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John Battles's Album: Untitled Album

Barry Kooda

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Cubby Bear Cave In.
Cynics , Chesterfield Kings and the for - real ( Chicago ) Mystery Girls at Cubby Bear , which used to be a pretty f'in good venue.This was '90 OR MAYBE EARLY '91. You'll note it says "Free Roky Erickson" at the bottom. As The Mystery Girls' MC , you can bet your ass I had something to tell the audience about it. Roky's incarceration did'nt drum up the grass roots support that Arthur Lee's did......But , Roky did'nt have any priors at the time. No gun charges , and his drug conviction , and even drug use , was ancient history . I disagreed with the terms of Arthur's sentence , but , if I'd been pulling guns on people , and was caught holding , I'd kinda expect to do some time.


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