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    • May 5, 2018 6:58 PM CDT
    •  What Wave Playlist May 4/2018. A show dedicated to the Victoria Tavern/SoHo/Bucket Of Blood which has a sign that says “Closed Until Further Notice” which is what we’ll call this episode. We’re playing only bands/artists that graced the ‘stage’ of the Victoria Tavern over the last 35 or so years.


      1. Uranus…..Around And Around….recorded at Kelly’s Boogie Parlour, another long gone London venue. Uranus played several times at the Victoria, with Ralph Dame on bass if I remember correctly.
      2. Uranus….Under My Thumb…. As above.
      3. Sci-Phonics….Play That Truck Drivin’ Tune….or something like that. Live recording from a long gone venue called The Road Apple, NE corner of York and Wellington 1/12/1986. The Sci-Phonics played the Victoria as a 3 piece and morphed into the long running 4 piece once John Charlton joined on the drums. Prior, stand up bass player Dave Zdryliuk banged on his bass a lot.
      4. Spiral Scratch….No Familiar Faces….from the Zulu Syndrome LP, and another band who morphed through a couple of lineup changes whilst doing gigs at The Victoria.
      5. The Hippies….Rock’n’Roll….live recording (1/16/1984) from another long gone venue, Fryfogles, which was on Dundas St right about where the library presently is. One of the posters for their gigs at the Victoria, had a show listed as a death date, presumably their final show.
      6. The Hippies….Neat Neat Neat… as above.
      7. Napalm Babys….Gun Control….from a live CD they released recorded in Ottawa. Lead singer Dave was supposedly involved in the alleged golden girl incident which actually made the local newspapers here…musta been a slow day and someone had a really good lawyer. If you were there, you know the truth.
      8. Dead Rabbits….I Don’t Care….from a live recording at the Cedar Lounge 2/9/1982, another venue that is long gone….we’ll be doing a special on The Cedar Lounge in August as it will be 40 years ago for the transformation from the Blue Boot Hotel, to the classier Cedar Lounge with its tacky cedar shingles on the walls.
      9. October Crisis…..Everyday….from a self titled CD from 1985 and these guys reform every now and again.
      10. 63 Monroe….Party Like A Rock Star…..from the Stunning CD and this band played the Victoria quite recently.
      11. Flying Squad….Fahrenheit 451….from their Come And Play cassette release and these guys played many a gig at the Victoria. I was informed that is not a cowbell on this recording, but a firebell and the drummer actually had 2 of them….firebells that is.
      12. Boy From Nowhere…Rack My Mind….from a live recording at the Town And Country (now 765 east) 10/5/2013. Boy From Nowhere did their first public appearance at the Victoria, after morphing from Blood Brothers and The Hippies.
      13. Ten Heads….Fading Out….from the Swimming and Singing CD and they played recently at the Victoria.
      14. The Mongrels….All Systems Go…..from a demo and the first time we saw this combo was at the Victoria many years ago.
      15. The Corndogs…..Lemon Head….from the Cliffhanger LP from 1987.
      16. Nosmo King Jr…..City Of Faith….from the CHRW London Underground compilation and according to bass player Lionel Lodge, the band was booked to play the Victoria and no showed!
      17. The Others….Ostrich Trick….from a split 7” with Dumb from 1995
      18. Deja Voodoo…. Big Scary Daddy….from a live recording at Key West, yet another long gone venue, from 10/22/1987. Deja Voodoo played downstairs at the Victoria twice. The first time 3 different parties (unbeknownst to each other) created posters for this gig. It worked, and people came out to see this band from Montreal. The second time through, they were staying at our place when we were offered What Wave zine from Al Cole and had to make the decision on whether to take it over or not. Tony and Gerard said to do it, and we did! There’s pics on FB of the band playing at the Victoria from that show and other pics outside our old apartment on Elmwood, with the band and the Edsel.
      19. Deja Voodoo….Swamp Of Love… as above. There are pics on FB of this gig at the Key West as well.
      20. Rockin’ Bobby Harris…..Yup Yup Boogie…..from the 2 Dollar Bill and The Pennies CD and Rockin’ Bobby is the real deal, an actualy late 50’s rockabilly guy who could still do it.
      21. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats…Half Way To Memphis….from the Rip It Up CD and one of the bands that  played one of our 5 Rockabilly Massacre Shows at the Victoria. Those were fun action packed nights in which we set some records at the bar.
      22. Duke Sedan and the Hi Tones……Real Cool Daddy….from their self titled and released CD.
      23. Nasty Rashes….Hot Rod Hearse….from a live to air recorded during a Radio WW many years ago.
      24. Bloodshot Bill….. Shick Shack….from the Git High Tonite CD on Transistor 66 Records.
      25. The Greasemarks….Greasemark Boogie….from a demo CD they sent us.
      26. Evil Farm Children…..Border Blaster….from the Evilling CD and from Ottawa.
      27. Running From Daylight…..Deadman’s Crossing….from the brand new Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet CD and they played the Victoria recently.
      28. Lonesome Ghost…..Haunted By God…..from a demo and they were part of my fave show ever at the Victoria….Along with Speaking Tongues and John Schooley, this was a triple bill that shoulda packed the joint. Unfortunately, it was raining like a son of a bitch that eve, and only the fortunate few ventured out to catch this killer bill. It was Schooley’s first ever show in Canada, and happened right here!
      29. Speaking Tongues….Run To My Door….from their self titled debut CD.
      30. John Schooley…..Drive You Faster….from his self titled LP on Voodoo Rhythm Records.
      31. Sheesham, Lotus and Son…..Darling Cora……from their Clear The Table CD. This was the last show we caught at the Victoria, earlier this year, and was the best show we’ve seen so far this year. 3 piece old timey band from the Kingston, Ontario area and they’ve got their act down just perfect, with lots of crowd interaction and fun times!


      There were lots more songs to play, some might get played next week. Huge thanx for the texts, emails, facebook messages, phone calls and Heys on this one!!! Another local venue bites the dust and we’ve all gotta get out there and support live bands and venues in this town!!


      Back again next week with more noise and loads of new material.


      You might be able to find an archived show here….I keep bugging management about the archives:  

    • April 28, 2018 8:07 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist April 27/2018


      1. Sugar Brown…..Looking For 2 O’Clock….new CD called Calling All Blues from this Toronto based blues combo that just came into CHRW. Way cool authentic sounding blues from this scholar of the blues whom we hope to get to London at some point.
      2. The Jack Cades…..Big Fish…from the brand new Freakbeat Fraternity release on Dirty Water Records from the UK. On the tubs is our pal Mole, long time drummer for such elite outfits as The Higher State, Embrooks and so many more in his long and dedicated career. Another new arrival at CHRW!
      3. Lawn….My Boy….from the Blood On The Tracks release from this New Orleans pop combo. Yet another new arrival here at CHRW!
      4. The Lawn….Reconsider Baby…from the Debussy Fields CD from 1992 and from Toronto. Had to play this due to the same names of the bands. This combo has Lonnie James on the tubs, a vet of so many cool Toronto outfits; Living Proof, Naugahyde 5 and lots more.
      5. Tuerto Loco….Nancy Sinatra….recorded live here on Radio WW back 5/12/2011. And these wackos are at the St Regis tonite!
      6. Fiends….Vacation….from the recent Easy Does It release, and from London Ontario.
      7. Vypers….Deep Save….from the Champion 100 10” that is about to be released and we yammered a quick one over the phone, as Vypers were in town last night at Call The Office. Any band with psych sounds that mentions 13th Floor Elevators and Spaceman 3 has their roots firmly planted on solid ground!
      8. Vypers….Reaper… as above. They mentioned working on a new full length with slightly slower but more ominous sounds.
      9. Dong Vegan….Bugs….from the He Job Sessions and they opened (and share gigs) with Vypers.
      10. No Pussyfooting…..Fake Wood and Chrome….from the brand new Pentagon Black 4 compilation and from Peterborough.
      11. Occasional Angels….Be There….from Ottawa and found this fine soul combo via the recent CBC awards thing.
      12. Ronnie Lee…..Dare To Be Different….from the Permanent New Wave comp and this goes out to our pal Sue who is not doing well. Rena and Sue were best friends through university and teacher’s college and both went out to the local clubs to catch the punk/new wave thing that was happening in the late 70’s/80’s. Sue was with Rena when I asked her out for the first time (at a Shakin’ Pyramids show at Fryfogles) and when I told Sue what I did (fix computers) she replied, ‘you don’t look Asian’ my introduction to her dry sarcastic humour. Well Rena and I have been together since, and found out recently, it was us that introduced Sue to her longtime hubby Paul….again at a punk rock show, and this time, at our usual hangout back then, The Cedar Lounge. This song sums up everything about those punk/new wave days and is from 1978.
      13. The Alleycats….Black Haired Girl…from the Sharp Cuts compilation. From about 1978 and Sue was into cats (still is) and has black hair…
      14. Ronnie Lee….Some Like It Hot….from the Permanent New Wave comp….
      15. The Fast….Kids Just Wanna Dance….from the Sharp Cuts comp and from about 1979. We did a lot of dancing back in those days and had a lotta fun. This one not only sums it up, but these guys played the Cedar Lounge back in about 1979. A pictures exists of the band on stage from the area of the entrance to the club….I’m trying to get my hands on this pic as it’s a rare full stage shot from the Cedar Lounge.
      16. Raunch Hands…Stomp It…from their 1984 debut 7” and the one that made me a fan. Remember writing to the address on the back of the single and getting a response from Michael Tchang and finally meeting the band at the Star Club back in 1985.  This RH set goes out to singer Michael Chandler.
      17. Raunch Hands….Spit It On The Floor….from the El Rauncho Grande EP from 1985 and there’s a lesson in this song.
      18. Raunch Hands….Ford…as above. Pictures are up on FB for Chandler and we’ve put lots from the Star Club shows and the band’s one appearance here in London Ontario at Bullwinkles from 1986.
      19. Hook Up….Greyhound To Graceland…from the Cruel Sounds CD on Transistor 66 Records.
      20. The Zellots….On The Dole…from the flexi and from about 1979.
      21. Teenage Head….Teenage Beer Drinkin’ Party….from the recent Fun Comes Fast CD and TH were in town recently at Call The Office.
      22. The Judys…..Sex and The Single Malt….from their debut CD and from Vancouver with our pal Pete Feend on the bass.
      23. Gus Cordovox…..Trashpickin’….from the You’re Soaking In It compilation from 1988 and features Philly and area bands. This track features Ben Vaughn on the telecaster. This show was going to feature a bunch of compilations, but life gets in the way and we have to respect the past to build a better future.
      24. Harry Manx….Foxy Lady…from the Wise and Otherwise CD and he is at the Aeolian Hall on Thursday night.
      25. Soul Jazz Orchestra….Holla Holla…from the Under Burning Skies CD and from Ottawa.
      26. Tuxedomoon….Dark Companion….from the Ralph compilation Frank Johnsons Favorites on Ralph Records and from 1981. Bought this when I was obsessed with the crazy sounds of The Residents and everything they were associated with. Lost interest in The Residents, but still like a lot of what Tuxedomoon did.
      27. Chrome….Anti Fade….from the Subterranean Underground compilation from 1979 on Ralph Records. First heard about Chrome via Greg Shaw’s ground shattering zine, Who Put The Bomp? as Chrome ran adverts for their releases in it. I correctly assumed that anything that was in Who Put The Bomp had to be in my collection as that zine really opened doors for me! Got to see Helios Creed from Chrome at Call The Office 4/15/1992 and he autographed some of my records back then. Live audio of that one exists according to my files.
      28. Sheesham and Lotus and Son….Ida Red…from their Clear The Table CD and from Kingston. Coincidentally, they are now in the other London.


      Ran outta time before tunes as per usual. Big Thanx to the Vypers for giving us a call on the road to London. And Thanx for all the messages, texts, phone calls and Heys!!


      There might be an archived show here:

      Back again next week and it looks like we’re going to be doing a special on the SOHO (for decades known as The Victoria Tavern) as it appears it has closed down. TONS of local and out of town bands have played that place over the years and we’ve put on many shows there as well.



    • April 20, 2018 7:13 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist April 20/2018


      1. Yur Mum….Intro and DR Zsolt….from a brand new release called Road Rage from this UK trio.
      2. The Vypers….Mr Girl….from their recent 10” and they will be playing next Friday at Call The Office. Really dig their psych sounds and we’ll either have them in studio next week or via phone to find out their story.
      3. Dong Vegan…..Switch Hitter….from the He-Job Sessions release and they are playing with the Vypers next Friday.
      4. Fashionism…..Checking Out The Checkout Girl….from the just released today Pentagon Black Compilaton Volume 4. This comp is all one take recordings and Fashionism features Jeffy Clone, who also sang in….
      5. Tranzmitors….Some Girls….7” on the La Ti Da Record label from 2006. And this is my fave Tranzmitors single as it has Dancing In The Front Row on the flip side!
      6. Mack MacKenzie….Devil Likes Me….recorded live in the Radio What Wave studio 6/16/2017. And Mack will be at Fitzrays on Wednesday April 25th.
      7. 3 O’Clock Train….Train Of Dreams….from the Wig Wam Beach EP from 1985. This was Mack’s country rock combo that jump started his career. This tune got a lot of airplay on Much Music back in its time!
      8. 3 O’Clock Train….Stupid Little Angel….as above. This guy can really write some good songs!
      9. Running From Daylight….Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet….from the CD Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet that we got just before going on air. RFD have their CD release this coming Thursday when they open for the Living Deads  at Call The Office.
      10. Krista D…..Land Mine…from the brand new re-ish of the Look At Me CD.
      11. Jeremy Porter and the Tucos….Patty’s Not Impressed….from the Don’t Worry It’s Not Contagious CD and these guys were  in town last Thursday. Only caught the first of three (ya three!!) sets and they were rocking out very nicely! American meets power pop meets story telling songs and well worth checking out if you get the chance.
      12. Dany Laj and the Looks….Left Right To One….from the brand new 7” and they are back in town on the Friday of the May long weekend.
      13. Drivin’ Beats….Drivin’ Me Crazy….latest demos from this garage meets surf meets powerpop  combo.
      14. Archie and the Bunkers…You’re My Pacemaker….from the brand new Songs From The Lodge release on Dirty Water Records.
      15. Wars In Transit….Safety….from a self released 1982 cassette and from Guelph Ontario. They played the Cedar Lounge back in the early 80’s.
      16. Labasheeda….On The Beach….from their recent Changing Lights release and from the Netherlands.
      17. Charlie Weber….Self Titled….from his Major/Minor CD and from Exeter via London. Caught Charlie at the Jack Richardson pub crawl at Call The Office. He had some of the Mountain Of Wolves guys backing him up and they rocked out quite nicely. Expect a record on Forest City Records late summer/fall.
      18. Oily Birds….Yesterday’s Numbers….from a live recording at CHRW 4/29/2010 and 2 of the guys in the Boy From Nowhere band.
      19. Coaching For Sara….Sister Won’t….from the Remastered CD and from London.
      20. Evil Hoodoos…Have You Seen My Baby…..from a live recording at the Electric Banana 6/20/1991. Sounds like 2 or 3 of the Boy From Nowhere along with James Bond on the keyboards and Wailin’ Wayne Pattern on the vocals.
      21. Long Day Journey…..Curio Shoppe….from the Count Bonniwell Electric CD and from Hamilton Ontario.
      22. Long Day Journey….I’m Giving You The Warning…. As above.
      23. Mourning Reign…..Satisfaction Guaranteed…..from The Finest Hours Of US 60’s Punk compilation on Eva Records.
      24. Shades Of Night…..Fluctuation….from the Open Up Your Door Volume 2 compilation of 60’s punk.
      25. Keith Kessler….Don’t Crowd Me….from the Ear-Piercing Punk compilation of 60’s garage punk and goes out to Michael Chandler of The Raunch Hands who is having some issues.
      26. Bureaucrats……Grown Up Age….from the Bureacrats LP that collects most of their recordings and goes out to Gaz Sidwell, vocalist who passed away this week.
      27. Bureaucrats….She’s An American…. As above.
      28. Bureaucrats….Now and Then…. As above.
      29. Bureaucrats…..Feel The Pain…. As above.
      30. Them…..Gloria….from the Endless Journey compilation of 60’s psych and punk. This was recorded after the band moved to the US and Van Morrison was long gone.
      31. Them….Baby Please Don’t Go… as above and cut off as we ran out of time.



      Big Thanx to all that volunteered and came out to celebrate Jack Richardson Music Week here in London. It was an amazing success with so many things going on over the week. And congrats to the winners at the awards ceremony on Sunday night!


      Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, FB messages, texts and Heys!!! That’s what makes it all worthwhile!!!


      We’ve got an interview with the Vypers scheduled for next week as they are at Call The Office next Friday.


      There might be an archived show here:

    • April 14, 2018 7:58 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist April 13/2018


      Another all London playlist as we’re deep into the week of celebrations/shows/events of The Jack Richardson Music Week here in London Ontario. We come to the climax on Sunday night at the awards ceremony at London Music Hall. Hope to see some of you there!

      But we started this week with a non-London interview, Son Of Dave, infamous one man blues band, who just happened to be playing at the London Music Club that eve. Son Of Dave’s music has been used in many television shows, online adverts, he’s opened for The Stooges and done so much more! Even won a Juno Award in his  previous combo, Crash Test Dummies!

      1. Son Of Dave….Lust For Life…from the Son Of Dave Plays 13 Explosive Hits CD.
      2. Nervousmen….Joy Decision….from a recent download and these guys have a show on April 21 at Call The Office.
      3. Black Holes….Miss Pearl….live recording from the long gone Brunswick Hotel. This is the start of our London rockabilly set. Black Holes feature local artist and guitar wizard Tom Hilborn. You can catch Tom’s paintings in various galleries around the city.
      4. Viv Sun and the Black Holes….Train Kept A Rollin’….1996 demo recording of the old Tiny Bradshaw tune. Tom Hilborn was also the guitarist in this combo that evolved into just the Black  Holes. Black Holes do play around once in a blue moon, and always put on great shows!
      5. Larry Lee and the Leesures….Odd Man Out….from their self titled LP from around 1965. Rockabilly in 1965 was a step out of time as was this song. Coulda and maybe shoulda been covered by The Cramps, instead, the Black Holes covered it at live shows.
      6. Running From Daylight….Mary Jane….new demo from this local psychobilly/rbilly combo that is keeping the sound alive in London. So ends our rockabilly set.
      7. Condo Christ….Weekend Alcoholic…from the London Underground LP, the first CHRW LP compilation of London bands. CHRW has released at least 5 compilations of local combos and we’re playing a song from 5 of them. The 5th is a cassette, that is inside the Jack Richardson Music Hall Museum as part of a local cassette display.
      8. Frankenstein 5….It’s A Cryin’ Shame….from the London Underground Dig Deeper CD from 1994. F5 were the only exclusive 60’s garage combo to come out of London. They appeared on a couple of WW cassettes and also released their own cassette, recorded right here at CHRW.
      9. Salmon Blaster….Chomalungma…from the London Underground 3 CD from 1995. Salmon Blaster are re-uniting for one show at Call The Office tonite as part of the Jack Richardson London Music week.
      10. Don’t Touch The Dancers….Make Me Sick….from the LDN CD, the latest CHRW compilation.
      11. Mountain Of Wolves….Don’t Call My Name….from their Poison LP and they will be playing on Sunday night as part of the award ceremonies at the London Music Hall.
      12. Randall Pee Coltrane….Just A Heartbeat….from the recent Atomic Love Burrito CD and we had Randall live onair a couple weeks back.
      13. Shakey Jack….I Can’t See You No More….from the Demics Covers CD put out by Nick Perry, original Demic drummer.
      14. Pogo Pete….Life Is A Crazy Passion….as above and a summation of the summer of 77/78 here in London Ontario.
      15. UIC….How Deep Is Your Love….recorded live at Bullwinkles 2/14/1986 and goes out to bass player Dan Preszcator who passed away 2 weeks ago. Bullwinkles was also called Kellys Boogie Parlour, Hard Times, Salt Lounge and probably a couple other names. The building is still standing (with external support) so grab a picture while you can.
      16. The Hippies….How You Gonna Live….from the early 80’s. The picture sleeve for this one, as well as a TON of other London 7” records is on display at the Jack Richardson London Music Museum at 182 Dundas St, the old Nash Jewellers store front.
      17. Jane Doe….There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis….teamwork as musicians from various combos got together to put this one out.
      18. B Girls…. B Side….from the Bomp label from 1979 and features Marcy Saddy on the tubs.
      19. The Zellots….Let’s Play House….from their 1978 Vancouver recordings with Heather Haley on vocals. After doing this, they moved back to London and reformed with a new drummer and vocalist.
      20. Cordcalling….When I Scream….from the CD of the same name.
      21. Pacanomad….Heaven Can Wait….from the Restless CD.
      22. Baby Giant…..High Tide….from the Baby Giant 2 download and they were in the CBC contest a few weeks back.
      23. The Fine Print….Last Night…from the Standing Out CD and they released a cassette on the WW label.
      24. Fiends….Never Old…from the brand new Easy Does It CD and they will be playing at Old East 765 tonite.
      25. Terminal Wallys…..East End….from the New Old School CD and all about the east end of this city.
      26. TVD….I’d Kiss You Honey But You’re Standing On My Bottom Lip…from the Salvation Through Distraction CD.
      27. Finks….Can’t Say No….from their only 7” from the mid 80’s and features bass player Pete Feend who is still playing to this day.


      Thanx to Son Of Dave for taking the time to call in. Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, FB messages and texts!! And all the kind words!! That’s what keeps us going!!!

      You can often find me at the Jack Richardson Music Musuem on Saturday afternoons, helping the curator, Rena get things done. There’s a few displays that will be of special interest to listeners of Radio WW and we just received some new stuff yesterday from the big band era. Johnny Downs was a HUGE influence to the local big band and jazz scene through his restaurant, The Latin Quarter.


      Back again next week with a bit more local stuff from the past and lots of new stuff!


      There might be an archived show here:

    • March 30, 2018 8:03 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave March 30/2018.  Dedicated to Dan Preszcator UIC Bass Guitarist


      This one goes out to long long time UIC bass player Dan Preszcator who passed away yesterday, way too young!! Dan was the quiet one and let his bass playing do his talking.  UIC had done a few reunion shows in the past 2 years, wowing long time and new fans alike and equaling if not bettering the band in its prime!! For Dan!


      1. UIC….2 + 2….from an It Came From Canada compilation and Dan really shines on this one!
      2. UIC….Blade In The Back….from Disgraceland , a cassette compilation that came with WW zine #15
      3. UIC….Who’ll Start The End….from Garunge, a cassette compilation that came with WW zine #14
      4. UIC….Honest Can’t Survive….from a demo supplied by Dave Dysart, he’s the guitarist who filled in for Ted in the reunion shows and has kept the band in line. We had Dave live on Radio WW sometime around when UIC did their only London reunion show in 2017. A show that many still talk about to this day.


      Right around this time Randall Pee Coltrane called in to talk about the Really Good Friday happening in Exeter (UIC’s hometown) and how the gathered crowd was shocked to hear about Dan. And then we got to talking a bit about how so many Exeter people were involved in the very early days of the London punk/new wave scene at the Cedar Lounge. Then we yammered about the big show at the St Regis, where Randall and The Rivieras, Boy From Nowhere, Myrtle Earle and a Gigi band were going to be playing on Saturday night.


      1. Boy From Nowhere….Wild In The Street….from a live recording from the Toys For Tots show from 2016. Recorded by The Nite Bat who has a show early every Monday morning here on CHRW.
      2. Randall and the Rivieras….All Work And No Play….from their self titled debut CD….2 members of The Verge and a Hippy.
      3. Randall Pee Coltrane….Let Your Freak Flag Fly….from his self titled debut CD.
      4. UIC…..Telephone….from a live recording the band supplied us from 3/16/1985 at Call The Office. Recorded by Wayne Fisher (former Napalm Baby). There is video of this show out there somewhere…..if anyone can track it down, please let me know as I’m the jackass up front by the stage dancing like a fool!  And the guy yelling really loudly on all of these tracks is Brian the Math Teacher, a regular at many cool events back then.
      5. UIC….Instro….some free form jazz and as above.
      6. UIC….No Fun… above.
      7. UIC….New Rose… as above.
      8. UIC….Let’s Dance On…. As above. And this one appeared on the Live In London cassette that came with WW zine #13.
      9. UIC….What I Want… as above. I sorta remember UIC doing another Victims song….Annette. Or was it 63 Monroe that did that one? Definitely a song we could not play on the radio.
      10. UIC….Crop Dusting…. As above.
      11. UIC….Shamrock Bang…. As above.
      12. UIC….I Got Nerve….as above and that ends our live from Call The Office 3/16/1985 portion of the show.
      13. UIC…..Anything At All….from the Wiseman Sessions CD…..recorded in 1988 with Bobby Wiseman, and didn’t see the light of day until 2001 when it was released in an extremely limited edition CD. Thanks to Yeah Right? Records for releasing this on vinyl last year! Pick it up at your fave local record shop.
      14. UIC….Lite It And Fly….. as above.
      15. UIC….Heartache….as above.
      16. UIC…..Pushed In To The Hole…. As above.
      17. UIC….Lock Jaw Bay…. As above and that completes our little tour of the Wiseman Sessions….remastered by Peter Moore (who won a Grammy last year, so he must know what he’s doing) who was a DJ here on CHRW back in 1981 and went under the name Simon Less.
      18. UIC….I’m Alive….from the Witches In Credible CD from 1993 and a big change for the sound of the band. Drummer Murray and guitarist Ted had exited to form the country rock combo, Positively Stompin’, who unfortunately were a step out of time or they could have been big.
      19. UIC….Parkdale…. as above and this one has the more psychedelic soul type of sound the band was moving in. This one has held up really well over the years.
      20. The Chickens…..Chicken Ride….This is basically UIC without Ted and with Ken Mikalauskas on guitar. This came out in 2000 and was a much more powerpop sound that UIC. Live they were totally amazing and so much fun to dance to! They went down to the states to compete in Little Steven’s Battle Of the Bands, finishing second, just behind Muck and The Mires.
      21. The Chickens….White Squirrel Town…. As above and about the legendary white squirrels that supposedly live in Exeter.
      22. The Chickens….Room On Fire….from the Bring It On CD from 2003 and the last release by The Chickens.
      23. The Chickens….Heart That Bleeds…. As above.
      24. UIC…..Our Garage…..from their first LP, Our Garage that came out in 1986 on Fringe Records.


      So many great memories with Dan and UIC over the 37 years or so that we saw them! From the first time we saw them in Centralia opening up for 63 Monroe to the last reunion show we saw them at here in London, they Always put on a great show!! And Dan was a key part of that sound! RIP Dan, we’re going to miss you!!!


      Thanx for all the phone calls, FB messages, emails and shout outs and hope you had as much fun as I did playing and listening to all the sounds of UIC over the years!

      Next week, we’re live to air at the Jack Richardson London Music Hall Of Fame in downtown London. It’s located in the old Nash Jewelers store at 182 Dundas St. Radio WW and Media Frenzy (the show right before us) will both be broadcasting live from the Museum and you are more than welcome to drop by and yammer live on the airwaves or just stand around and stare….or maybe dance if the mood strikes. Both shows are playing London combos exclusively as this is the start of our HUGE week of the Jack Richardson London Music Awards here in London! Check the Jack Richardson London Music Awards web site for all the details and I’ll be plugging many of the events during next week’s broadcast.


      There might be an archived show here:



    • March 3, 2018 8:07 AM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist March 2 2018


      1. The Occasional Angels…..That’s What It Takes….from the brand new Angels In Exile CD and from Ottawa Ontario.
      2. Coaching For Sara….Stick With You….from the Remastered CD and they have a show Sat Mar 10th at the 765 Old East.
      3. Baby Giant….Wyoming….from the Baby Giant 2 release and from London Ontario.
      4. Krista D….You And Me…from a recent download and from Edmonton. Raye from Ricochet Sound recommended her to Radio WW and he was right on the mark!
      5. Jr Gone Wild….Old Blue…from the Less Art More Pop LP from 1986 and from Edmonton.
      6. Suicide Generation….London Blues…from the about to be released 1st Suicide LP on Dirty Water Records.
      7. Hollywood Sinners….I Want You….from their just released Khome Kakka release on Dirty Water Records.
      8. Durango 95….Lose Control….from the 1983 LP of the same name and goes out to Lou Molinaro and his radio show called Lou’s Control, every Wed 3 -5 on CFMU out of Hamilton.
      9. Durango 95….Lorraine….from the above LP and a classic. Most of the members of Durango 95 went on to become Purple Toads who played Bullwinkles and Key West here in London about 30 years ago.
      10. Long Day Journey….I’m Giving You The Warning…from the brand new The Count Bonniwell  Electric CD. From Hamilton, and just arrived via post yesterday and this is LDJ’s adventure into the world of 60’s garage punk!! You’ll be hearing lots more from this one in the weeks ahead!!
      11. Jeremy Porter and the Tucos….Huckleberry….from the recent Don’t Worry It’s Not Contagious CD and they will be at Old East 765 on April 12th.
      12. The Dogmatics….Saturday Nite Again….from the Everybody Does It LP from 1985 and from Boston.
      13. Teenage Head….Top Down…the 1978 version from the recent Fun Comes Fast release and they will be at Call The Office March 24th with Boy From Nowhere opening the show.
      14. Teenage Head….Ain’t Got No Sense…also from Fun Comes Fast and from 1979.
      15. Dr John…..Let’s Make A Better World…from the 1974 LP Desitively Bonnaroo on Atlantic. They’ve just released all of Dr John’s early LP’s in a box set.
      16. The Bar-Kays….Soul Finger….from a STAX 50th Anniversary CD set.
      17. Booker T and the MG’s…..Soul Limbo…as above and these were a couple of songs that didn’t make last week’s show.
      18. Mountain Of Wolves….Don’t Call My Name….from the recent Poison LP and from London Ontario.
      19. The Zellots….On The Dole…from the recent flexi and Vancouver recordings from 1978/9
      20. Red Arms….Hindsight….from their 7” and they have a show on Thursday at Call The Office.
      21. UK Gold….Off Duty Nuns…from the recent Girlsville compilation called Our Voltage.
      22. Miesha and The Spanks…..Motorin’….from the recent Girls Girls Girls CD and they are at EVAC next Friday night. Originally Miesha was going to come onair next week, but we’ve been pre-empted by an event at the Spoke here at Western.
      23. Miesha and the Spanks….Girls Girls Girls…as above.
      24. Labasheeda….Fiftynine….from the recent Changing Lights CD and from Netherlands.
      25. The Dice….Tired of Living Like This….from a 1980 7” and 2 of the members are playing in a band called Memphis Jam who will be at Aeolian Hall on Saturday night. They promise to do a Dice song or two.
      27. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds…..Red Right Arm…from the Let Love In CD and was used in an early episode of X Files where Scully is being kidnapped and she is locked in the trunk of a car and the driver is listening to this song on the radio.
      28. Tuerto Loco….Nancy Sinatra….recorded live on Radio What Wave 5/12/2011 and they are playing on Saturday at the St Regis Hotel.
      29. The Mongrels….Do It….demo recording and they are doing their monthly Rock’n’Roll Rent Party at the Richmond on Sunday eve.
      30. Empty Hours…..Lucky Day….from the recent It’s About Time LP and from Brantford Ontario.
      31. The Droogs… Stone Cold World…..from the 1984 LP of the same name and from California. One of the first bands to play 60’s garage tunes in the mid to late 70’s.
      32. Dr Feelgood….Lights Out….from the 1977 Sneakin’ Suspicion LP and part of the pub rock scene from the UK.
      33. Louis Tillett….Baby Please Don’t Go…..from the To Ride A Dead Pony release and had to fade this out as we ran out of time.


      Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, messages and Heys!!! Dunno about the request for Morrissey though, but maybe Lindsay Hutton would know more, as he was involved at the very beginning of the Legion Of The Cramps fan club.


      No show next week as we’re pre-empted by a live broadcast from the Spoke Tavern here at Western. In an earlier life, The Spoke was known as The Spoke and Rim, was in a different building, and had bands like Blue Peter, Teenage Head, Rough Trade and Bop Cats play in it. Our next show will be March 16th and it’ll be a Record Show special as the London Record Show is on March 18th.


      You might find an archived show here:

    • February 24, 2018 8:19 AM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist February 23/2018  All Black Show and Live to Air with After Funk


      This was an all Black show as February is Black History Month and CHRW has a full day of Black music coming up on Tuesday. We also had a surprise live to air with After Funk, as they were in the studio taping a live performance for the Top 30 Countdown Show that airs the next day, and they were playing live at Call The Office on the eve of this show.


      1. 6th Infantry Brigade of the Nigerian Army….Black And Proud….from a compilation CD called Black Man’s Cry, The Inspiration of Fela Kuti on Now Again Records.
      2. Wayne McGhie….Fire….from the Jamaica To Toronto compilation and from 1969. This was the start of our quick look at the late 60’s/early 70’s Toronto/Jamaican musical era. There were 4 key musicians, Wayne being one, the others The Mighty Pope, Jackie Mittoo (came from Jamaica in 1968 and had been a key player in the Jamaican reggae scene, being musical director and keyboard player for Sir Coxsone Dodd) and Leroy Sibbles (came from Jamaica in 1973 and was bass player for Sir Coxsone Dodd). These 4 upped the musical levels of the Toronto scene and put out some amazing music in that era!  There were many record shops in Toronto in this era that specialized in reggae, soul and Jamaican music. Walking into these shops was like going into another world!
      3. The Hitchikers….Mr Fortune….also from the Jamaica to Toronto compilation and features The Mighty Pope on the vocals.
      4. Leroy Sibbles….Express Yourself…from the Studio One Soul compilation CD on Soul Jazz Records. Again, prior to Leroy immigrating to Toronto and on the excellent Soul Jazz Records label that has put out TONS of cool soul, jazz, reggae and world music and is based in the UK.
      5. Jackie Mittoo…Get Up and Get It….from The Keyboard King Of Studio One double LP compilation that has been re-ished many times. This was prior to Jackie immigrating up to Toronto.
      6. Shirley Matthews….Big Town Boy….from the Made In Canada compilation and this song was a hit on Toronto’s CHUM AM back in 1963. Shirley was from the Windsor area and recorded another single or 2 before retiring to motherhood and adulthood.
      7. The Majestics….Medley…..from the ARC LP Instrumental R&B. Toronto soul group from 1967 and had a young Shawne Jackson in the band, long before her 1974 top 10 Just As Bad As You. The Majestics released a couple of LP’s, all on the ARC label, the same label that released the 60’s punk records around the same time.
      8. Jackie Shane….Shotgun….from the recent double LP with the booklet by Rob Bowman and recorded live in Toronto around 1967.
      9. Tarig Abubakar and the Afro Nubaians…..Hobey Laik….from the LP of the same name and came out in 1987. These guys used to play Sunfest quite regularly and had the crowds up and dancing a storm. They were never able to capture that live energy on any of their recordings and sadly, Tarig passed away in Sudan after a car accident many years ago.
      10. The Soul Motivators….Love Thing….from their 2015 CD Free To Believe and from Toronto. They’ve yet to come to London and I tried to convince them a couple years back as the closest they’ve been is This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton.
      11. Marcellus Wallace…Movin’ On Up…..from their self titled debut CD and our first London combo today. The band has moved to Toronto and is presently on hiatus while searching for new members.
      12. Danko Jones….Sexual Interlude….from the Garage Rock! A Collection of Lost Songs from 1996-1998.
      13. The Dice….Typical Lies….from their 12” EP from the late 70’s/early 80’s. At the time, they were a Toronto combo grouped in with the punk movement as they played The Cedar Lounge a couple of times here in London. Vocalist/guitarist Gary Lima was in charge of the MIA Program here at Fanshawe College and drummer Hayden Vialva has served time in many a London combo, current being blues based Double Clutch Band. Hayden and Gary are getting back together for a combo called Memphis Jam who are playing next weekend at Aeolian Hall and cover rock’n’roll standards and say they do a Dice song or 2.
      14. Bo Diddley…..Black Soul….from the Drive By CD which collects Bo’s funk recordings from 1970 to 1973 and a far cry from his hair cut and a shave two bits era.
      15. Muddy Waters…Tom Cat….from his Electric Mud LP from 1968 and produced by Marshall Chess. Not your regular Muddy blues sounds and Muddy’s least favourite recording.
      16. Rufus Thomas….The Dog…from a greatest hits compilation and from 1963 when Rufus was on Stax Records.
      17. After Funk…..Freak a Little Bit and live to air as After Funk just happened to be in the studio and it took no persuasion for the band to do a couple of songs live to air. Some lively funk goings on that hopefully had some listeners up and dancing! They played that eve at Call The Office along with London’s Mountain Of Wolves.
      18. After Funk…. As above, but don’t know the name of the song. When the show was over, the band was busy doing an interview that is supposed to air today.
      19. Andre Williams and The Sadies….Psycho….from the Red Dirt LP from 1999 and this song in its original incarnation used to get airplay on CHUM AM when I was a kid. Andre Williams played Call The Office about 15 or more years ago to about a dozen very appreciative fans.
      20. Black Joe Lewis….I Don’t Mind….from a 2005 7” on Shake Your Ass Records out of Italy.
      21. Magic Sam…..21 Days In Jail….from the compilation CD Devil’s Blues……Magic Sam was based in Chicago and passed away way too young.
      22. Barrence Whitfield and the Savages….Bloody Mary….from their Live Emulsified CD on Rounder Records. BW was at Call The Office a couple years back and put on a Killer show!
      23. Etta James….Tough Lover…..from a Greatest Hits compilation and originally came out in 1956.
      24. Louis Jordan….Caledonia….from the Rock’n’Roll Cd and originally recorded back in 1956. Features one of my fave guitar players, Mickey Baker who played countless sessions and appeared on many jazz records. He grew tired of the racial intolerance in the US and moved to France to carry on his career, passing away just a couple years back.
      25. Garland Jeffries….Wild In The Steets…from his 1977 LP Ghost Writer and released prior as a single. This was played on many FM stations back in the day. Garland worked with Lou Reed prior to the Velvet Underground and with John Cale after he left the VU.
      26. The Equals….Baby Come Back….from a 1968 7” and these guys were HUGE in the UK and did very little this side of the ocean.
      27. Jimmy Cliff….The Harder They Come….from the CD and movie of the same name and from 1972.
      28. James Brown…..I Don’t Mind….from his Live at the Apollo CD from 1962 and one of the best live LP’s ever!
      29. Peter Tosh…..Steppin’ Razor….from a Greatest Hits CD and from 1977.



      Out of time, but certainly not out of music. Huge Thanx to After Funk for playing an impromptu live to air session……had no idea they were going to be in the studio! And a Huge thanx for all the phone calls as the phone was ringing off the hook for a good part of the show and missed several calls. And Thanx for all the texts, emails, FB messages and Heys!!! Had an absolute Blast doing this show and hopefully we had some listeners up and dancing for this one.

      Back again next week and already have a few requests lined up.


      There might be an archived show here:



    • May 5, 2018 1:48 PM CDT
    • Playlist 05-05-18

      Ultra Sect - Built To Last
      UK Subs - Tomorrow's Girls
      US Chaos - Chaos
      William Shatner - Garbageman
      J.O.N. - Narcissitic
      Three From Above - Hail, Caesar
      Monsters - Happy People Make Me Sick
      Morbs - Nothing Nothing Nothing
      Splatterheads - Bein' Right There
      JJ & The Real Jerks - Split Decision
      Why Oh Whys - Big Mouth
      Strays - Problematic
      Hemmit - My Room
      Lengthmen - Not Drinking Water
      Klammer - Modern God
      David Harrison - Good Enough For Rock n Roll
      Trousers - Dancer From The Dance
      Peter118 - Break Em Out
      Weird Al Yankovic - Beat On The Brat
      Ambition Demolition - Treason
      Awkwards - Being Awkward
      English Guns - Guns Remain Silent
      Dirt Byrds - Dead Man's Blues
      Flesh Eaters - Miss Muerte
      X - Universal Corner
      Weirdos - Solitary Confinement
      Minutemen - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
      Dils - Class War
      Dictators - Two Tub Man
      Electric Frankenstein - You're So Fake
      Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Baby Talk
      Chats - Temperature
      Stooges - TV Eye
      Royal Dog - Crabbed
      Stranger Mayhem - City Lights
      Pandoras - It Felt Alright
      Echo & The Bunnymen - Do It Clean
      Shark Toys - That's How I Escaped My Perfect Fate
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • May 5, 2018 6:28 AM CDT
    • It has been a long four weeks, but the Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be returning to the airwaves on Saturday May 5th from Noon-2:00PM EST. Loads of new and old punk and garage tunes have been waiting to be played. Tune your dial to 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live from the link at

    • April 7, 2018 1:53 PM CDT
    • Playlist 04-07-18

      Magnapop - Here It Comes
      Jesus & Mary Chain - April Skies
      Purple Outside - After The Springtime
      Lemon Drops - I Live In The Springtime
      Milkshakes - Thinking 'Bout That Girl
      Ugly Beats - Sombras
      Daisy House - Yellow Moon Road
      Pandoras - Just A Picture
      Mr. T Experience - Supersonic
      Sweet Baby - She's From Salinas
      Vacant Lot - I Know
      Best Kissers In the World - Pickin' Flowers For
      Adverts - Bombsite Boy
      999 - Homicide
      Generation X - Night Of Cadillacs
      Buzzcocks - Wake Up Call
      Hemmit - My Room
      Cavedogs - La La La
      Junk Monkeys - All In A Day
      Peter118 - Break Em Out
      Royal Dog - Breaks
      Three From Above - Na Na Na
      Index Of - Rabia y Mas
      Lengthmen - Not Drinking Water
      Wipes - One Chance
      Black Zephyr - Can't Buy Me Love
      JJ Doll - Dirge
      Dirt Byrds - Raw
      Why Oh Whys - Join Me In Confusion
      Chats - Smoko
      Hydeouts - Rock n Roll Is Dead
      Killer Hearts - 24-7 Action
      Klammer - Modern God
      Stranglers - Nice 'N' Sleazy
      Scaners - Abduction
      Marmozers - Major System Error
      Des Demonas - Psychedelic Soldier
      Superchunk - Dead Photographers
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas


    • April 7, 2018 7:24 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday April 7th from Noon-2:00PM EST. In addition to the usual punk and garage tunes, I will be playing some obscure pop-punk songs from the early 90's. You can listen by tuning your radio dial to 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live from the link at

    • March 25, 2018 1:34 AM CDT


      Check on Bitzmika's Bandcamp. Garage-punk/surf-punk band from SEA.

    • March 24, 2018 1:49 PM CDT
    • Playlist 03-24-18

      Scared of Chaka - A Lie and A Cheat
      Why Oh Whys - Here She Comes
      Mono Men - Mystery Girl
      Black Zephyr - Can't Buy Me Love
      Chats - Smoko
      Cosmic Psychos - Lost Cause
      Hoodoo Gurus - In the Wild
      Saints - Erotic Neurotic
      Royal Dog - Breaks
      Dropkick Murphys - 10 Years of Service
      Strike - Call of the Wild
      Stiff Little Fingers - Sad-Eyed People
      7 Seconds - Walk Together, Rock Together
      Briefs - Lint Fabrik
      Sharp Objects - Zero Ambition
      Misfits - 20 Eyes
      Firemen - Jocko Bozo
      Scaners - Abduction
      Strays - Gone In The Head
      Sisters of Mercy - Anaconda
      Lengthmen - Three Days Dry
      Hemmit - Friends
      Index Of - Lo Que Sos
      Trouble Boys - Cold Studded Stunner
      Loons - Blue Ether
      Pandoras - That's Your Way Out
      Len Price 3 - If You See What I See
      Three From Above - Na Na Na
      Klammer - Big Lies
      Wipes - No A Place
      Judex - Cult of Judex
      Dirt Byrds - Kill 'Em All
      JJ Doll - Dirge
      Hospital Food - Derek
      Superchunk - I Got Cut
      Screaming Females - Black Moon
      Des Demonas - Brown Rooster
      Godfathers - Gone to Texas


    • March 24, 2018 8:48 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will return on Saturday March 24th from Noon-2:00PM EST. Listen and you will hear loads of new and old garage-punk tunes. Just tune in at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live from the link at

    • February 24, 2018 1:45 PM CST
    • Playlist 02-24-18

      Why Oh Whys - Without You I'm Nothing
      Thee Wylde Fuzz Show - Out of Control
      Devil Dogs - Radiobeat
      Black Zephyr - Can't Buy Me Love
      Stiff Little Fingers - Fly The Flag
      Professionals - Take Me Now
      Hospital Food - Derek
      Bleed - Malicious Damage
      Suicide Commandos - I Need A Torch
      Black Mambas - Saturday Night Fist Fight
      Aerosol Burns - Afraid of the Phone
      Kat Meoz - LA Don't Love You
      Riveria Playboys - Warning
      Swingin' Neckbreakers - Brown-Eyed Girl
      Lyres w/ Stiv Bators - Here's A Heart
      Southern Culture On the Skids - Camel Walk
      Strays - Gone In The Head
      Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag
      Scaners - Video Tape
      Ultravox - Rockwrok
      Hemmit - Friends
      Index Of - Hacia El Mar
      D Generation - She Stands There
      Wipes - If I Told
      Cramps - Kizmiaz
      Dirt Byrds - Papa Satan Sings Louie
      Carvels NYC - Everything With You Is A Travesty
      Judex - Witchface
      Barrence Whitfield & The Savages - The Claw
      Len Price 3 - Lisa Baker
      Forty Nineteens - Easy Come Easy Go
      Loons - Blue Ether
      Peter118 - Where I Am
      Klammer - Power of N
      Brix & The Extricated - Pneumatic Violet
      Barracudas - Don't Let Go
      Squires of The Subterrain - Slightly Radio Active
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • April 17, 2018 9:57 PM CDT
    • HEY , STEVE.  How are ya....What passes for Country , today....YIKES.     jOHN.


    • April 11, 2018 5:54 PM CDT
    • Hello. We're new to these forums, but have a video that just came out today. Hope you enjoy!

    • April 4, 2018 1:47 PM CDT
    • So I've added a Links page to the Radio Mutation website. Put up a bunch of links to labels/stores, music blogs/webzines, and radio shows/podcasts. I honestly do NOT want to put up links to band sites, so please don't ask... that's a can of worms I'd really rather not open. I also don't want to link to Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. If you've got a Bandcamp store for your label, that's fine. So take a look at what's there and if you notice something glaringly missing, let me know and I'll try to include a link. There's also an email contact link on the page that I'd recommend using since I might not check back on this forum for responses to this discussion anytime soon. Thanks!

    • April 3, 2018 9:28 PM CDT
    • Here are two recently aired episodes of Revoltuion Rock.  The first one has a mini-feature on the Toronto lable ARC Records, which was popular in the 60 and released novelty records, tribute/cover singles/albums and a ton of music from Canada & the US.  The show also features music from The Black Angels & The Black Lips.  The second episode is a mix of stuff like Captain Beefheart, Preoccupations, The Oblivians, The Gories, The Gruesomes & many other bands.  

      Show 715 Play List (Arc Records, The Black Angels & The Black Lips)(Originally Aired On March 31st, 2018):

      1. The Electric Vomit - Treasure Hunt
      2. U.I.C - Lite It N' Fly It 
      3. Ramones - I Don't Care 
      4. The Cure - Grinding Halt
      5. Papermaps - Terminal
      6. Sloan - All of the Voices 
      7. The Phantoms - Ghost Riders In The Sky 
      8. Richie Knight & The Mid-Knights - Homework 
      9. Ronnie & The Hi-Lites - The Fact of the Matter 
      10. The Cheshyres - Shake Your Money Maker 
      11. The Cryptones - Lolita 
      12. Juliana Hatfield - A Little More Love 
      13. Lou Reed - Wait 
      14. Baby Giant - Minnesota 
      15. Baby Giant - She Don't Want To Fall In Love 
      16. Dick Nolan - Truck Driving Man 
      17. Dick Nolan - All Over Again 
      18. Diane Motel - Get Through To You 
      19. X - I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
      20. Sonic Youth - The Empty Page 
      21. Syd Barrett - Octopus
      22. The Garry's - Burger Buoy
      23. The Black Angels - Currency 
      24. The Black Angels - Phosphene Dream 
      25. The Black Lips - Drugs 
      26. The Black Lips - Again & Again
      27. The Black Angels - Winter '68 
      28. The Black Lips - O Katrina! 

      Download/listen to this episode here:

      Check out my blog post for more episodes and for a write-up on ARC Records here:

      Show 714 (Preoccupations, Captain Beefheart & Bob Dylan)(Originally Aired On March 24th, 2018):

      1. The Velvetones - Static 
      2. The Charades Band - Christina 
      3. Mark Malibu & The Wasagas - Twelve Year Surf Itch 
      4. Mike Mikus - Figured As Much 
      5. The Men - The World
      6. Superchunk - Dead Photographers
      7. The Polymorphines - Saucer Eyes 
      8. Preoccupations - Solace 
      9. Preoccupations - Disarray
      10. Preoccupations - Newspaper Spoons
      11. Melody Fields - Rain Man
      12. Ten Million Lights - Red Tornado 
      13. Razorhouse - Mortality Vs. The Accountant
      14. Jeff Rosenstock - All This Useless Energy
      15. Lychi - Serf In U.S.A 
      16. Ricky Hell & The Voidboys - Apartment 9 
      17. Captain Beefheart - Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles 
      18. The Oblivians - Oblivion 
      19. The Gories - Smashed 
      20. Deja Voodoo - Private Eye 
      21. The Gruesomes - 3 Men 1 Coffin
      22. Le Kidd & Les Marinellis - Camille 
      23. The Cheetahs - Girl of Doom
      24. Bob Dylan - Highway 51 Blues
      25. Bob Dylan - Talkin' New York 
      26. Car Seat Headrest - Sober to Death 
      27. Ponctuation - Unhemlich 
      28. Simply Saucer - Dance The Mutation 

      Download/listen to this episode here:

    • March 4, 2018 11:36 PM CST
    • Here are two recent episodes/podcasts of Revolution Rock.  One is on the music of The Sadies and features an interview with Travis Good of The Sadies, the other is an episode made up on the music of The Fall in tribute to Mark E. Smith!

      The Sadies Episode:

      1. The Sadies - Cheat (Live) (In Concert Vol. 1 - 2006)
      2. The Sadies - Little Sadie (Precious Moments - 1998)
      3. Jon Langford & His Sadies - Strange Birds (Mayors of the Moon - 2002)
      4. The Sadies - What's Left Behind (New Seasons - 2007)
      5. The Sadies - Postcards (Darker Circles - 2010)
      6. The Sadies - Translucent Sparrow (Favourite Colours - 2004)
      7. The Sadies - The Story's Often Told (Stories Often Told - 2002)
      8. The Sadies - Questions I've Never Asked (Northern Passages - 2017)
      9. The Sadies - Dying Ain't No Way To Make A Living (Dying Ain't No Way To Make A Living - 1996)
      10. The Unintended - The Collaspse (The Unintended - 2004)
      11. Andrew Williams & The Sadies - She's a Bag of Potato Chips (Red Dirt - 1999)
      12. The Sadies - There's a Higher Power (Pure Diamond Gold - 1999)
      13. The Sadies - Reward of Gold (Pure Diamond Gold - 1999)
      14. The Sadies - The 400 (Tales of the Rat Fink - 2006)
      15. The Sadies - Flash (Tremendous Efforts - 2001)
      16. The Sadies - Wasn't Born To Follow (Tremendous Efforts - 2001)
      17. John Doe & The Sadies - The Cold Hard Facts of Life (Country Club - 2009)
      18. Neko Case - Hold On, Hold On (Fox Confessor Brings the Flood - 2006)


      19. The Sadies - Leave Me Alone (Live) (In Concert Vol. 1 - 2006)
      20. Garth Hudson Ft. Neil Young & The Sadies - This Wheel's On Fire (Garth Hudson Presents A Canadian Celebration of The Band - 2010)
      21. Gord Downie & The Sadies - The Conquering Sun (And The Conquering Sun - 2014)
      22. The Sadies - Leave This World Behind (Internal Sounds - 2013)
      23. The Good Family - Taller Than The Pines (The Good Family Album - 2015)
      24. The Sadies Ft. Kurt Vile - It's Easy (Like Walking) (Northern Passages - 2017)
      25. The Sadies - Anna Leigh (New Seasons - 2007)
      26. The Sadies - Locust Eater (Demo) (Archives Vol 1 (Rarities, Oddities and Radio: 1995-2015) - 2015)
      27. The Sadies - Lay Down your Arms (Stories Often Told - 2002)
      28. The Sadies - Cut Corners (Darker Circles - 2010)

      Download/listen to this podcast here:

      Check out my post on The Sadies here:

      The Fall Episode:

      1. The Fall - Bingo Master (Bingo Master's Break-Out! - 1978)
      2. The Fall - Industrial Estate (Peel Session - May 30, 1978) (The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 - 2005)
      3. The Fall - Rebellious Jukebox (Live At Witch Trials - 1979)
      4. The Fall - A Figure Walks (Dragnet - 1979)
      5. The Fall - I Feel Voxish (Perverted By Language - 1983)
      6. The Fall - Coach And Horses (Reformation Post TLC - 2007)
      7. The Fall - Funnel Of Love (Your Future Our Clutter - 2010)
      8. The Fall - Theme From Sparta F.C.#2 (The Real New Fall LP - 2003)
      9. The Fall - There's A Ghost In My House (The Frenz Experiment - 1988)
      10. The Fall - C.R.E.E.P. (C.R.E.E.P. Single - 1984)
      11. The Fall - Kinder of Spine (Re-Mit - 2013)
      12. The Fall - Fol De Rol (New Facts Emerge - 2017)
      13. The Fall - Strychnine (Peel Session - February 28, 1993) (The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 - 2005)
      14. The Fall - Victoria (The Frenz Experiment - 1988)
      15. The Fall - Mr. Pharmacist (Bend Sinister - 1986)
      16. The Fall - Cruisers Creek (This Nation's Saving Grace - 1985)
      17. The Fall - New Big Prinz (I Am Kurious, Oranj - 1988)
      18. The Fall - Hip Priest (Hex Enduction Hour - 1982)
      19. The Fall - How I Wrote Elastic Man (Grotesque - 1980)
      20. The Fall - Totally Wired (Totally Wired Single - 1980)
      21. The Fall - What You Need (This Nation's Saving Grace - 1985)
      22. The Fall - Stepping Out (Live) (77 - The Early Years - 79 - 1981)
      23. The Fall - Psycho Mafia (Bingo Master's Break-Out! - 1978)
      24. The Fall - Repetition (Bingo Master's Break-Out! - 1978)

      Download/listen to this episode here:

      Check out my post on Mark E. Smith/The Fall here:

    • March 25, 2018 7:52 PM CDT
    • New Episode -

      Earache Radio No 29


      The Cosmic Psychos - "Some Girls"

      Thee Mighty Caesars - "You are Forgiven"

      Brimstone Howl - "Lynne"

      Me, Kellie, &/the Kent 3 - "Fake I.D."

      The Bristols - "I Got a Thing About You"

      Cheap Time - "Handy Man"

      The Hard-Ons - "Survin' on My Face"

      Thee Mothballs - "She Makes Me Wild"

      The BobbyTeens - "Treat Me Right"

      The Queers - "Surf Goddess"

      The Charming Snakes - "Teenage Kut Out"

      Mudhoney - "Night of the Hunted"

      The Fallouts - "Don't Want the Sun"

      Dead Moon - "D.O.A."

      The Onyas - "Beer Gut"

      The Makers - "Mary Ann"

      The Spaceshits - "Can't Fool With Me"

      The Testors - "Together"

      Git Gito Hustler - "Wonderful!"

      Supersnazz - "I Wanna Be Your Love"



    • March 3, 2018 5:17 PM CST
    • New Episode:

      Earache Radio No 28


      The Action Swingers - "Blow Job"

      The Accel 4 - "Don't Stop!!! the Key Word"

      The Inhalants - "Kolchak, The Night Stalker"

      Stumpy Joe - "I Want Some Bud"

      The Monomen - "Daylight"

      The Melvins - "Set Me Straight"

      Seaweed - "Turnout"

      Switch Trout - "Maudie"

      Gas Huffer - "Hotcakes"

      Distorted Pony - "Sinner's Prayer"

      Electric Frankenstein - "Pure & Simple"

      The Headcoatees - "Mess of Pottage"

      Nights & Days - "Yeah"

      The Demolition Doll Rods - "Walkin' the Dog"

      The Strong Come Ons - "Just Do It"

      Shutdown '66 - "Fink is King"

      Crypt Kicker 5 - "Bedouin Stomp"

      The Stump Wizards - "Out of Pressure"

      The Missing Monuments - "Too Many People Live in New York City"

      Nice Face - "FUBAR Over You"



    • March 19, 2018 2:33 PM CDT
    • I saw Paul Weller October 24, 25 & 27, 2017 in Los Angeles and San Diego. I saw Dhani Harrison November 27, 2018. I saw the Stereophonics November 30, 2017. And most recently I saw Noel Gallagher at the Orpheum in Los Angeles March 12 & 13, 2018. 

    • March 14, 2018 8:37 PM CDT
    • DemonicoN’ (CD+digital) still available.




      Metalheads check out!




    • March 8, 2018 9:41 AM CST
    • Hey fellow loonies,


      i wanna buy a new headphone ( No Bluetooth crab). I want to spend ~ 200€. im thinking about buying the ATH-M50x.


      Any other suggestions?