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Bugs Henderson Dies.

  •  I JUST SAW , ON Eggman's post , that Bugs Henderson , former Mouse and The Traps Guitarist , and longtime popular Blues Guitarist/Singer on the Dallas club circuit , passed away recently. I have no information , as of yet. I was briefly in touch with Henderson when he was raising funds and staging a huge benefit show for Ronnie "Mouse" Weiss , who was in need of a Lung Transplant. This was a couple of years ago. Henderon's fiery Guitar licks enhanced such tunes as "Maid of Sugar , Maid of Spice" and "All For You" , not to mention the band's one hit "A Public Execution" which led my teenage brain to ponder "I did'nt know Dylan could play Guitar like THAT !" the first time I heard it. HA HA ! The Traps reformed , off and on , with and without Henderson. There is , or was , a clip of them playing a Ponderosa Stomp - sponsored event , and it was business as usual. This was shortly before Weiss' medical emergency took place. But , information trickles slow down the Rock'n'Roll grapevine , sometimes ,  and I'm only led to assume Weiss is convalescing and does'nt wish to be disturbed , as I've heard nothing about his status , nor about his fallen Brother, Henderson , just like there's been virtually no information on Reg Presley in over a year.

    IF I COME BY ANY MORE DETAILED INFORMATION , AND , IF ANY OF YOU GOOD PEOPLE ARE READING THIS , I'LL BE BACK . WATCH THIS SPACE.          no , not literally , you can go somewhere else , and come back ,later.

    Later That Day..... It turns out , Henderson passed away , from Liver Cancer , on March 13 of last year. I'm somewhat embarrassed by this , as I make it a habit of knowing who , in "Our world" has crossed over into the next. His age was listed , separately , as 68 and 69 , and a benefit show for his mounting hospital bills was held just four days earlier. Henderson , however , spent his last days in hospice care , at home. Henderson was always a popular local attraction , but toured the US and abroad. His praises were sung by bigger names than his own. Despite all this , Mouse and The Traps still remain one of the most underrated Texan bands of their day , and , I trust , you all (S'cuze me , "Y'all".) know , there were a LOT of 'em.