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THE CHARLESTON BAR GIG November 12, 2011

  • What do The Amputees do when they get absolutely sick of playing pop punk ditties...they go crazy and make a wall of sonic feedback fuzz and noize couple it with blooz and booze and let the hate out!!!  We played with  RAPTORMAN, THE HARLOTS,THE BLACK BLACK and F-61....Most of the set featured new songs and unrehearsed as well....we pulled out all the stops cause we were sandwiched in between the double threat of THE HARLOTS (which feature among them our rhythm section,Kaleen and Geena and the blazing guitars of Sam Mercurio) and RAPTORMAN (our producers band)...We played hardcore songs,blues and art noise and ended in a wall of sound that proved that our audiences tolerance for volume is very high indeed!!! Cheers to all the bands...they were all great...great Geena is back in Texas for the winter and The Amputees are bassless again!!!! Oh well we will wait for her to get back to where she belongs!!!