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  • Hut of Swank Episode #5

    Episode #5 LADIES! 1*Pleasure Seekers-What a Way to Die2*Joyce Green-Black Cadillac 3*Kris Peterson-Mamas Little Baby (is a big girl now)4*The Runaways-Black Mail5*Bikini Kill-Suck my Left One6*Shannon And The Clams-Trouble Maker7*The What For-I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy8*Annisteen Allen-Yes I Kno...
  • Hut of Swank-Episode 4 (australia!)

    Decided to use a theme for Episode 4! AUSTRALIA! Looking forward to doing more themed shows into the future. Throw your theme suggestions into the comments and i'll be happy to try and tackle em'. _____________________________________ THE TACTICS-WATCH MY HANDS THE SCIENTISTS-FRANTIC ROMANTI...
  • Hut of Swank Episode 3

      MY SWANKY SIDE KICKS! I PRESENT EPISODE THREE! ENJOY!   1*Rosco Gordon Let’s get High 2*The Deadly Snakes-Sissy Blues 3*The Oblivians-Desperation 4*The Wasps-Teenage Treats 5*Sham 69-No Entry 6*Stinky Lou and the Goon Mat-Talking Man 7*Oscar Boyd-When Things Get A Little...
  • Hut of Swank Episode 2

      Here's another fine hour my swanky friends!      1*Jessie Hill-Ooh Poo Pah Doo 2*Annisteen Allen-Rough Lover 3*The Troggs-I Want You 4*Tandoori Knights-Brown Trash 5*Soledad Brothers-What Hath God Wraught 6*Bombay the Hardway-Ganges a Go-Go 7*Jay Retard- It Gonna Sa...
  • Hut of Swank Episode 1

      Episode 1-Swanky and Sweaty 1*Gal Costa-Cultura E Civilizao 2*Ty Segall-The Drag 3*Chuck Gallegos and the Fabulous Cyclones-Chili Beans 4*Bossa Beat-Si Può Fare Molto Con Sette Donn/Beat a Cinecitta Vol.1 5*Black Lips-Drugs 6*Chuck Berry-Maybellene 7*Country Teasers-Let...