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  • Created May 5, 2015 by Thee Mean Reds - 0 comments
    A Choir of Shame
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  • Created April 28, 2015 by TB Scab - 0 comments
    Family friendly garage punk for kids. From Australia. Rough mixes from our album.
    Itchy Scabs - Bad Music for Good Children
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  • Created April 23, 2015 by Robotron - 0 comments
    After a not successful maneuver, the spacecraft RBTN2084 landed on earth, more precisely Bergen / Norway. Recorded by only a human AKA Bjørn, these songs are part of a demo. Instrumental surf-music / garage and B movies.
    Robotron - demo
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  • Created April 23, 2015 by Os Brutus - 0 comments
    Cidade Suja Desastrada.Ep Gravado por Rafael Crespo no Estúdio Kalundu em julho de 2014. Mixado e masterizado por Ricardo Pinda . Teclado em Jacques o Monstro Alexandre Gabóra.
    Os Brutus
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  • Created April 17, 2015 by Mojo Men From Mars - 0 comments
    Profile Playlist
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  • Created April 16, 2015 by Grazianohmygod - 0 comments
    Recorded by Matthew Luger in a now haunted house in Richmond, VA Cover Photo by Stephen Graham The Crypts are: Mike Tschirn: Drums, Vocals Kristin Tschirn: Guitar, Vocals Nathaniel Miller: Harmonica, Vocals Craig Graziano: Vocals
    The Crypts! - No Life After Crypts
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  • Created April 13, 2015 by Army of Infants - 0 comments
    Army of Infants
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  • Created April 8, 2015 by Mike Hodgin - 0 comments
    Atlanta Rock'n'Roll Band - garage-y power-pop
    The Stoplight Roses
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  • Created April 5, 2015 by LC Pumpkin - 0 comments
    Fuzz banjo based crud-fi toe-tappers
    LC Pumpkin - EP
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  • Created March 31, 2015 by Hemmit - 0 comments
    From Portland, OR -- power pop punk rock duo Hemmit from their 2014 release "Antimatter".
    Hemmit 'Antimatter'
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