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    • August 3, 2012 6:08 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Aug 2/2012

      1. The Ramones...Do You Remember Rock'n'Roll Radio? from their 1980 LP End Of The Century and the first record in which The Ramones deviated from the formula and expanded their sound. There's a bunch of bands playing Ramones covers tonite at Call The Office here in London Ontario so we had to open with this one.

      2. The Speaking Tongues...What's Your Story...from their first CD, Wild Sound from 2008. Speaking Tongues have given their notice, last show is later this month in Toronto. We brought them here many a time and they always delivered.

      Call The Office Apr 30/2010

      3. Speaking Tongues...Karma Blues...from their Third Floor Sessions Recordings done at Ryerson University in Toronto in 2010.

      4. Speaking Tongues...Can't Take It...from their self released LP from 2011.

      5. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet...Theme From TV...from a 7" from 1986 as the Shads were doing a show at The Cameron in Toronto as a benefit for some of the places that helped Reid out prior to his passing in 2001. Reid Diamond was the bass player and a really nice guy!Reid is on the left, taken at Call The Office...probably the first time they played London Ontario.

      6. Thee Vicars...Every Day...from a 7" on Dirty Water and for Chris Langeland who passed away last week. Chris was the guitarist for Thee Vicars.

      7. Thee Vicars...You Live...from a 7" on Dirty Water Records.

      8. Thee Vicars...Don't Wanna Be Free...from a 7" on Dirty Water Records.

      9. Thee Vicars...Gonna See Me Again...from a 7" on Dirty Water Records.

      10. Magic Christian...Teenage Head...from a 7" on Schizophrenic Records. Recorded in 2009 with Cyril Jordan, Clem Burke, Eddie Munoz, Paul Kopf, Gordie Lewis, Dave Rave and Micheal Fonfara in Hamilton Ontario.

      Magic Christian, Hamilton Ontario 1/20/09

      11. Dennis Most...There Is A Mall....from the recent Instigate Me CD.

      12. The Basements...Stray Mood...from the I'm Dead CD on Lost In Tyme Records from Greece.

      13. Evil Eyes...Honey Please....from their brand new 7" EP on Bamalama Records outta Toronto.

      14. The Stoves...Can't Slow Down...recorded live at The Cedar Lounge May 1979 and thanx to Dana Stone for providing this! The Stoves were one of the early London Ontario punk combos.

      15. Johnny Terrien and The Bad Lieutenants...Eyes...from their latest 7" split with The Ponches.

      Johnny Terrien and The Bad Lieutenants, Black Shire Pub, London Nov 14/2008

      16. Johnny Terrien and The Bad Lieutenants...Please Don't Touch...recorded live at Call The Office, London Ontario 7/27/12.

      17. Johnny Kidd and The Pirates...Growl...from a Greatest Hits LP and the flip side of Please Don't Touch from 1958.

      18. Ross Daily...Calling Portugal...recorded live at Call The Office 7/27/12 for Speed City Records 15th Birthday Bash. Support your local record stores while you still can!!

      19. Dan Vapid and The Cheats...What Do You Wanna Do Tonite...from their self titled debut LP. These guys closed the show last friday after Ross Daily (first show in 14 years), Johnny Terrien and one other band.

      20. Budokan...Bastards Of Feel...from their Spin A Little Gold CD.

      21. The Living Deadbeats...Apathy...from their LP that came out recently.

      22. The Living Deadbeats...Evil Hearted Blues....recorded live at Call The Office 7/23/12

      The Living Deadbeats at Call The Office, London, Ontario 7/23/12

      23. The Cunts....A Date With Disaster...1982 7" that made me an instant fan of this band. Couldn't say their name on the radio for obvious reasons.

      24. The Cunts...Blow Your Mind...from A Decade Of Fun 1978-1988 LP. Ross Daily dedicated this song to me the other night as they know i'm a HUGE fan of this band as is lead singer Mike Todd.

      25. The Cunts...My Baby Is An Atomic Bomb...from the Look Out! LP from 1991.

      26. The Cunts...I Don't Want Food, I Don't Want Sex I Want You...from The Rites Of Spring LP from 1984. As The Cunts say, 'Remember, have fun always!' 4 tunes by The Cunts, you probably won't hear these guys anywhere else as their name scares most off. We did an interview with the band for What Wave zine many years ago, probably the only print interview with the band.

      27. The Hook Up...65 Has No Blues...from the Call Up The Devil CD...cut this one short as the clock was quickly running out and Ryan In The Red had his big announcement to make.

      28. The Droogs...Change Is Gonna Come....1984 7" that goes out to Ryan....

      Another wrap, hope you enjoyed the show. Thanx for all the call-ins, emails, facebook shouts and HEYS!! Back next week with more noise to annoy!

      CHRW has a new website, and on the podcasts, you can now listen to several weeks worth of shows. Try it out and let me know how you like it or don't.

    • July 27, 2012 6:42 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist....July 29/2012

      This show was kinda messed up as we had transmission problems at CHRW....not me on the board fucking up, but something wrong with the signal being fed to the transmitter. I stayed after the show with the Station Manager and we were able to get it somewhat fixed...helps being an electronics tech from way back....hahaha...

      1. Tommyknockers....We Want The Airwaves....from a double LP called Gabba Gabba Hey on XXX Records from 1991. This is our pal Rich Coffee's combo making a great opening...also there's a Ramones tribute happening at Call The Office on Friday Aug 3rd. Tommyknockers will not be there as Rich has hung up his rock'n'roll shoes after way too many years in the trenches.

      2. The Regulators...What's In The City...from their only 7" and for Jeff Morritt who passed away last week.

      3. The Stance...Impossible Baby...from the Shall Inherit The Earth CD and the start of our East coast set....Stance were from Halifax and played London a coupla times a few years back.

      4. The Shats...My Swingin' Girlfriend...from a 7" comp called East Infection on Foul And Fair Records.

      5. Walkin' Jacks...She Tells Me...from their Drop Dead CD. Buncha characters from various places on the east coast that get together to record some real cool tunes.

      6. Deadly Hearts...The Wobble...from their self titled and only CD as drummer Myles Deck has moved to Toronto.

      7. Methadones...Heart Of The City...from their 20th Century Power Pop Riot CD. Dan Vapid and The Cheats are here in London tonite and that is 3 of the 4 members of the Methadones. It's a Speed City Records 15th Birthday Party...coolest record shop in London Ontario.

      8. Methadones...I'm About To Crack...from the Career Objective CD.

      9. Methadones...Bored Of Television...from their Not Economically Viable CD.

      10. Kirk Special....77's....from his CD, The Fewer The Facts The Stronger The Opinion...from Adelaide Australia and he was in town 2 years ago....great one man band!

      11. Regulators...That's Right, Nothing's Left...flip of the above single and is appropriate as only 2 of The Regulators are still with us. One of the early London Ontario punk combos.

      12. Dennis Most...I Love My Car...from the Instigate Me CD that just came into our clutches. Dennis' claim to fame, is his KBD anthem Excuse My Spunk.

      13. Stupidity...Move...from the CD of the same name. They are from Sweden and were in the US for several weeks this summer.

      14. Pow Wows....Number 13...from their brand new Get Hip single. From Toronto.

      15. Fill Spectre...Homesick Party Girl...from the Scare Your Friends CD and is a one man project of one of the Pow Wows...

      16. Tyranna....Johnny...from their recent LP on Rave Up  Records...Toronto punks from the late 70's who finally get a real record out!

      17. Light Bulb Alley...Pepper Spray...from the Garagepunk Hideout CD called We Love Trash.

      18. Ross Daily...Radio Sucks....recorded live at Call The Office 4/9/96 when they opened for The New Bomb Turks. Local combo who are re-uniting for one show only tonite.

      19. Ross Daily...I Don't Want You Around....from a 7" they released in 1995.

      20. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants...El Camino Warrior...from a 7" on Speed City Records.

      21. Beat Happening...Revolution??...not sure of the song title, but recorded live at Call The Office 3/18/91 when they opened for Shadowy Men...Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening was doing a solo show in town on the eve of this show.

      22. Dynamite Pussy Club...Testify...from the Church Of Yeah CD.

      23.Ben Vaughn and Kim Fowley...Chasing The Dragon from their CD, Kings Of Saturday Night from 1995. Fowley yammers as only he can and Ben masters the telecaster!

      24. Blue Demons...Cougar Country....from their recent Boppa Do Down 7".

      25. Living Deadbeats...Time...recorded live at Call The Office 7/23/12. Great live show on a really hot monday night...glad i booked the next day as a vacation after that one!

      26. Living Deadbeats...Control Freak....from their brand new 12" .

      27. The Mongrelettes...Boy Is Gone...from the latest Lost In Tyme Fanzine CD...#6, which just came out.

      28. catl...Get Outta My Car...from their recent Soon This Will All Be Gone CD...

      Thanx for all the phone-ins to tell me the signal was messed up!!  Much appreciated as you guys are on top of things!!

      Back again next week with more noise...

      Here's the archived show:

    • July 20, 2012 7:27 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist July 19/2012

      A 2.5 hour marathon show, as Ryan In The Red couldn't make it in for his show right after Radio WW....

      1. Andy Shernoff....Are You Ready To Rapture?...A song that Adny sent us for last years rapture, which obviously didn't happen despite the hype!

      2. Kinks...You Really Got Me....this is the start of our tribute to Jon Lord who passed away the other day. And yes, that's him playing the keyboards on this Kinks anthem!

      3. Art Woods...What Shall I Do...from a compilation LP called My Generation on EMI that collected some psych/mod sounds from the mid 60's. This particular track is from 1967, prior Jon Lord forming...

      4. Deep Purple...Space Truckin'...from the Machine Head Anniversary 2 CD collection. And this is a slightly different version of this song than what appeared on Machine Head, an LP i played WAY too many times as a young'un! And that wraps up our trib to Jon Lord, the master of the Hammond organ.

      5. Magic Christian....Teenage Head...Schizophrenic 7" i picked up at Hits'n'Misses last weekend. Recorded on a really fucking cold day in January 2009 in Hamilton Ontario, prior to a red hot gig that night. At this point, Magic Christian was comprised of Cyril Jordan, Paul Kopf, Eddie Munoz and Clem Burke. For this recording, they were supplemented by Gord Lewis, Dave Rave and Michael Fonfara to make a Super group! There's also a video somewhere out there that shows them actually recording in the studio!

      6. The Reply...Midnight Train....from a demo. Toronto mod/soul combo that put on killer live shows!

      7. The Hook Up...List Of Diagrams...from their Call Up The Devil CD.

      8. Tuerto Loco...Nancy Sinatra...from a live to air on Radio What Wave 5/12/11. And since this show aired, i've been informed that Tuerto Loco is playing this saturday night at the St Regis Hotel in sleepy London Ontario.

      9. Evil Eyes...Good As Gold...from their brand new 4 song 7" on BamaLama Records. And Evil Eyes are playing this sunday with our pals The noble Savages at the Casbah in Hamilton Ontario.

      10. Evil Eyes...Psycho above.

      11. The Leather Uppers...One Eyed Gal...recorded live at The Brunswick Hotel 10/11/91. This was their very first show outside Toronto, and was supposed to be a 2 night stint. But, The Leather Uppers weren't appreciated by the management/drunks at the Brunswick and were asked to leave after only 1 night. Possibly the only band to have this unique honour! And the reason i played The Leather Uppers, is that Classy Craig who was half of the Leather Uppers, is the drummer in the Evil Eyes.

      12. Weirdies...Party Over Here...from their In 3D CD from 2008. Killer trio from Toronto.

      13. The Zellots...Object...recorded live at The Kent Hotel in Kitchener back in 1980 and it was broadcast over CHRW. I taped it off the radio back then, and you get to reap the benefits 32 years later! The Zellots are re-uniting for our Underground Graphics Show on Oct 26/12. Simon Less was the DJ who did the live recording and played it over the airwaves. Simon is now known as Peter Moore, producer, archivist, masterer, etc...

      14. Tyranna...Toronna Boys...late 70's recordings by this Toronto combo and recently released on Rave Up Records outta Italy. This is a Vibrators cover, with a slightly modified London Girls.

      15. The Screwed...Baby Baby...from their CD 1977. Toronto first wave veterans form a band for fun and cover some of their fave tunes from 1977...and it just happens to be a Vibrators cover!

      16. Ross Daily...Pump It Up...from a 1995 split 7" with Sockeye. Ross Daily are re-uniting on Friday July 27th at Call The Office with Johnny Terrien and Dan Vapid and The Cheats.

      17. Ross Daily... Radio Sucks...from a 7" from 1996 and an apt description of this radio show!

      18. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants...Eyes...from their latest 7", and as mentioned above, they will be on the July 27th show at Call The Office.

      19. Jason And The Scorchers...Hot Nights In Georgia...from their 1983 LP, Fervor and goes out to drummer Perry Baggs who passed away last week.

      20. Jason And The Scorchers...White Lies...from their 1985 LP, Lost And Found.

      21. Jason And The Scorchers...Shot Gun Blues...from their 1986 LP, Still Standing.

      22. Dex Romweber Duo...Jungle Drums...from their latest LP, Is That You In The Blue? on Bloodshot Records.

      23. Suckerpunch...Witch Doctor...from a split 7" with Armed & Hammered from 1993. Saw this Toronto trio several times at Call The Office here in sleepy London Ontario, and they always put on a great show!! Audio tapes of these shows survive and you might hear them on this show some day.

      24. Mojomatics...Cut It Off....from the latest Garagepunk Hideout CD, Supercharged Sounds. Italian duo that must be adding many more musicians in the studio.

      25. The Basements...Travel Every Night...from their brand new CD, I'm Dead on Lost In Tyme Records outta Greece.

      26. T.H.E....Grilled Cheese...demo from these Londoners who will be playing on monday July 23rd, opening for The Living Deadbeats at Call The Office.

      27. Living Deadbeats...Theme Song...from their brand new, vinyl only release that you can pick up at Monday nights show.

      28. Living Deadbeats...Time...from the second Garage Punk Hideout compilation CD, Songs The Hideout Taught Us from 5/11.

      29. The Crickets...I Fought The Law...original version of the Bobby Fuller 4 hit single. Bobby was killed 46 years ago this past wednesday, so it's time for a BF4 Tribute!!

      30. Bobby Fuller 4...Baby My Heart...from the Bobby Fuller Tapes Volume 1 Lp on Voxx Records. Dig the fuzz on the guitar, and this is from 1964!

      31. Bobby Fuller 4...Let Her Dance...from The Best Of...on Rhino Records.

      32. Bobby Fuller 4...1000 Pound Bee...from the Bobby Fuller Instrumental Album, obviously all instros. You can get tons of Bobby Fuller Four releases on Norton Records.

      33. Budokan...Gone Back Home...from the brand new Spin A Little Gold CD and the start of our pop set.

      34. The DB's...Neverland...from the 1986 Amplifier LP, which looks like a compilation of earlier tracks. Played this as somewhere on the web, i found a current version of The Db's playing this song and it got stuck in my noggin'.

      35. The Master Plan...Find Something Beautiful...from their 2004 CD, Colussus Of Destiny. This features Andy Shernoff (he opened tonight's show) and a coupla Fleshtones; Bill and Keith along with former Fleshtone producer Paul Johnson. Super group indeed!

      36. The Bloody 5....New York City....updated version of The Demics classic tune.

      37. Blue Demons...Beatnik Bandit...from a brand new 7" on Boppa Do Down Records outta Toronto. 3 piece mask wearing combo who are a lot of fun live.

      38. Chelsea Beat...Tiger...from a brand new LP on Killer Diller Records outta New Jersey, but the band is from Quebec.

      39. Bad Bad Bad...Fucked Up....from their recent CD. 2 piece outta Halifax who came on Radio WW back in the winter.

      40. 3 For 10's....Mr. Fantastic....from a Rainbow Quartz sampler CD. Philly based, these guys came to London about 10 or maybe more years ago and were absolutely devastating live!! Like Syd's Pink Floyd, only heavier and louder.

      41. Laughing Sky...Take It...from their brand new 7" and they are from NYC.

      42. Terror Lake...Chief Of Staff....from a very recent demo...3 piece outta Toronto.

      Monday July 23rd it's The Living Deadbeats, Alcohollys, 44i and T.H.E. at Call The Office...9:30 the first band goes on. See ya there!

      Back again next week with more noise and 3 chord thunder...thanx for all the phone-ins, requests, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!

      Here's a link to the podcasts which are up for one week only:
    • July 13, 2012 5:20 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist for July 12/2012

      1. Cub...Here Comes The Summer....from the Undertones tribute LP, oddly named, Here Comes The Summer on Munster Records 1995.

      2. Shangri-Las....Great Big Kiss....1964 girl group fun.

      3. Photoroman... Pourquoi...Montreal combo single from earlier this year.

      4. Persian Claws...Mysterious Mystery...from a demo they sent us, north eastern US combo who sometimes make it up to Montreal

      5. Alcohollys...Girls Night...from their CD, entitled EP. Local combo who are playing tonight at Call The Office.

      6. Terminal Wallys....Heartache...from The New Old School CD from 2007. They are playing with The Alcohollys at Call The Office.

      7. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants...Eyes...from their latest 7".

      8. The Diodes...City Of The Dead...from the Action/Reaction CD on Bongobeat Records.

      9. Weirdonia...1960's Antique Clock...from their Freaks CD. Windsor Ontario based 2 piece.

      10. Bloodshot Bill...Out The Door...from his latest 7" on Transistor 66 Records outta Winnipeg.

      11. Astronuts...In Orbit...from the cassette Let's Splash Down With The Astronuts. Released in 1993, The Astronuts were from Montreal and might contain former Gruesomes, Ray Condo's Goners and a Cryptic, but then again, maybe not.

      12. Wilko Johnson...Casting My Spell...from a 1981 single on Nighthawk Records. Wilko says that there is a documentary out on him. If anyone can post a link to it, that would be great. For those that don't know, Wilko Johnson was the original guitarist for UK pub rockers, Dr. Feelgood.

      13. A Bones...Drive In...from Smiles, Vibes and Harmony, A Tribute To Brian Wilson LP from 1990. This is on De Milo Records outta NYC and contains a ton of cool Beach Boy covers, including this next song....

      14. Billy Childish and Thee Headcoats....409

      15. Oily Birds...Love Me Till The Sun Shines...from a Radio WW broadcast from 4/29/10.

      16. Tenement 13...The Garden...demo from 7/22/83. Tenement 13 were really The Hippies (early 80's London combo) with a slightly different name.

      17. Budokan...The Right On Girl...from the Spin A Little Gold CD. Victoria BC based power poppers.

      18. Gerry Smith...Our Days Go By...aka Will The Circle...from a CD released in 2007. Gerry was in original Toronto punkers Tyranna and later, Naugahyde Five. This is his story of growing up and absorbing the rock'n'roll essence at a young age.

      19. Howlin' Wolf...Evil....1954 recording and the start of our blues set as there is a blues fest going on in London this weekend. All of these blues acts have a few things in common; they are all dead, none of them will be at this weekend's blues fest, all of them are fucking cool and all of them will rock harder than any act at the blues fest.

      20. King Biscuit Boy... Georgia Slop..from the Mouth Of Steel LP from 1984. Hamilton Ontario harp player that was highly regarded in the blues community.

      21. Hound Dog Taylor...Give Me Back My Wig...form his self titled 1971 LP on Alligator. The Cramps borrowed some of their early sounds from Hound Dog and The Houserockers as these Chicago-ites patented the 2 guitars, drums and no bass sound!

      22. Fred McDowell and Johnny Woods...Shake 'Em On Down...from the 1969 compilation LP, Memphis Swamp Jam. Double LP on Blue Thumb Records that was recorded at Ardent Studios, where Big Star recorded.

      23. Jason And The Scorchers...Absolutely Sweet Marie...from the double live CD Midnight Roads and Stages Seen. This goes out to Perry Bagges who passed away earlier the day this show aired. Next week we'll play some more Jason and The Scorchers.

      24. Dark Rags...Sun Shines...from the latest Lost In Tyme Compilation, #6.

      25. The Living Deadbeats...Hey Girl...from their self titled debut 12". We finally got to see this band live, and they live up to the hype and rock out as expected! They'll be back in London on Monday July 23rd with 44i, T.H.E. and The Alcohollys at Call The Office.

      26. Rock'n'Roll Monkey and The Robots...Too Fast...from the latest Garagepunk Hideout compilation CD, Supercharged Sounds.

      27. Fill Spectre...Commando....from the Scare Your Friends CD. This could be one of The Pow Wows doing solo stuff in his bedroom.

      28. The Hook Up...65 Has No Blues...from the Call Up The Devil CD...had to cut this one short as we ran outta time...

      Back again next week with more noise and 3 chord thunder...thanx for all the phone-ins, requests, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!

      Here's a link to the podcasts which are up for one week only:
    • July 6, 2012 5:19 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist for July 5/2012

      1. The Everglades...Rock and Roll Cliche....from the Last Pogo LP that came out in 1979 and is the last stand for punk rock at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto 12/1/78. The documentary film of this event should be coming out shortly. And RockandRoll Cliche sums up Radio WW....a great way to start the noise!

      2. The Beatles...Birthday...from the Double White LP and for the Editor of What Wave and my partner in crime, Rena, as it's her birthday on the airing of this week's episode. And when the boss makes 'requests', you gotta play them!

      3. Washington Squares...Walls (Polish Union Song) from their self titled debut LP from 1987. We first saw the Squares here in London at the long gone Kiplings, 4/24/88 as it says on the ticket stub. This was our first of many meetings with Lauren Agnelli who played guitar and sang for the Squares. We interviewed the band that night, and the interview appeared in WW zine...

      4. Dave Rave...Anne Marie...from the Live With What You Know CD. Great power pop from this former Shaker and Teenage Head member. We also interviewed Dave Rave (he was in Teenage Head at the time) and his interview appeared in the same issue as Lauren Agnelli as mentioned above...neither knew each other at the time. They later hooked up (in more ways than one) in The Dave Rave Conspiracy and later just Agnelli and Rave and continue to play together whenever they get together. And the first time we saw The Dave Rave Conspiracy they blamed us for somehow getting them together...hahaha. And former Television drummer, Billy Ficca was in The Squares and Dave Rave Conspiracy.

      5. Big John Bates...Wide Open Blues...from the brand new Garagepunk Hideout download, Supercharged Sounds.

      6. Laughing Sky...Come On...from the recently released Divine CD by this NYC based combo.

      7. Terror Lake...Transmission...from a very recent demo from this Toronto 3 piece.

      8. Drug Free Youth...Ms. Abigail...from the brand new CD The Avocado Index...Greek based psych combo that the nice folks at Lost In Tyme hooked us up with.

      9. The Basements...Wrong...from the I'm Dead CD on Lost In Tyme Records outta Greece.

      10. Paul Messis...I've Been Through It Before...from the brand new compilation CD that comes with Lost In Tyme #6.

      11. The Fiends...Writing On The Wall...from the Gravedigger CD from 1998 on Dionysus Records. Vancouver based garagepunkers that at one time had Pete Fiend on the bass, and Pete is in the next band in this list.

      12. Living Deadbeats...Evil Hearted Blues...from the brand new record. This saturday night at Brennan's is the London debut of this Vancouver combo. Also on the bill are Gatgas and T.H.E.

      13. Living Deadbeats...Time...from the second Garagepunk Hideout CD, Songs The Hideout Taught Us. This song was also a song of the week at Dirty Water Records in the UK.

      14. Living Deadbeats...Lost...from the above mentioned brand new record.

      15. T.H.E.....Chronic Masterbator...from their recent demo. Catch them live on Saturday night at Brennans.

      16. Sheep Look Up....Jumper...from their only cassette release, early 80's, London based.

      17. Hand Of Glory...Bloody Red Sun...from their 2nd LP, Far From Kith And Kin from 1989. Austin based combo with former members of Leroi Brothers, Poison 13, Doctors Mob, Joe King Carrasco and others. A high pedigree band that coulda and shoulda made it big!! On Skyclad Records.

      18. The Finks...Can't Say No...from a 7" from 1987. London Ontario based combo that features Peter Gripp who is presently on bass in the Living Deadbeats.

      19. Durango 95...Sandra Sez...from their Lose Control LP from the early 80's. These guys morphed into The Purple Toads (both combos recorded on Star Records and were based in Oshawa Ontario) and there is presently a book being written about the Toads.

      20. Hypnotics...Here She Comes Now...from their Static Fuzz Radio LP...Windsor Ontario based garagepunk combo!

      21. The Ramones...Sheena Is A Punk Rocker...from the Rocket To Russia LP 1977. There's a Ramonsemania show happening at Call The Office on Friday Aug 3rd where local bands get up and play a side of a Ramones LP, including....

      22. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants...Eyes...from their latest split 7".

      23. Budokan...You Don't Stop Lovin' The Band....from their new CD, Spin A Little Gold. Victoria BC combo who obviously dig Cheap Trick and 70's power pop.

      24. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet...The Allouette, She Was Canada's First Satellite, Way Before The Americans Even on Estrus Records. The Shadowy Men have a reunion show in Toronto in a week or so...

      25. Dynamite Pussy Club...Testify...from their recent Church Of Yeah! CD....

      Outta time, definitely not out of tunes. Thanx for the call-ins, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! Back next week with more action.

      See ya all saturday night at Brennan's for Living Deadbeats, T.H.E. and Gatagas.

      Here's a link to the podcasts which are up for one week only:
    • June 29, 2012 5:58 PM CDT
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      Playlist June 28/2012, All Canadian show for Canada Day.

      1. The Subhumans....Oh at The Cedar Lounge in London Ontario 6/12/81.

      2. Mainline...Oh Canada...from their 1971 live LP, Bump'N'Grind Revue.

      3. Nihilist Spasm Band...No Canada...from a 1967 flexi disk.

      4. NoMeansNo...Oh Canaduh...Subhumans cover on Allied Records.

      5. Stompin' Tom....My Stompin' Ground...1972 7". The Stomper is an icon in Canada and unknown elsewhere. He's been playing for many many years and live, he stomps on a piece of plywood as he plays, hence The Stomper moniker.

      6. Jerry Jerry and the Sons Of Rhythm Orchestra....Living On Top Of The USA...from the 1985 OG LP, Road Gore: The Band That Drank Too Much. Faves here at WW HQ's, Jerry always had a great take on political  issues with his quick wit.

      7. Ralph...Maybe Ontario...from the Sophisticated Boom Boom CD from 1997. Ralph is the grandfather of Canpunk and was the well dressed doorman at Toronto's first punk club, The Crash'n'Burn. He presently runs a gallery/store in Montreal where he occasionally showcases live acts.

      8. Evil Farm Children...Hangover...from the Evilling CD. Ottawa greasy rock'n'roll trio that cover Max Webster's Hangover, a band that was big in Ontario back in the mid 70's and nowhere else.

      9. B-Sides...Underground Radio Star...from the 1981 Vancouver Independence LP and sums up the songs on this radio show.

      10. Evil Eyes...Jerry Lee vs The Wolfman...from a soon to be release 7" from this Toronto combo.

      11. The Hypnotics...Radio City...from their recently released LP, Static Fuzz Radio. Windsor Ontario based 3 piece that should come up to London to play.

      12. The Hypnotics...Run Johnny Run...from their 2010 CD, Soul At Seven.

      13. Guess Who....Heart Broken Bopper...from their 1972 LP, Rockin'.

      14. Nardwuar....Winnipeg 64...from a 1993 7" EP in which Nardwuar yammers about some of the cool combos to come out of Winnipeg in 1964.

      15. The Quid...Crazy Things...from Winnipeg 1965-66 LP on VOXX Records.

      16. Guess Who...It's My Pride....probably my fave Guess Who song.

      17. Satan And The D-Men...She'll Lie..also from the Winnipeg 1965-66 LP although they were from Kenora Ontario, which is way closer to Winnipeg than Toronto, hence they recorded in Winnipeg.

      18. Jim  Ashby...Speed City...on Speed City Records and the start of our set of songs about  London Ontario.

      19. Osterberg....London Eats Its Own...from a 10" they released.

      20. Terminal Wallys...The East End...from The New Old School CD and they will be playing friday July 13th at Call The Office, after the memorial for Katz Basic.

      21. UIC...Shamrock Bang...from the Our Garage LP and about a hotel in Lucan which is just north of London.

      22. Flying Squad....Brian ode to a former prime minister of Canada, that makes our  present prime minister look like a saint.

      23. T.H.E. ...Grilled Cheese...from a recent demo and these guys will be opening for the Living Deadbeats when they play at Brennan's here in London on Saturday July 7th.

      24. Legend Killers...Gunpowder...from their Better Than Hammerin' 7" from 1989 on What Wave Records.

      25. Boy From Nowhere....Teenage Head...from a mid 80's demo.

      26. Radio 4...I Don't Wanna Go To New York City...early 80's basement demo and rebuttal to The Demics New York City.

      27. The Generics...Oh Well....1983 basement demo and a Demics cover.

      28. The Demics... Blueboy...early 80's live recording from Toronto that someone uncovered recently.

      29. Thundermug...Africa....a 1972 single that actually made AM radio charts back in the day.

      30. Slugfest....Water Road...from the CD, The Port, songs about Port Stanley, just south of London.

      31. Pagliaro...Loving You Ain't Easy...from an early 70's LP, just called Pagliaro. Virtually unknown out of his native Quebec, Pag had a few early 70's AM songs playlisted in the early to mid 70's.

      32. Pagliaro...What The Hell I Got...from the LP Pagliaro I.

      33. catl...Get Outta My Car...from the Soon This Will All Be Gone CD...catl were in town playing at Call The Office the day of this show.

      34. catl...Don't Drag Me Away...recorded live at Call The Office, 3/16/12/

      35. Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners....Jumps Giggles and Shouts...from It Came From Canada Volume 3 on OG Records.

      36. Budokan...The Queen's English...from their brand new CD, Spin A Little Gold. Victoria based combo who obviously are influenced by Cheap Trick.

      37. Viletones....Sign Of The Times...from their What It Feels Like To Kill CD.

      38. 905's...Rock'n'Roll Product...from a 2008 demo, Brampton Ontario powerpop/rock'n'roll combo that doesn't play out near often enough.

      39. 905's....Hamilton Head...recorded live at Call The Office 4/21/97 for a birthday bash. My fave song by this combo!

      40. Simply Saucer...Electro Rock...from their Cyborgs Revisited CD. Possibly the coolest combo to come out of Canada!

      Thanx for all  the phone-ins, emails, facebook messages etc...hope you dug all this Canadian tuneage. Back next week for a regular radio show.

      Here's the links to the archived show:

    • June 23, 2012 9:54 AM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist June 21/2012

      1. The Kinks....I'm Not Like Everybody Else...from the double LP Are Well Respected Men. A theme song for many of us outcasts...something i realized very early in school.

      2. Tuerto Loco...Robert Q Public...recorded live on Radio WW 5/12/11...driving down the 401 on 17 wheels....Tuerto Loco will be playing tonite at the St Regis Hotel here in sleepy London Ontario.

      3. Nancy Sinatra...Hank And Frank...1989 demo and a personal fave, this song has been in Tuerto Loco's repertoire as Hank is lead vocalist of TL.

      4. Pretty Things...Midnight To 6 Man...from the Vintage Years double LP on Sire Records. HUGE THANX to Greg Shaw for doing this back in 1976!! The beginnings of the re-issue, complilation era of records and if it wasn't for Greg Shaw, i woulda given up on music decades ago! Still have our file folder filled with letters from Greg from back in the day...

      5. Bad Bad Bad...Don't Push Me...from their self released CD, we had this duo live on Radio WW earlier this year. Halifax 2 piece.

      6. Purple Toads...You Gotta Believe Me...from their 2nd LP, Love Songs For the Hard Of Hearing. There's a book being written by Stephen Wright about the Toads....check facebook for a page about this.

      7. The Hook-Up....Tantrum Girls Deserve To Die...from the soon to be released CD, Call Up The Devil.

      8. The Statues...Holiday Cops...from the LP of the same name. Heard The Statues packed it in at the Ottawa Explosion show last weekend.

      9. The Statues...Living In Lines...from the New People Make Us Nervous LP.

      10. The Living Deadbeats...Theme Song...from the soon to be release 12"...Living Deadbeats come to London July 7th...see you there!

      11. The Evil Eyes...Honey Please...from the Garagepunk Hideout compilation, We Love Trash.

      12. Laughing Sky...Take It....from a brand new 7" from this NYC based psychedelic combo that features Dino Sorbello formerly of the Blacklight Chameleons.

      13. Drug Free Youth...A Cat...from a brand new CD, The Avacodo Index on Nowhere Street Music from Greece.

      14. The Basements...Go Away...from their brand new CD, I'm Dead on Lost In Tyme Records from Greece. Lost In Tyme is also the garage zine from Greece, #6 just came out and it comes with a 29 song CD compilation.

      15. Terror Lake....June Bug...from a recent demo from this Toronto trio.

      16. The Remains...Don't Tell Me The Truth...from the brand new Lost In Tyme CD compilation mentioned above.

      17. The Hollies...Long Cool Woman...from their 1971 LP, Distant Light.

      18. The Zellots...Soldiers...from a 1981 demo. London Ontario almost all girl group.

      19. White Lung...Atlanta...from their It's The Evil CD...Vancouver almost all girl group.

      20. The Vagiants...Turn It Around...from a mini CD of the same name....all girl group from Winnipeg.

      21. The Stolen Minks...Boys On The Floor....from their first CD...all girl combo from Halifax.

      22. B Girls...B-Side...all girl combo from Toronto, from a 7" on Bomp Records.

      23. Shortpants Romance...Heatwave...from a 2008 demo...outta Montreal.

      24. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet...Shake Some recording at Call The Office, London Ontario 7/17/86.

      Thanx for the phone-ins, emails, facebook messages and HEYS!!!  Back at you next week with an all Canadian show as Canada Day is July 1st!!

      Here's the links to the archived show:
    • June 16, 2012 9:39 AM CDT
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      Playlist June 14/2012.....

      1. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet....Batman....1989 demo. The Shads are doing 2 reunion shows next month, Toronto and Edmonton.

      2. Nils...Freedom....from the Sell Out Young  EP 1989 as The Nils were in town  last night.

      3. Light Bulb Alley....Pepper Spray...from the latest Garagepunk Hideout comp, We Love Trash.

      4. Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs...Cream...from a recent cassette on Hosehead Records.

      5. Johnny Terrien and The Bad Lieutenants...Eyes...from their recent split 7"

      6. Drums Along The Gardiner...She Said No....from their 1989 cassette, Boronto. That goes out to Painted Ship as the rebuttal song to And She Said  Yes!

      7. Drums Along The Gardiner...Vagabond...from the 1989 OG Records compilation, Mr Garager's Neighbourhood. DATG were a Toronto based 4 piece that did a combination of 60's punk meets 80's punk meets metal and were a real fun band to go see.

      8. Cheshyres...Little Girl....demo from 1989, featuring Ken Anderson who later went on to The Optic Nerve and the Ultra 5 and is currently in a folk duo with his wife.

      9. Thee Walkin' Jacks...Gabe Song....from their new CD, Drop Dead.

      10. Bloodshot Bill....Right Out The Door...from his latest 7" on Transistor 66 Records.

      11. Love...Can't Explain...from the Rhino Greatest Hits LP. This is the start of our tribute to Ugly Things zine as the new issue is out and all of the next few bands were either featured on interviewed in it.

      12. Hangmen...What A Girl Can't Do...the single version from Signed DC, 1984 Satan Records compilation.

      13. Syndicat...Egyptian Thing...from Back From The Grave Volume 7.

      14. Craig...I Must Be Mad....from Chocolate Soup For Diabetics Volume 2.

      15. Groep 1850...I Know...from a compilation called The V-Lips Greatest Hits....Philips Dutch comp of 60's combos.

      16. Wimple Witch...Rumble On Mersey Square South...from Chocolate Soup For Diabetics Volume 2.

      17. Electric Eels...So Agitated...from a CD comp of their stuff.

      18. Barrence Whitfield and The Savages....Walkin' With Barrence...from their first LP from 1984. And that's the end of the Ugly Things set...the latest is an essential  purchase if you dig the  kinda music heard on Radio WW.

      19. Fleetwood Mac....For Your Love...from the Mystery To Me LP and goes out to Bob Welch,  vocalist/guitarist who passed away last week.

      20. Counters....Haunted House...from the This Doesn't Mean We're Friends CD.

      21. Terror  Lake...Chitter Chatter....recent demo from this Toronto 3 piece.

      22. Weirdonia...Green Tables....from their Freaks CD...Windsor Ontario 2 piece combo.

      23. Living Deadbeats...Evil Hearted Blues...from their about to be released 12".

      24. T.H.E.....Grilled Cheese....mystery demo from a London Ontario combo.

      25. Dynamite Pussy Club...Primeaval...from their Church Of Yeah CD.

      Right around here i tried to play a live Purple Toads cassette...unfortunately, it looks like the cassette deck ate the tape.

      26. Marvelous Beauhunks...Fantasy Merry Go Round....from their Do Not Resuscitate CD...

      That's it for this week! There were enough screwups for 2 shows! We'll try and top that count next week.

      Here's a link to the archived show:
    • June 8, 2012 5:24 PM CDT
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      Playlist June 7/2012

      1. Purple Toads....Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight...from their self titled debut LP from 1986 on Star Records.

      Above, Purple Toads at the Star Club, Oshawa Ontario, 1985. Stephen Wright is presently working on a book about The Purple Toads, here's a link to the facebook page for that:

      2. The Kards...Slow Down...from their debut CD, Here's The Deal.

      3. The Skyhooks...You Just Like Me Cos I'm Good In Bed...from their 1975 LP, Ego Is Not A Dirty Word. OZ pre-punk/glam and they released at least a few LP's...this is probably my fave song by them. Sent this out to Steven R. Stunning, just because!

      4. Patti Smith...25th version from London (not sleepy London Ontario, the real one) from 2/28/78.

      5. Eliza And The Strange...Lady Of The Night...from their recent debut LP. Halifax combo who changed their name to Bloody Diamonds.

      6. Flying Squad...451...from their Come And Play cassette from 1988 and goes out to Ray Bradbury who just passed away. Now that we have a working cassette deck at CHRW, you're going to be hearing lots more cassettes and obscurities.

      7. Standstills...Jesus...from their recent 7" on brown vinyl. 2 piece combo from Oshawa/London who we've had on air playing a session and for an interview not that long ago.

      Above is The Standstills playing at Black Shire Pub, London Ontario.Sept 2008.

      8. Persian Claws...Mysterious Mystery...from their self titled debut.

      9. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants....Enigma...from their recent split 7" with The Ponches.

      10. Teenanger...Bank Account...from their recent LP, Frights on the Television Explosion label outta Toronto.

      Above is Teenanger at Moon Over Marin, London Ontario, 6/27/10.

      11. Osterberg...Without You...from their L'Osterberg CD and they will be playing this saturday at Call The Office along with local rockabilly combo, The Black Holes.

      12. Shirley McLaines...Cigarette...from the latest Garagepunk Hideout CD, We Love Trash.

      13. Painted Ship....Little White Lies...from Back From The Grave Volume 8 where there's a little write up on The Painted Ship that refers to an interview we did back in the 80's (in What Wave zine 20) with Capt William Hay, leader of The Painted Ship. This is the start of our Painted Ship tribute as we play all 4 sides of their 2 singles.

      14. Painted Ship...Frustration...from Afterthought, The History of Vancouver's Rock'n'Roll.

      15. Painted Ship...Audience Reflections.

      16 Painted Ship...And She Said Yes....from Back From The Grave Volume 8. This is the song that inspired this tribute, as Capt Hay mentioned to me that The Lyres might be playing this when i was going to see them last weekend. Talked to Monoman at the show and he said no, the song was too difficult to get the vocals down right, so they weren't going to do it that night. Talked to Monoman's backup band, Crummy Stuff and they said they had the music down and might attempt it themselves at a future show.

      17. Painted Ship....Minstrel Man...unreleased courtesy of Captain William Hay.

      18. The Worst...You've Been Laughing...demo that Capt William Hay produced (and wrote) that our good pal, Greg Johnson (RIP) sang on.

      19. The Cynics...And She Said Yes...from their Get Our Way CD 1994.

      20. The Chesterfield Kings...Little White Lies...from their 1982 debut LP, and this was the first place that I heard this song....and have loved it ever since!

      21.The Morlocks...Dirty Red....from their Easy Listening For The Underachiever LP on Go Down Records from 2008. Some have said that Leighton Koizumi got his vocal style from listening to The Painted Ship...

      Above is Leighton in action at Wooly Weekend in Montreal, Aug 2009...these guys were KILLER live and it was great to finally see The Morlocks after all the years.

      22. catl...Get Outta My Car...from their latest CD, Soon This Will All Be Gone.

      23. Orie Hitt Machine...Wheel Of Quivering Meat....demo, from a crazed London combo.

      24. The Hook Up...Man Who Called Up The Devil...from the soon to be released CD Call Up The Devil.

      Above, The Hook Up, Nov 5/2011 at Brennan's Beer Bistro in London Ontario.

      26. The Fridge Magnets...Hypodermic Beach...from a 1989 demo from this west coast of Canada combo.

      That's it for this week, thanx for the phone-ins, emails, facebook messages and Heys!! See ya next week.

      Here's the podcasts, up for one week only:

    • May 25, 2012 5:39 PM CDT
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      Playlist May 24/2012

      Finally a show without a topic....just cool rock'n'roll with lots of emphasis on the new stuff that's popped up recently.

      1. The Gruesomes....What Wave....from Mr Garager's Neighbourhood on OG Records. First time we've played our theme song in ages and hopefully caught some listeners off guard.

      2. BeeGees....In My Own Time...from their very first LP, simply titled Bee Gee's 1st.In mono and on Atco, Canadian pressing. For Robin Bee Gee who passed away the other day.

      3. Eliza and The Strange...Disease...from their 2012 self titled debut LP. The are from Halifax, Nova Scotia and are now called Bloody Diamonds, which to me, reeks of late 70's psuedo metal.

      4. Reply...Memphis Train...Toronto soul/mod/rock'n'roll combo from Toronto that put on killer live shows! See below, April 21/2012 at Brennan's, right here in sleepy London Ontario.

      5. The Ballantynes...The Message...from their recent 7" on La Ti Da Records outta Vancouver. Features a former Tranzmitor or 2 on this soul drenched single.

      6. Joey Ramone...7 Days Of Gloom...from his latest, ...Ya Know on BMG. Picked this one up at Walmart the other day.

      7. The DeRellas...Go Go DeRella....UK combo on Dirty Water Records, again brand new.

      8. Thee Walkin' Jacks...from their brand new online download, Drop Dead. Members of Liquid Vapours crank out some similar sounding trash rock'n'roll...from the east coast of Canada, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

      9. Tom Jones....Jezebel...from a 7" on Third Man Records. Jeb Bond of The Evil Farm Children was ranting about Tom Jones awhile back, checked out some of his recent material and found out Jeb was right!! Tom Jones has released some pretty cool tunes recently!! Betcha never thought you'd hear Tom Jones on Radio What Wave! Or The Bee Gee's for that matter!! Blame Jeb!!

      10. Terror Lake...Freehold...from the Haggard Beast Toronto comp that came out a few years back. Terror Lake are in town at The Black Shire Pub this saturday along with locals Psycho Daisies (Jack Whiteside of Uranus' latest combo) and Space Slave.

      11. Terror Lake...Double Cross of Maxwell above.

      12. Flamin' Groovies...Move It... from their Now LP from 1978 and goes out to Rockin' Jack Whiteside as he used to play this tune in Uranus.

      13. Bloodshot Bill...Cool Breeze...from a brand new 7" on Transistor 66 Records outta Winnipeg. played a little BB Radio ad right after this song. Below is BB at The Victoria Tavern here in sleepy London Ontario and someone's ass is catching Bill's attention!

      14. The Phantom....Love Me...from the Lux Lives! download and Lux yammers excitedly about how great The Phantom is prior to the song starting.

      15. Orie Hitt Machine...Killer Inside Me....crazy psycho shit from sleepy London Ontario!

      16. Boy From at The Brunswick Tavern in beautiful downtown London Ontario...recorded sometime around 1990 and is a carryover from our all live show last week. The Boy From Nowhere always knew how to rock and this here's the proof as they cover a DMZ tune. And speaking of DMZ, the band they morphed into, The Lyres hit Hamilton next weekend and the Boy From Nowhere's bass player will be playing bass for The Lyres. Below is bassist Brian Young borrowing my Vox Constellation IV for a gig at The Langarth Bar and Grill here in sleepy London in 1987.

      17. The Troggs...Summertime...from a 7" and a bit of self indulgence for The Troggs who never get played on CHRW.

      18. The Troggs...From Home...the flipside of Wild Thing.

      19. The Troggs...I Can't Control that I've played a set of Troggs i'm feeling much better. I'm gonna start trying to do this every show or 2, feature a band who never gets any airplay on this station, just for fun.

      20. Living Deadbeats...Evil Hearted Blues...from their almost released 12"...LD will be in London for 2 shows in July and we'll be plugging them lots prior to...

      21. T.H.E. ...Grilled Cheese....mystery band who mailed me a 3 song demo, hand written song titles and very little other info. We've sent the paperwork out to the local CSI who refuse to tell us anything other than this combo will be opening up for The Living Deadbeats London shows in July....and they say you should check them out!

      22. The Chickens...Heart That Bleeds....from the Bring It On CD and a special request for regular listener Mike Burton who lost a friend to a car accident recently.

      23. The Chickens...Summertime...from the Prepare to Plug In CD....a 4 shot of The Chickens for Mike. For those that don't know, The Chickens featured 4 members of UIC, the coolest band to ever come out of Exeter Ontario. UIC formed around 1980 and used to play London Ontario fairly regularly before moving on to Toronto and releasing several records and CD's....and their might just be another one coming out later this year.

      24. The Chickens...Submarine Driver...from the Bring It On CD.

      25. The Chickens...Super Bee...from the Prepare To Plug In CD. The Chickens used to make me dance my ass off! Everytime we saw them! Sadly,they packed it in about 5 or 6 years ago.

      26. The Smoggers...Shame On You...brand new single from these Spanish garagepunkers...

      Outta time, but certainly not outta tunes as we'll play even more new stuff on next week's Radio What Wave. Thanks for all the phone-ins, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!

      Here's a link to the podcasts that are up for one week only:
    • May 18, 2012 7:06 PM CDT
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      Playlist May17/2012.....Live In London Ontario

      An all live show comprised of various live recordings at various venues from sleepy London Ontario. Some of the sound quality may not be the greatest, as many of this week's tunes will be from the original cassette tapes done many years ago....enjoy and go out and see some live music here in sleepy London Ontario.

      1. Dark Carnival....Ain't Nothin' To Do....recorded live at Call The Office 10/12/90 and features Stooges Ron Ashton and Scott 'Rock Action' Ashton along with our fave diva, Niagara on the screeches. It was a great show and we got to hang out with Ron Ashton interview appeared in What Wave zine as well as some major cool pics (see below and drool) of the band. And we got to tell them who originally did 'My Best Bette' (Mr Kenne Highland) as they had found the song on a compilation tape and loved it so much they covered it at the show, yet had no idea who did the song.

      2. catl....Church On Sunday....recorded live at Call The Office 3/16/12.

      3. Hi-Tones...That's Alright Mama....recorded live at The Spoke 1/13/12 as part of CHRW's Wired Fridays.

      4. Lucky 7....Rock'n'Roll Radio....recorded at Call The Office 2/23/89. This combo played at many clubs here in London...The Firehall, Leadbellys and probably Mingles. They came from NYC and featured Barry Ryan on the guitar, presently Robert Gordon's touring guitarist as well as a member of late 70's NYC punk combo, The Victims. Also in the band, on accordion, keys and vocals was Kenny Margolis, famous NYC studio cat who was also a member of Mink DeVille's legendary well as currently being in Cracker.

      5. Ronnie Dawson...Rockin' Bones....recorded live at Leadbellys 3/23/89...The Blonde Bomber from Texas did a 2 night stint here in London, I went one night and Rena went the next...and a FUCKING AMAZING show both nights!!! This particular song was a request from yours truly as he cut the original version that The Cramps borrowed. Really cool guy who signed many of my records and had a smile on his face the whole show!!

      6. Ronnie Dawson....Congratulations To Me...recorded live at Leadbellys 3/24/89...a double shot of the Blonde Bomber!!!

      7. Blood On The Saddle...Let's Have A Party....recorded live at Key West 12/17/86 in front of a small crowd. Singer Annette (original member of The Bangles) wasn't in the best of moods for this show, but MAN can she belt out a tune!!

      8. Uranus....Uranium Rock....recorded at The Embassy 3/22/82 and broadcast over CHRW. We had guitarist Jack on a coupla weeks back for the 30th anniversary of this broadcast to talk about those days. And that's Uranus in the pic below.

      9. The Fleshtones....Hexbreaker...recorded live at Call The Office 11/22/90 and we started upstairs in the dressing rooms and marched down the stairs with the band as they liked to start the party upstairs and bring it onto the stage. Possibly the most fun band in the entire universe!! You can read all about them in Sweat, by Joe Bonomo as he gives this legendary combo their just tribute in print.

      10. Chesterfield Kings...Loose Lip Sync Ship...recorded live at Bullwinkles 5/29/86 and the only time these guys ever came to London.

      11. The Fuzztones...Cinderella...recorded live at Key West 4/5/87 to a hot sweaty packed crowd. I was right up front with Psychedelic Pete, mere inches away from Rudi and the boys as they ripped through their set. We didn't find out till many years later, the bass player was none other than John Carlucci (of The Speedies) and presently in The Beat Killers, a killer combo who are in Europe right now. And below is a pic of how close we were to a sweaty Rudi....we won't talk about the underage that Rudi left with that night...

      12. The Gruesomes....I'm A Bloodhound...recorded live at Key West 1/11/87. This was the first time we brought these kids into London, and it being a sunday night in January, we were a little concerned that no one would show up. But, the joint was packed and rockin' as Gruesomania had hit London and the boys were well recieved! Think they stayed for several days at our place after this show as we had lots of cartoons, junk food and videos for the boys to enjoy! The first of many many visits by The Gruesomes to this town and our place.

      13. Light Bulb Alley....Money....recorded live at Call The Office 5/4/12 and these guys are now labelmates of The Gruesomes on Ricochet Sound from Montreal.

      14. Bad Bad Bad....Fucked Up...recorded live at The Black Shire Pub 3/29/12 right after they came to visit us live on Radio What Wave....way cool 2 piece from Halifax!

      15. Light Bulb Alley...Pepper Spray...recorded live at Call The Office 5/4/12 and this song is on the latest garagepunk hideout download, We Love Trash.

      16. Das Furlines...Boys Are Boys....recorded live at Call The Office 6/5/86. Das Furlines were an all female combo from NYC who were basically a tribute to The Monks, the German band of X-US Army GI's from 1966. One of the wildest shows that involved total crowd participation and the conch!! You hadda be there!! This combo featured Fuzztone keyboard player Deb O'Nair as well as NYC crazy woman, Wendy Wild. And, this was the only time the band was recorded live...right here in sleepy London Ontario!! This was well before their appearance in People magazine and their bogus entry in the 1995 Rolling Stone Record Guide which had them coming from the Black Forest of Germany and releasing many many records. Nope, just a coupla compilation appearances.

      17. Link Protrudi and The Jaymen....The Stroll...recorded live at Key West 9/25/86. Essentially The Fuzztones doing all instros ala Link Wray....

      18. Boy From Nowhere....Lift Up Your Hood....recorded live at The Brunswick, probably early 90's. With a nice little intro regaling the finer points of The Brunswick Hotel, situated in downtown London, conveniently located across from the bus terminal. A demonic version of DMZ's tune done with sledgehammers to the head! Indeed, The Boy could rock with the best. Bassist Brian Young is currently a member of The Canadian Lyres touring band....they back up Monoman when he hops the border into Canada.

      19. UIC....Cropdusting....recorded live at Call The Office 3/16/85. There's also a youtube of this song (as well as others from the same show) which features a bunch of youngsters dancing around like fools, self included! And yes, i still dance like a fool 27 years later! Below is Murray beating the living daylights out of his kit in front of the UIC flag!

      20. The Diodes...Time Damage...recorded live at Call The Office 11/18/11. The second time the re-united Diodes have come to London and both times, excellent shows!!

      21. The Hook Up....65 Has No Blues....recorded live at The Spoke 11/25/11 as part of CHRW's Wired Fridays.

      22. The Fine Print...Remember....recorded live at Brennan's Beer Bistro 11/5/11. A GREAT local combo who don't play out enough.

      23. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet....Who's Afraid of Alison Hymer/Having An Average Weekend....recorded live at Call The Office 7/17/86. First ever appearance by this now legendary combo to London....a very typical London crowd...maybe 10 people out to see them. Listen to the lack of applause after Average, that's just me clapping. Luckily for sleepy London, this trio came back many times and packed the house!!

      Outta time but only the tip of the iceberg for live recordings from London Ontario...hope you enjoyed the show. Thanx for all the phone-ins, emails, facebook comments etc! This one was a blast to prep, as i went through a ton of tapes, some that i was hoping to use didn't have the greatest sound quality and hence, were nicked from the show.

      Back atcha next week with a bunch of new stuff and as always, some surprises!

      Here's a link to the podcasts that are up for one week only:
    • May 11, 2012 7:34 PM CDT
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      Here's the Radio What Wave playlist for The Cedar Lounge radio special aired 5/10/12 on CHRW 94.9 FM....links at the bottom for the podcast which is up for 1 week only.
      You walk in the door, pay your $2 cover and you're home!!!

      Playlist May 10/2012....our special on The Cedar Lounge as it closed down May 1/1982, being London's only exclusive punk/new wave/whatever club since late 1977 when Uranus chased out the bluegrass mafia and took it over. Big thanx to Jack and Frank of Uranus for getting us this venue which was a home for many of us outsiders/non conformists/outcasts of society.

      Here's a link to our Cedar Lounge page on facebook which has lots of pics and comments....
      This is was the outside of The Cedar Lounge...decorated with our fave bands!!

      This show was almost all live recordings from The Cedar Lounge, the few that weren't are noted as such and fit into the time frame that The Cedar existed.

      1. The Demics....New York City....from the first cassette of London based bands called Domestic Animals and recorded 12/21/79 at The Cedar.

      2. Uranus...Shake Some recording at a car show in Toronto and was aired over CFNY approx May 1980. I don't have any live recordings of Uranus at The Cedar.

      3. Teenage Head...Picture My Face...recorded off the airwaves of CHRW fall 1980 as this was a live to air from The Spoke And Rim (often this bootleg is referred to as the Spoke And Rimjob). I wasn't allowed into the event as i wasn't a student at Western so i stayed home and recorded it on my cassette deck. Opening for Teenage Head that evening were The Pointed Sticks (they also did a week gig at The Cedar) who were not overly happy about being given a very small part of the stage for their show and retaliated later that evening by flattening all of the tires on Teenage Head's truck.

      4. The Stoves...Roller Coaster...from the cassette Domestic Animals and live at The Cedar 10/16/79. The first of many of the local bands that formed once the punk thing started happening here in London. This cassette was compiled by Peter Moore, who has since gone onto big things, producing Cowboy Junkies, remastering many re-issues for major bands and even doing movie and documentary soundtracks. He was a regular at The Cedar back then and recorded many bands with his styrofoam head with a microphone in each ear.
      And getting back to the Domestic Animals cassette, that was released without any of the bands prior knowledge....suddenly a cassette appeared and bands were hearing themselves on CHRW and some were not happy!! Hence a little later, a cassette compilation appeared called Animals Fight Back! in which all of the bands involved contributed the songs that they wanted to appear on the cassette. September 1984 was the date of issue and we'll be hearing a song from this cassette a little later on...

      5. NFG...Cowboy Rock...recorded somewhere, sometime. Pretty vague, but this and the next song were provided by bass player Bob Gliddon. This features original guitar player (and songwriter) Simon.

      6. NFG...Weekend above.

      7. NFG....Johnny B Goode...recorded live at The Cedar Easter 1981 and recorded off the CHRW airwaves. I remember being at this show and singer Scott tossing out fistfulls of NFG buttons as it was supposedly the end of the band. This was probably played on Simon Less's (subtle nickname of Peter Moore who was removed from the airwaves a couple of times for something or other) CHRW show as he would play live material on his show back in the late 70's/early 80's and i'd have the tape deck ready.

      8. First Date....Good In Bed...recorded live at The Cedar 10/15/81. NFG evolved into 63 Monroe, who evolved into First Date for a few shows and then went back to 63 Monroe. Does that make sense? Thought not. This was their first show under this name and ironically Rena and i were on one of our first dates at this show. This might have been recorded by Kerry Piper.

      9. Certain General...Party In My Brain....recorded live at the Cedar 8/21/81. Certain General were from NYC and featured Londoner (and former B Girl) Marcy Saddy on the tubs. They drove all day from NYC, got out of their vehicle and hopped on stage at The Cedar and this show was for Doug and Roze's Stag And Doe!! It was a great party that night with lots of other bands that night. It was also the night that someone took up Marky Burnaway (63 Monroe guitarist) on his dare to be the first guy in London to cut their hair in a pink mohawk. Can't remember how much money Marky was going to put up, but i think it came down to a vial of hash oil that may have been consumed in the men's washroom at The Cedar. Oh ya, and the pink mohawk belonged to Rob Leclaire! Shoulda had a camera with me that night!! There was lots of other crazy action going on that night and i remember getting home after the sun came up, changing into my work clothes and going right into work hungover as a dog. Oh to be young again!

      10. The Zellots....Soldiers....from the same night as above.

      11. Forgotten Rebels....White Trash....from the CD The Forgotten Rebels and recorded by Paul Kobak in the fall/winter of 1980 at The Cedar. The Forgotten Rebels made their first of many appearances at The Cedar in the summer of 1980. After their first show there, someone (not me) went a bit crazy with spray bombs and decorated the local disco with swastikas on the windows beside the doors, left some impolite messages on the UIC (Unemployment Insurance office...where you went when you were looking for a job) wall and probably other locations. I didn't bother to go to bed that night and happened to be riding my bike around the next day, saw some of the lettering and captured it on film. Some of those pics appear on facebook....
      Above...local disco hole with decorated one time these testosterone fused assholes would beat up on us punks.

      12. Forgotten Rebels...I Think Of above. I remember Mickey giving me shit one show, and it was well justified. We were talking and Mickey was asking why there were so few people at the Cedar Lounge show and i told him that Carl Perkins was playing at Fryfogles that evening. Mickey proceeded to give me shit for missing this show and said that even he would have been there if he had known....hahaha...and i never did get to see Carl Perkins live.

      13. Spiral Scratch...No Familiar Faces....recorded live at The Cedar 10/9/81. Spiral Scratch evolved from The Sinners (released 1 excellent 7") and singer Paul mentions the influx of metalheads into the scene at the beginning of this song....very true at the time.

      14. Dead Rabbits...Watch Out...recorded live at The Cedar 10/9/81. Probably recorded on Kerry Piper's walkman as he was busy drumming in this combo.

      15. Radio 4...Daytime/Night Time....recorded live at The Cedar 8/21/81. They started as The VD Teens, then Raw Dogs, then Radio 4 and eventually Sheep Look Up. A great local band that coulda and shoulda but didn't.

      16. Radio 4...The Remedy....from the cassette compilation Animals Fight Back! An all London punk/new wave/whatever compilation mentioned above.

      17. The Subhumans....Oh Canaduh!!! recorded live at the Cedar Lounge 6/12/81. Vancouver combo that was dearly loved in this town at the time as The Cedar was packed (or so i've been told) yet in Toronto, there were maybe 20 people out to see them at The Edge. I tried to talk to the band at The Edge show, but they were way pissed off about the situation. Oddly, The Edge closed its doors within days of this show.

      18. Blue Peter....Same Old Place...recorded at Fryfogles 5/16/81. Blue Peter played many times at The Cedar but this is the only live recording i have of them. I remember being taken to Toronto to see Blue Peter open up for The Jam right around this time!

      19. Simply Saucer...I Don't either, nor do i know where this was recorded, but it coulda been The Cedar Lounge as Simply Saucer played 5/16 to 5/19/79 at The Cedar. This recording was given to me by SS singer Edgar Breau when we had him on Radio WW a few years back.

      20. 63 Monroe....Give 'Em Up...recorded on the last day of The Cedar Lounge, 5/1/82, recorded by sound guy Bob Klein and supplied to me by Danny Napalm.

      21. Napalm Babys...Rock And Roll Part above. I didn't make it to the last day of The Cedar, i drank too much the night before and wasn't feeling well. And we really didn't think it would close it's doors for good, as it had closed for a short time prior to this. Oh well......

      22. The Demics...The Grey and The Black...from the New York City CD on OPM..recorded live at The Cedar, but no date given. And that's a wrap as we end with the band we started this show with.
      Hope you enjoyed this live at The Cedar Lounge special as it was a fun show to do, digging through loads of old tapes looking for the best sound quality.

      And this is just a warm up for our big show coming up on Oct 26th....Underground Graphics London: 1977 to 1990. This will be a visual display of the posters/art/zines of the era and it will be housed at The Forest City Gallery. There will be an opening night party at APK where we get 4 bands from the era to reunite for one show only.....The Zellots, The Enemas, NFG and Uranus. It'll be a killer show, so don't miss this one.

      Here's a link to the start of the web page for the event...big thanx to Compudata for setting this up for us:

      Lots more to come on that site....stay tuned and keep checking back.

      Here's the links to listen to the podcasts which will be up for 1 week only:
    • May 5, 2012 3:04 PM CDT
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      Playlist May 4/2012 Fillin for Bandaloop with Light Bulb Alley as special guests as they were playing in town at Call The Office. It was supposed to be with Paul Caporino of M.O.T.O. but he was turned away at the border.

      1. Cheap Thrills....You Make Me Wanna...from their self titled 10" record. Since they are from Light Bulb Alley's hometown of Montreal, why not start the show with this record.

      2. Nick Lowe....Heart Of The City...from his Pure Pop For Now People (AKA The Jesus Of Cool) LP from 1978...a classic tune to get things going.

      3. Persian Claws...Mysterious Mystery...brand new from this garagepunk hideout combo.

      4. The Damnsels...My Gender Role...from their 2nd 7" as we have a Damnsel living right here in sleepy London who gave me this record the other day...thanx Jinette!

      5. catl....Get Outta My Car...from their Soon This Will All Be Gone CD. Record release party is Sat May 12th at Call The Office.

      It was about this point the Light Bulb Alley guys came in and we started to yammer about stuff.

      6. Light Bulb Alley...Long Time Coming...from their debut CD, The Sound Of Things on Ricochet Sound.

      7. Light Bulb Alley....Eye In The above.

      8. Light Bulb Alley...Who Do You Love? above

      9. Light Bulb Alley...Bad above.

      10. Light Bulb Alley...Pepper Spray...from the latest Garagepunk Hideout CD compilation, We Love Trash.

      11. Walnut Kids...Can't Stand 'em...from their 7" on Going Gaga Records. Drummer Seb was in this band and they played London once, opening for Paul Collins at Moon over Marin.

      12. Walnut Kids...Sabrina....demo...Seb didn't drum on this one.

      13. The Nils...In Betweens...from their Sell Out Young EP...Seb is the current drummer in The Nils as well as his duties in Light Bulb Alley.

      14. Frankenstein 5... Cryin' Shame...from the CHRW CD compilation Dig Deeper. 2 members of the Frank 5 are in current bands, The Reply and The noble Savages who both played London recently with Light Bulb Alley.

      15. Dry Heaves...Shoot Yourself...from the Italian LP of the same name and from Windsor, which is where Light Bulb Alley played last night.

      16. The Spies....Underground...from a 1980 7" from this Windsor combo.

      17. Weirdonia...Nymphochondriac...from their latest CD Freaks. Light Bulb Alley played with these guys in Windsor the previous night.

      18. Weirdonia...Green above.

      19. The Demics...New York City...from the Talk's Cheap 12"...gotta edumacate these guys about London's past.

      20. The Demics...I Won't See You No More...from the LP.

      21. NFG... At The Boot...from the 63 Monroe 12" and more education about London bands.

      22. Bloody Hollies...Good Night Sleep Tight...from the latest garagepunk Hideout compilation CD.

      23. Teenanger...Cops...from their latest LP Frights.

      24. Shirley McLaines...Cigarette...from the latest Garagepunk Hideout CD.

      25. Party Lights...Before You Came Here....from their only 7" and some of the members are in Allistair's other band, The Allistairettes....good way to tie everything in for this show.

      26. Light Bulb at Brennan's Beer Bistro 4/21/12.

      Here's a link to the podcasts...up for one week only:

    • May 5, 2012 10:39 AM CDT
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      Playlist May 3/2012.....The Rolling Stones Invade Treasure Island Gardens.

      The true story of The Rolling Stones one time only visit to sleepy colonistic London Ontario on Apr 26/1965.  This was the only time ever, that a Rolling Stones show was stopped part way through due to a riot....and the show was not started again. True, there have been many riots (even deaths) at Rolling Stones shows, but this was the only time ever, that a show ended after approximately 15 minutes. Another thorn in sleepy London Ontario's ass.

      1. Ed Rudy Radio Rolling Stones....started the show with the intro to Ed Rudy's radio show on The Rolling Stones. Originally aired on 10/23/64, the day prior to The Rolling Stones first (and controversial) appearance on stodgy old Ed Sullivan's show (more on this a little later).

      This was The Rolling Stones 3rd American tour and first time they actually ventured into Canada. There were 4 dates in Canada; Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and finally London and from there they went to New York state for more shows. For the London show, tickets were $2.50 (tax included) and were available at Country Park Restaurant, 253 Dundas St.
      Opening the show, were The Nottingham 3 from St Thomas Ontario, The Fortune Tellers, a top 40 band and J B and The Playboys from Montreal.

      2. JB and The Playboys....One Love, Your Love

      3. JB and The Playboys...Leave My Woman Alone.

      For this show, The Rolling Stones were paid $10,000 and played for approximately 15m...and they got to party for the rest of the evening here in sleepy London Ontario.

      Here's the actual set (with a couple of screwups as noted) that they played in London...I went through various live bootlegs to try and find the best version of each song. Thanx to Danny Husband (and his sister) for the pics...

      4. The Rolling Stones...Everybody Needs Somebody To Love....from an 8/30/65 BBC session.

      5. The Rolling Stones....Around and on Ed Sullivan 10/25/64

      6. The Rolling Stones...Time Is On My on Ed Sullivan 10/25/64. This was the band's first ever appearance on Ed's show and probably the first exposure for most North Americans to the band. Ed was appalled by the band, here's a quote from The Rolling Stones: Complete Recording Sessions; "Adult American TV viewers were alarmed at this seeming riot in their own homes and gradually the pressure mounted. Ed Sullivan, anxious to reaffirm his prestige, denied responsibility that he had anything to do with the booking of The Stones. He was shocked by the performance and vowed to cancel all future rock and roll acts. He claimed that his show had been built up over 17 years and he did not want it broken up by such unruly behaviour. They were not like that other British act, The Dave Clark Five- such nice gentlemen!"

      7. The Rolling Stones...Pain In My Heart...from the Now LP...this should have been the 2nd song in the set, but I screwed up.

      8. The Rolling Stones...Good Times...from the 12 X 5...another screwup, this song wasn't supposed to be played, but i couldn't count the night of this show.

      9. The Rolling Stones...It's All Over Now...from 12X5...and yes, this song should have been played.

      10. The Rollings Stones...Off The Hook...from Now LP....this song was never finished. What happened according to eye witness's, is that the snow fence (yes, snow fence, after all this is sleepy London Ontario) that separated the band from the 3000 fans, either broke down or was pushed over by 2 young girls. Doesn't really matter, it was a snow fence, and how was that going to contain 3000 screaming rabid fans all wanting to touch Brian Jones immaculate hair?
      When the snow fence went down, the police ordered the stage power to be cut, hence the instruments would no longer be audible (were they actually audible before that???). And at this point a portion of the crowd rushed the stage to meet and greet their idols.

      Here's Bill Wyman's take on the situation (from Rolling With The Stones by Bill Wyman) " The Stones went onstage about 8:30PM and played to about 3000 fans, many had driven from Detroit and gave the band a great reception. Things were going fine until the police cut off the power midway through the set. " The Police just created an antagonistic atmosphere" Bill told the London Free Press on Apr 27, 1965. " These kids were just enjoying themselves, the police acted in a typical small town way. They just panicked'. Mick said 'Our instruments wouldn't work and the place was dark, there was a riot, but it wasn't our fault. We're always the ones to get the blame"."

      From here I played some Rolling Stones bootleg recordings from that era, some of them have titles that fit the scene...

      11. The Rolling Stones...Don't Lie To Me...10/11 June 1964 Chess sessions.

      12. The Rolling Stones...Last Time...from the Got Live LP.

      13. The Rolling Stones...Roll Over Beethoven...10/5/63 BBC session and The Stones first ever radio session.

      14. The Rolling Stones...I Get Around...Beach Boys song, possibly west coast recording with Phil Spector??? The guitar is quite recognizable as Keith.

      15. The Rolling Stones...No Expectations....RSVP bootleg...the sound quality of this is superior to the actual released copy of Beggar's Banquet in my collection. The clarity and dynamic range of this bootleg is just phenomenal and I'd highly recommend it if you dig this era of The Stones!

      Now we get into the Canadian bands that have opened for The Stones over the years...among them; JB and The Playboys, The Staccatos, Esquires, David Clayton Thomas and The Shays, The Rogues, The Band, Canadian Legends, Steppenwolf, April Wine and we'll start with the best, the band often referred to as the Canadian Rolling Stones, The Ugly Ducklings.

      16. Ugly Ducklings...Just In Case...from a 7" with one of the most devasting fuzz guitar sounds on record.

      17. The Ugly Ducklings...She Ain't No Use To Me...again, from a 7".

      18. The Ugly Ducklings...I Wish You Would...from the 1980 self titled LP. This LP was a mixture of LP cuts and unreleased versions to cash in on the burgeoning punk scene in Toronto.

      19. The Ugly Ducklings...Nothin'...from the Somewhere Outside LP...if the Ducks had recorded nothing but this song, they would still be legends today! A pure garagepunk anthem that so many bands have recorded over the years.

      Many years ago, I was told the story about The Ugly Ducklings opening for The Rolling Stones at Maple Leaf Gardens. It was the first time for the Ducks to be playing at such a huge venue and curiosity got the best of rhythm guitarist Glynn Bell. He peaked through the curtain to have a look at the crowd and the crowd went ballistic!! Due to his near perfect Brian Jones coif, the crowd thought it was Brian peaking through the crowd!!

      20. David Clayton Thomas  and The Shays...Take Me Back....DC and The Shays opened in Toronto on The Stones first Canadian tour.

      21. David Clayton Thomas...Done Somebody Wrong...from the self titled LP. DCT came to Western 9/22/2009 to give a talk on the anniversary of Woodstock, at which his combo, Blood Sweat and Tears played at. He didn't recall a lot about it, as at the time it was just like any other gig...but he did talk about some of his early days starting out in Toronto. And I did get to shake his hand and get some of my early DCT LP's autographed!

      22. The Esquires...It's A Dirty Shame.

      23. The Rogues...Girl.

      24. Ronnie Hawkins...Hey Bo Diddly...1958 recording featuring Levon Helms who passed away 2 weeks ago. Levon was in The Band who opened for The Stones.

      25. Ronnie Hawkins....Who Do You Love...again, featuring members of The Band and our quick trib to Levon Helm.

      Hope you enjoyed this one, it was a TON of fun going through hours and hours of Rolling Stones bootlegs, books, websites (there's a lot of misinformation out on the internet) and talking to a few people who remembered this event.

      Here's a link to the podcast, which is up for 1 week only:
    • April 20, 2012 7:32 PM CDT
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      Playlist April 19/2012

      This show goes out to Dick Clark who passed away the day prior to this edition, and Levon Helm who passed away mere hours before airtime...Levon played many shows here in London Ontario back in the late 50's as part of Ronnie Hawkins Band.

      1. The Dictators...Who Will Save Rock'n'Roll?...from the DFFD LP, last studio LP by The Dictators. To answer the question, not me, that's for damn sure cause i sure wish they never taught the band to play Sgt Pepper. The Dictators played London Ontario on Saturday June 1, 2002 to about 50 strong. Manitoba (most of The Dictators) play London tonite.

      2. The Martinets...I Don't Follow...from the CD love!hate! which features Daniel Rey on guitar and vocals. He's also in Manitoba for tonight's show. Check your Ramones LP's to see his name in the credits.

      3. Manitoba...Haircut And An Attitude...from the ...And You? CD 1990 MCA Records.

      4. The Dictators...Cars and Girls...from the 1975 LP Go Girl Crazy! One of my fave Dictators tunes and this used to be covered by local hipsters, The Boy From Nowhere.

      5. Legend Killers...Had It Comin'...from the We're Workin' On It CD from 2006. A cover of a Manitoba song done by the only band that has appeared on every What Wave compilation cassette and record...think that's 13 releases not including the above CD and the Better Than Hammerin' 7".

      6. 63 Monroe....Bad Bad Rock'n'Roll...from their latest 7" and they are opening for Manitoba.

      7. Nihilst Spasm Band...This Is A Test...from their CD with the title made up of funny characters. Local noise troupe that has been playing since the mid 60's and are literally big in Japan!! It's a great song to segue into a live tune....

      8. catl...Thunderbird ESQ...recorded live at Call The Office 3/16/2012....a cover of a Gories tune done for me. catl return to Call The Office May 12th, a show you don't want to miss.

      9. The Hook Up...Burnin'...latest demo from this Montreal trio who are moving out west shortly. Drummer Josh Peters is leaving the band as he's getting hitched's Josh in his own words:
      Hey Dave,

      So with Dave and Jaime leaving for Saskatoon in June, and my wedding in June, I played my last show with The Hook Up tonight. It was excellent, and possibly our best sounding show in Montreal, ever, period.

      I just wanted to tell you that the only reason we ever went anywhere, as far as I'm concerned, is because you vouched for us, pushed us and encouraged us, broadcast us, and recorded us. I've had a great time, and played nothing but excellent shows (really!), even if the money wasn't good and the crowds were sparse sometimes. I always had a great time on stage with The Hook Up, and you're the reason we ever got out of our jam space and on the road.

      So thank you!

      As for me, I'm getting married, and then I'm looking for another band to terrorize. Maybe I'll see you in London at a show!

      Best, and thanks again!

      Josh Peters

      Me again....Thanx can't see me, but i'm blushing...and had a BLAST everytime The Hook Up came to London, Ontario!!!

      10. The Fleshtones...American Beat 84...from the 12" of the same name and The Fleshtones name check scads of US based combos who are not only influential, but have played on Dick Clark's Bandstand as this is the start of our little tribute to the world's oldest teenager! And yes, The Fleshtones did play on American Bandstand!

      11. The Beat...Rock'n'Roll Girl...from the 1979 LP The Beat. When Paul Collins played London back in 2009 as part of our Evening of PowerPop show at Moon Over Marin, Paul said that playing on American Bandstand was his career highlight!! And he mentioned how great Dick Clark was to the band interviewing them live on TV!

      12. Freddy Cannon...Tallahassee Lassie...from the Explosive! LP. Another frequent guest on American Bandstand many years ago. We did get to see Freddy Cannon in the mid 80's doing a show at the Western Fair here in London and he was fantastic!! Opened up for Chubby Checker whom we walked out on as Freddy was SO much better!!

      13. Light Bulb Alley...Pepper Spray...from the brand new Garagepunk Hideout Compilation CD, We Love Trash. And Light Bulb Alley will be in town on saturday night at Brennan's Beer Bistro here in town as part of our big show!

      14. LIght Bulb Alley...Who Do You Love?...from the Sound Of Things CD on Ricochet Sound, same label as The Gruesomes, and it came out last year.

      15. Weirdonia...I Like Rumble Fish...from their latest CD, Freak. Weirdonia will be in London on saturday for 2 shows, 4PM at Grooves Records as part of Record Store Day and then later in the evening at Brennan's.

      16. above. Weirdonia are a young 2 piece outta Windsor, Ontario who put on great live shows!

      17. The Reply....I Must Stop...brand new demo from this Toronto soul/mod/garage combo who are also playing at Brennan's tomorrow night. It's gonna be a great show!!

      18. The Reply...Memphis above.

      19. The Reply....I'm A Man...recorded live at Brennan's 11/5/2011, their 2nd show ever! See picture below...



      20. Teenanger...Cheap Thrills...from their latest LP, Frights.

      21. Evil Eyes...Honey Please...from the brand new Garagepunk Hideout Compilation CD, We Love Trash....Leather Upper Craig is on the skins.

      22. The Living Deadbeats...Erik...from their soon to be released 12". Living Deadbeats are doing a cross Canada tour this July.

      23. Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners...The Sinister Urge...from the Hot'n'Cold LP. Another segue, this time into....

      24. Florida Razors...New York Screamin'...from the Half A Rock'n'Roll Record 12' which is exactly that, one side has songs, the other, etchings. Florida Razors were an early 80's to late 80's Hamilton Ontario based rock'n'roll combo who leaned in the Stones/Flamin' Groovies direction. Leader Tom Wilson has since been in Junkhouse, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings, Lee Harvey Osmond and solo since these days, and always puts on an entertaining and sweaty show! Check your early What Wave zines for interviews/articles on Florida Razors.

      25. Florida Razors...She Like To Dance...from the Beat Music LP. Played the Florida Razors as they seem to have been forgotten and certainly don't deserve to be. They were a great, no, make that GREAT rock'n'roll combo that constantly toured across the province delivering the rock'n'rol message to the masses!

      26. Radio 4...I Don't Wanna Go To New York City....early 80's demo by this London based combo and we had to cut it short for In The Red which follows us here on CHRW....2.5 hours of rock'n'roll!!

      Saturday Apr 21st...Brennan's Beer Bistro has Light Bulb Alley (Montreal), The Reply (Toronto), Weirdonia (WIndsor) and the debut of Hamilton's The noble Savages!! See ya at this show, might even be someone's birthday bash!!

      Next week on Radio What Wave, Apr 26th marks the 47th anniversary of The Rolling Stones playing their only show here in London Ontario. It took place at the Treasure Island Gardens (later named London Gardens, then The Ice House and now it is a velodrome) which is way down in the south end of London, past the end of public transit routes. And what was so special about this show, it's the ONLY Rolling Stones show that never finished due to a riot!!! Yep, sleepy London teenagers went berserk when Brian gave them the grin through his perfect blonde bowl!!! So we're gonna play the full Rolling Stones set from that show....all 6 or 7 songs before the riot ended the show. Apr 26 1965.

      Here's the link to listen to the archived show:

    • April 13, 2012 5:08 PM CDT
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      Playlist Apr 12/2012

      1. Dr. Johm....Ice Age...from the recently released Locked Down CD. Produced by Dan Auerbach of Black Keys fame.

      2. Pointed Sticks....Marching Song...from the Perfect Youth LP from 1980 and a request.

      3. Thee Dirtybeats...You Turned Your Back On garagepunk from North Carolina and features the person responsible for the Tobacco A-GoGo compilations on the tubs.

      4. The Damnsels...Legend...from their first 7" from 2007. One of The Damnsels is now living here in London.

      5. Living Deadbeats...Hey Girl...from their soon to be released 12". From Vancouver and features former Londoner Peter Gripp on bass.

      6. Lightbulb Alley...Pepper Spray...from their The Sound Of Things CD and they will be at Brennan's Beer Bistro here in London on Sat Apr 21. Another Radio WW presentation you don't want to miss.

      7. Weirdonia...Masked Boy...from their new Freaks CD and they will also be in town at the same show as Light Bulb Alley...and they'll be playing earlier in the day at Grooves Records.

      8. Raised By Weeds...Come September...recorded live on CJAM from Windsor on the Revolution Rock Radio show, hosted by our pal David K who is also in the Windsor combo The Hypnotics. Revolution Rock is on tuesday mornings on CJAM and is highly recommended for Radio WW listeners.

      9. Lost Patrol...Blow Me Away...from their only LP that came out in the late 80's on Stop It Baby Records from France. They were Windsor based, appeared on several WW comps and are having a reunion show on Sat Apr 28th in Windsor.

      10.The Reply...I Must Stop...brand new demo from this Toronto soul/mod/rock'n'roll combo who will be at Brennan's here in London on Sat Apr 21st...highly recommended!!!

      11. The Reply...Memphis above.

      12. Echo And The Bunnymen...Crocodiles...from the 1980 LP of the same name and a request.

      13. Aunt Beezy...Crawl demo from this Toronto combo who have a Von Drat or 2 in the band.

      14. The Kards...Cry Just A Little...from the Here's The Deal LP. Local combo who play around fairly regularly.

      15. Wild Ones...WIld Thing...original version of The Troggs Wild Thing from the Ace Records compilation You Heard It Here First!

      16. The Dictators...Young Fast and Scientific...from the Manifest Destiny LP from 1977. This goes out to Ritchie Teeter who passed away this week. Also, Manitoba is playing Call The Office on Fri Apr 20th...with Handsome Dick Manitoba, Ross The Boss, Thunderbolt Patterson and Daniel Rey.

      17. The Barreracudas....Baby Baby Baby...recorded live on Terre T's show on WFMU 11/12/11.

      18. The Dictators...Borneo Jimmy...from the Bloodbrothers LP from 1978.

      19. The Ills...Gorehound...from their recent 7"

      20. The Dictators...16 Forever...from the Every Day Is Saturday double LP on Norton Records. If you don't have anything by The Dictators, this is the place to start as many of the included demos are superior to the actual releases that came out.

      21. Urban Verbs...Subway...from their first LP from 1980. Washington DC based art/punk combo who only released 2 LP's and one member was a brother of a Talking Head.

      22. Orie Hitt Machine...Slaving Meat Wheel....demo from a crazed local combo.

      23. Captain Beefheart...Floppy Boot Stomp...from the Shiny Beast LP from 1978 which was just re-issued for the first time.

      24. Orie Hitt Machine...Killer Inside Me...more madness from this local combo.

      25. Godfrey and Friends...Down Whittier Blvd...from the Dionysus compilation LP East Side Sound Volume 2 which came out in 2000. Collection of East LA combos from the mid to late 60's who mine the soul/garage sound.

      26. Sheep Look Up....Jumper...from their first cassette from about 1981...London combo.

      27. Eliza and The Strange...White Lies...from their debut LP and had to cut this one off as we ran out of time...

      Apr 21st is our big show at Brennan's, with The Reply, Weirdonia, Light Bulb Alley and the debut of Hamilton's The noble Savages...9:30PM start.

      Thanx for all the calls, emails, requests etc...back at ya next week at 6PM

    • April 6, 2012 8:41 AM CDT
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      Playlist Apr 5/2012

      This is the first show in ages where we haven't had a special guest or a special topic on Radio WW. Since it's vinyl month at CHRW, this show will feature a lot of cool records.

      1. Link Wray...Batman Theme..from The Early Recordings on Ace Records. Mainly early 60's versions of the 'hits' and a few real gems on this one.

      2. The Diodes...Catwalker...from the Action/Reaction CD on Bongobeat Records.

      3. Teenanger...Cops...from their latest LP Frights on Telephone Explosion Records. Teenanger were in town a coupla weeks back and put on an amazing show!

      4. Eliza And The Strange...Lady Of The Night...from their brand new LP. From Halifax and they were in town last week and put on a great show!

      5. The Movements...Being...from a 10" they just released.

      6. Bloodshot Bill...Zoola Zookie...from a 7" and BB and his gal Alex welcomed an addition to their family this week.

      7. Bloodshot Bill...I Want You...from the Dig It Up LP from 2005.

      8. Gene Maltais with The Flat Duo Jets...Voodoo Woman...featuring our pal Dex Romweber. Played this as i watched a movie called 'It Might Get Loud' about 3 guitar players, Jack White, Jimmy Page and the dumbfuck from U2. Jack White sites Dex Romweber and Flat Duo Jets as a huge influence and played some of his fave blues records. Jimmy Page paid homage to Link Wray and explained how Link's tone got him so into guitars. Hence we played some Link and Dex Romweber on this show...but no U2, never on this show.

      Below....Dex Romweber Duo at Call The Office, London Ontario...







      9. Phil Harris...Look Out Stranger I'm A Texas Ranger...on RCA blue center for Grandpa who was celebrating his birthday.

      10. The Kinks...Till The End Of The Day...from the double Greatest Hits LP.

      11. Link Wray....Rumble....Link played Call The Office 9/17/99 and my ears rang for days after that one as Link was so loud. Probably the only time Link set foot in London.

      12. Light Bulb Alley...Long Time Coming...from The Sound Of Things CD. They will be in town on Apr 21st at Brennan's Beer Bistro along with....

      13. The Reply...Memphis Train....brand new demo. These guys playing live, are like going to see Spencer Davis Group live in 1966!!

      14. Hopelessly Obscure...She's My Best Bette...from the Boston area compilation Nobody Gets On The Guest List from 1984. Vocalist/guitarist Kenne Highland was celebrating a birthday this week so you get a set of some of his music. And thanx to Mel Scott from Adelaide for encouraging me and playing on one of these tracks.

      15. Afrika Korps...Jailbait Janet...from the Kenne Highland best of LP on Stanton Park Records called, He's 5 Beers Ahead Of His Time. This song was released in 1977 on the Afrika Korps record and Kenne was one of the first punks in North America. Check out Gulcher Records for re-issues of some of that early punk material.

      16. Hopelessy Obscure...Everything She Says Is Cryptic...from the self titled 12" on Majestic Records from 1984. We got to see The Hopelessly Obscure at the Rat in Boston around this time, and they were insane!! Opened for Plan 9 and they were obviously the biggest fans of Plan 9 at the show!

      17. Jim Ashby...Speed single to ever come out of sleepy London Ontario.

      18. Tuerto Loco...Nancy Sinatra....recorded live on Radio WW 5/12/11. Another crazy local combo who recently packed it in.

      19. Orie Hitt Machine....Slaving Meat Wheel....some more crazy local recordings!

      20. The Lyres...How You Gonna Know?...from their 2nd LP and they are coming to Hamilton, This Ain't Hollywood on Sat June 3rd.

      21. King Khan And BBQ...Pretty Plaid Skirt...from the double LP on In The Red. BBQ (Mark Sultan) was in town at Call The Office that night.

      22. BBQ...Year Old Wine...from the Tie Your Noose CD on Bomp Records.

      23. Radio 4...Is God A Man?....from the Chris Richards sessions, probably 81 or 82. Local combo who evolved into Sheep Look Up and should have made it.

      24. The Bad Bad Bad...Don't Push Me...from their CD. We had this duo on last week's show and got to see them later that night  playing live. Total insanity when these guys play live and  you gotta catch them if they hit your town. From Halifax.

      25. Lost Patrol...Commanche...from their only LP. Windsor combo who used to play London a fair bit in the late 80's and they will be celebrating a reunion and 25th anniversary in hometown Windsor later this month.

      26. Living Deadbeats...Control Freak...from their soon to be released 12"...last week we had the world premier of their latest recordings. Vancouver garagepunk combo who are heading this way come summer.

      27. Rolling Stones...Don't You Lie To Me...from the Metamorphosis LP.

      Apr 21st is our big show at Brennan's Beer Bistro....The Reply (Toronto), Light Bulb Alley (Montreal), Weirdonia (Windsor) and The noble Savages (Hamilton). 9:30 start.



      Also Apr 21st is Record Store Day, Weirdonia will be playing at Grooves Records around 4PM that day...and earlier in the day at Dr Disc in Windsor Ontario...

    • March 30, 2012 2:29 PM CDT
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      Playlist Mar 30/2012

      Another packed to the gills show, Becky from The Pack AD called in to talk about their big show that eve in London and The  Bad Bad Bad joined us in the studio to yammer about their big show at The Black Shire that night.

      1. Slugfest....Chicken On A Ball And Chain from The Port CD and a request from last week's show. Slugfest will be playing at the Richmond here in London on Sat Apr 7th...matinee show.

      Right about this time Becky Black, guitarist/vocalist from The Pack AD phoned in to talk about their 8PM show opening for Our Lady Peace. Caught their set and they wowed the packed crowd with a high energy rock'n'roll show! I was apprehensive about them opening for such a mainstream act but The  Pack AD went over REALLY well!! Kudos to them and they've come along way since we had them at the long gone Brunswick back in 2007!

      2. Pack AD...Eight...from the Unpersons LP. Had to skip the intro as they say fuck right at the beginning of the song and that didn't go over well last time i played it.

      And about this time The Bad Bad Bad, a 2 piece garagepunk combo from Halifax joined us  live in the studio...caught them later at the Black Shire and you've gotta see these guys!! Guitarist/vocalist Jake has patented some high speed dancing moves that look like a cross between Chuck's duck walk and Donald Duck on speed...highly entertaining!!



      The Bad Bad Bad at Black Shire Pub, 3/29/ was really tough to take pics as guitarist/vocalist Jake was jumping around like crazy!!

      3. The Bad Bad Bad...Scumbags and Superstars...from their debut CD.

      4. The Bad Bad Bad...Don't Push above.

      5. The Bad Bad Bad...Look What You've above.

      6. The Bad Bad above. Big thanx to The Bad Bad Bad for coming onair to yammer.

      7. The Baketones...I'm A Caveman...from their CD Unite. They are also from Halifax and we had them on Radio WW a year or 2 ago.

      8. Cordcalling...When I Scream...from their same named debut CD and they opened the show at The Black Shire Pub. Also on the bill was Eliza and The Strange, a sorta psych/garage/goth outfit from Halifax.

      9. The Reply...I'm A recording and The Reply will be in London on Apr 21st at Brennan's Beer Bistro as  part of a rock'n'roll evening.

      10. Light Bulb Alley....Pepper Spray...from their The Sound Of Things CD and they will also be at the big show on Apr 21st at Brennan's.

      11. Weirdonia...Green Tables...from their first CD and they too will be at Brennan's on Sat Apr 21st. They will also be playing at Grooves Records at 4PM that day as part of Record Store Day. Also on the bill for the evening show is The noble Savages, a brand new Hamilton garagepunk combo that features former Londoner Rob Munro on guitar.

      12. Sonic Avenues...Television Youth...from the same named CD and they will be in town on Saturday night at Call The Office along with Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs, a great garagepunk combo from the Kitchener area.

      13. Myles Deck and The Fuzz...Watch Your Job...from the Beware The Fuzz LP and they are from Halifax and good buddies with The Bad Bad Bad.

      14. The Living Deadbeats...Lost...from their soon to be released 12" and they are hitting London sometime this July. Former Londoner Peter Gripp holds down the bass for this Vancouver combo.

      15. The Pulsebeats...Song For Cecilia...from their debut CD.

      16. The Evil Eyes...Jerry Lee Vs The Toronto garagepunk combo and this will be on their debut record. Leather Upper Craig Daniels is in this outfit.

      17. White Lung...Two Seen...from their debut CD and they open the  show  on Apr 16th at APK.

      18. Flying Squad...Fie On You...from the 7" compilation that we put out in 1988 called Four Whom The Bell Tolls.

      19. The Beaten Hearts...Rhonda Lynn....another east coast combo who harken back  to the  late 70's days of Real Kids.

      20. BBQ...Waddlin' Around...from the Tie Your Noose CD on Bomp Records. BBQ hits Call The Office on Thursday Apr 5th...

      Thanx to Becky of the Pack AD and The Bad Bad Bad for taking time to contribute to Radio WW....and thanx for all the call-ins, emails, requests you probably know, i'm the only one there and can't always talk as long as i'd like as this is live rock'n'roll radio!!!
    • March 23, 2012 6:14 PM CDT
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      Playlist Mar 22/2012   Special 30th Anniversary of Uranus live to air on CHRW from The Embassy Hotel   3/22/82

      We had Uranus guitarist/vocalist Jack Whiteside on as a special guest to talk about what he remembered of the live broadcast, the songs we played, Uranus and present and future projects.

      Here's Jack onair with the Uranus LP that he didn't want to be in a picture with...Jack is on the left on the LP cover.


      1. Gilligan's Island....Uranus....from their 1980 7". This version was played on CFNY from Toronto many many times and this is the only song that many people know by Uranus.

      2. Shake Some Mar 22/ 1982 from The Embassy Hotel in London Ontario. This was the third night of a 3 night gig and the following songs are all from the same gig.

      3. Pink Bedroom

      4. Secret Agent Man

      5. Rave On

      6. Boomerang

      7. Uranium Rock

      8. Industrial Love....Jack wrote this one for a punk  rock play written by Jane Foy called Sid's Kids

      9. Ka Ka original by Frank Ridsdale that showed up on a What Wave tape many years ago.

      10. Workin' For The Man

      11. You're So Square...this one made #3 in London in 1980...Uranus were probably the last London combo to score a top 10 hit on AM radio here in Canada.

      12. Ned The Killer Smelt

      13. Slow Down

      14. 5 Bucks

      15. Gilligan's Island

      16. High School

      17. Rock Me Baby

      18. Things......Orrie Hitt Machine....a demo that Jack recorded many years ago

      19. Killer Inside Me....Orrie Hitt Machine....another demo of Jack's

      Huge Thanx to Jack Whiteside for taking the time  to come on air and yammer about a live to air from exactly 30 years ago!! And thanx to all of the call-ins as we had quite a few during this show.

      Next week we might have some special guests depending on sound check at a venue here in London

    • March 16, 2012 6:25 PM CDT
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      Playlist Mar 15/2012

      6PM EST start for this show and we had The Shanks as special guests towards the end of the show. The Shanks came on in full stage regalia which created a bit of a stir as they marched through the student population, prop whisky bottle in hand with straight faces all around!

      1. Uranus....Cruisin'...from a live to air on CFNY May 1980. And speaking of live to air, next week's show marks the 30th anniversary of Uranus live to CHRW from the Embassy Hotel. We'll have Frank and Jack from Uranus on air to talk about that show and other stuff.

      2. catl...Hey Hey...from their first LP Adonde Vas A Ningun Lado...catl will be playing tonight at Call The Office here in London Ontario.

      catl at The Black Shire Pub in London one of our shows from a few years back.

      3. catl...Cinderblocks...from their brand new CD, Soon This Will All Be Gone.

      4. catl...Caroline...recorded live at Call The Office 9/29/11

      5. catl...Cocaine Blues...from their 2nd LP, With The Lord For Cowards You Will Find No Place.

      6. catl...Working Man's Soul...recorded live at Call The Office 9/29/11.

      7. Flat Duo Jets...Wild Wild Lover...from their first LP on Dog Gone Records from 1989. Finally saw the Dex Romweber documentary, 2 Headed Cow, so it was time for a double shot of Flat Duo Jets.

      8. Flat Duo Jets...Flat Duo Jets Anthem...from the Go Go Harlem Baby LP from 1991.

      9. 63 Monroe...bad Bad Rawk'n'Roll...from their latest 7" and they play Call The Office on Saturday night.

      10. 222's...Hold Up...from the Only In Canada Eh 1977-1982 CD and goes out to Light Bulb Alley who will be playing in London on Apr 21/2012.

      11. White Lung...Atlanta...from their self titled debut LP and they play London on Monday Apr 16th.

      12. Legend Killers...Gunpowder...from their 1989 7" that we put out.

      13. Teenanger...Don't know the song name, but this was recorded at Call The Office 3/2/12.

      14. Strange Attractor...Mutant above.

      15. The Kills...I Kill Me...from a 7" from this garagepunk hideout band.

      And it was about this time that we were invaded by The Shanks and their entourage.


      16. The Shanks...Tenderizer...from their latest CD, Skordalia

      17. The Shanks...Jesus Make It Fun...from their Dark Richard Show CD.

      18. The Shanks..Like A Bomb..from the Skordalia CD.

      19. The Shanks...Christmas Star...from the Dark Richard Show CD.

      20. The Shanks..Coyotes...from the Skordalia CD.

      21. Pack AD... Sirens...from their latest LP, Unpersons and they will be in London on Mar 29/2012.

      Next week it's the 30th anniversary of Uranus playing live to air on CHRW so we'll be playing some of that show from exactly 30 years ago and bringing Frank and Jack from Uranus onair to talk about their latest projects and stuff.
    • March 9, 2012 6:00 PM CST
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      Playlist Mar 8/2012


      This is our second show in the new timeslot and judging by the positive feedback we've been getting, it's working out just fine. On this week's show, we were followed by Ryan In The Red and that will continue.

      This show was an all women special as it was International Women's Day when this aired.

      1. Joan Jett...Roadrunner...from the Greatest Hits CD, Fit To Be Tied, and a rocker to clear the air and get things going.

      2. Suzi Quatro...48 Crash...from the self titled LP from 1974.

      3. Girlschool...Take It All Away...from the 1980 compilation LP, Labels Unlimited The Second Record Collection.

      4. Vertical Pillows...Jump Back...from a 1985 7" by this Detroit combo produced by Rob Tyner. Guitarist Mary would go on to form the Detroit Cobras.

      5. The Soviettes...9th St....from their LP CD....a CD called LP, if that makes sense.

      6. The Donnas...Gimme My Radio...from the American Rock'n'Roll Machine LP and The Donnas give a shout out to Nikki Corvette on this one.

      7. Nikki Corvette...from the Back To Detroit LP from 2006 and features Cousin Johnny on the tubs.

      8. The Maxines...Sweet Nuthins...from a 7" on La Ti Da Records that came out recently.

      9. Girl Bombs...Frustration...from a 7" on Wee Wanna Records...outta Toronto.

      10. Jane Doe...Dance With Me Henry...local 7" from the late 80's or thereabouts and features a coupla Zellots and many others from the local scene from back then.

      11. The Zellots...Soldiers...1981 demo.

      12. Metric...Patriarch On A Vespa...from the Live It Out CD.

      13. Mary Weiss...Cry About The Radio...from the Dangerous Game LP on Norton Records and features Reigning Sound as the backing band.

      14. B-Girls...B Side...from their only 7".

      15. Neo Boys...Give Me The Message...from the History Of Portland Punk Volume 1. All girl combo from Portland who released a couple of records back in the late 70's/early 80's.

      16. Pack AD...Rid Of Me...from the Unpersons LP.

      17. Bikini Girl...Rebel Girl...from the Pussy Whipped CD.

      18. Shonen Knife...Brown Mushrooms...from the Rock Animals CD.

      19. American Flamewhip...Gasoline...from the Fingertight CD and features J-Rod on vocals and guitars who is also in...

      20. Angry Dragons...Fight Fire...from their self titled CD and a Golliwogs cover.

      21. catl...Gotta Thing For You...from the Soon This Will All Be Gone CD...catl are coming to Call The Office on Friday Mar 16th.

      22. Dustaphonics...When You Gonna Learn...from their Party Girl CD on Dirty Water Records.

      23. Sacred Miracle Cave...Summertime...from a 1990 7" on SFTRI and features some Lazy Cowgirls and Clawhammer.

      24. Spinxs...Time Above Me...from their recent split 12" with Miesha and The Spanks.

      25. The Weirdies...Lets Get Hot...from their In 3D CD.

      Thanx for all of the call-ins, emails, facebook messages etc about this show...a good chunk of the show was requests!!!

      Next week we have The Shanks on as special guests prior to their show at The Brass that evening.

      And on Mar 23rd, we've got a couple of members of Uranus to talk about a live to air that was exactly 30 years ago Mar 23rd on CHRW. And we're going to play part of that live to air featuring none other than Uranus live at The Embassy!! Real rock'n'roll!!!

      The archived show is now split into 3 parts, and the 3rd part contains the show right after us, In The Red which you'll probably dig!!


    • March 2, 2012 6:26 PM CST
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      Playlist Mar 1/2012.....

      This was our first show in the new timeslot, that being 6 to 7:30PM EST and we had the extra task of filling in until a marathon of cool music.
      We had Nicole Zouki, the person in charge of the Wired Fridays events, which are live bands playing at The Spoke here on campus as a special guest. And anyone can go, student or not to these free events!

      1. Forgotten Rebels...Hello Hello....from the This Ain't Hollywood LP from the early 1980's on Star Records. Gary Glitter's song punked up to welcome everyone back to the first regular Radio WW in a coupla weeks.

      2. The Monkees....Monkees Theme...from the TV show and the greatest hits LP and goes out to Davy Jones who passed away the day before this show.

      3. Cheap Thrills...Gotta Get Away...from their self titled 10" record and they are from Montreal.

      4. The Monkees...Steppin' Stone...again from the Greatest Hits LP and probably the punkest of Monkees tunes. A Boyce and Hart composition that's become a garagepunk standard over the years.

      5. The Diodes...Action Reaction...from the CD of the same name.

      6. Barrence Whitfield and The Savages...Walking With Barrence...from their first LP that came out on Mamou Records in 1984 and has recently been re-released on Ace Records. We got to see BW and The Savages at The Star Club in Oshawa 8/27/88 and they were KILLER live!! Great guy too!! Then we ran into him the next night in Toronto at a Blasters show, and he wasn't even on the bill!!

      7. Barrence Whitfield and The Savages...Mama Get The Hammer, Flys On The Babies above and a killer tune in more ways than one!

      8. Booker T and The MG's...Mo' Onions...from the Green Onions CD

      9. Deadly Hearts...Moonwalk...from their self titled debut CD. Miles Deck is on this one playing the tubs...formerly of Miles Deck and The Fuzz.

      10. Legend Killers...Spring Break Shark Attack...from the We're Workin' On It CD from 2006 on the What Wave label and a timely release.

      11. Osterberg...Burn It Down...from the 10" LP.  Earle Rutherford who was in the Legend Killers (but not on the above track) does vocals on this one.

      12. Supersuckers...Saddletramp/Allright...from a 7" on Sympathy For The Record Industry. Singer Eddie Spaghetti is in town on saturday night at Call The Office.

      13. The Viletones...Sign Of The Times...from the What It Feels Like To Kill CD from 1998. Some mighty fine powerpop from one of the original class of 1977 bands outta Toronto.

      14. Soupcans...I Don't Want To Be A Soupcan...from a CD at the station and i agree with the title on this one.

      15. Strange Attractor...I Don't Wanna Be A Strange Attractor...from the self titled CD and they are at Call The Office tonight with Teenanger.

      16. Strange Attractor...Just Looking...from a 7" on FDH Records.

      17. Teenanger...Carole Pope...from their self titled LP on Television Explosion Records.

      18. Teenanger...mystery song recorded live at Call The Office 9/299/11

      19. Les Sexareenos...Wild Wild Wild...from the Live In The Bed LP on Sympathy For The Record Industry from 2000 and they played in Toronto the other day.

      20. Immaculate Hearts...Sugar Pussy...from a 7" on Sympathy For The Record Industry. Freddi Pompei, formerly of The Viletones is in this Philly combo from 1990.

      21. The Pulsebeats...Your Powerpop Boys...from their self titled CD and they are from Spain.

      22. Orrie Hitt Machine...Killer Inside Me...brand new local combo that we'll be hearing more of on future shows.

      23. Counters...When You Come Around...from their brand new CD This Doesn't Mean We're Friends. Another brand new local combo you'll be hearing lots more on Radio WW.

      24. The Kards...When You Walk In The Room...yet another London combo, we had Kevin Kard as a guest on the last show as we gave the world premiere to The Kards first ever CD!

      25. The Black Holes...Fool...recorded live at The Brunswick many years ago. The Black Holes will be playing at Call The Office Mar 10th.

      26. Generics...Thoughts In The Brunswick...unreleased demo from 1983 from this London combo.

      27. 63 Monroe...Bad Bad Rawk'n'Roll...from their latest 7" one time, these guys were contemporaries of the Generics...

      28. The Hook Up...65 Has No Blues...recorded live at The Spoke 11/25/11 as part of Wired Fridays as Nicole, the promoter joined us around this time.

      29. The Hi-Tones...Boots/Girl Can't Help It...recorded live at The Spoke 1/13/12.

      30. The Hook Up...A Happening Today...11/25/11 at The Spoke.

      31. The Hi-Tones...Big Bad Wolf...1/13/12 at The Spoke.

      32. Uranus...Shake Some on CFNY May 1980 as part of a live to air. And speaking of live to air, on Mar 22/1982 Uranus did a live to air on CHRW. And on thursday Mar 22/2012, we're going to re-broadcast part of that show exactly 30 years later!! And we're going to have a couple of the members of Uranus as special guests, Frank Ridsdale and Jack Whiteside. They're going to talk about what they remember of that show (which isn't much as it was just a regular show for them) and what they're up to 30 years later!

      33. Wreckless Eric...Joe Meek...from a 7" on Sympathy For The Record Industy.

      34. Sir Douglas Quintet....Mendicino...from their Greatest Hits LP on Takoma Records from 1980.

      35. Rock'nRoll Monkey and The Robots...Hitch A Ride To Beatsville...from their Back To Beatsville CD. This band has released 4 CD's, all great stuff that has received extensive airplay on Radio WW and they are presently trying to raise cash to release some vinyl. Here's a link with a video and it explains how even you can help this worthy cause:

      36. Rock'n'Roll Monkey and The Robots...I Like To Go Man Go...from the Do What The Bee Does CD.

      37. Rock'n'Roll Monkey and The Robots...Put A Record On...from their latest CD, Spooky Kooky Attic Static. This title sums up the above cause.

      38. catl...5 Years...from their latest CD, soon this will all be gone. catl are at Call The Office  3/16, see you there!

      39. Musical Linn Twins...Rockin' Out The Blues...from the Lux Lives CD. Lux talks about the state of rock'n'roll right before the song starts.

      40. Sporting Bachelors...In The Garage...from the Love Letters to Joanna LP from 1990 on Dionysus Records and sums up what the show will be like  next week with Ryan In The Red starting at 7:30PM. Had to cut this one real short as the clock on the wall was moving way too fast during this show.

      Thanx for all of the call-ins, requests, emails, facebook likes etc!!! We're back at 6PM next week with an all women's show as it is International Womens Day on March 8th.

      Here's the links for the 3 parts this week:

    • February 22, 2012 7:25 PM CST
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      Another fill-in, this time for Ryan's In The Red. Special guests tonite are Kevin Kardsley of local 60's cover combo, The Kards who have just released their first CD. And along with Kevin is their producer, Hayden Vialva, who just happened to play in a combo called The Dice back in the late 70's/early 80's and played London several times including at least one or more shows at The Cedar Lounge, London's first punk/new wave club.

      1. MC5...Kick Out The Jams...from the Live At The Sturgis Armory LP on It's Alive Records. This one goes out to bass player Micheal Davis who passed away a few days back. I picked this version of Kick Out The Jams as Rob Tyner almost says 'Kick Out The Jams Motherfucker', but prefers to tangle with that bad word via The Who's 'My Generation' with its stacatto stuttered vocals....

      2. The Kards....Slow Down...from their brand new CD called Here's The Deal and you're listening to the world premier of this one!!

      3. The above.

      4. The Dice...Young And Wild...from a 1980 7" on Nardem Records....Hayden said he hadn't seen this record in 30 years, let alone hear it!!

      5. The Dice...Typical Lies...from the self titled 12", Hayden didn't even own a copy of this record and now he's looking for one. Anyone out there got a double of this 12" for Hayden?

      6. The Kards...Ain't Gonna above.

      7. The Kards...Pipeline...from their brand new CD and this is the live track recorded here in London at The Bristol.

      8. MC5...Human Being Lawnmower...from the Back In The USA LP.

      9. MC5...Poison...from the High Times LP.

      10. MC5...Borderline...from the Kick Out The Jams LP.

      11. Pulsebeats...Song For Cecilia...from their self released CD and brand new. From Spain with lots of powerpop and garage influences...way cool!

      12. Sonic Avenues...Throw It Away...from the Television Youth LP on Dirtnap Records.

      13. The Diodes...Catwalker...form Action/Reaction CD re-issue on Bongobeat Records.

      14. catl...Get Outta My Car...from their soon to be released CD soon this will all be gone. A Hasil Adkins cover and they come to Call The Office Mar 16th.

      15. Marvin Rainwater...Hot And Cold...from the brand new Lux Lives! CD to commemerate 3 years since Lux moved on. Lux and Ivy talk about the song right before it starts.

      16. Dustaphonics...Tura Faster Pussycat...from the Party Girl CD and goes out to regular host Ryan In The Red.

      17. Lords Of Altamont...Faded Black...from The Altamont Sin CD on Gearhead that Michael Davis played bass on.

      No regular show this thursday, but i'm back to spoil your dinner on March 1st in the 7 to 8:30PM regular time slot.

      Big thanx to Hayden and Kevin for coming on air to talk about cool music!!! The Kards CD release party will be coming soon, and we'll give you all of the details once confirmed.

      Here's the archived show in 2 parts:

    • February 16, 2012 7:01 PM CST
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      Playlist for Wednesday Feb 15/2012 4PM as a fill-in for Shakin' Katz, a rockabilly show on CHRW.

      1. Dex Romweber Duo...Jungle Drums...from the latest record, Is That You In The Blue?  Dex and Sara are possibly the coolest sibling act in the planet right now...Collins Kids haven't done anything in ages.

      2. The Cramps...Drug Train....from the File Under Sacred Music box set of 10 Cramps singles that just came out. On Munster Records.

      3. The Cramps...Lonesome above.

      4. The Cramps...The Way I above.

      5. The above. Thanx to the guy who phoned in and said this made his day after a crappy shift at work!!

      6. Wanda Jackson...Funnel Of Love...from the Heart Trouble CD and features Lux and Ivy.

      7. Maow...Mean Mean Man...from the Unforgiving Sounds Of CD on Mint Records...and features Neko Case on lead vocals on this one...couldn't remember her name for the life of me when i was yammering and she's even slept on our couch at one point many moons ago.

      8. Bob And Lucille...Eeny Meeny Miney Mo....from the Bear Records comp called Shakin' Up North of 50's rockabilly. Bob and Lucille later became the Canadian Sweethearts and released several LP's with a more country sound, but some of the songs still had that rockabilly edge.

      9. The Royal Crowns...Bettie Page...from the 32 Miles From Memphis CD. Toronto rockabilly combo that features Teddy Fury of BopCats fame on the tubs.

      10. Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners...Willing And Ready...from the Crazy Date LP. Ray was the epitome of cool....always well dressed, skinny as a rail, smart as fuck, great taste in music and a really cool dude who played some of the finest rockabilly to ever come out of Canada. Check out the Ray Condo facebook page as we've posted a stack of pics from some of his shows here in London Ontario back in the 80's.

      11. Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners...Could She Kiss....from the Hot and Cold LP. There could be a live LP of this combo coming out in the near future...

      12. The Reekers...Grindin'....from the latest Mongrel Zine compilation CD.

      13. The Bop Cats...Bop A Lena....from a 7' they released in the late 70's. These cats always put on a great show whenever they came to London. They played one New Years at The Cedar Lounge here in London and were joined by John Catto of The Diodes on guitar. Wish i had my camera that night!

      14. Orangie Ray Hubbard....Is She Sore?..from the Cincinnati Rock and Roll 1950's Compilation LP that i picked up at the record show....Ya, it's the same fucking song that The Customs did back in 1979 that i'm listening to as i type this out. Fucking Customs rule and i always thought Is She Sore? was an original Customs tune. But it all makes sense as Orangie Ray was a Cincinatti rockabilly legend and The Customs came from homage to your hometown is the lesson learned here!

      15. Rockin' Ronnie Dawson...Action Packed...from the Greatest Hits CD. The Blonde Bomber before his voice late 50's killer from this Texan. We got to see Ronnie about 20 years ago here in London and of course i had to yell out for Rockin' Bones which sure got Ronnies attention and he did it later just for me! 

      16. Bloodshot Bill...Thunder and Lightning...from the LP of the same name on Norton Records and this and the next 2 songs were dedicated to BB's gal Alex as it was her birthday the day before!

      17. Tandoori Knights....Bucketful...from the Norton LP Curry Up and has King Khan in tag team with Bloodshot.

      18. The Ding Dongs...Ding Dong Party...from their self titled LP on Norton and has Mark Sultan in tag with Bloodshot.

      19. Panther Burns...She's The One That's Got It....from the Behind The Magnolia Curtain LP. PB played at Fryfogles here in London right after releasing this LP...and they never came back again as we always had to travel to Toronto to see them.

      20. Panther Burns...Train Kept A Rollin'...from a live 7" record on Frenzi Records.

      21. Carl Perkins...Her Love Rubbed Off...from the double Greatest Hits LP. Carl at his most primitive.

      22. Mel Smith...Pretty Plaid Skirt....from Desperate Rock'n'Roll Volume 1.

      23. The Sci-Phonics...I'm at The Wortley 12/5/92 and was handed to me by lead guitarist Jack at the record show the other day...he said 'i know you'll appreciate this!'

      24. The Sci-Phonics...Uranium above.

      25. Frank Ridsdale...Be Bop A Lula....recorded live on Radio What Wave 10/16/10. Frank was in The Sci-Phonics and Uranus.

      26. Uranus...53 Buick...from their first self released 7" from about 1979. Uranus reforms on friday Oct 26th so mark your calendars....

      27. Uranus...You're So Square....from their top 10 hit on AM radio across Canada back in 1980. Why these guys aren't in the London Music Hall Of Fame is a fucking crime!!!! 

      28. The Paladins...Jump Up and Bop....from the R&R LP released on Star Records in 1984. This is a Canadian band and features former Bop Cat and insane guitarist Duane Wayne!

      29. The Paladins...Hold On...from their self titled LP. This is a totally different band, from the west coast of the US and these guys have released several LP's, all really good rock'n'roll styled!

      30. The Blasters...Marie Marie...from the Teenage Cruisers LP from 1980 on Rockin' Ronnie Weiser's label in conjunction with Rhino. This is from a soundtrack to a rockabilly porno KY was used, just Brylcreem!!

      31. The Zantees....Blonde Bombshell...from the Out For Kicks LP on Bomp Records 1980. Real rockabilly that has enough treble to shred your eardrums!!! Zantees morphed into The A Bones who are still active up to this day! And just as wyld as back in the early days!!!

      32. Hip Bone Slim and The Knee Tremblers...Nothin' To Me...from the Square Guitar LP on Dirty Water Records outta the UK.

      33. Dustaphonics...Burlesque Queen...from the Party Girl LP on Dirty Water Records and features the lyrics of Tura Satana....of Faster Pussy Cat Kill Kill. And i managed to get a bunch of Russ Meyer flicks at the record show as well....i'm in hooter heaven now!

      34. The Leroi Brothers...Shake Some Action...from the LP of the same name....Texas troublemakers!!

      35. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats...Joleena...from the Rip It Up CD....London rockers...

      That's it, ran outta time but certainly not records. Thanx for all the call-ins, emails, facebook shouts etc....i'm back on air on Tuesday Feb 21 with Kevin of local band The Kards and we'll be doing the radio world debut of their brand new CD!

      Here's where to find the podcast, you have to scroll down to Wed at 4PM or thereabouts and it'll be in a couple of parts... 

    • February 10, 2012 5:36 PM CST
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      Playlist Feb 9/2012

      1. Cheap Thrills....Cheap Thrills...recorded live at Call The Office 2/8/12. Brand new band outta Montreal who do the 1975 glamrock thing ala NYDolls, Sweet etc.

      Mike Todd (former co-host of Radio What Wave and owner of Speed City Records) dropped by to yammer about the London Record show which is happening this sunday at Centennial Hall here in London.

      2. The Cramps...I Can't Hardly Stand It...from the File Under Sacred Music box set of singles.

      3. The Cramps...Save above.

      Mike came on to yammer some more and then had to hit the road. Thanx to Mike and his wife Lesley for coming in.

      4. Jim Ashby...Speed City...from the 7" that Mike re-issued several years back and Mike says he'll have copies of the record for sale at the show. This is the best single to come out of London Ontario.

      5. The Cramps...Goo Goo Muck...from the File Under Sacred Music box set and was a request for Danny P....

      6. Evil Farm Children...3 Orange Whips...7" by this Ottawa combo as this show will be just about all vinyl in preparation for the Record Show.

      7. The Walnut Kids...Can't Stand 'Em...7" on Going Gaga Records from this Montreal combo.

      8. Myles Deck and The Fuzz...Police Car...from a 7" from this Halifax combo. Myles was in town the other night and came over to test some beer and listen to some cool Barrence Whitfield, Arthur Alexander, The Dictators, Andre Williams, The Dictators, Dark Carnival and lots more...for a youngster, he's got good taste!

      9. Restless Virgins...Television Child...from their 7". Late 70's/early 80's combo that features Evil Farm Children's Jeb Bond on drums.

      10. The Litter...Action Woman...from Pebbles Volume 1 that was released back in 1979 and opened the floodgates for 60's garagepunk compilations. Bought this one way back then and haven't beenthe same since!

      11. 63 Monroe...At The Boot...from the NFG/63 Monroe 12" that was recorded at the Cedar Lounge back in 1980 and self released.

      12. TV Freaks...Casual Encounters...from their CD at the station and a request.

      13. The Demics...Blue Boy...from their full length LP from 1980.

      14. Pre Fab Messiahs...Cousin Artie...from  the Peace Love and Alienation CD and another request.

      15. Cheap Thrills...Gotta Get Away...from their brand new self released 10" record.

      16. The Tranzmitors...Dancing In The Front Row...from a 7" on La Ti Da Records from 2006.

      17. The Painted Ship...Little White Lies...Vancouver snotpunk from 1966 and on Back From The Grave Volume 8. The Back From The Grave compilations are on Crypt Records and are the best 60's garagepunk comps out there!

      18. The Worst...You've Been Laughing...from The Creepy Thing 7" on Screaming Apple Records and features William Hay (vocalist/songwriter for The Painted Ship) in the role of producer. And this song was written by The Painted Ship. 

      19. Teenage Head...Top Down....1978 version on a 7"...Beach Boy style harmonies with punk rock guitar and rock'n'roll attitude.

      20. Uranus...53 Buick...from a 7" by these local scene makers from the late 70's.

      21. The Shakers...Out The Door...7" on Warpt Records and outta Hamilton Ontario from the early 80's. Features Dave Rave on vocals and guitar.

      22. The Diodes...City Of The Dead...from the brand new Action/Reaction CD on Bongobeat Records.

      23. The Ugly Ducklings...Just In Case You Wonder...7" on Yorktown  Records from 1966 and one of the first records that i ever bought.

      Thanx for all the call-ins, requests, emails and facebook messages!! The phone wouldn't stop ringing during this show!

      Next week it's another cassette show as we lug the cassette deck in for some rarities.

      See you at the London Record Show on sunday!

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