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Gary Omerza of The Electras Dies.

  • I've just learned that Gary Omerza , keyboard player and part time bassist for the legendary Electras ("Action Woman"(On which he played Bass.), "Dirty Old Man" , "'Bout My Love" , " Won't Take No For an Answer" and "Pregnant Pig" , reputedly the first Punk Polka.) , died about a month ago , from a sudden massive heart attack.

    Lead Guitarist , Bill Bulinski ( Who did two shows with Bill Haley and The Comets , did a stint with  Crow ("Evil Woman") , and went on to play in the state of the art Instrumental Rock Band , The Chicago - based Greaseballs (Still , sporadically , active.) in the 80's , brought Omerza into the group , which had been kicking around for a few years , with and without singers , in 1964. Omerza said that he did'nt play Bass ,as requested , but , rather , the accordion. Soon , under Alan Price's spell ,the band persuaded him to buy a Vox organ , and , the rest is history. The band became very popular in the Twin Cities ara , but Bulinski was drafted in 1966 , the year that Punk broke. Upon his return , the band had fallen apart , but , he recieved an invitation to join the Electra's arch - rivals , The Litter. The invite included a copy of their third LP , "Emerge" . Bulinski proudly stated that he threw it in the garbage can !  In The 80's , The Electras made their first , short - lived  , comeback bid. Very recently , The Electras were inducted into The Minnesota Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. Video on You Tube shows that they KILLED ! Plans were made to do further shows , including a bill with The Trashmen , but , health issues got in the way. Gary's heart attack , however , was completely unprecedented. Whether The Electras will play again , in any configuration , is uncertain.