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Recent Entries

  • New "Seasonal Song"!

    Every year we record a "Seasonal Song" and give it away for free.  This year is no exception. Get the new song, "Eggnog," here: If you want higher quality versions or all our "Seasonal Songs," this is the place to be: http://theefinelines.bandc...
  • Our latest 7" is out!

    The vinyl version of our "Six Jumpin' Tunes" release is now available from Chickpea Records! Click on the image below to order!
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  • Help us finish booking our USA tour!

    If you or someone you know wants to help us in the following area on the following dates, email us!! We don't ask for much, just a spot to set up and some electricity! Monday July 20 – Tulsa OK or Oklahoma City OK Monday July 27 – Reno NV or Mid/Northern CA Tuesday July 28 – Reno NV or Mid/Northern...