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  • SCREAM (The Amputees)

    We worked on the Scream 7 inch for a bit of time before it was ready for mass consumption. 5 songs that kind of run together but reflect a bunch of different shit via the history of Punk. What would it be like to go from sweet hometown comfort to being knifed in a dirty downtown alley. That was the ...
  • Cover Artwork for the new Amputees 7 inch by Marissa Paternoster

    The Amputees have a 7 inch we are working on and yesterday we got the artwork front and backcover from the one and only Marissa Paternoster from Screaming Females. The e.p. will be called SCREAM and will feature 5 songs. 

         Louis' Top 10 Choices For 2012!!!! 1. SWEARIN'- Swearin'  2. FUCK SOCIETY VOLUME 1- Shellshag  3. PULP CULTURE- The Chelsea Kills  4. CRACKMAN- Campo Formio  5. HELL III- Hell  6. PROS & CONS- Low Fat Getting High  7. UGLY- Screaming Females  8. "BACK FROM THE MOON/I DON'T CARE ABOUT FRIDAY...
  • THE AMPUTEES "Commence The Slaughter e.p....out now on Bandcamp Get the new Amputees e.p. for 3 bucks only!!!
  • Review of The Amputees upcoming COMMENCE THE SLAUGHTER e.p.

    The Amputees wanna thank Pete Ringmaster for his rad review of our upcoming e.p. Commence The Slaughter...The e.p. will be out September 1st digitally on itunes, bandcamp, amazon..etc. etc...and a vinyl version will soon grace us for Christmas release...This is the link to the review http://ringmast...

    The Amputees are happy to let ya know that our first e.p. will be out on September 1st online. It will consist of four songs (Commence The Slaughter/Beater/Devil With The Red Dress/Lunch) and also be out on vinyl later in the will be available on a whole bunch of sites like Itunes, Amazon e...
  • Review for We Love Trash comp on Ringmaster Review Introduces:

    Here is a rad review of the We Love Trash comp that we are on excellent review by Ringmaster Pete We Love Trash review

    Out today (April 16) volume 7 of the best of the GaragePunk Hideout compilation series WE LOVE TRASH will feature THE AMPUTEES' song "Ted"!!! availabe for download on Amazon, Itunes, Napster and other places....or just cop it from the GaragePunk Hideout website!!!
  • A Night at Don Pedro

    The Amputees, Low Fat Getting High, Suaka, Nuclear Santa Claust and The Black Black turned a typical Thursday evening into an orgy of pure garage punk/metal's a pic taken by the folks at Suaka 
  • The Amputees overdubs December 14, 2011

    Amputees' drummer Kaleen laid down some guitars today at Mollusk usual she was a marvel of badassery ...Carrie also did some beautiful backing vocals for "Demi Star" ... John did his George Martin/Phil Spector thing...much Tecate was consumed
  • THE CHARLESTON BAR GIG November 12, 2011

    What do The Amputees do when they get absolutely sick of playing pop punk ditties...they go crazy and make a wall of sonic feedback fuzz and noize couple it with blooz and booze and let the hate out!!!  We played with  RAPTORMAN, THE HARLOTS,THE BLACK BLACK and F-61....Most of the set featured new s...
  • FINAL DAY OF TRACKING...(for a while at least)

    Gary,Louis,Geena,Kaleen and Nova went in for a tracking session days before Geena splits for the winter...we tracked three unrehearsed songs and vocals on another...time moved too fast...Now it's up to Louis and producer John Meredith to sift through this mountain of material (32 song!!!) and begin ...
  • Gary Young the biography

    He was born/he's my cousin/he likes Slash/he plays guitar/he's good at leads/I'm not/He's a good guy/he lives in the Bronx/He joined our band when we were still Last Days In The Bunker/We got better/We became The Amputees/He doesn't have a theme song/but I like his lead at the end of "Ted"
  • Kaleen-the biography

    Here's a bio on our drummer Kaleen/She was born//She learned to play guitar/she learned to play drums/she likes drums better/she's been in a gazillion bands/ she likes Tony Iommi/she's in quadruple a gazillion bands/she joined our band/our band is now better/she is now recording or recorded a bunch ...

    Geena and I went to two different shows this weekend..on Friday we went to see The Dex Romweber Duo  open up for The Meat Puppets...Formerly of the Flat Duo Jets Dex Romweber tore it up blowing the Meat Puppets into tiny pieces...amazing...The next night we were joined by our friend Ray at the Charl...
  • RECORDING 11/2/2011

    Back in the studio on November 2nd for the long trek toward recording this beast of an album...heres a couple of pics...Tecate and rock n roll...zombies and Danny Devito becomes a Juggalo..

    Kaleen and I made our way to Barnes & Noble in Tribeca to meet and get our copies of Iron Man signed by the great Tony we got closer to his table we went from confident little punks into the land of nervous breakdowns...Kaleen got paler and paler...she went up first and managed to tel...
  • Our very own Phil Spector, George Martin and Sam Phillips rolled into one John Meredith owner of Mollusk Studios


    Once again we went into the studio to begin the long process of overdubs...Geena,Nova,Gary and I went in with our friends Dominic and Jubencio keeping us company to Mollusk Studio in Brooklyn to work with our friend and sole producer John Meredith some vocals done ...tons of overdubs and stil...
  • Geena!!!!!

    Louis,Carrie,Kaleen,Nova and Gary send our love out to fellow Amputee Geena... who is leaving for Austin in the wake of a death in the family...our prayers and love go out to her and her the meantime the rest of The Amputees anxiously await her return