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    • January 14, 2017 8:27 AM CST
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday January 14th. You can listen from Noon-2:00PM EST at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at

    • December 31, 2016 1:59 PM CST
    • Playlist 12-31-16

      Serious Drinking - Hangover
      Breeders - New Year
      Damned - Drinking About My Baby
      Quorum - Things Don't Last
      Screaming Dead - Night Creatures
      Blank Generation - Hair
      Snide - Invisible
      XSLF - The Rich Man
      Now - Into The Eighties
      Healthy Junkies - I Don't Give A Damn
      Jack and the Rippers - No Desire
      Sugar - Gift
      Dickies - Communication Breakdown
      Mighty Lemon Drops - The Other Side of You
      Only Ones - Oh Lucinda
      Adrenalin O.D. - New Year's Eve
      Sweet Baby - Year After Year
      Band For Disease Control and Prevention - 11:59
      EK Decay - Nuclear Nation
      Trauma UK - Renegade
      Dirt Byrds - The Loner
      Tio Rico - Mr. Big Shot
      Nine Day Decline - Travelling Blind
      Pravda Cabal - Writings On The Wall
      General Chaos - General Chaos
      Gloria - In The Morning
      Ace - SuperCool, SuperCruel
      99ers - In The Basement
      Two Tens - Not Alright
      Badass Mother Fuzzers - Dog On A Leash
      Missing Souls - Sweet, Sweet Sadie
      Teen Archer - No Way Back
      Pack AD - So What
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • December 31, 2016 8:43 AM CST
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on New Year's Eve from Noon-2:00PM EST. As usual, there will be loads of new punk and garage tunes for your enjoyment. You can listen at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live. The WITR web page appears to be down right now, so just paste this direct link to the stream in your media player:


    • December 17, 2016 1:56 PM CST
    • Playlist 12-17-16

      TVTV$ - Daddy Drank Our Xmas Money
      Angry Snowmans - Fruitcakes
      Humpers - Run Run Rudolph
      Huntingtons - It's Always Christmas At My House
      Damned - There Ain't No Sanity Clause
      Business - Step Into Christmas
      Yobs - Gloria
      Stiff Little Fingers - White Christmas
      Spinal Tap - Christmas With the Devil
      Mono Men - Christmastime Is for Sinners
      Hawaii Mud Bombers - Santa's Wish
      Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
      Taildraggers - Let's Talk About Claus
      Gruesomes - Santa Claus
      Chesterfield Kings - Hey Santa Claus
      Angry Snowmans - You Drive The Sleigh (You Jolly Fella)
      Dickies - Silent Night
      Creamers - Bob Cringle
      Descendents - Christmas Vacation
      Splodge - 12 Days of Christmas
      Wild Billy Childish & The MBE's - Christmas Lights
      Thee Fine Lines - I'm Giving You The Blues (For Christmas)
      Gefilte Joe and the Fish - Hanukah Rocks
      Waistcoats - (I Wish You Could Be More Like) Santa Claus
      Dr. Chompski & The Grey People - Stop The Dreidels! (It's So Hard To Be The Only Jew At Christmas)
      Dr. Dyke & The Cinnamon Cowboys - Smells Like Christmas Spirit
      Young Docktors In Lust - Today It's Christmas Day
      Supersuckers - We'll Call It Christmastime
      Angry Snowmans - Is There A Present For Me
      4-Skins - Merry Christmas Everybody
      Andy Smash - Little Drummer Boy
      Luther & The BBB's - What'd You Get
      Lowell George & The Factory - Candy Cane Madness
      Sonics - It's Christmas
      El Vez - Feliz Navi-nada
      Man or Astroman? - Frosty The Snowman
      Shonen Knife - Space Christmas
      Yard Trauma - Christmas Tyme
      Ray Daytona & The Googoobombos - Xmas Eve
      Riptides - I Can't Have A Merry Christmas
      Riptides - I Can't Have A Merry Christmas
      Quadrajets - Christmas Time Is Coming
      Angry Snowmans - Slave To Saint Nick
      Angry Snowmans - Last Christmas


    • December 17, 2016 6:30 AM CST
    • The Jeff of the Future Christmas Special will be on the air and the web on Saturday December 17th from Noon-2:00PM EST. There will be two hours of punk and garage Christmas tunes, some naughty, some nice. Mostly naughty. You can listen at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at


    • December 3, 2016 1:44 PM CST
    • Playlist 12-03-16

      Band For Disease Control and Prevention - 11:59
      Blank Generation - Hair
      Erasers - I Won't Give Up
      Get Smart - Knight
      Business - Harry May
      Sham 69 - Hurry Up Harry
      Wasps - Can't Wait 'Til '78
      Crass - You've Got Big Hands
      Quorum - Things Don't Last
      Rollin Machine - Friday Forever
      Trauma UK - Hail Hail
      UK Subs - World War Three
      Va-Va-Voodoos - Open Up Your Door
      Screaming Trees - Ash Gray Sunday
      Black Hollies - When You're Not There
      Citizens of Nowhere - Secrets
      Purling Hiss - Fever
      Pack AD - Gold Eyes
      Blind Shake - Demox
      Mystery Lights - Too Many Girls
      Electric Eric - The Devil's Cabbage
      Emerald Aquarium - As Pig
      Phoenix Chroi - Mighty
      Redd Kross - Don't You Turn Your Back On Me
      Graham Day and the Gaolers - Disown Me
      99ers - Calhoun Beach
      Teen Archer - No Way Back
      13th Floor Elevators - Slip Inside This House
      Cynics - The Ring
      Lyres - Grounded
      NOFX - Oxy Moronic
      Kurt Baker Combo - Jerkin' Back "N' Forth
      Deniz Tek - Burned Black
      Jacuzzi Boys - Strange Exchange
      Crash Induction - Works Sirens
      Fat Randall - Wreckage
      Andy Smash - Indyrock Song
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • December 3, 2016 7:43 AM CST
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday December 3rd from Noon-2:00PM EST. You can listen at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at


    • November 19, 2016 2:15 PM CST
    • Playlist 11-19-16

      Dead Kennedys - We've Got A Bigger Problem Now
      Anti-Pasti - No Government
      Shattered Faith - Reagan in '81
      Not Sensibles - (I'm In Love) With Margaret Thatcher
      Quorum - Things Don't Last
      Crash Induction - Half Rice Half Chips
      Electric Eric - Electric Eric
      Emerald Aquarium - Fruit Salad
      NOFX - I Don't Like Me Anymore
      Beach Slang - Art Damage
      Deniz Tek - Burned Black
      toyGuitar - Move Like A Ghost
      Trauma UK - Hail Hail
      UK Subs - Oligarchy
      Rollin Machine - Friday Forever
      Wolfe Sunday - Damage Control
      Penetrators - Shopping Bag
      Degrads - I Saw Bobby Sobbing In The Lobby
      Ed Gein's Car - Cream of Wheat
      Riviera Playboys - If You Asked
      A-Bones - Stolen Moments
      Band For Disease Control and Prevention - Undergrowth
      Phoenix Chroi - Mighty
      Mobbs - Piffle!
      Fat Randall - Letting Go
      Va Va Voodoos - No Sensation
      99ers - Heaven Only Knows
      Andy Smash - Into the Void
      Pack AD - So What
      Mystery Lights - Follow Me Home
      Blind Shake - Society of Plants
      Badass Mother Fuzzers - Dog On A Leash
      Devil Dogs - Get In Line
      Ramones - Main Man
      Dickies - Manny, Moe & Jack
      Dictators - What It Is
      Weirdos - Solitary Confinement
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • November 19, 2016 7:30 AM CST
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday November 19th from Noon-2:00PM EST. Just like the last show, there will be loads of new punk bands and songs from the UK, many of which have never been played on the radio here in the states. Tune in at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at

    • November 5, 2016 1:42 PM CDT
    • Playlist 11-05-16

      Angry Samoans - Election Day
      Bleed - Us and Them
      Damned - 1 of the 2
      Teenage Head - You're Tearing Me Apart
      Buzzcocks - I Look Alone
      Wild Billy Childish & CTMF - When I Think About You
      Compulsion - Delivery (Basket Case)
      Jam - Funeral Pyre
      Electric Eric - The Devil's Cabbage
      Crash Induction - Work's Sirens
      Rollin Machine - Friday Forever
      UK Subs - Banksy
      toyGuitar - Peach Fuzz
      Thee Oh Sees - Dead Man's Gun
      NOFX - Oxy Moronic
      Julie Ruin - Record Breaker
      99ers - Calhoun Beach
      Va-Va-Voodoos - Cry Little Space Girl
      Citizens of Nowhere - Secrets
      Wolfe Sunday - Damage Control
      Emerald Aquarium - As Pig
      Fat Randall - Ghost Town
      Mobbs - Piffle!
      Stairs - Mary Joanna
      Screaming Tribesman - Ice
      Cheats - Sinners & Saints
      Redd Kross - Shonen Knife
      Mono Men - Burning Bush
      Neighborhood Brats - The Pharmacy is Closer Than the Liquor Store
      Screeching Weasel - Dingbat
      Tommy & The Commies - Suckin' In Yr 20's
      Bad Religion - Voice of God Is Government
      Andy Smash - Windsor Steel
      Husker Du - Hate Paper Doll
      Kid Congo & Pink Monkey Birds - We Love You
      Death Valley Girls - Disco
      Death By Unga Bunga - Fight!
      Mystery Lights - Too Many Girls
      Godfathers - Gone to Texas

    • November 5, 2016 7:55 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday November 5th from Noon-2:00PM EST. I'll be playing loads of new punk tunes from the UK, many of which have never been heard the states until today. You can listen at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at For those of you listening across the pond, for today Noon in New York is 4:00PM in England due to Daylight Savings Time.

    • January 7, 2017 5:47 PM CST
    •                                                                         Radio What Wave Playlist January 6/2017


      1. The Gruesomes….What Wave….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood, 1989 on OG/What Wave Records.
      2. The Dahlmanns….Teenage News….from a new 7” on Beluga Records and from Norway. This song was originally done by NYDoll Sylvain Sylvain back in his rockabilly days. Great way to start the show as for some reason, we played a lot of rock’n’roll and rockabilly.
      3. Frank Ridsdale…..Lonesome Train….recorded live on Radio WW 10/13/2016. Frank was a member of Uranus, and you can read their story on the CHRW website. Frank’s presently playing solo and doing The Stetson Brothers with another former Uranus member, Jerry Fletcher.
      4. Frank Ridsdale….Be Bop A Lula….as above, as both songs sorta joined together.
      5. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats…. Rockabilly Bop….another live session on Radio WW, this time 7/21/2016, days before drummer Nick Perry’s B’day!
      6. Duke Sedan and the Hi-Tones…Real Cool Daddy….from their self titled debut CD from 2008. Members have gone on to Twin Fin and The Thing From Outer Space.
      7. Jamie James….Night Rockin’… from his The Big One EP from 1984. Jamie was in London for a few years in the mid 70’s, presently lives in California where he still plays to this day.
      8. Lucky 7….Downtown Saturday Night….from their debut LP on Midnight Records and based in NYC. This combo played London many times in the late 80’s and you can see their pics on the Radio What Wave FB page. Several listeners remembered them well and told of them playing Leadbellys, Call The Office and The Firehall back in the late 80’s/early 90’s.
      9. Lucky 7…Ready To Rock….from the Feed The Snake CD from 1990.
      10. Lucky 7…Lucky 7…. As above.
      11. Lucky 7…..Rock’n’Roll Radio….from the Get Lucky LP from 1987.
      12. The Thing From Outer Space….The Thing From Outer Space…theme song from their recent CD and they have a gig at Soho on Saturday January 14th.  Soho is the old Victoria Tavern on South St which has re-opened with a new name.
      13. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet…..Spy School Graduation Theme….from a 7” on Estrus Records from 1991. Most of the Shads stuff has been re-released on CD and vinyl recently.
      14. Surfdusters….Gruesome….from their Surf After Dark CD on Fireball Records from 1997 and from BC.
      15. Death Drive….Death Drive….brand new demo from this Montreal combo that make their debut in Montreal on Saturday.
      16. Gloria…..Brain Dead…..from their In Excelsis Stereo CD on Howlin’ Banana Records out of France.
      17. Try Umphs….Never Let You Go….from one of their latest downloads and from Toronto….there is a former Londoner in the combo.
      18. Cadillac Bill and the Creeping Bent….Lost In Space…from their self titled CD from 2006 and from Hamilton Ontario.
      19. Sour Notes….My Blues…demo from this Toronto combo from about 10 years ago.
      20. UIC….Green Lady….from the recent Wiseman Sessions LP on Yeah Right Records.  Recorded in 1989 and finally released for all to hear! Former Exeter Ontario natives make good in Toronto.
      21. Brown Hornets….Rooftop Sniper….from their only CD from 2007 and from Oshawa Ontario.
      22. Coaching For Sara….Tonight’s The Night….from their debut CD and they are playing tomorrow at the Eastside here in town. They will be doing a live to air on Radio WW on Friday February 10th.
      23. Coaching For Sara…..These People….as above.
      24. Keith Whittaker….Honestly Ed….from his Drink To Me CD from 2007 and former singer of The Demics, one of the very first punk/new wave combos out of London Ontario.
      25. Bloodshot Bill….She’s My Baby…from the Git High Tonite! CD on Transistor 66 Records from 2009 and a request from last week.
      26. Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners……Crazy Mixed Up World…from the Condo Country CD which is about to be re-released. Ray was one of the best live performers and sadly passed away in 2004.
      27. Ronnie Dawson….Action Packed….from the Rockin’ Bones LP and originally from 1958. We got to see Rockin’ Ronnie when he came to town many years ago, playing at Leadbellys with The Frantic Flattops as his backup combo. Great show and we got him to autograph a coupla records!
      28. Wanda Jackson….Rock Your Baby…..from the Rockin’ With Wanda LP from 1958. Wanda’s come to town a few times in the last decade or so, and is well worth checking out if you get the chance!! She may be a senior citizen, but man can she sing!!
      29. David Bowie…..Changes….from the Hunky Dory LP and we decided to finish the show with some Bowie, as it’s been almost a year since David passed!
      30. David Bowie……Sorrow….from the Pinups LP and my fave Bowie song! Used to hear this played on the radio fairly often when it came out and always really dug it!
      31. David Bowie….Panic In Detroit….from the Aladdin Sane LP. Used to hear this on the FM rock stations out of Detroit back when it was released.
      32. David Bowie…..Suffragette City….from the Ziggy Stardust LP.
      33. David Bowie…..Young Americans….from the LP of the same name and we’re outta time, well before we’re out of Bowie tunes!!!

      Lucky 7 at Call The Office 2/23/1989. 



      Big Thanx for all the phone calls and the info about Lucky 7 playing at Leadbellys! Our listeners are the best, cause when I make a mistake or miss something, they’re on the phone or FB messenger right away!! Muchly appreciated!!


      Back again next week, think we might be spinning some Certain General and maybe some glam as you can never get enough of that!!

      Certain General at The Embassy....Jan 1/1984. I see Rose, Rhonda, Rob and Pat the Hairdresser in the crowd!


      You can catch the archived show at:

      Disregard the London Indie Underground thing, as it’s Radio WW and we’re waiting for them to update the webpage.

    • December 17, 2016 10:04 AM CST
    • Radio What Wave Friday December 16/2016 Jesse Locke Interview and Simply Saucer Special

      We had the honour of a phone interview with Jesse Locke, author of Heavy Metalloid Music, The Simply Saucer Story on this week's edition. Jesse has gone below the surface and back in time to get the full story on one of Canada's most influential (yet unknown) rock'n'roll combos. We had him yammering about the book and answering some really off the wall questions....and it was a lot of fun!! We all learned something! Book release party is tonight in Hamilton, right above Hammer City Records and the Saucer will be playing!!

      1. Simply Saucer....Now's The Time For The Party....from the Half Human Half Live CD and a great song to start the show! And speaking of which, this was our first offical friday night show in the new time slot....4 to 6PM on fridays!!

      2. Simply Saucer....Instant Pleasure....from Cyborgs Revisited. Recorded back in the mid 70's by Bob Lanois (brother of the more famous Dan) in his parent's basement, well before they moved out and created the monster of a recording industry. This and the next 3 songs are what put SS on the musical map!! Unreleased until 1989, by Hamilton scenester/music geek Bruce The Mole Mowat, this blew a lot of minds, mine included. Still remember the day this showed up in the mailbox, opened it up and was expecting a tame/dated version of their earlier single, She's A Dog (on Gary Pig Gold's Pig Records 1978). Nope, total mindwarp of convoluted protopunk/VU/Stooge/experimental madness that still blows my mind to this day!

      3. Simply Saucer....Electro Rock.... as above.

      4. Simply Saucer....Nazi above.

      5. Simply Saucer...Mole Machine...

      And right around this time, Jesse called in and we did the record/music geek yammer fest!!

      6. The Chessmen....Time Machine....from the CD that comes with the book. Chessmen were a Hamilton garage influenced combo that as we found out during this show, released their one LP on the same day Cyborgs Revisited came out! The Chessmen LP came out on Zapp Records, which was a store in Hamilton. Met the owners years previous as they would always be at the Hamilton Record shows and they would be the dealers with the stuff I was looking for at the time (60's garagepunk and anything weird/unusual).
      Here's some more info about The Chessmen....they did many Op Art dance/events in Hamilton and Brantford of which we attended a couple. Full on psych geekiness with light shows, dancers, costumes etc. The Chessmen were also on a couple of What Wave compilations, including Mr Garager's Neighbourhood and even appeared on a Narduar compilation. Played London a few times, namely Electric Banana and Call The Office and yes pictures exist. Our good pal Rick Blythe was guitarist and he was best man at our wedding many years ago. Drummer Michael White recently released the award winning book, Popkiss: The LIfe and Afterlife of Sarah Records, published by Bloomsbury Academic. We met Michael as a young teenager, well before he was in any bands, at record shows here and there and he even published his own zine for awhile (name escapes me).

      7. The Loved Ones....Shake Some Action....also from the CD with the book and this is Gary Pig Gold's combo, doing one of my all time fave tunes!

      8. Third Kind.....Vekki....also from the CD with the book and a bit of a Saucer band.

      9. The Bards...Bus Stop....demo from the late 80's of a very early Gaven Dianda combo as Gaven has a part in the book. You may know of Gaven from Flashing Lights, a combo that had a song, Highschool. that got a fair bit of radio play here in Canada. This is young teenagers doing the harmony vocals on this one....way beyond their years!

      10. Edgar Breau....Dandelion Kingdom....from his Patches Of Blue CD from 2012. Edgar was lead guitar, singer and songwriter for Simply Saucer and his solo stuff is almost a 180 turn musically.

      11. Simply Saucer....She's A recording from CIUT 5/27/2007. CIUT brought SS into the studios for a couple hours one sunday, and this is just a taste of what went down.

      12. Simply Saucer.... Give It Away....from 1976 and came with a recent 7" that came with some kind of frisbee if memory serves. Can't for the life of me find the frisbee since we moved, hence the missing details.

      13. The Bards....Nowhere Man....from the same session as above....again, this is 16 year old kids doing this!!

      14. Edgar Breau....Story Of Simpy recording that Edgar gave me last time we had him onair here on Radio WW...sorry about the sound quality, but the song really does tell the story.

      15. Death Drive....I Wanna....brand new demo from this Montreal combo featuring our pal Ockert Greef on the tubs. Protopunk and metal sorta combine on this one and their first show is coming up first week of January.

      16. Gloria...Brain Dead...from their brand new Excelsis Stereo releaseon Howlin' Banana Records outta France. All girl combo that harken back to the sounds of the early 60's.

      17. Never Betters....Violence...from their Bitchin' release and from London Ontario. For some odd reason, they've topped the charts here at CHRW...sign of good things to come?!?

      18. Lucy and the Rats....The Situation....from a brand new 7" on Dirty Water Records out of the UK.

      19. Terminal Licks....Come Out Tonight....from a posthumous 7" on It's Trash Records.

      20. First Base....If I See You With That Girl Again....brand new 7" on La Ti Da Records and for some reason I called them 4th Base onair....braindead! Very very nice hook in this powerpopper!

      21. Coaching For Sara....Tonites The Night....from their recent self titled debut CD and from right here in London....they have a show on Wednesday December 21 at Fitzrays and they go on at 11PM....schedule accordingly!

      22. The Flintettes....Same Faces....yet another brand new 7" on La Ti Da Records and another fine powerpopper!!

      23. Bath Salts....Jesus Took Me Drinking... from their recent Mardi Gras CD and from right here in London.

      24. Red Arms....Hindsight....from their 7" on Yeah Right Records and from here in London.

      25. Common Cycles....Temptress....from a download and yet another combo from London ontario....get out and support these local combos when they play out!!

      26. Yeah Bud....Wast My Daze.....from a download andyet another combo from London....

      27. Charles Bradley....Changes....from the LP of the same name and one of the best things I've heard from 2016. Our best goes out to Charles as he's facing some health issues!

      We've gone way overtime and there's no indication of any backup, so we're switching over to pre-recorded as I got places to be!

      Huge Thanx to all that phoned in, emailed, facebook messaged etc to welcome and congratulate Radio WW on the new time slot!! We do it for you loonies that listen every week!!

      Next week, it's ALL Xmas and holiday tunes, including some of your soon to be favourite holiday tunes!!

      Here's a link to the archived show....disregard the London Indie Underground logos....

    • December 10, 2016 9:38 AM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist Friday Dec 9....Canadian PowerPop Special Part 5

      Final episode on our trip across Canada and yammering about and playing the bands that played (and some still do) powerpop. On this final edition, we finish our look at London Ontario's combos, go west down the 401 to Windsor and then cross the Prairies to Vancouver/Victoria which has always been a hotbed for powerpop.

      1. Dustbin Flowers....Bayside Jenny....from their self titled debut CD and a song that shoulda been a radio hit! As so many powerpop/pop tunes should be!

      2. Giggleswitch....How Good You Look...from their VII CD from 2007. Local combo that is considered punk, but this song definitely has the hooks and background vocals to get played on this show. And they've just reformed (got back together, not been released from reform school) recently.

      3. Ruth's Hat.....Show Me....from their Nostalgic For Right Now double CD from 2006. Not the song I meant to play, but still a pop tune from these guys who used to play places like Call The Office and the Brunswick.

      4. The Knaves....White Car....from a demo that a certain DJ (who actually drums in this combo) dropped into all the DJ's mailboxes here at CHRW several years ago. Most of the DJ's ignored this high energy powerpop...not me. Jesse who played guitar in this combo, is now in The Try Umphs who are in the process of releasing 2 songs a month for awhile.

      5. Hurricane and Able.....Who's That Girl?....from their 2013 download The Last Temptation. A duo that is half London and half Toronto based and basically a studio band. They've played out once or twice and I've given up pestering them to play London....LOL...

      6. Hurricane and Able...Day More Day....from their Thin End of the Wedge download, probably from 2015.

      7. Coaching For Sara.....Look Around....from their self titled debut CD that came out earlier this year. They're working on more recording right now, and we'll be spinning it as soon as we get it to our sweaty palms! My fave local powerpop combo and they've got a coupla shows coming up, December 21 at Fitzrays and January 7 at East Side.

      8. Fine Print....Tonight....from their wonderful self titled CD from 2013. They also released a cassette on the What Wave label....very limited.

      9. Square Root of Margaret...Hollywood Will Find A Way....from their Teragram Photeur CD from 2002 and from just west of London in Chatham Ontario....not the same Chatham that Wild Billy Childish and his band of pranksters came from.

      10. The Spys....Underground....from their only 7" from 1980 and from Windsor Ontario. There were 2 different sleeves for this one, and it was recently re-ished by Ugly Pop Records out of Toronto. After releasing this record, the band re-named itself The Nelsons and upon returning to the Cedar Lounge, gave away tons of this 7". My buddy Derek and I both grabbed one and we both put them on the dash of his car when we were leaving. It was the middle of winter, cold as fuck and he had the heater on full to help defrost the windshield. And you guessed it, 2 severely warped records!!

      11. Popular Mechanix....Ice Box City....from their self titled first LP from 1979 and from Winnipeg. The whole LP is filled with fast hook laden powerpop! Got to see them at The Cedar Lounge back then and remember them doing a few early Who covers in with the originals. They released one other LP, not quite as good as this one, but that's just my opinion.

      12. Telepathic Butterflies....A Final Word...from An Album on Rainbow Quartz Records out of the US, but this band was from Winnipeg. Rainbow Quartz was a label that specialized in powerpop and I still search out anything on this label that I don't have. Very Beatles/Big Star influenced.

      13. The Perms....Bring You Down....from their Better Days CD from 2005 and also from Winnipeg. These guys used some well placed horns and at this point, I gave a shout out to our pal The Invisible Man, a horn blower in many ska combos and DJ on UMFM!!

      14. Jr. Gone Wild....Old Blue....from their Less Art More Pop LP from 1987 on BYO Records out of California, but these louts were from Edmonton! Great Byrds jangle on the guitars with loads of 60's pop sounds on this label that was known for punk rock. Saw these guys a few times in this lineup and the shows were completely unpredictible due to alcohol, testosterone and probably some man made drugs! I had them doing a sunday night showcase at Key West many moons ago. We had a great writeup in the local newspaper and the place was packed. Only one problem, the band wasn't there!! They had spent the day in Toronto consuming beer and after many frantic phone calls, they showed up and proceeded to load in faster than lightning and start playing! Put on a truly amazing set although a few people had already left. And yet another time, again at the Key West here in London, they were so drunk they were doing Black Sabbath covers and almost falling over each other...luckily only a few saw this train wreck. A documentary on Jr Gone Wild is due out soon and there may be some pics from the Key West shows.

      15. Chilliwack....Fly At Night....from their Segue Lp from 1977 and one of the few Canadian powerpop combos that were getting radio airplay here in Canada. They had several really cool pop tunes and thought this one would fit the show best.

      16. Grapes Of Wrath....You May Be Right....from their These Days CD from 1991 and from Vancouver. They released at least 3 CD's, all of which got loads of airplay here at CHRW and many other places. Very nice hook in this one.

      17. Cub....My Chinchilla....from a 7" EP called Hot Dog Day on Mint Records from 1993. 3 piece combo that played The Embassy here in London at least a few times. They released many other singles, CD's and appeared on many compilations and from Vancouver as most of the combos for the rest of this episode.

      18. New Pornographers....Chump Change....from their Electric Version CD from 2003. Another combo that is well known across Canada and get lots of airplay from mainstream radio. They are also a really good pop combo!

      19. Bum....Weekend....from a 7" from 1992 and from Victoria BC and sent this one out to Jon Traut from the Boy From Nowhere as he called in just prior to this being aired! Bum were more influenced by Cheap Trick and members showed up in this next combo....

      20. Budoken....You Don't Stop Lovin' The Band....from their Spin A Little Gold CD from a few years back.

      21. The Sweaters....The Pop Thing....from a CD of the same name from 1991 and validates this whole pop show!

      22. The Modernettes....Barbra....from their Teen City EP from 1980 and a band that coulda and shoulda but somehow didn't! This is a song that should be blasting out of the car radio as you cruise the back roads with the top down!!!

      23. The Modernettes....Teen City... as above....

      24. Secret V's....Modern Boy....from a self titled 1980 12" EP and features a guy named Radial on bass. Radial is none other than soon to be well known, Ray Condo, who along with his Hardrock Goners crossed Canada many a time, preaching the gospel of rock'n'roll! Those Hardrock Goners used to stay at our place when they played London and we got to talking late one night and found out that Ray was Radial. Saw The Secret V's play the Cedar Lounge and Ray said they stayed in the upstairs rooms above the club and let's just say that wasn't the best accomodation here in London....LOL...

      25. Female Hands....Divided By 3....from a 1980 self title EP on Quintessence Records. Got this back in the day when I'd buy just about anything that looked interesting and glad I grabbed this. Picked it up when City Lights Book Store had an actual record bar upstairs with loads of new wave/punk records and a young lady ran it. Picked up many singles and the first Dead Kennedys record there as well.

      26. Pointed Sticks....Perfect Youth....from the LP of the same name from 1980 and a real game changer when I saw these guys at the Cedar Lounge....they were the first combo that I can remember covering a Sonics song...The Witch!!! And this was right around the time I was discovering Pebbles records (again that record bar at City Lights) and digging and realizing where all these punk sounds were coming from ....60's garagepunk and a bowl haircut for me please!! And then realizing that there were others out there with the same Chesterfield Kings, The Last, Droogs and more!!!

      27. Pointed Sticks....Destitute....again from 1980 and a bonus track on the Perfect Youth CD on Zulu Records. Pointed Sticks opened for Teenage Head in the fall of 1980 at the Spoke and Rim at Western University here in London. The Teenage Head live sets aired over CHRW and I managed to tape that. Does anyone know if the Pointed Sticks portion aired and if so, who has a copy that I can trade for??? OCD's got a hold on me!!

      28. Young Canadians....Just A Loser...from the This Is Your LIfe EP from about 1980 and features Art Bergman on guitar/vocals. At the time, Art was called Canada's Lou Reed.....monotonic vocal, deep lyrics, hard to deal with due to drugs/alcohol etc... Art has lived through it all, and is still around to this day doing the solo thing and was through town in the last year or so....missed that show.

      29. 64 Funnycars....Fading Away....from their 7" EP from 1990 and from Victoria BC. Caught these guys at Call The Office and managed to get all their releases at that time. Nice pop combo.

      30. The Smugglers....Walking Out On Love....from a 7" from 1994 and at one time, one of Canada's best known underground combos as they travelled the world, released records around the world but never did well right here in London Ontario! Singer Grant Lawrence, whom you may know of via CBC Radio, is presently working on a book about this combo and might even be some pics from right here in London. I've never seen a grown man kiss another mans bare ass, except when The Smugglers were playing at Call The Office one names, ask me sometime.

      31. New Town Animals....Sitting Alonge With You....from the Is Your Radio Active CD from 2001 and Jeffy Clone is in this band. Some members went on to The Briefs.

      32. The Clones....Forgetting What I Know....from the Need A Wave CD from 2003. Jeffy Clone and more jeffy clone....LOL....

      33. The React....Only Living For You....from a recent 7" on the La Ti Da label and features a member of The Tranzmitors....

      Goddamn, ran outta time but certainly not up was going to be Vancouger and then a bunch of Tranzmitors singles....maybe next show!!

      Big thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! Back again on Friday Dec 16th from 4 to 6PM and we'll be yammering with Jesse Locke about his brand new book on Simply Saucer!

      You can find the archived show at, just click on the Dec 09 @ 1600 Download:

    • December 9, 2016 6:56 PM CST
    • Radio What Wave December 8/2016 Playlist.....all Women's Voices Show

      1. Honey B and The T-Bones....Bumble Bee...from their 1992 CD Shake Your Shimmy and from Finland. This trio used to play London fairly regularly at a place called Leadbellys. For some reason they got on the blues circuit, yet they were more of a rck'n'roll combo.

      2. Queen Beeva.....The Horny One....from a demo from this local combo featuring Jeffy B on the guitar and from 1999.

      3. Patsy's Rats....Rock and Roll Friend....from the latest batch of La Ti Da singles that just came out. This combo is from Portland and Patsy is supposedly the daughter of Howie Gelb.

      4. The Johnnies....Your Girl....from a recent demo and from Toronto. A timely song as this is about the issue we have here in Canada of missing Aboriginal women.

      5. The Hook Up....Bellringer....from their soon to be released product on Transistor 66 Records out of Winnipeg.

      6. Lost Patrol....Second Time Around...from a 1988 7" from this Windsor Ontario combo who appeared on many What Wave releases and played London many times. They have a reunion show on Dec 27th in Windsor.

      7. Go Four Three....Roxy Roller....from a 7" from 1988 and from Vancouver.

      8. Cub...Everything's Geometry....from their Cuddlecor 94 CD on Mint Records and from Vancouver. A trio of fun loving women who released many records and CD's and played the Embassy here in London a couple of times.

      9. Birds Of Paradise....Please Stay....from a brand new 7" on HIdden Volume Records and features Roy from Red Mass on the guitar. This one arrived in the mail the day before this show and came with Hidden Volume's zine, 7&7 Is...

      10. Stolen Minks....Viola Desmond....from their High Kicks CD from 2008 and extremely timely as this morning it was announced that Black civil rights pioneer Viola Desmond will be on our soon to be released new $10 bills!! Guess we'll be calling this the $10 song soon! The Stolen Minks were from Halifax (I accidentally said Sydney on air) and played London at least twice, both great shows!

      11. Dead Rabbits....No Way...from the Boot Two The Head CD from 2002. This was a live show at Call The Office to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the closing of the Cedar Lounge here in London. The Cedar Lounge was our first and only exclusive punk/new wave/whatever club here in London and ran from 1978 to 1982.

      12. The Plasmatics....Monkey Suit....from their first LP, New Hope For The Wretched from 1980 and a request by Danny.

      13. The Fastbacks....Won't Have To Worry....from the Oh Canaduh! compilation LP on Lance Rock Records from 1995.

      14. Jill Porter....Win Me Back....from her self titled CD from 2005 and from Newfoundland.

      15. Lucy And the Rats....Lose My Mind....from a 7" on Dirty Water Records out of the UK.

      16. The Zorgs...Cruisin'....from their Chew On It CD on Transistor 66 Records and out of Winnipeg.

      17. Hiroshima Hearts...Spend Your Money....from their recent Bones CD and from London. It was announced today that they will be playing New Years Eve at Victoria Park Bandshell in downtown London!!

      18. Pacanomad....Heaven Can Wait....from their first CD as I couldn't find their brand new CD at the station....that has been resolved and we'll be playing their new CD in a show or 2.

      19. Betty Harris....Show It....from New Orleans Funk Volume 2 and from 1969.

      20. Etta James....Good Rockin' Daddy....from a Greatest Hits compilation CD and from 1955.

      21. Twin Fin.....Devil Girl Stomp....from their recent Whisky Wine and Venom Stop CD and from London and will be playing Fitzrays on New Years Eve.

      22. Norma Fraser....Respect....from the Studio One Soul CD from Jamaica and from 1968.

      23. Aretha Franklin....I Never Loved A Man...from the Rare And Unreleased double CD on Rhino/Atlantic and this song is from 1966. On some of these demos, Aretha's voice cuts through like a razor!! Recommended even if you're just a casual fan of the Queen Of Soul.

      24. Nina SImone....Mississippi Goddamn....from a Greatest Hits CD and from 1964 and very timely in these changing times.

      Hope you enjoyed this all female show as it's an annual thing and loads of fun to much to play and so little time!

      Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!

      You can catch the archived show at:

    • December 2, 2016 8:07 PM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist December 2/2016 Canadian PowerPop Special Part 4

      This is the fourth installment of our Canadian PowerPop Special and we start a band from Ottawa, then head east to Montreal, to the Maritimes, then back to Sudbury Ontario and then head south to London Ontario, home of many a fine power pop combo....and this show aired on Friday December 2nd from 4 till 6PM.

      1. Steve Adamyk....20/30....from a 7" on Ptrash Records from 2010. This Ottawa based powerpopper has released many records around the world and everyone I've heard has been really good!

      2. The Mighty FFud....Caught...from their self titled CD from 2014. This is the start of our journey through the powerpop combos of Montreal. On guitar and vocals is former Londoner Mark Goodwin, who will show up in a London based combo much later in this show. Caught the Mighty FFud live at Call The Office a few months ago and they put on a mighty fine powerpop show and would highly recommend catching these guys live if you ever get the chance.

      3. April Wine...Tonite Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love...from their Greatest Hits LP and from 1975. They may be an over the hill arena rock combo, but they still did a couple of cool powerpop tunes over the years.

      4. Pagliaro....Some Sing Some Dance....from a self titled LP from 1971. Remember this so well when it was played on AM radio back in the 70's and still dig this one as much today! Pag made it to Toronto a month or 2 ago, and was courted by the rock royalty there as seen in many pictures on FB. The King of Quebec music and almost unknown outside the borders!! Cept here at Radio WW where we idolize the guy......and in Denim Delinquent zine!!

      5. Walnut Kids....Can't Stand 'em....from a 7" on Going Gaga Records from 2009 and featuring our pal Seb on the skins. This is one fine slab of pop and made my list of faves from back in 2009!! So 1977!!!

      6. The Datsons....Thief In The Night....from a 7" and on the Ricochet Sound label, home of The Gruesomes. Not sure when this came out, but definitely remember The Datsons opening up for The Gruesomes here in London at Call The Office....

      7. The Teenbeats....I'll Never Win....from a 7" on the Gamma label. Got this one from our pal Ralph Alfonso, so assume they are from Montreal....

      8. Dany Laj and the Looks....Match...from the CD of the same name from a couple years back. Dany comes from Northern Ontario, moved to Toronto around the time this was recorded and presently resides in Montreal. Recently did the North American tour thing with the King of PowerPop, Mr Paul Collins. Caught the show here in London, and as always, DL and The Looks delivered!! One of my fave active powerpop combos!

      9. Dany Laj and The Looks....Best Thing In Town...from their recent Word On The Street LP that is one of those LP's that I can play over and over and never tire!

      10. HighDials....Diamonds In The Dark....from the A New Devotion CD on Rainbow Quartz records. Caught these guys live when they released this and they put on a Fantastic show!! Lots of 60's influences of the pop and psych variety combine with some really nice song writing on this one! Another one that I never tire of!

      11. The Minstrels....Rhythm In Her Head....from the Come Out To Play EP on What Wave Records from 1989. At the time, this trio was based in Quebec City, but later, tended to move all around North America. Loads of early Beatles influences, mersey beat, pop and garage all combined to give this combo a fun infectuous sound!! This should have gone places, but back in 1989, people all wanted CD's or cassettes.

      12. Terminal Sunglasses....Antenna Dilemma....from their Wrap Around Cool LP on OG Records from 1985. This LP was just re-released recently on bright pink vinyl.....haven't seen it around anywhere yet.

      13. Sonic Avenues.....Close To You...from their debut CD on Ricochet Sound from 2007. These guys are still around, releasing records and playing live. Just recently they were here in London but I missed them!

      14. Chains...Soulin'...from their On Top Of Things CD on Get Hip Records from 2002. It's not very common for a Canadian combo to get a release on Get Hip, but these guys did it!

      15. Sloan...Good In Every One....from the One Chord To Another CD from 1996 and originally from Halifax as we've left Montreal heading east on this Canadian powerpop trip. Sloan have had some mainstream success here in Canada and some recognition south of the border.

      16. The Connexions.....Against The Tide....from a download the band sent us and believe they are from Newfoundland. The entire download was all songs like this one, guitar powerpop and the band said they even played London Ontario once.

      17. Jill Porter....Just Ask....from her debut CD from about 2005. From Newfoundland and really fine rock'n'roll influenced powerpop circa late 70's style! One of my recent faves and was able to track down Jill on FB and she still does a bit of music once in awhile.

      18. Jill Porter....Rock'n'Roll above.

      19. Beaten Hearts....How It Ends....from a download the band sent us and from Moncton New Brunswick from about 2010.

      20. Liquid Vapours.....Sticks To You...from the Devilla CD form 2010 and members come from various places in the Maritimes....Sydney and Charlottetown among them.

      21. Thee Walkin' Jacks....She Tells Me....from the Drop Dead CD and feature members of the above couple of combos.

      22. The Joliettes.....Girls Like Me....from a 7" on Going Gaga Records from 2010 and from Sudbury Ontario as we leave the Maritimes and head back to Ontario....

      23. Almighty Rhombus....Even Though.....from a download this combo gave us when they came on Radio WW one day, probably sometime in 2013. They've played London a few times since.

      24. The Statues.....Living In Lines....from the New People Make Us Nervous LP and from Sudbury. This trio have released records in many countries and played London at least 2 times.

      25. The Statues.....Quality above.

      26. NFG....Cyanide....recorded live at the York Hotel, now called Call The Office, probably in 1978/9. They were known as a punk combo, but those background ooohhss and ahhhss just reek of powerpop! As does those nifty little guitar hooks that Simon whips out. NFG morphed into 63 Monroe which is still active to this day.

      27. The Stoves.....Look Through Any recording from the Cedar Lounge from 1979. 3 piece harmony vocals really bring out the hooks on this old Hollies number! Drummer Greg went on to Sheep Look Up, after serving time in The Zellots.

      28. The Finks....Can't Say No....from their only 7" from 1987 and even made it to airplay on the local AM radio stations here in London! Bass player Pete left for Vancouver where he played in garagerockers The Fiends.

      29. Itsa Skitsa.....Missing You....from a CD called In 4 Days and recorded aroudn 1984. Ian, the bass player for The Demics was in this combo.

      30. Second Thoughts.....Wound Up.....from this self released 7" from 1980. Features guitar/vocals by Mark Goodwin who we heard at the very beginning of this show in his present combo, The Mighty FFud.

      31. The Zellots....Soldiers....from a 1981 session with Peter Moore, the guy who won a Grammy this year for his work on the Bob Dylan re-issue. The Zellots were one of those bands that coulda and shoulda but didn't due to many things. There was an extensive interview done with the band in an issue or 2 of Mongrel Zine.

      32. The Comos.....She Doesn't Care....from their 2006 CD Bandwidth and is their only release.

      33. Lionel Lodge....Smile....from The Agitator CD from 2014. Lionel is currently residing in Austria and plays out there. We had him with a band doing a live to air about a year or so ago!

      34. Legend Killers....You'll Get Yours....from the Better Than Hammerin' 7" that came out in 1989 on What Wave Records. Live, this was a loud rock'n'roll combo that put on some crazy beer fueled shows and drove crowds out of their minds! But this particular recording, is definitely powerpop oriented!

      All out of time, but certainly not tunes....we'll be back on Friday December 9th, with Part 5 of the Canadian PowerPop Special, continueing along with several more London combos!
      Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! On next week's Radio WW, it's an all female show as we commemerate the Montreal Massacre here at CHRW.

      Here's a link to the archived show:

      The above link, doesn't look like a Radio WW thing, but click on the Dec 02 link for the show.

    • December 2, 2016 6:57 PM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist December 1/2016 Canadian PowerPop Special Part 3

      This is the third installment of our Canadian PowerPop Special and we start with a couple of bands from Toronto that we didn't have time to play last week. From there, we head east to Kingston and Ottawa Ontario.

      1. The Job....The Night....from their self released CD from 2008 and from Toronto. Former Londoner Nyles Miszczyk was involved in this combo.

      2. Flashing Lights.....High School.....from their 1999 CD Where The Change Is and feature Matt Murphy who is now playing in the band we hear next....

      3. The Tuns....Back Among Friends....from their self titled debut LP that came out a few months ago. Members of Sloan and The Inbreds are also involved in this combo. Saw these guys live at Call The Office about a month ago, and man oh man did they ever have the background harmony vocals down tight and right!! It was like going back to seeing the early 70's power pop combos like Big Star and Badfinger! Check them out if they ever hit your town.

      4. Ancient Shapes....Public Hymns....from the self titled LP that came out this past summer. This is a side project of Daniel Romano and this LP has the same songs on both sides!

      5. The Shanks....Killing Time....from their 2010 CD The Dark Richard Show. This is a duo from Orangeville Ontario and when this was released, were doing some really fine powerpop. They've since changed drummers and gone off in a much heavier sounding curve, which has given them some success in Germany! They've released many since this CD and seem to tour a fair bit.

      6. Marvelous Beauhunks....Kicking Around....from the Do Not Resuscitate CD from a few years back, but this was originally recorded in the early 90's. Around this time, the band got back together, released another CD and even a book about them! They were from the Oshawa area, just east of Toronto.

      7. Pelt....Makeout/Breakout....from a demo this Kingston combo sent us a couple years back. Some fine new wave/influenced pop!

      8. Polymorphines....Anna Lee...from their 2011 The Slip CD and from Ottawa as are the rest of the bands on this show. This CD was produced by Tim Kerr (Big Boys and TONS of other bands) in Austin Texas and when these guys dropped in on Radio WW a few years back, they had lots of stories about their trip to Texas. The Polymorphines released at least 3 other CD's of jangly poppy/garagey type stuff that is a really fun listen.

      9. White Wires....Girly Girly Girly....from their debut LP on Going Gaga Records out of Ottawa. Tight infectuous power pop with all the right hooks in the right place. Caught this trio live here in London a few years ago, and they were loads of fun!

      10. White Wires...I Can Tell....from their second CD, White Wires II which came out in 2010.

      11. The Felines....Dance With Me....from the Ottawa compilation, Ottawa Gaga Volume 1 which came out in 2009. The drummer of the White Wires, Allie, was involved in this combo.

      12. Girlfriends.....Shirt and Pants....from the Mac Lewis album and from Ottawa.

      13. Bureaucrats.....Grown Up Wrong....from the compilation Smash The State Volume 2 and this song is from 1979. A few years back, there was a re-issue of a lot of the recordings of this early punk/new wave combo.

      14. Mother's Children.... What'll Happen To All The Girls....from the That's Who Lp on Deranged Records from 2009. One of my fave bands who are doing this kind of powerpop thing these days. Caught them a few years ago opening up for Paul Collins Beat and they put on an excellent show!!

      15. Mother's Children.....The Gang Is Back...from their latest LP, Lemon which was on Mammoth Cave Records.

      16. Sick Fits...Shapes....from their self titled CD that came out in 2007. At least one of these guys went on to form Mother's Children. This combo isn't really power pop, as they have lots of glam and new wave and punk influences...all really good influences that they put to proper use!!

      Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! On next week's Radio WW, it's an all female show as we commemerate the Montreal Massacre here at CHRW.

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • November 25, 2016 5:33 PM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist November 24/2016

      1. Long Day Journey....When My Mind Goes High....from the brand new Where Heads Meet. Hamilton psychedelic combo and believe it is their third release....

      2. The Stents....Giving Up The Day...from the recent KOTJ Records from Spain, but the band is from Philly and released a couple of singles on the Hidden Volume label.

      3. The Routes....Tell Me It Ain't So....from the recent Left My Mind CD on the Dead Beat Label and is a re-ish of their first CD. Garage rock trio from Japan that we've played many times on RadioWW.

      4. Light Bulb Alley...I Only Got 2 Feet....from their recent Bright Side Of The Dumpster release and from Montreal. We've had these guys onair once many years ago....and you guys are welcome back anytime!

      5. The Hook Up...Bellringer...from their soon to be released Cruel Sounds CD (or will it be vinyl?) on Transistor 66 Records out of Winnipeg. The band is from Saskatoon, but previously lived in Montreal, Hamilton, London and probably other places. And we had them on for a live to air several years back.

      6. Sharon Jones....My Man Is A Mean Man....from the Naturally CD and RIP to Sharon who passed away way too soon!

      7. Sharon Jones....She Ain't A Child....from the I Learned The Hard Way CD.

      8. Kumonga.....Look Out Below....from their debut CD from 2012. Lead singer/keyboard/maniac Danny Walters used to be in the incredible Brown Hornets from Oshawa Ontario.

      9. Death Drive....Death Drive....brand new demo from this Montreal based trio. Drummer Ockert Greef used to be in Light Bulb Alley and guitarist/vocalist Leon is a graduate of Western University. Great protopunk inspired noise that you'll be hearing more of in future shows!

      10. Simply Saucer....Electro Rock....from the Cyborgs Revisited LP from 1989, but recorded in 1975. There's a book that is just out, hasn't even made it to the stores yet, about Simply Saucer by regular listener Jesse Locke. We'll be talking to Jesse on the Dec 15th edition of the show...talking all things Simply Saucer and the Hamilton scene back then. If you have any questions for Jesse, be sure to send them my way prior to the show.

      11. Death....Keep On Knockin'....from their For The Whole World To See LP from 2009 on Drag City Records. Originally recorded back in 1975, but like the Simply Saucer recordings above, finally saw the light of day years after...

      12. Velvet Underground....All Tomorrow's Parties....from the 1967 Velvet Underground and Nico LP. The one with the banana on the cover.

      13. Velvet Underground....Guess I'm Falling In Love (instro version)....from the Another View LP from 1986. Recorded in 1967 as a demo and the in the red guitar sounds always blow me away on this track!

      14. Grinderman....No Pussy Blues....from their self titled debut from 2007. Nick Cave side project...

      15. P J Harvey....Snake....from the Rid Of Me CD from 1993. Polly has done some work w/Nick Cave, but not this particular track.

      16. Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons....Are You Really Gone?...from this 4 song EP called Four Whom The Bell Tolls that came out in 1988 and free with What Wave zine #16. Drummer Andrew Lewis has a show opening tonight at the Westland Gallery here in London. Andrew is a world famous poster artist, who travels the world. He has designed a coin for the Canadian Mint and a stamp (or 2?) for Canada Post. And he lives right here in London Ontario and you should check out his art at the Westland. And he's a regular listener here at RWW!

      17. Boy From Nowhere....Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White....recorded live at the Town and Country 10/5/2013 for someone's birthday. Boy From Nowhere are part of the big Toys For Tots show happening Saturday at the Dawghouse here in London. Show runs from 3 till 8PM and features all the bands that are played from now till the end of this show and more! Admission is one unwrapped toy for a kids Christmas gift. Hope to see you all at the show!

      18. Boy From Nowhere....Ain't Got recording from the early 90's of this Billy Boy Arnold tune.

      19. Thing From Outer Space.....Thing From Outer Space....theme song from this local combo who have just released their first CD. You can get copies on saturday at the Toys For Tots show!

      20. Thing From Outer above. This is London's only all surf combo and we've had them yammering on the radio a couple months back.

      21. 10 Heads....I See Angels....from thei Swimming and Singing CD from 2001. There's a newer version of this band that you'll see at Saturday's Toys For Tots show!

      22. 63 Monroe....Weekend Punx....from the Hijack Victim LP that came out in 2005 in Italy. How many other London Ontario bands have an LP out in Italy....ya, that many! You can see these old farts burn up the stage at the Toys For Tots show on saturday! They might even play this one, originally recorded back in 1984 as heard here.

      23. 63 Monroe....1963....from a 7" they released a couple years back, had to cut it off as we ran out of time, but certainly not tunes or yammering....

      Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! Back again next week with Part 3 of the Canadian Power Pop Special, this time heading east from Toronto.

      You can catch the archived show at:

      See you all at the Dawghouse on Saturday afternoon for the Toys For Tots show!! How often do you get to see an afternoon show with this many cool combos?!?


    • November 18, 2016 6:44 PM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist November 17/2016 Canadian PowerPop Part 2

      1. The Chickens....Summer Of Love....from the Prepare To Plug In CD from 2000. 80% (4 out of 5 members of UIC) with the addition of another guitarist form The Chickens. Not the full throttle hypermetalpunk sound of UIC, but more hook laden pop tunes still with loads of energy to spare. Live, these guys were a total blast and would sometimes whip out a few UIC numbers to keep the dancing masses happy. Obviously from Toronto as are the rest of the pop bands featured on this episode.

      2. Holy Microphone....Beatle Bob....from the Goodbye Television Girl CD and features Fred from UIC on guitar. This song is for an actual person called Beatle Bob who has been dancing for decades at shows in the St Louis area and has a Beatle style bowl cut.

      3. The Bon....Hey Suzette....from the Static Electricity CD from 2011. There was a Leather Upper involved in this short lived project that mines early 70's pop and does it really well! This one was a fave when first released.

      4. The Machines....What Have I Done...from the After My Misspent Youth CD from 2006. Dunno much about this combo, but they have definitely played at CTO here in London Ontario.

      5. Cheap Speakers....She Has A System....from the Switches and Levers CD from 2013 and sadly defunct before I had a chance to catch them live.

      6. Zantees...Tic Tac Toe....from the 4 song EP on Midnight Records from 1983. These next few songs go out to the late great Billy Miller, who along with his wife Miriam LInna do a bit of a duet on this one. Billy and Miriam founded Kicks fanzine, a HUGE inspiration for What Wave zine and easily one of the best, if not the best fanzine ever!!! From there, they founded the Norton Records dynasty of a record label, book publishing and now a store in Brooklyn. And Billy and Miriam were also in The Zantees and The A Bones, both amazingly cool combos!!! Over the years we only got to meet Billy and Miriam three times....1986 in Hamilton when they were touring with Hasil Adkins, 1991 when they brought The A Bones to Call The Office here in London and 2009 at the Wooly Weekend in Montreal. All great and fun times!!!

      7. Zantees....Please Give Me Something....from the 1980 LP Out For Kicks on Bomp Records. A classic and essential LP for any rockabilly fan. I sold my duplicate copy of this record to a young couple at the last record show and told them this will be the best record you get at this show....dunno if they thought I was full of shit or not, but hopefully they've spun it by now and realized I coulda been right!

      8. The A Bones....Betty Lou Got A New Tattoo....from the I Was A Teenage Mummy CD from 2005 on Norton Records (Norton is the secret code for quality when you see it on any CD or record). Played a commercial for the Teenage Mummy around this time too.

      9. Miriam....I'm Nobody's Baby Now....from the Nobody's Baby LP on Norton Records and from 2014. Our condolences go out to Miriam!

      10. Klaatu.....Sub Rosa Subway....from their self titled debut LP from 1976. When this was released, there were rumours galore about how this is the Beatles reunited as there was little fanfare when this was released and no info about the band in the packaging. The rumours were all wrong and this was a pop band from Toronto with a release on a major label. They released several other LP's, but their first is the best by far in my humble opinion.

      11. Clockwise....All Over Your Face.....from the Accidentally On Purpose CD from 1999. These guys seem to always play the Toronto International Pop Overthrow each year and one listen to this tune and you'll know why.

      12. Protozoans....$....from a 2009 7" and saw these guys open for someone at Call The Office a few years back. Some fine pop.

      13. 10 Commandments....Suddenly....from a 7" and they release a couple of LP's and a few 7" in the late 80's to early 90's. They started as a straight 60's garage punk style combo and evolved into powerpop.

      14. Blue Peter....Same Old Place....from the Test Patterns For Living 12" on Ready Records from 1979. Saw these guys many times in the late 70's/early 80's and always put on a good, fun, energetic show. After a few releases, they became less interesting, but this first record is a fave and had me singing along in the onair studio!

      15. Steve Blimkie and The Reason.....Break My Heart....from the self titled debut LP from 1979 and also on Ready Records. Steve went to Fanshawe College here in London, and would play at The Cedar Lounge and was NOT liked by the punks due to his uppity attitude. Personally, I really dug his early shows as they were high energy guitar powerpop!

      16. True Confessions....Mating Games....from their self titled debut LP from 1980 on Bomb Records. Some of the members of the first girl punk band in Toronto, The Curse went on to form this pop oriented combo. Got to see them live once at The Cedar Lounge and they put on a pretty good new wave/pop show.

      17. Popular Spies....Chinatown....from a 1980 7". Think this was their only release and remember seeing them once or twice at Larry's in Toronto in the very early 80's. This particular song was stuck in my noggin all week heading into this show.....

      18. The Numbers....Sunday Afternoon....from the Add Up Lp from 1979 on Basement Records.

      19. Hot Tip.....Teach Me Something....from the Stop All Motion LP from 1981 on Attic Records. These last 2 bands differed in only one member, yet totally different names and on different labels, but both are definitely powerpop combos! Tried to figure this one out.....maybe they changed names from The Numbers as there were way too many combos with this name or....??? Can anyone out there enlighten me please? And both of these records are fairly common at record shows and are usually quite inexpensive, and well worth it.

      20. The Kingbees....My Mistake....from their debut LP from 1980. This particular song was a bit of a hit and this band even played on Dick Clark's American Bandstand. Guitarist/singer Jamie James even lived here in London for a couple of years prior to least according to local legend.

      21. The Dundrells....Nothing On TV....from a 7" from the late 80's. These guys played The Key West Cafe here in London a couple of times and re-united for a one shot earlier this year.

      22. Crash Kills 5.....What Do You Do?.....from a 7" from 1980 and this has been re-ished on Ugly Pop Records. This band evolved into Shadowy Men and I remember catching them a couple of times at the Cedar Lounge.

      23. The Black Rainbows.....2 Day Rule....from the I Met This Chick CD from a couple years back.

      And that's a wrap for our Toronto Powerpop show. We'll continue the powerpop special in 2 weeks as next week we'll be helping to promote the Toys For Tots show happening at The Dawghouse on November 26th.

      Huge thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • November 11, 2016 5:56 PM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist November 10/2016 Canadian PowerPop Part 1

      This is the first of several parts covering the powerpop music from Canada. We'll be spinning tunes from bands spanning across Canada from the early 70's right up to current. We'll be starting in Hamilton Ontario as The Forgotten Rebels are playing here in London this weekend and they did a couple of powerpop tunes and moving eastward up the QEW from there.

      1. The Forgotten Rebels....Baby Baby....from the Nobodys Hero's CD on OPM Records from 2010. This is a cover of The Vibrators track from their classic LP Pure Mania from 1977!

      2. The Forgotten Rebels.... Tell Me You Love Me....from their This Ain't Hollywood LP on Star Records. As most of you know, owner Mike Star passed away a little over a year ago and we had our memorial show in April with the re-united UIC taking us back 30 years in the time machine!

      3. The 905s...Hamilton Head....from the Bash It Up CD from 2006 and this particular song is a trib to the band that follows....And The 905s are opening up for The Forgotten Rebels in Burlington in a couple of weeks.

      4. Teenage Head....Top Down...from a 7" on the Epic Label from 1978. This particular version of the song has the captivating Beach Boy harmonies on it....way different from the LP version.

      5. The Shakers....California....late 70's 7" on Warpt Records. Out of Hamilton and they released several hard to find singles and 3 12" records. Dave Rave was a member of this band prior to him becoming lead singer of Teenage Head.

      6. The Shakers....Till I'm Gone....another 7" on Warpt Records and from 1979. Just couldn't resist playing 2 songs by The Shakers as they have so many good tunes! They re-united about 1.5 years ago for a killer show in Hamilton that was a lotta fun!

      7. Dave Rave....Anne Marie....from the Live With What You Know CD from 2010 and a classic powerpop tune that actually received a fair bit of airplay south of the border!! And lots of airplay right here on Radio WW! We had Dave live onair just prior to The Shakers reunion and we got him to do an acoustic version of this song over the airwaves.

      8. Grey Lands....Another Lie...from their Right Arm CD from 2015 and from Hamilton. Caught these guys live a few months back and live they were way more guitar psych than on record where they tend to veer towards more pop.

      9. Elk....Shaking Hands....from the Balm Beach CD from 2010 and from somewhere south east of Hamilton. Caught these guys a few years ago opening up for Pack AD and they have the harmony vocals and handclaps going full tilt!

      10. Simply Saucer....I Can Change My Mind....from a 7" on Pig Records and from 1978. Known more for their protopunk and psych sounds, Simply Saucer cut this wonderful powerpop single back in 1978 and for years it was their only released recording.

      11. Chevy Dirt.....Little GTO....from their Western Civilization Lp from 1980 and rumoured to be from somewhere around Kitchener Ontario.

      12. BB Guns....Bang Bang...from a live recording from 2/12/13 on CIUT's Moondog's Ballroom radio show, put on by our pal Daibhid James. BTW, CIUT is having it's annual fundraising starting next week, so if you 're a regular listener to Toronto's finest radio station, don't forget to pledge some $.

      13. Martha and The Muffins....Echo Beach....from the 1980 LP Metro Music. One of Toronto's better known bands from the late 70's/early 80's era and started out as a fantastic powerpop combo!!

      14. Onits....Weekend Wrestler....from a 7" on Vinyl Dream Records and from 1980. Know nothing about this one, but it gets mentioned in the book Smash The State by Frank Manley and I picked this one up at Star Records in Oshawa many years ago.

      15. The Mods....Between Four Walls....from the 22 Months Cd and recorded back in 1979. Toronto's mod/pop combo that featured drummer David Quinton who went on to work with Stiv Bators during his powerpop era and is now the energetic drummer for Arson.

      16. David Quinton....Make Up You Mind....fromt eh Bombs and Lullabies CD and recorded back in 1980.

      17. The Diodes....Plastic Girl....from the Tired Of Waking Up Tired CD on Sony Records and was recorded back in 1977. They've reformed a number of times over the years and even played right here in London Ontario a couple of years back....and we had the pleasure of having The Diodes as guests for a show here on Radio WW!!

      18. The Secrets....All The Words....from the Teenage Rampage CD on OPM Records and this was recorded back in 1979. Features former Diode John Hamilton and a coupla former Viletones. These guys were playing garage, frat rock and pop and were a step out of time with the rest of the Toronto scene of the time! And are a personal fave of mine for their finely crafted tunes!

      19. Zoom...Massacre At Central High....from a late 70's 7" on Riot! Records and featured John Hamilton (again??) and Chris Hate (The Secrets and The Viletones) doing poppy tunes. There is now a full length release on Ugly Pop Records that collects this 7" and many other unreleased recordings from the era and is well worth searching out!

      20. Bob Segarinin....Gotta Have Pop....from his LP of the same name from 1978. Bob was originally from the west coast of the US, but moved to Montreal, then Toronto whilst playing in bands like The Dudes and The Wackers. This is his first of 4 LP's that he released around this time and they are usually easily found at record shows and well worth the few dollars they cost. Bob was also instrumental behind the scenes in the late 70's/early 80's Toronto scene producing many a fine combo!

      21. The Ugly....Stranded In The Laneway....7" from the late 70's and absolutely nothing like they were live or their other recordings. This is powerpop and the rest of their material is 70's punk at it's most primal. These guys were real criminals that lived the life of.

      22. B Girls....B Side....from a 1978 7" on Bomp Records. They also have a CD on OPM that collects this single and many other fine unreleased tracks that is well worth searching out. Drummer Marcy Saddy was from right here in London Ontario.

      23. Hi Fi's.....I Don't Know Why....from a 1980 7" and this band evolved into Blue Rodeo and huge hall shows! I remember seeing this combo a couple of times and live they were very Beatle like and a whole lot of fun. There's rumours there are other recordings so if anyone of you readers has a lots to trade.

      24. Blue Rodeo.....Rose Coloured Glasses....from their 1987 LP Outskirts. These guys are still around doing the odd tour of Canada and selling out arenas.

      That's it for part 1, and judging by the phone ringing off the hook for part of the show, you must have really dug some of these tunes!! A HUGE thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! And congrats to Robert, the winner of the pass for the Film Festival happening this weekend.

      Back again next week with Part 2 and we'll start with The Chickens and go from there....

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • October 28, 2016 6:29 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist Oct 27/16 7" Of Pleasure In The Heart Of The City

      The title of this one comes from the Nick Lowe song, In The Heart Of The City. A classic adventure tune that several combos from London have covered live over the years to appreciative crowds. After all, it's a dance tune you can shake your ass to and at the same time identify with the subject matter. And since this show is covering only 7" records released here in London, and these records/songs were more than likely played downtown first (at the various watering holes/clubs) we tied the 2 together and came up with; 7" Of Pleasure In The Heart Of The City. Besides that, it not only sounds good, it gives a sexual vibe that many of these records gave upon first listen and many still do! So enjoy the sounds of the singles of London from about 1978 right up to today. In no way is this a complete playlist of all the 7" records released in London in this time frame, just a select choice few.

      1. The Demics.....In The Heart Of The recording from 1978 at The Cedar Lounge. Just had to start the show with the title song and was probably the first place many of us heard this song!

      2. Jim Ashby....Speed City....this is from the 2007 re-ish on Speed City Records. This was a documented nick name for London for a short time in the late 60's/early 70's. And it's a fucking great song that ties so many sounds, noises and ideas all into one quick 3 minute jab in the ear! My favourite record to come out of London Ontario!

      3. The Hippies....How You Gonna Live? 1982 release from this band that played long gone places like Fryfogles, The Embassy, The Victoria and at least once at The Cedar Lounge. Somewhere there's video footage of this combo at Fryfogles.

      4. Excelsior.....Pornos....2014 on the It's Trash label. A combo that is still in existence and features a coupla members of The Drop Outs, a band that moved away, disolved and the members got sucked back to London. Maybe they came back just to form this combo and to make me wonder why they don't add a greasy sax to the mix to bring this raunch back to its late 50's roots. The potential explosion is scary!

      5. The Sinners....No Brains....from a 1980 7". Summed up the times perfectly for the masses, but people in the know realized that it takes a lot to appear dumb! Just ask The Ramones. This combo soldiered on to become Spiral Scratch (releasing an LP) and then morphed into The Crawling Kingsnakes, which still exist in some form on rare occasions these days but in Hamilton.

      6. The Perks....McPig....1978 and possibly the very first new wave/punk 7" released here in London. Highschool project or just some kids having fun, this one goes for huge bucks in the collector market as so few have survived the years. The brother of The Demics guitarist was involved in this one....Steve Brent, whom I went to college with.

      7. Regulators....What's In The City....1979 and on Ready Records out of Toronto. Saw this combo a number of times at The Cedar Lounge and for some reason, at the Polish Hall where they had gigs back in those days. They were much better live than on record as were many.

      8. 63 Monroe....Henry the 8th....1983. They started as NFG (and had some killer songs), morphed in to 63 Monroe, then became First Date for awhile and then back to 63 Monroe. They are still around to this day and are now billed as legendary.

      9. Flying Squad....Fie On You....1988 and on a compilation called 4 Whom The Bell Tolls which came free with What Wave zine 16. Flying Squad could clear a room faster than anyone due to the facial antics of singer Tim Murphy. But if you stayed long enough to listen, you'd suddenly realize not only is Tim a fantastic singer, but this band can really rock!! Biker rock or which they were the sole proprieter of in this town.

      10. Legend Killers....Gunpowder....from their 1989 7" EP Better Than Hammerin'. Singer Earle Rutherford was a torrent of energy and could wreak havoc on any room that would have them! Started as a 3 chord cover combo that evolved into a fine tuned rockin' machine and from there veered into the heavier rock sounds of the day.

      11. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants....Happy Wanderer....from a 2007 release on Speed City Records. London's longest running Ramones style punk band who recently celebrated 20 years together!

      12. Ross Daily....Radio Sucks....from 1996 and features that old fart from behind the counter of Speed City Records on lead vocals/whinery! The message hasn't changed in 20 years and probably won't.

      13. Conning Tower....Indian Dancing....from a 1984 release and features veterans Billy Wallace (drummer of choice for many), Linda Harvey (rock bottom bass) and Mark Goodwin who presently helms Montreal combo The Mighty Pfud, a really fine pop outfit! The title of this one probably wouldn't be considered proper these days, but that sure didn't stop it from getting stuck in my noggin' long after this show was put to rest.

      14. Second Thoughts....Wound Up....1980 release and this combo used to play at places like The Cedar Lounge and Fryfogles and also feature the above mentioned Mark Goodwin. Ya, London had/has an incestuous music scene as do many other communities.

      15. Uranus....Gilligans Island....from 1980 and this song was used as an intro to a program on Toronto's CFNY for many years. Didn't amount to squat royalties for these guys. Uranus were the first of the new wave/punk bands to play The Cedar Lounge and regularly packed it in wherever they played. And they had a top 10 hit on AM radio with You're So Square! Quite an achievment for a London Ontario band!!

      16. New Grand....Playing It....1995 release and on a label called Bubble Gun Records which released a couple of records from London.

      17. Whipping Wind....Don't Get Into it....2011 release that came with a CD which had more songs than the record. Some fine powerpop sounds here.

      18. Red Arms....Hindsight....2016 release on Yeah Right Records who have released several other records from London and beyond, including the brand new UIC LP. RA harken back to the days of 90's sound, but add their own touches to give it a real edge. And they still play live and are well worth checking out.

      19. Crash 80's....Thrills....1980 release. Tough to chose which side of this sucker to play as both are such excellent songs that don't really sound like anyone else. One of my fave records to come out of London! Some of these characters later emerged as Suffer Machine and released an LP that is well worth checking out.

      20. Generics....Outcast Of Society.....1985. They started as a bunch of noisy snotty nosed kids who evolved and released this record that is still revered by many to this day. And it's been booted, possibly more than once which only happens to the best.

      21. Bitchlove....Shoot You In The Face....2014 laser cut release. Bunch of noise from this one man band that we managed to play at the wrong speed for a little while. There's at least one other laser cut release by this character.

      22. Pelicans....New Wave....1978 release and comes out of Brantford Ontario, about an hour east of London. Don't know much about this one, but it seems like the art gallery in the Brantford railway station may have a story or 2.

      23. Strait Jacket....Dance To The Beat Machine....mid 80's release from Stratford Ontario and probably the only release under this name. There may have been some Leotard Geeks involved in this.

      24. Heart Attack Kids....Platonic Love Bomb.....2014 release from this duo who have since released an LP and seem to be the darlings of the hipster punks at the moment. Caught them live once, and they do put on a fun energetic show!

      25. The Finks....Can't Say No....1987 release and one of the few combos to get into the powerpop thing here in London. The bass player moved off to Vancouver and joined garagepunkers The Fiends and still plays to this day.

      Hope you enjoyed this journey though London's musical past via the 7" record. Some of these records might even be available at the London Record Show happening Sunday at Centennial Hall from 11 to 5. Come say HEY at the table!

      And thanx for all the crazy phone calls, facebook messages, emails and Heys and on the fly requests!

      Catch us back again next week, when we hope to have The Tuns on a phone interview as they play Call The Office that night.

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • January 7, 2017 1:04 PM CST
    • Here are a selection of episodes of Revolution Rock that aired at the end of 2016:

      Joe Strummer Day 2016:  Tymon Dogg:

      I interviewed honorary Clash members, multi-instrumentalist and folk artist Tymon Dogg for CJAM FM's Joe Strummer Day Marathon.  I also played a selection of music has released, including an unreleased outtake from the Combat Rock Sessions.

      Tymon Dogg Interview & Radio Special (Show 634):

      1. Timon - Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane (Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane/Rambling Boy - 1968)
      2. Timon - And Now She Says She’s Young (And Now She Says She's Young/I'm Just A Travelling Man - 1970)
      3. Timon - Who Needs A King (1968 Apple Demo) (The Irrepressible Tymon Dogg: A Collection 1968-2009 - 2010)
      4. Tymon Dogg - You Turned Your Back On The Sun (For A 40 Watt Light Bulb) ((Relentless - 1989)
      5. Tymon Dogg - Velvet Stella (The Irrepressible Tymon Dogg: A Collection 1968-2009 - 2010)
      6. Tymon Dogg - I Caught You Dancing (Tymon Dogg - 1976)
      7. Tymon Dogg - Too Small To Lead Too Big To Follow (Tymon Dogg - 1976)


      8. Tymon Dogg - Locks & Bolts & Hinges (Battle of Wills - 1982)
      9. Tymon Dogg - Battle of Wills (Battle of Wills - 1982)
      10. Tymon Dogg - Safeway People (Battle of Wills - 1982)


      11. The Clash - Lose This Skin (Sandinista! - 1980)
      12. The Clash - Once You Know (Combat Rock Outtake)
      13. Frugivores - Beyond This Frontier (New Age Songs - 1987)
      13. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Mondo Bongo (Global A Go-Go - 2001)
      14. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Silver And Gold (Streetcore - 2003)
      16. Tymon Dogg - Pound Of Grain (Made Of Light - 2015)
      17. Tymon Dogg - That’s The Way It Is (Made Of Light - 2015)
      18. Tymon Dogg - Conscience Money (Made Of Light - 2015)

      Download/listen to this full episode here:

      For more info on Tymon Dogg and this episode visit:

      Episode 633:  Sloan, The Gories, Dirtbombs, Danny Kroha and Danny & The Darleans:

      This episode featured selections from the reissued One Chord To Another album by Sloan as well as new recordings from Danny & The Darleans Bug Out album, music from The Dirtbombs, Danny Kroha and two super rare live to air tracks that the Gories recorded at CJAM FM in 1989.  

      Playlist For Show 633 (Originally aired on December 17th, 2016):

      1. The Black Angels - Watch Out Boy
      2. Pink Floyd - Flaming (BBC Session 1967)
      3. South River Slim - Dirty Pool
      4. Lost Patrol - So Strange (The 1991 Sessions)
      5. Tea With Lincoln - Space Between The Defect
      6. Pissed Jeans - Romanticize Me
      7. Hot Snakes - Audit In Progress
      8. The Ripps - Loco
      9. Propagandhi - This Is Your Life
      10. Mystics - Can't Be Happy
      11. The Rationals - Feelin' Lost
      12. Pet Sun - Web Of Man
      13. Paul Jacobs - Born In A Zoo
      14. Tea Leaves - I Want To Live In The Dirt
      15. Merle Haggard - California Blues
      16. Neil Young - Can't Stop Workin'
      17. Cass Mccombs - Cry
      18. Headache24 - Big Star
      19. The Feelies - The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness
      20. The Gories - Queenie (LIVE At CJAM 1989)
      21. The Gories - Hidden Charms (LIVE At CJAM 1989)
      22. The Dirtbombs - Chains Of Love
      23. Danny & The Darleans - Soul On Ice
      24. Danny Kroha - Cannonball Blues (CJAM Session 2016)
      25. Jeff Rosenstock - To Be A Ghost…
      26. Oromocto Diamond - Gold
      27. The Nature Boys - Can't Think
      28. Tim Presley - Underwater Rain
      29. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Ain't No Chimneys In The Projects

      Download/listen to this episode here:

      For more info on this episode and Sloan's One Chord To Another reissue visit:

    • December 2, 2016 12:03 PM CST
    • Here are the two most recent episodes of Revolution Rock.  These episodes feature music from The Scientists, Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Paul Jacobs, The Damned, Duotang, The Clash, OFF!, The Zantees, The Diodes and more!

      Playlist for November 26th:

      1. Blue Rodeo - Dust To Gold
      2. Gord Downie - Swing Set
      3. Drive By Truckers - Filthy And Fried
      4. Frankie & Jimmy - Got My Mojo Workin'
      5. Nice Motor - Duck And Cover
      6. Gramps The Vamp - The Cave Of 1000 Eyes
      7. Whitney - Red Moon
      8. King Khan & The Shrines - Lucky Man
      9. Lesbo Vrouven - New Sealand
      10. Jeff Rosenstock - I Did Something Weird Last Night
      11. No Museums - No Reason To Send Letters
      12. Paul Jacobs - Vincent (Don McClean Cover)
      13. Paul Jacobs - Words Of Wisdom
      14. Kevin Morby - Dorothy
      15. Crocodiles - I'm Sick
      16. Ritual Howls - Nervous Hands
      17. Derm Kean & An Incredible Woman - Better Things
      18. We Are Wolves - Wrong Wrong
      19. Iggy Pop - I Dig Your Mind
      20. New York - Dolls Bad Detective
      21. Ty Segall - Orange Color Queen
      22. Tad - 3-D Witch Hunt (Demo)
      23. Thee Oh Sees - Unwrap The Fiend Pt.1
      24. The Dickies - You Drive Me Ape
      25. The Scientists - Frantic Romantic
      26. The Scientists - Shake (Together Tonight)

      Download/listen to this episode here:

      Playlist For November 19th:

      1. The Replacements - Election Day
      2. The Damned - Politics
      3. Radiohead - Scatterbrain
      4. Preoccupations - Monotony
      5. Monomyth - Puppet Creek
      6. Duotang - Nostalgia’s A Vice
      7. Foxhart Fishman - Home
      8. Brazilian Money - The Hammer
      9. Tommorow’s Tulips - Optimistic Vibes
      10. Sprinters - Last Song
      11. The Seams - Seeds
      12. The Zantees - Rockin’ In The House
      13. The A-Bones - Sham Rock
      14. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights
      15. The Clash - Stop The World
      16. Jakob Dylan - Evil Is Alive And Well
      17. Pop Group - Words Disobey Me
      18. OFF! - Legion of Evil
      19. Extroverts - TV Baby
      20. The O-L West - Trespassing
      21. The O-L West - West Coast Blues
      22. Port Juvee - Double Vision
      23. The Evaporators - Ogopogo Punk
      24. The Fallouts - No Ambition
      25. The In Crowd - Stop! Wait A Minute
      26. Pretty Things - Don't Bring Me Down
      27. The Diodes - Behind Those Eyes

      Download/listen to this episode here:

      Check out my blog post on The Scientists here:

    • January 2, 2017 1:10 PM CST
    • EEEE wow! This site was down when I tried to post my (NOT) Christmas show a couple of weeks ago. But the site's back up and it's still not Christmas, so here goes ...


      Check out the latest dadgum BIG ENCHILADA with The Cynics, The Mystery Lights, Nots, The Come 'n Go and more. 

      You can find it HERE and/ or listen below


    • November 29, 2016 1:02 PM CST

      Check out this month's Big Enchilada, where we're all just dancing at Doom's Doorway. This show includes a tribute to Billy Miller, who died this month, and the fabulous Norton Records as well as songs by The Fleshtones, Hickoids, Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons, Churchwood and more.

      CLICK HERE (unless you're chicken!) or listen below