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  • Created September 18 by Ranter - 0 comments
    Thingies I like
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  • Created May 5 by Todwina Moore - 0 comments
    MEAT TRAY are an Original PUB ROCK band from South 2005 to 2011 EP CDs : Choice Cuts / Pickin Bones / Chop Shop Writers : Todwina J Moore & Patrick Moore Guitar and vocals Todwina J Moore Guitar and Vocals : Pat Moore Drums : Michael Grasel
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  • ugh

    Created November 27, 2018 by Dirt Thompson - 0 comments
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  • Created April 14, 2018 by Blank Generation - 0 comments
  • 86s

    Created February 25, 2018 by 86's - 0 comments
    Five guys trying to keep the spirit of the late 70's NYC punk scene alive
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  • Created December 12, 2017 by The Carvels NYC - 2 comments
    If the Ramones and the Ronettes had children and Lou Reed was the nanny, they would grow up to be The Carvels NYC! New EP out now, "Everything With You is a Travesty" on double 7inch vinyl with gorgeous gatefold sleeve.
    The Carvels NYC
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  • Created August 5, 2017 by badass motherfuzzers - 0 comments
    Profile Playlist
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  • Created June 11, 2017 by Blank Generation - 0 comments
    New Track from the blank generation
    Blank Generation - music pain
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  • Created April 5, 2017 by KaaBa - 0 comments
    a punk rock pun on melodic, because a more polished singing voice, no microphone or studio devices, just out of tuned instruments and improvisation.
    My Soul - Studio Cut
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  • Created April 5, 2017 by KaaBa - 0 comments
    Hardcore lyrical poetry, singing voice raped to the side by Satanic Ritual Abuse, an album about being punked. Opening song, "the Kid," is about an immortal 12 year old skater punk - the undefeatable child as a totem to the transcendence of child abuse. My original comic book character.
    Punked Sex Slave
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