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Michele (TheItalianBeatnik)'s Album: Wall Photos

Photo 13 of 106 in Wall Photos

I have a 2008 reissue of the Garage Greats series of the single of the Fe Fi Four Plus 2 I Wanna Come Back. I bought it in my vinyl records store of my city I live, Turin. Another piece of my 60's garage rock collection!!!


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  • John Battles
    John Battles Kinda funny to learn these guys were'nt "Heads" at all. THEY HAD TO imagine THE PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE..... "OY...HEV NEVER TAKED A DROOG IN MOY LIFE. And , oy suppose , to be "Cool " and "With it" , yeh hed to , at one toyme. Yeh doon't nee...  more
    August 16, 2018