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  • Studio Stuff Stunts

    At last... material for the upcoming vinyl is nailed down. Solid foundation of freaky fuzz frenzy. Toto y Los Retardos Psychodelico's debut! Soon on a vinylplatter near your recordplayer! 1.Big Mistake 2. Baby's Gone 3. Hallucination Generation
  • New Band in Town

    I have been a new kid these last weeks... thanks to playing in a new band! Man, it's fanfuckintastic!   Toto Y Los Ritardos Psychodelic is primitiver than primitive in all its sweaty garage glory. With members from Thee Satans, Matching Numbers, The Spades and The Crates it's one heck of an a...
  • It's Vinyl time again, kids!

    Boatsmen is slammin' out a grand hand of 12 new snotty nosed brat punk tracks. On the new vinyl album named The Boatsmen on Zorch Productions. Strictly limited to 500 copies for the German tour. As always celebrated hard style in Orebro Punk Rock City on 8th february at Satin Bar. Get the album in o...
  • Vinyl EP out again!

    It's been tragically long since the latest release, but drinking around the office TAKES VALUABLE TIME! Well, honestly also revamping the whole webstore which shall open shortly. Now at last... a brand new 4 track EP on smelly, shiny black vinyl.   It's the Eyeballin' Torpedoes bitchslappin' ya with...
  • New auctions of great vinyl & CD

    Yo all of y'all...   We work hard with the new webshop in the hot sun!   So now we need to the clear shelves... get dirt cheap stuff here from Zorch.   Also, feel free to ask us for stuff you look for in Scandinavia.   Captain Zorch & crew
  • Theee Billy at his best
  • New EP out on Zorch

    All of y'all... Get your digital copy of the new Eyeballin' Torpedoes BONESHAKER here. EYEBALLIN' TORPEDOES "Boneshaker EP" ZD-01 4 great little psycho ditties, and any vintage BMW bike owners understand the meaning of "Boneshaker" hahaha! www.zorchproductions for more garage & raunchy ra...
  • Submissions/Boatsmen Zorch vinyl EP in the store now!

    Submissions vs The Boatsmen... exquisite garagepunk from 2 of Orebro Rock City's teenage heroes.Another chance to get the plastic piece in your hands! Buy the 4 track EP at the webshop now!
  • New ZoRCH SToRE updates this week

    Hola, it's another wasted nite. Soon, anyways.... as for now there's new records in the store at from Raucous, Empire, Zorch, Drunkabilly & other great labels we offer to YOU! Along with that it'll be the usual friday updates, with new Meteors, King Kurt & assorted ...
  • SMASH IT UP! Album out on Zorch

    Dearly beloved... Another piece of punk mayhem hits the street where it was born. GBG punkrockers SMASH IT UP is dropping the new album "Not Aiming, Just Swinging" on Zorch! Gothenburg, sweden's Hamburg or Liverpool? A workingclass that drink & fight with pride! Of course these guys are from G...
  • New psychobilly & garage in the webshop

    Hey, get shopping, kids! New stuff in the store is Demented Are Go, King Kurt, Antiseen & loads of rockabilly & punk vinyl slabs.
  • Zorch Shop from Hell

    The webshop is updated again... We take creditcards, banktransfers & paypal thru our safe system so get going & whip those credit cards out for garage & psychobilly & rockabilly. NOW!
  • New slab of vinyl out!

    New snazzy trash out on Zorch... Order your copy now! EYEBALLIN' TORPEDOES Great swingin' slapbassing psychobilly with loads of tequila under the hot mexican sun. 12 totally new songs!