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Recent Entries

  • Free Album Download!!!!

    Thanksgiving! Time for turkey and booze! And free music!  The full RED HOT REBELLION album in them fancy MP3s. Comes with PDF of the RHR comic book.  If you're into a slightly more mind-blowing experience, check out the animated comic book album here: http://www.r...
  • Contest where you can win about $450 worth of vinyl

    We are teaming up with Exit 384Media to do a contest where you can win about $450 worth of vinyl from Paper + Plastick Records! Exit 384 and P+P have gathered basically one of everything in stock at the label - full list of what you can win can be seen in the first comment of this status. Being ente...
  • Record giveaway at Modern Vinyl

    Our good friends at Modern Vinyl are sponsoring a RHR record giveaway! Check it out!
  • First page of the Red Hot Rebellion comic book

    This is the first page of the Red Hot Rebellion comic book. All pages correspond to a song on the album. This is song/page one, "Wait And See"
  • Free 3 Song Promotion

    Just cuz we love you, here's 3 free songs from our upcoming album:   Here's some more info on the album:  Street release date: February 7, 2012  Transparent red vinyl LP with comic book and CD.  Also CD-comic book combo, for the vinyl-challenged. Comic book illust...