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  • Topic: Lovesores - Focke-Wulf vs Spitfire (new 10“)

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    • December 11, 2014 6:06 PM CST
    • Untitled

      Ten more inches of Lovesores!

      Yet another reason why Portland, Oregon is currently THE place to be for new music.
      The Lovesores have constructed a rock and roll machine that is the equal to any on the planet.
      Created by the combined talents of Jeff Fieldhouse and Scott «Deluxe» Drake (the original
      songwriting and guitar/vocal team of the 90’s SoCal garage/punk juggernaut, The Humpers),
      Boz Bennes and Adam Kattau (members of Portland’s own legendary Fast Takers) and Alex Fast
      (bassist for Portland’s heavy rock champions, LSD&D), the «Lovesores» have become, after only
      three years, one of the premier high-energy rock and roll bands in the Pacific Northwest and are
      quickly generating excitement and building an enthusiastic fanbase internationally.

      Four tracks on 10" vinyl is what‘s on offer and if you ever loved the «Humpers» then you know
      this is gonna turn out right. With their 5 smoking hot vinyl releases, the «Lovesores» have found
      the sweet (and sweaty) spot where Rock, Garage and Punk collide in an orgy of guitar-driven


      1. Mata Hari
      2. Focke-Wulf vs Spitfire
      3. Desperation Now!
      4. Get Off


      Here is a review

      For more infos check Hound Gawd! Records

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