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Elaine "Pandora" Mulqueen ( Chicago Rock'n'Roll Kiddie Show Hostess) Dies.

  • I was just informed , yesterday , that Elaine Mulqueen (aka Pandora) , beloved hostess of the Chicago Kiddie show , "Kiddie a Go Go", passed away about a month ago. With her Husband , Jack , Elaine got her start on Chicago TV with "The Mulqueens", a very D.I.Y show , involving Elaine and some simple , but effective , puppets. Jack provide Directorial and puppet - voice chores. Bozo The Clown makes an appearance in the only remaining footage. This was second or third to having The Mayor on the show . Nah, it was first.

    The less - successful "Mulqueens" show made way , in 1966, for "Kiddie A Go Go".

    This show's importance can not be underestimated. It was the ONLY Rock'n' Roll show in Chicagoland , so all the major touring acts from '66 to '68 opted to appear on the program. "Kiddie A Go Go"was , basically , like an "American Bandstand" for children. Elaine proved an enthusiastic , and patient , hostess. She was very good with children , and could actually keep up with them! She quickly became a local celebrity , even releasing a 45 of the show's theme with local Garage Band , The Males (  Who , at one time , featured The Hawk , later in The Shadows of Knight , and even , briefly , Ted Nugent. Neither one appear on the record.  My friend said the record killed The Males' credibility on the local Teen Club scene , though their own performance of the song on the flipside is a stone cold killer  , it just had Kiddie lyrics , but delivered with pure Punk conviction....).

    Only two episodes of the show exist today , one featuring a video of The Cowsills , and , the other , showcasing hometown heroes , The New Colony Six , still sporting their American Revolution outsits and Basil Rathbone as King Richard III hairdos , lip - synching to "I Lie Awake". The song's strange tempo changes present a challenge to the little kids , but they're so into it.

    Among the kids who had a chance to get into it , My Brother , Tom , and , my good  friend , Chuck Kass.

    The Mulqueens retired from television and tried to start a family of their own.  I think it's fair to say Elaine loved the kids on her show , but the stress of running a children's program , Monday thru Friday, proved to be too stressful , physically as well as emotionally . She told Roctober that she found out she was unable to have children. The Mulqueens were heartbroken , they still had each other , and proved an affable couple in later years , when they put on Movie Memorabilia shows around Chicagoland. I had the opportunity to tell her that my good friend , Bill Shute's Daughter , Kendra , while still quite young , began dancing around the room when the "Kiddie A Go Go" tape came on. Elaine was blown away to learn that the line would continue.....

    In more ways than one , "Chic - A - Go Go" , an all - ages Dance Party show , debuted in 1995 in Chicago , built on the same premise , and is still going full steam ahead.

    Produced By Jake Austen , and his wife , Jackie Stewart , the circle remains unbroken , made even stronger with subsequent shows , like Ghoul - A - Go -Go and the considerably higher budget Pancake Mountain.

    Elaine had had health issues in recent years , but , manged to eclipse them.

    Chicago was lost one of it's favorite Children's TV personalities , and her following grows , the world over via You Tube footage and Jack Mulqueens' highly enjoyable , authorized DVD of everything know to exist by this extraordinary couple on TV.

    Find some Kiddies, Pandora , and teach them how to GO -  GO. xxxxxJohn.