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    • September 15, 2017 8:13 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist September 8/2017

      1. The Darts…..Not My Baby….from the soon to be released LP called Me.ow on Dirty Water Records.
      2. Pale Lips….Don’t Take Your Switchblade to New York City….from a recent 7” and from Montreal.
      3. Joe King Carrasco….Houston El Mover….from a 1980 self titled LP from 1980. They were actually from Austin, but the song is certainly appropriate for what is happening in Houston right now. And this LP came out around the time Joe and band made a couple of stops here in London Ontario.
      4. Red Krayola….Hurricane Fighter Plane….from a compilation called Epitaph For A Legend on the IA label. This song came out in 1967 and RK were from Houston.
      5. The Nomads….Little Red Book….from a compilation LP called Three O’Clock Merrian Webster Time on the Cicadelic imprint from 1982. The song was recorded back in 1967, and was unreleased until this LP came out. The Nomads were also from Houston.
      6. Long Day Journey….Count Down….from their brand new CD, The Space Age 5. From Hamilton Ontario, or are they from outer space?
      7. Duke Sedan and the Hi-Tones…..Hi-Tone Cats…from their self released debut CD from 2008. This is the beginning of our tribute set to the Brunswick Hotel reunion happening on Saturday at SOHO here in London Ontario. Prior to this song, we had Jon Traut talking about the Brunswick. And we tried to play a live CD by the Boy From Nowhere a couple of times and had some tech difficulty…..but we got that issue all fixed up with a bit of luck!
      8. The Sci-Phonics….Mystery Train…live recording from The Brunswick 1/28/1989. Frank and Jerry from the Sci-Phonics were both in Uranus and now, both are in the Stetson Brothers.
      9. Boy From Nowhere….Borderline… recording from the Brunswick, late 80’s/early 90’s recording.
      10. 10 Heads…..Fading Out…from their Swimming and Singing CD from 2001. A slightly revised edition of this band, now called 10 Heads On 10 will be playing at the Brunswick reunion tomorrow night.
      11. Positively Stompin’…..Ain’t I’m A Dog…..from the Cat’o’Nine Tales cassette that came with What Wave zine #21 back in 1992.
      12. Bill Barr….At The Brunswick….from Wave From The Grave cassette that came with What Wave zine #10 from about 1986. Tales of what the Brunswick was like prior to being taken over by a younger crowd.
      13. The Hypnotics….Inside Pop Revolution….from the Modern Art Entertainment CD from a year or so ago. The Hypnotics are going to be doing a live to air here on Radio WW on Sept 22. They are also playing that eve at the Richmond with Space Slave and Running From Daylight.
      14. B Girls…Fun At The Beach….from a 1977 7” and the B Girls have a brand new LP on the Bomp label.
      15. The Dahlmanns….Forever My Baby….from the recent 7” on Next Big Thing Records.
      16. Diamond Hands…..Just Another Day….from the brand new International Pop Overthrow CD, which is #20 in the series.
      17. Underground Divas….Roll Over Nixon….brand new recording from this Montreal based combo. You can find some of their tunes on Bandcamp.
      18. The Judys….Freedom 85….from their recent self titled debut CD and from Vancouver.
      19. Steely Dan…..Do It Again….from their 1972 LP, Can’t Buy A Thrill and goes out to Walter Becker who passed away earlier this week.
      20. Dany Laj and the Looks….Defending Champion….from their recent Alive and Kicking CD and they will be in town on Friday at Call The Office.
      21. Peter and the Wolves…Move Little Judy….from their 2015 CD, Papa’s Goin’ Out Of Town. Caught this band at the Richmond last night here in London and had a total Blast!!! 2 sets of screaming red hot rockabilly that had the sparse crowd up and dancing and having so much fun!!! Catch Peter and the Wolves live if you get a chance as they seem to tour a fair bit….from Calgary, Alberta.
      22. The Beatles….A Hard Day’s Night….from the LP of the same name and this weekend it’s Beatlefest here in London Ontario.
      23. The Beatles….Help….from the LP of the same name.
      24. The Beatles….And Your Bird Can Sing….from the Yesterday and Today LP. Played my original mono copy from 50 years ago and it still sounds great!
      25. Arthur Alexander…..Anna….from his A Shot Of Rhythm and Soul Lp on Ace Records and the start of a set of playing songs The Beatles covered.
      26. The Marvellettes…..Please Mr Postman…..from the 3LP Greatest Hits compilation.
      27. Arthur Alexander… A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues…..from the above Ace Records.
      28. Little Richard…..Good Golly Miss Molly….from the Specialty Sessions Box Set that came out in 1989.
      29. Arthur Alexander….Soldier Of Love…from the above Ace record. 
      30. Larry Williams….Bad Boy….from a Specialty 7”.
      31. Larry Williams…..Dizzy Miss Lizzy…..from a Specialty 7” record.
      32. Carl Perkins….Honey Don’t….from an 80’s Greatest Hits double LP. Carl played Fryfogles back in the early 80’s and I went to the Cedar to see The Forgotten Rebels instead. Still regretting that decision to this day.
      33. Hiroshima Hearts…..Spend Your Money….from their recent Bone EP and they have a record release party happening on Saturday Sept 16th at the Aeolian Hall with Pacanomad.

      Thanx for all the crazy phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! That’s what keeps me going. Next week, we’ve got Mark Kearney lined up as a guest. Mark and his partner Randy Ray, recently released the book, As The Years Go By…..Conversations with Canada’s Folk, Pop and Rock Pioneers. We’ll be concentrating on bands from London and area in our onair conversation. But if you’ve got any questions for Mark, be sure to send them this way.

      Here's the Archived show:

    • September 23, 2017 2:10 PM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist Sept 22/2017 The Hypnotics Live To Air


      Some shows I feel like a duck on the water….all looks calm on the surface, but below, the feet are going insane! But it’s all for fun and we even had rock’n’roll royalty in the onair booth as a young student dropped by, and asked if she could watch the band play! Turns out the young student, Sam, is the cousin of King Khan!!! Told her about the time King Khan played Call The Office to all of about 12 people and still put on an absolute Stunner of a show! Shoulda taken pics at that show.


      And we had Windsor’s The Hypnotics doing a live to air during the show…had a few tech issues, but Adam and our Excellent sound crew here at CHRW were able to iron everything out and the boys blasted out the rock’n’roll for all you crazy listeners!!   And they sounded great later in the eve at the Richmond, playing with Running From Daylight (finally got to see these guys and they didn’t disappoint!!) and Space Slave played as well but had to leave.


      1. Oh! Gunquit……Fireballs….from their about to be released LP, Lightning Likes Me, on the Dirty Water Records label outta the UK.
      2. Dirty Fences….All You Need Is A Number….from the about to be released LP, Goodbye Love on the Dirty Water label. These guys are outta NYC.
      3. B Girls….B Side…from the just released LP on Bomp Records and recorded back in about 1978. B Girls have a reunion show set up for November in Toronto.
      4. Dave Rave….Anne Marie….from the recent A Little Messed Up In Rock’n’Roll LP. Dave, and our good pal Mack MacKenzie were playing a show together in California the day this show aired. And coincidentally, both have done live to airs here on Radio What Wave.
      5. Hiroshima Hearts…..Get Me Movin’….from their brand new 7” and we had a blast at their record release party on Saturday night. First time ever, we’ve had to wear earplugs at the Aeolian Hall!
      6. Underground Divas…..Devil With A Matchstick….demo from this Montreal combo. They record and we play on the air….
      7. Hurricane and Able….Suddenly….from a demo, couple years back and features Shawn MacDonald who is in Space Slave. Was trying to play some Space Slave to hype the show that night and oddly, it wouldn’t play.
      8. The Fine Print….Tonight….from their self titled CD from about 5 years ago and also features Shawn MacDonald.
      9. Running From Daylight….Coffin For 2….from their debut download and they were the opening band that night at the Richmond. They are well worth checking out if you dig thick, fast rockabilly sounds.
      10. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants…..Dougall Drop….from their brand new 12” on Speed City Records. Record release party is in a couple of weeks and details closer to the show.
      11. Noble Savages….I Don’t Wanna Be A Boy No More….from their recent Trouble Brewing CD on Transistor 66 Records.
      12. The Nervousmen…..Stride Adjustment….from their recent download and from London Ontario.
      13. The Judys….Human Fly…..demo that isn’t on their recent CD and from Vancouver.
      14. Flamin’ Groovies….Let Me Rock….from their brand new Fantastic Plastic CD that we actually have in the CHRW library!!! You’ll be hearing lots more from this release!
      15. The Undertones….When Saturday Comes….from their Positive Touch LP from 1981. Over the years, I’ve really grown to appreciate this LP and now understand the movement towards a soul sound by the band.
      16. The Spectors….In My Grave…..from a 1992 7” on Prospective Records from Minneapolis…been going through some of my Prospective 7”’s and there was a lot of cool and forgotten music on that label.
      17. The Sherbs….Time Is Waiting….from the compilation Lost In The Haze #19 from the Not Lame Powerpop label. The Sherbs were from Australia, and had a couple of their LP’s released in Canada in the early 80’s.
      18. The Skyhooks….Living In the 70’s….from the above compilation and released in Australia in the mid 70’s. The Skyhooks released several LP’s, most were released here In Canada and many in London may know the song You Just Like Me Cause I’m Good In Bed as 63 Monroe used to cover that one.
      19. Shaun Cassidy and Utopia….So Said About Us….from the above compilation and the first time we’ve ever played former teen heart throb Shaun Cassidy on this show! Expect the unexpected!
      20. The Hypnotics…..New Wave Monday….live to air, the first 30s or so of this one didn’t go over the airwaves as you gotta press that red button too!! If there wasn’t a screw up of some sort, it wouldn’t be a Radio What Wave!!
      21. The Hypnotics…..You Know You Got It Right….as above.
      22. The Hypnotics….All Yesterday’s Parties….as above.
      23. The Hypnotics…..Isn’t It Fun…. As above.  Then the band took a quick break so that Dave and Mike could swap guitar/bass for the second part of the live to air.
      24. Angry Dragons….Girlfriend….from their self titled CD from 2009.
      25. The Hypnotics….Can’t Stand It Any More….live to air.
      26. The Hypnotics…..Don’t Cry No Tears…. As above.
      27. 905s….Direction….from their 2015 CD Shake Down and from Brampton Ontario. Right after this one, The Hypnotics came on to talk and hype the show that happened that evening at the Richmond Hotel. Big Thanx to the band for taking the time to come and play live to air.
      28. Popular Mechanix….Ice Box City….from their 1981 debut LP and from Winnipeg. Still remember being blown away by these guys when they played The Cedar Lounge here in London right after this record came out!
      29. Pop Rivets……Fun In The UK….from their Fun In the UK LP from 1985, originally recorded back in about 1979. This is a Childish band, prior to The Milkshakes and all the following bands.
      30. Pop Rivets….Lambrettavespascoota….as above and part of a series of connected tunes….
      31. Pop Rivets…..Beatle Boots…as above.


      Big Thanx to The Hypnotics, Adam and the CHRW sound crew and all the crazies that phoned in, emailed and sent facebook messages! As always a blast!  Back next week with lots more ear candy and noise to annoy.


      Here’s a link to the archived show:



    • September 30, 2017 9:10 AM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist September 29/2017


      1. Randall and the Rivieras…..Heartbreak and Sorrow….from their brand new self titled CD. Features a member of TVD/63 Monroe, a Boy From Nowhere and a guy by the name of Randall who was in a combo called The Verge circa late 70’s.
      2. Positively Stompin’….Barbwire….from their Junk Drawer CD from 1993. Offshoot combo from UIC and you can see some pics of these guys in the UIC FB page.
      3. Newport Electric….One Of A Million…from their So It Goes CD from 2015 and they had a gig at the Richmond the day this show aired.
      4. Hiroshima Hearts….Reach Out….from their brand new 7”, self released and available locally at our finest record stores.
      5. Twin Finn…Rocco Perri…..from their Whiskey Wine and Venom Love LP that came out in the last month or 2.
      6. Mr Haney’s Revenge….Justine….1991 7” from this Windsor combo that featured our pal Paul Langan, who was just inducted into the Windsor Music Hall Of Fame (or whatever they call it) for his long and tireless work in the Windsor music scene. This song was also featured on a WW cassette called The 8Th Wonder back in 1991.
      7. Lost Patrol….Second Time Around….from a 7” from this Windsor combo that Paul Langan commandeered. Probably late 80’s/early 90’s this band played London many times, were one of the first  bands produced/recorded by Juno Award winner Dan Brodbeck (when his studio was in his parent’s basement) and one of the few (if only) English Canadian bands to have an LP released in France, but not in Canada! And they played many WW benefits and shows for us and were featured on several WW cassettes and Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood.
      8. The Hypnotics….New Wave Monday….from their Modern Art Entertainment CD and we had them doing a live to air last week, right before they played the Richmond that evening.
      9. The Flamin’ Groovies….What The Hell’s Going On….from their brand new Fantastic Plastic CD and on tour in Europe right now.
      10. Mountain Of Wolves…..Poison….from their about to be released Poison LP and they have their record release party tonight at 186 York St.
      11. Oh! Gunquit…..Never Sorry…from their brand new Lightning Likes Me LP on Dirty Water Records. And speaking of Dirty Water Records, there is now a US outlet/division of the label that will be releasing some different records as well as distro for the UK division. The US part of the label is run by a member of one of our fave Dirty Water Records bands, The Darts!
      12. Dirty Fences….Dance….from their brand new Goodbye Love release on Dirty Water Records. This is an NYC based combo that have moved in a more powerpop direction for this release.
      13. Underground Divas….This Train Is Running Out Of Faith….from a brand new demo from this Montreal recording project.
      14. Killing Joke….War Dance….from their self titled first LP from 1980 and a request.
      15. PIL….Careering….from their 1979 Second Edition LP and also a request.
      16. Death Drive….Death Drive….from their self titled demo and from Montreal.
      17. Smithereens….Mr Eliminator….from a 12” EP and we posted a bunch of pics of The Smithereens on the Radio WW FB page, right before the band took off for the big time. And it goes out to Pat DiNizio, who had a fall in his home and had to cancel a couple of shows for recovery time. All the best to Pat!!
      18. The Smithereens…..Wall Of Sleep….from the 1986 LP Especially For You. One of my fave Smithereen tunes and I still vividly remember hearing the band play this long before the record came out and thinking this song should be a hit!
      19. Buddy Holly….Rave On…..from 1958 and goes out to Brian Logie who passed away this week. Brian name the London Knights, designed their uniforms, and was a HUGE hockey fan/collector whose specialty was hockey sticks. His collection went to the Hockey Hall Of Fame in Toronto where he dedicated much of his time and expertise.
      20. B Girls….Who Says Girls Can’t Rock….from the brand new B Girls LP on Bomp Records and there is a B Girls reunion set for Toronto in November. Local drummer Marcy Saddy was a part of that band for several years.
      21. BB Guns….Bang Bang….live recording from CIUT’s Moondog Ballroom from 2/12/13.
      22. Charles Bradley…..God Bless America….from the Changes LP and goes out to Charles who passed away earlier this week. One of the greatest soul singers who could bring a packed house to tears and he’s gonna be missed big time!
      23. Charles Bradley….Good To Be Back Home… as above.
      24. Charles Bradley…..Changes….as above and Charles brings a whole new approach to this Black Sabbath song….so much emotion!!!
      25. King Khan and his Shrines….Land Of The Freak….from the Supreme Genius Of CD on Vice Records and goes out to Princess Sam who was in the studio with us last week.
      26. Barrence Whitfield and The Savages….Bloody Mary….from the 1985 LP Dig Yourself and goes out to Ryan In The Red, who does a show every couple of weeks on Thursdays from 6 to 7:30 right here on CHRW. Introduced Ryan to Barrence Whitfield and many other soul records when he dropped by a couple weeks back. BW was in town a couple years back, and this combo opened up for them…..
      27. Marcellus Wallace….Take It Higher….from their self titled CD and from right here in London Ontario.
      28. Kumonga….Here Come The Spiders….from their self titled CD from 2012 and from Oshawa Ontario. Lead singer/keyboard Dan Walters was in The Brown Hornets, who used to play here a fair bit.
      29. Quik…..Bert’s Apple Crumble…..from 1967 and a mod/soul dance floor filler! Taken from a Kent compilation called Rhythm and Blue-Eyed Soul and has some great Chris Farlowe tracks on it!
      30. Small Faces….Afterglow….from the Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake LP from 1968.
      31. The Artwoods…..Can You Hear Me…from the CD Art Gallery that collects some unreleased Artwood tracks and this song is from 1966. Art is the older brother of that Ron Wood guy, who’s presently in a little combo called The Rolling Stones. But getting back to The Artwoods, they were one of my fave mod/soul combos from the early to mid 60’s from the UK and profiled in detail in Ugly Things a couple years back.


      Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails and facebook messages!!! And congrats to Dan Holstead for winning The Hypnotics prize package! We’ve got another to give away next week.

      And speaking of next week’s show, Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants have their record release show the day after, and a couple of those guys will be dropping by to yammer about the show. And it’s gonna be a big one, as it’s also the 20th Anniversary Party for local record shop Speed City! If you haven’t been already, check out the selection at Speed City on Springbank Drive here in London.


      Here’s a link to the archived show:





    • October 6, 2017 7:32 PM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist October 6/2017


      1. Coaching For Sara….These People….from their about to be released, re-mixed CD. They are scheduled for a live to air on Novmeber 10th right here on Radio WW.
      2. The Dahlmanns…..Connie Converse….from a brand new split 7” on Beluga Records. The Dahlmanns are from Norway, Beluga is based in Sweden, and the other side of the record is….
      3. The Stanleys….Amy….from a split 7” with The Dahlmanns. The Stanleys are from Australia, making this a world wide endeavor.
      4. Escobar…..The Biggest Sound….from their brand new, just released on Dirty Waters USA CD, The Biggest Sound. Escobar are a 2 piece from France.
      5. Randall and the Rivieras….All Work And No Play….from their brand new self titled CD and they are from Exeter and points  between London.
      6. The Thing From Outer Space…..Too Drunk To Surf….their latest demo and they have Surf-O-Rama 2 happening on Saturday October 14th at SOHO here in London. More about that next week.
      7. Long Day Journey….Space Age 5 Theme….from their brand new Stereo-Phonic Adventures In Space CD and from parts unknown.
      8. Jim Ashby….Speed City….from a 7” on Speed City Records and Saturday night is the 20th anniversary party for Speed City Records and also the record release party for Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants new LP, Half Wits.
      9. Heart Attack Kids….Platonic Love Bomb…..a 7” on Speed City Records and HA Kids are playing tonight at London Music Hall.
      10. DOA…The Enemy….from a 7” on Alternative Tentacles UK from 1981 and DOA are playing Call The Office on Friday Oct 13th. We’ll be talking to Joey Shithead on next week’s show.
      11. The Judys….Revolution Blues…..a demo from this Vancouver based combo that features many vets of the Vancouver punk scene.
      12. Emergency…..What You Gonna Do….from the 1234 LP and features Fergus who’s current combo is The Strike and they will be playing at Call The Office on Saturday as part of the Speed City/Johnny Terrien Bash.
      13. Thee Empty Hours…..Promised Land….from the Disgraceland cassette that came with What Wave zine 15 back in 1988. Thee Empty Hours re-formed a few years ago, and just released an LP, which is just below this….
      14. Thee Empty Hours…..Same Time Same Place…from the Baloney Sandwich cassette that came with WW zine 19 back in 1990.
      15. Thee Empty Hours…..For Real….from their brand new LP called It’s About Time. Thee Empty Hours are from Brantford Ontario, which is about an hour east of London.
      16. Thee Empty Hours….Fix You….as above. You’ll be hearing lots more from this LP in the upcoming weeks.
      17. Tom Petty….American Girl….from his self titled debut Lp from 1976 as Tom passed away this week.
      18. Tom Petty….Listen To Her Heart….from the You’re Gonna Get It LP from 1978.
      19. Tom Petty….Don’t Do Me Like That…from the Damn The Torpedoes LP from 1979.
      20. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants…..I Lost My Mind….from their brand new Half Wits LP that we are having the record release party at Call The Office tomorrow night. Paul Terrien dropped by about this time for a Meet Your Local Band session and talk about all things JT and the Bad Lieutenants.
      21. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….Night Vision….. as above.
      22. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants…. El Camino….from their very first 7” on Speed City Records.
      23. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants…Happy Wanderer… above.
      24. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….Only Game In Town….from the Half Wits LP that is on Speed City Records.
      25. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants…The Grey and the Black…. As above
      26. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….Riff Randall…. As above.
      27. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….Enigma Machine…..from a split 7” with The Ponches and not on Speed City Records.
      28. Dany Laj and the Looks….Sweet Pretender…from their recent Alive and Kicking CD and are from Montreal.
      29. Dirty Fences…..Goodbye Love….from the recent Goodbye Love release on Dirty Water Records out of the UK, but Dirty Fences are from NYC.
      30. The Tranzmitors…..Dancing In The Front Row….from a 7” from 2006 and features Fergus on bass.
      31. Slyboots…..I Don’t Know You Now…from the International Pop Overthrow Volume 20 CD that came out recently and from NYC.


      Big Thanx to Paul Terrien for dropping by to yammer about all things Johnny Terrien and the big show happening at Call The Office tomorrow night!  And thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!

      Next week we’ve got Joey Shithead from DOA scheduled to talk about their recent Asian tour and big show on Friday October 13th at Call The Office.


      Here’s a link to the archived show:

    • October 13, 2017 8:06 PM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist October 13/2017


      1. Pack AD….Build….from their Funeral Mixtape CD from 2008. Pack AD are at Call The Office on Thursday night.
      2. DOA….They Hate Punk Rock….from their Talk-Action =0 CD  from 2010.
      3. DOA….War….from their War On 45 LP from 1982. Right around this time, Joey Shithead from DOA called in to talk about tonite’s show at Call The Office. And he talked about their recent Asia and European tours and Joey now has his own guitar model that you can purchase.
      4. DOA….I Hate You… as above.
      5. DOA….War In The East…. As above.
      6. The Thing From Outer Space….The Thing From Outer Space….from their self titled debut CD. These guys are putting on a big surf show on Saturday night at SOHO right here in London. 5 instrumental surf combos!!
      7. The Thing From Outer Space….Too Drunk To Surf….from their latest demo.
      8. Fridge Magnets….Hypodermic Beach….from Baloney Sandwich, the cassette that came with What Wave zine #19 back in 1990. Fridge Magnets are from the west coast.
      9. Surfaris…..Surfer Joe….from a 7” on the Dot label and picked this up about 50 years ago when I was a kid. The flip side is Wipeout which is pretty well worn out from so many spins!
      10. Agent Orange….Pipeline….from a 7” on Posh Boy Records from 1981 and probably my fave version of this song.
      11. The Volcanos…Girls Girls Girls….from a 1997 7” on the Get Hip Label and from Detroit. 2 of these guys were in the 3D Invisibles that played London back at a wedding in 1986.
      12. Mack MacKenzie….The Devil Likes Me….from a live to air from 6/16/2017 right here on Radio WW. Mack is due back in town on November 29th at Fitzrays.
      13. Underground Divas….This Train Is Running Out Of Faith….recent demo from this Montreal based combo.
      14. Lee Harvey Osmond….Hell Boy…from a demo and Tom Wilson, the guy behind this combo, is coming to town on October 26th with his Blackie and The Rodeo Kings to Aeolian Hall.
      15. Birds Of Paradise…..Beehive State….recent 7” from this Montreal combo and it’s on Hidden Volume Records out of Baltimore.
      16. Running From Daylight…..Coffin For Two…from their recent demo and these guys are at the Richmond Hotel tonight.
      17. Hiroshima Hearts….Got Me Movin’….from their recent 7” and from London Ontario.
      18. Cub….My Flaming Red Bobsled…from their Cuddlecore 94 CD on Mint Records and played this as the cover is a take off of DOA’s Hardcore 81 LP.
      19. B Girls….Fun At The Beach….from their brand new LP on Bomp Records and they have a reunion show scheduled for next month in Toronto.
      20. Oh! Gunquit….Walkin’ The Streets….from their recent Lightning Likes Me release on Dirty Water Records out of the UK.
      21. Pack AD….This Terror….from their first release, Tintype from 2007. Pack AD played their first ever London show at the Brunswick Hotel, right after this was released. They were playing with another two piece combo, Paperboxes who were absolutely fantastic! Both bands went over so well, they played again at the Brunswick a week or so later!
      22. Dirty Fences….I Can’t Sleep At Night…from their Goodbye Love release on Dirty Water Records and these guys are from NYC.
      23. Julian Taylor Band….Heard Good Things….from their Desert Star CD from last year and they are at the Aeolian Hall this Thursday night. Right around this time we gave away a couple of tickets to this show, Rick Kelly was the lucky winner.
      24. Flamin’ Groovies….Don’t Talk To Strangers….from the Fantastic Plastic CD and originally done by the Beau Brummels (I had a brain fart on air and couldn’t remember the BB’s).
      25. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….Dougall’s Drop…from the brand new Half Wits LP on Speed City Records and we had singer/guitarist Paul on with us last week.
      26. Mountain Of Wolves…..Don’t Call My Name….from their brand new Poison LP and from London Ontario.
      27. Empty Hours….Radio….from the brand new It’s About Time LP and from Brantford Ontario.
      28. Dr Feelgood….All Through The City….from their Down By The Jetty Lp from 1974 and leaders of the pub rock sound from the UK.
      29. Dr Feelgood….Watch Your Step….from the Malpractice LP from 1975.
      30. Dr Feelgood….20 Yards Behind….from the Down By The Jetty LP.
      31. The Chickens….My Obsession….from their Prepare To Plug In CD from 2000 and 80% of the members of UIC. And my obsession seems to be Dr Feelgood, especially the really early stuff with Wilko Johnson on the guitar.
      32. Godfrey and Company….Whittier Boulevard….from the East Side Sound LP on Dionysus Records and the sounds of East LA from the mid 60’s.


      Big Thanx to Joey Shithead for calling in to talk about all things DOA prior to the show that night. And big thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!  Next week we’ve got Chrissy and Jane Zellot bringing in their brand new record, only 39 years in the making!!


      You can find the archived show here:



    • October 21, 2017 9:10 AM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist October 20/2017   Jane Zellot Colligan as guest


      1. Tuerto Loco….Nancy Sinatra….recorded live on Radio WW 5/12/2011 as a live to air. Nancy Sinatra was originally done by Hank’n’Frank and released on a cassette called Garunge that came with WW zine #14 December 1987. One of my all time fave tunes to come out of London Ontario and Tuerto Loco just happens to be playing at the St Regis on Saturday October 21st.  They may even play this song if you ask nice.
      2. Blackie and the Rodeo Kings….Something’s On My Mind…..from the 2007 Let’s Frolic CD. This song was originally done by Teenage Head, and coincidentally, this week is the anniversary of Frankie Venom’s passing. Frankie, was the original singer for Teenage Head.  And Blackie and The Rodeo Kings are doing a double show on Thursday night at the Aeolian Hall here in London.
      3. Blackie and the Rodeo Kings….Stoned….from the BARK CD from 2003 and sung by Tom Wilson.
      4. Mountain Of Wolves….Poison….from the brand new LP of the same name. Released on the brand new record label Forest City Records and obviously from London Ontario. They’ve got a live to air scheduled for Saturday April 28th here on CHRW to start our annual fund raising event.
      5. Tragically Hip….Suzy Q…recorded live at Call The Office 3/3/1988 as they played that venue many times. Goes out to their singer Gord who passed away this week.
      6. Mean Motor Scooter….Intro and Wave Spotting….from their brand new release on Dirty Water Records called Hindu Flying Machine and they are from Austin Texas.
      7. Expanda Fuzz…..Last Of The Who Heads….from the Last Of The Who Heads release that just came out. From Ottawa Ontario.
      8. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….The Grey and The Black….from their brand new Half Wits Lp on Speed City Records.
      9. UIC….Leave Me Alone….from the recent Wiseman Sessions LP on Yeah Right! Records. Recorded in 1989 and finally sees the light of day.
      10. Coaching For Sara…..Tonight’s The Night….from their remastered CD and they are playing tonight at the 765 Old East and will be doing a live to air on Radio WW on Nov 10th.
      11. The Dahlmanns….Connie Converse….from their brand new split 7” on Beluga Records out of Sweden and the are from Norway. Reputable sources call this the best powerpop combo on the planet!
      12. Escobar….Terrible Man….from their brand new The Biggest Sound release on Dirty Water Records USA and they are from France. They will be on tour with The Darts on their US tour for the next month or so.
      13. Stunning….Party Like a Rock Star….from their Punk Rock Soldier release and are playing at the Eastside tonight.
      14. The Saints….Follow The Leader….from the Casablanca LP from 1982 and goes out to drummer Iain Sheddon who passed away earlier this week. Iain picked up the sticks for The Saints when they moved to the UK and appeared on several albums. He was also a well respected music writer in Australia and had authored several books. He was not in The Saints when they played here in London a dozen or so years ago.
      15. Randall and the Rivieras….Drinkin’ From The Well….from their recent self titled CD and composed of long time vets of the London scene….2 of them were in The Verge, one is in 63 Monroe and one was in The Hippies and Boy From Nowhere….all respected bands in London’s musical history. Check WW zine 24 for more details, available at Brown and Dickson on Richmond St.
      16. Dirty Fences….One More Step….from their soon to be released Goodbye Love LP and this particular track features Tina Halladay of Sheer Mag. Dirty Fences are a NYC combo who started as more of a punk rock type thing, switching gears into one of my fave genres, powerpop. This whole new album comes highly recommended!!
      17. NYDolls….Don’t Mess With Cupid…from the Rock’n’Roll CD on Polygram from 1994. Thought you’d heard it all by The NYDolls and here’s this little blistering number to make your ears smile….couple of other unreleased tunes on this one as well, all from 1974.
      18. Empty Hours….Frankie and Delilah….from the It’s About Time LP and these guys are from Brantford Ontario. They were around 30 years ago, had a coupla tunes released on WW tapes and resurfaced a few years back. Gotta get these guys to come to London Ontario real soon.
      19. Heather Haley…..3 Blocks West Of Wonderland….from a few years back and Heather was the original singer for The Zellots, when they started in Vancouver back in about 1978.
      20. The Zellots…..On The Dole….from the brand new 7” of unreleased demos of The Zellots in their Vancouver days with Heather on vocals. You can pick this record up at Speed City Record here in town or at the London Record Show on the 29th from me.
      21. The Zellots….Vampyre Love…as above. These demos came from a cassette tape that someone found as the original reel tapes are long gone.
      22. The Zellots….Let’s Play House….as above….and coincidentally Jane Colligan, who played bass on these tracks and was the only bass player for The Zellots, came into the studio to talk Zellots. Originally Chrissy DeVeber and Jane were scheduled to come in, but Chrissy couldn’t make it and we were going  to re-schedule… radio, so you go with whatever happens!!
      23. The Zellots….1 Way Street….1980 recording done by Peter Moore from the Kent Hotel in the Kitchener area. This and the next 2 songs were broadcast on CHRW by Peter Moore (ya, the guy that won a Grammy last year and went under the alias Simon Less back in those days) and I taped them on my trusty cassette player.
      24. The Zellots….Fire In Cairo… as above. Jane talked about the Kent, as it was a strip bar in the daytime and then band in the evening. The Zellots were on stage getting ready and were hassled a fair bit by the patrons as the 3 front members are all female.
      25. The Zellots…I Love My Dog….as above and described as a fuck song by Jane as it was just something they made up…
      26. The Zellots….One Or The Other….recorded live at The York Hotel (no known as Call The Office) probably by Mike Niederman on his little trusty cassette deck. Probably from 1980 or there abouts.
      27. The Zellots…Blades….from a 1981 demo recorded at EMAC Studios in London. Coincidentally, this song was played the previous night on a TV show called Supernatural on the Space Channel. It was used in the background when a tattoo artist was at work! The things you learn on the fly from your guests!!!
      28. The Zellots….Social Elite….from the above demo and a request by Jane. These demos have been released by the band in small quantities and were sold at the Graphic Underground show back in 2012, the last time the band played.
      29. The Zellots….Let’s Play House….from August 1981 at the Cedar Lounge, and this was Doug and Rose’s wedding bash show…..also appearing that night were Certain General from NYC (with Marcy Saddy on the kit), Sheep Look Up (or were they Radio 4 that night) and the debut of Spiral Scratch. This was recorded by Dead Rabbit Kerry Piper on his trusty cassette deck and Doug is one of our regular listeners here on Radio WW as we played a couple of his requests a few weeks back.


      Huge Thanx to Jane Colligan for showing up to talk about the brand new record and all things Zellots. You can pick the record up locally at Speed City Records, or at the London Record Show on Sunday October 29th, Centennial Hall.

      And speaking of the London Record Show, Mike Todd will be talking next week about it on this show!

      Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails and FB messages, you can catch the archived show here:


    • October 28, 2017 9:48 AM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist October 27/2017


      1. The Famines…..The First World War….from the recently re-ished single collection on Pentagon Black out of Montreal. The Famines, Raymond Biesinger and Garrett Heath Kruger (at the time) used to play London fairly frequently and even played a CHRW benefit at the long gone Moon Over Marin venue here in London. And speaking of which, we’re now officially in  fund raising mode here at CHRW, so help us maintain our high level of eccentricity and fine musical taste for your hopefully receptive listening devices!!
      2. The Routes….All I Find….from the about to be released Dirty Needles and Pins on Greenway Records. The Routes, one of Japan’s finest (if not the finest!) ongoing examples of the best of 60’s garage rock sounds!! And this is their second long player of 2017!! Check out their latest promo pics, looks like they’ve absconded with my old Vox Constellation IV bass and are putting it to great use!
      3. The Brogues….Ain’t No Miracle Worker….from Mindrocker Volume 1, collection of mighty fine 60’s garage/psych sounds. And on vinyl as are many of today’s treats as the London Record Show is happening on Sunday October 29th here in London and you can catch us at our table selling records, zines, CD’s posters and other ephemera. And I’m still looking for any of those 60’s garage rock compilations that I don’t yet have.
      4. Baronen and Satan….Lady Creature….brand new from Sweden on the ultra suave Dirty Water Records label outta the UK.  Dirty Water, which now has a US division is pumping out literally tons of cool vinyl from some of the finest modern garage, soul and rock’n’roll combos out there!
      5. Excelsior….Pornos….local 7” from a band that didn’t last long enough! Ran into vocalist Chris the other day and he gave me the rundown on why the band broke up. Really unique sounds as far as local punk combos go!
      6. Mountain Of Wolves…Don’t Call My Name….from their brand new Poison LP released on the brand new Forest City Records imprint.
      7. Hiroshima Hearts….Reach Out….another brand new local release, this a 7” from this band that seems to be getting some very interesting opening slots for some of the bigger touring combos that come here. And we had them on the air a few weeks back!
      8. DT’s…..Wrap It Up…..from a 7” on the Groovie Records label outta France, this is Estrus head honcho Dave Crider’s rock’n’soul combo with Madame X on the vocals!
      9. Downbeat 5….Radiates The Charm…from their self titled debut release on SFTRI from 2003. Former Lyre/DMZ JJ Rassler hands the guitar duties, so you know this is gonna be good!! And ya, that’s the Arthur Alexander tune that Teenage Head covered about 30 years ago with Dave Rave on the vocals.
      10. Dead Moon….Don’t Burn The Fires….from a 7” on Tombstone Records from 1988 and goes out to singer/guitarist Fred Cole who is in the hospital and hoping for a full recovery. Fred has been active since about 1965 with The Lollipop Shop (You Must Be A  Witch),  The Weeds, The Rats, Zipper, Western Front, Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows and so many more!! Dead Moon played Call The Office many moons ago and put on a primal set of rock’n’roll tunes that is still talked about!
      11. The Zellots…On The Dole….from their brand new flexi and recorded in the late 70’s. We had Jane Zellot onair to talk about this last week and the record will be available at the London Record Show from me.
      12. Mean Motor Scooter….Sam The Homosapien…..from their brand new Hindu Flying Machine release on Dirty Water Records and they are from Austin Texas and about to tour with The Darts.
      13. Kid Mojo…..Looking For A Change….UK based combo who just released this and sent us some tunes to play!
      14. Empty Hours….Radio….from their brand new It’s About Time LP and they are from Brantford Ontario, just east of London. We’ve been bugging them to come to London to play and hopefully soon!
      15. Coaching For Sara…..Look Around…from their recent remaster of their debut CD. We’ve got them scheduled for a live to air on November 10th right here on Radio WW!     Right about this time, Mike Todd from Speed City Records, here in town, called us up to give all the details on the London Record Show happening on Sunday April 29th here at Centennial Hall. Lots of new dealers this time, come drop by, put a coupla extra bucks in the CHRW fund raising jar at the front door and check out the show.  We’ll be at the Radio WW table at the show….
      16. Jim Ashby…..Speed City…..7” on the record label of the same name and Mike promises to have some copies of this at the show! Easily my fave record to come out of London Ontario and this one for some reason, generates more phone calls than anything else we’ve played over the years….and this show was no different with 2 calls about the record!
      17. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….Only Game In Town….from their brand new Half Wits LP on Speed City records and again, available at the show!
      18. Fats Domino….My Real Name….from a greatest hits LP and goes out to Fats who passed away earlier this week! Highly influential in the New Orleans sound and early rock’n’roll and locals, Slugfest and The Stetsons both cover his songs.
      19. The Easybeats….Friday On My Mind…..this song may be 50 years old, but almost every Monday morning it still goes through my brain!! Possibly the greatest 60’s tune to bring the working week to weekend escape into focus! This goes out to guitarist/writer/producer George Young who passed away this week. His younger brothers formed AC/DC whom George went on to produce, write songs and mentor.
      20. The Easybeats….For My Woman….second single from 1965 and the R&B noise of this one still sounds fucking amazing well over 50 years past!
      21. The Easybeats….Gonna Have A Good Time….another classic, The Purple Toads covered this one about 30 years ago !
      22. The Minstrels….Rhythm In Her Head….from the Come Out To Play EP from 1989 on What Wave Records. Since there’s a record show on Sunday, thought we’d spin a few of the records we put out many years back. This combo was form Quebec City, saw them at Call The Office doing 3 sets and we thought we gotta put something out by these guys. Hence this EP, which was their first release and they went on to release several CD’s and a single or 2. Check the runout grooves on this one for a little addition of mine….
      23. 10 Commandments…..New Trip…..from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood, a compilation album we curated for OG Records back in 1989. This was one of the last OG releases and did remarkably well across Canada. Cover art was done by David Clarke and we put the whole thing together at future Juno Award winner Dan Brodbeck’s studio, that was in his parent’s basement. 10 Commandments were from Toronto and released many LP’s and singles, with singer James Booth going on to a career with CBC.
      24. The Gruesomes….I Try….from Thee Cave Comes Alive, an LP on the Action Records label out of Greece from 2004. This was a compilation LP of a very few of the songs that we released on cassette and came with What Wave zines in the 80’s and early 90’s. Action Records put up the money (thanx to George Rigas), did all the piecing together of the songs and we helped track down bands….this was way before facebook and a lot more difficult than you could imagine. There’s a real nice insert with band pics, bios and pics of some of the covers of What Wave zines. You see this record around at local stores now and again and was what propelled me to get on the air at CHRW and do Radio What Wave (along with Mike Todd from Speed City).
      25. Legend Killers….You’ll Get Yours….from the Better Than Hammerin’ 7” that came out in 1989 on What Wave Records. This one allowed the band to tour Canada and find those pockets of appreciative fans spread across Canada! Legend Killers managed to be the only band to appear on every What Wave compilation (cassette, vinyl and CD!) and they have their own Facebook page with lots of old pics!
      26. The Mongrols….Plastic Girl….from the 7” EP, 4 Whom The Bell Tolls that came with What Wave zine 15 back in 1988. This was our first vinyl release and we learned a lot from this one and got exposure for 4 talented bands from London….The Mongrols (not to be confused with the The Mongrels of today), Flying Squad, Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons and The Legend Killers. Sorry for the little bit of self indulgence....but you might be able to find these records at the record show. It won't happen again...the self indulgence that is as this show is ONLY about the music, the times and the fun!
      27. Dirty Fences….Blue Screen…..from the about to be released Goodbye Love LP on Greenway Records. Some amazing powerpop sounds from this NYC area combo and they even have Tina of Sheer Mag on a song or two!
      28. Blue Peter….Radio Silence…..from the 1980 LP Radio Silence and the beginning of their shift into mainstream music. First time we ever saw Blue Peter at the Cedar Lounge was fucking incredible!! The singer would jump onto the dance floor and dance up a storm with these power pop guitar chords just blasting away!! Such fun times and later on, they became the combo that did a Black Label beer commercial!
      29. Jackie Shane….Sticks And Stones….from the just released Any Other Way double LP that collects the singles, the live LP from about 1963 and some unreleased songs. Huge booklet inside that covers the story (Elaine Banks did an excellent CBC bio on Jackie Shane a number of years back, and her work helped inspire this release) in great detail, all written by Rob Bowman (he did the Stax re-issue notes a few years back) and with so many pictures I’d never seen before!! This was long awaited by me as Jackie Shane was such a unique performer and amazing soul singer!!!


      Big thanx to Mike Todd from Speed City Records for taking the time to talk about the London Record Show happening on Sunday October 29th at Centennial Hall.

      And a Huge thanx to all the crazy phone calls, emails, FB messages and Heys!!! Next week is fund raising here at CHRW and we’re doing a special and playing only highlights of Live To Airs from CHRW going all the way back to about 1980…’ll be quite surprised at some of the bands we might be playing next week!!


      Here’s a link to the archived show:


    • November 4, 2017 3:29 PM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist November 3/2017   Live to Air Fundraising Show


      This is our first of 2 fundraising shows here at CHRW. This show is highlights of a very few of the countless live to airs that CHRW has broadcast since 1979. Back in the early days of CHRW, there wasn’t a lot of difference between it, and local rival CIXX out of Fanshawe College. Both stations were playing this new fangled punk/new wave whatever music. Fanshawe had a one up as they had been broadcasting to the public for about a year prior to CHRW, and already had me hook, line and sinker!

      Then the game changed….CHRW was only available to part of the city via cable…meaning you had to hook up your FM receiver up to television cable to catch the sounds. Luckily, we lived in the right area, and the sound quality of CHRW pretty much beat their rival. And they had this DJ by the name of Simon Less (say that to yourself a few times and it’ll become evident) who used to go out to the clubs, record bands and then play the tapes over the airwaves. And he wasn’t recording the shit radio cover bands that played everywhere, he was down at places like The Cedar Lounge, then later The Embassy and Fryfogles. In the trenches recording the bands that I would go to see regularly. It was pretty evident when Simon was in the house, you’d see this white Styrofoam head with wires on it, in the middle of the club. That was his weapon of choice and supposedly his own invention….binaural recording!! Many a fine recording was played over the airwaves of CHRW back then! And Simon went on to win a Grammy last year, so obviously he knew what he was doing back then.

      Another reason CHRW was my favourite, is they would sometimes broadcast live from the Spoke And Rim Tavern, bands that I couldn’t get into see. You had to be a student at the University Of Western Ontario, or a guest to get into the shows at the Spoke back then. I was neither, so if the timing was right (ie these live to airs were obviously late at night when I’d be downtown at the clubs) I’d be able to hear and sometimes tape these shows on my trusty cassette deck. Some of these shows would be laced with profanity and would be censored today, but these were live and not Memorex. The Teenage Head and Rough Trade shows were both prime examples of this.

      Another reason I stayed with CHRW was this show called Young Fast And Scientific, which came on around 8 or so on most Saturday nights….right around the time I was getting primed to go out, so I didn’t always get to hear it. A guy by the name of Al Cole did this show and introduced me to a ton of crazy rock’n’roll combos that had eluded my conservative London Ontario upbringing. Bands like The Zantees. Real Kids, The Customs, Panther Burns, Weirdos, Fleshtones and so many more that I’ve not only become life long fans of these bands, but met most of them over the years!! And Al had started this little fanzine called What Wave…..but that’s a whole nother story for another time! And right after Young Fast And Scientific was Rock’n’Roll Dance Party hosted by local artist Dave Clarke! We rarely got to hear this, as the clubs and bands were beckoning our arrival for an eve of dancing, drinking and having way too much fun! The good old days!

      And that’s a couple of the influences of Radio What Wave. You’ve got to look to the past to create the future and we try to do that each episode. This particular show, is all live recordings that have been broadcast over the airwaves of CHRW! Enjoy the archived show and feel free to help support this radio station and keep the artform of cool music going in this city!!


      1. Teenage Head….Kissin’ The Carpet….recorded live at The Spoke and aired 2/18/1981. Many a choice comment at the outset by certain members of the band, but they do get the call letters correct. It’s not Gordie Lewis on stun guitar as he was recovering from the recent car accident, just north of London. And it wasn’t David Bendeth on guitar, it was Frankie Huff according to a trusted source. Parts of this recording have shown up on Teenage Head bootleg records.
      2. 63 Monroe….Johnny B Goode….recorded live at The Cedar Lounge Easter weekend 1981 and broadcast later by Simon Less. This was prime 63 Monroe/NFG and if I remember correctly, was the name change from the notorious NFG (Not For Girls or was it Non Functioning Gear or maybe something else?) to 63 Monroe as it is mentioned on the recording. This was also the show that Steve R Stunning had a huge bucket of NFG pins that he was throwing into the crowd. Wish I had grabbed more than a couple as these still look mighty fine on a faded denim jacket! Burnaway was on the guitar, DeRoux on bass and Lamborghini (with his little tiny…) on the kit!! Mayhem ensued and we went back the next night and did it all again!
      3. 63 Monroe…..Roadrunner… above and this combo introduced me to this song and many others that I still love to this day! Think Skyhooks ‘Good In Bed’ as a prime example! Think I may have returned the favour with Mental Moron by a certain NYDoll….back in the days when I went by the nickname of Dave Tape….LOL…
      4. Lonesome Ghost….Haunted By God….recorded live to air 12/17/2009 by Aylmer’s finest combo ever!! A 2 piece noise and mouth of marbles combo that played around town, even opening for John Schooley’s first ever appearance in Canada!! There’s even an ultra rare cassette put out by What Wave Records of this combo, which gives you an idea of how cool we thought they were!
      5. Bloodshot Bill…..Honky Tonk Angels….live to air on Less Talk More Rock on 12/17/2009 and host Paul gets to interview BB here and get the origins of his name! Think I was BB’s chauffer that night and got him up to CHRW and back down to Call The Office for that night’s show. And BTW, Bill is back in town at Call The Office on Friday December 1 and he says he’s gonna drop by Radio WW that day, so you’ve been warned.
      6. Bloodshot Bill….16 Chicks… as above and a mainstay of BB’s live repertoire and a mighty fine tune that always gets the crowd yelling and screaming!
      7. Frank Ridsdale…..Little Red Riding Hood….live to air on 9/16/2010. This was recorded right across the desk from me in the onair and Frank was sweatin’ up a storm and giving the wolf call like a maniac!! Frank as some may know, was a member of Uranus, the little London band that was inducted into the Jack Richardson London Music Hall Of Fame this spring. He’s currently in The Stetson Brothers amongst others and plays out a fair bit around our city. And he’s a real nice guy!
      8. Rockin’ Bobby Harris…..Boppin’ The Blues….recorded live on Fred Smith’s Hardcore Country 12/12/2007 and mighta had Jeffy B as part of the backup combo. Bobby was from Simcoe and probably the last of the surviving rockabilly guys from this area. Remember seeing him at the Victoria Tavern right around this time and he used his walker to get to the ‘stage’ and then proceeded to turn into a rockabilly maniac! Anyone know if Bobby is still alive?
      9. Mack MacKenzie….The Devil Likes Me….recorded live on Radio WW 6/16/2017 and Mack was in Montreal based 3 O’Clock Train, one of the first of the punk/country combos from that era. He’s scheduled to be back in London on November 29th at Fitzrays with the band.
      10. Frankie and Jimmy…..Smokestack Lightning…..recorded live on Radio WW 7/0/2015. Demented blues duo from Hamilton Ontario who are scheduled back in London at Call The Office on Friday December 1st. They’ve warned me that they’re heading to Radio WW prior to their evening show that night!!
      11. Rough Trade….Baptism Of Fire….recorded live at The Spoke and Rim on campus and aired over CHRW….probably around 1980 or so as I didn’t put a date on this tape. Carole let the university students know what was on her mind that night.
      12. Cordcalling….Wicked Desires….live to air on Radio WW 3/26/2009. Local duo who are still together and recently released a vinyl record!
      13. The Zellots…..Love Will Survive…..Simon Less recording from 1980/81 which is labelled as being at the Kent Hotel, but was told by Jane Zellot that they didn’t have a sax player the night they played The Kent. Judging by audience reaction on this recording, it could have been right here in London at some local venue.
      14. Bloody Diamonds…..Bright Lights Darling…..recorded here on Radio WW 9/27/2012 right before they did a show at a venue called Black Shire Pub. They are from Halifax and believe it is the only live to air on Radio WW that has featured a keyboard!
      15. Oily Birds….Yesterday’s Numbers…recorded live in the onair studio 4/29/2010 and just featured Jon Traut and Bryan Mcdonald from the band. Previously known as Boy From Nowhere, then B5 Blue, then Oily Birds and finally back to Boy From Nowhere. Easily one of London’s longest running combos as they’ve been around since about 1984. And one of London’s finest!!!
      16. Oily Birds….Second Cousin….like above and also a Flamin’ Groovies cover!
      17. Rackula….Up The Chicks….from a live to air 5/8/2010 and were an all female combo from Hamilton, with a former Londoner in the band….Lucy Fur
      18. Hiroshima Hearts….The Well…recorded live on the previous show that aired in this time slot on Fridays. And we had HH’s on a year or so ago to do another live to air which was a lot of fun!
      19. Jim Ashby….Speed City….from Radio WW from 9/14/2006 and back in the days when Mike Todd and I alternated weeks on this show. Jim explains where the song came from and how it made the charts here in London. My fave record to come out of London!
      20. The Hypnotics….New Wave Monday….from our most recent live to air 9/22/2017 and this trio is from Windsor. They did a show later that day down at the Richmond Hotel and Dave from the band, hosts Revolution Rock, one of our sister shows, on CJAM out of Windsor Ontario.
      21. 905s…..Under a Spell….not a live to air, but what was called the Radio WW Sessions, where several bands did recordings exclusively for this show. This track was recorded in 2013 and The 905s are playing the International Pop Overthrow in Hamilton at This Ain’t Hollywood towards the end of the month….details to follow soon.
      22. Dynamite Pussy Club…..Under The Grooove….from Bath UK and another session recorded exclusively for Radio What Wave!
      23. Dynamite Pussy Club….Boogie Shoes…. As above and these guys must be killer live as they’ve certainly got the groove!
      24. The Mongrels….Piece Of Crap…..yet another session recorded for Radio WW and these guys are playing tonight at Fitzrays and their usual Sunday residency at the Richmond Hotel….Rock’n’Roll Rent Party!
      25. Frankenstein Five….Writing On The Wall….recorded at CHRW  1/1994 and became a cassette the band released. This one goes out to Rob Munro, who was the bass player for the combo!


      Big Thanx for all the emails, texts, facebook messages, phone calls and Heys!!!!Back again next week with more of these live to airs and an actual live, live to air with local combo Coaching For Sara! They are also playing at the Eastside that night for their CD release party!! Lots more details on that next week!!

      And Thanx for all the donations received for our annual fund raising!!  Next week’s show will be our last fund raising show of this year, so don’t be shy, phone in your pledge during this, or any other show on CHRW….519 661-3600. Or if you don’t want to talk to anyone, you can do it online from the main CHRW page, top RH corner and even pick out a prize depending on how much you donate. There is literally a TON of cool incentives for donations.


      And you can catch the archived show on our new website:

    • November 11, 2017 10:51 AM CST
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist November 10/2017 Coaching For Sara Live To Air


      The second in our CHRW Fundraising and live to air special as we play highlights of a few of the live to airs and special CHRW recordings made over the years. Thanks to all who donated to CHRW, but especially those who donated via Radio What Wave!!! Huge Thanx!!


      1. Roger Zuraw….Remembrance Day….appropriate as this show was on the eve of Remembrance Day and a big Thanx to Roger for sending along this special song!
      2. Frankenstein 5….Kill And Go Hide….January 1994 recording done here at CHRW and ended up on this combo’s cassette….and a What Wave cassette called Baloney Sandwich (although it was probably a different recording). Frankenstein Five were London Ontario’s only pure 60’s garage style combo during the 80’s garage rock resurgence
      3. Nasty Rashes….Psychobilly Frankenstein….from a live to air on Radio WW 5/1/2008 and came out on a CD they released.
      4. The Hook Up….Silver Kiss….from a live to air on Radio WW from 2/10/2011 and they drove all the way from Montreal to do this prior to some area gigs. Remember helping them load or unload and it was one of the coldest days that winter. The Hook Up sure warmed the airwaves that day!
      5. The Hook Up….Weatherly Mansions….as above. The Hook Up now reside in Saskatoon, so that cold night probably helped them get used to Saskatoon winters! They released a brand new CD on Transistor 66 Records recently and still play out once in awhile as they have an addition to the family now.
      6. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats….Joleena…from a live to air on Radio WW 7/21/2016 on the eve of drummer Nick’s big birthday bash.  We had these guys do another live to air about 10 years ago and they are always a fun band to catch live.
      7. Bucketseat….Miss Asteroid….from a live to air on Radio WW 3/10/2011. This was a 2 piece combo, drummer Marcus from Victoria BC and the guitar player originally came from London. This was the start of a cross Canada tour, as they were heading west to Victoria BC.
      8. Frank Ridsdale…I’m Ready….from a live to air on Radio WW10/13/2016 and a tribute to the recently passed Fats Domino. Frank and his fellow Uranus band members were inducted into the Jack Richardson London Music Hall of Fame this past spring.
      9. Excelsior….Black Top Pilot…..from a live to air on It’s Trash 10/2/2015. Local combo who released one excellent 7” and then broke up.
      10. Tuerto Loco…Robert Q Public….from a live to air 5/12/2011 on Radio What Wave. Tuerto Loco are back and playing with Jack Whiteside on bass. Jack was lead guitarist for Uranus, mentioned above.
      11. Adam West….don’t know the name of this song, but it was from a live to air on CHRW  11/26/1993. Not to be confused with the band of the same name from Washington DC, this is a local combo who release a couple of CD’s.
      12. Uranus….Ned The Killer Smelt….recorded live 3/22/1982 at the Embassy Hotel and broadcast over the airwaves by Simon Less whom we talked about last show. There’s a lot of local names tossed around in this song.
      13. Blue Peter….Same Old Place….live recording at Fryfogles Tavern 5/16/1981 and broadcast on CHRW by Simon Less. Fryfogles was located on Dundas St downtown, right around where the entrance to the public library presently is.
      14. Blue Peter….The World Stops Here….as above. Blue Peter were a powerpop combo from Toronto that deviated from the path and got some commercial radio play. These 2 songs go out to Reid Fleming, World’s Toughest Milkman who now resides here in London Ontario.
      15. Captain Bringdown and The Buzz Killers….Folsom Prison….from a live to air on CHRW 5/10/2013 from the Just Another Punk radio show.
      16. Heart Attack Kids….Platonic Love Bomb….from a live to air on CHRW from 3/10/2015 on the It’s Trash radio program.
      17. Black Frame Spectacle….Around The Block….from a live to air on CHRW on the Shakin’ Katz Radio Show 4/16/2011 and this was on a cassette which the player decided to eat while onair live! Shit happens on live radio. Coincidentally, this was right at the time we found out that Fred Cole of Dead Moon fame passed. Coincidence or ???   We’ll be playing some Dead Moon, The Rats, Lollipop Shoppe and some of Fred’s other combos on next week’s show.
      18. The Thing From Outer Space….Diamond Head….from a recording done by John Gardi (The Nitebat, long time host on CHRW) from The Dawghouse 11/26/2016 and recorded for airplay on CHRW.
      19. 63 Monroe….Hijack Victim…. As above and part of the Toys For Tots show, an annual event to raise money and toys for less fortunate kids. This year’s event is scheduled for Saturday November 25th at The Dawghouse.
      20. Alarm Cat….Notches….from a live to air on CHRW 1/20/2017 on the It’s Trash radio show.
      21. The Stuntdoubles….no idea what the song is called, but another live to air on CHRW from 3/11/2011, probably from the Just Another Punk show, but not sure.
      22. Randall and The Rivieras…..All Work and No Play….another recording from The Dawghouse 11/26/2016 and we’ve got at least one of The Rivieras coming on air on November 24th show.
      23. Coaching For Sara…..Matter Of Time….an actual live to air from this local powerpop combo who had their CD release party at the Eastside right after playing live here.
      24. Coaching For Sara….Reality…. as above.
      25. Coaching For Sara….Little Lady….as above.
      26. Coaching For Sara….Receive….as above.
      27. Coaching For Sara….She Comes In Waves…. As above.
      28. Boy From Nowhere…..Wild In The Street…. Yet another recording from the above Dawghouse show and we’re working on getting the Boy From Nowhere in to the studios for a live to air.

      Right around this time, Shane Sawyer came into the onair to talk about the live to air that just happened and plug the big show Coaching For Sara was about to do. The rest of the band came in and then we ran out of time…



      Huge Thanx to Coaching For Sara (and our CHRW sound crew) for playing live to air and sounding so good!! Had a couple phone calls saying how good the band sounded out in radio land as it’s so hard to tell in the studio with a band blasting away, amps placed in various places and microphones all over the place!!! The fun was all worth it!!


      Back again next week, big thanx for all the donations we received during Radio What Wave as fundraising continues for a few more days here at CHRW, so it’s not too late to donate either via the CHRW website or call the onair host.


      The archived show should be here, but we’re currently working on the website so it could be delayed…


    • November 18, 2017 9:21 AM CST
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist November 17/2017


      1. Randall and the Rivieras….Heartbreak and Sorrow….from their recently released CD and the release party is coming up next Saturday at the St Regis. We’ve got singer/guitarist Pete Dekoker coming in next week to talk about the band, the CD release party and we’ll probably ask a few questions about his almost 40 year career in the London music scene! Any questions for Pete, just send them to the Radio WW facebook page.
      2. The Zellots….Let’s Play House….from their just released flexi disk of 1978/9 recordings. We had Jane Colligan, bass player on a few weeks back to talk about this release.
      3. The Demics….Factories…..1978 live recording from the Cedar Lounge. First set of this show was all combos that played the Cedar Lounge, London’s home of punk rock and was at the north west corner of King and Talbot.
      4. Forgotten Rebels….Save The Last Dance For Me…live recording from the Cedar Lounge 3/13/1982 and supplied by ace photog Reg Quinton. And the Forgotten Rebels play Call The Office tonight, Saturday November 25th.
      5. 63 Monroe….Hijack Victim…..from the LP of the same name that came out on Rave Up Records from Italy. Only band from London Ontario to have a release on the infamous Rave Up label so far….And next week’s guest is Pete Dekoker who still plays bass for 63 Monroe.
      6. Certain General….Hello My God…..from the Holiday Of Love EP from 1982 and the end of our bands that played the Cedar set. Certain General were from NYC (they do reunion shows every now and then, including one recently) and included London Ontario drummer Marcy Saddy, formerly of the B Girls and many London bands. They played a wedding party at the Cedar in August of 1981 and blew a lot of minds in the process!
      7. Jackie Mitto…..Henry The Great….from his brand new The Keyboard King At Studio One double LP on Universal Sound imprint.  Here’s a guy that was at the beginnings of reggae music, ska music, keyboard whiz kid and phenomenally talented. He left his home country of Jamaica and settled in Toronto in the late 60’s and was highly influential in the soul/reggae scene there. He died way too young in 1990.
      8. Louis Tillett….Buzzard Luck….from the brand new download called To Ride A Dead Pony.  Louis was in the influential early 80’s combo Wet Taxis from Australia and has produced a ton of work since! The downloads are somewhat of an overview of a musical career that has moved in many directions, always maintaining a high level of quality. This particular track is more soul/funk oriented and fit quite nicely in this little set.
      9. Mandala…..Mellow Carmello Palumbo….from their 1968 LP Soul Crusade and goes out to drummer Penti/Whitey Glan who passed away last week. Penti moved to Toronto from his homeland of Finland and started in bands from the early 60’s on. He’s recorded with Alice Cooper, Bette Midler, John Kay, Klaatu, David Wilcox and….
      10. Lou Reed… Sweet Jane…..from the Rock’n’Roll Animal Lp from 1974 and my initial introduction to Lou Reed all those years ago! Upon hearing this for the first time, I was blown away by this heavy mix of jazz, rock and pure NYC decadence that helped bring in the punk scene that was awakening under the mire. This live LP also features the guitar wrangler Dick Wagner and Toronto based bass wizard Prakash John amongst others!
      11. Suffer Machine…..Suffer Machine….from their 1986 LP Deprogram and from London Ontario.
      12. Sheep Look Up…..Civil Disobedience….from their self released cassette from about 1982 and re-released on the cassette that came with What Wave Zine 24. SLU were inducted into the Jack Richardson London Music Hall Of Fame last year and were one of many London Ontario combos that should have made it…
      13. Lollipop Shop…..You Must Be A Witch…from their only Lp from about 1967 and features a young Fred Cole on lead vocals. Fred passed away last week and this is the start of our trib to a man that kept his vision and played some amazing music in his career. Long time accomplice/wife Toody was with him for almost all his journey, being the only grandparents on the punk rock touring circuit.
      14. Dead Moon….Black September….from the 1989 7” on Tombstone Records (Fred and Toody’s label). Dead Moon released many many records over their career, many being released in Europe and North America. They played London only one time, at Call The Office many years back.
      15. The Rats….Defiance….from their 1981 Lp Intermittent Signals and features Toody on vocals. She was the featured vocalist on a few Dead Moon tracks as well as the long time bass player for many of Fred’s bands.
      16. The Sadies….Black Sheep….from their Tales Of The Rat Fink release and finishes our trib to Fred Cole.
      17. The Sadies….Another Year Again….from the Darker Circles Lp from 2010 and features the line ‘growing old is always hardest on the outcast’ which rings so true!
      18. The Sadies….Pretty Polly….from a CBC recording from 10/27/2001 and from there, we went to an interview done on the same show with our pal James Booth/Lord asking the vital questions.  We tried to work out a live interview with the band, but things didn’t work out, and with their permission, we aired this long ago interview. Things haven’t really changed that much for the band, as they are still staying true to their original version and pumping out some mighty fine music! They played live at Call The Office last night and we couldn’t make it….hopefully next time.
      19. The Sadies and Andre Williams…..America….from the 2012 Night and Day Lp on Yep Roc Records. First time I really got into The Sadies, was hearing them back Andre up on a bootleg record from Europe that has some crazy mind warping tunes!  When Andre finally played London about 15 or so years ago, it was a Toronto combo called The Strap backing him up. Andre put on a phenomenal show to a less than dismal turnout of diehards! We even got invited up to Andre’s ‘dressing room’, prior and after the show. A word of advice, it you’re going to get Andre to autograph something, do it before the show! Thanx to Kelly Mulvey for being Andre’s chaperon during that part of the tour.
      20. Underground Divas….This Train Is Running Out Of Faith…..recent demo from this Montreal collective and fits in near perfect with the Andre and Sadies tune.
      21. Jackie Shane…..Sticks and Stones…from the brand new Any Other Way double LP. This LP was long awaited here at WW HQ’s and collects the live LP from the mid 60’s along with many singles and a few unreleased tracks. There’s a huge LP sized booklet with the full story of Jackie written by Grammy winner Rob Bowman and it’s one of those reads you just can’t put down! So much that I had no idea about as I thought Jackie was just a Toronto based soul singer from the early to mid 60’s, but he/she released records across North America and did countless gigs both sides of the border, even playing right here in London Ontario!!!!  HUGE Thanx to Elaine Banks for getting the Jackie train rolling a few years back with her special on CBC about Jackie!
      22. Jackie Shane….Any Other Way….from the LP of the same name.
      23. Jackie Shane….New Way Of Lovin’….as above. Just couldn’t play a single track from this LP, had to play a few and you’ll be hearing lots more on future Radio WW’s.
      24. Mountain Of Wolves…..Poison….from the Poison Lp that came out quite recently and these guys are from right here in London and released the record on their own Forest City Records imprint.
      25. Wild Evel and the Trashbones…..Bugs On My Back….from the recent Digging My Grave release on Dirty Water Records and the band is from Austria.
      26. Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons…..Suneal….from the brand new Ain’t No Pussy release on Dirty Water Records and this band is from the UK.
      27. Untamed Youth…..Some Kinda Fun…..from the Some Kinda Fun Lp from 1988 on Norton Records. This features Deke Dickerson on guitar and we might be talking to him next week as he was the west coast hillbilly I referred to during the show.
      28. Empty Hours…..Primitive….from the recent It’s About Time Lp from this combo that comes to us from Brantford Ontario, just east of London.
      29. Pack AD….Because Of You……from the brand new Dollhouse CD and Pack AD were in town recently and put on another great show at Call The Office.



      Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!   Back again next week with special guest Pete Dekoker and maybe another….


      You can catch the archived show here:


    • November 26, 2017 1:31 PM CST
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist November 24/2017 With Pete DeKoker as guest


      1. Coaching For Sara….Stick With You….from their brand new CD and they did a live to air on Radio WW on the day of their CD release party!
      2. Randall And The Rivieras….When I Fall….from their self titled debut CD and we had guitarist/vocalist Pete DeKoker in to talk about the CD release party happening on Saturday and loads of other things!
      3. Randall And The Rivieras….Ghosts…as above.
      4. 63 Monroe….Hijack Victim….live recording by John Gardi (longtime CHRW host, aka The Nitebat) from last year’s Toys For Tots Show. We were also plugging the Toys For Tots show that was happening the day after this show aired. Pete also plays bass (for approx. 36 years) for 63 Monroe….
      5. 63 Monroe….High On Rebellion….as above, Pete does most of the vocals on this song. And they played this song at this year’s Toys For Tots show!
      6. Boy From Nowhere….Wild In The Streets…live recording from last year’s Toys For Tots show.
      7. Boy From Nowhere….Tonight….as above, and they played this song at this year’s Toys For Tots show!  We really, really want to get the Boy From Nowhere to do a live to air here on Radio WW, so if you see any of the members, bug them about it!
      8. Randall And The Rivieras…..Wake Up Dreams Come True….from the debut CD.
      9. TVD….Living Proof….from the Salvation Through Distraction CD and Pete plays bass in this combo. Also in the band are long time band vets Mike Timmins and Paul Venno.
      10. TVD….I’d Kiss You Honey But You’re Standing On My Bottom Lip….as above. This song was originally done by Demics vocalist Keith Whittaker….around this time we yammered about The Cedar Lounge and going to see The Demics.
      11. 63 Monroe….2:38….from the Last Exit To Rawk’n’Roll CD and one that Pete wrote about going to see the Demics and jumping around and letting off steam!
      12. Osterberg….Burn It Down….from their 10” record (spotted this at both Grooves and Speed City recently) which features Earle Rutherford on lead vocals on this track. From the early to mid 90’s.
      13. 10 Heads on 10….10 Heads On The Radio…..from a live recording at last year’s Toys For Tots show as 10 Heads are back once again but with former CHRW Director Mario Circelli on the drums this time.
      14. Mack MacKenzie….The Devil Likes Me…from a live to air 6/16/2017 on Radio What Wave. Mack is at Fitzrays on Wednesday night, playing a set at 10PM. Come out and see a legend from Montreal!
      15. Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons…..A Piece Of Me….from the London Crawling cassette that came with What Wave zine 22 back in about 1996. Played this as singer/guitarist Tom Dunphy played 2 gigs on the weekend with his award winning country combo, The Rizdales. Also, drummer Andrew Lewis (world famous poster artist, designer or stamps for countries around the world and so much more!) is in Bolivia at a Huge poster show!
      16. Untamed Youth….She’s So Satisfyin’….from their Some Kinda Fun Lp from 1988. Guitarist/vocalist Deke Dickerson was in town for a private party and we finally got to meet him!! And the party was something else…see pics on the Radio WW FB page!
      17. Louis Tillett….C’mon….from his new download retrospective called To Ride A Dead Pony.  Louis was in Australia’s Wet Taxis from the early 80’s on….
      18. The Zellots….On The Dole….from their recent flexi that you can pick up at the local record stores.
      19. Mean Motor Scooter….Wavespotting….from their recent Hindu Flying Machine release on Dirty Water Records out of the UK. This combo is from Austin Texas.
      20. The Famines….. Free Love Is A Sales Technique….from their brand new collection of singles and they will be in Sarnia, Ontario very soon.  London show in the new year.
      21. AC DC….Whole Lotta Rosie….from their Let There Be Rock Lp from 1977 and goes out to Malcolm who passed away this week….and to brother George who passed away last month.
      22. Wayne Cochran…..Get Ready….from the debut LP on Chess Records from 1967 and goes out to Wayne who passed away earlier this week. Wayne was the owner/caretaker of the world’s greatest pomp! And a huge inspiration for the Blues Brothers and also known as The White Knight Of Soul!
      23. Wayne Cochran….Boom Boom…. As above….
      24. Destroy All Monsters….November 22, 1963….from the Rarities and Singles CD on Revenge Records and a timely song. DAM later became Dark Carnival and played Call The Office 10/12/1990 for an absolute killer show! Probably the only time any of The Stooges played at CTO, and we had the pleasure of 2, Ron and Scott for that show!!
      25. 905s….Hamilton Head….from the Bash It Up CD and they were playing at This Ain’t Hollywood as part of the International Pop Overthrow this weekend!


      Big Thanx to Pete DeKoker for taking the time to drop by and yammer live on Radio WW!!! Hope you enjoyed listening to two old farts yammer about the so called good old days…LOL!!!

      And Congrats to the 4 winners of the Randall and The Rivieras CD’s that we gave away on the show…..Kevin, Tyler, Katie and forgot the name of the last winner, but his name went on the official list at CHRW!

       And Thanx for all the crazy phone calls, emails, facebook messages during the show! That’s what makes it all worthwhile!!!


      And next week, we’ve got Hamilton’s demented blues duo, Frankie and Jimmy coming on to yammer about their big show at Call The Office that night. And Bloodshot Bill is going to try and drop around as well, or we might just do a phone chat with him….timing is everything!  And on the December 8th show, we’re doing an all women’s special as it’s the week of the Montreal Massacre anniversary. CHRW has a full day of all women’s voices on December 6th.


      You might be able to catch the archived show here….website work is in progress:

    • December 1, 2017 8:00 PM CST
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist December 1/2017 w/Frankie and Jimmy


      1. Deke Dickerson…..Lady Killa….from a 4 song CD featuring Nikki Hill and The Bo-Keys that we picked up when Deke was in town last weekend! Deke, along with Teddy Fury on the tubs and Bloodshot Bill on the upright bass, put on a FANTASTIC show!!! Loads of old rockabilly and rock’n’roll tunes that had the kids up and dancing in the kitchen!
      2. Randall Pee Coltrane….Let Your Freak Flag Fly….from the brand new Atomic Love Burrito CD that Pete DeKoker dropped off during last week’s show. Randall is also in Randall and The Rivieras who had their CD release party last weekend.
      3. Twin Fin….Jungle Room….from their recent LP Whiskey Wine and Venom Love. Guitarist Paul is in the country band playing at the Richmond tomorrow afternoon.
      4. Hiroshima Hearts….Got Me Movin’….from their recent 7” and they have a show on Thursday opening up for The Headstones at Rumrunners here in London.
      5. Band Of Waves…..I’m Going To Fall…from their recent CD and they have a show on Dec 9th at the London Music Club.
      6. Teenage Head….Top Down….from a 1978 7” and my fave version of Top Down with backup vocals and sound effects. TH have their record release party tonight and tomorrow at This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton….long sold out!
      7. Teenage Head….Little Girl….from a 1988 7” on Fringe Records and features our pal Dave Rave on the vocals.
      8. Teenage Head….Down To The Underground…from the Head Disorder CD from 1995 and features Frankie Venom on vocals.
      9. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants…..Only Game In Town….from the recent Half Wits LP on Speed City Records. JT and the Lieutenants have a show on Saturday night at SOHO with Gatgas.
      10. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants…..The Grey and the Black….as above and this was originally done by The Demics.
      11. Empty Hours….Primitive….from their recent It’s About Time LP and they are from Brantford Ontario.
      12. Mountain Of Wolves…..Call My Name….from their recent Poison LP and they have a show at Eastside on Saturday December 9th put on by the Jack Richardson London Music Awards group.
      13. Deke Dickerson….Love Man….from a 7” on the Major Label Records label and also features The Bo-Keys.
      14. Blind Rage and Violence…..UFO On Farm Road 318….from The End Of Rock’n’Roll CD on Switchblade Records from 2012….mystery masked combo.
      15. The Mongrels….All Systems Go….from their demo and they have a Rock’n’Roll Rent Party on Sunday at the Richmond, 4 till 7 PM.
      16. Amy Rigby….Dancing With Joey Ramone….from her Little Fugitive CD.
      17. Ko and the Knockouts….Twistin’ Postman…from their self titled CD on SFTRI and from Detroit.
      18. Bath Salts…..Tales Of The Bootlegger…..from the brand new Live To Air CD that guitarist Jeff Mittleholtz dropped off while we were on air….couldn’t persuade Jeff to yammer, but we’ve had him on prior.  Bath Salts have a show on Saturday December 9th at the Richmond with Radio WW faves Coaching For Sara!
      19. Ronnie Spector….I’d Much Rather Be With The Girls….from a 2016 CD called English Heart….the same Ronnie that was married to Phil Spector and was in the Ronettes.
      20. The Stranglers… Walk On By….from 1978 and featured on a compilation called We Do ‘Em Our Way.  Right about this time, Frankie and Jimmy arrived as they have a show at Call The Office the day this show aired. For those that don’t know, Frankie and Jimmy are a demented blues duo from Hamilton Ontario Canada and have released one LP. Another one is due out soon on Transistor 66 Records out of Winnipeg.
      21. Frankie and Jimmy….St James Infirmary….from a demo in which they had a full band.
      22. Frankie and Jimmy….Spread The Word (think that’s what this was called) from a demo that Jimmy handed me.
      23. Frankie and Jimmy….Just Like A Woman….from their self released Scream The Blues LP. They couldn’t decide which track to play, so it was my choice….or something like that, there could have been some wrestling involved.
      24. Bloodshot Bill….Midnight On Mars….from a 10” LP on Squoodge Records and right when this was playing, Bloodshot Bill called in to yammer about tonight’s show at Call The Office. BB says it’s gonna be a Killer show, so you better drag your ass on out to Call The Office.
      25. Frankie and Jimmy….Smokestack Lightning…..from a Live To Air on Radio WW from 7/9/2015.


      And we’re out of time, but certainly not out of tunes to play….big Thanx to Frankie and Jimmy for taking the time to drop by the studio and yammer live to air on Radio WW!! And a big thanx to Bloodshot Bill for calling in to yammer about the show!!

      And a big Thanx to all that phoned in today!! There were so many calls that I couldn’t answer the phone as it kept ringing off the hook!! That means we’re doing something really good, or really bad, hopefully the former! And a big Thanx for all the emails, FB messages and Heys!!

      Next week it’s an all female voices show, as it’s the week of the Montreal Massacre Memorial. We’ll be spinning load of old soul, R&B, some funky jazz and who knows what else.


      You might be able to find the archived show here;

    • December 8, 2017 8:10 PM CST
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist December 8/2017. All Women’s Voices….Soul/R&B/Funk/Blues/Jazz


      All women led bands on today’s show as this week is the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, which happened Dec 6 1989. Every year CHRW does a full day of all women’s voices to commemorate and we do our special show the week of… And this year, with special permission of Pam, our Program Director here at CHRW, we went the soul/R&B/funk/Blues/jazz route and tried to high light a few of the many highly influential women led combos. So many more we shoulda played as we had so many requests for cool stuff that we didn’t bring in….next time!! And a HUGE thanx for all the requests, phone calls, emails and FB messages as we were overwhelmed and couldn’t get to some of the phone calls!


      1. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings….What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes….from a compilation called Soul Cellar on the Metra Doubles label assimilated by noted soul DJ Peter Young.
      2. Betty Harris….Ride Your Pony...also from the above comp, and an Allen Toussaint production, this one’s also been covered by RWW faves The Fleshtones, a band that truly understands this music!
      3. Bonnie and Sheila….You Keep Me Hangin’ On….from the compilation New Orleans Funk Volume 2 on the Soul Jazz Records label. Not to be confused with The Supremes tune of the same name, this is some mighty fine New Orleans funk/soul. The Soul Jazz label has put out many fine re-ishes and compilations of not only soul and funk, but some of the finest reggae and rock steady tunes as well!
      4. Jean Knight….Mr Big Stuff….from the Stax Soul Sisters compilation LP and this song is from 1971, near the end of life for Stax Records. Stax released/recorded some of the finest soul and R&B from the late 50’s to early 70’s and were responsible for beginning the careers of such legends as Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, Booker T and The MG’s, Carla Thomas and so many more!
      5. Jackie Shane….Sticks and Stones….from the recent Any Other Way double LP compilation of most of Jackie’s recorded legacy. This one came out quite recently and is among my fave records of 2017 and has a superb booklet written by Grammy winner Rob Bowman that details Jackie’s legacy in more depth than ever! This one’s worth it for the liner notes alone!
      6. Jackie Shane….Any Other Way… as above, and this was the most played song on CHUM AM for many years, starting in the early 60’s. Jackie even played Campbells here in London as detailed in the liner notes.
      7. Shirley Matthews….Big Town Boy….from the Made In Canada Volume 1 compilation and this was a big AM hit for Shirley back in 1965.
      8. Condition….Fever….from their Red Hot and Blue LP from 1986 on AMOK Records out of Montreal. Condition appeared on a couple of OG Records compilations and we remember going to see them at Call The Office here in London back when the record came out. Where the dance floor is had tables and chairs with people sitting on them, finger snaps, berrets, long cigarettes and a typical jazz crowd, way different than the rock crowd we were part of!
      9. Aretha Franklin…..I Never Loved A  Man….1966 demo recording that was recorded by here then husband, to try and convince Atlantic Records to sign her. Jerry Wexler would have been a fool to not, as this demo gives me goosebumps listening to it as Aretha takes it way past another level! Truly fucking amazing and this is from a Rhino double CD compilation called Rare and Unreleased Recordings From The Golden Reign Of The Queen Of Soul. The title is absolutely correct!
      10. Nina Simone…..Mississippi Goddam….from the Definitive Collection CD and this song is from 1964. Nina was recently on the list of possible inductees into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame and didn’t make it….neither did Link Wray.  What the fuck is a Jovi Bon????
      11. Koko Taylor…Wang Dang Doodle…from the compilation LP called Chess Sisters Of Soul Volume 1 and the song that Koko is best known for. 1965 recording.
      12. Ruth Brown….Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean….from the Charly Records compilation called Rockin’ With Ruth. 1952 recording from the Atlantic Records label.
      13. Fontella Bass…..Rescue Me….from the above Chess Sisters Of Soul Volume 1 and goes out to our pal Roger Zuraw. This is a 1965 recording and this song has been covered by many.
      14. Gloria Jones….Tainted Love….1965 recording of the song that Soft Cell made into a huge hit many years later. Written by Ed Cobb who was heavily involved with The Standells and Chocolate Watch band among others, this song was a big dance number on the Northern Soul circuit.
      15. Yvonne Fair…. I Found You….1962 recording from the compilation You Heard It Hear First on the Ace label. Produced by James Brown, and on King Records (same label as JB) this song later surfaced with the changed lyrics and title of I Got You and was a HUGE hit for JB.
      16. The Aristocrats….Don’t Go….1974 recording on a compilation called Sister Funk. This whole comp has some amazing 60’s/70’s funk and if you’re a fan, is well worth searching out.
      17. Big Ella….Too Hot To Hold….from the above compilation and a 1969 recording….sent this one out to Hiroshima Heart Jenn Marino!
      18. Big Maybelle….One Monkey Don’t Stop The Show….from the double OKEH Sessions LP on Epic Records. 1954 recording featuring one of my fave guitar players, Mickey Baker! We’ll be hearing more of Mickey’s licks a little later on the show!
      19. Sister Rosetta Tharpe…..Up Above My Head There’s Music In The Air….from the Gospel Train LP on Wing Records. Another artist that was on the list of possible inductees into the Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame and didn’t make it….so just what the fuck is a Jovi Bon? Check out any of Sister Rosetta’s videos on Youtube and watch those fingers fly on the fretboard.
      20. Margie Day….Take Out Your False Teeth Daddy….from the Jumpin’ The Blues Volume 2 compilation on Ace Records. 1953 recording on Decca Records and was probably considered fairly risqué back then.
      21. Tiny Davis…..How About That Jive….from the Jumpin’ The Blues Volume 1 compilation on Ace Records. 1949 recording and Tiny lead an all female big band and she opened a club in Chicago called Tiny and Ruby’s Gay Spot with her partner and trumpet player Ruby. The club was in Chicago from the early to late 50’s when it was torn down to make way for a freeway.
      22. Etta James….Tough Lover…..from a Greatest Hits CD and a 1956 recording.
      23. Etta James….Something’s Got A Hold Of Me…..1961 recording from the same CD and on Chess Records.
      24. Mickey and Sylvia….No Good Lover…..1956 recording from the Do It Again LP and Mickey is Mickey Baker. Mickey got tired of the racism in America and moved to France where he lived out the rest of his life.
      25. Ike And Tina…..It’s Gonna Work Out Fine…..1961 recording on the Best Of Sue Records compilation.
      26. Loading Zone….I Can’t Please You….from the 1968 budget compilation called Groupquake on RCA Records. In 1968 I couldn’t afford many records, so this one at either .99 or .49 was a bargain that I still own to this day. This track has always been a fave of mine with it’s tough as nails vocals and horn section.
      27. Linda Lyndell….What A Man….from a Stax Records compilation for the 50th Anniversary of Stax Records.
      28. Betty LaVette….It Ain’t Easy….from the 1972 LP, Child Of The Seventies. Betty is still touring a putting out records since she was a teenager in the early 60’s.
      29. Ikettes….I’m Blue….1962 recording on the Atlantic Rhythm And Blues Compilation Volume 4.
      30. Annette Peacock….My Mama Never Taught Me How To Cook….from the 1979 LP X-Dreams. And this is the very first white woman singer on this edition of Radio WW.
      31. Julie Driscoll….Season Of The Witch….from the Genesis LP with Brian Auger from 1974 and we had to fade this out as time ran out….


      Huge Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, FB messages and Heys as we had so many on this show….back again next week with lots of new stuff.


      You might be able to find the archived show here:

    • December 16, 2017 3:32 PM CST
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist  December 15/2017   RIP Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens


      1. Bee Bee Sea….I Shouted….from the recent Sonic Butterfly release, from Italy , but on Dirty Water Records based in the UK.
      2. Running From Daylight….Mary Jane….latest demo and they had a show the night this aired.
      3. Bath Salts…Amelia Earhart….from the recently issued B.S. Live to Air CD form 2013.
      4. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….Dougal Drop…from the recent Half Wits LP on Speed City Records. Probably the most known (and fave) tune The Bad Lieutenants have done for many years.
      5. The Zellots….Let’s Play House….from the recent 3 song flexi that was just reviewed in the latest issue of Ugly Things! And the review even mentioned the London Ontario connection.
      6. Randall Pee Coltrane…..Lowered Black Caddy….from the recent Atomic Love Burrito and oddly, we got a request for Randall Pee, just as we were queing up the CD! Thanx Kent, hope you dug the tune!
      7. 101ers…..Sweety of the St Moritz….from the Elgin Avenue Breakdown CD, and a recording from 1975. This is a band that Joe Strummer (whom you can hear singing here) who went on to The Clash was in. Some UK protopunk for you.
      8. Count Bishops…Don’t Start Crying Now….from the Speedball Plus 11 CD from 1995 and recorded back in 1975. Some more UK protopunk for you. Count Bishops were around for several LP’s and singles, most in a more 60’s garage punk type of sound….which a lot of 70’s punk was based upon.
      9. Uranus….Motorbikin’…from a live recording on CFNY from 1980 and this combo was from London Ontario….if you didn’t already know!
      10. The Thing From Outer Space….The Thing From Outer Space….from their self titled debut CD and from right here in London Ontario….The Thing had a gig the night this show aired.
      11. 3RD World War…..A Little Bit Of Urban Rock…from a brand new re-ished 7” from this UK based combo….more protopunk for you. And you can grab a copy of this one at Speed City Records.
      12. Why Oh Whys….Hoochie….from a brand new 7” from Beluga Records out of Sweden.
      13. Arvidson and Butterflies….Blank Season….from a brand new release on Beluga Records. Catching a trend here? Beluga has released a lot of quality releases recently, among them these 2 and of course The Dahlmanns records!
      14. Stephen Schjins….I’ll Come Over Tonight….demo from this Mississauga based musician who has received airplay on Little Steven’s garage radio show!
      15. 2 Sisters….My Zombie Girl….recent release from this combo from France.
      16. The Hook Up….Go and Hide….from the recent Cruel Sounds CD on Transistor 66 Records. The Hook Up are currently based in Saskatoon, but have lived in Montreal, Hamilton and even London….we’ve even had them on for a live to air a few years back.
      17. The Scenics….I Killed Marx….from their In The Summer CD that contains 1977/78 studio recordings.
      18. The Diodes….Plastic Girl….from their Tired Of Waking Up Tired CD. The Diodes have a brand new vinyl boxset out, just in time for the holidays!
      19. Big Mama Thornton…..Hound Dog….from the Jail Lp on Vanguard Records and a request from last week.
      20. Catl….Resistance Place….from the This Shakin’ House LP from a few years ago. Catl have a show coming up next Friday at This Ain’t Hollywood along with Frankie & Jimmy who were just on Radio WW a coupla weeks back.
      21. Roger Zuraw….Schlepping Around The Chanukkah Bush….from the Whose Blues Is It Anyway CD from 2013 and a request.
      22. Underground Divas….Words….from a recent bandcamp download and from Montreal.
      23. Bloodshot Bill and Shannon…..True….from a recent 7” on the Slovenly Label and just love the way both Shannon and Bill have that growl in their voices on this one! It’d be great to hear a full length release from this pair!
      24. Dion….The Wanderer….from a Greatest Hits compilation and originally from 1961.
      25. Gary US Bonds….I Wanna Holler….from a 1980’s 7”, but originally recorded back in the early 60’s and wasn’t released till this 7” came out.
      26. Detroit Cobras….Cha Cha Twist….from the Baby CD from about 1998….probably about the same time Detroit Cobras came to London.
      27. The Smithereens…..Beauty and Sadness….from the Beauty and Sadness EP that came out in the early 80’s on a Swedish label, and then finally properly released in North America in 1988.
      28. The Smithereeens….Some Other Guy…. As above.
      29. The Smithereens…..Strangers When We Meet….from the Especially For You LP that came out in 1986 on Enigma Records.
      30. The Smithereens….Blood And Roses….from the Especially For You LP, but we played the 12” version for you as it has a better bass mix…..or it’s just that the wider grooves on 12” EP’s generally have better overall sound.
      31. The Smithereens….Wall Of Sleep…from the Especially For You LP and my absolute fave Smithereens tune with its vivid lyrical imagery!
      32. The Smithereens….Only A Memory…from the Green Thoughts LP from 1988.


      Ran out of time, but certainly not Smithereen tunes that we wanted to play. We got to meet Pat DiNizio 3 times over the years, and he was always a great guy to talk with! RIP Pat.


      Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, FB messages and Heys!!! That’s what makes it all worthwhile! Back again next week with an all holiday special!


      You might be able to find the archived show here:

    • December 23, 2017 11:58 AM CST
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist December 22/2017 Annual Seasonal Special


      1. Randall and the Rivieras….Ghosts….from their recent CD and from London/Exeter. We had guitarist Pete DeKoker onair a few weeks back to talk about this release.
      2. Marshmallow Overcoat….Santa Fuzz….from their Light Show CD and from 2008. What for a documentary on Marshmallow Overcoat in the new year….30 years!
      3. The Gruesomes….Santa Claus….from the Gruesomania CD and originally on the 12” Primitive EP. Live, these guys would change the words when we were around to wanting a new edition of What Wave zine for Christmas! The CD is still in print on the Ricochet Label out of Montreal.
      4. Kenne Highland….Can I Please Crawl Down Your Chimney…..from the Xmas Snertz CD on the Gulcher Label. Gulcher was one of the early protopunk labels that released The Gizmos records, of which Kenne was a member. Kenne also has connection to Mt Brydges Ontario, just a little west of London.
      5. The Turtles….Sidewalk Surfer….from their double LP Greatest Hits compilation on Sire Records.
      6. Quiet Jungle….Snoopy’s Christmas…from the Story Of Stoopy’s Christmas on ARC Records out of Toronto from 1968. Quiet Jungle get little mention on the cover of this one, but they were one of the infamous mid 60’s garagepunk combos from Toronto along with perennial faves, The Ugly Ducklings.
      7. Mach Bell….C’mon Santa….also from the Xmas Snerts CD and Mach was in the protopunk combo Thundertrain. They were on the first Boston punk compilation, Live At The Rat.
      8. Bitchlove…All I Want For Christmas Is Some White Stuff…..local one man noise maker who will most likely get his wish this Christmas.
      9. 63 Monroe…..White Christmas….from their 1984 7” on Savvy Records and from here in London Ontario….one of those bands that just won’t go away as they are still out and playing, even hosting a show at SOHO on New Year’s Eve.
      10. Urban Surf Kings….Jingle Bells….east coast instro combo who have released many many records, CD’s and demos.
      11. Paul James Band….Run Rudolph Run…..from a 1986 7” on Lick’n’Stick Records. Got to see the Paul James Band earlier this year at the London Music Hall and they put on a phenomenal rock’n’roll show!!! Lots of jumping into the crowd, guitar behind the head, smiles all around and an amazing time!!  The bass player for this show, was Robbie Rox’s brother, who still plays out with Robbie Rox every now and then! Catch these guys if you get a chance as they won’t disappoint!
      12. Jack Scott…..Trouble Brewin’….from the Black Christmas CD, supposedly a Christmas CD compiled by The Cramps.
      13. Youngsters…..Christmas In Jail….as above and all about the perils of driving while drunk.
      14. The Razorbacks…..All The Girls Look Prettier At Christmas…..1097 7” from this long gone Toronto rockabilly combo….one of the members still plays in The Royal Crowns.
      15. John Lee Hooker….Blues For Christmas….from the above mentioned Black Christmas CD.
      16. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy…..we got our annual Christmas message from the one and only Legendary Stardust Cowboy!! Infamous for his television appearance on Laugh In back in 1968 playing his hit, Paralyzed!
      17. Lightnin’ Hopkins…..Merry Christmas….from the Arhoolie LP Houston’s King Of The Blues, recordings from 1953.
      18. C W Stoneking…..On a Christmas Day….from the King Hokum CD from 2011 and from Australia. CW has made it to North America a couple of times, but we’ve yet to see him live. He hasn’t played London, but plays backwood cities like Saskatoon! Figure that out!
      19. Lightnin’ Hopkins…..Happy New Years….from the above Arhoolie LP.
      20. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins…..It’s Xmas….from the Midnight compilation LP, A Midnight Christmess  Volume 1. This is a compilation of acts, mostly east coast US garage combos from the early to mid 80’s that were on the Midnight Records Label. Screamin’ Jay was on the label for a short time, recording a live EP with The Fuzztones, before leaving reality once again.
      21. Thee Eviltones…..It’s Christmas….from a demo a couple of years back.
      22. Plan 9…..Merry Christmas….from the above Midnight Christmess LP and from Rhode Island. Plan 9 made it to London Ontario at least 3x, playing Bullwinkles, Key West and finally Call The Office.
      23. Yard Trauma…Christmas Tyme….as above, but from Tucson. Lee Joseph, whom many of you will know from Dionysus Records played bass in this combo. He also had the best haircut at this point in  his  life!
      24. Nadroj and the Wolrats……Forget It… as above, but from NYC and members of Outta Place and The Fuzztones may have been involved with this racket.
      25. MX80 Sound….Christmas With The Devil…..from the We’re An American Band CD from 2005. MX80 Sound were a protopunk combo that was grouped in with metal combos for some odd reason and recorded on the Gulcher label mentioned above.
      26. The Shanks…..Christmas Star….from their The Dark Richard Show CD from 2010 and from the Orangeville area of Ontario. 2 piece, with drums and bass guitar with loads of special effects. They play Europe fairly often and have released several records in Germany….not bad for an Ontario band from a little hick town!!
      27. The Rooks…..Christmas….from a 1992 demo CD they sent us many years ago.
      28. Roger Zuraw…..I’m In Love and It’s Christmas….from his 2005 CD There’s Life Then There’s Song. Roger is from Etobicoke and a regular listener.
      29. The Ramones…..Merry Christmas…..from their Brain Drain LP and goes out to regular listener Danny P who requested this one, even though he knows we play it every year at this time!
      30. The Fleshtones….Canadian Christmas….from their Stocking Stuffer LP and features Hamilton native Ken Fox on vocals.
      31. The Fleshtones….Mr Santa Claus….as above, but with regular vocalist Peter Zaremba holding court.
      32. Patsy Raye…..Beatnik’s Wish…..from the Swing For A Crime compilation LP that came out in the 80’s on GMG Records out of France.
      33. Deja Voodoo….Bugs For Christmas….from their Too Cool To Live, Too Smart To Die EP on Midnight Records from 1985.
      34. Slade……Merry Christmas Everybody….from their Greatest Hits CD and from 1973. Never understood why this was such a HUGE hit in the UK, but gets no airplay on this side of the ocean.
      35. Mack Rice…..Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’…..from the Trailer Trash Christmas compilation CD.


      Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!  Back again next week with a short special on drummer Marky Keigan (Purple Toads, El Speedo, Crummy Stuff, Boneyard Devils) who passed away last week. We got to see The Purple Toads many times when they played London and think they even played a benefit or 2 for What Wave zine back in the day!


      Happy Holidays and the archived show might be here:

    • December 29, 2017 7:46 PM CST
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist December 29/2017


      1. Bobby Barnett….Drink Canada Dry….from a compilation called Country Trash and appropriate as New Year’s Eve rapidly approaches.
      2. Johnny Cash….Folsom Prison Blues….from a so called Definitive Collection CD and we played this as there is an event happening here in London on Feb 22nd, to commemorate Johnny Cash proposing to June Carter 50 years ago, right here in London Ontario.  Johnny’s long time drummer, Fluke Holland, and brother Tommy Cash are expected to be present at this event and it takes place in the London Music Hall.  Further details closer to the event.
      3. Jack Kittel….Psycho….from the above Country Trash compilation. I remember hearing this song on the radio back in the mid 60’s, it may have even charted in another universe.
      4. Wanda Jackson…Funnel Of Love….from the Rock’n’Roll at the Capitol Tower Volume 3 compilation. Been searching for a good copy of this song for years, and finally found it on this comp. Wanda’s psycho This Gun Don’t Care is also on this comp.
      5. 63 Monroe….At The Boot….1980 recording from the Sliippery’s Club Hits cassette that came with What Wave zine 24. 63 Monroe are playing at the SOHO for New Year’s Eve.
      6. Purple Toads…..40 Pounder Blues….from their 1986 debut LP on Star Records and goes out to recently passed Marky Keigan, who drummed for the Toads and others.
      7. Purple Toads….Lie Beg Borrow and Steal….as above.
      8. Purple Toads…..Action Tonight…as above.
      9. Purple Toads…..All I Want….from the Love Songs For The Hard Of Hearing LP on Star Records from 1988.
      10. Boneyard Devils…..I Need Love….from a 1993 7” that Marky drummed on with long time partner in crime, Rob Sweeney handling guitar and vocals.
      11. El Speedo….Enola Gay….1999 cassette recording with Marky on drums. El Speedo consisted of various former Purple Toads and UIC, when both bands split up, and just before The Chickens formed.
      12. Crummy Stuff…..Ejection….demo from a few years back with Marky on drums and Rob Sweeney on vocals/guitars.
      13. The Lyres….Really Want You Bad….live recording from 6/2/2012 at This Ain’t Hollywood with Crummy Stuff backing up Monoman as The Lyres.
      14. Peter Zaremba’s Rock Delegation…..I Can Do This…..from a Closer Records 12” EP with Crummy Stuff backing Peter Zaremba on one side, and Crummy Stuff featured on the flip. This would be Marky’s last recordings to be released.
      15. Peter Zaremba’s Rock Delegation…..The Party Ain’t Over Yet…. As above.
      16. The Zellots….On The Dole…from the recent 3 song flexi of their 1979 recordings from Vancouver.
      17. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants…..Only Game In Town….from their recent Half Wits LP on  Speed City Records.
      18. The Hook Up….Fin….from their recent Cruel Sounds CD on Transistor 66 Records.
      19. Hiroshima Hearts…..Got Me Movin’….from their recent 7” record.
      20. Running From Daylight….Mary Jane… demo from this local rockabilly combo.
      21. Bad Town Boys…..Radio Don’t Rock…..from a 7” from 1989 and hopefully this song title isn’t referencing Radio WW.
      22. Coaching For Sara….Tonight’s The Night….from their recent remastered CD and they have a gig coming up on Jan 20th at Norma Jeans here in London.
      23. Why Oh Whys….Without You I’m Nothing….from a recent 7” on Beluga Records out of Sweden, same label as my fave powerpop combo, The Dahlmanns.
      24. The Rolling Stones…..Mercy Mercy….from the recent On Air BBC recording CD set that came out. This recording is from 1965.
      25. The Rolling Stones…..You Better Move On….as above, but from 1964.
      26. Jackie Mittoo…..Henry The Great….from the recent double LP, The Keyboard King At Studio One.
      27. Peter Tosh….Steppin’ Razor…from a Greatest Hits comp and this track is from 1977.
      28. Bram Tchaikovsky….Strange Man, Changed Man….from the 1979 LP of the same name and this was to be the start of an all 1979 set, but time went too fast.
      29. Bram Tchaikovsky…..Lonely Dancer….from the above LP and the 2 songs segue into each other and sound really good together.
      30. The Jam…..Saturday’s Kids….from the Setting Sons LP from 1979.


      Out of time, but certainly not out of tunes. Big Thanx for all the phone calls and messages during this show!! Much appreciated.

      Back again next week, and we’ll do a bit of a special on Ron Ashton, guitar player in The Stooges as it’ll be the 9th anniversary of his passing….Jan 6 2009! Can’t believe it’s been that long!

      Happy New Year and see you in 2018!!


      There might be an archived show here:

    • January 5, 2018 7:24 PM CST
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist January 5/2018   Ron Asheton Special


      First show of 2018 and tomorrow is the anniversary of Ron Asheton’s passing, so let’s do a special on Ron Asheton.


      1. Coaching For Sara…..Sister Won’t….from their recent remastered CD, and they have a show coming up on January 20th at Norma Jeans.
      2. Dany Laj and The Looks…..Mr Screaming Attitude….from their latest, Alive And Kicking. We sent this one out to Dan Soden, our long time behind the scenes sports guy here at CHRW. Dan was always the guy behind the CHRW board for almost all the sports events that were broadcast over the airwaves of CHRW. He was also on a regular show, right before Radio WW for many years, so we became fairly good pals as we are the same age and heard a lot of the same music growing up. Sadly, Dan passed away yesterday and will be missed by all here at CHRW.
      3. Arvidson and Butterflies….Blank Season….from a brand new 7” on the Beluga imprint out of Sweden, where this combo is from.
      4. Stephen Schjins…..I’ll Come Over Tonight….from a demo that actually got airplay on Little Steven’s Underground Radio Show.
      5. The Kamikazes…Christiane….from a 7” from 2002 from this Montreal combo.
      6. Carl Perkins….Blue Suede Shoes……this record was released by Sun on this day in 1956! And this week marks the 68th anniversary of the beginning of Memphis Recording Studios which was run by Sam Phillips and basically became Sun.
      7. Arthur Alexander…..You Better Move On…..1962 recording that was done at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals and recorded by Rick Hall. Rick passed away earlier this week, a producer of literally tons of records over the years.
      8. Wilson Pickett….Born To Be Wild….1969 recording done at Muscle Shoals and is on the Duane Allman Compilation Volume 2.
      9. John Hammond…..Shake For Me……from the 1970 LP Southern Fried and also recorded at Muscle Shoals.
      10. Randall Pee Coltrane….Let Your Freak Flag Fly….from the recent Atomic Love Burrito CD and the start of an all local set of recent releases.
      11. Mountain Of Wolves…..Don’t Call My Name….from their recent Poison LP.
      12. Twin Fin…..Devil Girl Stomp….from their recent Whiskey Wine and Venom Love LP.
      13. Randall and the Rivieras….Heartbreak and Sorrow….from their recent self titled CD, and Randall could also be known as Randall Pee Coltrane.
      14. The Famines….First World War….from their recent download and was also on a 7” from a few years back.
      15. The Hypnotics….New Wave Monday….from their 9/22/2017 live to air here at Radio WW. The Hypnotics are from Windsor Ontario and have released 2 LP’s and a 7”.
      16. Heatseekers…..Thingmaker….from a 1998 7” and features former Shadowy Men Brian Connelly on heatseeking guitar.
      17. The Sadies….Black Sheep….from the Tales Of The Rat Fink LP and from 2006.
      18. Neko Case….Wood To Burn Bridges…from her 2000 CD Furnace Room Lullaby. The backup combo on this one was referred to as Her Boyfriends and Brian Connelly and the Good Brothers from The Sadies were in the band.
      19. The Stooges….1969…from their debut LP and the start of the Ron Asheton special.
      20. The Stooges….1970…from their Funhouse LP.
      21. The Stooges….No Fun….from their debut LP and goes out to Mike Burton, UIC nephew and regular listener. And why, not only did Mike request this one, but UIC used to play this song live.
      22. The Stooges….TV Eye…from their Funhouse LP.
      23. The Stooges….I Got A Right….from a 12” EP on Bomp Records that came out in 1991.
      24. The Stooges….Gimme Some Skin…. As above. Right around this time we played a mid 70’s commercial for The Stooges playing in St Louis.
      25. The Stooges…Tight Pants…..from a 7” on Bomp Records from the late 70’s.
      26. The Stooges….Scene Of The Crime….as above.
      27. The Stooges…Cock In My Pocket….from a Revenge/Fan Club LP and my absolute fave Stooges song! First heard this when Teenage Head covered it back in the late 70’s and had to ask them what the song was.
      28. Destroy All Monsters…..Bored….from a 1978 7” and features Ron Asheton on lead guitar, Niagara on vocals.
      29. Destroy All Monsters….What Do I Get?....from a 1979 7” and as above.
      30. Destroy All Monsters….November 22nd 1963….from the Singles and Rarities CD on Revenge Records and the end of our show as we’ve run out of time. Wanted to play some Dark Carnival as well, as they played London back in 1990 and there’s pics of this gig on the Radio WW Facebook page.


      Thanx for all the crazy phone calls, emails, messages and Heys!!! That’s what makes it all worthwhile!!

      Back again next week with some brand new recordings and maybe a short Gruesomes special as we had a request for The Gruesomes during this show.


      There might be an archived show here:

    • January 21, 2018 2:19 PM CST
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist January 19, 2018


      1. Underground Divas….Words….Montreal combo with a timely tune.
      2. Baby Giant…..High Tide…from their brand new release, Baby Giant 2. London Ontario based combo.
      3. Dave Campbell….Time Is Now….from his 2013 CD, Finding The Real and also from London Ontario.
      4. Jason and The Nomads…Earthquake….from his 2006 Warp Speed Ahead CD and also from London Ontario.
      5. Running From Daylight….Mary Jane….from their latest download and also from London Ontario.
      6. The Thing From Outer Space…..The Thing From Outer Space….from their debut CD from last year and also from London Ontario.
      7. Mary’s Kids….The Shit Meridian….from a brand new 7” on Beluga Records out of Sweden.
      8. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….Dougall Drop….from their brand new Half Wits LP on Speed City Records.
      9. Baronen and Satan…..Catwalk….from a recent 7” on Dirty Water Records USA. Linda, the singer, is the daughter of one of The Tages, the legendary 60’s combo from Sweden.
      10. Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons….Sunneal….from the recent Ain’t No Pussy release on Dirty Water Records UK.
      11. The Sends….Crashing….brand new download from this Toronto combo of veterans that were in the next 3 bands, as well as tons more!
      12. The Curators….Catch Fire…..from  their 3 Chord Rock CD.
      13. The Von Drats…..Phantom Chop….from their Dratsylvania CD from 2010.
      14. Supreme Bagg Team….Crankin’ With Elvis….from the compilation LP, Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood on OG Records from 1989.
      15. The Gruesomes…..Jack The Ripper….from their first 7” on Primitive Records and the start of our Gruesomes special.
      16. The Gruesomes….Cry In The Night….from their Tyrants Of Teen Trash LP. It was 31 years ago The Gruesomes first played London, January 11/1987, a Sunday night at Key West. We were worried no one would show up, but the place was packed and The Gruesomes went down really well! It was a whole year before they came back, again to Key West.
      17. The Gruesomes….Way Down Below….from the Gruesomania LP. All the LP’s came out on OG records and almost all The Gruesomes recordings have been re-released on Ricochet Sound with proper permission.
      18. The Gruesomes….Hey! ….from the LP of the same name.
      19. The Gruesomes….What Wave….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood. We used to start each edition of Radio WW with this, but it got to be predictable and this show isn’t meant to be.
      20. The Gruesomes….3 Men One Coffin….played the version on Gruesomology, the Sundazed compilation CD of The Gruesomes. It was also released on the cassette Live In Hell, and the 7” record, A Billy that came with What Wave zine 18.
      21. The Gruesomes….Cave In….from the CD of the same name from 2000.
      22. The Gruesomes…..You’re Not The Boss Of Me…. As above.
      23. Empty Hours…..Primitive….from the recent It’s About Time LP and from Brantford Ontario. They were an 80’s mod combo, that I’m pretty sure played a show with The Gruesomes. Recently got back together and are out playing again.
      24. Dustbin Flowers…..Bayside Jenny…from their first CD and from 2013. Yet another London Ontario combo.
      25. Coaching For Sara…..These People….from their recent remastered CD and they have a gig Saturday night at Norma Jeans here in London…..and again, from London Ontario.
      26. The Reply…..The Reply….from their Downtown Soul CD from 2013 and former Londoner James Bond plays keys and does some vocals in this now defunct combo.
      27. King Khan and the Shrines…..Don’t Walk Away Mad….from the 3 Hairs and You’re Mine CD from 2001.
      28. Kumonga…..Completely Under Water….from their self titled CD from 2012.
      29. The Rolling Stones…..Cry To Me….1965 recording from their recent On Air double CD of BBC recordings.
      30. Mckenna Mendelson….Drive You….from their 1969 LP Stink.
      31. Motorhead…..Leaving Here….debut 7” on Stiff Records and goes out to Fast Eddie who passed away last week.
      32. The Hook Up…..Greyhound To Graceland….from their recent Cruel Sounds CD on T66 Records.
      33. Ruth’s Hat…..Don’t Walk Away….from their double CD The Sun Sessions from 2006 and from London Ontario.
      34. Sheesham and Lotus and Son…..Ida Red….from their brand new Clear The Table CD and from Kingston Ontario. Caught these highly entertaining clowns at SOHO last night and they put on an Excellent show!!! Such a fun live band!
      35. The Saints….Swing For A Crime….from the Prehistoric Sounds Lp from 1978.


      Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, messages and Heys!!! Back again next week with a pile of new tunes.


      Here’s a link to what might be the archived show:

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