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    • June 16, 2016 8:02 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist June 9/2016

      1. Tom Wilson....Acid Head....from the Planet Love CD that came out in 2001 just after Junkhouse packed it in. And Happy Birthday to Tom Wilson!! One of Tom's early combos, Florida Razors still sounds really hot on record after all these years!

      2. 24th Street Wailers....Cursed...from the Where Evil Grows CD from last year. The Wailers are coming back to London Thursday June 23rd at the London Music Club. We'll be talking to them live on air that night.

      3. Twin Fin.... City Of Sin....from the recent Whisky Women and Venom Love CD and they will be at London Music Club next thursday night.

      4. David Vest....Heart Full Of Rock'n'Roll....from the Roadhouse Revelation CD from 2014 and David also plays London Music Club about once a year.

      5. Foghat.....Blue Jean Boogie....from the Before Foghat LP on London Records and recorded in the late 60's prior to them going blues and then arena boogie.

      6. Marcellus Wallace....Brothers and Sisters....from their self titled debut CD and from London Ontario.

      7. Marcellus Wallace....Movin' on Up.... as above.

      8. King Khan and His Shrines....Train #8....from his Mr Supernatural CD from 2004. Around this time KK and the Shrines played at Call The Office and there were about the same number of people on stage as in the crowd. Nonetheless KK and band rocked harder than a cement pond at this show!!

      9. Brenton Wood....Psychotic Reaction....from his Best Of Lp on Rhino Records. This is basically the instrumental by Count 5 with a few slight changes and the addition of BW's vocals.

      10. Los Chicos....More Beer....from the brand new Rockpile Of Shit release on Dirty Water Records out of the UK. Los Chicos are from Spain.

      11. Low Doses....In Love Again....from a recent 7". This is Paul Collins current backup combo who are on tour in Europe.

      12. Flamin' Groovies....Crazy Macy....brand new 7" on Burger Records and highly recommended.

      13. Lionel Lodge....Pauper Or King....from the brand new Human Heart release.

      14. Red Arms....Hindsight...from their recent 7" on Yeah Right Records and they have a show next friday at Call The Office.

      15. Statues.... Quality Assurance...from the New People Make Us Nervous LP and from Sudbury Ontario.

      16. Zoom....Schoolgirl Hitch Hiker...from the recent Sweet Desperation LP on Ugly Pop Records out of Toronto. Late 70's Toronto combo who released one 7" during their existence and helped pave the way for the beginnings of the Toronto punk/new wave scene.

      17. Von Drats.... Cemetery Stomp....form the Dratsylvania CD from 2010 on Stereo Dynamite Records.  Toronto based surf/60's garage punk combo that we never got to see enough of.

      18. Flaming Lips....unknown....recorded live at Key West, London Ontario 9/16/1987 and a request. This is the very end of their live show and probably only show in London Ontario.

      19. Noble Savages....Fire In The World...from their recent 7" EP on Transistor 66 Records out of Winnipeg.

      20. Von Zippers....Plastic Bag...from their Bad Generation CD on Estrus Records from 1996 and from Calgary Alberta.

      21. The Weirdies....We Are The Weirdies....from their In 3D CD from 2008 and from Toronto.

      22. Dad Jokes.... Talk Shit....from their brand new 7" EP and from New Zealand. This duo played at Call The Office opening for Pack AD and couple of nights back and put on a great show!

      23. Gatgas....Back To The Asylum....from their self titled CD and they are playing the Victoria Tavern here in London on Saturday night.

      24. The Ramones.....7 and 7 Is....from their Acid Eaters CD and CJ Ramone plays Call The Office on saturday night.

      25. The Ramones.... Censorshit....from the Mondo Bizarro CD from 1996.

      Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! Back again next week with more noise to annoy!

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • May 6, 2016 8:31 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist May 5/2016   All Canadian 80's/90's Garage Special

      1. The Gruesomes....What Wave....from Mr Garager's Neighbourhood LP, OG Records 1989. We're starting the show with a spotlight on The Gruesomes as they are playing this friday in Montreal and Saturday in Montreal. The Gruesomes started in the mid 80's, based in Montreal and are the band that the world associates the Canadian garage music scene with. Hugely popular in their lifespan, they managed to cross Canada many times, topped the college radio charts from shore to shore and release many records that are still in demand to this day. This particular track was a surprise to us, as we were compiling this LP and had no idea The Gruesomes were submitting it! It was their way of paying tribute to What Wave for all the times they stayed over at our place, eating our food, playing our records, watching our video tapes and just hanging out having fun! They were real easy house guests!

      2. The Gruesome.....Medication....recorded live at Station 10, Montreal 5/9/1986. Very early live recording to give you an idea of their early live sound....although it really didn't change a lot over the year, just got tighter with the addition of drummer John 'Jed' Knoll and lots of live shows.

      3. The Gruesomes.... Jack The Ripper 1....from their 7" on Primitive Records. It's been re-ished in Greece in the last couple of years.

      4. The Gruesomes....Jack The Ripper 2... as above.

      5. The Gruesomes....Get Outta My Hair....from their first LP, The Tyrants Of Teen Trash on OG Records from 1986.  Their debut longplayer and has since been released on CD on Ricochet Sound and is still in print.

      6. The Gruesomes...Way Down Below....from their second LP Gruesomania on OG Records from 1987. This was the first LP to feature long time drummer John 'Jed' Knoll who replaced original drummer Eric Davis. Eric is the brother of bass player John Davis.

      7. The Gruesomes....Unchain My Heart....from the Primitive 12" EP.

      8. The Gruesomes.... Hey....from the Gruesomes third and final LP, Hey. This one had a corny video that got lots of play on Much Music (Canada's version of MTV) and lots of radio airplay and was a constant request at live shows. A fun and catchy tune that was perfect for the band!

      9. The Gruesomes....3 Men 1 Coffin....from the A-Billy 7" EP that came with What Wave zine 18 and was also featured on the cassette Live In Hell that you could get at live shows. The live recording was done in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Canada's east coast and many many people claim to have been at this particular show!. This song was also featured on the Sundazed compilation CD Gruesomology 1985-1989 which came out in 2003. The Gruesomes were one of the very few 80's garage combos to have a release on Sundazed, one of the best labels for 60's re-issues.

      10. The Gruesomes....Cry In The Night....recorded live at Key West, London Ontario 1/11/1987. This was the very first Gruesomes show here in London Ontario and was on a sunday night in the dead of winter. We were really concerned that few would come out, as The Gruesomes were fairly new and pretty much unknown around here except at WW HQ's. But those concerns were tossed aside when we showed up and the place was packed with people eager to see what all the hype was about! And The Gruesomes proceeded to tear the house down and played well over 2 hours that night! The first of many visits to London Ontario! They placed Key West once about a year later, and after that it was Call The Office with kids packed in like sardines for the dozen or more shows they played here.

      11. The Gruesomes....I Try....from Thee Cave Comes Alive, Action Records, 2004 from Greece. This is a vinyl LP of tracks that were on the cassettes that came with What Wave zine. The tracks were picked out by George Rigas, who arranged to have the record released. This was per-facebook and in the early days of internet communication so it took a couple of years to find the bands and put this thing together! Well worth it, as the final product featured some of the finest garage combos of the mid 80's/early 90's.

      12. The Gruesomes....Cave In....from the CD of the same name released 2000 on Tyrant Records.

      13. The Gruesomes....You Gotta Believe.... as above. All The Gruesomes material is available on CD from Ricochet Sound in Montreal. There's lots of bonus tracks and liner notes with all the gory details.

      14. Drums Along The Gardiner...Nuclear Plant....from Disgraceland, the cassette that came with What Wave zine #15. Drums Along The Gardiner were a late 80's garagepunk combo from Toronto that mixed a lot of late 70's punk into their sound, something that few were doing back in this time.  They are re-uniting next thursday, May 12th at The Garrison in Toronto for one night only.

      15. Drums Along The Gardiner....Fish....from their one and only 7" record.

      16. Drums Along The Gardiner....Speedin' In The USA.....from Baloney Sandwich, the cassette that came with What Wave zine #19. Drums Along The Gardiner played London a number of times, at the Key West a couple of times, the Brunswick and finally at Call The Office and had a bit of a following here.

      17. Drums Along The Gardiner....75...the other side of their only 7".

      18. Drums Along The Gardiner...Cincinnatti Blues....from a demo cassette they sent us back in the late 80's.

      19. Drums Along The Gardiner,,,,Vagabonds....from Mr Garager's Neighbourhood on OG Records from 1989 as mentioned at the very beginning of this track list.

      20. The Dundrells....Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White....recorded live at the El Mocambo in Toronto 5/2/1986 when they were opening for The Fleshtones.  This was the first time we saw The Dundrells and they put on a great show that night! The Dundrells will be re-uniting on Sunday May 15th at the Horseshoe in Toronto for Derek Von Essen's book release party for No Flash Please!, a book of monochrome pics of the Toronto scene from 1987 to 1992. There's also text, by former CHRW Music Director Phil Saunders. Derek is an excellent photographer and this book will be well worth picking up for fans of that era.

      21. The Dundrells....Mr Nasty....from the compilation LP It Came From Canada Volume 2, a series of 5 LP's that chronicled the best of the independent Canadian music scene of the time period. OG Records released this series and it did really well on the Canadian college music charts, exposing many to what was happening across Canada.

      22. The Dundrells...Girl, It's OK.....from their cassette release and a live version of this song was on a What Wave cassette called Live In London. Great catchy chorus on this one!

      23. The Dundrells....Nothing On TV....their first 7" and a great power pop meets garage sound and one of those songs that coulda and shoulda made the AM radio charts back then!

      24. The Dundrells....Sock It To Me....from their second 7" and a move towards funk/soul somewhat like The Fleshtones were doing.

      25. The Dundrells....Hurt By Love...from the compilation LP For No Apparent Reason which featured almost all Toronto bands.  The Dundrells were from Toronto and were around in the early to late 80's and had a fairly large Toronto fanbase. They came to London several times and played at the Key West Cafe which was on the west side of Talbot St, between King and York on the second floor.

      26. The Beaumonts....She Treats Me Right....from the compilation CD, Time Machine on Stomp Records from 1996. Early 80's combo of which some members formed The Cheshyres in Toronto in the mid 80's. This particular CD, is a really good compilation of what was happening in the Canadian garage music scene in the 80's to early 90's.

      27. 10 Commandments....Not True....also from the Time Machine CD. 10 Commandments were based in Toronto, released several singles and LP's and appeared on many compilations. They were probably the first Toronto 80's band to immerse themselves in 60's garage sounds! Singer James Booth went on to CBC Canada as a producer and behind the scenes guy.

      28. The Cheshyres....Too Many Women....also from the Time Machine compilation CD. Toronto based and only appeared on compilations during their life time. Drummer Ken Anderson moved to NYC and appeared in Optic Nerve and later the Ultra 5 and is presently in a folk duo with his wife and travels the world. Singer Wayne Pattern moved to London and joined the band the Evil Hoodoos whom we'll hear later on this episode.

      29. The Enigmas....Windshield Wiper....from the Strangely Wild EP and from Vancouver. They released one other EP and also appeared on several compilations.

      30. Terminal Sunglasses...Antenna Dilemma...from the LP Wrap Around Cool on OG Records from 1985. From Montreal and broke up not long after the LP was released as one of the members had problems with smoke in the bars where they played. This LP is set to be re-issued on pink vinyl sometime this summer. Guitarist Chris Burns still plays in bands to this day.

      31. UIC....2 Plus 2....from It Came From Canada Volume 1. UIC were originally from Exeter, a small town just north of London Ontario. They moved to Toronto and did really well for themselves, released a couple of LP's and appearing on many compilations. They reformed at the Mike Star tribute show last month and blew the roof off the place as they sounded so GREAT!! It was like stepping back into a time machine pointed at 1987 as the boys haven't lost anything since those days. They're slated to play Toronto and London sometime late this summer, a show NOT to be missed!!

      32. Electric Roaches....1 2 5....from a self released 7" and from Montreal. Don't know anything else about this one, except it's rather obscure.

      33.  Lost Patrol....No Escape....from a self released 7" and from Windsor Ontario. This combo started as a straight 60's garage combo, but with a few member changes and the addition of Karen Marrero on lead vocals, they moved towards a heavier sound mixed with lots of garage and soul. Karen had, and still has, one of the finest voices around these parts.

      34. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet....Theme From TV...from one of their early 7" records. 3 piece instro combo who became big when one of their songs became the theme song for the hit TV series, Kids In The Hall! They released many singles, appeared on a ton of compilations and released a few LP's. Everything was collected on a box set for the last record store day. Live, these guys were really fun to see as you'd never know what they would play.

      35. Legend Killers.....99th Floor....demo from 1986 and from London Ontario. These guys had the record of appearing on every compilation that we ever released! A record that can't be beat! They release a 7", cassettes, and later a CD and appeared on many compilations.  For a while, they were the most popular band on the bar circuit here in London and you were guaranteed a good time at a Legend Killer show!

      36. Boy From Nowhere.... Heart Full Of Soul....from Thee Cave Comes Alive LP from Greece on Action Records. Long time London Ontario band that played just about everywhere here in the city and only appeared on What Wave cassette compilations. They also played at our wedding (as did UIC and The 3D Invisibles) and in our basement and have been back playing together for several years. Check them out live if you get a chance as lately, they've added Jade on keyboards for a more 60's type of sound!

      37. Flying Squad.....Paint It Black....recorded live in Oshawa Ontario. Another London band, this band was disliked by many as singer Tim could clear a room with his facial antics while singing. But if you just listened, you'd hear one of the best voices around and some really fine biker rock! Flying Squad released a 7", cassette and appeared on many compilations.

      38.  Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons.....Are You Really Gone?...from the 7" Four Whom The Bell Tolls that came free with What Wave 16 from 1988. 3 piece from London Ontario that featured Andrew Lewis on drums, who is now a world  famous poster designer. Singer Tom Dumphy is a member of The Rizdales, a country outfit known throughout North America.

      39. The Mongrols....Plastic Girl....also from the above record. Another local combo who originally went by The Ungone, but switched names for an unknown reason. Not to be confused with the other Mongrels, another local band from the present. The Mongrols appeared on several compilations.

      40. Frankenstein 5....Feel It... from their cassette and also from London Ontario. Our only pure 60's garage combo here in London. They appeared on many compilations and even did a short tour of the Eastern United States before packing it in.

      41.  Broken Arrow.... You Ain't Trickin' Me....from the What Wave cassette Baloney Sandwich. Another local combo that featured at least one member of the Mongrols and played around town live a fair bit.

      42...The Evil Hoodoos....Same All Over.....from a demo and another local combo here in London that featured a member or 2 of the Frankenstein 5 and Boy From Nowhere.

      43. The Supreme Bagg Team....Crankin' With Elvis...from Mr Garager's Neighbourhood and also appeared on a What Wave cassette. These guys were from Toronto and played London at least once. They released a 7", LP and appeared on many compilations. This particular song is a fave of mine.

      44. The Chessmen....Adventure....from their only LP released on Zapp Records and from Hamilton Ontario. The Chessmen played London a couple of times and hosted many of their own shows in Hamilton, bringing in out of town bands and creating a scene. They released this LP and appeared on many compilations. Drummer Mike White authored the recently released Popkiss book, the story of Sarah Records and also wrote for many publications.

      45. Purple Toads.... Gonna Have A Good Time....from their first LP on Star Records and out of Oshawa Ontario. This song title summed up the Purple Toads as they always had a good time and opened for many of the bigger bands in Oshawa and Toronto. They played London countless times and released 2 LP's and appeared on many compilations.

      Big Thanx for all the crazy phone calls tonite!!! And all those facebook messages, emails and Heys!!!! Glad to hear that some of you had as much fun listening as i had putting this sucker together!!! The 2.5 hours went by like nothing for me and brought back a ton more memories from those days!

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • April 29, 2016 6:57 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist April 28/2016

      1. Lionel Lodge.....Speed...brand new single from this former Londoner who now resides in Austria. Local help from the guitar player to the starts, Jeffy B.!!!

      2. King Mastino....Psychowhale...from their brand new LP Sail Away on Beluga Records in Sweden, but the band is from Italy.

      3. The Alfas....Slide Machine....from their soon to be released 7" on Beluga Records and these guys are from Sweden.

      4. The Branded....Brick Wall...from their recently released 7" on Beluga Records and from Sweden. We've played these guys before on Radio WW from previous releases.

      5. The Snails....Dancing With The Zombies....from their self titled LP on Beluga Records. This combo is from Greece.

      6. Kaviar Special...Starving....from their brand new LP on Howlin' Banana Record out of Paris France.

      7. The Flamin' Groovies....Let Me Rock....from their brand new 7" on Burger Records. And no, this isn't a re-issue or unreleased, this is a brand new recording by The Flamin' Groovies and is their first brand new record in years!!

      8. Daddy Long Legs....The Stranger Rides Tonight....brand new 7" on Folc Records out of Spain. Daddy Long Legs are from NYC, and have several LP's out on the Norton label. They were in town last friday night and blew the roof off Call The Office!! They played with our good pals catl and Hiroshima Hearts! There's pics of the show on the Radio WW facebook page.

      9. Toads Of The Short Forest....Windup Bird...from a brand new 7" on Beluga Records and are from Sweden.

      10. The Zorgs...Cruisin'....from their very recent CD on Transistor 66 Records and are from Winnipeg.

      11. Light Bulb Alley....Pepper Spray....brand new demo recordings from this trio from Montreal. There's some live recordings from Call The Office on the What Wave SoundCloud page from about 4 years ago.

      12. Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers...Hieroglyphic...from their recent Ugly Mobile CD on Dirty Water Records out of the UK.

      13. The Thing From Outer Space...Ghost Hop....from their demo recordings and we had these guys in the studio for last week's show! They put on a great set at the Dawghouse here on Saturday night, along with The Surfragettes and The Calrizians. All surf and instro all night!

      14. Wiggy Dunit...Wasaga Beach....from the 1991 compilation CD Boppin' In Canada on Nervous Records out of the UK. This is an all Canadian comp of mainly rockabilly, and this particular track is Frank Ridsdale playing everything but the drums, which are ably handled by Dexter Beauregard, both of whom were in Uranus from right here in London Ontario. Both still play regularly as Frank has his Stetson Brothers and Dexter plays in blues combos.

      15. Coaching For Sara....These People....from their brand new self titled CD and from London Ontario! Thanx to vocalist Shane for delivering this to the station prior to this show!

      16. Coaching For Sara....Little Lady... as above.

      17. The 905s....Raw Energy Rock'n'Roll....from their Shake Down CD from 2015 and from Brampton Ontario.

      18. Jill Porter.... Rock'n'Roll Songs....from her self titled CD from 2005 and from Newfoundland. Got this from our pals at Ricochet Sound, home of The Gruesomes, very recently.

      19. Graham Parker... Saturday Night Is Dead...from the Squeezing Out Sparks LP from 1979. Been on a Graham Parker fix lately as he's such a great songwriter and many of his songs have an angry tone that's mixed with soul and pop sounds. Check out his early work, it's a great place to start investigating this long time artist.

      20. Pretty Things.... Cold Stone....from the Singles A's and B's on Harvest Records and this track is from 1970. This goes out to lead guitarist Pete Tolson who just recently passed away. Pete was in the band from the early to mid 70's and was featured on many of their Swan Song Records LP's.

      21. Lonnie Mack....Wham....from his 1963 LP The Wham Of That Memphis Man. RIP to Lonnie Mack who passed away the same day as Prince. Highly influential guitarist who worked with Stevie Ray Vaughan for at least one album.

      22. Cordcalling...One Road Only...from their brand new LP We Are Still and are a duo from London Ontario whom we've had on a live to air a few years back.

      23. Zoom....Subway Surfin'....from the brand new LP Sweet Desperation on Ugly Pop Records. This is recordings done in the late 70's/early 80's that are now just being released. Zoom did release on 7" back in the day, but that's fairly difficult to find these days. The 2 main members of the band, John Hamilton, drums (went on to The Diodes and The Secrets and plays in the current version of The Diodes) and Chris Haight, guitars (Viletone and The Secrets) were both heavily involved in the late 70's/early 80's Toronto punk/new wave scene.

      24. Tony Joe White... Elements...from his 1969 LP Continued on the Monument label. This is the guy who hit the big time in the late 60's with Polk Salad Annie and is still playing to this day.

      25 catl....Hold My Body....from the 2014 Lp This Shakin' House and had to fade this out as we ran out of time.

      Big thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!  And kudos to all that attended the Daddy Long Legs/catl/Hiroshima Hearts and  The Thing From Outer Space/Surfragettes/The Calrizians live shows last weekend!!! Get out there and support your local bands and the touring bands that come through your town. If you don't,  no one else will!!

      Next week we've got a 2.5 hour show of all Canadian Garage Punk music from the 80's and 90's with short specials on The Gruesomes, The Dundrells and Drums Along The Gardiner as all 3 bands are getting back together in May!!!

      And you can catch the archived show at:

    • April 22, 2016 5:22 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist April 21/2016

      We had The Thing From Outer Space, local surf combo as special guests as they were hosting London's First Ever Surf-A-Rama event! If you listen to the archived show, you can hear the guys have lots to talk about, which makes for a real easy interview!

      1. The Sadies....The Side Track...from the Tales Of The Rat Fink CD. Not really a surf tune, but a great way to introduce a band that come from outer space.

      2. Dick Dale...Miserlou....from the History Of Surf LP on Rhino Records and a great way to start the show with some of the more infamous surf tunes.

      3. The Chantays....Pipeline.... as above.

      4. The Belairs....Mr Moto.... as above.

      5. The Surfaris....Wipe Out....from an original Dot Records 7" that i bought as a fact one of the very first singles purchased by me! That was back in the day when us kids believed all the music on the radio was made just for us! ie The Beatles, The Monkees, Royal Guardsmen, Napolean 14th etc.

      6. The Thing From Outer Space....The Thing From Outer Space...from either a live or rehearsal recording.

      7. The Thing From Outer above.

      8. The Thing From Outer Space....Diamond above.

      9. The Calrizians....Wandering Daughter Job....from a demo they sent us. Calrizians are also playing at the surf show on saturday night.

      10. The Calrizians....Sleep On above.

      11. The Calrizians...Call Me Evil... as above.

      12. The Calrizians.... Wasabi Blast... as above.

      13. Agent Orange....Penetration....from What Surf Volume 2 on What Records.

      14. The Ventures.... Out Of Limits....from their Greatest Hits LP on Liberty Records.

      15. The Ventures...High And Dry....from the Guitar Freakout LP on Dolton Records. Probably the first LP I ever bought.....K-Mart, 99 cents in the cut out records, probably 1967/68. And this went out to Richard, host of Beyond The Beyond which follows Radio WW every week.

      16. Urban Surf Kings... Twister...from the Live In Hell CD and recorded live in Halifax in 2006.

      17. Said The Ripper....Flight Of The Vickers....demo from a band that features a former Fuzztone on lead fuzz!

      18. The Thing From Outer Space....Walk Don't Run....from a live or rehearsal recording.

      19. The Thing From Outer Space....FBI.... as above.

      20. The Thing From Outer Space....Red River Rock... as above and we had to cut this one as time ran out, but certainly not surf tunes!

      Huge Thanx to The Thing From Outer Space for taking time out of their busy schedules to talk surf on Radio What Wave! And the big show is on Saturday April 23rd at The Dawghouse here in London. Also on the bill are the Calrizians and The Surfrajettes, who don't have anything recorded yet.

      And a big thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!  Back again next week with more noise to annoy!

      You can catch the archived show at:

    • April 15, 2016 5:10 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist April 14/2016

      1. Calrizians....Wasabi Blast....from a demo they sent us recently. The Calrizians will be playing at The Dawghouse on Saturday April 23rd as part of the surf fest happening. And next week, we'll have some of the members of local surf combo The Thing From Outer Space as guests as we do an all surf show!

      2. Coaching For Sara....Look Around...from their about to be released CD. CFS are playing this wednesday at Fitzrays as part of their indy showcase.

      3. The Gizmos....21st Century Gizmo Fans...from their just released EP, the first new recordings in decades! The Gizmos pre-date the punk rock movement and released records back in the mid 70's.

      4. 63 Monroe...Weekend Punx....from the Hijack Victim LP on Rave Up Records, which is some of their 80's recordings....local combo who play Call The Office on Saturday night.

      5. The Britemores....Words In The Air....from their recent self titled CD. Detroit vets in a relatively new combo.

      6. Daddy Long Legs.... Candy Sue...from the Evil Eye On You LP from 2012 on Norton Records. They come to town next friday, April 22nd at Call The Office, hope to see lots of you out at this show!

      7. Daddy Long Legs...30 above.

      8. catl....Save Myself....from their This Shakin' House LP. They will be playing with Daddy Long Legs on April 22nd!

      9. Hiroshima Hearts...Ache..from their recent self titled debut CD. Local combo you've heard countless times here on Radio WW and now you gotta go see them open for catl and Daddy Long Legs on friday April 22nd at Call The Office!!

      10. Sheep Look Up....Rapture...from their 1985 debut 12" EP. Sheep Look Up are a local band set to re-form for sunday's Jack Richardson Music Awards show here in London Ontario. They are being inducted into the London Music Hall Of Fame and deservedly so. They started as the Raw Dogs, then to Radio 4 and finally Sheep Look Up and evolved into an original powerhouse of a band that shoulda broken out big time.  Rumour has it, they wil be doing 6 songs on sunday, so this is your chance.

      11. Spiral Scratch...No Familiar Faces...from their 1983 Zulu Syndrome LP and again from London Ontario.  Singer/guitarist Paul Wooten is organizing a walk of downtown London in which he will point out some of our old hangouts (or at least where they were), details on facebook.

      12. Hot House....Burn It Down....from the 1978 Lp of the same name and another local combo. Hot House and the above 2 bands all played at my fave watering hole, The Cedar Lounge, many years ago.

      13. The Zorgs...Black Molasses....from their recent Chew On It CD on Transistor 66 Records and out of Winnipeg.

      14. Dynamite Pussy Club...Midnight Hour...from their about to be released Shakedown LP/cassette and from Bath UK.

      15. Light Bulb Alley...Mary....brand new demo from this Montreal combo who have release one CD on Ricochet Sound.

      16. Hip Bone Slim and The KneeTremblers....Hieroglyphic....from their brand new Ugly Mobile CD on Dirty Water Records out of the UK. Features veteran stick handler Bruce Brand of The Milkshakes infamy!

      17. 3 O'Clock Train.... Train Of Dreams....from the Wig Wam Beach Ep from about 1985. 3OT has gotten back together and re-recorded this song along with others and just released them. Watch out for a cross Canada tour sometime in the not too distant.... They are from Montreal and played London a couple of times back in the mid 80's. The first time we saw them, they were double booked with Blood On The Saddle at Key West, and after a long discussion, they decided amongst themselves who would headline for the dozen or so people there.

      18. Mars Bonfire....Born To Be Wild...from his self titled LP from 1968. Mars wrote this tune that became a HUGE hit for Steppenwolf. This is not the original version, Steppenwolf's is, this is a later recording by Mars and band and gives the song a southern swampy soul feel it.

      19. Small Faces....Talk To You...from an Immediate Records Greatest Hits and from 1967. I'm really getting off on Small Faces lately and you'll probably be hearing lots more from them in future Radio WW's.

      20. The Insomniacs...Today's The Way...from a recent single on Hidden Volume Records, Baltimore's coolest record label as so many great records have come out of this label recently.

      21. Steve Miller Band....Living In The USA...from the Anthology LP and from 1968. After Steve's amazing post show interview at his induction into the Rock Hall Of Fame, we shoulda done an entire show on his early career! Finally someone with the gonads to tell it like it is! And can you imagine how much Steve Miller Band product has been sold in the last few days!! The man's a fucking genius!!

      22. The Improbables.... Gotta Calm Down...recent single on Hidden Volume Records.

      23. The Who....Out In The Steet...from the My Generation Lp from 1965.

      24. Tom Jones...Evil....from a 7" on Third Man Records. This goes out to Tom's wife who passed away earlier this week.

      Huge Thanx for all the phone calls this week! Lots and lots of encouraging words from all you crazies that listen each and every week!! And thanx for all the emails, facebook messages and Heys!!  You might see Rena and I at the Jacks on sunday as we've been nominated for an award in the Scenebuilding category, no idea how the winner is chosen, but hopefully the late John Bellone wins the award.

      Next week, it's an all surf special as we bring in some of the members of The Thing From Outer Space into the studio to yammer and do who knows what! It's all in preparation for the big surf show happening saturday April 23rd at The Dawghouse here in London. Also on the bill are Toronto surf vets The Calrizians (they played here once before several years back) and the all female surf combo, The Surfrajettes! It's a free show, so come on out and have some fun!

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • June 11, 2016 7:50 PM CDT
    • HE'S STILL HERE , YEW BAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHSTARDS.    Not you good people , his detractors.

    • June 6, 2016 10:40 PM CDT
    • It's been pretty dead here , in Chicago , tho' I saw Kid Congo , again , last week. Fuckin' killed it. The Blasters are this week. Leaning toward going. Probably hafta miss X , have a wedding rehearsal to go to. Bloodshot Bill is next month , MAYBE with me as an opening act. Giuda is playing soon , too.

    • June 4, 2016 2:14 PM CDT
    • Playlist 06-04-16

      Caroline and the Treats - Tonight
      Giuda - Here Comes Saturday Night
      Teddybears - Cobrastyle
      Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
      Runaways - Cherry Bomb
      Action Swingers - No Heart and Soul
      Black Flag - No Values
      Replacements - We're Coming Out
      Gorilla - Stuck On You
      Dickies - You Drive Ape (You Big Gorilla)
      Gee Strings - Jerry's Going Ape
      Lillingtons - I Saw The Apeman (On The Moon)
      Ape Hangers - You Don't Know What It Takes
      Bleached - Trying To Lose Myself Again
      Coathangers - Make It Right
      Feels - Close My Eyes
      Tacocat - I Love Seattle
      Two Tens - Scene
      Thermals - Thinking of You
      Death By Unga Bunga - Tell Me Why
      Bob Mould - Pray For Rain
      Harmonica Lewinski - Running Wild
      Devil Dogs - Get In Line
      Ramones - In The Park
      99ers - Donuts and Morphine
      Kinks - Do You Remember Walter?
      True West - Lucifer Sam
      Ugly Ducklings - Nothin'
      Records - Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her)
      dBs - Neverland
      Feelies - Fa Ce La
      Wreckless Eric - Semaphore Signals
      Cane - College Girls
      Spizzenergi - Where's Captain Kirk?
      Shapes - Wot's For Lunch Mum
      Clash - Dirty Punk
      Booby Traps - Going Nowhere
      Missing Souls - Got To Have Your Lovin'
      Mummies - Land of 1000 Dances
      Eyes - Disneyland
      Nervous Eaters - Hot Steel and Acid
      Holly and the Italians - I Wanna Go Home
      Godfathers - Gone to Texas

    • June 4, 2016 7:25 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday June 4th. In addition to the usual stuff, I will be playing many garage-punk tunes that I have not played until today. You can get your fix from Noon-2:00PM EST at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at

    • May 30, 2016 12:39 AM CDT
    • Hell ya, so is this live?


    • May 28, 2016 1:52 PM CDT
    • Playlist 05-28-16

      Fleshtones - The Dreg
      Cramps - New Kind of Kick
      Bob Seger and the Last Heard - East Side Story
      Deadbolt - El Segundo
      Briefs - Lint Fabrik
      Lillingtons - Murder On My Mind
      Token Entry - Doing It Again
      Swingin' Neckbreakers - I Live For Buzz
      Rhino 39 - J Alfred
      Dickies - Rosemary
      Redd Kross - Play My Song
      Manic Hispanic - East L.A.
      Bleached - Keep On Keepin' On
      Coathangers - Make It Right
      Feels - Close My Eyes
      Tacocat - Men Explain Things to Me
      Damned - Ignite
      Godfathers - If I Only Had Time
      Wonderstuff - A Wish Away
      999 - Fun Thing
      Fools - Psycho Chicken
      Devo - Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA
      Maggots - King of the Freaks
      Electric Eels - Agitated
      Alternative Ulster - Blitzkrieg Bop
      Black Ball - Lights On
      Tickturds - Serious Loss of Doubt
      Bob Mould - Hands Are Tied
      Death by Unga Bunga - I Can't Believe That We're Together
      Timmy's Organism - Get Up, Get Out
      Thermals - Hey You
      Audacity - Counting The Days
      Kleenex - Ain't You
      Gee Strings - Can't Call It Love
      99ers - Pajama Party
      Dog Party - Space Invaders
      Two Tens - Ella Don't Like My Hat
      J Reatard - All Wasted
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • May 28, 2016 8:02 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday May 28th from Noon-2:00PM EST. You can listen at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at

    • May 7, 2016 2:04 PM CDT
    • Playlist 05-07-16

      DUH - New By Ronco
      Adrenalin O.D. - Suburbia
      Sand In The Face - I Wanna Know
      US Chaos - Chaos
      Monster Magnet - Negasonic Teenage Warhead
      Backyard Babies - UFO Romeo
      D Generation - Degenerated
      Stooges - Dirt
      Dictators - Faster & Louder
      Motorhead - The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
      Electric Frankenstein - Neurotic Pleasures
      Kyuss - Green Machine
      Cro-Mags - Sign of the Times
      Tad - Grease Box
      Meatmen - Razamanaz
      Dee Dee King - The Crusher
      Alternative Ulster - Seventeen
      Death By Unga Bunga - Tell Me Why
      Thermals - Thinking of You
      Taco Cat - I Love Seattle
      Sex Pistols - Did You No Wrong
      Clash - I Fought The Law
      Damned - Rabid (Over You)
      Buzzcocks - Harmony In My Head
      Tickturds - Serious Loss of Doubt
      Victims - Television Addict
      DMZ - Mighty Idy
      X - We're Having Much More Fun
      Bob Mould - Hands Are Tied
      99ers - Donuts and Morphine
      Kaviar Special - Starving
      Gee Strings - Too Many Crazies
      Black Ball - Cowards Punch
      Dog Party - I Can't Believe That You're Real
      Monkey Wrench - Call My Body Home
      Necros - Friend To All
      Cayman Kings - Same Old
      Missing Souls - Got To Have Your Lovin'
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • May 7, 2016 7:48 AM CDT
    • Today is Imagine RIT day at The Rochester Institute of Technology. They are expecting 35,000 people and parking is going to really suck, but don't worry, the radio show will still go on. The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be temporarily moved to the old studio A in the basement of the Student Alumni Union. You can hear your punk and garage tunes at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live (I hope) at

    • April 23, 2016 1:51 PM CDT
    • Playlist 04-23-16

      Henry Fiat's Open Sore - Don't Try This At Home
      Penetrators - Teenage Lifestyle
      Black Ball - Lights On
      Tickturds - Serious Loss of Doubt
      Alternative Ulster - If The Kids Are United
      Cosmic Psychos - Lost Cause
      Hypnotics - New Wave Monday
      Plasmatics - Butcher Baby
      Ugly Beats - KO'd
      Chesterfield Kings - She Told Me Lies
      Every Mother's Son - Allison Dozer
      Charms - Boys Room
      Johnny Thunders - Pipeline
      New York Dolls - Chatterbox
      Heartbreakers - Pirate Love
      Johnny Thunders and the Chesterfield Kings - Critic's Choice
      Timmy's Organism - Wicked Man
      Feels - Close My Eyes
      Tacocat - I Hate the Weekend
      Thermals - Thinking of You
      Kaviar Special - Mad
      Knock-Ups - Knock You Up
      Dog Party - I Can't Believe That You're Real
      99ers - Pop Punk Girl
      Stooges - 1969
      Death by Unga Bunga - Ooh, I'm a Bad Bad Man
      Muffs - Sad Tomorrow
      BellRays - Fire On The Moon
      Battalion of Saints - Ace of Spades
      Bad Brains - Let Me Help
      Descendents - I'm Not A Punk
      Dead Boys - Ain't Nothin' to Do
      Missing Souls - Got To Have Your Lovin'
      Pandoras - You're All Talk
      Cayman Kings - Yard of Junkies
      Satelliters - It's Gotta Be You
      Gee Strings - Trying To Forget
      Fagettes - My Girl Looks Like Johnny Thunders
      Nerves - Walking Out on Love
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • April 23, 2016 7:35 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday 23rd from Noon-2:00PM EST. You can tune in at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at

    • May 17, 2016 2:24 AM CDT
    • Ace. Joy!

    • May 17, 2016 2:14 AM CDT
    • All you need is here Bud :

    • May 17, 2016 12:54 AM CDT
    • Tracklist? Still available?

    • May 17, 2016 12:47 AM CDT
    • Hey guys.. You gotta be joking right? How in this world can you suggest a BIG MUFF or a RAT to someone asking for a 60es fuzz sound?! What do you play with those, NIRVANA? Pearl Jam?! Hello this is a GARAGE post! Gimme a break
      Waveclipper said it right..very thorough.
      The sound of the fuzz is in the original 60es pedals, or clones. To be spot on they need to sport the closest layout and transistors.
      To get the Satisfaction/the Chasers' "Inspiration"/the Entertainer' "At the Ginza" brassy tone would be a MAESTRO FZ1 (ghost effects and jimmy behan both make a clone but maybe with substitute transistors, masuto pedals makes a clone with the right transistors (all three based in europe); jerms -usa- used to make a part per part replica with original transistors but i guess not anymore, and on ebay you can find lowbroweffect's -usa- build with period correct transistors), NOT a fz1-a that is still ok for garage (thats what the kids that heards satisfaction went out and bought) but different sounding.
      Uk freakbeat? Get a Tone Bender mki clone. Same names as above building it, and add Manlay Sounds (portugal). This can sometimes take you into fz1 tone, but with longer sustain and grittier distortion. Watch out this is hard to tame. But it's got that Heart Full Of Soul sound, etc.
      USA garage: either the fz1 or the Germanium Fuzz Rite. Same guys as above building it.
      Think I Think Im Down by the Harbinger Complex.
      All of these pedals, being GERMANIUM, will be temperature sensitive and must be played through a smallish tube amp, id suggest max 15 watts power when recording.
      The Sonics.. Id guess they used the early maestro fz1 or a just a desperately cranked valve amp.

    • May 12, 2016 3:12 PM CDT
    • Steve Ignorant’s Slice Of Life

      ‘Live at the Forum 2015’

      Overground Records

      OVER 151LP: 300 only

      Bar Code: 689492174118

      Release date: 6th May 2016


      Havingcut his punk teeth in Crass, Steve Ignorant’s latest project – Slice Of Life – allows for the more contemplative side of his song-writing to reveal itself. Like musical depictions of a British kitchen-sink drama, the songs provide vivid vignettes of the everyday. Both personal and universal, Slice of Life present ruminations from the bar stool honed on the late-night walk home. Musically, the band is built on an acoustic arrangement of piano, guitar and bass.

      Steve’s songwriting had been an influence on Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson who became an instant fan of Slice of Life and requested they support them on their Key Markets tour.Each show would start with Mark Wynn, followed by Slice of Life and ending with the Sleaford Mods playing to capacity crowds. On and off stage the tour was a huge success and clearly showed what could be achieved when working with like minded people.

      This album ‘Live at the Forum 2015’ will give a taste of that tour and will show that having shed the punk noise that defined Crass, Slice of Life retain the emotional impact and compassion that has long distinguished Steve’s work.

      With preparations underway for a second studio album it was decided the pressing should be limited, so it’s available as one-off pressing of just 300 copies.

      The album contains four live tracks which have yet to be recorded.

      Slice of Life are:

      Steve Ignorant – Vocals

      Carol Hodge – Piano, backing vocals

      Pete Wilson – Guitar, backing vocals

      Pete Rawlinson – Bass guitar

      Track listing:

      Our World / Love And A Lamp-post / Slaughterhouse / Your Day Will Come / Eleven Chimneys / Stretford Blue /The Way Things Are / Slice Of Life

    • May 4, 2016 8:33 PM CDT
    • Here are the playlists for the two most recent episodes of Revolution Rock, one of which was my 600th episode.

      Playlist for April 30th (Episode # 601):

      1. Sneaky Feelings - Throwing Stones
      2. The Great Unwashed - Neck Of The Woods
      3. The Dandy Warhols - The Catcher In The Rye
      4. The Last Shadow Puppets - Aviation
      5. The Soles - Newest Revelation
      6. Dead Broke - Miles Away
      7. Electric Eels - Agitated
      8. No Exit - Nothing New
      9. Mo-Dettes - Norman (He’s No Rebel)
      10. Sloan - Learn To Play Dead (One Chord To Another Outtake)
      11. Marbles - Red Lights
      12. Chris Stamey - The Summer Sun
      13. Erasers - It Was So Funny (The Song They Sung)
      14. Alice Cooper - Caught In A Dream
      15. The Tonettes - I Gotta Know
      16. The Commands - Must Be Alright
      17. Deja Voodoo - Things With You
      18. Jerry Jerry & The Sons Of Rhythm Orchestra - Color TV
      19. The Locusts Have No King - Rye Whiskey (CJAM Session 2008)
      20. James O-L & The Villains - The Other Side
      21. The 427’s - Night Of The Living Surf
      22. Kid Congo & The Pink Monkeybirds - Coyote Conundrum
      23. John Doe & The Sadies - Detroit City
      24. Trout - Spineless
      25. TV Freaks - Don’t Read The News
      26. The Famines - The State Of Music
      27. The D4 - Exit To The City
      28. The Vibrators - Petrol
      29. The Adverts - One Chord Wonders
      30. Parquet Courts - Two Dead Cops

      Download/listen to this podcast here:

      Check out my blogpost on the Flying Nun New Zealand compilation Tuatara form 1986 here:

      Playlist for April 23rd (Episode 600):

      1. The Coathangers - Perfume
      2. Art Bergmann - Mirage
      3. Babeours - Shoelace
      4. Sightlines - Idea Of The North
      5. Ramones - I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement
      6. Pow Wows - No Thirteen
      7. The Gruesomes - Hey!
      8. The Gories - Telepathic
      9. The Painted Ship - And She Said Yes
      10. This Machine Kills Robots - Sea Fairies
      11. Cellos - Sea Legs
      12. Mike & The Melvins - Annalisa
      13. Prince - Partyman
      14. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Take Me With U
      15. Patti Smith - When Doves Cry
      16. The Jesus And Mary Chain - Alphabet Street
      17. Richard Hell - (I Belong To The) Blank Generation
      18. The Feelies - Fa Ce La
      19. Alex Chilton - Take Me Home
      20. Minutemen - Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
      21. Minutemen - One Chapter In The Book
      22. Teenanger - Dawn (Demo)
      23. The Scenics - I Killed Marx
      24. Magazine - Touch And Go
      25. Buzzcocks - What Do I Get (Demo)
      26. Siouxsie And The Banshees - Hong Kong Garden
      27. Johnny Thunders - Endless Party
      28. The Waldos - Golden Days

      Download/listen to this podcast here:

      Checkout my blog post on the Ork Records: New York, New York compilation album here:  

    • April 19, 2016 3:56 PM CDT
    • More shows! More shows! We'd love to add more shows! Who wants to do a podcast? Music mix? Share rare live recordings, anything. Please get in touch.


    • April 11, 2016 5:57 PM CDT
    • Hello guys!
      A few months back we started with this list of online audio mastering studios, where one can find oneself a perfect studio based on different parameters: price, country, technical features, etc.

      If you know any studio that is not mentioned in our catalogue yet or you have ideas on how to improve our service - please let us know!
      Thank you.

    • April 10, 2016 5:58 AM CDT