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John Battles's Album: Wall Photos

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My good friend , Ricko Sicko Daddy with Vincent Price , 1983.   Price did a lecture series at our school , He was not as cool in real life. ARE YOU FUGGIN' KIDDING ME , HE WAS TWENTY TIMES COOLER !!!!!


  • Annie Oaktree and John Battles like this
  • Annie Oaktree
    Annie Oaktree I was obsesed by him when I was a kid. What a wonderful voice.
    November 1, 2018
  • John Battles
    John Battles I can actually do a pretty credible imitation of him , now. Took years to cultivate in my spare time....When he appeared at my school , the head of the Art Dept. , who was acting as his guide said , "You know , he sounds fairly cultured when he speaks''....  more
    November 1, 2018