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  • Ive got some news for you

    Its been a while since we dont show up here, so we just uploaded some really raw live tunes recorded live at our last gig, at Linos Bar. same place the new photos were tooked. Cheers!
  • really old interview lost in the web

    Interview with Evil Idols, 28 February 2005 NB - Introduce yourself. Sad - Well, I'm Felipe Sad, I play guitar and sing for the Evil Idols NB - How did Evil Idols start? Sad - I'm not really sure coz by that time I was drunk all the time, the only thing I know is that we've met in a bar where Toch...
  • EVIL IDOLS RELEASE – 2006/2007

    EVIL IDOLS RELEASE – 2006/2007 Can't Remember At All “If I can’t remember, I haven’t done!” That’s been the excuse the Evil Idols uses their whole life to avoid that “moral hangover” after hard driking nights. And that’s where their new algum name come from: Can’t Remember At All, released on 2006 o...