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  • Steve Ignorant's Slice Of Life - Don't Turn Away album

    Posted August 10 by Overground Records

    Steve Ignorant’s Slice Of Life ‘Don’t Turn Away Overground Records OVER171CD: 5051565221282 OVER171LP: 0720355546021 Release date: 16th August 2019 Steve Ignorant’s Slice Of Life follow their 2014 debut ‘Love And A Lamp-post’ with a new collection of eleven ...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 133: Out of This World

    Posted July 30 by swt

              Greetings citizens of the galaxy and welcome to this month's spacey, racy episode of the Big Enchilada This month we're slipping the surly bonds of Earth and taking a joyride to the stars. That's one small step for podcast, one giant leap for podcastkind. ...

  • Untitled title

    Posted July 25 by Dave O'Halloran

    Dave , are you there? I recently saw The Flesheaters (Chris D. w/ John Doe , Bill Bateman , Dave Alvin , D.J Fontana , Steve Berlin.) , X with The Damned , Southern Culture on The Skids , Mott The Hoople '74 , Danny Harvey and Head Cat 13 , and , several months ago , Roky Erickson's last - ever Chic...

  • Untitled title

    Posted July 8 by -lo_fi+

    Playlist 05-04-19 Giuda - Here Comes Saturday NightNew York Dolls - TrashRezillos - Destination VenusPlastic Bertrand - Pogo PogoCowboys - Some Things Never ChangeBad Beats - What You Trying To SayDamned - Billy Bad BreaksCayman Kings - Pink & BlueDickies - Nights in White SatinZeros - They Say Tha...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 132: The Jury is In!

    Posted July 3 by swt

                  Order in the court! The jury is in and The Big Enchilada has been judged the greatest rock 'n' roll podcast in the Universe -- at least by the jury in my mind. This episode -- which includes a wild tribute to the late Roky Erickson -- will ...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 131: But Seriously, Folks

    Posted June 2 by swt

                I kid you not, this is seriously the finest rock 'n' roll on the face of the planet. (Earth.) You'll hear lots of new garage-punk, mutant blues and other madness here -- including Imperial Wax, The Jackets, The Mystery Lights, Nots, Daddy Long Legs...

  • Buzzcocks, Skids, Penetration Royal Albert Hall 21st June

    Posted May 14 by Overground Records

      Tim Burgess (The Charlatans), Richard Jobson (The Skids) and Pauline Murray (Penetration) will be making guest vocal appearances with Buzzcocks at Royal Albert Hall on Friday 21st June, the evening will be compered by Paul Morley.They will be joining Captain Sensible and Dave Vanian from The...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 130: Here"s Looking At You!

    Posted April 24 by swt

                Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, you had to walk into The Big Enchilada Podcast. You'll be shocked—shocked—to find that crazy rocking is going on in here! We'll always have The Big Enchilada. Here's looking at yo...

  • Rocking The Garage (A Blog For Raw Music)

    Posted April 3 by Jack Hi all! I'm doing a blog called Rocking The Garage - It's primarily for raw music such as garage punk, punk, garage rock, surf rock, psych, rockabilly, and R&B. There you will find different styles of punk, lots of hardcore (not much pop-punk) and of course ...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 129: Hillbilly Bop

    Posted April 1 by swt

              Back to the hills and hollers for another Big Enchilada hillbilly episode. Real country music old as well as new, pure as well as mutated. For those who miss The Santa Fe Opry, hold this one close to your heart.   And remember, The Big Enchilada is ...

  • Untitled title

    Posted March 24 by Jack Alzheimer

    I'm going to play in Portland and Northwest area in April 2919. See you there

  • Jack Alzheimer NW USA TOUR 2019

    Posted March 24 by Jack Alzheimer

    I'm going to play in Portland and Northwest area in April 2919. See you there


    Posted February 26 by swt

            Robots walk among us! They're here to take our jobs, steal our women, enslave us in robot camps and call us unpleasant names. This episode is a call to action to DESTROY ALL ROBOTS! Except the friendly ones, of course.   And remember, The Big Enchilada is o...

  • Untitled title

    Posted February 22 by Rev Rock Dave

    Last week I did an entire episode focusing on the music of King Khan & BBQ Show and solo/related bands.  I also interviewed both King Khan & Mark Sultan/BBQ. Check out extended versions of interviews with King Khan & Mark Sultan here:

  • BIG ENCHILADA 127: A Podcast Lovely as a Tree

    Posted January 30 by swt

          I may be going out on a limb here, but I do believe this spruced-up weirdness could turn out to be one of my most poplar Big Enchilada episodes ever. We'll get down to the roots of rock 'n' roll with a little rockabilly from Andy Anderson (a former New Mexico resident!) a...

  • V2 'At The Edge of Chaos' LP

    Posted January 27 by Overground Records

    V2 ‘At The Edge Of Chaos’ 12-track LP • 500 only Label: Overground Records Cat. No: OVER 167LP • Release Date: 8th Feb 2019   V2 formed in March 1977 evolving from the early Manchester punk scene based around the legendary Electric Circus venue. Of the four Manche...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 123: A Chile Reception

    Posted September 30, 2018 by swt

            It's chile today, hot tamale! And these are the most red hot sounds on the Internet -- Joe "King" Carrasco, Billy Childish, Mark Sultan, Charlie Pickett, The Morlocks and much much more. So grab a bowl of chili beans at Jack's or John's or Jim's or Jean's and let ...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 122: Puppets in Trouble

    Posted September 2, 2018 by swt

             Welcome to another thrilling episode of The Big Enchilada. This one's called Puppets in Trouble, because we all know that trouble is brewing in Puppetland and nobody causes trouble like those lovable puppets do.    Remind your loved ones that The...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 121: The Rise of the Phony Demon

    Posted July 30, 2018 by swt

                      A phony demon is better than no demon at all. And now it's time for good old fashioned demonic rock 'n' roll with bitchen sounds that even the angels can cherish. There's even an entire set of songs that musicians have submi...

  • Earache Radio No 30

    Posted May 22, 2018 by Mark Giddens

    Radio Mutation No 30 Playlist L7 - "Scrap" The Hardons - "Busted" Urge Overkill - "Effigy" Davie Allan &/the Arrows - "The Shape of Things to Come" The Jet Boys - "Time Bomb" The Vivian Girls - "I Heard You Say" The Lyres - "How Do You Know" PopDefect - "Cold Shoulder" Husker Du - "Love ...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 119: Music to Heal By 2

    Posted May 15, 2018 by swt

            I'm back! I was laid up in the hospital for nearly a month -- and I missed the April episode -- but I'm healing up at home now and chomping at the bit to bring you some crazy rock 'n' roll.   So in the tradition of Big Enchilada 47, which I recorded while r...

  • Black Heart Breakers

    Posted May 6, 2018 by Nigel Tufnel

    Hi gals and guys, Check out the aussie punk band- BLACK HEART BREAKERS. Have a listen to their latest single Melody as well as Bad Monkey and I Want You from the link below which you can also download the songs for free!! I'll post the videos in the video section as well.

  • Hardcore Punk Support Initiative!

    Posted April 16, 2018 by Hotel Murder

    Hello dudes/dudettes.  We are a HC punk band from Toronto, Canada. Please check us out and if you like you some in-your-face punk rock and give our page a like to help support independent and starving artists like ourselves. Perhaps one day we will play a show in your town and return the favor...

  • Earache Radio No 29

    Posted March 25, 2018 by Mark Giddens

                                      Earache Radio No 29 Playlist The Cosmic Psychos - "Some Girls" Thee Mighty Caesars - "You are Forgiven" Brimstone Howl - "Lynne" Me, Kellie, &/the Kent 3 - "...

  • Get Your Daily Fix Of Garage Punk Videos!

    Posted March 8, 2018 by Jack

    Hi all! The "Rocking The Garage" music community (see link below) on Google+ features a huge assortment of music videos for "raw music" - such as garage punk, punk, garage rock, surf rock, psych, rockabilly, and R&B. The community is known for discovering great new music/artists as well as rare olde...

  • Earache Radio No 28

    Posted March 3, 2018 by Mark Giddens

                                      Earache Radio No 28 Playlist The Action Swingers - "Blow Job" The Accel 4 - "Don't Stop!!! the Key Word" The Inhalants - "Kolchak, The Night Stalker" St...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 117: Frog Girl and Friends

    Posted February 27, 2018 by swt

              Welcome to the freakishly delightful new episode of The Big Enchilada. It's a mutant sock hop for the Frog Girl and her swinging cohorts, rockin' and rollin' to a spectacular line-up. Party til you croak!   DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE | FACEBOOK | MIXCLOUD...

  • Earache Radio No 27

    Posted February 6, 2018 by Mark Giddens

                                      Earache Radio No 27 Playlist The Stump Wizards - "Firemine" Lubricated Goat - "In the Wrong Hands" The Sect - "The Beast" Boss Hog - "Count Me In" Thee Head...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 116: Barking Irons

    Posted January 30, 2018 by swt

              Welcome to the first Big Enchilada of 2018, a brand new hillbilly episode that travels to the heart of the mythological Old West for another rollicking hillbilly episode. I know it's January but this show is hotter than a pistol at the O.K. Corral.  ...

  • Earache Radio No 26

    Posted January 20, 2018 by Mark Giddens

                                      Playlist The Gaza Strippers - "Transistor" The Superkools - "Love Turns Grey" Plastic Crimewave Sound - "Grade Ceased" Teengenerate - "Out of Sight" The Jet ...

  • Earache Radio No 25

    Posted January 8, 2018 by Mark Giddens

    Earache Radio No 25 Playlist The Chrome Cranks - "Way-out Lover" MAD3 - "Astro Commando" The Armitage Shanks- "Dutch Cap" the Gibson Bros - "White Nigger" Rocket From the Crypt - "On the Prowl" The Leaving Trains - "Temporal Slut" The A-Lines - "Heidi's Head" Jeff Dahl - "Suicide City" P...

  • Earache Radio No 24

    Posted December 24, 2017 by Mark Giddens

                                      Playlist Napalm Beach - "Last Big Heartache" The Honeymoon Killers - "Get it Hot" The Leaving Trains - "Rock N' Roll Murder" Helmet - "In the Meantime" Mudho...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 115: Humbug 2017

    Posted December 20, 2017 by swt

          Call me Scrooge. Call me Grinch. Call me Ishmael. But once again I just couldn't bring myself to produce another damned Christmas show. Sometime in the past couple of holiday seasons, I just burned out on Christmas songs. So, just like last year, once again I'm giving you...

  • Untitled title

    Posted December 17, 2017 by John Corrao

      Boo! Yes it's Halloween again, which means it's the anniversary of The Big Enchilada podcast! I started this silly thing in 2008 and now I have 8 Spooktacular episodes under my proverbial belt. This ones's a good one with songs by Roky Erikson, The Nekromantix, Angry Johnny & The Killbil...

  • Earache Radio No 23

    Posted December 9, 2017 by Mark Giddens

                                      Earache Radio No 23 Playlist L7 - "Lost Cause" U-Men - "Freeze Bomb" Die Kreuzen - "Land of Treason" The Jesus Lizard - "Deaf as a Bat" Helios Creed - "The ...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 114: Fallout Fashions

    Posted November 25, 2017 by swt

          Welcome good people to another breathtaking episode of The Big Enchilada. No need to worry about nuclear war because many cities across this land of the free still have fallout shelters left over from the Cold War. And if you're well-stocked with Big Enchilada episodes...

  • Earache Radio No 22

    Posted November 19, 2017 by Mark Giddens

                                      Earache Radio No 22 Playlist Dead Moon – “Parchment Farm” The Cows – “Slap Back” The Melvins – “Night Goat&rdq...

  • Earache Radio No 21

    Posted November 5, 2017 by Mark Giddens

    Earache Radio No 21 Playlist Lecherous Gaze - "Animal Brain" Lonely Moans - "Rockinerd" Ich Bin Ein Esel - "Big Picture Man" The Onyas - "Live for Rejection" The Stooges - "1969" Vertigo - "Murder By Guitar" Bl'ast -  "School's Out" Saccharine Trust - "Disillusioned Fool" Lollipop -...

  • Playlist For My 10/29/2017 Show On Infrared-Radio

    Posted October 30, 2017 by Jack

    Hi all. We had a great time with my "SammyJ's Outrageous Toga Party" show on Infrared-Radio yesterday! In case some of you missed the show here's the entire playlist (in order) that I used for the show: ...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 113: 2017 Spooktacular

    Posted October 24, 2017 by swt

          Boo! Welcome, my fiends, to the 10th annual BIG ENCHILADA SPOOKTACULAR!!!!  We're gathering bones from all over the rock 'n' roll graveyard to create a monster of a show.   DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE | FACEBOOK | MIXCLOUD SUBSCRI...

  • Earache Radio No 20

    Posted October 23, 2017 by Mark Giddens

      Earache Radio No 20   Playlist  Gallon Drunk - "The Last Gasp"  The Psyclone Rangers - "Jack Kennedy"  Tar - "Hand"  Gnomes of Zurich - "Dispenser"  Greenhouse Effect - "Setting Suns"  The Jesus Lizard - "Mouthbreather"  Vertigo - "Shut Up a...

  • Earache Radio No 19

    Posted October 7, 2017 by Mark Giddens

    Earache Radio No 19Playlist Poison 13 – “Ain’t Superstitious”The Crows – “Crow Bar”Drive Like Jehu – “Bullet Train To Vegas”Kandi Coded – “Basement Lagoon”Alice Donut – “Demonologist”Gear Jammer &ndash...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 112: Cow Tippin'

    Posted September 30, 2017 by swt

        This show will knock you off your feet. Especially if you're of the bovine persuasion. Sit back and enjoy another fine hillbilly episode of The Big Enchilada!   DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE | FACEBOOK | MIXCLOUD SUBSCRIBE TO ALL RADIO MUTATION ...

  • Earache Radio No 18

    Posted September 23, 2017 by Mark Giddens

    Earache Radio No 18 Playlist Laughing Hyenas - 'Here We Go Again" Bottle of Smoke - "Tits & a Beard" The Sinister Six - "Movin' On" Olivelawn - "The Cat's Meow" Big Black - "Il Duce" Killdozer - "Sonnet '96" Surgery - "Feedback" Lubricated Goat - "Play Dead" Tractor Sex Fatality - "Dialt...

  • The House of Wild Delights episode 51

    Posted September 13, 2017 by The Screamin' Soul Preacher

    The House of Wild Delights #51 A sweet ‘n’ sour musical postcard you can DOWNLOAD to rejoice your weary ears… Or enjoy via the nifty lil' mixcloud player down here : Details and playlist on Radio Mutation. Thanks for listening.  SUBSCRIBE TO RADIO...

  • Earache Radio No 17

    Posted September 8, 2017 by Mark Giddens

    Earache Radio No 17 Playlist The Cows – “Cow Island”64 Spiders – “Potty Swat”The Cosmic Psychos – “Thanks Mum For the Rabbits”King Snake Roost – “More Than Love”The Jesus Lizard – “Wheelchair Epidemic”Lubri...

  • Kurta Pajama - Fashionable Wedding Attire for Men

    Posted September 8, 2017 by Angela Josef

    Men's wear has experienced an awesome change with an upsurge of designer garments and wedding dresses for men form. From the easygoing kurta pajama as customary wear and the ordinary gasp shirt as western wear men's mold and men's wear has ventured out a long separation to end up plainly similarly f...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 111: True Colors

    Posted September 2, 2017 by swt

        The world is a carousel of color, wonderful, wonderful color ... and it's a rainbow of sound right here on The Big Enchilada. Sit back and absorb them all.   DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE | FACEBOOK | MIXCLOUD SUBSCRIBE TO ALL RADIO MUTATIO...

  • BIG ENCHILADA 110: Lizard Logic

    Posted September 2, 2017 by swt

      Leapin' lizards, it's a new Big Enchilada episode! Featuring some of the world's greatest lizard bands including The Jesus Lizard, The Flying Lizards, The Lot Lizards! The Iron Lizards, The Thunder Lizards ... and more!   DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE | FACEBOOK&...

  • Bongos and Razorblades episode 7

    Posted August 24, 2017 by The Screamin' Soul Preacher

    Bongos and Razorblades #7 Bongos and Razorblades #7 on, just some faceless host spinning some killer Rock'n'Roll, to rip your ears and slash your mind...Enjoy. Playlist there : Thanks.