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    • March 27, 2017 8:56 PM CDT
    • I was wondering if anyone here had any saved Hot Slop podcasts?

      My computer recently pooped out and I lost a lot of stuff, that podcast being a main thing. I've tried to find it through Google searches, soulseek and even torrents, but i've come up with nothing.

      Alternatively, if any on knows of any current soul podcasts that are similar, i'd love some recommendation!

    • March 25, 2017 8:38 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist March 24/2017. Special Guest Al The Killer Coulter


      1. TVD….TVD…from their debut CD, Salvation Through Distraction and they are playing tonight at the St Regis Hotel and they will be celebrating the guitarists wife’s birthday, so just about anything might happen!
      2. The Fiends…..30 Something…..local combo who will be playing live to air on next week’s edition of Radio What Wave!!
      3. Blasting Fondas….Saddest Excuse….from a brand new 7” on Beluga Records and from Sweden.
      4. Tommy and The Rockets….Get Ready....another brand new 7” on Beluga Records and these guys come from Denmark.
      5. Dany Laj and the Looks….Defending Champ….from the brand new Alive and Kicking CD and they are on a North America tour right now! We dedicated this song to Al The Killer Coulter, London pro wrestler who joined us later in the show.
      6. Baby Giant…..Summer’s Almost Gone….local talent featuring Shawn McDonald (and his brother) who was in Radio What Wave faves The Fine Print and many many other bands over the years.
      7. Pacanomad…..Shot The Gun….from the recent Take It Slow CD and they will be playing tonight at Aeolian Hall along with….
      8. Julian Taylor Band…..Coke Bottle Candle….from the recent Desert Star CD and from Toronto.
      9. Chuck Berry….Bio….from the LP of the same name where Chuck tells the story of his life. It’s a slow bluesy little number and really shows off some of Chuck’s guitar picking.
      10. Chuck Berry….Maybelline….from The Great Twenty-Eight double LP. This is the song that started it all and set up the prototype for the hits to follow. Believe it or not, this came out in 1955!!! On this particular recording is the genius piano playing of Johnny Johnson (who incidentally was in London about 10 years ago), the rock solid bass playing of song writing legend Willie Dixon, rock solid drumming of Jasper Thomas and soon to be a legend maraca shaker Jerome Green (he helped create the Bo Diddly Beat!).  Absolute killer lineup that set up your basic rock’n’roll band sound that still rules to this day (at least in my books!). Can’t say enough about Johnny Johnson as it was his band that Chuck joined to start it all off. Without those essential piano licks, who knows what would have happened!

      If you only want to get one Chuck Berry LP for your collection. The Great Twenty-Eight is the one to get….all the hits from 1955 right up to 1965. It’s on the Chess label (Chuck’s original record label) and comes as a double LP with a gatefold sleeve with listing of all the musicians on each track (essential for geeks like me) and a few liner notes.

      1. Hiroshima Hearts….The Well….from their debut CD and they will be playing at the SOHO as an afternoon show on Sunday.
      2. Pack AD…..Blackout….from the Funeral Mixtape LP from 2007.
      3. Lauren Agnelli and Dave Rave….Can’t Stop The Rain….from the Confetti CD from 1997 and goes out to Lauren who celebrated a birthday this week! Lauren was a real early contributor to the NYC punk scene and went under the pseudo name of Trixie A Balm in writing for such legendary magazines as Cream, NY Rocker, Village Voice and many others. Later, she formed The Washington Squares, a folk type band that were nominated for a Grammy.
      4. The Secrets….All The Girls In The World….from the OPM CD called Teenage Rampage. Late 70’s Toronto garage/frat combo that were way out of step with the rest of the punk movement at the time. This one goes out to singer Freddy Pompeii who is in the hospital in Philadelphia fighting cancer. We send our best to Freddy!!!!
      5. Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners…..Blast Off….from the brand new re-ish of the 1987 Hot’n’Cold LP. Can’t say enough good things about this band, Ray and the boys put on legendary shows back in the late 80’s, even came to London at least 3 times and left some great memories!!
      6. Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners….Worryin’ Kind….as above, just couldn’t play one song from this long time fave LP of mine!
      7. Bloodshot Bill and The Hubcaps…..Touch Me….from the Crazy Fever CD that came out in 2003. This is prior to Bill going solo and touring the world on what seems like a non-ending cycle! If Bloodshot Bill comes to your town, he’ll put on a wild and sweaty show that you won’t forget!
      8. Catl….Gotta Thing For You….from the Soon This Will All Be Gone CD from a couple years back. Another band you gotta check out live if they ever come to your town! They’ve put on many a killer show with Bloodshot Bill, but recently they’ve been doing more and more trips way down south to Clarksdale, where the legends say the blues all started!
      9. Foreign Objects….Wrestling Is Real….from the Not Too Cool CD and recorded in 1981. This Boston area combo did a lot of wrestling and television related tunes back in that time period and this one is to start the wrestling portion of the show.
      10. Foreign Objects….Rock and Wrestling Roll…. As above.
      11. Tijuana Bibles….Custom Made Man…from the Custom Made CD and there might be a Leather Upper involved in this project!. Right about this time, Al The Killer Coulter arrived to talk wrestling and about the huge show happening on Sunday night at the London Music Hall. SMASH Wrestling is returning to London and they finally have a big enough venue to fit the people in comfortably! I’ve gone to several SMASH shows here in London and they’ve all been good entertainment value for the money. There’s always a few guys from the big leagues and this time is no exception as Colt Cabana, Cody Deaner, Tyson Dux, Davey Richards and many other big names will be at the show. Al layed it on the line and told us what he was going to do the young punks he and his partner Mr Atlantis were facing! I wouldn’t want to be one of those young punks!! Al also mentioned there were going to be a few surprises, but wouldn’t give out any hints…
      12. Fred Blassie….Pencil Neck Geeks…..from the Rhino LP from the late 70’s and a special request by Al The Killer Coulter…..believe me, whatever Al wants, he gets!!!
      13. The Dictators….Borneo Jimmy….New York New York CD on ROIR Records and Al was talking about working with Jimmy Snuka so this kind of fit in.


      Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! And a HUGE thanx to all that came up to say HEY at the London Record Show last weekend!!! That was a blast!

      And a HUGE THANX to Al The Killer Coulter for making time to chat with us on air about all things wrestling. If you haven’t figured it out, I’m a huge wrestling fan for Ring Of Honor and Lucha Underground wrestling leagues!


      Next week, we’ve got a live to air to kick things off as The Fiends are going to be playing live just after 4PM if everything works out technically! There’s a TON of work that goes on in the background to make these things happen and I’d like to thank our tech crew in advance as they are the best!!


      You can catch the archived show at:




    • March 17, 2017 7:48 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist March 17/2017


      1. The Mongrels…..Piece Of Crap….from their demos of a few years back, The Mongrels are playing the SOHO, formerly the Victoria Tavern on Saturday night.
      2. Randall and The Rivieras…..All Work And No Play…brand new demo from this London and north of London trio, that features 3 veterans who have played in (and still do) some really cool local combos… Boy From Nowhere, 63 Monroe and….
      3. TVD….I’d Kiss You Honey But You’re Standing On My Bottom Lip…from the recent Salvation Through Distraction CD.
      4. Bath Salts….Cool Like The Music…from the recent Mardi Gras CD and also from London.
      5. Uranus…..53 Buick….from their very first EP from 1978 and one of the first of the new wave/punk/whatever records to come out of this city.  Uranus were inducted into the Jack Richardson London Music Hall Of Fame on March 8th. Congrats to Uranus on this well deserved award!!!
      6. Uranus….Handcuffs….. as above
      7. Uranus…..Tommy Get Your Gun…. as above.
      8. Uranus….I’m Wonderful… above.   Frank Ridsdale, one of the Uranus guitarist/vocalist has a show with his Stetson Brothers Band on Saturday at the London Music Club. Also in the band, is Uranus bass player Jerry Fletcher, who plays guitar in the Stetsons.
      9. Dany Laj and the Looks…..Sweet Pretender….from the brand new Alive and Kicking CD and are presently on a North American tour.
      10. Undertones…..Let’s Talk About Girls….from a 1979 7” on Sire Records and part of our St Patty’s Day tribute.
      11. Rudi…..Time To Be Proud….from The Radio Sessions 1979-1981 CD and also from Ireland.
      12. Protex…..Strange Things….from the Strange Obsessions LP on Sing Sing Records released in 2010 with recordings from the late 70’s/early 80’s. Another Irish powerpop combo and these guys played The Cedar Lounge here in London back then.
      13. Death Drive……Firestar……brand new demo from this trio from Montreal.
      14. Light Bulb Alley…..Who Do You Love….from their recent Bright Side Of The Dumpster CD and also from Montreal.
      15. Gruesomes……Bikers From Hell…..from the Hey! CD on Ricochet Sound and a request.
      16. The Hook Up…..Bellringer….from a recent demo and hopefully coming out soon on Transistor 66 Records.
      17. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants…..Hate Van….from a 7” On Speed City Records and they are playing with Flesh Rag Saturday night at the Richmond Tavern.
      18. Paul James Band…..Trespasser….from a 1980 7” on Lick’n’Stick Records. Paul James Band were at the London Music Club last night and were just amazing!!! Smiles all around as everyone had a great time in the packed and sweaty club! Trivia, bass player Mike Theodore is the brother of Robbie Rox, the infamous singer from Toronto.
      19. Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons….Scars Of Love….from the cassette Slippery’s Club Hits that came with What Wave 24 and we’ll have copies of this with us at the London Record Show on Sunday March 19th at Centennial Hall.
      20. Coaching For Sara…… Stick With You…..from the 2/10/2017 live to air on Radio What Wave. Catch these guys live if you can as they put on a great powerpop show.
      21. Dahlmanns……Play It….from a brand new 7” on Beluga Records and from Norway.
      22. Rory Gallagher…..Secret Agent Man…..from the Calling Card LP from 1976. On the Chrysalis Record label and features keyboardist Lou Martin, who seems to really propel the band with his frantic keyboard style.
      23. Rory Gallagher…..Souped Up Ford….from the Against The Grain Lp from 1975 and as above.  Ireland’s finest guitarist and the master of the Stratocaster!!!
      24. Matt Lucas…..Movin’ On….from a 7” given to me by Jack Whiteside, guitarist/vocalist for Uranus. Jack worked as Matt’s guitarist for a summer, a learning experience that Jack still uses to this day.
      25. Rockin’ Bobby….Yup Yup Boogie……this one played for about 10 seconds and then the CD quit…..this is 2 shows in a row where this has happened…..both were home burned CD’s.
      26. Leroi Brothers….Darlene Darlene…. From the Lucky Lucky Me Lp from 1985 and features Evan Johns on guitar and vocals. Evan passed away last weekend, way too young!! One heck of a guitar picker and really nice guy whenever we met him.
      27. Evan Johns…..Rollin’ Through The Night….from the LP of the same name from the mid 80’s and recorded in 1982. This record was released on Alternative Tentacles as Jello Biafra was a huge fan of Evan’s! This is probably my fave Evan Johns LP as every track is an absolute gem of a song! Opener Vacation Time is such a classic song and brings the whole element of a vacation out in its lyrics! If you want to peruse the musical library of Evan Johns, this is a great place to start!
      28. Evan Johns…..If I Had My Way….from the self titled LP from 1986 on Jungle Records. I have many records on the Jungle label and all are great rock’n’rollers.
      29. Julian Taylor Band….Heard Good Things….from the recent Desert Star CD and these guys will be at Aeolian Hall on Saturday March 25th. Congrats to Laurie Hamilton for winning the tickets for the show we gave away!
      30. Pacanomad…..Strung Out….from their recent Take It Slow CD and they will be openers for the Julian Taylor Band at Aeolian Hall on the 25th.
      31. DT’s…..What’s Next To The Moon…..from the Hard Soul Hits Volume 1 LP from 2007 on Get Hip Records.
      32. Downbeat 5….Radiates That Charm…..from their self titled CD on SFTRI from 2003 and from Boston.
      33. Hiroshima Hearts…..14 Floors…from their debut CD and we had to cut this out as we went way over time…..


      Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!!!!   Back again next week, might even have a real pro wrestler on the show as there’s wrestling coming to London next weekend!

      We’ll be at the London Record Show on Sunday March 19th downstairs at Centennial Hall from 11 to 5 with loads of records, CD’s, ephemera, etc ! Come say HEY!!


      Here’s a link to the archived show:


    • February 25, 2017 10:09 AM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist February 24/2017 Black History Month Special


      Since February is Black History Month, it’s time to do another special on Radio What Wave. This time, we quickly covered a couple of the Canadian bands of African decent that have appeared at the local Sunfest Festival here in London. From there, we covered some of the early Toronto reggae scene, Toronto 60’s soul scene and into the later reggae scene. Then we went to Vancouver for a quick listen to some of their mid 60’s soul/R&B and back to London to cover Joey Hollingsworth, a name you’re going to be hearing a lot about shortly. One of the few punk/new wave combos from this area that featured black performers was The Dice….and we talked about their London Ontario connection. Then it was off to Jamaica for some real reggae! Hope you enjoyed the sounds on this show!


      1. Marcellus Wallace…..Brothers and Sisters….from their self titled debut CD and from London Ontario.
      2. Marcellus Wallace….Movin’ On Up…. As above.  One can only hope the band can get back together as they blew me away when opening up for Barrence Whitfield and The Savages almost 2 years ago!
      3. Mighty Popo…..Turaje….from the Ngagara CD from 2003 and from Ottawa. Canadian Afrobeat!
      4. Tarig Abubakar and the Afro Nubarians…..Yuma….from the Live CD from 1995 and from Toronto. Saw this combo a few times at Sunfest and they always got the crowd up and moving! My favourite show we saw by them, was when they  played the one off Winter Sunfest at the Western Fair and had a building full of people up and groovin’ to the tunes.
      5. Alpha Ya Ya Diallo….Gugha…from his Futur CD from 1996 and based in Vancouver.
      6. Ishan Band…..Egzebier….from the Last Pogo LP and the only non-white, non-punk band on the record.  Recorded in 1978 as part of the closing of the Horseshoe Tavern for punk/new wave combos and there’s an excellent documentary on this event called The Last Pogo and the more recent The Last Pogo Jumps Again, both by Colin Brunton (whom we had on Radio What Wave at the time of the latter’s release). Colin is presently producer of the CBC comedy Schitt’s Creek which is now on Netflix.
      7. Noel Ellis….Memories…from the Jamaica To Toronto Soul Funk and Reggae compilation and we’ll be hearing lots more from this compilation. Noel is the son of legendary Jamaican artist Alton Ellis and this recording is from 1983.
      8. Johnnie Osbourne….African Wake…. As above and from 1974.
      9. Jackie Shane….Dual Trumpet Bounce….from his mid 60’s Live LP on Caravan Records. A big star in the 60’s Toronto soul scene, but troubled due to gender difficulties and disappeared for decades until found for a short time. Flamboyant and talented, Jackie could have been a major star in a different place and time! This LP has been re-ished on the OPM imprint out of Toronto.
      10. Jackie Shane….High Heel Sneakers… above and this LP is from 1967.
      11. Shirley Matthews….Big Town Boy….from the original 7” and a big hit in Canada in1963!
      12. The Majestics….Sweet Soul Music….from the CTV After 4 compilation LP that came out around 1968. This was for the television show of the same name that I watched as a kid. Bought the LP back when it came out and still have it to this day!
      13. Eddie Spencer….If This Is Love…..from the Jamaica To Toronto Soul Funk and Reggae compilation as heard earlier and this track is from 1967.
      14. Jo Jo and the Fugitives…..Chips Chicken Banana Split…..from 1968 and from the same comp as above. Big Thanx to Alicks Gee who was the CHRW Music Director when this comp came out as she introduced me to it and played this tune many times on her Magical Mystery Mondays radio show on CHRW.
      15. Jackie Mitoo….Grand Funk….from the same comp as above and from 1971.
      16. Trials Of Jayson Hoover…..King Size….from the compilation LP The History of Vancouver Rock And Roll Volume 2 and this is the lead track for our short listen to some Vancouver soul. Way different than the Toronto variety as Vancouver was more influenced by the US West coast and even Mexico! This track is from 1966.
      17. Night Train Revue…..Walk On The Wild Side… above and from the mid 60’s.
      18. Little Daddy and The Bachelors…..Too Much Monkey Business….from the same compilation as above and from 1965. This features future comedy star Tommy Chong on lead guitar as does the next track!
      19. Little Daddy and The Bachelors……Junior’s Jerk…..both this, and the above track were from their 1965 7” and on The History of Vancouver Rock And Roll Volume 2 LP.
      20. Joey Hollingsworth…..In The Mood…..from the mid 60’s and played this from Youtube, first time I’ve ever done this on the radio as I don’t own anything by Joey Hollingsworth. Joey is from London and you’ll be hearing lots more about him in the not too distant future.
      21. Joey Hollingsworth…..Little Dandelion….as above. Joey was most known as a tap dancer, appearing on Ed Sullivan, Mr Rogers and many many CBC television appearances.
      22. The Dice….Young and The Wild….from their first 7” from 1980 and were based in Toronto at this time. Punk/new wave trio in which 2 of the band members were black which was pretty well unheard of in Canada at this time. Caught them a few times here in London at the Cedar Lounge. They did a live to air on Fanshawe College radio approx. 1980 and I’ve been searching for a copy of it since hearing it live! Any help appreciated.
      23. The Dice….Typical Lies…..from their 12” from 1983.  Singer/guitarist Gary Lima went on to Fanshawe College as head of the Music Industry Arts program for awhile and drummer Hayden Vialva is currently here in London drumming for blues bands and other projects. We had Hayden on the radio several years back.
      24. The Dice…..Chayla….their hit from their self titled debut LP from 1984. Lots of airplay on Much Music garnered them some success!
      25. Jimmy Cliff….The Harder They Come….from the compilation and the movie of the same name.
      26. Tommy McCook….Work Your Soul….from the compilation CD of the same name and features mid 60’s Trojan recordings from Jamaica.
      27. Lloyd and Glen…..Mini Skirt and Go Go Boots…..from the same compilation as above. Just love the sound on these 2 recordings as it’s so primitive, yet alive and vibrant at the same time!
      28. Boris Gardener……Melting Pot…..from a 1973 LP called Is What’s Happening on the Jamaican Dynamic Sounds label, yet it says licensed by Trans World Records from Montreal on the rear cover.  Very cool Memphis influenced reggae soul!!
      29. Norma Fraser…..Respect….from a Studio One Soul compilation CD and originally released in 1967.
      30. The Maytones…..Sha La La….from the Trojan Records compilation called Tight Rock from the mid 60’s. Way cool compilation LP I picked up the other day.
      31. Fela Kuti…..Zombie…..from his Greatest Hits CD and didn’t get to play the full length as Jessie arrived for his show. Fela is one of my faves and there was a documentary on Netflix recently, that blended footage from the Broadway play about Fela with live footage and interviews with band and management. This song goes out to what is happening south of the border these days.



      Big Thanx for all the emails, facebook messages and phone calls!!  This was a fun show to put together and barely skimmed the surface of Black music. Do yourself a favour, check out your local record haunts and pick up some soul, reggae, blues, Afrobeat and just about any other form of Black music and you might be in for a huge surprise!! Most of the records I’ve been buying lately are by Black artists and I’m really enjoying finding so many musical treasures! It’s great to keep an open ear to different styles of music!


      Next week we’ll be doing a special on London’s Legend Killers, a band that released an EP on What Wave Records as well as appeared on all our compilations but one!  We’ll be playing many studio tracks as well as some audio of their very first club gig here in town from  1985… might really surprise you!!  And we’ve got a stack of new releases just waiting to be  played!


      Here’s a link to the archived show:

    • February 18, 2017 9:33 AM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist February 17/2017


      This show we had to say goodbye to Stuart McLean of CBC’s Vinyl Café, Trish Doan, bass player for local metal combo Kittie and George The Animal Steele, former WWF wrestler and high school teacher. And just found out that another former WWF wrestler, Ivan Koloff (the Russian Bear) passed away.


      1. King Salami and The Cumberland 3…..Intro and No Stoppin’…from their brand new Goin’ Back To Wurtsville CD on Dirty Water Records.
      2. Never Betters….Gold Stars….from their Bitchin’ download and from London Ontario.
      3. The Darts…..Revolution….from their brand new self titled release on Dirty Water Records. All female combo from the west coast of the US.
      4. Lucy and The Rats….The Situation……from a 7” on Dirty Water Records….detecting a pattern here? Dirty Water Records has been releasing some really fine records over the past few years!
      5. Pacanomad…..Paranoid….from their Take It Slow CD and they will be playing tonight at Fitzrays in downtown London.
      6. Lou Reed….Kill Your Sons…..from the Sally Can’t Dance LP from 1974 which features Michael Fonfara as keyboard player and band leader. Michael will be in town tonight at the Firehall reunion as part of the backing band.  Caught Michael in town at the Bluesfest this summer with his Lincolns (also featuring Prakash John and Danny Weiss….at one time all 3 were in Lou Reed’s band) which was one of the best shows I saw last year!
      7. Immortal Lee County Killers…..Boom Boom….from the These Bones Will  Rise To Love You Again CD from 2005. This was the 3rd and final full length from this combo who played at Call The Office just after releasing this CD and it was a phenomenal show!!
      8. Richard James and the Special Riders…..Wounded Animal….from the Music For People Who Been Wronged CD from 2007 and from Memphis.
      9. Lee Harvey Osmond…..Shake The Hand….from the Beautiful Scars CD that came out last fall. Caught them at the Aeolian Hall on this tour and one of the best shows we saw last year! For those that don’t know, LHO is basically Tom Wilson, Ray Farrugia and whomever else is around for the live band. Tom was in Florida Razors, Junkhouse (along with Ray) and also in Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.
      10. David Vest…..Heartfull of Rock’n’Roll….from the Roadhouse Revelation CD from 2014 and features Londoner Ted Peacock on the guitars. David will be in town tonight as part of the Firehall Reunion sho.
      11. Paul James…..Trespasser….from a 1980 7” and Paul will be in town on March 16th at the London Music Club.
      12. Dex Romweber Duo…..So Sad About Us….from the Images 13 CD from 2014 on Bloodshot Records. Dex will be in Hamilton in June, opening for Rev Horton Heat and Agent Orange.
      13. Keith Whittaker….I’d Kiss You Honey But Your’re Standing On My Bottom Lip…from the Drink To Me CD from 2007. A request to hear the original version of this song that local combo TVD recently released on their debut CD.
      14. Alarm Cat…..Notches….brand new download from this local powerpop combo!
      15. Zebrassieres…..I Am A Human….from their LP of the same name from 2013 and from Ottawa.
      16. Cunts…..Date With Disaster….1982 7” from this Chicago based combo. Couldn’t say their name onair obviously.  We did a full length article on this combo many years ago in What Wave zine.
      17. Cunts….Around The Corner….from their Midnight Party CD, probably mid 90’s, but no date on it.
      18. The Thing From Outer Space…..Surf Rider….from their recent self released debut CD and from London. They have a show coming up on  March 4th with Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants on March 4th at Soho (Victoria Tavern).
      19. The Deuce Couples…..Gear Masher…..from a compilation LP called Boss Drag ’64 which claims to be pressed in Brazil on the back cover! Love the squealing tires on this one!
      20. Bounty Hunters….Echo Express….from Strummin’ Mental Volume 1 compilation LP. There were at least 6 volumes of this crazy guitar instro madness, supposedly dated from 1957 to 1964.  These are the kind of records you should be searching for at the upcoming London Record Show on Sunday March 19th at Centennial Hall.
      21. The Surfdusters….Gruesome….from the Surf After Dark CD from 1997 and from Canada’s west coast. This song is probably dedicated to those tyrants of teen trash, The Gruesomes!
      22. UIC…..Leave Me Alone….from the recent Wiseman Sessions LP on Yeah Right Records. April 8th is the date at Call The Office, tickets on sale at Grooves and Speed City as well as direct from Call The Office. Opening combos are Boy From Nowhere (a fave of Radio What Wave) and Myrtle Earle (features Chris Mittelholtz, one time Legend Killer amongst many other fine combos). Get your tickets quick as this one will sell out quick! 2 of the above mentioned bands played at our wedding party back in…….1985?!?!?!
      23. Supersuckers……Coatail Rider….from The Smoke Of Hell CD that came out back in 1992. Supersuckers have a date of April 29th at Call The Office, another one that’s gonna sell out, tickets at the above locations.  Supersuckers played their first London show 6/9/1992 opening for The Dwarves at Call The Office…..the infamous throat slashing incident…..LOL…I’ve told the story onair a couple of times over the years. Here’s some trivia, The Dwarves appeared on at least one What Wave cassette years prior to this show.
      24. The Methadones…..I’m About To Crack….from the Career Objective CD from 2003 and from Chicago.
      25. Noble Savages…..Who’s Gonna Solve The Mystery Girls….recent demo and they are about to release a CD on Transistor 66 Records out of Winnipeg.
      26. Ancient Shapes…..Public Hymns…..from the recent self titled debut LP and they are at Call The Office on Saturday Feb 25th.
      27. First Base……If I See You With That Girl…..a recent 7” on La Ti Da Records and one of my fave new singles!! It’s got that infectious hook that won’t let go!
      28. The Hippies….Can Teens….from the Slippery’s Club Hits CD that came with What Wave 24. You can grab a copy from me at the upcoming London Record Show, March 19th.
      29. Try-Umphs…..Never Let You Go…..recent download from this combo that has a London connection.
      30. NYDolls….Seven Day Weekend….from the A Hard Day’s Night CD on Norton Records and is 1972 demos.  Since this is a long weekend around here, seemed appropriate. Besides, it’s a great song!
      31. Amy Rigby…..Dancing With Joey Ramone…..from the Little Fugitive CD from 2005.
      32. The Polymorphines……Billy Hates Sunday….from their self titled CD from 2008 and from Ottawa. Oddly (or coincidentally) I was wearing a Polymorphines T-shirt during this show.
      33. Blood On The Saddle…..Bed Of Roses….from the Poison Love Lp from 1985 and part of the cowpunk thing that happened during this era. Singer Annette was in the original lineup of The Bangles. Caught this combo a couple of times at Key West and they put on a really good live show!
      34. Torquemadas…..Teenage Head….from a 1989 New Zealand compilation LP called Positive Vibrations. This is NOT the Flamin’ Groovies tune, nor named after the band of the same name. Just some teenagers having some fun with rock’n’roll!
      35. 905s….Stalemate…..from the Shake Down CD from 2015 and they will be opening up for Teenage Head in Brampton in a couple of weeks!


      Ran out of time, certainly not tunes! Big thanx for all the emails, facebook messages and phone calls!!!


      Next week’s show will be an all black edition as we commemorate Black History Month at CHRW. Any requests, get them in via facebook.


      Here’s a link to the archived show:



    • February 11, 2017 1:59 PM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist February 10/2017


      Live to air with Coaching For Sara on this show and we had to say goodbye to Bobby Freeman, Dave Vucenich, Robert Lundquist and forgot to mention Ritchie Yorke. We’ll do a proper goodbye to Mr Yorke next week. Always assumed he was Canadian as he was SOOOO instrumental in the Canadian music scene from the late 60’s to mid 70’s….ie he got John Lennon to do his first live show in many years in Toronto, helped create Cancon which is still intact to this day and wrote the first book on the history of Canadian music. Mr Yorke was an Aussie and was huge into the first wave of Oz punk!


      1. Bath Salts….Cool Like The Music…from the recent Mardi Gras CD and they have a gig coming up on the 25th at Fitzrays.
      2. The Sadies….A Burning Showman….from the Favourite Colours CD from 2004 and The Sadies are playing the Budweiser with their pals Blue Rodeo on Tuesday.
      3. The Sadies…..Tiger Tiger….from the Stories Often Told CD from 2002.  A regular listener rightly stated The Sadies should be headlining this show….maybe next time!
      4. Blue Rodeo….Till I Am Myself Again….from the Casino LP from 1990 which features Bobby Wiseman on keyboards. The same guy that produced UIC’s Wiseman Sessions. And UIC have a date of April 8th at Call The Office with tickets now on sale.
      5. Blue Rodeo….Rose Coloured Glasses….from their Outskirts LP from 1987 and features former Battered Wives Cleave Anderson on the tubs.
      6. Pacanomad….Shot The Gun….from their recent Take It Slow CD and they have a gig coming up on the 18th at Fitzrays.
      7. Ten Heads On Ten……Ten Heads On The Radio….live recording 11/26/2016 at The Dawghouse and Ten Heads have a gig tonight at SOHO (the old Victoria tavern) along with Bleeter.
      8. Hellacopters….Slowdown….from the Cream Of The Crap Volume 2 CD and goes out to guitarist Robert Lundquist who passed away way too young! Caught The Hellacopters once or maybe twice at Call The Office…once was 12/8/1998 which was probably with the New Bomb Turks.
      9. Rob Sweeney….My Funny Valentine….from his I Dig Chicks CD and former Purple Toad and Durango 95 guitar slinger. Presently in Crummy Stuff with former Hippie Brian Young and former Purple Toad Marky Toad.
      10. Coaching For Sara……Look Around….this is the beginning of our live to air. For those that don’t know, Coaching For Sara are a London based combo that play a mix of powerpop and guitar rock that goes down real nice! They have one CD out and you can catch them on Sunday at Norma Jeans here in London.
      11. Coaching For Sara….didn’t write down the name of this one.(I’m gonna catch shit for this!)
      12. Coaching For Sara…..didn’t write down the name of this one.
      13. Coaching For Sara….She Comes In Waves
      14. Coaching For Sara….Reality.
      15. Mandala…Love-itis….from their Soul Crusade LP from around 1968 and part of our Valentine’s Day sound.
      16. Johnny Horton…..Lovers Rock….from the Rockin’ Rollin’ LP on Bear Family Records and originally from 1958.  Right around this time, Shane, Lars, Chris and Ryan from Coaching For Sara came into the onair to yammer about all things Coaching For Sara!!
      17. Coaching For Sara……Little Lady…..back to the second half of the live to air!
      18. Coaching For Sara…..Show
      19. Coaching For Sara…..Matter Of Time
      20. Coaching For Sara…..Tiff
      21. Coaching For Sara….Tonight’s The Night…..and indeed it is as Coaching For Sara put on a great show. There were a few little glitches behind the scenes, but the boys are professional and worked around them.
      22. Alice Cooper….Be My Lover…..from the Greatest Hits LP that I bought way back in high school!
      23. Bobby Freeman…..Do You Wanna Dance….from the LP of the same name and goes out to Bobby who passed away last month. A song covered and made into a hit by many, including The Beach Boys and The Ramones.
      24. The Cynics….I Live Alone….from a 7” and goes out to former bass player Dave Vucenich who passed away earlier this week. Dave was a long time Cynic and also heavily involved in the Mount McKinleys and a huge collector of 60’s garagepunk records.
      25. The Hook Up…..Outside….from the soon to be released Cruel Sounds CD on Transistor 66 Records.
      26. 24th Street Wailers….Voodoo…. from a demo they sent us very recently. Presently based in Austin Texas, these  youngsters got together initially at Humber College in Toronto, coincidentally living on 24th Street, right near the college.
      27. C W Stoneking….Zombie….from the Gon’ Boogaloo CD and from Australia. Big Thanx to David Hookup for getting this CD to us!
      28. Harry Manx….Foxy Lady….from the Wise and Otherwise CD from 2001 and Harry was in town at the Aeolian Hall last night.
      29. The Shangri-Las……Give Him A Great Big Kiss…..from their Greatest Hits CD .


      Out of time once again and a HUGE Thanx to Coaching For Sara for taking the time and energy to play live over the airwaves of CHRW on Radio What Wave!! Huge Shoutout to Alex for the live sound and to Adam for his help setting up everything behind the scenes!


      Back again next week with a proper Ritchie Yorke trib and lots more noise to annoy!!   And Big Thanx to our production manager Ando, for letting me do these live to airs and for getting a proper image on the CHRW webpage!


      Here’s a link to the archived show:

    • February 3, 2017 7:38 PM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist February 3rd 2017


      Back after a week off and this show was on the 58th anniversary of the day the music died. Coincidentally, the man who lost (won?) the infamous coin toss with Ritchie Valens, Tommy Allsup passed away a couple weeks prior to this show. Also had to mention Overend Watts, John Wetton and Robert Dalhquist (guitar for The Hellacopters) also passed away…


      1. The Mongrels….All Systems Go….from a 2013 demo and The Mongrels are back at The Richmond Hotel on Sunday Feb 5th from 3 to 6 for yet another Rock’n’Roll Rent Party.


      1. UIC….Crop Dusting….recorded live at Call The Office 3/16/1985 and goes out to Brian Calvert, AKA Brian the Math Teacher who used to be at many gigs around town back in the early 80’s. Brian would always be yelling and dancing up a storm and I think that’s him yelling in the crowd during this song.


      1. UIC….Heartache….from the Wiseman Sessions LP on Yeah Right Records and UIC are coming back to London on Saturday April 8th.


      1. The Sadies…..The Black Sheep….from the Tales Of The Rat Fink CD and summarizes Brian The Math Teacher.


      1. Flying Squad….Health Food….recorded live at Call The Office 6/18/2005 as part of the Boot To The Head show….30th anniversary of the closing of the Cedar Lounge.  2 members of Flying Squad are in 44i who play Saturday night at Soho Bar And Grill along with THE.


      1. 10 Heads On 10…..Safe Canadian Home….recorded live at The Dawghouse 11/26/2016 and they have a gig coming up at Soho on Saturday Feb 11th.


      1. Alarm Cat….Notches…..from a brand new demo from this local combo who’s live to air I caught on It’s Trash a couple weeks back.


      1. Noble Savages…..Who Are The Mystery Girls….brand new demo from this Hamilton combo who are releasing a CD on Transistor 66 Records in the near future.


      1. 63 Monroe…..Hijack Victim….recorded live at The Dawghouse 11/26/2016 and they have a gig in their altered ego of Stunning on Saturday Feb 11th at the Eastside here in London. Big Thanx to John Gardi (who has an early Monday morning show here on CHRW) for recording this gig at The Dawghouse.


      1. Ritchie Valens…..Let’s Go…..from a Greatest Hits LP and it was 58 years ago today the infamous plane crash in Clear Lake Iowa.


      1. Ritchie Valens…..Fast Freight… above and a great guitar instro. Ritchie was still a teenager when he passed, nowhere near the star he would have become.


      1. Buddy Holly…..It’s So Easy….from the Buddy Holly Rocks LP and from 1958. Tommy Allsup provides the searing lead guitar on this one, and Tommy lost (won?) the coin toss but passed away a couple weeks back. Tommy had a lifelong musical career working with just about everyone in the business. Buddy Holly played the old London Arena 4/10/1958 along with Chuck Berry (who returned several times to London) and many others.


      1. Buddy Holly…..Down The Line….as above, but from 1955 and goes out to Tommy Black Hole Hilborn who has an art show happening at the Westland Gallery here in London.


      1. Big Bopper…..Chantilly Lace….from the original single.


      1. Coaching For Sara…..Look Around….from their only CD and next week, we’re doing a live to air with Coaching For Sara!! This one’s been in the works for what seems like ages!


      1. TVD….I’d Kiss You Honey But You’re Standing On My Bottom Lip…..from the Salvation Through Distraction CD from this local combo.


      1. Mott The Hoople….All The Way From Memphis….from the Mott LP from 1973 and goes out to Overend Watts who passed away last week.


      1. Mott The Hoope…..All The Young Dudes….from the LP of the same name from 1972 and this was the song David Bowie wrote for the band and brought them back to life.


      1. The Thing From Outer Space…..Pipeline… recording from the Dawghouse 11/26/2016.


      1. Dex Romweber….Nightide….from the recent Carrboro CD on Bloodshot Records. Dex is heading to This Ain’t Hollywood in June to open for Rev Horton Heat and Agent Orange.


      1. The Youngsters…..I Wanna Be Your Man….from the compilation CD Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas CD and from 1969.


      1. Chrome Reverse….Teenagers….from the brand new They Wanna Fight LP on Mag Wheels Records and out of Paris France.


      1. Chrome Reverse…..I Smell A Rat…. As above.


      1. The Cramps….The Way I Walk….from a 7” and February 4th is the anniversary of Lux’s passing….2009.


      1. The Cramps…..Domino….. as above and for Lux.


      1. Hiroshima Hearts…..4 Steps Down….from their recent Bones EP and we were joined by HH’s lovely lead vocalist Jenn Marino to talk about all things Hiroshima Hearts. And man, there was a lot of things happening in 2016 as Jenn explained and a lot more about to happen! Including the soon to be released 7” record that they just got the test pressings for today!! Jenn hadn’t even seen the picture of the record on facebook yet!!


      1. Hiroshima Hearts…..The Well….from their debut CD from 2015.


      1. Hiroshima Hearts…..Spend Your Money….from the Bones EP.


      1. Hiroshima Hearts….14 Floors….from their debut CD.


      1. Tuns….Back Among Friends….from their debut LP from last year.


      1. Badfinger….Baby Blue…..from their Greatest Hits CD and had to cut this short as we’d run out of time.


      Huge Thanx to Jenn Marino for taking the time from her busy schedule (the band was doing a gig at Grinning Gator the eve of this show) to talk about all things Hiroshima Hearts! And thanx for all the phone calls, emails and facebook messages and the crazy Heys from listeners all over the place!!!


      Next week, we’ve got a live to air with local power pop combo Coaching For Sara!!


      Here’s a link to the archived show:


    • January 20, 2017 8:26 PM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist January 20/2017


      1. The Gruesomes…..What Wave…..from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood from 1989 and goes out to Gruesome drummer John Jedd Knoll who celebrated a birthday yesterday.
      2. Bath Salts….Cool Like The Music….from their recent Mardi Gras CD and from London Ontario.
      3. The Only Ones…..Another Girl Another Planet….from the 1979 LP Special View, a Canadian release which collected tracks from their previous UK only releases. This goes out to drummer Mike Kellie who passed away this week. Mike also drummed for Spooky Tooth and many others in a long musical career.  One of my fave songs.
      4. Elvis Costello….Radio Radio….from the LP This Year’s Model from 1978,
      5. The Rolling Stones….Live With Me…..from the Mono Box Set and on the Let It Bleed CD from 1969.
      6. Psychedelic Furs….Pulse….from their 1980 self titled LP. Remember when they played at the Cedar Lounge October 1980, and the next band opened….
      7. The Zellots….Blades….from their 1981 Peter Moore produced demo. Peter has gone on to win a Grammy at last year’s gala…this recording is from his tenure at Fanshawe College here in London.
      8. Light Bulb Alley…..I Only Got 2 Feet….from the Bright Side Of The Dumpster CD that we finally have in the CHRW library….filed under punk/metal for some odd reason.
      9. Hook Up….Cruel Sound Of Love….from their soon to be released on Transisto 66 Records. And speaking of T66, watch out for the new Noble Savages CD also to be released on T66.
      10. Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons….Livin’ With Mum And Dad….from their brand new release on Dirty Water Records out of the UK.
      11. Never Betters…..Gold Stars…from their recent Bitchin’ download.
      12. X …..Adult Books….from the Dangerhouse compilation.
      13. The Secrets….Teenage Rampage….from the OPM CD of the same name and goes out to singer Freddy Pompeii who needs our help now. He’s in a hospital in Philadelphia, where he lives. There’s a benefit happening on Sunday February 5th at the Garrison in Toronto with loads of cool bands playing.
      14. The Scenics….Oh Boy….from their Sunshine World CD and recorded back in 1977. Toronto based, The Scenics used to share gigs with The Demics, each getting gigs in their respective home towns for the other. 
      15. Teenage Head….Picture My Face….recorded live at The Spoke and Rim Tavern at Western University 2/18/1981. It was broadcast over the airwaves by CHRW live, (swearing and all) and I taped it on my cassette deck live at the time….only Western students and guests were able to go to this event, of which I was neither.
      16. The Government….Flat Tire….from their 1979 Ep and from Toronto.  After Teenage Head finished their above gig, their truck had 4 flat tires. Rumour has it that pointed sticks were involved in the flattening of the tires. There was an opening band for Teenage Head at The Spoke, they were from Vancouver and were a powerpop band that released many records, including one in the UK. They weren’t happy with how much stage space they were given.
      17. Death Drive…..Firestar….brand new demo from this Montreal combo. Drummer Ockert Greef celebrated a birthday yesterday and this is for him!
      18. The Lamplighters…..I’m Coming Home….from the Do The Ox Cd that arrived via mail yesterday, almost 2 months after leaving Australia. This release is from 2012 and they have a brand new record on the verge of being released. They took their name from a chain of Inns here in Canada, so a Canadian tour is definitely required! I’ve offered to let the band stay in our record room while here in London.
      19. The Lamplighters…..1 2 4…. As above.
      20. The Mongrels…..Piece Of Crap….from their demos from 2013. Thanx to drummer Carlo for phoning in to thank me for playing a Piece Of Crap!!   LOL
      21. Florida Razors….New York’s Screamin’….from the Half A Rock’n’Roll Record from the early 80’s This is a Tom Wilson project, Tom later formed Junkhouse, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings and Lee Harvey Osmond among others. We caught Lee Harvey a couple months back and they put on an Excellent show at the Aeolian Hall here in London.
      22. Florida Razors….American Girl….from the Beat Music Lp from 1986. Florida Razors played London many times to appreciative crowds!
      23. Dustaphonics….Sounds Groove….from the recent Johnny and Bo CD on Dirty Water Records out of the UK.
      24. 24th Street Wailers….Groove….brand new demo the band sent us this week.  The Wailers are originally from Toronto and currently based in Austin Texas. They travel all across North America and put on Great live shows!!
      25. Etta James….Tough Lover….from a Greatest Hits CD and from 1956.
      26. Nick Curran…..Reform School Girl….from the Reform School Girl CD from 2010. Nick had never reached his full potential and this CD was his last official release, as he passed a couple years back…..Way too soon as he was just a youngster. Fuck Cancer!
      27. Arthur Alexander…..The Girl That Radiates The Charm….from A Shot Of Rhythm And Soul Lp on Ace Records from 1985. This particular recording is from 1960, before he went on to become one of the very first artists recorded at Muscle Shoals in its formative days. Arthur wrote a couple of songs that were recorded by The Beatles and Rolling Stones. And this particular track, sounds like it came from outer space!! Teenage Head recorded a version on their Electric Guitars LP in the mid 80’s.
      28. The Stents….Take This Little Heart….from their Invisible Sounds CD on KOTJ records.
      29. Birds Of Paradise…..Beehive State…..recent release on Hidden Volume Records and this combo is from Montreal and features Roy Vucino.
      30. Rebel Set….Thorn In My Side….brand new 7” on Hidden Volume Records and from Phoenix.
      31. Dave Rave Conspiracy…..Weight Of The World…from 1990 and on the Anthology Volume 1 CD.
      32. The Tuns…. Mind Over Matter…from their recent self titled debut LP.  Every track on this LP is pure power pop with loads of background and multi part harmonies. Sticks in your head whether you want it to or not.
      33. Coaching For Sara…..These People….from their debut CD from last year and from London Ontario. CFS will be doing a live to air on February 10th on Radio What Wave!
      34. Bow Wow Wow….Louis Quatorze…..from The Last Of The Mohicans 12” from 1982. Features a picture of lead singer Annabella Lwin on the front cover naked. Nothing was showing, but there was a major controversy over this, as Annabella was only 14 or 15 at the time! Malcolm McLaren was responsible for this….same guy that ruined the NYDolls but made a mint with his next creation, The Sex Pistols.
      35. Bow Wow Wow…..Mile High Club… above and we had to fade this as we ran outta time but not tunes.



      Big Thanx for all the phone calls !!!  And for all the emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! That’s what makes it all worthwhile.


      No show next week due to other commitments, back on February 3rd with some or all of the Hiroshima Hearts as they have a gig at Grinning Gator that night.   February 10th we’ve got Coaching For Sara coming in to do a live to air performance!

      We’ll be at the Collectible Show on Sunday January 29th selling some records, CD’s, comics, magazines etc etc….come say Hey!


      Here’s a link to the archived show:

    • January 14, 2017 8:41 AM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist Friday January 13/2017


      1. The Gruesomes…..What Wave….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood LP 1989.
      2. The Smugglers…..Alan Thicke…..from the In The Hall Of Fame CD from 1992. For Alan Thicke who passed away a month ago and to commemorate the one time reunion of The Smugglers for the Gilman St Reunion party on the weekend.  But The Smugglers if you want them to do another reunion show…
      3. Pacanomad….Coming Out…from the brand new Take It Slow CD. From London and one of the few soul styled combos around this area.
      4. Marcellus Wallace….Everything Is Alright….from their self titled CD from around 2 years ago. London funk/soul combo presently on hiatus. Got to see them open up for Barrence Whitfield and The Savages a while back, and they tore the house down!
      5. Dustaphonics…..You Don’t Love Me Anymore…from the recent Johnny and Bo release on Dirty Water Records out of the UK.
      6. Short Pants Romance…..Heat Wave….from a demo they sent us back in 2008 and from Montreal.
      7. The Thing From Outer Space….Ghost Hop….from their recent CD release and they are playing at the Soho tonight here in London….formerly the Victoria Tavern.
      8. Uranus….Chinese Soup…..from their 1980 LP and meant to play Secret Agent Man. From London and you can read their full story on the CHRW Radio homepage….London band makes the top 10 on AM radio across Canada in 1980!
      9. Blue Demons….Cougar Country….from their blue vinyl 7” on Boppa Do Down Records out of Toronto.
      10. Huevos Rancheros…White Out In Wyoming….from a 7” on Get Hip Records from 1994 and from Calgary.
      11. The Thing From Outer Space….Mr Moto….as above and used this to close our little instro set.
      12. The Dahlmanns….Tear Me Apart….from a recent 7” on Beluga Records and from Norway.
      13. The Tuns….Mixed Messages….from their recent self titled debut LP and a super group as there’s a Sloan and a Flashing Light involved in this 3 piece. Caught them live at Call The Office in the fall and one of the best shows I’ve seen recently!! Power pop with tight background vocal harmonies.
      14. Blasting Fondas….Saddest Excuse…..from a recent Beluga single and from Sweden.
      15. B Sides…..Underground Radio Star/ She’s A Raver….from a 1980 7” and from Vancouver. URS sums up just about every combo that gets played on Radio WW!
      16. Simply Saucer….Nice Noize….from the CD compilation that comes with Heavy Metalloid Music, The Story Of Simply Saucer book that just came out. We had author Jesse Locke on air with us a couple weeks back.
      17. Chris Houston….Einstein’s Brain….from a 2013 7” and Chris was in Forgotten Rebels over 30 years ago.
      18. Poisoned Aeros…..Broken Down…from the Turbulence CD from 2003 and from Hamilton. This combo backed up Sylvain Sylvain on his Canadian tours years ago.
      19. MUD….Nite On The Tiles….from their Greatest Hit Singles double CD compilation and from 1976. They sound a lot like…..
      20. Sweet….Blockbuster….from a 7” from 1973.  The songs always sound soooo much better on7” record….more punch, more depth and more highs and lows!!
      21. Certain General….Hello My God….from their Holiday Of Love EP from 1982. This band hit London for a stay back in the summer of 1981, playing places like the Cedar Lounge and Fryfogles. They put on some amazing shows and helped influence the London scene at the time.  Drummer Marcy Saddy is of course from London Ontario.
      22. Long Day Journey…..When My Mind Goes High….from the brand new Grows Their Own CD and from Hamilton Ontario.
      23. The Flintettes….Choice Is Ours….from a brand new 7” on La Ti Da Records out of British Columbia. Might be a Tranzmitor in this one!
      24. The Kinks…..Lola…from The Anthology 1964-1971 Box Set and for Sir Ray Davies who was just knighted this month!!
      25. The Kinks….Johnny Thunder… above and lead us to….
      26. Johnny Thunders….MIA….from the Que Sara Sara LP from 1985 and sounds a lot like The Legend Killers (former London Ontario combo)
      27. Johnny Thunders….Leave Me Alone….from his So Alone LP from 1978 and features some Sex Pistols and a Thin Lizzy on this song.
      28. UIC….Leave Me Alone….from the brand new Wiseman Sessions LP and not the same song as the previous Thunders tune. We’re hoping for a UIC show here in London sometime this spring.
      29. Coaching For Sara….Sister Won’t….from their self titled debut CD and we’ll have Coaching For Sara live to air on February 10th.
      30. CUB….Flaming Red Bobsled…from the Cuddlecore 94 CD and a request. Didn’t have much luck finding the other requests today.
      31. 49th Parallel….Citizen Freak….from a 7” from 1969 and from Calgary.
      32. The Haunted….1 2 5…..from a 7” on Amy Records from 1966. At this point I should plug the upcoming record show at Centennial Hall on March 19th.  You never know who you might meet or what you might find. Case in point, we met the manager of The Haunted at one of these record shows and he was selling original Haunted singles which is how we got this record. Last show, ran into Matthew Smith, vocalist for Outrageous Cherry, a Detroit combo that have many releases. You just never know….
      33. Hiroshima Hearts….4 Steps….from their recent Bones EP and there is a video for this song on the Radio WW facebook page.


      Ran out of time, but certainly not tunes. Thanx for all the phone calls, emails and facebook messages!! Back next week with loads more tunes.


      Here’s a link to the archived show:

    • March 11, 2017 9:08 PM CST
    • A few weeks ago, Revolution Rock did its annual surf rock and instrumental rock music special.  For this program I interviewed Don Pyle o fthe Canadian instrumental rock band Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet.  

      Shadowy Playlist:

      1. La Luz - Phantom Feelings
      2. The Gories - Nautiloid Reef (Live on CJAM 1989)
      3. The Challengers - Red River Rock


      4. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Tired Of Waking Up Tired
      5. The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Standoff At Calf Robe Bridge
      6. Stories From Shamehill - Kahuna Haha
      7. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Egypt Texas
      8. The Tsunamibots - Robots Improving Robots
      9. Toxic Mutants - Surf Machine

      10. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Big Saxophone Lie
      11. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Big Baby


      12. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Three Piece Suit
      13. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Hunter S. Thompson's Younger Brother


      14. Phono-comb - The Crass and The Switchblade
      19. The Sadies - Clam Chowder
      16. The Pistolrays - Long Way From Silver City
      17. Minutemen - Cohesion
      18. The 427's - Tijuana Sunset
      19. The Cramps - I’m Cramped (Original Mix)
      20. The Rumblers - Boss
      21. The Bell Peppers - Doin’ The Moon Freak

      Download/isten to this episode here:

      Check out my blog post on Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet and to just hear the interview separate from this episode here:

    • March 11, 2017 1:57 PM CST
    • Playlist 03-11-17

      Fashion - Sodium Pentathol Negative
      Mighty Caesars - Come Into My Life
      Lungfish - Mated
      Upright Citizens - The Dark Side of My Mind
      Downbeat 5 - I Found Out
      Avengers - We Are The One
      360's - Free
      Snide - Go On
      Cynics - Last Day
      Ugly Beats - Take A Stand
      Routes - Worry
      Bevis Frond - Gemini Machine
      Ty Segall - Break A Guitar
      Intended - Huguenot
      Thee Oh Sees - Unwrap The Fiend, Pt. 1
      Tyvek - Tip To Tail
      Penetrators - She's the Kinda Girl
      Dirt Byrds - Chaos
      Savage Gringo - Dope School
      Plugz - Achin'
      Rollin Machine - Moving On!
      Godfathers - You Don't Love Me
      Fashionism - Back in the Day
      Who Killed Nancy Johnson? - Stay Out Late
      Fall - Last Orders
      Attila The Stockbroker - Russians in The D.H.S.S.
      Toy Dolls - Dig That Groove Baby
      Buzzcocks - Boredom
      Addictive Philosophy - Supernatural Race Fiend
      General Chaos - I Don't Care!
      Urban Commandos - Jimmy the Bankrobber
      Tony Goff and the Broken Colours - Hard Shoulder
      PaperWolf - Death Of Me
      Mr. Happy Chainsaw - Charlie
      Underclass UK - Rats
      Jacuzzi Boys - Refrigeration
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • March 11, 2017 7:51 AM CST
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web from Noon-2:00PM EST on Saturday March 11th . There will be loads of trashy garage-punk tunes for your listening pleasure. So tune in at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live at

    • March 11, 2017 7:51 AM CST
    • Playlist 02-25-17

      Rivals - Future Rights
      Vibrators - Dragnet
      Stiff Little Fingers - State of Emergency
      UK Subs - New York State Police
      Dirt Byrds - Chaos
      Rioters - Dark Days
      Underclass UK - Rats
      Snide - Last Night, I Said
      99ers - Come On Let's Go
      Godfathers - You Don't Love Me
      Fashionism - Back in the Day
      When Particles Collide - The Whiskey Always Wins
      Routes - Make You Hate Me More
      Intended - Huguenot
      Ty Segall - Break A Guitar
      Va-Va-Voodoos - Cry Little Space Girl
      General Chaos - I Don't Care!
      Addictive Philosophy - Supernatural Race Fiend
      Urban Commandos - Jimmy the Bankrobber
      Who Killed Nancy Johnson? - Cops and Robbers
      Savage Gringo - Dope School
      Last Reserves - Burn
      Dirty Fences - Sell You The Truth
      Djävulen Möblerar Om - Stort Svart Hål
      Pistolhead - I Don't Wanna Know
      Pagans - Hopped Up
      Motorhead - Rock 'N' Roll
      Goo Goo Dolls - Laughing
      Never Betters - Dirty
      Nomads - Better Off Dead
      Pegboy - Hardlight
      Jawbreaker - Imaginary War
      EK Decay - Nuclear Nation
      Hashtag - Selling The Country
      Johnny Moped - Hard Lovin' Man
      999 - Feelin' Alright With The Crew
      Redd Kross - Deuce
      Bad Religion - Change of Ideas
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • February 25, 2017 8:01 AM CST
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday February 25th from Noon-2:00PM EST. Set your dial to 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live from


    • February 11, 2017 1:45 PM CST
    • Playlist 02-11-17

      Damned - Love Song
      Agent Orange - Somebody to Love
      Buzzcocks - You Say You Don't Love Me
      Gentleman Jack Grisham - Someone To Love?
      Hellacopters - By the Grace of God
      When Particles Collide - The Whiskey Always Wins
      Va-Va-Voodoos - Cry Little Space Girl
      Fashionism - Back in the Day
      Djävulen Möblerar Om - Sjunkbomb
      Dirty Fences - Sell Your Truth
      Hashtag - Selling The Country
      Pagans - Hopped Up
      Thee Oh Sees - Unwrap The Fiend, Pt. 1
      Kurt Baker Combo - Upside Down
      Jacuzzi Boys - Refrigeration
      Tyvek - Tip To Tail
      99ers - Come On Let's Go
      Queers - Mrs. Brown You've Got An Ugly Daughter
      Mary's Kids - Hightime
      Pistolhead - I Don't Wanna Know
      Dirt Byrds - Marty Blah Blah Blah
      Addictive Philosophy - Supernatural Race Fiend
      Last Reserves - Waste
      EK Decay - Nuclear Nation
      Television - See No Evil
      Mekons - Where Were You?
      Wire - Dot Dash
      Clash - 1-2 Crush On You
      Godfathers - You Don't Love Me
      Who Killed Nancy Johnson? - Buzz (In Your Head)
      XSLF - The Rich Man
      Snide - Invisible
      Routes - Worry
      Never Betters - Violence
      Underclass UK - Don't Call Me
      Hip Priests - The Hammer
      Urban Commandos - United We Stand
      Rioters - Dark Days
      Deniz Tek - Burned Black
      Fleshtones - Return To The Haunted House
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • February 11, 2017 7:24 AM CST
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday February 11th from Noon-2:00PM EST. There will be loads of new punk and garage tunes for your enjoyment. Listening is as easy as turning your dial to 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live from the link at

    • January 28, 2017 2:18 PM CST
    • Playlist 01-28-17

      Pagans - Hopped Up
      Iggy Pop - I'm Bored
      Penetrators - Teenage Lifestyle
      Briefs - Orange Alert
      Who Killed Nancy Johnson? - Stay Out Late
      XSLF - The Rich Man
      Underclass UK - Rats
      Snide - Hard Work
      Addictive Philosophy - Telly
      Deathsex Bloodbath - Real Dolls Destroy Humanity
      General Chaos - Rich Man
      Last Reserves - Burn
      Va-Va-Voodoos - Going Back To the Rodeo
      Purling Hiss - Fever
      Jacuzzi Boys - Strange Exchange
      Blind Shake - I Shot All The Birds
      Heartbreaker - Baby Talk
      Mighty Caesars - Searching High and Low
      Redd Kross - Linda Blair
      EK Decay - Armageddon
      Last Reserves - Burn
      Rioters - Dark Days
      Pistolhead - Surfin' Safari
      99ers - In the Basement
      Never Betters - Fair Warning
      Gloria - In The Morning
      Sex Pistols - No One Is Innocent
      X-Ray Spex - Genetic Engineering
      Stranglers - Straighten Out
      Psychedelic Furs - Flowers
      Dirt Byrds - Do Not Disturb
      Pravda Cabal - Crumble Fall
      Screaming Dead - Night Creatures
      Quorum - Things Don't Last
      Urban Commandos - United We Stand
      Routes - No Permanence
      Jesus and Mary Chain - In A Hole
      Mission of Burma - That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • January 28, 2017 8:03 AM CST
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday January 28th from Noon-2:00PM EST. Listen in at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live at

    • January 14, 2017 1:44 PM CST
    • Playlist 01-14-17

      Mr. T Experience - Supersonic
      Dead Kennedys - Kill the Poor
      Redd Kross - Citadel
      Manic Hispanic - I Got A Right
      Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection
      Nine Day Decline - Stronger
      Screaming Dead - 20th Century Vampire
      Band For Disease Control & Prevention - Undergrowth
      Damned - Lovely Money
      XSLF - The Rich Man
      General Chaos - Rich Man
      Tio Rico - Mr. Big Shot
      Snide - Go On
      Blank Generation - Hair
      EK Decay - Armageddon
      Trauma UK - Hail Hail
      Blind Shake - I Shot All The Birds
      Purling Hiss - Fever
      Pack AD - Gold Eyes
      Jacuzzi Boys - Refrigeration
      Greg "Stackhouse" Prevost - Signed D.C.
      Missing Souls - Sweet, Sweet Sadie
      Va Va Voodoos - Going Back To The Rodeo
      Mystery Lights - Candlelight
      99ers - In the Basement
      Two Tens - Not Alright
      Healthy Junkies - I Don't Give A Damn
      Urban Commandos - Neon Groove
      Dirt Byrds - Do Not Disturb

    • February 17, 2017 2:57 AM CST
    • Some cool tunes from New Zealand

    • February 5, 2017 11:32 AM CST
    • Sorry, the link doesn't work. Cut and paste this one in your URL bar above!

    • February 5, 2017 11:27 AM CST
    • Hey everyone,

      My first forum post here, just want to introduce y'all to a group I discovered over in Netherlands called del-Toros. Suf rock meets stoner rock, they prefer to call it "alternative surf."  Some really trippy stuff and their records sound massive.  I recently released a split 7" with them and Fatso Jetson for this past RSD just to get them headway here in the US, they have a unique sound (to me at least).  Anyway, if anyone's interested, check out their band camp below.

      Their first album is more punk than surf sounding but still incredible. Their second album The Hottest Places In Hell... has a huge Fender reverb presence and it was mixed by Theo Van Rock (Ween, Rollins Band) and Peter Van Elderen (Peter Pan Speedrock).  Their third album Surfvival Of The Rockest is their most distinct sounding yet sounding than the two, especially the last song on the record.

      These would be the guys to compose and score the movie Faster Pussycat Kill Kill Kill if they were around then.

      Hope you dig and thanks for peeking.

      del-Toros bandcamp


    • January 26, 2017 4:19 PM CST
    • i MEANT THE PROGRAM WITH THE SEEDS' TRIBUTE. For the few who care about this stuff , Alec Palao has been going to town on his Ace/ Big Beat Seeds series.

    • January 26, 2017 4:18 PM CST
    • Sorry I missed this , Steve. The Seeds documentary still has yet to be shown in Chicago. And it's not for lack of trying on the parts of film fest jurors who prefer their music NOT dry as toast......

    • January 24, 2017 12:24 AM CST
    • Howdy friends and neighbors.

      There's a brand new hillbilly episode of The Big Enchilada podcast this month. It's called Barnyard Boogie! and it's a humdinger.

      Songs by Southern Culture on the Skids, Rosie Flores, Jesse Dayton, Suzzette Lawrence, C.W. Stoneking, Reverse Cowgirls and more. 

      Download HERE

       and/or listen on player belowbelow