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  • Topic: Gonerfest 11 September 25-28

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    • August 4, 2014 1:46 PM CDT
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      Please join us for four days of fantastic fun! Over 30 bands including LEN BRIGHT COMBO, the original 1977 lineup of THE GIZMOS, PAUL COLLINS BEAT, THE REBEL, PROTOMARTYR, and many more, including lots from the great country of Australia.

      We are also hosting an art show featuring the artwork of TIM KERR, BUTCH ANTHONY, BRUCE WEBB, and JOHN HENRY TONEY.

      Complete band list:

      Len Bright Combo (NY/ UK)
      Gizmos - Original 1977 Lineup (Bloomington, IN)
      Paul Collins Beat (New York, NY)
      Spray Paint (Austin, TX)
      Ausmuteants (Geelong, Australia)
      Warm Soda (SF, CA)
      The Rebel (Hertfordshire, UK)
      Radioactivity (Denton, TX)
      Deaf Wish (Melbourne, Australia)
      Protomartyr (Detroit, MI)
      Grifters (Memphis, TN)
      Nots (Memphis, TN)
      So Cow (Galway, Ireland)
      Dutch Masters (Memphis, TN)
      Buldgerz (Memphis, TN)
      Cool Runnings (Auckland, NZ)
      King Brothers (Nishinomiya City, Japan)
      Wild Emotions (Jackson, MS)
      Scott and Charlene's Wedding (Footscray, Australia)
      Gila Man (Desert, AZ)
      Gimp Teeth (Memphis, TN)
      Sick Thoughts (Baltimore, MD)
      Red Sneakers (Nara, Japan)
      Son of VOM (Meltzer, USA)
      Gooch Palms (Newcastle, Australia)
      Mancontrol (Memphis, TN)
      Stevens (Melbourne, Australia)
      Terry & Louie (Portland / New Orleans)
      Nathan Roche (Sydney, Australia)
      Ross Johnson's Like Flies On Sherbert Revue (Memphis, TN)
      Die Rotzz (New Orleans, LA)
      Connections (Columbus, OH)
      Obnox (Cleveland, OH)
      Golden Pelicans (Orlando, Florida)
      Angie (Sydney, Australia)
      Life Stinks (SF, CA)
      Weather Warlock (New Orleans, LA)

      DJ Saint Sarah
      DJ Giorgio Murderer
      DJ Rich Aroma
      DJ Useless Eater
      DJ Hot Tub Eric

      For Schedule and more information go to

    • August 4, 2014 3:37 PM CDT
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      BRUCE WEBB ! OH, MY GOD. I ALMOST STARTED A GARAGE BAND IN DALLAS WITH HIM BACK IN '85 OR '86. But , there was no call for the stuff at the time. We performed , once , with Murray Hammond , when he and Bruce were in The Peyote Cowboys.

      "A+" on the name , Giorgio Murderer. You probably heard Moroder did a DJ set at the Pitchfork Fest. I might have paid to see him do the "Son of My Father" LP en todo , but , that's it.

      I'm sure The Gizmos will get the lion's share of attention , and with good reason. They're getting really good (again). 

    • August 4, 2014 9:44 PM CDT
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      How many bands besides that Gizmos have two eras that consist of totally different lineups and are equally (in their own ways) absolutely killer groups? I'm still not sure which era I like more.

      Come to think of it, i guess the "transistional" phase that consisted of both Dale Lawrence and Ted Neimec would make them have 3 phases...but yas know what I mean.

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