!! Well worth checking them out live if you get a chance.
      22. Tami Neilson….Miss Jones…from the Sassafrass! release. We caught Tami last fall at the Aeolian and another great show!! Can’t wait till she comes back this way!
      23. Pretenders…..Precious….from their 1980 debut release and this one got a lot of airplay here at CHRW back then.
      24. American Flamewhip….Hell For Sale…from the Fingertight release from 2006 and from Winnipeg. Singer/guitarist JRod was also in The Angry Dragons that came this way a couple of times.
      25. Oh! Gunquit….Hope In Hell….from their self titled release on Dirty Water Records.
      26. The Nomads…..The Way You Touch My Hand…..from the Where The Wolf Bane Blooms release from 1983. Been listening to this for over 35 years and it never fails to kick my ass and melt my mind every spin!!! The Nomads were my starting point for collecting all that crazy 60’s punk sounds that came out of Sweden back then!
      27. The Nomads….5 Years Ahead Of My Time….as above and every word rings true for this barnburner version of The Third Bardo classic!! You all know The Cramps covered this one many a time live.
      28. Thee Fourgiven….Needle In The Red….from the Salvation Guaranteed release from 1989 and goes out to singer/guitarist Rich Coffee who celebrated a birthday this week. Rich used to contribute tour stories to What Wave zine back in those days.
      29. Izzy Bartok…CU Later….from the From The Streets release and from right here in London. Rumour has it, Izzy might have been the drummer in Thundermug, the loudest band in London in the early to mid 70’s. Check their AM radio hit Africa form 1972! As a kid, I found it hard to believe that a band from London Ontario was getting major airplay on the radio and the song was really good and catchy!
      30. Duotang…Quite Content In The Rut….from their New Occupation release and they were through London last year with a very small turnout. Nevertheless they put on an amazing show for me!! Support live music, buy touring bands merch and let them know you dug the show!!
      31. Smalltown….Back On Track….from the Implosion release on Deranged Records and from Finland. Another of my fave records with its mixture of pop meets rock meets great songwriting meets great production! Had to fade this out as we ran outta time and didn’t get to White Wires and The Real Kids that would have sounded so good after Smalltown.


      Thanx Tons for all the crazy phone calls, emails, messages, and Heys!! And Thanx to Reverb Syndicate for taking the time while stuck in traffic to yammer about their big show at the Richmond last night….they’re in Sarnia tonite!


      Back again next week, already have requests for Stooges (with Ron) and Long Day Journey….

      You can catch the show live every Friday from 4 till 6PM EST.

    • May 19, 2019 8:21 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist May 17/2019

      1. Bloodshot Bill…Only Girl….from the recent Come And Get Your Love Right Now release on Goner Records. Bill is about to start a tour with Rev Horton Heat.
      2. The Kinks….Victoria….from 1969 and the namesake of this long weekend here in Ontario.
      3. Bum….Weekend….from a 7” on Au Go Go Records out of Australia, but the band is from Victoria BC and this is from 1992.  Great cover of The Dictators classic.
      4. NYDolls….7 Day Weekend…from the A Hard Night’s Day release on Norton Records and what we all aspire.
      5. UN Jefferson….Monday Morning….from their recent self titled debut.
      6. Lowdown dirty Mojos…..Mercy Mercy….from their recent Screamin’ Hoodoo R’n’B release and from Hamilton Ontario.
      7. Dashboard Rattle….Little Mis Selfie Taker…from their recent self titled debut and from London Ontario.
      8. Honey B and the T-Bones….Big Cat…from their Shake Your Shimmy release from 1992. From Finland and this trio used to play London a fair bit back in the 90’s.
      9. Weird Omen….Earworm…from their recent Surrealistic Feast release on Dirty Water Records.
      10. The Cads….Wasn’t Born Yesterday….from a 1978 7” and from Toronto. This set goes out to regular listener Tim from North Carolina. Tim’s visited London a number of times, most recently to see Teenage Head at CTO and visit the London Music Hall Of Fame’s Cedar Lounge display.
      11. Cardboard Brains….I Want To Be A Yank….from a 1978 7” and from Toronto.
      12. Goddo….Oh Carole, Kiss My Whip….from their 1978 Who Cares release and again from 1978.
      13. DOA….The Enemy…from the recent 1978 release. When The Skulls (pre-DOA) lived in Toronto, they came across Goddo playing at the Gasworks. They asked if they could use Goddo’s instruments to play a punk set when Goddo was on break. Goddo agreed, and The Skulls played a short punk set before being asked to leave as their sound was bothering the beer swilling crowd. The Skulls left, didn’t damage any of Goddo’s instruments and that was that.
      14. UIC….Blade In The Back….from the 1985 Accusonic Demos and this set goes out to Dan from Fort MacMurray, a HUGE UIC fan and another guy that we met at the London Music Hall Of Fame.
      15. UIC….New Rose…live recording at Call The Office from 3/16/1985. Video of this set exists and there’s a much younger version of myself making a fool of himself on the dance floor!
      16. UIC….Jumpin’ In The Night….live recording from Foufounes Electrique from 4/17/1987 and this was the band’s first show in Montreal and happened to be on a Good Friday according to the stage banter.
      17. Chris Wilson….Sympathy For The Devil….from his Back On The Barbary Coast release from 1993. This features Mike Wilhelm, who passed away earlier this week on guitar.
      18. Flamin’ Groovies….Do I Love You….from The Gold Star Tapes release and again features Mike on guitar. Mike joined the Groovies in 1978 from what I can figure.
      19. The Charlatans….32 20….1965 recording on Mindrocker Volume 3 and this was the band Mike was most known for. The Groovies covered this tune several years later.
      20. The Charlatans….The Shadow Knows….as above.
      21. Polymorphines….Anna Lee….from their The Slip EP from 2011. From Ottawa and they dropped by prior to their last show here in London a few years back.
      22. A Bunch Of Jerks….70’s Euro Minge…from the recent Rum Bar compilation at the station.
      23. Electric Cows….Prisoner Of Your Own Mind…from the recent Wheatfield Fuzz release on Dub Ditch Records out of Winnipeg.  Supposedly this is recordings done in the 80’s and just released now.
      24. Erasers…..Funny…..from the ROIR Singles, The Great New York Singles Scene release from 1982. Played this for singer/guitarist Susan Springfield who passed away this week. Susan was a lawyer in her post music career.
      25. Lucy and the Rats…..Melody….from their self titled debut release on Dirty Water Records.
      26. The Cynz…..Mean Girl….from the recent Tribute to Sonny Vincent 3 CD release.
      27. Marshmallow Overcoat….Suddenly Sunday….from their recent All You Need Is Fuzz soundtrack to the documentary of the same name. There’s a snippet of the band playing Call The Office from back in 1989 in the documentary.
      28. Bad Beats….Off The Hook….from the release of the same name and from Vancouver.
      29. Andy Butler….I’m Crushed….from the recent Garage Heartbreak release.
      30. Transylvania 500…..Future Shock…..from the 10000 Micrograms compilation and a 2 piece that used to play Call The Office a fair bit in the mid 90’s.
      31. Transylvania 500…..That’s Why I Built The Robot….as above.
      32. Transylvania 500….Haunted House…as above. T500 were a 2 piece, with keyboards, drums and a lot of stupid, but fun humour.
      33. Grand Funk….Flight Of The Phoenix….from the Phoenix release from 1972.
      34. Roxy Music…..Love Is The Drug….from one of their many self titled releases and a song that used to get played on FM back in 1975 when it was released.


      Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, FB messages and HEYS!!! That’s what makes it all worthwhile!!  Back again next week for more noise to annoy.

    • May 11, 2019 1:07 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist May 10/2019


      1. Flesh Rag….In Another Dimension….from the recent Sonny Vincent Tribute triple CD. Flesh Rag are from Hamilton and are one of several Canuck combos on this excellent CD set that is raising money for Sonny’s son  and family that were seriously injured in a fire. Ordering details are on the Radio WW FB page and on Sonny Vincent’s FB page.
      2. Newport Electric….The Way Out Is In….from their So It Goes release and last weekend NE won in the rock category at our annual Forest City London Music Awards. Congrats!
      3. Delta Stone and the Wardogs….Ain’t Got The Blues….from their Cajun Queen release and last weekend DS won in the blues category at our annual Forest City London Music Awards. Congrats!
      4. Black Frame Spectacle….A Line In The Sand…from their Grady Sessions and last weekend BFS won in the punk category at our annual Forest City London Music Awards. Congrats! And Congrats to all the other winners at this year’s event! And Thanx to all the volunteers and organizers of our annual London Music Week!!  There’s a TON of talent in this city, so get out and support live music!
      5. 63 Monroe….Drums Beat In the Background….from the recent Faded Glory release that is now available at select record stores here in London.
      6. Marshmallow Overcoat….Knights Of Fuzz…from the recent All You Need Is Fuzz release and it is the soundtrack to their All You Need Is Fuzz documentary. Just watched the documentary and there’s a little snippet of Marshmallow Overcoat playing at Call The Office from April 1989! Had no idea that was in there, so it was quite surprising! Remember that show well as the band stayed at our place that night and it snowed a little bit and one of the band members had never seen snow before as they are from Tucson!
      7. The Hydes….A Promise Is A Promise…from the recent Self Preservation Instinct Zero release on Rumble Skunk records out of Greece.
      8. Bad Beats….Can't You Understand...from the recent Off The Hook release on Sound Flat Records and from Vancouver.
      9. Hank and Frank….Nancy Sinatra….from a mid 80’s demo and Frank is Frank Ridsdale from Uranus, Sc-Phonics, Stetson Brothers, Slugfest and so many others. Hank is the singing bookman and currently in Tuerto Loco who cover this song and are playing at the St Regis tonight!
      10. Tuerto Loco….Glacier….from a live in the studio session here at Radio WW 5/12/2011. Can’t believe it’s been 8  years since this was done!
      11. Running From Daylight….Mary Jane….from a compilation out of Austin, Texas called Private Justices. RFD were nominated in the punk category at last week’s Forest City London Music Awards. Most of the show from here on, is London bands on compilations released outside of London Ontario. This is just the tip of the iceberg as so many London bands are known outside our city.
      12. Lonesome Ghost….Haunted By God…..from the Garage Punk Hideout Volume 2 and the GPH is an online gathering place for people into garagepunk music and its many variations. Lonesome Ghost were a 2 piece out of Aylmer, Ontario and were the only area band to be featured on this compilation series.
      13. Hell’s Half Acre….US Of Canada…from It Came From Canada Volume 4 and HHA were from Shedden Ontario, just south west of London. They were the only area band to be featured on this 5 volume series put out by OG Records of Montreal.
      14. Matadors….Evil Eye…from the first volume of Zombie Night In Canada compilation series. Matadors just recently did a show at the Old East 765 venue here in London.
      15. Wiggy Dunnit….Wasaga Beach….from the Boppin’ In Canada compilation released in the UK 1991. WD is Frank Ridsdale and drummer Dexter Beauregard, both of whom were in Uranus in the late 70’s/early 80’s.
      16. Motherlode….When I Die….from Made In Canada Volume 3 and this was a radio hit back in 1969. Formed at Thee Image (long gone club in London run by Nick Panaseiko) and one of the few London combos to crack the top 20 on AM radio.
      17. Grant Smith and the Power….Keep On Runnin’….from Made In Canada Volume 4 and another combo that Nick Panaseiko booked many times here in London in the mid to late 60’s. This tune also made the top 10 back in 1967.
      18. Lost Patrol….My Soul….from the Electric Carnival release on Kinetic Vibes Records out of France. Lost Patrol were from Windsor, but played just about every venue here in London and recorded several times at Dan Brodbeck’s studio, when it was still in his  parent’s basement.
      19. NFG….Weekend Punx….from a compilation CD that came with Rumble Skunk Zine #2 our of Greece. This also included an interview with all the band members that I could locate at that time. Here’s a link to the expanded interview: 
      20. 63 Monroe…..Hyjack Victim….from Killed By Death Volume 10. Underground bootleg series of the early punk/new wave combos from around the globe.
      21. UIC….Wanna Go!!...from Johnny Hanson Presents Punk Rock Volume 1 on Wrong Records out of Vancouver. All hockey related songs as UIC were big into playing hockey.
      22. Flying Squad….Health Food….from the Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood compilation on OG Records that we put together back in 1989. Flying Squad were London Ontario’s only biker rock combo that scared off many a hipster with Tim Murphy’s intense facial antics!
      23. The Zellots….Blades…from the You Only Get One Shot at the Big Time on Wizzard in Vinyl out of Japan. There’s 3 tracks from The Zellots on this one, all from a 1980 recording session at EMAC Studios. Full colour booklet included that features pics of The Zellots playing in front of Flamingo Hair Salon on Dundas St from August 1980.
      24. The Sinners….No Brains Required….from the Only In Canada, Eh 77-81 compilation that also features another London combo, 63 Monroe. The Sinners were one of the first London bands to independently release a 7” single and this was the pick hit from that.
      25. Condo Christ….Patriotic Fever….from the Hamilton compilation Music From The Armpit Of Canada and are the only London band on this one.
      26. The Stinkies…..At The Boot….from the Lance Rock compilation On Canaduh! Volume 2. The Stinkies were from Toronto and covered this tune originally done by 63 Monroe. When a band from out of town covers your tune, that’s pretty amazing!!
      27. The Cheshyres….Too Many Women…from the Time Machine (The History Of Canadian 60’s Garage Punk and Surf 1985-1995) on Stomp Records. Technically not a London combo, but singer Wayne Pattern went to Western University for engineering and later was in a couple of London based combos.
      28. Boy From Nowhere….Heartful Of Soul….from Thee Cave Comes Alive on Action Records out of Greece. This is a vinyl compilation of a few of the 60’s garage oriented tunes that were on the cassettes that came with What Wave zine. And it’s the only appearance on vinyl of the BFN who have been on the scene here in London since about 1983! And they still put on killer shows to this day!
      29. Legend Killers…Cry Cry Cry… above, this is from Thee Cave Comes Alive. The Legend Killers were the only band to be featured on all of the compilations we’ve ever released…all the cassettes and vinyl! And thanx to lead singer Earle for calling in to thank me for playing this one. It was recorded at Dan Brodbeck’s studio when it was in his parent’s basement and featured Chris Mittleholtz on guitar.
      30. The Titans….Shamrock Bang….from the Oh Canaduh! Volume 2 compilation mentioned above, and this is a Japanese band covering a UIC song!
      31. Willie Nile….Vagabond Moon….from his 1980 self titled release and Willie played last night at This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton.
      32. Grievances…..Winona….from the Guns + Roses’ Roses release and Grievances are playing Tuesday night at Call The Office.
      33. Heart Attack Kids…..Glass Bones….from their recent 7” on Grooves Records and they are playing with Grievances.



      Huge Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, FB messages and Heys!!! Got a stack of requests for next week that I’ll dig out of the archives! And Thanx to all that said HEY at last week’s London Music Week! Catch you next week as we usher in the long weekend!!!

    • July 25, 2019 9:08 PM CDT
    • Dave , well , focus on your health , hoss. You gotta lotta rockin' to do. Yes , it was very busy , here , until.....NOW. I don't have plans to see anybody , tho' Stiff Little Fingers and The Avengers are in October. I failed to mention , I saw The Mentally Ill in a cool dive bar. Rediscovered Power Pop zealot , Julian Leal was on the bill , too , but , I had to haul ass out of there to try to make it to Daddy Longlegs' show , just up the street. I missed them , but , we went out for Mexican food , anyway.

      Horton's doing two shows , but one is in the suburbs , inaccessible by train. Th eothe rone is later , He's playing at The City Winery , a place with dinner seating.  Perfect for stretching your neck to see the back of your neighbors' head. But , when he played there last , with Robert Gordon (Who did "Heart Full of Soul"and "Move it" by , guys......CLIFF !!!),they took thetables and chairs out .. We can hope.

    • July 25, 2019 7:47 AM CDT
    • Hey John:  Still here, just haven't been very active on this board recently due to health and my Mother passing last month. Haven't been out to a show for awhile and hope to be better in the near future to get out again....but certainly can't top the combos you've been seeing lately John!

    • July 24, 2019 7:40 PM CDT
    • Dave , are you there? I recently saw The Flesheaters (Chris D. w/ John Doe , Bill Bateman , Dave Alvin , D.J Fontana , Steve Berlin.) , X with The Damned , Southern Culture on The Skids , Mott The Hoople '74 , Danny Harvey and Head Cat 13 , and , several months ago , Roky Erickson's last - ever Chicago appearance  )`;  

      i went to The Nashville Boogie , Highlights included Ronnie Spector , The Planet Rockers , Linda Gail Lewis (With ALL of Los Straitjackets plus Danny Harvey !),Nikki Hill (Tho' I missed most of her set.), Deke Dickerson (With J.M.Van Eaton on Drums !) , and two sets by your own Bloodshot Bill , one featuring Deke , The Stomping Riff Raffs from Japan and a full rhythm section. He also did a shorter set with a guest appearance by Bloodshot Battles Overdrive ( Bloodshot Bill and myself.).

    • July 24, 2019 7:40 PM CDT
    • Dave , are you there? I recently saw The Flesheaters (Chris D. w/ John Doe , Bill Bateman , Dave Alvin , D.J Fontana , Steve Berlin.) , X with The Damned , Southern Culture on The Skids , Mott The Hoople '74 , Danny Harvey and Head Cat 13 , and , several months ago , Roky Erickson's last - ever Chicago appearance  )`;  

      i went to The Nashville Boogie , Highlights included Ronnie Spector , The Planet Rockers , Linda Gail Lewis (With ALL of Los Straitjackets plus Danny Harvey !),Nikki Hill (Tho' I missed most of her set.), Deke Dickerson (With J.M.Van Eaton on Drums !) , and two sets by your own Bloodshot Bill , one featuring Deke , The Stomping Riff Raffs from Japan and a full rhythm section. He also did a shorter set with a guest appearance by Bloodshot Battles Overdrive ( Bloodshot Bill and myself.).

    • July 3, 2019 11:26 AM CDT
    • Check out this month's show, feauring a tribute to the late Roky Erikson