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Phyllis Diller kicked your ass until the age of 95.

  • Hey , long before not particularly funny comediennes like Rosie O'Donnel and Rosanne Barr came along ,  Phyllis Diller made a career out of her own percieved unattractiveness. Only difference is , she was aggressive AND funny. Coming on like a cross between a crazy cat lady and a drop-in at a psychedelic coctail party, Diller broke conventions CENTURIES before it was safe for women to do so in her field. Belle Barth , maybe early LaWanda Page , there were others , but Phyllis Diller broke the mold.

     I was fortunate enough to see her , about 35 years ago , at Six Flags over Texas (!!!). She was a riot. She was also one of the more accomplished Actor-Painters.

    Diller , who survived to the age of 95 , was not survived by her imaginary husband , "Fang".

    Required viewing : "Mad Monster Party".