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Special GPPR Presentation: The SubGenius Hour of Slack #1440


    We at GaragePunk Pirate Radio are big fans of the Church of the SubGenius and J.R. "BOB" Dobbs. In fact, kopper is an ordained minister himself (Rev. Kopper Moonwagon a.k.a. Dr. Kopper Feelgood). This past week's SLACK FRIDAY episode of their long-running Hour of Slack was an especially good one in that it featured a fantastic and previously unheard speech by Crosley Bendix of Negativland from one of their live shows last year where he rants on and on about the problem with music today, explaining why there can never again be any original music. As insane ad Mr. Bendix obviously is, the more you think about what he's saying, the more it makes complete sense! We also thought posting an episode of the Hour of Slack on GPPR might help promote the SubGenius podcast and encourage a few of you to subscribe, which you can do here. So, enjoy this special presentation by GaragePunk Pirate Radio. We'll be back to our regularly programmed shows soon enough.


    Also included in this episode, for those of you who may already be familiar with the Hour of Slack, are Princess Wei's reading of a touching rant by Rev. Chocolate Velvet (with music by the Flyin' Ryan Brothers), Dr. Sinister, Cowboy Dave, and much more. Fnord.





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  • John Battles
    John Battles A lot of the original Subgenius bands in Dallas in the 80's were unrecorded. There was Doctors For Dinosaurs , Buck Naked and The Jaybirds , More Drunk Cowboys , and , I think , Deb E. Dee and The Daddy Cats. A lot of them were pretty bad ,but , nice peop...  more
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  • melissa scott
    melissa scott John: Buck Naked and the Jaybirds? :D
    December 16, 2013
  • John Battles
    John Battles Yes , Buck Naked and The Jay Birds. (Dallas') Buck Naked was a rabid attention - hound (Challenged only by Bobby Soxx.) ex (?) - Hippie guy trying to cross over into the Punk scene. He held some kind of title in the Subgenius, but , he'd have you thinki...  more
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