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    • August 13, 2016 8:22 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday August 13th from Noon-2:00PM EST. Just tune in to 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at

    • July 30, 2016 1:44 PM CDT
    • Playlist 07-30-16

      Stooges - Real Cool Time
      F.O.C. - In the Back
      Downbeat 5 - Dum Dum Ditty
      Meanies - Never 
      Bodies - Down To The Beach
      Misfits - Spinal Remains
      Graboids - Flip 'Em The Bird
      Screeching Weasel - The First Day of Summer
      Clash - Safe European Home
      Dictators - Science Gone Too Far
      Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper
      Bleached - Trying To Lose Myself Again
      Coathangers - Make It Right
      Feels - Tell Me
      JuliaWhy? - Bride to Be
      Televisionaries - Agave
      Traditional Fools - Rumble
      Wild Raccoon - Hitch-Hike Syndrom
      Harmonica Lewinski - Head Honcho
      Bleed - Us and Them
      Newtown Neurotics - Mindless Violence
      UK Subs - Tomorrow's Girls
      Sickfist - Periphery
      Pulley - Second Best
      Okmoniks - Locked in the Trunk of Your Ford Blues
      Replacements - Dope Smokin' Moron
      UXA - UXA
      Wild Bill Childish & CTMF - Turn and Run
      Baby Woodrose - Open Doors
      Combomatrix - Take A Ride
      Hoodoo Gurus - In The Echo Chamber
      Two Tens - Scene
      Kid Congo Powers & Pink Monkey Birds - We Love You
      Mortals - Turn Away
      Epoxies - Synthesized
      Lemons - Come Ta Grips
      Nobody's Heros - Summertime Girls
      Circle Jerks - Wonderful
      Chixdiggit! - Good Girls
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • July 30, 2016 8:01 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday June 30th from Noon-2:00PM EST. You can listen at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY. It appears that the WITR web page is down, so here is a link to the TuneIn stream:

    • July 16, 2016 2:14 PM CDT
    • Playlist 07-16-16

      Youth Brigade - What Will The Revolution Change
      BellRays - Some Confusion City
      Black Flag - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
      Bleed - Wasted Nights
      Gitogito Hustler - Wonderful
      Portugal Japan - Love You Baby
      Supersnazz - Hardcore
      Puffy AmiYumi - Brand New Day
      Dead Boys - Son of Sam
      Flesh Eaters - Miss Muerte
      Gang of Four - What We All Want
      Sickfist - Periphery
      Bleached - Keep On Keepin' On
      JuliaWhy? - Bride to Be
      Coathangers - Perfume
      Feels - Close My Eyes
      Two Tens - Sweet As Pie
      Baby Woodrose - Open Doors
      Wild Raccoon - Corn Cob
      Adolescents - Wrecking Crew
      Klark Kent - Don't Care
      Adverts - Gary Gilmore's Eyes
      Rezillos - Destination Venus
      Vibrators - Into The Future
      Sham 69 - Borstal Breakout
      Alternative Alster - If The Kids Are United
      Damned - Teenage Dream
      Johnny Thunders - Leave Me Alone
      Dictators - Slow Death
      Televisionaries - Stampede
      Huevos Rancheros - Cindy With An 'S'
      Traditional Fools - Surfin' With The Phantom
      Brood - I'll Come Again
      Godfathers - Gone to Texas

    • July 16, 2016 7:45 AM CDT
    • I'm back! The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday July 16th from Noon-2:00PM EST. You can listen at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at


    • June 18, 2016 1:50 PM CDT
    • Playlist 06-18-16

      Legal Weapon - Daddy's Gone Mad
      Angry Samoans - My Old Man's A Fatso
      Sweet - Need A Lot of Lovin'
      Sweet Baby - Daddy Cool
      Nine Pound Hammer - Long Gone Daddy
      Social Distortion - I Wasn't Born to Follow
      Andy G & The Roller Kings - Stay Awhile
      Descendents - Ride The Wild
      Teengenerate - Right Side Of My Mind
      Gee Strings - Trying To Forget
      Persian Claws - Warm Chills
      Launderettes - Just Dropped In
      Frightwig - Public Baths
      Bleached - Trying To Lose Myself Again
      Frights - All I Need
      Feels - Unicorn
      Timmy's Organism - Get Up, Get Out
      Televisionaries - No Return
      Harmonica Lewinski - Titty City
      Link Wray - Ace of Spades
      Centurions - Bullwinkle Part II
      AC/DC - Live Wire
      Cult - Peace Dog
      Cheap Trick - Dream Police
      Cosmopolitans - (How to Keep) Your Husband Happy
      Franks - Father's Name Was Dad
      Ace - Daddy Don't Worry
      Fuzztones - Nine Months Later
      Death by Unga Bunga - Ooh, I'm a Bad Bad Man
      Tacocat - Men Explain Things to Me
      Coathangers - Perfume
      Parquet Courts - Dust
      Baby Woodrose - Open Doors
      Cayman Kings - All Nighters
      99ers - Pop Punk Girl
      Two Tens - Sweet As Pie
      Bob Mould - Daddy's Favorite
      Incredible Kidda Band - Wait Till' Your Father Gets Home
      Roky Erickson - Cold Night for Alligators
      Godfathers - Gone to Texas

    • June 18, 2016 6:04 AM CDT
    • In honor of Father's Day, in addition to the usual stuff, the Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be playing a few sets of garage-punk father themed tunes. You can hear it on Saturday June 18th from Noon-2:00PM EST at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at

    • August 7, 2016 10:20 AM CDT

      Rat on! Here is the the July episode of The Big Enchilada Podcast, a rodent-infested sewer of sounds featuring Barrence Whitfield, The Fleshtones, The Gories, Bloodshot Bill, King Salami and Jack Oblivian, plus new tunes by The Nots and Ty Segal's new band GØGGS. You’re in the rat place at the rat time.

      You can find this and lots of other dandy podcasts at Radio Mutation.


    • July 31, 2016 9:06 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist July 28/2016

      1. The Britemores.... On The Radio...from their recent self released CD. From Detroit/Toronto and NYC and they were in town to open for Paul Collins Beat a few months back. Way cool powerpop combo that will be back in the fall sometime, so keep your ears peeled. And this song title is indicative of what we hope to do in the early fall with this amazing powerpop combo!

      2. Wild Raccoon....How Do You Feel?...from their recent "Half Pine Cone' release on Howlin' Banana Records from France.

      3. Rock & Roll Monkey and The Robots....Detroit Kids....from their brand new release, Snatch and obviously from Detroit.

      4. B Girls...Fun At The Beach....from their first 7" on Bomp Records, late 70's with local drummer Marcy Saddy in tow. Appropriate for the weather we've been having lately.

      5. Lucy And The Rats....Lose My Mind...brand new release on Dirty Water Records out of the UK.

      6. BB Guns...Bang Bang....recorded live on CIUT 2/12/2013 and were based in Toronto.

      7. The Zorgs...Cruisin'...from their new CD, Chew On It on Transistor 66 Records out of Winnipeg.

      8. Light Bulb Alley.....Mary....from their latest recordings and based out of Montreal. We've had LBA on the radio a few years back.

      9. Dynamite Pussy Club....Midnight Hour....recent demo from this Bath UK based trio of madmen!

      10. Sulfer City....Whispers...from their brand new Talking Loud LP on Alive Records. Based in Sudbury Ontario, Sulfer City is coming to London on Friday August 12th, Call The Office. And our fave one man rockabilly/spaghetti eating/greasy rock'n'roller Bloodshot Bill is headlining!! See ya there!!

      11. Evil Farm Children.....Border Blaster...from their 2008 CD, The Eviling from 2008 and from Ottawa. Sadly defunct, we had the Evil Farm Children play several shows for us here in London and always a good time!!

      12. The Baketones.....Bobby Fuller...from their self titled CD from 2010 and from Halfax. Only got to see them once, here at the Black Shire Pub, but they put on one of the wildest shows ever!!

      13. Skirt Chasers...Snake Bite...from their self titled debut CD from about 7 years ago and from Toronto. They played our fifth anniversary show many years back!

      14. Blue Oyster Cult...Career Of Evil....from their Secret Treaties LP from 1974 and goes out to producers/lyricist Sandy Pearlman who passed away earlier this week. Sandy was heavily involved in the rock'n'roll scene, starting as a writer for Crawdaddy magazine back in the late 60's and set the standard for rock music writing that stands to this day. He was most noted as a producer for many major acts, including the second album by The Clash that set them up for arena rock tours here in North America.

      15. The Dictators....Weekend...from their Go Girl Crazy LP from 1975 and produced by Sandy Pearlman. An album that was neglected at its time of release, but has become highly influential over the years.

      16. The Dictators....Cars and above and my all time fave Dictators tune! Locally, The Boy From Nowhere cover this tune.

      17. The Dictators...Baby Let's Twist....from The Bloodbrothers Lp from 1978, and again produced by Sandy Pearlman. BTW, The Dictators played Call The Office June 1, 2002 for a measly $12 at the door, you shoulda been there, it was a Great show!!

      18. Harmonica Frank....Rockin' Chair Daddy....from the Sun Box and released back in 1951. In this song, Frank makes a reference to checking the tale of his shirt, which was a somewhat polite way of saying kiss my ass back in 1951

      19. Frankie and Jimmy....Sweet Home Chicago....latest recordings from this duo from Hamilton Ontario. We had them live to air about a year or so ago.

      20. Howlin' Wolf....Mr Highway Man....again, from the Sun Box and from 1952. I'm a huge mark for Howlin' Wolf....that voice, that guitar, that overwhelming presence, just one of my all time faves!! Many years ago he played Fryfogles here in London, I was too young at the time to get in, but Dixie Flyer Ken Palmer got to meet The Wolf and shake his hand that night! Ken was a big guy, but even he was intimidated by the presence of The Wolf!

      21. Jackie Brenston....Rocket 88...again from the Sun Box and possibly the first ever rock'n'roll song as it was released in 1951. Credited to the under aged Jackie Brenston, this was all Ike Turner, from the song writing, arrangement, band leadership and piano playing, but for some reason Sam Phillips put Jackie's name as the artist on the record.

      22. Carl Perkins...Dixie Fried....again from the Sun Box and from 1956. One of my fave Carl Perkins tunes and he played this when he came to Fryfogles here in London in the early 80's. I was stupidly up the street at the Cedar Lounge as The Forgotten Rebels were playing that night. Even Mickey DeSadist gave me shit that night for coming to see them instead of Carl Perkins. And right around this time I got totally confused and started playing a Johnny Cash record, then stopped it, then started it.....Radio Screwup!!! It wouldn't be a Radio WW without at least one screwup!!

      23. Jerry Lee Lewis....Milkshake Mademoiselle....again from the Sun Box, recorded in 1957 but not released until 1974 when it made it's mark on the teddy boy/rockabilly revival happening in Europe. Jerry Lee played Dr Rockits (now Cowboy's Ranch....LOL) back in the mid 80's and put on a short crowd pleasing show! We were right up front of the stage, right below The Killer's piano. The reason I'm spinning all the Sun material (not just because it's fucking amazing!!) is that our pal Bloodshot Bill had a tour of Sun Studio with Sam Phillips son and got to see some of the inner workings!! Ask Bill about it when he plays here on Friday August 12th at Call The Office.

      24. Little Richard....I Need Love....from the Get Down With It Lp from 1966 and Richard is in full blown rock'n'roll soul mode on this screamer!! With so many passings this year, I'm getting worried that Richard of The Killer might be next, so we gotta spin their records while they're still alive!!

      Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! Going off the radar for a couple of weeks while we move WW HQ's to a new, secret location! it's a big job moving tons of records, CD's, cassettes, fanzines, comics and ephemera. But should be back onair on August 18th if all goes well.

      You can catch the archived show at:


    • July 22, 2016 8:52 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist July 21/2016

      We had the Pink Cadillac Scat Cats live to air on this episode as they were playing the next night at the Richmond Hotel to celebrate drummer Nick's birthday!

      1. Paul MacNeil....Facebook Friend....from Paul's latest set of demos. You might remember Paul from his days with Durango 95, The Purple Toads and El Speedo.

      2. Wild Raccoon.... Wood Ghosts....from their brand new release, Half Pine Cone on Howlin' Banana Records and from France.

      3. Isolation Party....Tina's Ballad....local combo and from their latest Bandcamp download.

      4. Dad Jokes....Hopeless Vacation....from their brand new 7" and from New Zealand. This 2 piece was in town recently opening up for Pack AD at Call The Office.

      5. Rock & Roll Monkey and The Robots....She Wants James Dean....from their brand new Snacks release and from Detroit. We've played this combo many times before and this is probably their 5th or 6th release, and all are very cool!

      6. Queen Beeva..... Horny One....unreleased demo from 1999 from this London based combo that featured Jeffy B on guitars, Pete Trybus on bass, Tim Hendry on drums and Ann Romph on vocals.

      7. 10 Heads....Free...from their Swimming and Singing CD from 2001 and from London Ontario.

      8. The Dropouts...Loudmouth Quiet Days...from their 2003 debut CD and from London Ontario.

      9. Black Holes....Miss recording from the Brunswick Hotel.

      10. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats....I Got A Gal.....recorded live to air.

      11. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats.... Ain't No Rest For Elvis....recorded live to air.

      12. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats....Oh Boy!...recorded live to air.

      13. Black Holes....Super Freak.... live recording from the Brunswick Hotel.

      14. Jack Scott....Oh Little One...from The Ballads Of... CD from Bear Family Records.

      15. Jason & The Nomads....Carl Perkins....from their Warp Speed Ahead CD from 2006 and also from London Ontario.

      16. Hiroshima Hearts....4 Steps Down....from their brand new about to be released 4 song CD.

      17. Dustbin Flowers.... Bayside Jenny....from their first self titled CD.

      18. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats...Little Red Rooster....recorded live to air.

      19. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats...Half Way To Memphis....recorded live to air.

      20. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats...Joleena....recorded live to air.

      21. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats...Rockabilly Bop....recorded live to air.

      22. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats....Nervous Breakdown.....recorded live to air.

      23. Lionel Lodge....Speed....a recent single from this former Londoner who presently lives in Austria.

      24. King Mastino....Psycho Whale....from a brand new 7" on Beluga Records from this combo from Italy.

      25. Coaching For Sara...Look Around....from their recent self released CD and from London Ontario.

      26. Suicide.... Frankie Teardrop....from their first LP from 1977 and played on a double dog dare....LOL....This whole set goes out to Alan Vega who passed away earlier this week. First time I heard this song, it scared the shit out of me!

      27. Suicide....Rocket USA....from their first LP from 1977.

      28. Suicide...Harlem....from their self titled second LP from 1980.

      29. Alan Vega....Kung Fu Cowboy...from his debut solo LP from 1980. Primal minimalistic rockabilly chug on the same level as The Cramps and Gun Club in this time period.

      30. Alan Vega...Fireball... as above.

      31. Alan Vega...Ghost Rider....from his second solo Lp Collision Drive from 1982.

      32. Alan Vega... I Believe... as above and had to fade this one out as we ran out of time.

      Huge Thanx to the Pink Cadillac Scat Cats from taking the time to come into the studio and play live over the airwaves!! There's a lot of work that goes into these live to airs and as always, it turned out great thanx to the crew behind the scenes....big Thanx to Mike for making it sound so good!!!

      Thanx for all the phone calls, facebook messages and emails!!! Back again next week with a regular 90m show, our last show for awhile.

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • July 16, 2016 7:39 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist July 14 2016

      1. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats....Ain't No Rest For Elvis....from their debut CD and the PCSC will be live to air on next week's Radio WW. Last time we had them live on air was 8 years ago! And they'll be doing a live show at the Richmond Hotel on Friday July 22nd in celebration of drummer Nick Perry's birthday!

      2. Hiroshima Hearts....The Well.... from their debut CD and they will be playing live at Rum Runners on Friday July 22nd along with Pacanomad and 2 other bands.

      3. Frankie & Jimmy.... Death Letter....from their brand new EP/download.

      4. Twin Fin....Won't Let You....from their debut CD Whisky Wine and Venom Love and they will be at Home County Festival here in London this weekend.

      5. Daddy Long Legs.... Stranger Rides Tonight...from their latest 7" on Folc Records and based in NYC. Played here a couple of months back and were mind blowing!

      6. CW Stoneking....The Zombie....from his latest, Gon' Boogaloo and from Australia. One of the best things I've heard this year as this CD is so different than anything else being released in this century. Condolences to CW as his Dad passed away right around the time this aired.

      7. Squirrel Nut Zippers....Bad Businessman....from their Hot CD from the mid 90's. Another band that was out of step with time.

      8. Joe Hill Louis....Tigerman....from the first Sun Box set on Charly Records and recorded back in 1952. Superb recording by Sam Phillips and JHL's answer to Rufus Thomas' Bearcat which was a hit just prior to this recording. For some odd reason, this wasn't released until the 80's.One man band John Schooley did a very cool rendition of this song about 10 or so years ago. Maybe a couple of you caught Schooley when he played at the Victoria Tavern a few years back along with our good pals Speaking Tongues and Lonesome Ghost. Best show ever at the Vic!

      9. Giggleswitch.....Cellophane....from their Lucky CD and they will be reuniting to play Nick Perry's Birthday Bash at the Richmond on Friday July 22.

      10. Yeah Bud....Teen Stash....local combo download in a Ramones style of fun.

      11. Terminals....Spiderman....from the We Killed CD that collected their early 80's recordings. London Ontario's first hardcore combo.

      12. Terminal Licks.....I'll Miss You....from a recent 7" on It's Trash Records.

      13. Sadies....Rat Creek....from the In Concert Volume 1 CD and The Sadies are in town to play at Home County Festival this weekend.

      14. The Sadies....Song Of The Chief Musician.... as above.

      15. The Britemores...Beg Borrow and Steal....from their recent debut CD....from Detroit/Toronto/New York and we hope to do a live to air with this combo in the early fall.

      16. The Who.... The Good's Gone.... from the My Generation Lp from 1965.

      17. Coaching For Sara.... These People.....from their debut CD and we hope to have this combo on for a live to air sometime soon.

      18. The Marvelous Beauhunks..... Fantasy Merry Go Round....from their DO Not Resusciatate CD from a few years back.

      19. Low Doses.... Bathroom Stall.... from their recent 7" and this is Paul Collins back up band.

      20. 3 O'Clock Train.... Train Of Dreams....from their 1985 EP Wig Wam Beach on Pipeline Records. They will be at This Ain't Hollywood on Sunday.

      21. Real Kids....All Kindsa Girls....from their debut 7" from 1977 and still sounds so amazing!! Boston powerpop/rock'n'roll combo that just played the Dirty Water Club in the UK the other day. Pics of the Real Kids and Diodes have shown up on facebook.

      22. Real Kids....Common At Noon....flip of the above.

      23. Real Kids....Every Day Is A Saturday....from the 1982 LP. Outta Place.

      Big thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! Back again next week for a 2.5 hour marathon show. We'll be having the PInk Cadillac Scat Cats live on the airwaves plus lots of other surprises!

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • July 9, 2016 9:34 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist July 7/2016. All Canada Part 2

      1. The Smugglers....Canadian Ambassador....from the In The Hall Of Fame CD on Popllama Records from 1991. Vancouver based, The Smugglers were indeed world wide ambassadors for Canada and a more patriotic rock'n'roll band would be difficult to find. Some of you may know lead singer Grant Lawrence, a longtime host for CBC Radio and noted author. His latest project is a book about The Smugglers and there may even be some mention of their adventures here in London Ontario. The Smugglers played here several times, but never got the reaction they deserved and got pretty much every where else. Never could figure that out. Grant was back a few years ago to act as an MC for the Home County Folk Festival and told some stories about some of his dealings with WW back in the day.

      2. Young Canadians....I Hate Music....from the No Escape CD, a restrospective of the Young Canadians who were from Vancouver and featured legend Art Bergmann on guitar and vocals. From the late 70's early Van punk scene.

      3. Go Four 3....Just Another Day...from their debut 12" from 1985 and also from Vancouver. They played here a couple of times at the Key West and Call The Office released at least one more LP.

      4. New Pornographers....4 Blown Speakers...from their Electric Version CD from 2004 and also from Vancouver. This combo has been putting out some really fine pop for many years and tours through this area once in awhile.

      5. Rattled Roosters....Got Me Blue....from the Year Of The Rooster CD from 1993 and also from Vancouver. Caught them at least once at Call The Office many years ago and remember them putting on a pretty wild and crazy show.

      6. Handsome Ned....Wrong Side Of The Tracks... from the Ballad Of... LP that came out in 1989. This LP is a collection of pretty much everything the Handsome one recorded as he passed in January 1987, way too young. Remember seeing a lot of coverage on City TV when it happened as Ned was a fixture of the country/rockabilly scene in Toronto and was expected to do big things.

      7. Chris Houston.....Locusts...from the Elvis Monday Volume 1 CD from 1994, which was a document of a weekly event in Toronto. Many of you will remember Chris as an early and longtime member of The Forgotten Rebels and the author of Surfin' On Heroin. Chris is still active in Hamilton, and released a 7" a couple of years ago that got loads of airplay here at Radio WW.

      8. Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners....This Is The Night....from their second LP, Hot'n'Cold on Pipeline Records from 1988. Another one that passed too early, Ray was a consumate performer and put on some of the greatest rock'n'roll shows that we've ever witnessed! They played here in London at the Key West and Call The Office a couple of times and the first time we saw them at Larry's in Toronto, became instant fans for life! The band formed in Montreal, and later a few of them moved to Vancouver and Ray carried on from there. He was about to embark on a world tour when he passed in 2004.

      9. Royal Crowns....Give It To You....from the 32 Miles from Memphis CD from 2000 and based in Toronto. Long time rockabilly drummer Teddy Fury leads this band and they are still active to this day. Caught them at the Mike Star Tribute Show a couple months back and they were Fucking Amazing!! One of the best live bands from around this area!

      10. Raised By Wolves....Burn It All Down....from their Hot Blood CD from 2005 and from Vancouver. Named after a Deja Voodoo song, these animals combined rockabilly and garage in a wild and fiery fashion! There's at least 2 7" records in addition to this CD and all are great! Ironically the band broke up to raise kids, as 2 of the members were married and decided to start a family.

      11. UIC....Don't Know....from the Witches In Credible CD from the early 90's. Originally from Exeter Ontario and moved to Toronto in the mid 80's, these guys are back together for sporadic shows. A must see band as witnessed at the recent Mike Star Tribute show in Oshawa Ontario!

      12. Flying Squad....Fie On You....from Four Whom The Bell Tolls 7" that came free with an issue of WW zine back in 1988. Local biker rock combo that scared many people out of their seats back in the day! They appeared on several WW compilations and released a 7" before calling it a day in the early 90's.

      13. Les Sinners....Nice Try....from Pebbles Volume 13 and from Montreal mid 60's. The Gruesomes covered this one, so it only made sense to play....

      14. The Gruesomes....I Try.....from Thee Cave Comes Alive on Action Records out of Greece 2004. This LP was a compilation of tracks from some of the WW cassette compilations that came free with WW back from about 1986 to 1994. The Gruesomes were from Montreal and are probably Canada's most known combo from the 80's garagerock years. They released 4 12" records which have all been re-ished by Ricochet Sound in Montreal. There's lots of bonus tracks and cool liner notes.

      15. Scarlett Ribbon.....4 In The Morning....from the CTV After 4 compilation LP from the late 60's After 4 was a CTV show that featured some of the long hair combos of the time, some of which are featured on this LP. Scarlett Ribbon was a false name for Quiet Jungle who released at least one 7" under their real name and were also the band behind the kids LP The Story of Snoopy's Christmas (which happens to be on my want list) and possibly several other projects, all released on ARC Records (or Yorkville, which was a part of ARC). This particular LP was one of the very first LP's I bought, probably in 1968, for 50 cents in a cutout bin at the local K Mart store. I bought a number of LP's from the K Mart cutout bin and sure wish I had more money back then to buy more records!

      16. The Minstrels....Let Me Fly The Sky....from their Ev'ry Which Way CD from 1992. These guys started in Quebec City and tended to move all over North America for some odd reason. They played Call The Office several times and even released a 12" EP on What Wave Records back in 1989. The timing was off, as people didn't want records then, just CD's and cassettes...

      17. Pagliaro....Some Sing Some Dance....from a self titled LP from the mid 70's. A huge star in his native Quebec, but relatively unknown in the rest of Canada except by us record collectors/cool music fans. This song was played on AM radio back in the day and was a breath of fresh air compared to what else aired.

      18. Jr Gone Wild..... Old Blue....from the Less Art More Pop LP from 1986 on BYO Records. From Edmonton and came to London several times, playing Key West and Call The Office. Back in their early days, the shows were unpredictible due to massive alcohol consumption, but when they were on, they were just amazing!!! There's a documentary in the works and there might even be some pics of the band playing Key West from back in the day.

      19. Jr Gone Wild.... Too Suble For You.... as above. One time we had these guys booked for an early sunday eve show that got a ton of publicity in the London Free Press the day prior. We were just about to head down to the show, got a call from the club asking 'where the hell is the band', the place is packed and they aren't here?'. Into panic mode and was able to find the phone number of someone in Edmonton who worked with the band, who said they were staying in Toronto and he'd try and get in touch with them. A little while later, got a call back and the band was on its way, guess they had been partying and got carried away. The band showed up at the club, all embarrassed and had to set up in front of a packed house and proceeded to tear the place down as they put on one of their better shows! Well worth the wait and aggravation!!

      20. David Quinton.....Pictures....from his Bombs and Lullabies CD on Bullseye Records. This is a collection of David's early 80's solo work. Some of you may remember David from his days drumming with The Mods from Toronto, then later on in The Dead Boys and on Stiv Bator's solo recordings. David is still active, drumming for Arson and when The Mods re-unite.

      21. The Sweaters...Do The Pop Thing....from the CD of the same name and from the west coast....released a cassette as well.

      22. The Diodes....Red Rubber Ball....from their Greatest Hits on Sony Records. Toronto new wave combo which has the honour of being the first Canadian new wave/punk band to release a record in Canada! They released at least 4 LP's and appeared on many compilations back in the day. We had the honour of having The Diodes live on Radio WW when they were in London as part of the Treat Me Like Dirt book release party at Call The Office!

      23. Angry Dragons....Got To Be You....from their self titled CD on Transistor 66 Records from 2009. My fave Canadian garage combo from that era and always tons of fun to see live!! Saw them a few times here in London, at Black Shire Pub, Call The Office and live at Grooves Records!

      24. Poisoned Aeros.....TRex.....from the Turbulance CD from 2003 and from Hamilton Ontario. One of the few glam rock combos from that era and caught them when they opened for Sylvain Sylvain at Call The Office a number of years back.

      25. The Hippies....Can Teens....from the compilation cassette Slippery's Club Hits that came with What Wave 24 and from London Ontario.....had to fade this out as we ran out of time...

      Thanx for all the phone calls,emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! Back again next week with more noise to annoy.
      We've got the Pink Cadillac Scat Cats doing a live to air on July 21st here on Radio WW....the night before their big show for drummer Nick's birthday bash!

      Here's a link to the archived show:


    • July 1, 2016 9:49 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist June 30/2016. All Canadian Show to Celebrate Canada Day!!

      This show was an extended (2.5hour) version of Radio What Wave playing only Canadian music and a lot of stuff we either haven't played in ages or never at all. The music was as diverse as Canada this time out....enjoy!!

      1. 24th Street Wailers....Wicked....from their 2014 CD of the same name. Caught The Wailers at the London Music Club last week and they once again lived up to their name!! They've been living/based in Austin Texas for the last while, and that bit of extra seasoning has really added to their live show. Catch them when they hit your town as they're always on tour.

      2. Leeroy Stagger and The Sinking Hearts....Where I Live...from their Depression River CD from 2006. Don't know much about this combo as this was one of those CD's that showed up in my mailbox at CHRW and I really dug it! Kinda like a northern version of Steve Earle and there sure ain't nothing wrong with that!

      3. Junkhouse....Small Town Romance...from the 22 Original Hits/22 Original Stars CD compilation from Hamilton that came out in the very early 90's. This is well before Junkhouse hit the big time on FM radio, not only across Canada, but across a good part of the world. Longtime veteran Tom Wilson lead this group after disbanding the Florida Razors, another band that should have gone on to big things.

      4. Sharkskin....Run Men Run...from the above 22 Original Hits compilation CD and features guitar wizard Coyote Shivers, whom you may remember from the Dave Rave Conspiracy and other combos. This particular song was a tribute to the Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet.

      5. Rat Bastards.....Swamp Spree....from the Cows Go Mu CD compilation put out by our sister station CFMU in Hamilton around 1993.

      6. Dave Rave....Ann Marie....from his Live With What You Know CD from 2010. One of my all time fave pop tunes and we had the pleasure of having Dave Rave come on Radio WW live and play this tune solo acoustic!! Dave's been live onair a couple of times with us and always has TONS of rock'n'roll stories as this guy is touring the world constantly!

      7. Simply Saucer....Almost Ready Betty...from the Half Human Half Live CD from 2008. SS came to town when this one came out and a huge crowd of about 12 people came to see them! But they were still fucking awesome and sounded just like the records!!! Now they play the big festivals around the world...

      8. Herald Nix...Take A Drive....from the Open Up The Sky CD from 1997. West coast rockabilly/rock'n'roll combo that sounds psychedelic on this particular track.

      9. Stompin' Tom Connors.....The Pole and The Hole....from The Unpopular Stompin' Tom Lp from 1976 on Boot Records. The ultimate patriotic Canadian performer! This is my fave Stomper LP as the cover is black with a skeleton standing in the middle wearing cowboy boots, leather vest and black cowboy hat! A punk well before it was fashionable!

      10. Tripping Hazard.....Taste Of Spring....from the Wron: Suicide Goat CD and another combo I know nothing about and the CD magically appeared in my collection. A quick search reveals they are from Toronto and definitely an artwrok combo!

      11. Jill Porter....You Made Yourself Clear....from her self titled CD from 2005 and from Newfoundland. Got this one recently from Ricochet Sound, The Gruesomes label in Montreal and been really digging this one, hence it's appeared on a few recent Radio WW's. The guitars have that interwoven sound that The Real Kids from Boston had/have, which to these ears, is the essence of early 70's rock'n'roll! BTW, The Real Kids played the Burger Boogaloo earlier this week and then showed up at the Dirty Water Club in the UK a couple nights back. There's FB pics of The Real Kids with The Diodes together at that show!!!

      12. Little Foot Long Foot....King Hipster....from their Harsh Words CD from 2009. 2 piece combo from Toronto who have released a couple other CD's.

      13. The Mogs....Hate...from the El'Mogamundo! CD from 2 years ago and this goes out to our good pal Rob Munro who left us way too early! Rob's dream was to reform The Mogs and get these songs recorded and released.

      14. Roger Zuraw.....Freight Train Through My Head Blues...from the Feels Like Blues To Me CD from 2007. Roger is a singer/songwriter based in Etobicoke and plays out fairly regularly.

      15. The Sadies....1000 Cities Falling....from the Favourite Colours CD from 2004. Another one of those bands that is constantly playing and touring the world. They come to London in a couple of weeks for the Home County Folk Festival and will probably be playing the main stage late at night....highly recommended!!

      16. Kensington Hillbillies....Straight To Hell...from the Bones in The Backyard CD from 2005. Former Londoner Lucky Pete Lambert plays the drums in this combo. You may remember Pete for such memorable combos as NFG and 63 Monroe in his younger days.

      17. The Mongrels...Do It.....from their demo and they are playing saturday night opening for Moxy at the 765 East and then on sunday for the monthly Rock'n'Roll Rent Party.

      18. The Kards....Every Time You Walk Into The Room....from their Here's The Deal CD and they are playing the Byron Legion on July 9th.

      19. The Guess Who....Heart Brokin' Bopper...from the Rockin' LP from 1972. This was the first ever Guess Who LP I bought and I really couldn't get my head around how drunk the band sounded on many of the songs! Many of the songs sounded like piss takes to me and how could noted producer Jack Richardson let the band get away with this shit! Stil don't get it to this day, but still love this particular song as it's nothing like any of the other songs by The Guess Who. It's like they're slamming their fans!! Maybe they were punk before punk! Later releases will shoot that theory anything with Dominic Troiano on guitar.

      20. Ugly Ducklings....Hangman....from the compilation CD Thump and Twang on Pacemaker. Nothing like their earlier garagepunk tunes, this one's a dark and moody look at what happens prior to a hanging. There was a CBC video for this filmed in about 1968 that you might be able to find on youtube. The Pacemaker label has released many obscure Canadian recordings and is run by a former CHRW DJ, Peter Burnside.
      And on this particular song, Mike McKenna was lead guitarist, which takes us to...

      21. McKenna Mendelson Mainline....Think I'm Losing My Marbles....from the Stink LP from 1969 and recorded in the UK while the band was resident over there. Probably my fave MMM tune as this one gets stuck in my noggin every now and again. Vocalist Joe Mendelson released several solo LP's in the early to mid 70's and they carry on this humorous style of songwriting. There's an excellent video with comedian Rick Mercer going to visit Joe Mendelson at his cabin out in the woods which is worth your time searching for.

      22. Perpetrators.....The Z Rays Cured My Hangover....from their Towtruck CD from 2009 and from Winnipeg.

      23. The Paperboxes....Coffin Nail....from their second CD from 2009 and based in Nanaimo British Columbia. A duo who are heavily influenced by the guitar playing of Black Sabbath and the late 40's country blues of the south. Ran into singer/drummer Marcus Hastings recently at the Pack AD show here in London where he was a merch guy and doing work for the band. Marcus snuck up to me and said 'Hey Dave, look at this' as he pulled up his sweater and there was a What Wave tee shirt underneath!! Thanx Marcus, that sure gave me a boost!

      24. The Paperboxes....You Be The Dog....from their first CD and they came to London with The Pack AD (then called The Pack) and played a couple of shows at a place called The Brunswick, which is long gone. A great show and would love to see The Paperboxes get back together and do some more shows!

      25. Jerry Jerry and the Sons Of Rhythm Orchestra....The Drift....from the Battle Hymn of The Apartment LP from 1987. JJ were one of those bands that played London many times and always put on memorable and killer shows!! These guys could out drink anyone and proceeded to do that every show, blowing minds at every appearance. My all time fave JJ show was when they played a place called Bannisters in Hamilton Ontario and were opening for the Long Ryders. The Long Ryders were all rock star resplendent with their ID tags and rock star passes around their necks, not letting us members of the underground press near their guilded dressing room areas. We had planned to interview them for WW zine as their records had got a fair bit of airplay around HQ's, specially that first one, 10-5-60 with it's catchy garage and power pop numbers. And it's still a classic to this day! But we never got near the band and went downstairs to see the opening band (it might have been Dave Pomfert's band) and then our good pals JJ whom we'd seen the night before here in London. Well prior to JJ going on, there was word that a huge tornado had hit their hometown of Edmonton and word still wasn't clear as to how many killed, injured, etc. There was a bit of a panic and the alcohol started flowing even faster, remember these guys could out drink anyone and they didn't have to prove it. Well JJ and the boys hit the stage, fired up on adrenalin, booze and pure panic and proceeded to put on the very best show I ever saw them do! The hairs on the back of my neck were sticking straight up and that was no easy accomplishment when you've got a bowl haircut and it's a raging hot night! But man oh man JJ and the boys delivered every once of musical energy their souls could summon up that night and blew, and I mean BLEW the Long Ryders off the stage that night! In fact, The Long Ryders broke up within days of this show! Karma's a viscious thing to fuck with!

      26. Jerry Jerry and the Sons Of Rhythm Orchestra....Blew Elvis Mind...from the 1992 CD Don't Mind If I Do and goes out to guitar legend Scotty Moore who passed away earlier this week. This is JJ's attempt at being on a major label, unfortunatly the public wasn't ready for a singer who worshipped Elvis and spewed deep thoughts of socialism and the demented life of a rock god. Bands have lifetimes/cycles and if you're not on your way up, you're on the way down. It's inevitable and a part that many bands don't recognize at the time...witness The Long Ryders above. Well one of the last times we saw JJ, there was a band called The Bare Naked Ladies opening for them. Catchy little sing along a nursery rhyme type songs and the exact same show we had seen on cablecast a few weeks prior....jokes and all the same! Well a lot of the kids at the show were there to see the BNL and JJ, even though the headliners, were just not in the optics of these kids. And that was probably the last time we saw JJ, still put on a killer show, but the opening band went on to sing about and then make a million dollars. Ain't no justice in this thing called rock'n'roll!!

      27. Jerry Jerry...Rockstar....from The Sound and the Jerry CD released as a solo CD on an indy label. Back to his roots and still as good with the lyrics as ever! Who else could write and sing a song called Talk About My Dick and get away with it? Jerry Jerry we'll never forget you and the killer shows you put on at such sweaty stinky clubs like The Key West and Call The Office!

      28. Robbie Rox....Reeming Me....from his Construction Site Lp from 1978. Toronto 1978 had a hidden punk scene happening and even further underground was this wacko singing about the world reeming him with a full horn section blasting in the background!! The rest of the LP is even better, but some of the language used isn't suitable for the airwaves. Robbie released at least 6 LP's and yep, I have and cherish them all! Only got to see him live once, at Fryfogles many years ago, but I ended up drinking too much and showing too much love to Robbie and Rena made me leave... For some odd reason, Robbie Rox has never come back to London but still plays the odd show in Toronto.

      29. The Scenics...Do The Wait....from their In The Summer Lp from 1978 and they will be at This Ain't Hollywood this coming Wednesday! A rare east coast tour!

      30. The Shanks....Mirror... from their Dark Richard Show from 2010 and from Orangeville Ontario. 2 piece combo that has moved in a much heavier direction and enabled them to tour Europe and release records in Germany!

      31. Ffud....Pointless....from The Mighty Ffud CD and from Montreal. We saw these guys a couple of weeks back and put on a great show with loads of tight harmony vocals. Former Londoner Mark Goodwin is on vocals and guitar.

      32. Painted Ship.....Little White request and from Vancouver 1966. This one goes out to regular listener and vocalist Captain William Hay!! Thanx for all your years of friendship and encouragement!

      33. Tijuana Bibles....Deadly Weapons.....from the Fists Of Fury CD and there might be a Leather Upper involved in this release.

      34. Stolen Minks.....Batman...You're The Sex....from their second CD, Family Boycott and from about 5 years ago. From Halifax and we had the pleasure of seeing this band a couple of times on their North American tours. Always smiling and fun!!

      35. The Stance...I Need A Reason....from the Shall Inherit The Earth CD from 2006 and from Halifax. We were lucky enough to get this combo through London right after they released this CD as they did a double bill with their good pals The Stolen Minks!!

      36. Liquid Vapours....What Kind Of Spell...from the Devilla CD and from the east coast of Canada 2010. Members of several combos got together and recorded this one.

      37. Walkin' Jacks....Summertime....from the Drop Dead CD from 2011 and somehow incestuously related to the Liquid Vapours.

      38. Grey Lands....Collide and Conquer.....from the recent Right Arm CD and from Hamilton Ontario. Caught these guys a couple weeks back at Call The Office when they opened up for Pack AD. Psych guitars raged live and things are toned down just a little on the CD.

      39. No Means No.... My Roommate Is Turning Into A Monster....ffrom the Mama CD and recorded around 1982....form Victoria BC and still around in some form to this day.

      That's a wrap.....had a TON more stuff to play, but the clock went faster than usual and we ran out of time. Back again next week with another all Canadian show and a pile of requests from Facebook.....if you have more Canadian requests, get them to me right away.

      Big thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!! It's all for fun and hopefully fun for all.

      Here's a link to the archived show....we ran from 6 till 8:30 with this show:

    • June 24, 2016 7:03 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist June 23/2016

      1. The Hypnotics....New Wave Monday....from the Modern Art Entertainment CD which has just been released on vinyl. Windsor Ontario based combo.

      2. The High Dials....Diamonds...from the A New Devotion CD from 2003 on Rainbow Quartz Records. Montreal based combo who played Call The Office just after releasing this CD and put on a stellar show as part of a Rainbow Quartz showcase.

      3. The Britemores....I'm Sick Of You....from their recent self titled CD. Detroit/Toronto based and played here in London opening for Paul Collins Beat a couple months back.

      4. The Knaves....White Cars....London Ontario based combo who released this demo back in 2007.

      5. The Lawn....Thinking About Nothing....from their Debussy Fields CD from 1992 and they just recently got back together for a reunion show at the Horseshoe in Toronto as part of the No Flash Please book release party.

      6. Art Bergmann...Our Little acoustic recording from CBC, mid 90's. Art is in town at Call The Office tonight.

      7. Art Bergmann....My Empty House....from his Crawl With Me CD from 1988 and produced by John Cale.

      8. Art Bergmann....Beatles In Hollywood....recorded live at the Town Pump in Vancouver 2/18/1995.

      9. Dad Jokes.... Hopeless Vacation...from their brand new 7" EP and are from New Zealand. They were at Call The Office recently opening up for Pack AD.

      10. Coaching For Sara....Stick With You...from their recent self titled debut CD and they are playing July 2nd in St Thomas Ontario.

      11. Captain Sensible....Jet Boy.....from a picture disk 7" and a request from last week. I thought this was The Damned, but is actually a Sensible solo release, flip side of the 7" is The Damned....make sense?

      12. Vicious Dreams.....Mess We're In....from a demo and from Florida. They play at the Old East 765 on sunday night.

      Right around here was a short interview with Michael Archer of the 24th Street Wailers who were in London to play a show at the London Music Club. BTW, they put on a killer show!!

      13. 24th Street Wailers....Don't Cross Me...from the recent Where Evil Grows CD.

      14. King Salami.....Tiger In My Tank....from a brand new 7' on Dirty Water Records from the UK.

      15. Lucy and The Rats....Girl....from a brand new 7" on Dirty Water Records from the UK.

      16. Los Chicos....Miami Beach....from the recent Rockpile Of Shit release, again on Dirty Water Records!

      17. The Ugly....All Because Of You....from the Last Pogo LP from 1978. This goes out to drummer Tony Torcher who passed away earlier this week.

      18. The Johnnys....Music Lover Man....from their I LIke It A Lot CD from 2007 and we dedicated this one to Tony Torcher.

      19. Split Squad.....Now Hear This....from a recent download and these guys are on tour in France right now.

      20. Hunter Valentine....Break This...from their 2007 CD The Impatient Romantic and from Toronto.

      Big Thanx to Michael from the 24th Street Wailers for calling in and being interviewed. And a huge thanx for all the phone calls, emails facebook messages and Heys!!

      Next week it's an all Canadian show and we go right through till 8:30 to start your Canada Day Weekend off right. Any Canadian requests, get them to me, the sooner the better.

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • June 17, 2016 9:03 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist June 16 2016

      1. Chris Hart....Burn This City....from his 2013 CD Rock and Roll Revelation. Local combo from London Ontario.

      2. Elton Motello...Jet Boy...from his 1979 LP, Victim Of Time on Attic Records. This is the English re-write of Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand from Belgium, originally released in 1977. Someone asked if this was the original version of the would be the original English version of the song. It's currently being used to advertise something or other on television. There's an actual wiki page for this song for more info.

      3. Coaching For Sara....Matter Of Time....from their recent self titled CD and they are from London Ontario. You can catch them live on July 2nd in St Thomas Ontario.

      4. Don't Touch The Dancers....I'm So Glad...from their posthumous bandcamp release and were also from London Ontario.

      5. Isolation Party....Tina's Ballad....from a recent bandcamp download and also from London Ontario.

      6. 24th Street Wailers....Spitfire...from their Where Evil Grows CD that came out last year. Next week we'll be talking to the band prior to their show that night at the London Music Club.

      7. Frankie And Jimmy....Sweet Home Chicago....from their brand new 3 song release that you can find as a free download. Blues duo from Hamilton Ontario who did a live to air on Radio What Wave about a year ago.

      8. Alex Maiorano and the Black Tales....Get Get It...from their recent Everything Boom! CD on the Off Label from Germany.

      9. Willie Nile....Dear Lord...from his self titled debut LP from 1980. Willie is still active and was at This Ain't Hollywood in the last several months.

      10. Grievances....Cool To You....from a recent bandcamp download and from London Ontario.

      11. The Zorgs...Upright Rhythm...from their recent Chew On It CD on Transistor 66 Records out of Winnipeg.

      12. Dynamite Pussy Club.....Midnight Hour....from a recent download the band sent us and they are from Bath UK.

      13. John Cale....Mary Lou....from his mid 70's LP, Guts on the Island label. John played London a few times in the 80's; at least twice at Fryfogles and at least once at what is now Cowboy's Ranch.

      14. Art Bergmann....Runaway Train...from a Sample Of Art LP from 1988. Art comes to Call The Office on Friday June 24th.

      15. The Scenics...Oh Boy....from their remastered In The Summer CD on Dream Tower Records. They are doing a tour of the north east in early July, details to follow.

      16. Dave Rave Group..... Do It All Over....from the Valentino's Pirates CD on Bullseye Records from 2001. Originally released in the Soviet Union in 1990 on vinyl and if Gary Pig Gold reads this, he can give the full story as he was an integral part of the band.

      17. Maow...Wank....from the Unforgiving Sounds of Maow CD on Mint Records. Features Neko Case on drums and vocals on some of the tracks.

      18. James Carr... Dark End Of The Street....from his You Got My Mind Messed Up LP on Goldwax Records. This song was written by Chips Moman who passed away earlier this week. Chips did a TON of work in Memphis in the 60's/70's producing and writing many many hits including several with Elvis Presley, Englebert Humperdink and many others. Prior he was a session guitarist playing with Aretha Franklin and many others. Check his impressive bio on wiki.

      19. After Funk....Tricky...from their recent Til The Sun Comes Up CD. Toronto/London based soul combo.

      20. Mink Deville...Gunslinger....from his self titled debut LP from 1978. Mink Deville was one of the house bands at CBGB's and played there countless times but that seems to have been forgotten as CBGB's is more known as a punk club.

      21. Fleshtones....End Of The Track....from Fleshtones Vs Reality from 1978 and another band that played CGBG's many times.

      22. Slim Sandy....Sweet Rockin'....from his most recent CD and many of you know Slim as the drummer for Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners back in mid 80's/early 90's.

      23. Steve Nardello....C'mon Baby....from his It's All Rock and Roll Lp from 1979 on Blind Pig Records out of Ann Arbor.

      24. Ricky Nelson.... Be Bop Baby.... from a Greatest Hits LP. Ozzie and Harriet's kid made some great music!

      25. The Milkshakes.... Soldiers Of Love....from their 1983 After School Sessions LP on Upright Records. This is one of Billy Childish's early combos. Just love the vocals on this one!

      26. Higher State....When We Say....from their brand new Volume 27 CD on 13 O'Clock Records out of Austin Texas, but the band is from the UK.

      Big Thanx for all the crazy phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!!

      Next week we've got a live interview with the 24th Street Wailers who are in town that night to play at the London Music Club.

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • June 16, 2016 8:05 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist May 26/2016    Denim Delinquent Special

      This episode featured an interview with Jim Parrett, editor/publisher/chief spender of Denim Delinquent fanzine. DD was started in Ottawa Ontario way back in 1971, long before the punk zines, and lasted 7 issues. All the issues have been reprinted in book form by Hozac Records and just recently released.
      All songs/bands played on this show were highly recommended in Denim Delinquent or the bands were interviewed or live shows favourably reviewed. In other words, all DD certified cool combos!!

      1. Crowbar....Oh What A Feeling....from the Bad Manors LP 1971 and out of Hamilton Ontario. Legends in Hamilton and faves of Tom Wilson, this song was actually a minor hit on AM radio way back when.

      2. The Seeds....Nobody Spoil My Fun...from The Seeds first LP. This song was DD's motto! In the DD book, there's a full colour pic of Iggy Pop sporting a Seeds Tee and looking mighty cool!

      3. Blue Oyster Cult....Stairway To The Stars....from their first LP from 1971. There's a couple of lyric lines quoted in gotta listen to the song and then read DD to find out what they are.

      4. The Stooges....Search And Destroy....from the Rough Power CD on Bomp Records. Bomp head honcho Greg Shaw is mentioned more than once in DD, and again in the interview with Jim. One of the most influential people in music i nour lifetimes.  Played this as there's an interview with Stooge Ron Asheton saying how much he hated the Bowie mix of Raw Power, so we played a different mix of Search and Destroy!

      5. Thundermug.....Africa.....a hit single from 1972 from this London Ontario based combo!! DD really dug Thundermug and I remember digging this when it was played on AM radio back in the day! At the time, I thought it was common for hometown bands to have their songs played regularly on the radio. I'd lived in Toronto prior to coming to London and heard countless Toronto bands on both AM and the FM division of CHUM. But looking back, this was HUGE to have a London based combo that I actually liked to be played on local AM radio. This has only been repeated once since in my lifetime, that being Uranus hitting the top 10 in 1980 with You're So Square!

      6. It's All Meat....Feel It....there first single from 1969 and a real killer single it is!!! When it was written about in DD, they were searching for this single as it was highly recommended. Thanks to sources like Pebbles (again, Greg Shaw released) this one became known in the late 70's.

      Right about here, we had a 30m interview with Jim Parrett, covering Denim Delinquent from beginning to end. We talked about some of the bands and people Jim met over the run of the zine. We also talk about what it was like to do a zine, long before they were an understood commodity. DD was one of the first, if not the first music zine to come out of Canada and laid the groundwork for many of us to follow.

      7. It's All Meat....You Don't Notice the Time You Waste...from their self titled debut LP from 1970. Toronto based combo and it's been re-ished on CD.

      8. The Wackers....Hey Lawdy Lawdy....from the Shredder LP from about 1970. Features Bob Segarini on guitar/vocals who went on to release 4 powerpop albums in the late 70's/early 80's then went on to produce some of the early punk/new wave bands from Toronto. Later he became a DJ known as The Iceman on a Toronto FM station.

      9. MC5....Ramblin' Rose.....from a Greatest Hits CD on Rhino Records.

      10. Pagliaro.....Some Sing Some Dance....from a self titled LP from the early 70's. Another song that was a hit on AM radio here in Canada. I remember hearing this on the radio many times and it was like a breath of fresh air after some of the other stuff that aired on the radio. Michel Pagliaro was a big fave of DD and he came from Quebec where he is still a huge star.

      11. Mott The Hoople....Drivin' Sister....from the self titled LP from 1973. DD talks about seeing Mott recording a live LP in the UK in the early 70's.

      12. NYDolls....Trash.....from Rock'n'Roll, a CD with some unreleased tracks on it.

      13. The Kinks....I'm Not Like Everybody Else....from the recent Anthology 1964-1971 Box set of CD's.  This one sums up just about everything about DD and this radio show!!

      Huge Thanx to Jim Parrott for taking the time to talk to us here at Radio What Wave!! If you have a chance, the Denim Deliquent book is well worth picking up as it will transport you to a time before the internet and when you still had to search through record stores to find cool tunes!

      Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! Back again next week with more noise to annoy.

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • June 16, 2016 8:04 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave PlaylIst June 2/2016

      1. The Mighty Ffud....Pointless....from their second CD, self titled. From Montreal and were in town 2 weeks ago at Call The Office and they sound exactly like their recordings! Loads of catchy harmony vocals, tightly wound guitars and a crack rhythm section! Hopefully we get them back here at some time as guitarist/vocalist Mark Goodwin is from London.

      2. Pack at Grooves Records 6/7/2008, almost exactly 8 years ago! Pack AD are coming to London tuesday at Call The Office for an early show! First time they've been here in about 1.5 years and sure to be a rockin' show. Pack AD have played in almost every venue here in London....Brunswick, Moon Over Marin, Call The Office, Cowboys, London Music Hall, London Music Club (upstairs and downstairs), Black Shire, APK (at 2 different locations) and probably more!

      3. Pack AD....This Terror....from their Tintype CD from 2007 and their debut.

      4. Pack AD....BC Is On Fire...from the We Kill Computers LP.

      5. Pack AD....Big Shot....from their Do Not Engage CD from 2014 and their latest. New release comes out in August.

      6. Dad Jokes....Hopeless Vacation....demo and this is a duo from New Zealand who will be opening up for Pack AD on tuesday night at Call The Office. One of the band was actually raised here in London Ontario.

      7. The Chills....Rolling Moon....from their debut 7" from 1980 and from New Zealand. Figured we'd play a whole set of NZ noise at this point in the show.

      8. The Clean....Billy Two....from their Boodle Boodle Boodle EP from 1981 and also from NZ.

      9. The Verlaines....Pyromaniac....from their 10 O'Clock In The Afternoon LP from 1984 and also from NZ.

      10. Isolation Party....Tina's Ballad....demo from a new band from right here in London Ontario.

      11. Low Doses....Bathroom Stall... from their latest 7" and from NYC. This combo was actually in town recently as Paul Collins backup band and they are still doing that right now in Europe.

      12. Los Chicos....Kingdom Of Coolness....from their brand new Rockpile Of Shit release on Dirty Water Records out of the UK. This combo comes from Spain and has released several prior to this one.

      13. Lionel Lodge...Crazy World...from his brand new Human Heart CD. Lionel is from London and now lives in Austria. We've had him for a live to air on Radio WW a year or so ago.

      14. The Mongrels.....All Systems Go....from a demo and they host their monthly Rock'n'Roll Rent Party at the Richmond Tavern on Sunday from 4 till 7 PM.

      15. The Hypnotics....Modern Art Entertainment....from the CD of the same name. The actual vinyl release will be in our hands shortly as it's finally done at the pressing plant.

      16. Chevy Dirt.....Western Civilization....from the LP of the same name from 1980 and probably from the Guelph/Kitchener area.....think I saw them many years ago at the Cedar Lounge here in town.

      17. Coaching For Sara.....Look Around....from their debut CD and from London Ontario. They have a live show coming up on July 2nd and we'll give you more info closer to the date.

      18. Drivin' Beats.....Beach Girl....demo from these east coast guys.

      19. Stiv Bators....I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night....from the Disconnected LP on Bomp Records. This goes out to Stiv's Mom who passed away earlier this week.

      20. Jill Porter....Just Ask....from her self titled CD from 2005 and from Newfoundland.

      21. Battered Wives....Daredevil....from their 1978 debut LP on Bomb Records out of Toronto and goes out to regular listener Danny P!!!

      22. Kaviar Special.....Sleep Thoughts...from their latest release on Howlin' Banana Records and from Paris France.

      23. Celibate Rifles....Thank You America....from their debut LP from 1984 and from Australia.

      24. Jeremy Porter and the Tucos....Josh....from their Above The Sweet Tea Line CD and from Detroit. They were in town a few weeks back at Call The Office and put on a pretty good live show!

      25. The Thing From Outer Space....Penetration....from their latest demo and they play at the Plunkett car show at noon tomorrow, here in London.

      Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, messages and Heys!!!

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • July 21, 2016 2:21 AM CDT
    • Dead Furies a garage punk / rawk n' rowl trio from Tallinn, Estonia.


      Dead Furies was born from sincere respect for garage rock, punk rock and rock n' roll music.

      They are a inseparable trio consisting of Ardo Fury on vocal and guitar, Robert Fury on bass and Erik Fury on drums. Brothers? Yes, brothers from another mother! The mother fury. The mother of rock. Space lord motherfucker. God of thunder. Thunder and lightning. Dead Furies.







    • July 20, 2016 6:18 PM CDT
    • Greetings!



      Blackened death project HAIDUK returns with a crushing new release!



      All Hail!!











    • July 5, 2016 9:54 PM CDT

      ALICE COOPER - I Love America.

      Eater - Thinking of The USA .

      Motorhead - America.

      Chuck Berry - Back in The USA (MC5 , too.).

      X- Fourth of July.

      Leonard Bernstein (And The Nice) - America .

      Runaways - American Nights.

      Link Wray - Stars and Stripes Forever.

      Charlie Daniels - IN AMERICA ( a bit redneck , but , what th'heck.).


      Blasters - American Music.


    • July 3, 2016 1:38 AM CDT
    • Which songs are the best for the Fourth of July?

    • July 1, 2016 1:44 PM CDT
    • Here are the playlists and download links for the two most recent episodes of Revolution Rock.  Featuring music from Beck's Odelay, Mission Of Burma, The Traditional Fools, The Sadies, Sex Pistols, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, The Gruesomes, Teenanger, X and more

      Playlist for June 25th, 2016:

      1. The Traditional Fools - Milkman
      2. Vision - Inneraction
      3. Mission Of Burma - This Is Not A Photograph
      4. Mission Of Burma - That's How I Escape My Certain Fate
      5. Walrus - Close My Eyes
      6. Brave Radar - Moves In Time
      7. Child Actress - Monogamy
      8. Odonis Odonis - Nervous
      9. Deja Voodoo - Blast Off!
      10. Lost Patrol - Walkin’ The Dog
      11. The Rolling Stones - Talkin’ Bout You
      12. Crazy Rhythm Daddies - Satan Takes A Holiday
      13. Paul Simon - Wristband
      14. Sonny And The Sunsets - Reject Of The Lowest Planet
      15. Mitski - Dan The Dancer
      16. Young Rival - Oh Nancy
      17. Bob Dylan & George Harrison - I Threw It All Away
      18. Boxcar Guitars - This Heat, This Heat
      19. Cuff The Duke - Rocking Chair
      20. C.W. Stoneking - The Thing I Done
      21. Commands - Hey It's Love
      22. Timber Timbre - Curtains!?
      23. Little Richard - By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
      24. Chuck Berry - Roly Poly
      25. Willie C. Echols - Satellite Stroll
      26. Sex Pistols - Substitute
      27. Mick Futres - Tentative Issue
      28. Titus Andronicus - Come On, Siobhan
      29. James O-L - Detroit And Paris
      30. The Heroes - Seven Day Weekend

      Download/listen to this podcast here:

      Playlist For June 18th, 2016:

      1. Paul McCartney - Heart Of The Country
      2. Beck - Lord Only Knows
      3. Bob Dylan - Hurricane
      4. Psychic Ills - Another Change
      5. Beach Boys - It’s OK (Alternate Mix)
      6. Kim Gray - Perfume Ghost
      7. Tim Ray & A.V. - Quarter To Eight
      8. Damaged Bug - Very
      9. Preoccupations - Anxiety
      10. Supreme Cool Beings - Survival Of The Coolest
      11. Useless Eaters - Industrial Park
      12. Nick Lowe - They Called It Rock
      13. The Boys - Weekend
      14. Big Star - She’s A Mover
      15. Daniel Romano - Valerie Leon
      16. Sloan - Glitter And Gold
      17. The Clash - Version City
      18. The Sadies - Locust Eater
      19. Hank Williams - I Can’t Get You Off Of My Mind
      20. Old Code - The Sun
      21. Actual Water - Ivory And Oak
      22. The Gruesomes - The Deal
      23. The New Dimensions - Psyche-Out
      24. The A-Jacks - Fury
      25. Tijuana Bibles - Tokyo Toplsss
      26. Ghost Vines - Fire
      27. Teenanger - Bank Account
      28. X - Los Angeles

      Download/listen to this podcast here:

      Check out my blog post for these two episodes on Beck's Odelay album here:

    • June 17, 2016 10:54 AM CDT
    • Been a while since i've posted here.  Here are the two most recent episodes of Revolution Rock one episode has a feature on Beat Happening the other on Van Morrison's Them.  

      Playlist for for June 11:

      1. The Cool Rays - Diary Of You
      2. The Go-Team - Bikini Twilight
      3. Beat Happening - Cast A Shadow
      4. Beat Happening - Foggy Eyes
      5. Burning Hell - Men Without Hats
      6. Code Pie - Hands
      7. Pity Sex - A Satisfactory World For Reasonable People
      8. Andre Williams - I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City
      9. Mike Watt & The Missingmen - Up To My Neck In This
      10. The Minutemen - Afternoons
      11. So Duh Pop! - The Rest You Know
      12. Calvin Johnson - Love Will Come Back Again
      13. James O-L & The Villains - Dumpsters
      14. Shotgun Jimmie - Love Letter
      15. Pow Wows - Killing Me
      16. Indian Wars - Carol Anne
      17. The Monkees - Gotta Give It Time
      18. The Creations - Crash
      19. The Mockers - Madalena
      20. Burdocks - Room Temperature
      21. Young Rival - Heard It All Before
      22. The Halo Benders - Your Asterisk
      23. The Hive Dwellers - Streets Of Olympia Town
      24. Dub Narcotic Sound System - Industrial Breakdown
      25. Walrus - Fur Skin Coat
      26. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Wanted Man
      27. Hooded Fang - Miscast
      28. Beat Happening - Nancy Sin
      29. Beat Happening - Angel Gone

      Download/listen to this podcast here:

      Check out my blog post on Beat Happening's Look Around album here:

      Playlist for June 4th:

      1. Them - Baby Please Don’t Go (Take 4)
      2. Them - Turn On Your Love Light (Alternate Version)
      3. Them - Richard Cory
      4. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Frying Pan
      5. The Standells - Rari
      6. The Howlies - She’s In Control
      7. The Velveteins - Beach Reprise
      8. The North Carolina Music Love Army - Stick To The Plan
      9. Papa Ghostface - Samhain
      10. Border Patrol - This World
      11. Jose Contreras - Psychic Radio
      12. Art Bergmann - A Town Called Mean
      13. Art Bergmann - In Betweens
      14. Daniel Romano - I Had To Hide Your Poem In A Song
      15. White Fang - Chunks
      16. Monomyth - Transmission
      17. The Ronald Reagan Story - Ronnie (I Voted For You)
      18. The Minstrels Of Truth - I Want Your Business
      19. Generation X - Kiss Me Deadly
      20. The Police - No Time This Time
      21. Gang Of Four - Call Me Up
      22. Dee Dee Ramone & The Chinese Dragons - What About Me?
      23. The Vores - Stress
      24. The Bureaucrats - Grown Up Age
      25. Idols - You
      26. Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide World
      27. Old Code - Crooked Smile
      28. The Mark Inside - Where You Are
      29. The Mark Inside - Shark Attack (I Can See Them Circling)

      Download/listen to this podcast here:

      Playlist for May 28th:

      1. Fire Engines - Discord
      2. Walrus - Fur Skin Coat
      3. The Burning Hell - Nostalgia
      4. Simply Saucer - Dance The Mutation
      5. White Lung - Dead Weight
      6. Supermoon - Stories We Tell Ourselves About Ourselves
      7. Frankie Cosmos - Sinclair
      8. Car Seat Headrest - Fill In The Blank
      9. Adriean Teacher And The Subs - Terminal City
      10. Outrageous Cherry - Sign Of The Times
      11. Shotgun Jimmie - Province To Province
      12. John Lennon - Crippled Inside
      13. Bob Dylan - As I Went Out One Morning
      14. Bob Dylan - Melancholy Mood
      15. Bob Dylan - That Old Black Magic
      16. The Velvet Underground - Coney Island Steeplechase
      17. The Modern Lovers - She’s Cracked
      18. By Divine Right - Que Paso?
      19. Radiohead - Identikit
      20. John Cale - Barracuda
      21. Leonard Cohen - Tonight Will Be Fine
      22. Dead Ghosts - That Old Feeling
      23. Them - Mystic Eyes
      24. Them - Gloria (Demo)
      25. Them - Here Comes The Night (Take 2)

      Download/listen to this podcast here:

      Check out my blog post on Them's The Complete Them Anthology here:

    • June 17, 2016 12:49 AM CDT
    • Hello everyone out in Garageworld, we've only just found this thing and just wanted to give everyone a heads up. We are a online radio station / music site. (the stream isn't going at the moment due to me being poor currently), were always looking for people that want to do stuff or post stuff on the website and get something going we all like.

      Anyways hit us up if you want any more info etc. We do all the normal shit like interviews, reviews etc but are looking at adding in a bunch of different shit in the future such as action sports etc, things that are intertwined with the music and lifestyle we all love.

      Cheers & Beers.