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    • May 27, 2010 1:17 PM CDT
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      OK, so what's this Radio What Wave thing all about?

      Well, it actually started in about 1979 or so, by a fellow by the name of Al Cole. He started a zine called What Wave (remember, those were the days where music was new wave, old wave, country wave so the so called music reviewers could call this stuff something besides punk...hence what wave). And he started a radio show on CHRW called Young Fast And Scientific to play the music he loved...obviously Dictators, Flamin' Groovies, 101'ers, Count Bishops, pure rock'n'roll stuff for the few that could really dig it! And few listeners there were, as that was when CHRW was only carried on cable TV and very few could actually tune in. Well, i was tuned in every week (or was it every other week?) absorbing the noise and taking notes.

      Al burnt out after a couple of years and moved away, we (my wife Rena and i) took over What Wave zine from issue 5 (Oct 84) onwards to the end around 1996 when we burnt out. But somewhere in there (approx 1989 to 1993) we did a short (45m) bi-weekly radio show on CHRW called What Wave Radio that we made on a cassette at home. We always started these shows with The Gruesomes doing What Wave and played tunes from bands that were featured in What Wave zine. Not many heard this show as it aired bi-weekly sometime around 1AM on monday mornings.


      And now up to Radio What Wave  (a tribute to Radio Birdman, Radio Ethiopia etc) which started in Feb 2005 and originally was hosted by Speedy Mike and myself alternating weeks. Speedy Mike actually did a show on CHRW for many years called Speed City, playing punk, hardcore and lots of other crazy stuff during the 90's.

      Speedy Mike had to bow out after a coupla years, but he still has the finest vinyl shop in London Ontario...


      So this show has been going on a coupla years now, we seem to have at least a few regular listeners who phone in and request stuff that they know they won't hear anywhere else, so they (and hopefully lots of others) actually get what we spin.

      We put on shows around London Ontario, some of which have included: Paul Collins Beat, The Young Barracudas, Simply Saucer, Gerard van Herk (Deja Voodoo), Gerry Alvarez (Gruesomes), The Famines, The Hook Up, Mother's Children, 905's, The Pack AD, Bloodshot Bill, John Schooley, Speaking Tongues, Evil Farm Children, Stolen Minks, The Stance and many many others.

      We've had a TON of really cool guests on the show, everyone from The Diodes, Edgar Breau (SImply Saucer), Gerard van Herk (Deja Voodoo), Dex Romweber Duo, Liz Worth, Andy Ramesh Meyers (Scenics), NFG (late 70's punk combo from London Ontario), Invasions, Sonic Avenues and loads more. You have to be invited to be on this show, and if you are invited that means you're cool! At least by our standards!

      Every once in awhile we do an actual live to air, where we get a band into the studio and hope everything works out, as we're live! We've had The Hook Up, Nasty Rashes, Standstills, Tuerto Loco, Oily Birds, Frank Ridsdale, Pink Cadillac Scat Cats and others and so far, they've all worked out great!

      We also do a lot of specials...everything from all 2 person band shows, to all Canpunk shows, to all local shows, to all women led band shows to cassette only shows. Anything to challenge the listener and me, the host digging up all of those records!

      And if you haven't figgered it from all of the yammering above, Radio What Wave plays: garagepunk (everything from 60's to 80's to modern), powerpop (70's and modern), protopunk, surf, Canpunk (Canadian punk from the late 70's to mid 80's), rockabilly (50's and 60's and some modern demented stuff), rock'n'roll and just about anything else we deem cool! We have a HUGE record, CD and live tape library that i'm constantly digging through, finding stuff that was forgotten or misfiled for years.

      And because we air on Canadian airwaves, we have to play a percentage of Canadian tunes which makes us a little different from most garagepunk shows.


      So you want to give the show a listen? Well you can tune in every thursday from 7 to 8:30PM EST at 94.9FM if you're in the London Ontario area, or you can listen on the net at:



      Or, you can listen to the archived show at this link:



      The shows are archived for 1 week only, then they are overwritten by the next week's show.


      There's also a facebook page for Radio What Wave that has playlists, links to cool happening stuff and tons of pictures from shows.




    • July 5, 2013 6:37 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist July 4/2013....All Canadian Show as Canada Day was July 1 with some pokes at the US as it was July 4th.

      1. The Smugglers...Canadian Ambassadors...from the In The Hall Of Fame CD on PopLlama Records. Singer Grant Lawrence is a Huge supporter of the Canadian music scene and is now on the CBC as a host.

      2. Evil Farm Children...Hangover...from the Evilling II CD. This is a cover of 70's Canadian band, Max Webster's Hangover. A cult favourite, but only in Canada.

      The Evil Farm Children after playing live on Shakin' Cats Radio at CHRW 5/23/2009.

      3. DOA...Liar For Hire...from the War On 45 LP. Canada's longest surviving punk band, with The Forgotten Rebels not far behind.

      DOA at Fryfogles, London Ontario 1983

      4. Flying Squad...Ronnie's Raygun...from the Come And Play cassette. Local combo poking at Ronald Reagan.

      The Flying Squad, Civitan Club, London Ontario 19899

      5. The Subhumans....Canada's Favourite Sport...from the No Wishes, No Prayers LP from 1983 on SST Records.

      The Subhumans, Sept 11/2010 Call The Office, London Ontario

      6. No Means No....Oh Canaduh!...single on Allied Records and originally done by The Subhumans.

      7. The Hippies...Can Teens...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that came with What Wave 24.

      8. Popular Mechanix....Ice Box City...late 70's demo from this Winnipeg combo. It was definitely not ice box city at the radio station during this show.

      9. The Poles...CN Tower...1978 7" from this Toronto combo.

      10. Pointed Sticks...American Song....from the Perfect Youth LP.

      11. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet...The Allouette She Was Canada's First Satellite, Way Before The Americans Even...from a 7" on Estrus Records and one of the longest song titles around.

      Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, Call The Office, mid 80's

      12. The Sadies...Horseshoe...from the Rat Fink Soundtrack CD. This song is dedicated to the club of the same name in Toronto.The Sadies are coming to Home County Festival in London in a couple of weeks.

      The Sadies, Aeolian Hall, London Ontario 7/17/09

      13. Ralph...Maybe Ontario...from the Sophisticated Boom Boom CD There's a reference to clothes shopping on Richmond St in London Ontario in this one.

      Ralph and Liz Worth at the London Record Show, 2/14/2010. Treat Me Like Dirt display.

      14. Stompin' Tom Connors...Stompin' Grounds...from a 7" on Boot Records.

      15. Frank Ridsdale and Slugfest...Water Road...from The Port CD. This features Jack Whiteside on vocals and refers to a Lake Erie crossing between Port Stanley and Cleveland.

      Frank Ridsdale, Key West??  Late 80's.

      16. Gordon Lightfoot...Black Day In July...from a single and is talking about the late 60's Detriot riots. This one was banned on most radio stations in the US at the time. The US had the MC5 with Motor City Is Burning, and we had a folkie yammering about the riots.

      17. Jerry Jerry and The Sons Of Rhythm Orchestra....Living On Top...from the Road Gore LP. This band could outdrink just about any other band and do it nightly!

      Jerry Jerry, Guelph? Mid 80's 

      18. Evil Hoodoos...Back In The USA....local combo who were on a couple of WW tapes back in the day.

      19. Evaporators...Winnipeg '64...from a 1993 7" on Nardwuar Records.

      20. Twitch...Pickup Is Illegal on 401...from a 7" on Supreme Echo Records that came out recently. Early 70's unreleased material.

      21. The Bureaucrats...She's An American...from the CD compilation, Only In Canada, Eh 77-81. Ottawa combo.

      22. Dik Van Dykes...Birthday Song...from the Nobody Likes LP on OG Records and goes out to Rena.

      Dik Van Dykes, mid 80's

      23. Dik Van Dykes...Americans In My above.

      24. UIC...Crop Dusting....from the Our Garage LP. Cropdusting could be a national sport in some locations across Canada. What is it? Buncha people hop in a car, armed with a bag of pot and a case of beer and off you go through the country backroads. I remember once, driving through a corn field in a very large orange truck!! Had to get rid of the evidence stuck to the truck the next morning before work started!! Youth plus alcohol usually results in stupidity (not the band from Sweden).

      A sweaty post show UIC. Mid 80's

      25. Deja Voodoo...Vegtables...from the Worst Of LP on OG Records. 

      Deja Voodoo at Key West, late 80's

      Thanx for all the requests, phone calls (both Piper brothers at the same time!!), emails, facebook messages and HEYS!! Back again next week with more noise to annoy!

      All photos from the What Wave archives...please don't reproduce without asking.

      And here's a link to the podcast:

    • June 28, 2013 5:36 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist June 27/2013. Sounds From London Ontario Part 2!!

      Yet another all local (London Ontario and surrounding area) special as we play music from the last 40 years of London Ontario....There is TONS more talent out there that didn't get played on these shows, but with only 3 hours total, you can't get 'em all!

      1. Flying Squad...I Want You Right Now....recorded live at Call The Office 1/4/86. Biker rock ala MC5 with facial antics ably supplied by vocalist Tim Murphy.

      Flying Squad at Call The Office...mid 80's.

      2. Puff Forbes....Song 665...from Stratford Ontario and from their self titled limited edition CD from about 5 years ago.

      Puff Forbes at Black Shire Pub 10/20/2008

      3. Standstills...Blues Radio...a demo they supplied us from Oct 2008. 2 piece combo that lived in London for a coupla years while both members attended Fanshawe College.

      The Standstills at Black Shire Pub, 3/27/2009

      4. Jason And The Nomads...Earthquake...from the Warp Speed Ahead CD.

      5. Black Holes....Big Sky/I'm A Hobo...recorded live at The Brunswick Hotel.

      6. Jiggawatts...Me Time...from the Burning Bridges CD from 2009. This punk combo won best Punk Band in Scene (local giveaway paper) Magazine. Don't hold the award against these guys as i've seen them a few times and they are VERY good at what they do!!

      Jiggawatts at Call The Office 12/6/12

      7. Black Donnelys....from a demo and no idea what the song is. Think i got this cassette in a trade swap from a guy in Alberta many years ago.

      8. Giggleswitch...How Good You Look...from the VII CD. A mixture of youngsters and old farts in this family combo that used to play out quite often a coupla years back.

      9. Hell's Half Acre....United States Of Canada...from It Came From Canada Volume 4. Shedden Ontario was home to these guys. It's just past Buttfuck on the highway, don't blink or you'll miss it! These guys once opened for Deja Voodoo at The Key West in the mid 80's here in London. One of the members was in a recent punk band, 120 and the Firghting 68's that we played last week.

      10. The Demics...Takin' My Time....recorded live in Toronto, probably about 1980. Betcha never heard this song before!

      11. The Regulators...What Goes On....recorded live at the Polish Hall, Halloween 1979 when they played with NFG and maybe The Demics.

      12. The Stoves...Look Through Any Window...recorded live at The Cedar Lounge 1979 and yes, this is The Hollies song from 1965. 

      13. Uranus...Shake Some Action....recorded live from CFNY in Toronto in 1980. Uranus played at some kind of car show in Toronto and it was aired lived on CFNY, which used to be a really cool radio station back then.

      Uranus at Call The Office 10/26/2012 for the Graphic Underground London 1977-1990 show

      14. Frank Ridsdale...Little Red Riding Hood....recorded live on Radio What Wave 10/16/2010 as we had Frank onair playing up a storm! And Frank was in Uranus, the band we just played.

      Frank Ridsdale live to air 10/16/2010

      15. Orie Hitt Machine....Killer Inside Me....demo from a local maniac!

      16. Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons...A Piece Of Me...late 80's demo. Singer/guitarist Tom is now in The Ridzdales, coincidentally named for Frank Ridsdale.

      Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons....Call The Office, late 80's.

      17. Thundermug...Africa...1972 AM radio hit. Member Bill Durst plays around occasionally and he also just won an award from Scene Magazine (but don't hold that against him).

      18. Ukase....Jealousy...late 80's demo. The Zellots used to do this song in the late 70's/early 80's and it finally got recorded. You can read the full story of The Zellots in the last 2 issues of Mongrel Zine outta Vancouver and available locally at Grooves Records.

      19. Dead Rabbits....Sink The Loveboat....recorded live at The Cedar Lounge 10/9/81.

      20. The Sinners...No Brains Required...from their only 7" and definitely a pre-req for this radio show!

      21. Lonesome Ghost....Haunted By God...from the 2nd volume of Garagepunk Hideout download CD's. AND the only local band to ever be on one of these comps. Lonesome Ghost were a 2 piece from Aylmer Ontario and blew a lot of minds in their way too short existence.

      Lonesome Ghost at Grooves Records 6/20/2009

      22. Bitchlove...Picket Fences...proof positive there is still life right here in sleepy London!

      23. Wedge...Ain't Got No Job...from the Feedback cassette from 1993....the cassette kept playing and i started yammering not realizing the tape was still going. It ain't Radio WW without a coupla (sometimes more) fuckups!!!

      24. Jim Ashby...Speed fucking record to ever come outta this sleepy city and a fitting end to the show!

      Jim Ashby at Call The Office 4/21/2007

      Thanx Tons for all the phone calls, emails, requests, facebook messages and HEY's!!!!I know a lot of you dig these local specials and we'll do another in a few months.

      Next week, it's an all Canadian show as we celebrate Canada Day on Thursday July 4th. We'll be doing some Canadian put down songs of the US as it's their birthday on show day. Requests welcome as always.

      All photos from the What Wave archives...please don't reproduce without asking.

      And here's a link to the podcast:
    • June 21, 2013 5:30 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist June 20/2013

      What we've got here is an all local (London Ontario and surrounding communities) show which spans about 35 years of coolness! And we had over a dozen requests, a record, and all were filled on this show. From people just requesting bands to people requesting specific songs by certain bands at a specific live show! We did it all this week!!

      And, still riding on a high from the show the prior eve with Tav Falco and Panther Burns at This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton Ontario!!

      1. NFG.....Johnny B. Goode...recorded live at The Cedar Lounge in 1980 and aired by CHRW back then.

      2. above as Johnny B Goode segues into Roadrunner.

      3. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants...Please Don't Touch...recorded live at Call The Office 7/27/12

      Fergus Tranzmitor joins Johnny Terrien on stage at Black Shire Pub, Nov 14/2008

      4. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants...Back To The Beach....2009 demo.

      5. Gatgas...Love Song....recent demo.

      6. Flying Squad...Brian Mulroney....early 90's demo with Kerry Piper on vocals.

      Flying Squad at Call The Office, early 90's

      7. Hurricane and Able...Eleven On The Dial...brand new download and part of the inspiration for this show.

      8. Hurricane and Able...I Think It's above.

      9. Fine Print...Get You Alone....from a limited edition cassette on the What Wave label 2011.

      The Fine  Print at Grooves Records, 4/16/11, Record Store Day.

      10. Dragsville...Royal recording at Brennan's 11/3/12. This was Dragsville's very first live show!

      11. The Zellots...Pulse...recorded at the Graphic Underground Show at Call The Office 10/27/12.

      The Zellots, Call The Office 10/27/12

      12. Second Thoughts...Would Up...from their only 7" 1980.

      13. Carnies...Goodbye...from the Lesser Demons CD.

      14. THE...Grilled Cheese...from their demo and they play tonite at Call The Office and tomorrow at Black Shire Pub.

      15. Nothing Helper...Everything Is String...from the Eat It Up CD. These guys are based in Brantford (about an hour from London) and have a London bred singer.

      16. The Mongrels...Do It...from a recent Radio WW Session.

      17. Radio 4...New Shoes...early 80's demo, this band evolved into....

      18. Sheep Look Up....Jumper...from their self released cassette from 1984.

      19. Don't Touch The Dancers....Your Girlfriend's A Slut...from North Of The Border, a compilation released by Chris Forest, who co-hosts the friday 8PM show on CHRW, Just Another Punk Show.

      20. 120 and the Fighting 68's...1 More Beer...from their self titled CD.

      21. Frankenstein 5...It's A Cryin' Shame...recorded live at The Embassy Hotel, 5/8/94 when the 5 opened up for Nardwuar and The Evaporators.

      Frankenstein 5 at Call The Office, early 90's.

      22. The Hippies...Canteens....from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with WW 24, available locally at cool record stores, LA Mood and Phantastica.

      23. UIC...Stations Fading...from the Live Like 90 record on OG Records that came out in 1989.

      UIC after a sweaty show!

      24.. UIC...Our Garage...recorded live at Fou Fonnes Electrique in Montreal, UIC's first visit to Montreal and they were probably opening for The Gruesomes who gave me this cassette.

      25. UIC...Sick Of You....recorded live at Call The Office 8/5/89. UIC rarely played this song live.

      Thanx for all the requests, phone-ins, emails, facebook messages and HEY's at the shows!! We're going to do another show of all local bands...had a few requests so far, something about a bunny deceased??? Or something like that. Personally i kinda like rabbits, especially the ones that live in our backyard.

      All photos from the What Wave archives...please don't reproduce without asking.

      And here's a link to the podcast:

    • June 15, 2013 9:16 AM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist June 13/2013

      We started this show 30m early, ie 5:30 PM as the DJ before us called in sick.

      1. 63 Monroe...At The Boot...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with the latest edition of What Wave zine, #24.

      Markii and Rooster from 63 Monroe, Cedar Lounge 1982

      2. Radio 4...New York above.

      3. The Stoves...Can't Slow above.

      4. Marvelous Beauhunks...Sticky Kisses...from the CD, Who Said The Kids Are Alright?

      5. 905s...Under A Spell/Stay Inside...from the Radio WW Sessions, originally aired 5/16/13.

      905s at Call The Office, 4/21/07

      6. The Johnnys....Motorcycle Mama...from the Rock CD.

      7. The noble Savages...Gimme A Kiss...from their latest demo.

      The noble Savages 4/21/12 Brennan's Beer Bistro

      8. King Beez...Jack The Ripper...from the Deathproof Volume 1 CD, this is the hidden track.

      9. The Blue Demons...Cougar Country...from their 7" on Boppa Do Down Records. Caught the Blue Demons live at The Backstage in Hamilton on 6/8/13, absolute Killer show!!

      The Blue Demons, Backstage Stratford 6/8/13

      10. The Greasemarks...Bloodshot Eyes...from their Griddle Greasin' Daddies CD. They also played with The Blue Demons and were Excellent!!!  Catch this band live if you get a chance!

      The Greasemarks, Backstage, Stratford 6/8/13 and out of focus.

      11. Tijuana Bibles...Custom Made Man...from the CD of the same name. For an indy wrestler who used to ply his trade around this area.

      12. The Von Drats...So Long Stinktown...from their Boppa Do Down single.

      The Von Drats, London Music Club, 4/25/09

      13. Chris Houston...Einstein's Brain's In Hamilton...from his latest single. Chris Houston opens up for Tav Falco and The Unapproachable Panther Burns on Wed June 19th at This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton.

      14. Chris Houston...Surfin' On Heroin...from the Hate Filled Man LP.

      15. Sam Squid...People Food...a demo of a song written by Chris Houston and Chris does vocals on this one. Sam Squid is in The Squids, a real cool 2 piece outta Hamilton.

      The Squids, This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton 3/2/13

      16. Panther Burns...Pantherman....from the Blow Your Top EP. As mentioned above, Tav Falco and The Unapproachable Panther Burns appear at This Ain't Hollywood, Wed June 19th at This Ain't Hollywood. I'll be up front with a shit eating grin!

      Panther Burns, Silver Dollar, Toronto, late 80's.

      17. Panther Burns...She's The One That's Got It...from Behind The Magnolia Curtain LP.

      18. Panther Burns...Dateless Night...from the Return of The Blue Panther LP.

      Panther Burns, Silver Dollar, Toronto, late 80's

      19. Panther Burns...Surfside Date...from The World We Knew LP.

      Artwork by Dave Clarke. This appeared in What Wave along with a Panther Burns interview.

      20. Panther Burns...She's The One To Blame...from the Red Devil LP. Hope you enjoyed our little spotlight on Panther Burns. They did appear in London, probably about 1982 at Fryfogles Tavern on Dundas St. They walked in carrying their instruments, set up on stage and proceeded to blow away the small but appreciative crowd!! Anybody got pics of this gig??

      Next time we saw Panther Burns was at The Silver Dollar in Toronto. Interviewed Tav that eve and the interview appeared in What Wave many years ago.

      About this time Mad Anthony invaded the Radio WW studio to talk about their non-ending tour and visit to the area. Check the Mad Anthony facebook page for the latest list of gigs around this area.

      21. Mad Anthony...Bear Attack...from their latest CD, which is self titled.

      22. Mad Anthony...Teeth...from the I Spent All My Money on Death Metal CD.

      23. Mad Anthony...Million Miles Away...from their latest CD.

      24. Mad Anthony...Solution To The Indian Problem...from the I Spent All My Money On Death Metal CD. The band explained this song, the historical connotation of their name and how this all fits together. It finally all makes sense!

      25. Legend Killers...Cry Cry Cry...from Thee Cave Comes Alive LP from Action Records in Greece. This is a compilation LP of some of the garagiest tunes that were on the cassettes that came with What Wave zine... this came out in 2004.

      And a play at the Fringe Festival here in London, Beautiful View features some live sounds from The Legend Killers in one of the scenes early in the play. Checked it out last night, little too arty for our tastes, but fun nonetheless and well worth checking out if you're into live theatre! The last showing is sunday at 6:30PM.

      26. Orie Hitt Machine...Killer Inside Me...demo from some local crazies.

      27. Gatgas...Back To The Assylum...from their demo, more local crazies!

      28. The Shakers...Do Anything...from a 7" on Warpt Records from the late 70's/early 80's. Hamilton based combo that featured Dave Rave (Teenage Head, Dave Rave Conspiracy and presently solo).

      That's a wrap. Big thanx to Mad Anthony for coming into the studio and keeping us posted on all the area gigs. Thanx for all the phone-ins, emails, Heys etc!!

      Back again next week with more noise to annoy!

      All pictures from What Wave Archives, please do not reproduce on postcards and try to sell them without permission.

      And here's a link to the podcast:

    • June 7, 2013 4:58 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist June 6/2013

      1. Panther Burns...Red Headed Woman....1980 demos. Tav Falco and The Unapproachable Panther Burns come to North America starting June 19th at This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton, then whisk off to Ottawa for the next show. The only 2 shows in Canada!!

      2. Blue Demons...Moondawg...from their self released CD. Saturday night in Stratford Ontario at the Backstage. Along with Los Oxidados (Mexico) and The Greasemarks.

      3. Blue Demons...Beatnik Bandit...from their Boppa Do Down 7".

      4. Blue Demons...Dick...from their self releaesed CD. One of the best names ever for a song.

      5. The Greasemarks...Greasemark Boogie...2009 demo.

      Beachparty Mark of The Greasemarks at The Victoria Tavern 7/10/09

      6. Legend Killers...Shoot Magoo...from Four Whom The Bell Tolls, a 7" that came with What Wave zine back in 1988.

      Legend Killers late 80's.

      7. Legend Killers...Gunpowder...from their Better Than Hammerin' 7" on WW Records, 1989.

      Legend Killers, late 80's.

      8. Legend Killers...Strychnine...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that came with WW #24. The music of The Legend Killers is going to be featured in a play at the Fringe Festival happening here in London starting this weekend. The play is called A Beautiful View by Daniel MacIvor - Presented by Arcana Theatre at London Fringe Festival. The LK's music apparently is in a club scene (how appropriate) and was recorded at the Key West Club here in London back in 1987 by the WW mobile.

      Legend Killers at Key West, late 80's. Rock'n'rasslin in action!

      9. Mitch Ryder....Rock'n'Roll...from a Greatest Hits LP. Mitch is in town playing at the car show at the mansion just west of London. I vividly remember seeing Mitch tear it up at Fryfogles here in London in the mid 70's.

      10. Lou Reed...Busload Of Faith...from the New York City LP. Lou just had a liver transplant and this song seemed appropriate.

      11. The Reply...The Reply...from the Downtown Soul EP.

      12. BB Guns...I Just Killed My Baby...from a recent demo. The BB Guns now have a 7" out, if anyone has a copy they can spare, i've got lots for trades.

      13. The Recordettes...John Waters Can You Please Be My Father....from their recent 7". Here's a tip, always bring your mail inside when it's raining outside!

      14.The Cut Outs...Never Wanna...from their Cut It Out! CD, 1995.

      15. Red Mass...Candy...Mongrel Zine's first 7" and you can get the download from the latest Mongrel Zine, now available here in London at Grooves Records.

      Red Mass at Moon Over Marin, 6/27/10

      16. The Mongrels...All Systems Go...from their Radio WW Sessions from May 2.

      17. The Knaves...White Cars....from their demo from a few years back.

      18. The Fine Print...Tonight...from their only CD, Standing Out. Amazing local talent that broke up right after we released a cassette by them.

      The Fine Print at Brennan's, 11/5/11

      19. Green Hour Band....Yesterday Is Tomorrow...from their self titled CD, Vancouver.

      20. The Mark Inside...Liar...from a 7" on the Magnificentsevens label from Toronto. Guitarist /vocalist Chris Levoir passed away this week.

      21. King Khan and the Gris Gris...Discreate (sic) Disguise....from the new Garage Swim CD compilation.

      22. Mad Anthony...City...from their recent self titled CD. Next week we've got these characters in the studio with'll be a blast!!

      23. Bloody 5....New York City....great way to end the show with this Toronto combo's version of The Demics New York City.

      Thanx for all the phone-ins, emails, messages, facebook stuff etc!!!  Back again next week with Mad Anthony from Cincinnati live in the studio.

      All pictures from What Wave Archives, please do not reproduce on postcards and try to sell them without permission.

      And here's a link to the podcast:


    • May 31, 2013 5:30 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist May 30/2013

      1. Simply Saucer...Low Profile...recorded live at CIUT 5/27/07. This was when Simply Saucer got back together (with 2 original members) and decided to start playing again. CIUT is based out of Toronto and has many excellent shows, including our sister show, Real Cool Time heard every tuesday at 6PM. This particular live track came from the sunday night show, Equalizing X Distort.

      2. Interview w/Simply Saucer. Imants Krumins (RIP) asks the questions about the beginnings of the band. From the same live broadcast as track 1.

      3. Simply Saucer...Exit Plexit...from the Half Human Half Live CD.

      Edgar Breau of Simply Saucer, Call The Office 6/19/08

      4. Simply Saucer...Dance The Mutation...from the Cyborgs Revisited CD.

      Simply Saucer at Call The Office, 6/19/2008. Maybe a dozen people showed up.

      5. Simply Saucer...I Don't Care...from Saucerland, a CD that singer/guitarist Edgar Breau gave me a few years back. Simply Saucer are playing friday night in Hamilton and saturday night in Toronto.

      6. Panther Burns...Train Kept A Rollin'...1980 unreleased. Panther Burns are coming to This Ain't Hollywood on June 19th.

      7. Panther Burns...Oh How She Dances...from the Red Devil LP.

      Tav Falco at the Silver Dollar in Toronto, late 80's.

      8. The Cramps...Don't Eat Stuff Off The recording from CBGB 6/10/77, almost 36 years ago!

      9. Royal Hangmen...Turn Me On...from their self titled debut LP on Screaming Apple Records.

      10. Drivin' Beats...Beach Girls...from their demo.

      11. Fridge Magnets...Hypodermic Beach...from a cassette demo. This song ended early as the tape deck decided not to wind my tape as it was playing. When i removed the cassette, about 30 feet of tape came streaming out...had to wind it by hand while continuing on with the show. This is live radio!!!

      12. King Beez...Deathproof...from the CD of the same name.

      13. Flying Squad...Think For Yourself...from the Come Out To Play cassette. This one went out to Dr Henry Morgentalar, a man who thought for himself and went to jail for what he believed in! A real hero!!!

      Tim Murphy of Flying Squad at Key West Cafe, right before he was abducted by a flying saucer.

      14. The Regulators...That's Right, Nothing's Left...recorded live at the Polish Hall 11/2/79 for a Halloween show...i think i was at this show, but not sure. KP wants everyone to know that his combo, 44i do a cover of this song.

      15. UIC...Cure The War...from their very first demo from 1985.

      UIC at the Shillelagh, Lucan Ontario 1984

      16. The Matadors...Freewheelin'...from The Devil's Music CD. The Matadors are recording a live CD at Call The Office tonight.

      17. Blue Demons...Cougar Country...from their Boppa Do Down 7". Blue Demons play Stratford Ontario on Sat June 8th. More info next week.

      18. The Johnnys...Motorcycle Mama...from their brand new Rock CD.

      19. Photoroman...Tambourine...from a 7" from about a  year ago. 

      20. The Recordettes...Candy Store...brand new 7", white vinyl and a clear sleeve with pictures and text on it. Some of The Recordettes might also be in Photoroman.

      21. Flamin' Groovies...I Can't Hide...from the Shake Some Action LP. 3/5 of this lineup is back together and just finished a Japan and Australian tour. And they're heading to the east coast and then Europe after that. Nope, no stop in sleepy London Ontario...

      22. Marvelous Beauhunks...Just Got Back From Too Far Gone...from the CD Who Said The Kids Are Alright. Oshawa/Toronto based, these guys should be penalized for using titles that have too many words.

      23. Pointed Sticks...What Do You What Me To Do?...from the original 1979 7", not the recent re-release on Ugly Pop Records. 

      24. Bang 74...Cloud Of Rock'n'Roll...from the Hi-Flying Dreams CD.

      That's a wrap. Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and for digging this show!!!

      Back again next week with some Blue Demons, Mitch Ryder, Panther Burns and lots more.

      All pictures from What Wave Archives, please do not reproduce on postcards and try to sell them without permission.

      And here's a link to the podcast:
    • May 25, 2013 12:33 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist May 23/2013

      1. The Balantynes...Velvet...preview of an upcoming 7" on La Ti Da Records.

      2. The Johnnys...I'm Electric...from a brand new CD, Rock.

      3. King Beez...Race With The Devil...from the Deathproof CD.

      4. Red Mass...Candy...from the free download that comes with the latest Mongrel Zine, available in London at Grooves Records. MZ 11, with The Zellots in it.

      5. The Outsiders...That's Your Problem...from a Greatest Hits LP. For Ronnie Splinter who passed away.

      6. The Outsiders...Don't You Cry...from the Flight To Lowlands Paradise LP, an 80's comp of 60's Dutch beat.

      7. The Outsiders...I Love Her Still...from a Romilar D 7" EP from the 80's.

      8. The Lyres...Here's A Heart...from the Some Lyres LP on Taang! Records.

      9. The noble Savages...Hard Hard Life...brand new demo.

      10. The noble Savages...She's So Serious...from a demo.

      11. The Mystics...Can't Be Happy...from a 7".

      12. Uranus...Motorbikin'...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette w/WW 24, no available at Phantastica Oddity Curiousity Shop, 232 Dundas St in London.

      13. Jim Ashby...Speed record to ever come out of London Ontario. Sunday is Speed City's Annual Record Swap/Sell/Buy in the parking lot, starting at 10AM.

      14. Panther Burns...Dateless Night...from The World We Knew LP.

      15. King Salami and the Cumberland Three...Just My Kind...from their latest on Dirty Water Records.

      16. The Doors...Go Insane...from a 60's comp call Mind Blowers Volume 1.

      17. The Doors...Hello I Love You...for keyboardist Ray who passed away. NFG used to cover this one many years ago.

      18. The Doors...Break On Through.

      19. David Bowie...Friday On My Mind...from the Pinups LP and for bassist Trevor Bolder who passed away.

      20. David above.

      21. David Bowie...Ziggy Stardust...from the CD of the same name.

      22. Don't Touch The Dancers...Your Girlfriend's A Slut...from the North Of The Border Volume 1 compilation download.

      23. Simply Saucer...Electro Shock...from The Cyborgs Revisited.

      24. Simply Saucer...Almost Ready Betty...from the Half Human Half Alive CD.

      25. The Mongrels...All Systems Are Go...from a recent Radio WW Session.

      Thanx for all the, text, phone and shout out!!

      Back again with more noise to annoy next week.

      And here's a link to the podcast:
    • May 18, 2013 7:22 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist May 16/2013

      1. King Beez....Showdown...from a CD called Singles 2008-2009

      2. Deniz Tek...Always Out Of Reach...from the Glass Eye World CD on Career Records. Deniz Tek was in Hamilton at This Ain't Hollywood the night after this show.

      3. Radio Birdman...Do The Pop... from Radios Appear from 1978.

      4. Radio Birdman...Aloha Steve And above.

      5. catl...Untitled...from a TV broadcast from Louisville Kentucky as catl are on a Southern states tour.

      6. Panther Burns...Shade Tree Mechanic...from the Shake Rag EP on New Rose 1986. Tav Falco and The Unapproachable Panther Burns are coming to This Ain't Hollywood 6/19, a rare chance to see a living legend in action. This song goes out to Pam H who was having car problems...Tav can get any car purring like a kitten.

      7. The Reply...I Must Stop...from the Downtown Soul EP.

      8. The Marvelous Beauhunks...Don't Mind Doin'...from the Who Said The Kids Are Alright CD.

      9. The 905s...Under A Spell/Stay Inside....This is Part 3 of The Radio WW Sessions. It's a live studio recording, done exclusively for Radio WW. The Sessions are by invite only, ensuring that only the best bands out there are involved in the Sessions. This time, it was The 905s who are from the Greater Toronto area and play fairly often in that area. They've played London only 3 times, yet each time they come here, everyone is asking when are they coming back? Dunno when they are coming back, but hopefully it's real soon! Big thanx to The 905s for doing this for us!

      10. The 905s...Running Full above.

      11. The above.

      12. The above.

      13. Weirdonia...I Like Rumble Fish...from a demo. 2 piece of which one half lives in London, the other Windsor. They are playing in London on saturday night at The Richmond.

      14. Gatgas...Back To The Assylum...from a recent demo. Local punk combo.

      15. Drivin' Beats...Nothing Really Matters....demo...US based surf/garage/fun combo.

      16. BB Guns...I Killed My Baby...from a demo, they have just released a 7" with this song on it.

      17. Legend Killers...Strychnine...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with WW #24, out now in stores.

      18. Legend Killers...Gonna Snap...from We're Working' On It CD. The Legend Killers music is going to be featured in a play at the Fringe Festival next month. Once more details are known, we'll let you know.

      19. Frankenstein 5...It's A Cryin' Shame...from Dig Deeper, a CHRW CD compilation from the early 90's.

      20. B5 Blue...Ramblin' recording from Mortz's, early 90's.

      21. Evil Hoodoos...It's My Pride...demo from 5/93, shit, that's 20 years ago!!

      22. Royal Hangmen...Get Out Of My Way...from their self titled debut LP on Screaming Apple Records.

      23. The Flesheaters...Pray Till You Sweat...from Prehistoric Hits, Volume 2 on SST Records. This is Chris D's combo from the early 80's featuring DJ Bonebrake on the marimbas.

      24. Sons Of Hercules...Tight Fit...from a 7" on Unclean Records. Austin combo featuring Frank Pugliese, who played in one of the bands that opened for the Sex Pistols at The Longhorn Ballroom Jan 10/1978.

      25. Sons Of Hercules...Once I above.

      Huge thanx to The 905s for participating in the Radio WW Sessions. Get out and see this band if they are ever playing near you, tell them Radio WW sent you.

      Thanx for all the call-ins, emails, facebook messages etc.

      Back again with more noise to annoy next week.

      And here's a link to the podcast:
    • May 10, 2013 5:53 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist May 9/2013

      ON this show we did a short tribute to Ray Condo (it was Ray Condo day in Vancouver and Ray passed on Apr 15/2004, just about 10 years ago) and then we played band tree with Durango 95 as the starting point....see the scrawl below.

      Since doing the scrawl and posting it, there have been a TON of other bands step up and point out all the missing bands. In fact there's even a band prior to Durango 95, The Other Guys that should have been the starting point.

      1. Ray Condo and his Hard Rock Goners....Crazy Mixed Up World...from the Condo Country CD and originally on the first Ray Condo LP. Ray Condo was one of the first to delve into rockabilly, western swing, cajun rock and all kinds of other crazy music, always going back to the source. He was also known as Canada's skinniest cowboy! Tried to play a second Ray Condo tune, but i could not get the CD to was almost as if the CD player was possessed by Ray's ghost!! Search out the tribute page to Ray Condo and you'll see a bunch of pics from his 2 London shows.

      Ray Condo and The Hardrock Goners outside Call The Office the morning after a gig.

      2. Durango 95....Lose Control...from the LP of the same name, on Star Records. Not only is Star a label, they are one of, if not the coolest record store in all of Canada. Lose control (with slightly different spelling) is the name of Lou Molinaro's (booker for the coolest club this side of Toronto, This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton) radio show, heard every Wednesday on CFMU out of McMaster University in Hamilton.

      3. Durange 95....Lorraine...also from Lose Control and a true story as we all spotted the cool girls coming out of the woodwork during the early punk years.

      4. Durango 95...Guitar Guitar Guitar...from their second LP, Mothers Day, also on Star and released after the band's demise.

      5. Purple Toads...40 Pounder Blues...from their self titled debut LP, also on Star Records. Probably my fave Purple Toads tune...couple of the pics on the back were taken by Rena as we saw the Toads many many times and always had a good time tonite!!!

      Rob Purple Toad in action, possibly The Bridge Tavern in Toronto

      6. Purple Toads...Gotta Move...a demo and this song also appeared on a What Wave cassette.

      7. Boneyard Devils...I Need Love...from their only 7", and once again on Star Records. Rob from the Purple Toads was the singer/guitarist in this combo.

      8. Smokestack Lightning...Volcano...brand new demo from a fairly new band that features 2 members of the Purple Toads, guitarist Paul and bass player Roger. Also in the band now is former UIC drummer Murray.

      9. Smokestack Lightning...Wicked above.

      10. Crummy Stuff...I'm An Idiot For Your Love...from the I Dig Chicks CD. Crummy Stuff is Rob and Mark from the Purple Toads and Brian from The Boy From Nowhere. Crummy Stuff played here last weekend for Jon Traut's 50th, and they were absolutely killer that night. They also back up the legends when they come up to Ontario without a Lyres, Chris Masuak, etc.

      Crummy Stuff, Town and Country, May 4/2013

      11. Crummy above.

      12. The Hippies...Can Teens...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with What Wave 24. The Hippies were an early 80's band from London Ontario, and Brian, who is in Crummy Stuff, played bass.

      13. Young Fast And Scientific...Victoria...recorded live at Call The Office, 1/5/91. A short lived London band that featured singer Kelly from The Hippies and guitarist Lindsay from The Hippies.

      Young Fast And Scientific, Call The Office.

      14. Legend Killers...Strychnine...from Slippery's Club Hits. Features bass player Bryan from Young Fast and Scientific. The Legend Killers are the only band to be featured in every compilation cassette, record and CD that we have released! And that's about 15 compilations if my math is correct. And, the Legend Killers music is going to be featured in a  play coming up at the Fringe Festival sometime next month. More details when available.

      15. Crash 80's...Thrills...from their only release. London based combo that started in the late 70's, and sorta morphed into Suffer Machine. Drummer Billy Wallace was in the Legend Killers.

      16. The Zellots...Soldiers...from Slippery's Club Hits. They started in the late 70's in Vancouver, moved back to their home of London and continued on until about 1984. You can read the full story in Mongrel Zine 10 and 11. Guitarist Gilbert came from Crash 80's.

      The Zellots, street fair, Aug 1980.

      17. The Stoves...Can't Slow Down...also from Slippery's Club Hits. One of the first new wave/punk/whatever combos in London and featured drummer Greg Moore from the Zellots.

      18. UIC...What I Want...recorded live at Call The Office 3/16/85 and there is also video footage of that show that features your DJ dancing up front and having fun! Drummer Murray is also in Smokestack Lightning and was in Positively Stompin'.

      Fred of UIC, possibly Toronto and looks like it was either a hot solo or a really good fart!

      19. Positively Stompin'...Barbwire...from their Junk Drawer CD and also featured guitarist Ted from UIC.

      20. Legendary Dirtbikers...First Dog In Space...from their only 7" and features guitarist Fred (who also runs Mitzi's in Toronto, where the cool bands play) who was in UIC and The Chickens...

      21. The Chickens...Super Bee...from the Prepare To Plug In CD....and features 4/5 of UIC and guitarist Ken. This song might be out of order as my playlist is a bit of a mess.

      22. Ultimatemost High...Killer Wolf...from their only 7" and features drummer Mike McKeever who was/is in Crummy Stuff. They will be releasing a 7" on Get Hip in the not too distant futures.

      23. Ray Condo...Big Dog, Little Dog...from the tribute 7" that was released after Ray passed by Peter Sandmark, who was the drummer for Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners.

      And that's a wrap, hope you dug the tunes. Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!

      Next week, we've got The 905s doing a Radio What Wave Session, the third band in this ongoing series of handpicked bands from around the world!

      All pictures from the What Wave Archives, please don't repost without permission.

      And here's a link to the podcast:
    • May 3, 2013 4:44 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist May 2/2013

      1. Kensington Hillbillies...London Calling...from their Clash tribute CD, The Crooked Beat.

      2. The Mongrels...All Systems Go....special Radio What Wave Session. This and the next 4 songs were recorded exclusively for the Radio What Wave Sessions. The RWW Sessions are studio recordings done by bands that we really like. It's an invite only arrangement and it's way easier than doing a live to air as the bands don't have to lug all of their equipment in and out of our not so easily accessible studio. And it's for fun!!

      3. The Mongrels...Do It...not the Pink Fairies song, but an original.

      4. The Mongrels...Nice Tits.

      5. The Mongrels...No More Tears.

      6. The Mongrels...Piece Of Crap. And we were lucky enough to have 2 of The Mongrels live in the studio with us, Joel and Robert, the guitarists and vocalists. Robert was the editor of Beetle magazine, an early 70's Canadian rock magazine who had the foresight to get Rush to clean the washrooms of Beetle Magazine and put the pics in the zine!! And Robert ran 2 record labels back in the 70's, Canadian based El Mocambo Records and UK based Picasso Records. Big thanx to Joel and Robert for taking the time to talk about Mongrel related stuff. And The Mongrels will be playing at The St Regis Hotel on Saturday May 4th.

      7. The Counters...Haunted House...The Mongrels were the backup band on this local recording.

      8. The Reply...The Reply...from their Downtown Soul CD.

      9. The Flamin' Groovies...Comin' After Me...from the Flamingo LP.

      10. Gatgas...Back To The Asylum...brand new as this was in my mailbox at CHRW when i arrived to do this show. Gatgas are a local punk combo that are also playing saturday night, at the Richmond Hotel.

      11. George Jones...White Lightning...for George who passed away last week.

      12. Dragsville...Royal Drag...recorded live at Brennan's 11/3/12, their first ever show. Dragsville open for catl at Call The Office on saturday night.

      13. catl...Church On Time...recorded live at Call The Office 9/29/11. catl play Call The Office saturday night with Dragsville.

      14. catl...Get Outta My Car...from Soon This Will All Be Gone CD.

      15. catl...Working Man's Soul...recorded live at Call The Office 9/29/11. And congrats to Sklylar who won the catl prize pack on this show.

      16. Royal Hangman...Turn Me On...from their self titled debut LP on Screaming Apple Records.

      17. The Milkshakes...After Midnight...from their 1984 LP, Showcase. Meant to play this when The Mongrels were in the studio as both bands have a similar approach.

      18. Brian James...I Can Make You Cry...1979 7" on BJ Records. Brian James was in The Damned and many other bands.

      19. Marvelous Beauhunks...Who Said The Kids Are Alright?...from the brand new CD of the same name.

      20. B.B. Guns...Bang Bang...recorded live on CIUT outta Toronto, from the Moondog's Ballroom show (tuesdays 5PM on CIUT).

      And we're outta time. Big thanx to The Mongrels for the Radio WW Session. And thanx for the phone-ins, emails, facebook messages etc.

      Back again next week with a special on the Purple Toads, UIC, Chickens and lots more. And coming up on May 16th, we've got a Radio WW Session with The 905's from Brampton.

      ere's a link to the podcast:


    • April 26, 2013 4:55 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist April 25/2013

      1. Bang 74....Cloud Of Rock'n'Roll....from the Hi-Flying Dreams CD. We start this week's show in Spain with some nice 70's guitar pop.

      2. Burnin' Ethyl...Ain't Never Bothered Me...from the Rock'n'Roll Combustion CD. These guys are in town tonite with The Hi-Tones at Fitzrays.

      3. The Black Holes...Miss Pearl...from a live show at The Brunswick from 2002. These demented local rockabillies are still around and playing every once in awhile.

      4. Bloodshot Bill...So Blue..from the CD of the same name. Bill says he's got another release coming out soon on Norton Records. That would be something after the beating Norton took last fall!

      5. catl...I'm Going Upside Your Head....from their first cassette. catl are back playing, now as a 2 piece with Sarah handling the drum duties and catl still on vocals and guitar. They are at Call The Office May 4th and next week we'll be giving away 2 tickets to see them and a catl CD.

      catl at Call The Office 4/25/2010

      6. Pack AD... This Terror...from the Tintype CD, their first from 2007. Pack AD were nominated for a Juno Award (big time Canadian music award) but they didn't win. Congrats on being nominated!

      Pack AD at London Music Club 6/11/11. Watch out for the ceiling Becky!!!

      7. Terror Lake...Shit Storm...a demo from about a year ago. Toronto 3 piece that are supposed to be releasing something soon.

      8. Drivin' Beats...Your Man Is Back...from a demo CD they sent us. Ripping 60's guitar sounds with surf, pop, garage and rock'n'roll overtones.

      9. The 905's....End Of The Road...from the Break Out CD. We're going to feature The 905's on a Radio What Wave Session on May 16th.

      The 905's at Moon Over Marin, Aug 11/2010

      10. Black Jasper...Scum Of The Moon...from the CD of the same name. King Khan and his cousin doing KBD style punk.

      11. Atomic Buddah...Should Have Seen It Coming...from their brand new CD, Blottered.

      12. OUTTACONTROLLER...Creeps...from the compilation download, North Of The Border put together by Chris Forrest who co-hosts the Just Another Punk Show, friday night at 8PM on CHRW.

      13. The Terminals....D Generation....from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with What Wave 24.

      TVD live at Call The Office 4/18/13. Mike, the guy singing was once in The Terminals.

      14. The Marvelous Beauhunks...Sticky Kisses...from their brand new CD, Who Said The Kids Are Alright?. 

      15. The Jags...Back Of My Hand...from the Evening Standards LP, 1980. Some catchy new wave/power pop to get you up and dancing.

      16. The Records...Starry Eyes...from their self titled debut LP, 1979. 

      17. The Droogs...Change Is Gonna Come...1984 7" from this band that was playing Sonics and Stones covers back in 74, long before the rest of us could catch up.

      18. The Fleshtones...American Beat...from the 12" of the same name and goes out to Manitoba who covered this song live when they were at Call The Office last week.

      Peter Zaremba of The Fleshtones, mid 80's, El Mocambo Toronto. 

      19. The Blasters...American Music...from a 1982 single.

      20. The Count Bishops...Teenage Letter...from their Speedball 7" from 1975. This features vocalist Mike Spenser, who went on to form The Cannibals and is still into this music to this day.

      21. Flying Squad...Godzilla...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with What Wave 24.

      The Flying Squad, mid 80's, outside The Civitan Club.

      22. Swingin' Neckbreakers...Pool Hoppin'..recorded live at Call The Office 10/29/98. There were maybe 20 people at this show, which included the bar staff and the band. And The Swingin' Neckbreakers Killed that night!!! 15 years later and this goes out to Jay who was there but we didn't know each other at the time.

      23. The Detroit Cobras...Cha Cha Twist...recorded live at Call The Office 3/7/2002. This was the opposite of the above show, it was packed and the band went through the motions, stopping early when Mary cut her strumming hand on her guitar strings.

      24. Gordon Lightfoot...Black Day In July...1968 song that was banned on some radio stations due to mentioning the Detroit riots.

      Thanx for the emails, phone-ins, facebook messages and Heys! Back again next week with The Mongrels (way cool local band that has been a secret for way too long) doing a Radio What Wave Session. A couple of The Mongrels have threatened to come on air and they might even talk!  All pictures from the What Wave archives, please don't reproduce without permission.

      Here's a link to the podcast:

    • April 20, 2013 8:34 AM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist April 18 2013

      1. Manitoba...I Want You Tonite....from the And You...CD and timely as Manitoba hit London that night and woke it up!!! Notice i didn't refer to London as sleepy this time as Call The Office was rockin' to Manitoba, new veteran combo TVD and Capt Bringdown and The Buzzkillers! Best show i've been to in London since.......well a LONG time!!

      Rock Guitar 101 starring Ross The Boss!! Stare at these fingers kids!!

      2. Manitoba....Had It Comin' above and this goes out to the Legend Killers (at least 2 of whom were present at Manitoba) as they covered it on their last CD.

      Regular Radio WW listeners hanging out with Ross The Boss at Call The Office 4/18/13

      3. Don't Touch The Dancers...You're Girlfriend is A Slut...from the North Of The Border compilation put out by Chris from the Just Another Punk Show (Fri 8PM CHRW).

      4. B10...Last Canadian Bastien...local tribute to Stompin' Tom who passed away recently.

      5. Los Chicos Problema...Secuestrado En Otro Planeta...2 maniacs from Mexico!

      6. The Dictators...Who Will Save Rock'n'Roll...from the New York New York LP. This is a question we've been asking for 9 years....still no answer in sight.

      Manitoba at Call The Office 4/18/13

      7. The Dictators...Faster and Louder...from the Bloodbrothers LP.

      8. The Dictators...Young Fast and Scientific...from the Manifest Destiny LP. This was the original name of the What Wave radio show from about 79 to 82 when Al Cole was doing it and i was probably the only listener.

      Manitoba at Call The Office 4/18/13

      9. The Dictators...Cars And Girls...from the Go Girl Crazy LP and a personal fave.

      10. Chris Houston....Einstein's single on Schizophrenic Records outta Hamilton.

      11. Wilko Johnson...Casting My Spell, 1981 7" on Nighthawk Records. And this guy kept skipping on me...

      12. Uranus...Motorbikin'...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with What Wave 24.

      Uranus at Call The Office, 10/27/12

      13. The Above...Georgia Peach...brand new on Boppa Do Down Records. NYC combo on a Toronto based record label.

      14. Alcohollys...recorded live at Call The Office, 7/13/12 when they opened for The Living Deadbeats. They had a CD release party at Call The Office last night.

      Alcohollys at The Spoke, 10/14/11

      15. B.B. Guns...Soho...recorded from Moondogs Ballroom, CIUT 2/12/13. This is Daihbid James tuesday at 5PM show on CIUT, right before Rocky and Deena's Real Cool Time show.

      16. The Reply...The Reply...from the Downtown Soul EP.

      The Reply at Brennan's, April 2012

      17. Sam Squid...People Food...demo that features Chris Houston on vocals.

      Sam Squid at This Ain't Hollywood 3/3/13

      18. Panther Burns...She's The One That's Got It...from the Magnolia Curtain LP from the early 80's.

      19. Joey Ramone...Maria Bartiromo...from the Don't Worry About Me CD. Joey passed away 12 years ago this week.

      20. The Walnut Kids...Can't Stand 'Em...from their only single on Going Gaga Records.

      The Walnut Kids, Moon Over Marin, Aug 11/2010 as part of our Powerpop Night Show.

      21. Sangomas...Chopping combo outta Montreal that went by the name Lips for a short time...feature Seb on the drums, who also played in The Walnut Kids.

      22. The Gruesomes...Bloodhound...from their Tyrants of Teen Trash LP.

      23. The noble Savages...Fire In The World...recent demo from this Hamilton combo.

      noble Savages, Brennan's 4/21/12

      24. Light Bulb Alley...Pepper Spray...from their The Sound Of Things CD on Ricochet Sound.

      Light Bulb Alley, finest dressed band around at Brennan's 4/21/12

      25. Royal Hangmen....Action...from their self titled debut LP on Screaming Apple Records.

      26. Drivin' Beats...Twistin'...from their demo CD.

      Thanks for all the crazy phone calls tonite!! As well as the emails, facebook messages and shout outs! Back again next week with more noise. All pictures used above are from the What Wave archives, please ask before using.

      Here's a link to the podcast:
    • April 12, 2013 5:15 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist April 11/13

      Back after a week away due to illness and this was some of the show that would have aired one week prior.

      1. Manitoba....The Party Starts Now...from their....And Now CD. Manitoba comes to London Apr 18th at Call The Office...first night of 3 Canadian shows.

      2. Suckerpunch...Cheetah Drive...from the Dead On The Road compilation CD on Raw Energy from 1993. 3 piece outta Toronto that took some cool influences and had lots of fun.

      3. The Stinkies...Boogie 72...from the SFTRI CD, It's Fun And Easy To Put Together. Another of Craig Daniels (Leather Uppers) many cool combos.

      4. The Deadly Snakes (featuring Greg Oblivian)...Rock Candy...recorded live at Call The Office 6/199/2000. Betcha didn't know that an Oblivian came to London Ontario. Now you do and you shoulda been there!

      5. The Midways...See That Girl...from the Pay More And Get A Good Seat CD. More Toronto garagepunkers, and there's a member of Suckerpundh (see above) in this combo.

      6. UIC...Lockjaw Bay...from the Wiseman Sessions CD...goes out to Chuck, as he gets mentioned in this song and he said some nice things about me on facebook recently. And it's a fucking great song!

      7. UIC...Do You Wanna Go...from the Johnny Hanson Presents...Puck Rock Volume 1 CD circa 1994. One of those tracks you rarely hear from our good pals UIC.

      8. The Supersuckers...Poor...from a white vinyl 7" on SFTRI. Way before these guys went with SubPop...think i mighta picked this one up when The Supersuckers opened for The Dwarves at Call The Office June 1992. The Supersuckers blew away the Dwarves and NO, the singer of the Dwarves did NOT get his throat slashed by someone in the crowd as he likes to brag. The singer swung the mic stand over top of the crowd and it hit a beer bottle that someone was holding up. What was left of the beer bottle was tossed at the Dwarves singer and it just happened to hit him in the throat and cut him. Myth dispelled.

      9. Mad Anthony...City....from their latest CD, which just happens to be self titled. Cincinnati combo who are on tour right now as we speak. Go see them live if you can!

      10. Drums Along the Gardiner... Fish...from their only 7" from 1988. This is the start of a DATG set as someone requested a song by them and i just couldn't play one. These guys were a step outta time or they woulda caught on with people that appreciate cool music. Toronto via Vancouver and always entertaining!

      Drums Along The Gardiner...probably back stage at Key West Cafe

      11. Drums Along the Gardiner...Vagabonds...from Mr Garager's Neighbourhood on OG Records 1989.

      Drums Along The Gardiner on the stairs leading to The Key West Cafe

      12. Drums Along the Gardiner...75...the flip side of the above single.

      Drums Along The that hand!!

      13. Drums Along the Gardiner...Nuclear Plant...a demo that i think was on a What Wave cassette many years ago...I should know, but am too lazy to check it out. Request by the Ultimatemost High stick handler.

      14. Avery Island...Lock Me Up...from a new compilation called Broken Arts Presents Half-Built Horizons. Oshawa based label that shows there's still lots of life in Oshawa besides Star Records.

      15. Danny Laj...Queen Street...from a new 4 song CD on Boppa Do Down Records. Toronto powerpoppper and this will probably be released on vinyl on Boppa Do Down.

      16. Bang 74...Hi-Flying Dreams...from the CD of the same name. 70's influenced powerpoppers from Spain.

      17. B.B. Guns...Bang...recorded live on Moondog's Ballroom on CIUT (every tuesday at 5PM with host Daihbid James). This session was also videoed by Aldo Erdic and you can find it on youtube. Got this song and the next one stuck in my noggin' for a coupla days and just had to play it. Killer, isn't it?

      18. B.B.Guns...I Killed My Baby In above. 

      19. Heimlich Maneuver...In My Head....from a demo cassette from the late 80's. Toronto combo and another one of those songs that often gets stuck in my noggin'. Request by James Ghostkeepper.

      20. Driven Beats...Beach Girls...either these guys found me on the garagepunk hideout or vice versa, but i'm sure glad we connected. Way cool garage sounds from today!! You'll be hearing lots more of these guys.

      21. Sheep Look Up...Civil Disobedience...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with WW 24, in stores now.

      22. Deja Voodoo...Raised By Wolves...from the Worst Of LP on OG Records. Drummer Tony's wife found me on facebook this week.....we haven't seen Tony since the last time Deja Voodoo played London Ontario around 1990.

      Deja Voodoo at the Victoria Tavern 1984

      And that's a wrap. Thanks for all the phone-ins, emails, messages, and facebook threats! Back again next week with some Dictators as Manitoba will be in town and lotsa records as April 20th is Record Store Day...and earth day and almost my birthday. All pictures used in this blog came from the WW archives, please do not use without permission.

      Here's a link to the podcast:

    • March 29, 2013 10:46 AM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist, March 28th 2013. Canpunk From Ontario and Quebec Special

      This is an all Canpunk special, starting in the 60's and moving forwards and covering Ontario and Quebec. We ran outta time long before we ran outta tunes on this one and we'll play some of the tunes we didn't get to on the next show. Also screwed up in this one way more than wouldn't be a Radio WW without a bunch of screwups!!!

      1. The Ugly Ducklings...Nothin'...from the Somewhere Inside CD on Pacemaker. The Ducks recorded live on CHUM AM. Did you know that the guy running Pacemaker used to be a DJ on CHRW? Peter Burnside, who did a show back in the early days of CHRW.

      2. The Ugly Ducklings...Just In Case You fave 7" by The Ducks and the first one i ever bought, back in 1968. There was a sale on at Sayvette (long defunct department store chain) and they had literally thousands of singles on sale for something like 10 for a buck. My mom let me pick out 10 and the Ducks single was one of them.

      3. David Clayton Thomas with The Bossmen...Brainwashed...from the Made In Canada LP series. David went on to worldwide fame in Blood Sweat and Tears. Got to meet him when he was in London a coupla years back and he autographed several of my DCT records.

      4. A Passing Fancy...I'm Losing Tonight...from the Ugly Pop 7" re-ish. Ya, i played this one last week and maybe the week's a great song!!

      5. Ronnie Hawkins...Who Do You Love?...from the Rockin' LP. That's The Band backing up Ronnie in this one, right before they went on to back up Bob Dylan.

      6. The Scarlet Ribbon...4 In The Morning...from the After 4 compilation LP. After 4 was a teen show on CTV where they would have bands come on and play live (or was it lip synch). It was based out of Toronto and Ronnie Lane and the Disciples were their house band.  More trivia, The Scarlet Ribbon were actually The Quiet Jungle, a band that release a couple of Yorkville singles. Yorkville (Yorktown) Records were owned by ARC Records. A Canadian label responsible for releasing crappy cover type records (the hits performed by anonymous bands) that made it appear you were purchasing the more famous bands doing their hits. Make sense? From what i can figure, The Quiet Jungle were the house band for ARC Records as they recorded the Eddie Shack song (huge hit on CHUM AM in 1966) as well as a Christmas LP that has Snoopy on the cover. Supposedly the Christmas Snoopy LP has some really cool fuzz guitar on it.

      7. The Quiet Jungle...Everything...from Nightmares From The Underworld. Nightmares was a 2 LP set put out by Andre Gibault, a huge fan of 60's garagepunk. He also wrote 2 books on Canadian records where there is an emphasis on the 60's garagepunk era.

      8. The King Bees...Little Girl....from Infernal World Volume 2 compilation LP. The King Bees were from Belleville Ontario, between Toronto and Montreal. All of the bands prior to this were from Toronto and now we move east to Montreal, who had a HUGE 60's garagepunk scene.

      9. The Haunted...1 2 5...original version on the AMY label. At a London record show in the late 80's, the former manager of The Haunted showed up and he had multiple copies of this record and the next one for sale....WW resident artist Dave Clarke and myself scooped up copies of these.

      10. The Haunted...Mona...on the Jet Records label, this was the label of The Haunted's manager.

      11. Les Miserables...Miserablement Votre....from Trans World Punk Rave Up Volume 2 compliation LP.

      12. Les Belairs...Les Degonfles...from a cassette called Quebec The Psych/Punk Era 1965-1969. Got this cassette from Midnight Records many years ago...assume that JD Martignon probably had something to do with it.

      13. Les Sinners...Nice Try...from Pebbles Volume 13. You may have heard The Gruesomes cover this song.

      14. Bohemians...I Need You Baby...from Nightmares From The Underworld. Montreal had 2 distinct garagepunk scenes, an English and a French and rarely would the 2 cross paths. For a really good story on The Haunted, our pal Alex Taylor has an article in the latest Ugly Things on The Haunted and it delves into the time period with a fair bit of's recommended reading for Radio WW listeners.

      15. Don Norman...Lowman...from a cassette compilation called Sir John A Records, put out by Alex Taylor. We've left Montreal and are stopping briefly in Ottawa for this song.

      16. Satan and The D Men...She'll Lie....from the compilation LP, Winnipeg 1965-1966. Nope, Satan didn't come from Winnipeg, actually Kenora Ontario, way up north of Lake Superior. It was easier for Satan to record in Winnipeg than Toronto. This LP came out on Voxx Records, part of the Bomp Record empire of Greg Shaw.

      17. Jim Ashby....Speed City....on Speed City Records and from sleepy London Ontario. We've left the 60's behind and we're into the desolate and boring early 70's. In my humble opinion, this is the best record to ever come out of London Ontario.

      Jim Ashby playing at Call The Office, 4/21/2007

      18. Simply Saucer....Electro Rock....from the Cyborgs Revisited LP. Recorded in the mid 70's, but wasn't released until the very late 80's. Thanx to The Mole for the work he did to get this one out! Simply Saucer were either 10 years behind their time or 20 years ahead. They pre-dated the punk movement and never did fit into it. And they still play out once in a blue moon.

      Simply Saucer at Call The Office 6/19/2008. Only about a dozen to see this show.

      19. Rough Trade...Butch...from the Rough Trade Live LP. They may not sound like anything else on this show, but Rough Trade helped spawn the Toronto punk scene with their black leather, S&M themes and stage show. Just listen to the lyrics of this song, it's all about a guy getting in shape so he could rape...totally fucked.

      20. Teenage Head...Picture My Face...recorded live at The Spoke at Western University 2/18/81. It was played live over the airwaves of CHRW, profanity, slander and all! This was back in the days prior to CHRW appearing on cable and only a few of us could listen. I taped this live off the radio and parts of this recording have appeared on Teenage Head bootlegs. Teenage Head were the first of the so called punk bands from Ontario.

      Gord Head and Mike Desadist at TAIH, Hamilton 1/20/10 for the Treat Me Like Dirt release party.

      21. The Demics...Nervous Breakdown...from Slippery's Club Hits. The Demics were the first punk band from sleepy London Ontario.

      22. The Regulators...Brainless Wonder...from Slippery's Club Hits. Another of the very first punk bands from London Ontario. The Regulators released one 7" on Ready Records.

      23. The Bureaucrats...Grown Up Age...from a recent Ugly Pop Records 7" re-ish. Now we're in Ottawa, which had a fairly big late 70's punk scene.

      24. The Action...TV's On The Blink....from the Slashing White Hot LP on Rave Up Records. The Action re-formed a coupla years back and did a few shows around.

      25. Restless Virgins...Television Child...from one of their 2 singles. This features Jeb Bond, who later went onto one of our faves, The Evil Farm Children who broke up a year or so ago.

      26. 222's....Academic Drop...from the She Wants Revenge LP on Rave Up Records. Now we're in Montreal, where 70's punk didn't catch on as much as the 60's garagepunk scene did. 

      27. Electric Vomit...Boredom Abolishing...from a 7" and featured soon to be famous artist Rich Trembles who later showed up in American Devices.

      28. The Viletones....Little Girl...from A Taste Of Honey CD, which collected a bunch of recordings from 1977. There's a big article on The Viletones in the latest Ugly Things where guitarist Freddy Pompeii is interviewed and several myths are destroyed.

      29. The Poles...CN Tower...from their only 7". Avoid the LP they released around the same time unless it comes with the single, then destroy the LP and keep the single.

      30. The Government...Flat Tire...from their second 7". One of my fave bands from the Toronto punk scene and only got to see them once, right before they packed it in. These guys were into video and television long before anyone else.

      31. The Spys....Underground...recently released by Ugly Pop Records, the original single came with 2 different sleeves. From Windsor Ontario and renamed themselves The Nelsons and gave handfulls of these singles away at a show at The Cedar Lounge many years ago.

      32. Deja Voodoo....Big Scary Daddy....from the Cemetery LP. We've moved to the early 80's and Deja Voodoo were a major influence on the Canadian alternative music scene for most of the 80's. They formed their own record label, OG Records which released 5 volumes of the It Came From Canada series, as well as releasing records by The Gruesomes, UIC, Dik Van Dykes and many more. Many of these records reached the top of the Canadian college radio system. They packed it in in 1990 when CD's were starting to take over and they reached their best before date of 30 years old.

      Deja Voodoo looking cool, outside WW HQ's fall 1984.

      33. UIC...Shamrock Bang....from Slippery's Club Hits. UIC came out of Exeter Ontario, just north of sleepy London Ontario and didn't really sound like anybody else. They were high energy rock'n'roll and loved by the punks, the hardcore kids, the garageheads and anyone else who appreciated a really good rock'n'roll band.

      Dan of UIC...yep, the negative is flipped as Dan is a lefty.

      34, Flying Squad...Godzilla...from Slippery's Club Hits...from London Ontario and hated by as many as loved UIC. Flying Squad had a secret weapon in Tim Murphy who specialized in facial antics while he sang. It drove most people out the door, yet Tim could sing with the best of them. They were a band either 5 years behind the times or 10 years ahead and people either loved or hated them!. We were in the former camp and saw them countless times at local venues. Biker rock at it's best!

      Tim Murphy of The Flying Squad in action at Key West Cafe, London Ontario.

      35. Legend Killers...Strychnine...from Slippery's Club Hits...again from sleepy London Ontario, these guys put on some killer shows in their early days and released a 7" called Better Than Hammerin' (on WW Records). They are the only band to ever appear on every WW compilation cassette and record!

      Legend Killers promo shot, 1989.

      36.The Gruesomes...The Witch...from their first LP, Tyrants Of Teen Trash, originally on OG Records and just re-ished on Groovie Records outta Greece. The number one garagepunk combo from Canada in the 80's. These guys played London many many times and stayed at WW HQ's every time, eating all our junk food and watching way too much TV.

      37. The Purple Toads...Gonna Have A Good Time...from their first LP on Star Records and they are from Oshawa. These guys always put on an entertaining show and kept the alcohol industry in business during their tenure.  They released one other LP and they are supposed to be re-uniting in the very near future.

      The Purple Toads used for an ad. The Cheque is in the mail.

      38. Dik Van Dykes...Roadwarrior...from the Nobody Likes...LP on OG records. This one goes out to anyone driving on the 401 as 'I'm the fucking asshole behind you on the 401..." For those not from this area,the 401 is the major highway that runs east west from Windsor to Montreal. Dik Van Dykes were the challenged band from Hamilton Ontario and proved that challenged is way better than being smart.

      The Dik Van Dykes backup singers, The Pop Tarts.

      39. Leather Uppers...She Digs Death....from a 7" they released. 2 piece combo outta Toronto that would re-surface up until a couple of years ago. They are the only band to be asked not to return for a second night of a weekend at the Brunswick Hotel in sleepy London. The Brunswick was the dive hotel where just about anyone could play, but the Leather Uppers were ahead of their time and not appreciated by the hotel management. I've got a live tape of part of their first set from that night....LOL...

      Holy crap Batman, outta time....hope you enjoyed this 2.5 hour marathon of Canpunk from Ontario and Quebec. We'll play some more of this next week along with some new material that arrived this week...thanx for all the phone-ins (some to tell me i'm screwing up...LOL), emails, messages, request etc....All pictures copywrite WW Archives, please ask before using.

      Here's a link to the podcast:

      and the last hour, should be listed on The Freakout's page on the CHRW website.

    • March 22, 2013 6:33 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Mar 21/2013

      1. Bloodshot Bill...No Help Wanted...from the So Blue CD on Transisor 66 Records.

      2. The Angry Breed...Sickle Girl...from a split 7" with The Hangee V on Surfin'KI Records.

      3. The Ventures...Theme From Wild Angels...from the Guitar Freakout LP on Dolton Records.

      4. The Dead Beat...2000Lb. Bee Part 2...from the Boss Sound CD.

      5. The Beechnuts...Cycle Annie...from the Soundsville compilation LP. This is an all studio compilation and this particular track, features Lou Reed pre-VU, on guitar and vocals.

      6. The Reply...The Reply...from the Downtown Soul CD.

      7. The Hi-Lifes...Soul City...from the above mentioned Soundsville compilation. You probably recognize this song as a Fleshtones tune.

      8. The Above...Imprisoned...brand new 7" on Boppa Do Down Records. NYC based combo on a Toronto based record label.

      9. The Hook Up...Nerves...from the Call Up The Devil CD. Now based in Hamilton, the combo has been re-named The Dead City Soul Review.

      10. Mad Anthony...Forget About Us...from their recently released self titled CD. They are in London tonite at Call The Office.

      11. Mad Anthony...Soul...from the I Spent All My Money On Speed Metal CD.

      12. The Shanks...Feel The Holes...from the CD EP of the same name. Thanks to The Shanks and Mad Anthony for coming on air last shw.

      13. Bang 74...Clouds Of Rock'n'Roll...from the Hi-Flying Dreams CD. 

      14. Danny Laj...Mr Rebound...from a soon to be released record on Boppa Do Down Records.

      15. Chris Hart...Burn This City...from the Rock'n'Roll Revelation CD.

      16. The Stoves...Can't Slow Down...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with What Wave 24. Available locally at; Grooves, The Village Idiot, Speed City, LA Mood and Hot Dog.

      17. Outtacontroller...Creeps...from the download compilation North Of The Border on Synicalist Records. You can download it from Bandcamp. This was put out by Chris Forrest who has a radio show called Just Another Punk Show (W/Sean) on CHRW every friday at 8PM.

      18. The noble Savages...Fire In The World...demo. These guys will be playing on Wed night at This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton as part of the monthly garage show called Kissin' The Carpet.

      19. The noble Savages...She's So above.

      20. Familiar Fiends...Shut Up Little Man...from a 4 song Brantford compilation. This combo will be playing with The noble Savages at This Ain't Hollywood.

      21. Light Bulb Alley...Who Do You Love...from The Sound Of Things on Ricochet Sound. 

      22. Passing Fancy...Losing Tonite...on Ugly Pop Records, this is the start of all 60's Can punk until closing.

      23. Northwest Company...Hard To Cry...yet another 7" on Ugly Pop Records.

      24. Luke And The Apostles...Been Burnt...from The Midwest vs The Rest Volume 1 LP.

      25. Painted Ship...Little White Lies...from Back From The Grave Volume 8. David Konstantino of Revolution Rock (on CJAM out of Windsor Ontario every Tuesday 10:30 AM) did an interview with group vocalist/Captain William Hay that he has on his blog. Revolution Rock is also a very cool radio show!

      26. King Bees....Little Girl...Frat stomper from Belleville Ontario.

      27. MG and The Escorts...A Somday Fool...from Nightmares From The Underworld Volume 2.

      Thanx for all the phone-ins, emails and messages! Next week, an all punk show to start the long weekend. We'll play all Canpunk from the 60's right up to the present time! And we're going to 8:30PM as Ryan In The Red will not be doing his Freakout this coming thursday.

      Here's a link to the podcast:
    • March 15, 2013 5:22 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Mar 14/2013

      We've got two, count 'em, two sets of guests tonite! We've got The Shanks from Orangeville Ontario (they've been on Radio WW at least once before) and Mad Anthony, all the way from Cincinnatti who were playing together that evening at the Richmond Hotel in downtown London Ontario.

      1. Black Frame Spectacle...Bored Of The Lie...from their latest,The Grady Sessions 2. 2 piece combo form just east of here who will be playing tonite at Fanshawe College along with Doghouse Rose.

      Black Frame Specatacle, London Music Club, June 8/2011.

      2. Almighty Rhombus...Honest Liar...from a demo and they were also in town the night of this show at The APK (Brennan's).

      3. Bang 74...Bells Of Revolution...from their brand new CD, Hi-Flying Dreams. 3 piece from Spain that bring back the early 70's guitar pop sound that we all dig.

      4. Cheap Speakers...Looking Backwards...from their brand new CD, Switches and Levers. Guitar pop from Toronto.

      5. The Small Faces...Me You And Us Too....from Best Of The Immediate Years CD. Picked this up at Kissin' The Carpet, the monthly garagepunk show in Hamilton Ontario a couple weeks back.

      6. B10...The Last Canadian Bastion....local trib to Stompin' Tom. This song was written the day after The Stomper passed away, recorded that day and then played the same day right here on Radio WW! Had to play it again this week to start our Stompin' Tom trib...

      7. Stompin' Tom Connors...To It And At It...from a 7".

      8. Stompin' Tom Connors...Sudbury Saturday Night....from the Northlands Zone LP.

      9. Stompin' Tom Connors...My Stompin' Grounds...from a 7".

      10. Stompin' Tom Connors...Horseshoe  Hotel Song...from the Live At The Horseshoe LP. All of the Stomper Records were on Boot Records, his own record label.

      About this time the onair studio was invaded by The Shanks and their buddy Arthur.

      11. The Shanks...Feel The Holes...from the CD of the same name.

      The Shanks at The Spoke, Oct 14/2011.

      12. The Shanks...When We Come...from the Feel The Holes CD.

      And about this time, the guys from Mad Anthony forcibly removed The Shanks and sat down to talk about Mad Anthony.

      13. Mad Anthony...Bear Attack...from their latest self titled CD.

      14. Mad Anthony...Yellow above.

      Around this time, the University Police arrived to escort both bands and their entourages to the gates of the University campus, with promises to never return!

      15. The Gruesomes...For All I Care...from the re-issue of Tyrants Of Teen Trash.

      16. Les Sequelles...Un Scotch SVP!...from their Tes Chansons Cruelles LP on Dionysus Records. Quebecois combo whose record i picked up at the London Record Show a few weeks back.

      17. Don't Touch The Dancers...You're Girlfriend's A Slut...from the North Of The Border download from Synicalist Records. Chris Forrest, from the Just Another Punk Show that is heard every friday at 8PM on CHRW, released this. And this combo is local and fairly new.

      18. Generics...I Wanted To Be A Punk...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with WW 24. And speaking of WW24, thanx to all those that came up and said hi and bought a copy at the London Indy Media Fair last weekend!! There was a young girl, maybe  15, saw the zine and asked 'is that like Radio What Wave??' I was kinda shocked and answered yes and she was familiar with the show and said it was one of her faves!! And we thought it was only old guys reliving their youth listening to this show!! Or maybe it was just a dream....after all it was kind of a long day sitting at the table.

      19. Black Jasper...Just Die Fast...from the Scum Of The Moon CD. Black Jasper are Jasper and King Khan playing 70's KBD punk rock.

      Thanx for all the phone-ins, emails, facebook messages etc!! And a HUGE Thanx to The Shanks and Mad Anthony for taking the time to appear live on Radio What Wave!! Mad Anthony will be back in London on Friday Mar 22nd at Call The Office! You've been warned! All pictures from What Wave archives, please ask before using/posting.

      Here's a link to the podcast:
    • March 8, 2013 5:53 PM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Mar 7/2013

      1. The Shanks...Jesus Make It Fun...from the Dark Richard Show CD from 2010. The Shanks will be our 'special' guests next week on Radio WW. Hopefully they bring their brand new 7" with them so we can spin in onair.

      The Shanks during their last visit to Radio WW...looking elegant as always!

      2. Weirdonia...Nymphochondriac...from their Freaks CD. Weirdonia are in town tonite playing at APK (Brennan's).

      Weirdonia on their last visit to Radio WW...they eventually figured out how to open the door.

      3. Strange Attractor...I'm A Strange Attractor...from their self titled CD on Red Lounge. They are in town tonite with Weirdonia.

      4. Strange Attractor...Just Looking...from a 7" on FDH Records from 2009.

      5. Almighty Rhombus...Even Though...from a demo CD, they are in town next thursday at APK/Brennan's and are from Sudbury, Strange Attractor's home town.

      6. The Dead Beat...Heavy Set...from their Boss Sound CD.

      7. Hangee V...Green Slippers...from a 7" called Sounds Of Fuzz, split with The Angry Breed. Picked this up at the garage sale at Kissin' The Carpet this past sunday.

      8. Uranus...Motorbikin'...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with WW 24. And we'll be at the Indy Media fest at the London Public Library this saturday selling copies of the latest WW and WW Tees.

      9. B10...Last Canadian Bastion....Here's the story on this one. The Stomper (Stompin' Tom Connors, Canada's first real punk) passed away wed night. B10 was not happy as The Stomper is a hero to him. So next morn, B10 writes a song, records the song, then sends a file to me. I get the file, put it on a CD and play it on the radio that day as part of our trib to The Stomper!!  Now that's using technology!! Thanx to IHaight Kyle (B10).

      10. Stompin' Tom Connors...Tillsonburg...from a 7". This is the beginning of our trib to Stompin' Tom Connors, possibly the most patriotic Canadian ever!!

      Most of my Stompin' Tom Connors Records.

      11. Stompin' Tom Connors...Bud The Spud...from the Bud The Spud LP on Boot Records.

      12. Stompin' Tom Connors...The Hockey Song...from the LP of the same name.

      13. Stompin' Tom Connors...The Ketchup Song...from the Bud The Spud LP.

      14. Skip Jensen...The Mountain...from a 7" on Delta Pop Records. Picked this one up at the London Record Show a coupla weeks back, thanx to Denis of Le Pickup for making the trek from Montreal for the London Record Show!

      15. Bloodshot Bill...Heeby Jeeby Blues...from this latest CD, So Blue on Transistor 66 Records. Got to hang with BB at Kissin' The Carpet Part 2 in Hamilton the other day. BB put on a Killer show as always. Some more Ding Dongs material has been recorded, hopefully to be released on Norton Records. Bill was down to help Billy and Miriam after the Norton disaster and he said the pictures don't give you any idea of how bad the flooding was in the Norton warehouse!! And he also said Norton is going to continue!!

      Bloodshot Bill at Kissin' The Carpet, 3/3/13 at This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton.

      16. Mark Sultan...Go Berserk...from the $ CD. Finally got to meet and see Mark Sultan and it was worth the wait!! Mark had missed his previous 2 shows due to illness, but man was he ever rockin' out during this show!!

      Mark Sultan at Kissin' The Carpet Part 2. 3/3/13 This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton.

      17. The Black Jaspers...Scum Of The Earth...from the CD of the same name on Moon Records. Picked this up from Mark Sultan, it's Jasper and King Khan doing 77 punk type material.

      18. The Squids...People Food....from a demo that Sam Squid gave me at Kissin' The Carpet. This features Chris Houston on vocals.

      The Squids at Kissin' The Carpet. 3/3/13 This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton Canada.

      19. Chris Houston...Einstein's Brain...from a brand new 7" on Schizophrenic Records. Inspirations Krumins!!!!

      20. Chris Houston...Surfin' On Heroin...from the Hate Filled Man LP. Comes with a 1 square foot piece of astro turf.

      21. Hank and Frank...Nancy Sinatra...This was released on the cassette Garunge, 1987 and came free with What Wave 14 December 1987. Hank and Frank will be playing at the St Regis tomorrow night. I'll be up front.

      22. Cheap Speakers....She Has A System...from their brand new CD, Switches and Levers. Toronto based pop outfit.

      23. The Above...Georgia Peach...from a brand new 7" on Boppa Do Down Records.

      24. Danny Laj... Queen Street West...soon to be released on Boppa Do Down Records.

      25. The Barreracudas...Numbers...from their Nocturnal Missions LP. Picked this up at Kissin' The Carpet garage sale as i've been searching for this one awhile. We brought these guys into London almost 2 years ago, you shoulda been there!! They woulda kicked your ass harder than they did mine!! Pure 70's power pop!!

      The Barreracudas, Black Shire Pub, 5/28/11, opening up for Jeremy Gluck's Barracudas!

      26. The Raspberries...Ecstasy...from the Greatest Hits LP on Capitol.

      27. The Smithereens...Behind The Wall Of Sleep...from their Expecially For You LP...had to fade this out as we ran outta time.

      Hope you dug this show!! Thanx for all the phone-ins, emails, messages etc!

      Back again next week with The Shanks as our special guests. All pictures from the What Wave archives, please ask before using/posting.

      Here's a link to the podcast:

    • March 2, 2013 9:43 AM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Feb 28/2013

      Our first 90m long show in a month and there's a ton of stuff to play....

      1. 63 Monroe...At The Boot...from the cassette, Slippery's Club Hits, that comes with What Wave 24.

      63 Monroe at The Cedar, fall 1981

      2. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants....El Camino...recorded live at Call The Office 7/27/12. JT will be playing at Brennan's tonite.

      Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants at Black Shire Pub 11/14/08

      3. The Zellots....Do Me A Favour....recorded live at Call The Office 10/27/12 as part of our Graphic Underground: London 1977-1990 art opening.

      The Zellots playing at a street fair, August 1980

      4. The Enemas...Picture Yourself At above.

      5. The Scenics...Oh Boy...from their latest CD, Dead Man Walks Down Bayview.

      6. Bloodshot Bill...Honky Tonky Angel...recorded live at CHRW 5/25/07 as part of Less Talk More Rock, a punk show that used to air on CHRW. The person talking, Paul, was the host of Less Talk. 

      Bloodshot Bill playing live on CHRW.....5/25/07

      7. Bloodshot Bill...16 above. Bloodshot Bill will be playing at This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton on Sunday Mar 3rd, as part of the monthly garage fest, Kissin' The Carpet.

      8. Bloodshot Bill...King Slut...from the Dig It Up LP from 2005.

      BB live at The Victoria, 7/12/08

      9. The Firejacks...Tell That Woman...from the Full Blast LP, BB sang and drummed for The Firejacks.

      10. The Ding Dongs...Ding Dong Party...from their 2010 LP on Norton Records. The Ding Dongs are Bloodshot Bill and Mark Sultan, who will also be appearing on sunday's show.

      11. BBQ...Outta My Mind...from the Tie Your Noose CD on Bomp Records 2005.

      12. Les Sexareenos...Wild Wild Wild...from the SFTRI LP  Live In The Bed, 2000. Mark Sultan drums and sings on this one.

      13. King Khan and BBQ Show...Pretty Plaid Skirt...from the 3 sided LP on In The Red Records.

      14. The Standstills....Black Betty...from the Human Element CD. They are playing Call The Office tonite.

      The Standstills at Black Shire Pub, 3/27/09 as part of Battle Of The 2 Piece Bands Part 2

      15. The Royal Hangmen...Irresistible Girl...from their self titled debut LP on Screaming Apple Records. Swiss garagepunks.

      16. The Hypnotics...Holiday In The City....recorded live at Grooves Records 11/3/12.

      17. The Evil Eyes...Jerry Lee VS The Wolfman...from their only 7"...and they are also supposed to be playing Kissin' The Carpet this sunday, but in a 2 piece version.

      18. Cheap Thrills...You Make Me Wanna....from their self titled 10" record. They were in town at Call The Office last night.

      19. Cheap above.

      20. Chris Hart...Burn This City...from the Rock & Roll Revelation CD.

      21. The Kickstands...Scrambler...from a compilation LP called Boss Drag '64. Not much info on the LP, but it appears to be from Argentina. Jon Traut phoned in during this one, and he was speeding down the 401 from Toronto, so we cranked the instros for Jon!

      22. The Gruesomes....Bikers From Hell....from the Tyrants Of Teen Trash LP, re-ished on Groovie Records from Greece.

      23. Deuce Coupes...Gear Masher...also from Boss Drag '64 LP.

      24. The Night Raiders...Cotton Pickin'....from Strummin' Mental Volume 3 compilation LP. Somewhere around here, i started talking not realizing the record was still wouldn't be a Radio WW without a ton of fuckups!

      25. Boy From Nowhere...Heartful of Soul....from Slippery's Club Hits the cassette that comes with WW 24.

      What Wave 24.....over 100 pages!!!

      Thanx for the phone-ins, emails, messages etc....back again next week with more noise to annoy.

      I'll be at Kissin' The Carpet, at This Ain't Hollywood on sunday. I'll be selling the latest edition of What Wave at the garage sale starting at 6PM.

      All photos from the What Wave archives...please DO NOT Reproduce without permission.

      Here's a link to the podcast:
    • February 22, 2013 6:13 PM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Feb 21/2013

      Another short show due to playoff hockey...

      1. The Reply...Better You...from their recently released Downtown Soul EP.

      2. Television....Fire Engine...from Lux and Ivy's Favourites Volume was Bryan and Ivy's birthday the other day.

      3. The Scenics...No Sleep...from their first new release in over 30 years, Dead Man Walks Down Bayview.

      4. Bloody Diamonds....She Ain't Pretty...recorded live on Radio WW 9/27/12 and they will be returning to London in about a month as a 2 piece combo.

      5. The Hippies...Canteens....from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with What Wave 24 and is currently #10 on the CHRW charts!!

      6. Crash 80's...Waiting For The Heat...late 70's London Ontario combo and there only release.

      7. The Cramps...Garbageman...goes out to Garbagecan Dan who was celebrating his birthday during this show.

      8. The Cramps...The Way I Walk...had to play another Cramps 7" for Bryan and Ivy, the birthday duo!!

      9. Cheap Thrills...Boys and Babes...from their only 10", they will be in town at Call The Office on Mar 1st.

      10. Slade...Mama Weer All Crazee doubt about that. Early 70's top 10 hit in the UK.

      11. Bob Segarini....Gotta Have Pop...from the 1978 LP of the same name.

      12. TV Freaks...Bird Song...from their only LP and they will be in town tonite at Brennan's.

      13. Teenanger...Cops But Not....from their most recent LP, Frights and they will also be at Brennan's tonite.

      14. Royal Hangmen...Action...from their self titled debut LP...Swiss garagepunkers.

      15. Murphy and The Mob...Born Loser...from Back From The Grave Volume 3. We're all born losers as this goes out to The noble Savages for playing this song for me a coupla weeks back!

      That's a wrap,thanx for the phone ins, emails, messages etc....back again next week,hopefully we've got a full 90m then.

      Here's a link to the podcast:


    • February 15, 2013 5:17 PM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Feb 14/2013

      1. Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons...Scars Of Love...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with What Wave 24. And this just happens to be #10 on the CHRW charts!! And a good choice for a starting tune on Valentines Day.

      2. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy....I Hate CD's...from a 7" on Norton Records...i especially like the ending where The Ledge rambles about hating Bruce Springsteen and his stupid CD's!

      3. Ralph Nielson and The Chancellors....Scream...from the latest and final Lux and Ivy's faves, volume 17. This has also been re-ished on Crypt Records back in the mid 80's. We didn't get a chance to do a proper trib for the anniversary of Lux's passing 4 years ago, so we had to toss out this little gem. And it's also for the record show that's happening in London Ontario this sunday at Centennial Hall.

      4. The noble Savages...Fire In The World...from their latest demo. Hamilton garagepunk combo that you should have seen at Call The Office a coupla weeks back.Glad that a couple of you came out, right Jason!

      5. The Mystics...Can't Be Happy...their latest 7", another cool Hamilton garagepunk combo.

      6. Uranus...53 Buick...from their very first 7". Local combo who recorded this at Awes Studio in downtown London.

      7. The Finks...Now...from their only 7". Mid 80's London combo who had Peter Gripp in the band, he's now in The Living Deadbeats.

      8. Ray Condo...Big Dog, Little Dog....from a memorial 7" for Ray who passed away a few years back. This goes out to Rory the dog!!!

      9. Jim Ashby...Speed City....the best 7" to ever come out of sleepy London Ontario!

      10. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants...Hate Van...from their first 7" on Speed City Records.

      11. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants...Eyes...from their latest 7".

      12. A Passing Fancy...I'm Losing 7" on Ugly Pop Records, one of the finest record labels around these days. They've released many late 70's/early 80's Canpunk singles as well as some 60's Canpunk singles, this being one of them.

      13. Master's Apprentices...Undecided...another 7" on Ugly Pop Records, this one from Australia.

      14. The In-Sect...I Can See My Love...yet another 7" on Ugly Pop Records from Australia.

      15. Charlie Pickett and The Eggs...If This Is Love, I Want My Money Back...from the Live at The Button LP, one of the finest live LP's out there. And a perfect song for Valentine's Day.

      16. The Gruesomes...I Never Loved Her...from the recent re-ish of their first LP, Tyrants of Teen Trash on Groovie Records.

      Thanx for listening to this shortened playoff game started at 7PM.

      Back next week with more noise and don't forget the London Record show is this sunday at Centennial Hall, 11 to 5PM. I'll be at the CHRW table as usual.

      Here's a link to the podcast:


    • February 8, 2013 6:30 PM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Feb 7/2013

      1. The Jiggawatts....Angst...from the CD of the same name. Local punk combo who released this CD in 2009 and still play out fairly regularly.

      2. Flying Squad...Godzilla...from the cassette, Slippery's Club Hits, that came with What Wave 24 and is currently #3 on the CHRW charts. Flying Squad were a mid 80's to early 90's biker rock combo from London Ontario.

      3. The Hippies...Canteens...also from Slippery's Club Hits. Early 80's punk/new wave combo from London Ontario who released one 7".

      4. Chris Hart...Burn This City...from the Rock & Roll Revelation CD that just came out. Yet another London Ontario artist who has played rockabilly, country and now delving into straight rock'n'roll.

      5. The Mystics...Play Your Game...from their recent 7" on Boppa Do Down Records. Hamilton garagepunk combo who put on an excellent live show.

      6. Royal Hangmen...Turn Me On...from their recent LP on Screaming Apple Records. Swiss garagepunk combo who have also released a 7" on Lost In Tyme Records.

      7. The Rosy Red...Cloudy Day...brand new demo from this Hamilton/Brantford combo who stick to the 60's garage/rock'n'roll type of sound.

      8. The Dead Beat...2000 Pound Bee....from their Boss Sounds CD. Hamilton Ontario based surf combo.

      9. The Troggs...I Can't Control Myself....and we finished this shortened show (due to Western Mustangs Hockey taking over the airwaves) with a trib to Reg Presley who passed away the other day.

      10. The Troggs...From Home.

      11. The Troggs...With A Girl Like You.

      12. The fave Troggs track!

      13. The Troggs...Night Of The Long Grass.

      14. The Troggs...Supergirl.

      15. The Troggs...Wild Thing.

      And that's a wrap for this shortened show. Thanx for all the emails, messages and phone calls!

      Back next week with special guest Mike Todd, from Speed City Records to talk about the record show on Sunday Feb 17th. I'll be at the CHRW table selling the latest ish of What Wave and maybe a coupla back issues.

      Here's a link to the podcast:

    • February 2, 2013 10:29 AM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Jan 31/2013   Canadian Garagepunk Sandwich Part 2

      Our second part at attempting to give an audio history of the Candian Garagepunk music scene. With this show we covered the late 80's/early 90's. In no way did we cover it all as scenes were (and still are) regional and many bands either didn't record or were totally unknown outside of their area. 

      Then right after Radio WW, Ryan's The Freakout played all 60's Canadian garagepunk music. So 2.5 hours of Canadian garagepunk music, hence a sandwich!

      1. The Raving Mojos...Open Up Your Door...from The Last Rock'n'Roll Show Ever!! CD. A live reunion show from around 2000, recorded in Toronto.

      2. The Purple Toads...40 Pounder Blues...from their self titled debut LP on Star Records from 1986. We ended last week's show with The Toads, so it's a great place to get the action rolling again. This song shoulda been an anthem! It's got the hooks, the loud guitars and a theme that many can identify with. The Purple Toads released one more LP before breaking up.

      3. The Mongols...Sleepwalk...from the Sleepwalk 12" on Primitive Records from the late 80's.  Guitarist/vocalist Kim Shadow passed away due to an accident not long after this was released. This is the beginning of an all Montreal set. Primitive Records were amongst the leaders in the Montreal garagerock scene and it still exists as an actual store to this day.

      4. The Minstrels...Work All Day...recorded live at Call The Office 4/25/89. At the time, this was a 3 piece combo based in Quebec City before moving to Montreal. They were young, energetic and had a real pop sound to their tunes and blew me away that night. We talked, and the next song was on the record we released by them.

      5. The Minstrels...Rhythm In Her Head...from the Come Out To Play 12" on What Wave Records from 1989. When we released this one, everyone wanted CD's as they deemed vinyl to be outdated and uncool. Times have changed, yet this record has one of those timeless sounds that we can still all enjoy.

      6. The Cryptics...He's Waiting...recorded live at Call the Office, 7/4/92 as The Cryptics opened up for The Gruesomes. It was bands like this that made it all worthwhile as they grew up with 60's garagepunk and The Gruesomes as their influences.

      7. The Cryptics...You're Evil...from their one and only 7" on Primitive Records.

      8. The Sherlocks...Through The Bars...from their self titled debut LP on Primitive Records. Never got to see this combo, as the scene started to change and some of the people from the garage scene in Montreal moved towards mod and ska influenced sounds as they rode the next trend, of which some of those are still involved in ska to this day.

      9. The Cheshyres...I Just Don't Know...late 80's demo as we shift from Montreal to Toronto. The Cheshyres evolved out of The Beaumonts (covered last week) and never released any vinyl, which is a major shame. Singer Wayne Pattern moved to London Ontario and played in The Evil Hoodoos before finishing school and heading out west. Drummer Ken Anderson went back to NYC to play in The Optic Nerve and The Ultra 5. He is presently in a folk duo with his wife, Hungrytown and they travel the world via the folk scene.

      10. Drums Along The Gardiner...Bad Times...late 80's demo, and another offshoot of The Beaumonts. These guys mixed punk, garage, metal and just about everything else to create what was a unique sound at the time.

      11. Drums Along The Gardiner...Girl, TV and Beer...another late 80's demo and the title sums up life for many. 

      12. The Chessmen...He'll Go Away...from their self titled LP on Zapp Records as we move westward to Hamilton Ontario. The Chessmen appeared on several What Wave compilations as well as a Nardwuar comp.

      13. The Bards....Hey Little Bird...early 90's demo from this band that could do it all. Gaven Dianda was part of this combo and he went on to many many bands of which The Saffron Sect could be the most well known.

      14. Girl Bombs...Come Back...from a mid 90's 7" on Misty Lane Records from Italy. One of the very few all girl garage combos from the era and there is a very good chance the band may reunite in the very near future.

      15. Frankenstein 5...Writing On The Wall...from a self released cassette. We go westward to London Ontario for this garagepunk combo that kept the scene going in sleepy London Ontario. 2 of the members are still active to this day, one in a Toronto soul/mod combo, The Reply, and another in Hamilton based garagepunk The noble Savages.

      16. The Evil Hoodoos...Back In The USA...early 90's demo from this band that seemed to have a revolving door for members, but one thing remained constant, cool music!

      17. B5 Blue...Borderline...recorded live in the early 90's. This band evolved from The Boy From Nowhere whom we covered last show.

      18. Lost Patrol...No Escape...from their first 7" from 1986. This band evolved from a straight 60's influenced combo with the swirling organ, to a more bluesy based/hard rock yet still garage influenced sound. Always a fun time to see them live.

      19. Dragsville...Royal Drag...recorded live at Brennan's 11/3/12. Slight musical interlude as Dragsville and The noble Savages were playing the night after this show aired. Country influenced combo from London Ontario.

      20. The noble Savages...She's So Serious....demo from this Hamilton Ontario based garagepunk combo who played the night after this show aired.

      21. The noble Savages...Fire In the above.

      22. Leather Uppers...Carne Mysterioso...from a split 7" with The Icky Boyfriends. The Leather Uppers were a Toronto 2 piece that helped evolve the garagepunk sound in a trashier direction. Over the years, The Leather Uppers released many records and toured the world, but i'll always remember seeing them at their first out of town gig. It was right here in sleepy London Ontario at the grungy Brunswick Hotel, where they lasted only one night of a weekend gig as they were asked to leave by management.

      23. The Vindicators...No Worries...from their OG Records 12" from 1989. Out west to Calgary we go, as this town has always had a scene that welcomed the garagepunk sounds. The Vindicators (not to be confused with the France combo of the same name) dug the Texas sound of 1966 and drummer Bryce Dunne went on to The Smugglers and presently The Tranzmitors.

      24. Color Me Psycho...Black Corvair...from It Came From Canada Volume 3 on OG Records. These guys released several records/CD's and appeared on many compilations and members went on to many other Calgary based combos, Forbidden Dimension being one of those.

      25. Huevos Rancheros...Gump Worsley's Lament...from the Rockin' In The Henhouse 7" on One Louder Records from the UK...instro combo influenced by The Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, but they had a harder edge to them.

      Damn, out of time, but certainly not sounds and storys. We're going to stop the Canadian Garagepunk Sandwich for now, but revive it at a later date to continue this story. Thanx for all the amazing feedback for these 2 shows!! Back next week with more noise to annoy.

      Here's a link to the podcast:
    • January 26, 2013 7:46 AM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Jan 24/2013.   Canadian Garagepunk Sandwich Part 1

      This is an incomplete history of Canadian garagepunk music (according to my subjective views and what's left of my memory), with Radio WW covering the 80's and onwards and the show that comes right after us, The Freakout, playing 60's Canadian Garagepunk. It was originally going to be a one show affair, but with the amount of material, we've gone to 2 shows. The Radio WW portion of the history is arranged chronologically, although we had to deviate in a few places to keep the flow. Enjoy!!

      1. The Gruesomes...3 Men 1 Coffin...from A-Billy, a 7" EP that came with WW #18. This song is also on the Live In Hell cassette, Gruesomology CD (Sundazed) and Live In Hell CD (Ricochet Sound). Originally done by the infamous sludgeabilly duo, Deja Voodoo, The Gruesomes did this as a tribute to their pals and label mates. Started this show with The Gruesomes as they are probably the best known garagepunk band to come out of Canada.

      The Gruesomes at Call The Office, London Ontario

      2. Simply Saucer...She's A Dog...Pig Records 7" and bonus track on the Cyborgs Revisited CD. I had to play 3 bands that pre-date the whole garagepunk movement as Simply Saucer and the 2 following bands have influenced many of the bands that are played later in the show.

      3. The Secrets...All The Girls...Teenage Rampage LP. 3 Viletones and a Diode break away from punk rock at it's height in Toronto and form a rock'n'roll band. Possibly a bad move at the time, but the critics adored them and their music stands the passage of time. And there's a connection back to 60's punk in this combo as their vocalist was in a late version of Syndicate of Sound (Hey Little Girl).

      4. Raving Mojos...Yeah Yeah Uh recording from The Turning Point in Toronto,7/1/82. These guys took Stoogisms, 60's punk and blues to a whole new level and called it rock'n'roll. There's a video out there of these guys pounding it out live, and the singer appears out of nowhere doing cartwheels across the stage! The bass player for this band is currently in the greatest live band ever, The Fleshtones!

      5. UIC...Let's Dance On...recorded live at Call The Office, London Ontario.3/16/85. From Exeter, a small town just north of London, where you could pick up those Detroit radio stations back in the day and it warped these young men something fierce! These guys were playing this noise from about 1981 onwards, but didn't record until years later. This particular show, was video taped by Wayne Fisher and some of the songs appear on youtube. Yep, that's me dancing up front by the stage on some of the songs.

      UIC in Lucan Ontario, fall 1984

      6. 10 Commandments...Feel It...from their cassette Pagan Fest-a-go-go. Possible the first Toronto band to delve into 60's garagepunk with both feet. Lead singer James Lord is now a music director with our national radio network, CBC.

      7. 10 Commandments...Not True...from their first LP, Weird Out. They self released at least 3 LP's and later went to a more powerpop type of sound.

      8. The Beaumonts...She Treats Me Right...from the Time Machine CD on Stomp Records from 1996. This CD isa  history of the Canadian 60's garage punk and surf scene from 85-95. The Beaumonts were from Vancouver and birthed 2 Toronto bands (both of which will appear in Part 2 of this show), The Cheshyres and Drums Along The Gardiner.

      9. The Enigmas...Windshield Wiper...from their Strangely Wild 12". Another Vancouver combo, they released at least 2 12" EP's and appeared on a couple of compilations and members went on to later Vancouver combos.

      10. Terminal Sunglasses...The Coyote Finally Wins...from their Wrap Around Cool LP. These guys added some psych sounds to their 60's punk sounds and finally the roadrunner gets his due. Unfortunately one of the members found out he was allergic to cigarette smoke and couldn't play bars due to the smoke...hence the band packed it in.

      11. Boy From Nowhere...Train Kept A Rollin'...recorded live at the Langarth Bar and Grill 11/1/86 Halloween party. The first London Ontario band to dig into 60's punk and mix it up with blues. 

      Boy From Nowhere at Langarth Bar and Grill 1986

      12. The Gruesomes...Psycho...recorded live at Larry's in Toronto 3/29/86. This was The Gruesomes first show in Toronto and was a part of a show called The OG Easter Party and was a showcase for OG Records. Deja Voodoo, Ray Condo, Chris Houston and UIC all played this packed showcase. It was our first meeting with The Gruesomes and everything we had heard about them was true!!

      13. The Gruesomes...Boredom...recorded live at Key West, London Ontario 1/11/87. We finally get The Gruesomes to London, a sunday night and we're figuring the place will be empty. WRONGO!! The place was packed and The Gruesomes musta played over 2 hours!! Then they stayed at our place and didn't leave for several days as they devoured all our junk food, watched our cheesy movies (especially that Beatles mockumentary of the kids trying to get into see The Beatles in NYC) and played most of our 60's and blues records. Loads of fun.

      14. The Gruesomes...What Wave...from Mr Garager's Neighbourhood, an LP on OG Records that we compiled. Nope, we didn't ask The Gruesomes to do this, they thought it up all by themselves.

      15. The Gruesomes...some radio promos they cut.

      16. Legend Killers...99th Floor...early demo from this band of drunks that figured anybody can do this and they proved themselves right! Another combo from London Ontario who are the only band to have appeared on every What Wave compilation record, tape and CD! And we're honoured to have them!

      Legend Killers coming out of their cave! Photo by Martha Rutherford.

      17. Legend Killers...Strychnine...another early demo, this time released on Slippery's Club Hits,the cassette that comes with WW#24. AND....this cassette is currently #1 on the CHRW charts!!!! Holy crap Batman!! How can this be!!

      18. The Rosy Red...Cavin' In...from a brand  new demo as we take a musical interlude to introduce the 4 bands that would be playing on Jan 25th at the very first Kissin' The Carpet, a soon to be monthly garagepunk show in Hamilton Ontario.

      19. Magic Shadows...Parasite...a demo from this Hamilton combo who are also at Kissin' The Carpet.

      20. The Mystics...Waiting For You...from their very first CD and like the 2 bands above, are at Kissin' The Carpet.

      21. The Pow Wows...EIO...from their Get Hip LP, Nightmare Soda, and like the 3 bands above....

      22. Purple Toads...Strychnine...from a demo. The Purple Toads evolved out of Durango 95 and went into the 60's garagepunk sound fueled by alcohol and drugs. 

      A dancing Purple Toad!!

      And we're out of time. Check the show that came right after this, The Freakout as Ryan played an hour of 60's garagepunk.

      We'll be back next week with part 2 of The Canadian Garagepunk Sandwich.

      All photos courtesy WW archives unless otherwise noted...please put proper photo credits when using these pics.

      Here's a link to the archived show:
    • January 18, 2013 5:10 PM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Jan 17/2013

      On this show, there were a few screwups due to technical issues and my usual pressing the wrong buttons....but it was all for fun!

      1. The Vindicators...Thinking Of Birds...from the Time Machine CD on Stomp Records from 1996. This is The Vindicators from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, not the French band of the same name. This song was also on the LP Mr Garager's Neighbourhood on OG Records from 1989, an LP we put out with OG.

      2. The Regulators...Sherry Share It...recorded live at The Polish Hall, London Ontario 11/2/79. Early London Ontario punk combo heavily influenced by The Velvet Underground.

      3. The Regulators...What's In The City...from their only 7" from 1980. I was supposed to play the other side of this one, but screwed up trying to get the turntables working.

      4. The Regulators...Brainless Wonder...from the cassette that comes with What Wave 24, the cassette is called Slippery's Club Hits. The title probably refers to me on this show.

      5. The Mystics...Wasting Time...from their self titled CD. Hamilton combo who will be playing at Kissin' The Carpet, Jan 25th at This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton. An all garage party night.

      6. The Mystics...ESP...recorded live at This Ain't Hollywood 9/26/11.

      7. Pow Wows...Plastic Factory....from their LP, Nightmare Soda on Get Hip Records. Toronto combo who will also be playing Jan 25th at This Ain't Hollywood.

      8. Captain Beefheart....Plastic Factory...from his Safe As Milk LP and the original of the Pow Wows track.

      9. Magic Shadows...Sunburned...demo from this Hamilton combo who will be playing Jan 25th at This Ain't Hollywood.

      10. The Rosy Red...Cloudy Day...demo from this Brantford combo who will be playing Jan 25th at This Ain't Hollywood. So it'll be 4 bands playing for the all garage show called Kissin' The Carpet. And there will be a garage sale starting at 8PM, bands at 9PM. See ya there!

      11. 905's...Tension...from the Break Out CD. 905's play tonite at Mitzi's in Toronto.

      12. Marvelous Beauhunks...Kickin' Around...from their Do Not Resuscitate CD. They will also be playing with The 905's tonite!!

      13. catl...I'm Goin' Upside Your Head...from their very first cassette. catl are playing their last show with their present drummer on Sat night at The Horseshoe in Toronto, then taking a hiatus. If you can, you should check this show out as it'll be a Killer!!

      14. catl...A Pickup Killed My Ford...from their very first LP.

      15. catl...Working Man's Soul...recorded live at Call The Office 9/29/11.

      16. catl...Get Outta My Car...from their third LP, Soon This Will All Be Gone. A Hasil Adkins tune they used to dedicate to me when played live! They also covered another fave, The Gories.

      17. catl...Don't Drag Me Away...recorded live at Call The Office 3/16/12.

      18. catl...Cards...from their second LP, With The Lord For Cowards, You Will Find No Place. Such great LP names!!

      19.T.H.E....Grilled Cheese...from their only demo. Local youngsters who are playing tomorrow night at Brennan's here in London.

      20. NFG...Cowboy Rock...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that came with WW 24. NFG will be playing Jan 26th at Call The Office as part of the Ontario Independent Music Archive showcase happening that night. OIMA is a brand new project to create a database of original music in Ontario.

      21. Fucked Up....David Comes To Life...from the Hidden World CD. Fucked Up are at Call The Office tonite!

      22. The Reply....The Reply....from their brand new CD, Downtown Soul. Had to fade this one  out as hockey was about to air on the radio.

      Thanx for the call-ins, emails, requests week we'll be doing a show called Canadian Garagepunk Sandwich. It'll be all Canadian garagepunk, the first 90m will be 80's to current, then Ryan takes over with his Freakout and brings you 60m of all 60's garagepunk!! This'll be a killer diller show, so be sure to tune in next week, Jan 24th!

      Here's a link to the podcast:

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