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    • January 11, 2013 6:21 PM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Jan 10/2013

      1. Andy Butler (no known as The 905's...Hamilton Head...from the New Test Sounds CD from 2007. Played this for a few reasons; The 905's are playing at Mitzi's in Toronto on Jan 19th, Hamilton is the place to be on Jan 25th as we have our first ever garage night at This Ain't Hollywood AND this is a fucking great song!!!

      2. Ronald Regan Story ...Colorado Drifter....demo from a Windsor Ontario band from 1982 that played here in London at The Cedar Lounge.

      3. Elad's Guitar Army...Drop The Gloves...from the Rock'n'Roll Circus CD from 1997. Elad, which is Dale spelled backwards, was in The Spys and The Nelsons, both Windsor Ontario bands and both played at The Cedar Lounge here in London Ontario in the late 70's/early 80's. And members of this band were also involved with Ronald Reagan Story. Make sense?

      4. The Hot Nasties...Secret Of Immortality...from a recent re-ish on Ugly Pop Records. Calgary band that originally released this single back in 1980. Liberal party bigwig/Sun Media opinion monger Warren Kinsella was in this band.

      5. The Diodes...Catwalker...from the Action/Reaction CD that was re-issued by Bongo Beat Records in 2012.

      6. The Black Frame Spectacle....Patient Zero...from the Grady Sessions II CD that came out in 2012. 2 piece combo from the village of Dorchester Ontario, just east of London.

      7. The Skirt Chasers...Train Riding...from a demo CD this 2 piece released about 2 years ago.

      8. catl...Hey Hey....from their first LP. catl is packing it in, last show is Jan 19th at the Horseshoe in Toronto. We'll be doing a special on catl during next week's show.

      9. Dynamite Pussy Club...Testify...from the Church Of Yeah! CD. Bath UK's finest export!!

      10. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants...Back To The Beach...recorded live at Call The Office 7/27/12. JT are playing this saturday at Call The Office here in London Ontario.

      11. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants...Eyes...from their latest 7".

      12. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants...Happy Wanderer...again, live at Call The Office 7/27/12.

      13. The Reply...Give What You Can...from their brand new CD, Downtown Soul. Toronto soul/mod/R&B/garage band that put on killer live shows.

      14. The Ballantynes...Misery...from their latest 7" on La Ti Da Records outta Vancouver.

      15. The Hook Up...The Raw Blues...from their Call Up The Devil CD.

      16. Bloody Diamonds...Lady Of The Night...from the They've Got Secrets CD. Halifax combo that we had playing live to air on Radio WW last fall.

      17. New York Dolls...Trash...From Paris With Love double LP on SFTRI. This, and the next 2 songs go out to Jesse who now has a radio show called It's Trash, heard some fridays on CHRW between 6 and 8 PM.

      18. Deja Voodoo...Take Out The Trash...from the Too Cool To Live, Too Smart To Die LP on Midnight Records from 1985.

      19. Gus Cordovox Quartet...Trashpickin'...from the compilation LP You're Soaking In It  on Apex Records from the late 80's. This is a Philadelphia compilation from the late 80's and this particular track probably featured Ben Vaughn on guitar.

      20. The Scenics...Dark Cave...from the Dead Man Walks Down Bayview CD.The Scenics were a late 70's/early 80's combo outta Toronto and they've just released their first newly recorded material in 30 years!

      21. The Oily Birds...Born To Lose...recorded live in Guelph 4/28/12. Local combo that always put on a fun show.

      22. Boy From Nowhere...Train Kept A Rollin'...from the cassette that came with What Wave 24, Slippery's Club Hits. The singer from this band is now the singer in The Oily Birds.

      23. The Searchers...When You Walk In The Room...from a Greatest Hits LP. Local combo Psycho Daisies usually play this and they are playing saturday night at The St Regis here in London.

      24. Wilko Johnson...Messin' With The Kid...from the Pull The Cover LP from 1984. Wilko has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer....a truly innovative guitarist that we're going to miss!

      25. Dr. Feelgood...Sneakin' Suspicion....from the 1978  LP of the same name. Wilko Johnson on guitars.

      26. Dr. Feelgood...Going Back Home...from the live LP, Stupidity, that came out in 1976.

      And that's a wrap. Thanx for all the phone-ins this week....there were a LOT of call-ins and many requests for upcoming shows that we'll be playing.

      Watch out for the first monthly garage night happening at This Ain't Hollywood on Friday January 25th. It's called Kissin' The Carpet and we're proud to be one of the many sponsors! We'll be doing an all garage show on Jan 24th, playing only Canadian garagepunk from the 80's to the present and Ryan In The Red will continue with Canadian 60's garagepunk right after we get off the air, on his show, The Freakout. So that'll be 2.5 hours of Canadian garagepunk starting at 6PM on Jan 24th, going all the way to 8:30PM!!

      Here's a link to the podcast:
    • January 4, 2013 4:06 PM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Jan 3/2013

      This is our first show of the new year and we continue from the previous show with tunes from 2012. We started about 20m prior to 6PM today as the DJ's of that show wanted to leave early.

      1. 63 Monroe...At The Boot...from the cassette that comes with What Wave 24, Slippery's Club Hits.

      63 Monroe at Call The Office, Oct 27/2012 as part of our Graphic Underground: London 1977-1990 show.

      2. The Stoves...Can't Slow above.

      3. Uranus...Motorbikin' above.

      Uranus at Call The Office, Oct 27/2012 as part of our Graphic Underground: London 1977-1990 show.

      4. Spiral Scratch...Still Rockin' above.

      5. The above.

      The Zellots at Call The Office as part of our Graphic Underground: London 1977-1990 show.

      6. Light Bulb Alley...Long Time Coming...recorded live at Call The Office 5/4/12. MOTO was also supposed to play this show, but he was turned away at the Canadian border for attempting to do shows without any paperwork. There's a lesson to be learned here, as Customs Officers found out about MOTO's shows via facebook.

      Light Bulb Alley....the 3 Stooges of Rock'n'roll! L to R; Allistair, Seb and Karlo.

      Anyways, Light Bulb Alley cranked it up several notches and delivered the best show that i've ever seen them do!! It was as if they were in a race as they plowed through their set in record time. Drummer Seb was on fire in more ways then one, as he was battling a wicked virus of some kind that added fuel to the rock'n'roll flame that was burning. Seb was in pretty rough shape after the show, and the band decided to head directly home base in Montreal and not stay the night. Later i was told the band had to go directly to the hospital in Montreal (after their 9 hour drive home) to get Seb checked out. And Seb was fine after several days rest.

      Unfortunately, there was only one witness to Light Bulb Alley's full and my trusty recording device. One other witness caught part of the set and he isn't talking.

      7. The Hook Up...Church Belles...recorded live at Grooves Records 9/8/12 and the last time The Hook Up played London. They've just finished moving to Hamilton Ontario and will be going under the name of Dead City Soul Review.

      The Hook Up at Grooves 9/8/12.

      8. The Deadly Hearts...The Wobble...from their self titled and only CD. Halifax combo that delivered a storm and walked away laughing and leaving us begging for more. Featured our pal Myles Deck on drums, who is currently touring Europe with heavy metalers, Cauldron.

      9. The Reply....The Reply...from their brand  new CD, Downtown Soul. In stores really soon.

      The Hook Up at Brennan's, Apr 21/2012.

      10. Magic Christian...Teenage Head...on Schizophrenic Records outta Hamilton Ontario. Magic Christian was in Hamilton for one night only, studio time was booked for the daytime and the call went out to Gord Lewis (guitar for Teenage Head), Michael Fonfara (keyboards for Lou Reed, Rhinoceros and many others) and Dave Rave (guitar/vocals for The Shakers, Teenage Head and his many solo recordings). This motley crew was joined by the members of Magic Christian; Cyril Jordan (guitar), Eddie Munoz (bass), Paul Kopf (vocals) and Dr. Clem Burke (drummer extraordinaire). The agenda; to record penultimate versions of Teenage Head (Flamin' Groovies) and Let's Shake (Teenage Head). And this single is proof that the mission was accomplished!

      Magic Christian joined by Dave Rave and Gord Lewis, Hamilton Ontario Jan 20/2009

      I was talking to Dave Rave about the recording that evening at the Magic Christian show and he was still in heaven after getting to work with one of his heroes, Cyril and how everything went so smooth in the studio. I took a picture of Dave and Cyril sitting at a table together...damn batteries in my camera died on the spot! Maybe an omen or maybe just a lesson to bring spare batteries when going to see your heroes. And that night's show was one of my all time fave shows ever!!!

      11. The Dead Beat...2000Lb Bee Part 2...from their CD, Boss Sound. Hamilton based 3 piece surf combo.

      12. The Blue Squares...It's No Wonder...from Supercharged Sounds, Volume 8, from the garagepunk hideout. If you dig this radio show, please check out the garage punk hideout website.

      13. A Passing Fancy...I'm Losing Tonight...from an  Ugly Pop Records 7" re-issue. Toronto based combo from the 60's who released this killer single back then.

      14. The Kards...Pipeline...from their Here's The Deal CD.

      15. T.H.E....Grilled Cheese....local combo who recorded this demo.

      16. The Hypnotics...Here She Comes...from their only LP, Static Fuzz Radio. Technically released in 2011, but we didn't get our mitts on it until 2012. The Hypnotics played an evening of 2 shows here back in November and delivered the goods live.

      17. Joey Ramone...Rock'n'Roll Is The Answer...from his Ya Know CD that came out this year.

      18. The Pack AD....Sirens....from a 7" on Mint Records where they do the vocals in French.

      The Pack AD at Radio WW HQ's with our mascot Rory!

      19. Masters Apprentices....Wars Or Hands Of Time....another Ugly Pop 7" re-issue.

      20. In-Sect...I Can See My Love....yet another Ugly Pop 7" re-issue, and like above, is a re-ish of wyld Australian 60's garagepunk noise.

      21. The Snails...Satisfaction Guaranteed...from their self titled debut CD on Action Records.

      22. Wanda Jackson...Tore Down...from her Unfinished Business CD.

      Wanda Jackson at London Music Club, July 4/2010.

      23. The Blue Demons...Beatnik Bandit....from their single on Boppa Do Down Records.

      24. Bloodshot Bill...Right Out The Door...from his Out The Door 7" on Transistor Records.

      25. Hip Bone Slim and the Knee Tremblers...Square Guitar...from their CD on Dirty Water Records. Bo meets The Milkshakes in the laundromat and this is what comes out in the wash.

      26. The Gruesomes...Bikers From Hell....from their first LP, Tyrants of Teen Trash which has been re-isshed on Groovie Records outta Greece. Try Ricochet Sound in Montreal if you're looking for copies of this one.

      27. The Basements...Wrong...from their recent CD, I'm Dead, on Lost In Tyme Records outta Greece. This is also home to the long running garage zine, Lost In Tyme.

      28. The Felines...Boots...Denmark all girl combo who released a 4 song single on Hey Girl Records.

      29. Drug Free Youth...Mysteries Of Life:Ms Abigail Doe...from their CD, The Avocado Index. Greek based psychedelic combo.

      30. The Speaking Tongues....Karma Blues...from their only vinyl LP. This was probably released in 2011, but had to be included as The Speaking Tongues broke up a couple months back. They were a live fave of ours, as we had them at several shows including a birthday party for the boss.

      Speaking Tongues at Call The Office April 30/2010

      31. Orie Hitt Machine...Killer Inside Me....a demo, probably recorded in the mid 70's, but didn't surface until 2012. Local mystery combo who's identity we've sworn not to reveal.

      That's a wrap, thanx for all the emails, facebook messages and attempted phone -ins (phones were down during this show).

      Back at ya next week with more noise to annoy.

      Here's a link to the podcast:


    • December 29, 2012 8:53 AM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Dec 27/2012

      This is an all 2012 show, meaning everything played tonite was released in 2012. Not a best of 2012, just a bunch of really cool stuff that was released this year. Next week we continue with more from this year.

      1. The Scenics... No Sleep...from their latest, Dead Man Walks Down Bayview, their first brand new recordings in 30 or more years.

      2. Agent Twang...Ghost Train...from the latest GaragePunk Hideout release, Garage Monsters.

      3. Evil Farm Children...Brain Buffet... as above.

      Evil Farm Children at This Ain't Hollywood Aug 1/2009

      4. The Ills...Zombie Boys...from their latest, Tuning Out.

      5. Los Chicos Problema...Secuestrado En Otro Planeta....a demo from this Mexican 2 piece combo.

      6. B10...Thighmaster...from a split 7" with BitchLove. Local loco punk rock.

      7. Dynamite Pussy Club...Deep Fried...from their Radio WW session that aired Nov 1/2012. Bath UK combo who mix punk, garage, soul and stupidity to come up with this amazing sound! And DPC were the very first combo to do a Radio WW session and they've opened up the doors for other combos to do the same.

      8. The Hook Up...Burnin'...from the Call Up The Devil CD. The Hook Up will be relocating to Hamilton Ontario in a couple of days.

      The Hook Up at Grooves Records, Sept 8/2012

      9. Bloody Diamonds...She Ain't Pretty...from a live to air on Radio WW 9/27/12. Halifax combo who mix goth, punk and a bit of psychedelia who took the time to set up and play live on air. The full session from that evening is on the Radio WW Soundcloud site.

      Bloody Diamonds live to air....Sept 27/2012

      10.Black Frame Spectacle...Bust Out The Boogie...from their latest CD, Grady Sessions II.

      11. Kensington Hillbillies...Guns Of Brixton...from their latest CD, The Crooked Beat, which is an all Clash tribute.

      12. Dr. John...Revolution...from the Locked Down CD. This guy has been recording over 50 years and can still release a great product.

      13. Andre Williams...One Eyed Jack...from the Night and Day LP on Bloodshot. That's The Sadies providing the back up on this one.

      14. The noble Savages...Fire In The World...Hamilton Ontario garagepunkers that have finally recorded some demos! And they are hosting the first ever garage night at This Ain't Hollywood on Jan 25th!

      The noble Savages at Brennan's, Apr 21/2012. Their first live show!

      15. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants...Enigma Machine...from their latest split 7".

      16. The Evil Eyes...Good As Gold...from their 4 song 7" EP. Yet another garagepunk combo moving to Hamilton Ontario.

      17. The Living Deadbeats...Lost...from their only LP. Vancouver combo who played London twice this past summer on their cross Canada tour.

      The Living Deadbeats, Call The Office July 23/2012.

      18. The Zellots...Blades...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that came with What Wave zine 24. This is the all London issue and has the band family trees, lineups etc from the mid 70's up to the early 90's. And all of the recordings on the 90m cassette are from London Ontario bands between 1978 and 1992.

      19. The Enemas...Joe above.

      20. Uranus...Motorbikin' above.

      21. NFG...Cowboy above.

      22. Carbon Manual...Winter Comes...brand new from The Barracudas frontman, Jeremy Gluck. And watch for a brand new Barracudas single now out.

      23.The Reply...Better You....Toronto mod/soul/gospel combo finally release a CD, and you'll be hearing it lots more on this show!

      The Reply at Brennan's, Apr 21/2012.

      24. The Bloody Five...New York City...Toronto combo with a re-working of The Demics anthem.

      25. The Barbacans...Little White Lies...from their No Hits For The Kids CD.

      26.The Pulsebeats...Song For Cecilia...from their CD that came out earlier this year.

      Thanx for all the phone-ins, emails, facebook messages etc. Back in the new year with another 2012 show!

      Here's a link to the podcast:

    • December 21, 2012 7:01 PM CST
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      Playlist Dec 20/2012

      1. The Shanks...Christmas Star....from the CD The Dark Richard Show from 2010. 2 piece combo from Orangeville Ontario.

      The Shanks....Brunswick, St Thomas Ontario 7/15/09. Check out those sideburns and eyebrows!

      2. Kensington Hillbillies...London Calling...from The Crooked Beat CD, an all Clash CD the Hillbillies recorded. They will be doing a Clash tribute on Saturday night at Call The Office in London Ontario for the 10th anniversary of Joe Strummer's passing.

      3. Kensington Hillbillies...Corner above.

      4. 101'ers...Motor Boys Motor...from the Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited CD. The 101'ers were prior to The Clash and featured Joe Strummer on guitar and vocals.

      5. The Clash...Gates Of The West...from the 7" that came with The Clash LP.

      6. The Clash...Career Opportunities...from The Clash LP.

      7. Pow Wows...No. Thirteen...from a Get Hip 7". One of the Pow Wows will be playing in the Kensington Hillbillies Clash tribute this weekend.

      8. NFG...Cowboy Rock...from the cassette that came with What Wave #24. NFG are opening the show on saturday night.

      9. NFG...At The Boot...recorded live at Call The Office 10/27/12.

      10. 63 Monroe...White Christmas...from a 7" from 1984. London Ontario combo who came out of NFG. And the start of our Xmas special!

      11. The Damned...There Ain't No Sanity Claus...1980 7" on Chiswick Records.

      12. The Gruesomes...Santa Claus...from their Unchained 12".

      13. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet...Faster Santa Ho Ho Ho...from a bootleg CD called Savvy Show Stoppers II.

      14. Blue Demons...Cougar Country....recent 7" on Boppa Do Down Records and the Blue Demons are playing at Backstage Bar in Stratford Ontario this saturday,along with The Greasemarks.

      15. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet...Deck The above.

      16. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet...The 12 Answering Machine Messages Of above.

      17. Plan 9....Merry Christmas...from A Midnight Christmas Mess LP on Midnight Records from 1984. Plan 9 played sleepy London Ontario several times in the mid 80's to about the early 90's and they were different each time.

      18. The Ramones...Merry Christmas...from the Brain Drain LP from 1989.

      19. Jack Scott...Trouble Brewin'...from a compilation CD called Black Christmas.

      20. Patsy Raye and The Beatniks...Beatnik's Wish...from the compilation LP called Swing For A Crime on GMG Records.

      21. Youngsters...Christmas In Jail...from the Black Christmas CD.

      22. Washboard Pete...Christmas above.

      23. Deja Voodoo...Bugs For Christmas...from the Too Cool To Live, Too Smart To Die EP on Midnight Records from 1985.

      Deja Voodoo and the the driveway of WW HQ's 1984.

      24. Paul James...Run Run Rudolph...from a 7" from 1986. Toronto rock'n'roller who's been around for quite a few years and is still playing to this day.

      25. The Tryfles...Gloria...from the Midnight Christmas Mess LP.

      John Faye of The Tryfles, Irving Plaza fall 1984...only time we ever saw The Tryfles.

      26. Das Furlines...O Tannenbaum Now...from the second volume of the above LP, called Midnight Christmas Mess Again!! on Midnight Records 1986. This is the all female combo tribute to The Monks and featured Wendy Wyld and Deb O'Nair.

      Thanx for all the phone-ins on this show (and there were lots!!), emails, facebook messages and Heys!

      Have a Cool Yule and we'll be back next thursday with more noise.

      Here's a link to the archived show:
    • December 14, 2012 4:55 PM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Dec 13/2012

      1. Amy Rigby...Dancing With Joey Ramone...from the Little Fugitive CD. Since we did all female rockers last week, thought we'd play some female power pop to get this show rolling.

      Amy Rigby and her husband Wreckless Eric at Western University

      2. The Excessories....Another Day...from the Pure Pop For Punk People CD on SFTRI. This one features the husband and wife team of Rich and Melanie Coffee.

      3. Uranus...Motorbikin'...from Slippery's Club Hits cassette that comes with What Wave 24. Meant to play The Hippies track but screwed up...

      4. Stolen Minks...Viola...from their High Kicks CD. Halifax all female combo that played London a few times a couple of years ago.

      The Stolen Minks at Call The Office   8/17/07

      5. The Damnsells...This City's Dead..from their first 7" from 2007. East coast combo and now one of them lives right here in London.

      6. The Hippies...Can Teens...from Slippery's Club Hits...

      7. Riff Randalls...Double Cross...from the LP of the same name. Vancouver combo who released this LP on Alien Snatch Records.

      8. A-Bones...Gonna Be Loved...from the Tempo Tantrum 10" on Exile Records. Miriam and Billy of Norton/Kicks fame's combo. And Norton Records still needs our help with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

      9. Mickey Baker...Midnight Midnight...from the Atlantic Blues Guitar compilation LP and for Mickey who passed away last week.

      10. Mickey and Sylvia...No Good Lover...from one of the Lux And Ivy Faves compilations.

      11. Spirit...I Got A Line On You....from their Greatest Hits LP and goes out to Ed Cassidy, their drummer who passed away recently. The Fleshtones cover this tune live.

      12. Ananda Shankar...Streets Of Calcutta...from the CD compilation Asian Underground and goes out to Ananada's uncle, Ravi Shankar who just passed away.

      13. Dragsville...Remember Me...recorded live at Brennan's 11/3/12. This combo is playing on saturday night at The St Regis Hotel. This song really reminds me of Panther Burns/Tav Falco.

      14. Lee Hazelwood...Girl  On Death Row...from the CD compilation, The Twang Gang and features Duane Eddy on guitar.

      15. Orie Hitt Machine...Killer Inside Me...a demo from this London Ontario combo and has a similar guitar lick to the previous tune.

      16. Warren Johnson and The Drag Kings...instro...recorded live at The Brunswick, 4/19/96. Don't know anything about this combo, but i was there taping this show when they opened for local rockabilly combo, Viv Sun and the Black Holes. Can anyone shed some light on this combo????

      17. Bitchlove...Shoot You...from the Society split 7" with B10. Local combo on a lathe cut record and thanx to Kyle Embassy for supplying us with this!

      18. Los Chicos Problema...Secuestradao En Otro Planeta....Mexican duo that shred!!!

      19. The Ills...Panik...from their brand new Tuning Out CD.

      20. The noble Savages...Fire In The World...brand new demo from this Hamilton Ontario combo that blows me away!

      21. 101'ers....Keys To Your Heart...from the Elgin Avenue Breakdown CD and features a young Joe Strummer. Saturday Dec 22nd there is a tribute to Joe at Call The Office, called Minstrel Boy. Crooked Beat will be playing 2 sets of Clash material (back and rested after their Japanese tour) and local legends NFG will be opening.

      22. The Clash...Capitol Radio...from the double The Story Of The Clash LP.

      23. The Clash...White above.

      24. The Evaporators...Higgle-Ly-Piggle-Ly...from the Teenage Zit Rock Angst LP that Nardwuar released in 1995. And this goes out to Nardwuar as he won a lifetime achievement award in the Buckys on CBC3 Radio!! Congrats Nardwuar!!

      25.The noble Savages...She's So Serious...another brand new demo from these Hamilton Ontario punks!!

      Thanx for all the phone-ins, emails, facebook messages and Hey's!! And thanx for tuning in to some real valve rock'n'roll! Back next week with more noise.

      Here's a link to the archived show:
    • December 7, 2012 5:21 PM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Dec 6/2012

      It's all women's voices day here at CHRW as a memorial for the Montreal Massacre that happened in 1989. Women engineering students were selectively murdered by a maniac...

      So every year since this tragic event, CHRW has done an all women's day. So i'm in the background on this week's show, Ashley D (every monday at 3:30 PM, Ashley hosts Magical Mystery Mondays on CHRW) is on the yammer stick giving you all the details about the songs. We started this one an hour earlier than usual, 5PM and ended at 7PM.

      1. Joan Jett....Roadrunner...from the Fit To Be Tied CD. Joan takes ownership of this Jonathan Richman song and makes it into a screaming rocker.

      2. The Zellots...Soldiers...from the latest WW cassette, Slippery's Club Hits. The Zellots are playing their second show since they've gotten back together tomorrow night at Call The Office. This is the beginning of our London Ontario set.

      3. The Zellots...Land Of The Free...recorded live at Call The Office Oct 27/2012.

      4. Dead Rabbits...Into The Future...recorded live at The Cedar Lounge 10/9/81.

      5. The Hippies...Canteens...also from Slippery's Club Hits. The Hippies released only one 7" when they were active from about 81 to 84.

      6. Jane Doe...Dance With Me Henry...from their only single. Sort of a collective of London Ontario musicians who got together for this single...members of Ukase, Zellots, 63 Monroe and others were involved in this project.

      7. Ukase...Jealousy...from a demo CD. This band released only 1 single and this particular song was originally done by The Zellots.

      8. Scratching Post...Beam Me Up...recorded live at The Brunswick 8/13/93 and features Nicole Hughes on vocals/guitar and she now writes music with some big names in Toronto.

      9. Arco Di Scarico...Wild Wild Boyfriends...1995 demo from this band that morphed into The Black Holes. Viv Sun supplies the wild wild vocals on this one.

      10. Alcohollys...don't know the name of  this song, but it was recorded live at Call The Office 7/23/12 when they played with The Living Dead Beats.

      11. CordCalling...Wicked Desire...recorded live 3/26/09 on Radio WW. 2 piece combo that play just about anywhere in London Ontario.

      12. The Curse...Killer Bees....recorded live at Forest City Gallery 11/25/77 and was only the second ever punk show here in London. It was also the first punk show here to have a poster, which just happens to be on display at Forest City Gallery as part of our Graphic Underground: London 1977-1990 exhibit. And we have a closing night party on Friday Dec 14th. And this  is also the start of our out of town bands visiting London as part of our all women's music show.

      13. The Curse...He's My above.

      14. Rough Trade...It's A Jungle...recorded live in the early 80's at The Spoke on the campus of Western University.

      15. Blood On The Saddle...I Need A Man...recorded live at Key West, 12/17/86. They played 2 shows in London, exactly 10 days apart as they went from west to east and back west again while on tour.

      16. Blood On The Saddle...Let's Have A above.

      17. Wanda Jackson...Funnel Of Love...recorded live at Aoelian Hall, 5/27/05 and the very first time that Wanda had ever been to London!

      18. Dishrags...Cement...from their Love/Hate CD on OPM Records. The first all female punk band from Vancouver/Victoria. And the start of our look at Canadian female punk bands.

      19. B-Girls...B Side...from their only single and features local drummer Marcy Saddy.

      20. Poles...CN Tower...from their only 7" from 1977...Toronto combo who only released one good record.

      21. Martha And The Muffins...Paint By Number Heart...from their Metro Music LP from 1980.

      22. True Confessions...He's A Liar...from their only LP, self titled from 1980. Another Toronto combo.

      23. Tyranna...Johnny....from the recently released LP on Rave Up Records from Italy. A Toronto combo that for some reason, history doesn't want to remember.

      24. Sparkle Moore...Skull and Crossbones...from the Rounder Records compilation, Wild Wild Young Women and the start of our female rockabilly set.

      25. Wanda Jackson...Fujiyama Mama....from the Rockin' With Wanda CD.

      26. Janis Martin...Bang Bang...from the That Rockin' Gal LP on Bear Family Records.

      27. Barbara Pittman...I Need A Man...from a 10" compilation record of the same name on Sun Records.

      28. Brenda Lee...Sweet Nothin's...from a greatest hits LP.

      29. Shangri Las.... Sophisticated Boom Boom...from a greatest hits CD.

      30. Mary Weiss....Cry About The Radio...from the Dangerous Game LP on Norton Records from 2007. Mary's first recordings since the Shangri Las days!!

      31. Pleasure Seekers...What A Way To Die...from the compilation LP of the same name.

      32. Suzi Quatro...48 Crash...from her 1974 self titled LP. Suzi was also in The Pleasure Seekers.

      33. Nancy Sinatra...Boots...from the LP of the same name.

      34. Patti Smith...25th version from 2/28/78 recorded in the other London and we're outta time!!!

      Can't believe how fast this show went and hope you dug the sounds!! Thanx for all the phone calls and for listening!!

      Back next week with a regular show.

      Here's the link to the archived show:

      And the first hour of the show will be here:

    • December 1, 2012 11:10 AM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Nov 30/2012

      1. The Shanks...Killing Tune...from The Dark Richard CD from 2010. The Shanks are on a German tour right now...congrats guys!!

      2. The Viletones...Don't Lie To at The Horseshoe 1978 and this is the beginning of our tribute to drummer Motor Mike who passed away last week.

      3. The Viletones...Never Feel Sad...from A Taste Of Honey CD on OPM.

      4. The Secrets...I'll Cry Tomorrow...from the Teenage Rampage CD on OPM.

      5. The Secrets...All The above.

      6. Arson...Coho Coho...from their only 7".

      7. Blackie and The Rodeo Kings...Lean On Your Peers...from The Kings Of Love CD. Blackie is in town today at Aeolian Hall.

      8. Florida Razors...Slow Down...recorded live at Bullwinkles 1/16/86. Tom Wilson was singer/guitarist in this band.

      9. Chachi On Acid...Barbra...recorded live at Call The Office 4/13/96 and they are playing tonite at Brennan's here in London.

      10. The Subhumans...I Got Religion...from the New Dark Age Parade CD.

      11. The Terminals...D Generation...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with What Wave 24 now available at stores.

      12. NFG...Weekend Punx...recorded live late 70's.

      13. NFG...Cowboy Rock...from Slippery's CLub Hits...

      14. NFG...Teenage Kicks...recorded live at Call The Office 10/27/12 and they open tonite for the Forgotten Rebels at Call The Office.

      15. Forgotten Rebels...Oh Girl...from the Welcome To My Basement CD, Mickey Desadist demos and early recordings.

      16. Forgotten Rebels...I Think Of Her...recorded live at The Cedar, Fall 1980.

      17. Forgotten Rebels...England Keep You Stars...from the This Ain't Hollywood LP.

      18. Ills....Joe Is Dead...from their brand new Turning Out CD.

      19. Los Chicos Problema...El Plan...from a demo they sent us. 2 piece outta Mexico!!

      20. Barbacans...Hug Hug...from their No Hits For The Kids CD on Boss Hoss.

      21. The Skeptics...High On A Cloud...from their brand new CD.

      22. Viv Sun and The Black Holes...Hobo...mid 90's demo.

      23. Pretty Things...Buzz The Jerk...from their 2nd LP, Get The Picture and goes out to Psycho Daisies who covered this song last weekend.

      24. Uranus...Motorbikin'....from Slippery's Club Hits.

      Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, messages etc!! 

      Next week we go from 5 to 7PM, it's all female voices as we commemorate The Montreal Massacre from 1989. Ashley D will be doing the yammering next week, and i'll be spinning the disks in the background.

      Here's a link to the archived show:
    • November 23, 2012 5:37 PM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Nov 22/1963


      1. The Standstills...Black Betty...from their The Human Element CD. Standstills have a brand new release and will be playing at Call The Office on Sat Nov 24th.

      The Standstills....Black Shire Pub 3/27/09 at one of our Battle Of The 2 Piece Band Shows.

      2. Black Frame Spectacle...Bust Out The Boogie...from their recent Grady Sessions II CD. And they will be playing with The Standstills at Call The Office.

      Black Frame Spectacle, London Music Club 6/8/11

      3. Bubble Puppy...Thinkin' About Thinkin'...from a 7". Played this for Gary Pig Gold as i couldn't find my copy of Hot Smoke And Sassafrass.

      4. Martin and The E Chords....Possibilities...a demo from many years ago and features Gary Pig Gold on rhythm guitar.

      5. The Dead Beat...Heavy Set...from their recent Boss Sound CD.

      6. The Knickerbockers...Lies...from the LP of the same name and goes out to Kevin.

      7. The Rutles...Number 1...from their debut LP from 1978 and ties in with the previous song.

      8. The Leaves...Hey Joe...from their first and probably only LP. This one goes out to our mayor, Mayor Joe, who has 3 criminal charges against him, one of which is breach of trust. And he has claimed he his innocent and won't step down from his mayor's throne, even though most of council is requesting him to step down until the charges are resolved. So if he's found guilty, and goes to jail, will he still be our mayor? Another smudge on sleepy London Ontario.

      9. NFG...Hijack Victim...recorded live at Call The Office, Oct 27/12 as part of opening night for Graphic Underground: London 1977-1990.

      NFG live at Call The Office, 10/27,12.

      10. Destroy All Monsters...November 22nd, 1963...from their Singles and Rarities CD. 49 years to the date of this show JFK was gunned down.

      Niagara of Destroy All Monsters (then called Dark Carnival), Call The Office 10/12/90

      11. The Avengers...American In Me...from their 12" from 1979.

      12. DOA...America, The Beautiful...from their War On 45 LP from 1982.

      DOA at Fryfogles, London 1983.

      13. Dead Kennedys...California Uber Alles....from the Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegtables LP.

      14. UJ3RK5...Eisenhower and The Hippies...from their self titled 12" from 1982 and the end of our feature on JFK. Also played this as i finally caught the full version of Bloodied But Unbowed, the story of Vancouver punk in the late 70's/early 80's and UJ3RK5 were briefly in the movie.

      15. Los Chicos Problema...Secuestrado En Otro Planeta..from a demo they sent us this week. Found this song on facebook the other day and i had to play it multiple times as it was so cool!! LCP are a 2 piece from Mexico;fuzz bass and drums! And they're way cool!

      16. The Gruesomes...For All I Care...from the Tyrants Of Teen Trash LP which has been re-ished on Groovie Records from Greece.

      17. The Skeptics...Missing Link...from their brand new self titled LP on Moody Monkey Records. France/Belgium trio that dig the nasty garagepunk sounds!

      18. 49th Parallel...Citizen Freak...from their Pacemaker CD.

      19. Screamin' Mee Mee's...Struck Out...from their 4 song EP on Bag Of Hammers Records and goes out to drummer Jon Ashline who passed away the other day. One of the original US punk bands from the 70's.

      20. UIC...Stations Fading...from their live LP, Like 90 on OG Records from 1989 and goes out to Mike NephewofUIC.

      UIC in Lucan Ontario...1984.

      21. UIC...Shamrock Bang...from the cassette that comes with What Wave zine 24, Slippery's Club Hits. Available locally at Grooves, Speed City, Village Idiot, LA Mood, Hot Dog and Forest City Gallery (where the Graphic Underground: London 1977 -1990 exhibit is on display).

      22. The Revillos...Do The recording from Fryfogles Tavern, London Ontario Sept 3/81. I remember this as being a fantastic and packed show!!

      23. The Rezillos...I Can't Stand My Baby...from a 1977 7" and a different version than on the LP, Can't Stand The Rezillos. Rezillos are in Hamilton Ontario tonite!!

      24. The Revillos...Motor Bike Beat...from a 1980 7". They started as the Rezillos, broke up, reformed with a few different members and became the Revillos. And they are presently touring as the Rezillos. Make sense?

      25. Bloody Diamonds...Bright Lights Darling...recorded live on Radio WW 9/27/12. Had to cut this one short as we were running outta time.

      Back next week with more noise!!  Thanx for listening and reading this.

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • November 16, 2012 6:13 PM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Nov 15/2012

      1. Ugly Ducklings...Just In Case You Wonder....from the Somewhere Inside CD on Pacemaker. Recorded live on CHUM AM 1967.

      2. White Wires...Roxanne...from their 2nd LP and goes out to Rockin' Roxanne who was birthday celebrating during the show.

      White Wires at Moon Over Marin 3/13/10

      3. The Dead Beat...Stomp Siren...from their brand new CD, Boss Sound. Hamilton Ontario surf combo who supposedly surf in Hamilton harbour....and if you believe that...

      4. The Belairs...Mr Moto...from a Rhino surf compilation and goes out to lead guitarist Eddie Bertrand who passed away recently.

      5. Terror Lake...Chief Of Staff...from a recent demo. Toronto combo who combine surf, psych, noise and a whole lotta fun into their sound!

      6. The Viletones....Swastika Girl...from the OPM CD, A Taste Of Honey. This goes out to artist Manwoman who passed away this week. Manwoman was a British Columbia based artist who championed the swastika as a symbol of good. He was covered in swastika tattoos and many of his paintings featured the swastika. Check out this short CBC documentary on CBC:

      7. T.H.E....Grilled Cheese...demo from these local youngsters who will be playing at The Black Shire Pub tonite.

      8. Living Deadbeats...Walmart Apocalypse...from their only 12" and goes out to support underpaid Walmart workers world wide.

      Living Deadbeats at Call The Office, 7/23/12

      9. The Hook Up...Burnin'...from the Call Up The Devil CD which still isn't officially released.

      Jamie and Dave of The Hook Up along with a geek.

      10. The Zellots...I Love My Dog...recorded live at Call The Office 10/27/12 and The Zellots will be playing Dec 8 at Call The Office...they've re-united for just these 2 shows.

      11. The Rezillos...It Gets Me...from the Can't Stand The... LP from 1978. And they are coming to This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton Ontario 11/23/12.

      12. The Rezillos...I Can't Stand My above. And The Revillos last played London Ontario in September 1981 at Fryfogles.

      13. Evil Farm Children...Brain Buffet...from the latest GaragePunk Hideout download CD, Garage Monsters.

      The Evil Farm Children visit CHRW Studios...5/23/09

      14. The Electric Chairs...Bad In Bed...from the Blatantly Offenzive LP from 1978 and a request for Mike NephewofUIC. Had a little accident while playing this record as someone bumped the turntable so you got this song almost 2X!

      15. The Skyhooks...You Just Like Me Cos I'm Good In Bed...from the Ego Is Not A Dirty Word LP from 1975.

      16. Cherry Vanilla...The Punk...from the 1978 LP Bad Girl.

      17. The Great Scots...I Ain't No Miracle Worker...from the Sundazed LP The Great Lost! This is the beginning of a pile of Halifax bands that go out to Buck Malibu, former DJ at CHRW and now a resident of Halifax...or maybe he's really in jail and the Halifax thing is a way of tricking us.

      18. The Great Scots...That's My Girl (Rotten to the core)...from the Open Up Yer Door Volume 2 compilation LP. This LP is probably Norton related so i started to rant about Norton Records and the major flood they are dealing with...if it wasn't for Norton Records, there would have been no What Wave zine, hence no Radio What Wave. Help our pals at Norton anyway you can, PLEASE!!! Donate, go to a Norton benefit, help them move and clean records...anything you can do!

      19. The Stolen Minks...Batman...from the Family Boycott CD. When Rachel says 'you can even leave the mask on' when asking Batman to have some fun, it always brings a grin to my noggin'!

      The Stolen Minks at Call The Office 8/17/07

      20. The Baketones...I'm A Caveman...from the Unite CD. We had these guys on Radio WW a coupla years back and live, they were demonic!!! Total crazed madmen!!

      A Baketone on the floor of the Black Shire Pub...8/23/10. And that's after falling off the stage with the keyboards and not missing a note!!!

      21. Bloody Diamonds...I'm Not A Machine...from the They've Got Secrets LP. We had Bloody Diamonds on for a live to air a coupla weeks back...great band!!!

      Bloody Diamonds Live on Radio What Wave 9/27/12.

      22. The Stance...Yellow Fever...from the I Left Love Behind A Long Time Ago LP that came out a couple years back. Sad to say, they've broken up.

      The Stance at Call The Office after an early, yet sweaty show 8/30/06

      23. Sloan...I Hate My Generation...from the Twice Removed CD and they are in town tonite.

      24. Bad Bad Bad...Don't Push Me...from their self titled CD and the end of the Halifax set. Obviously Halifax has had tons of cool bands over the years!

      25. Radio 4...I Don't Wanna Go To New York...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with What Wave 24, available now in cool stores here in London Ontario.

      26. Uranus...Motorbikin'...also from Slippery's Club Hits.

      Thanx for all the phone-ins, emails, facebook, requests etc....back next week with more fun stuff.

      You can listen to the archived shows here:

    • November 9, 2012 6:11 PM CST
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Nov 8 2012

      This was an extra long show as Ryan, the DJ who is normally on after me, didn't show up for his we go from 6 to 8:30PM.

      1. The Cheshyres...I Just Don't Know....late 80's demo from this Toronto 4 piece that only appeared on compilations.

      2. Hasil Adkins...No More Hot Dogs...from the Out To Hunch LP on Norton. This starts our Norton special as those fine folks took a beating with Hurricane Sandy last week. The entire Norton warehouse was flooded and they are still trying to deal with the mess.

      Hasil getting that last booger out before he plays at Chuggies, Hamilton Ontario 6/18/86

      3. Bloodshot Bill...All The Time...from the Thunder and Lightning LP on Norton.

      Bloodshot Bill and Rory The Wonder Dog fighting for the Sun Chips....

      4. Scott Wood...Chicken Rock...from Mad Mike Monsters Volume 1 on Norton. Had to laugh about this guy's name...S'got Wood? Not for you buddy! Hopefully this was a made up name but who knows.

      5. A-Bones...Firewater...from the I Was A Teenage Mummy on Norton.

      Russell Quan and Bloodshot Bill join The A-Bones, Wooly Weekend, Montreal Aug 2009

      6. The Alarm Clocks...No Reason To Complain...from the Yeah! LP on Norton.Pure 1966 teen snotpunk!!!

      The Alarm Clocks, Wooly Weekend, Montreal Aug 2009.

      7. Flamin' Groovies...Shake Some Action...from the Slow Death LP on Norton.

      8. New York Dolls...Back In The USA...from A Hard Night's Day CD on Norton.

      9. Real Kids...Better Be Good...from the Better Be Good LP on Norton.

      10. Question Mark and the Mysterians...I Need Somebody...from the Do You Feel It? CD on Norton. And that's the end of our Norton tribute...Norton has released hundreds of records, CD's and the zine that started it all, Kicks, a HUGE inspiration to What Wave.

      Question Mark, Wooly Weekend, Montreal Aug 2009

      11. Agent Twang...Ghost Trail...from the latest GaragePunk Hideout CD, Garage Monsters.

      12. The Gruesomes...Unchain My Heart....1987 demo you won't hear anywhere else.

      Bobby Gruesome pondering What Wave 23.

      13. The Gruesomes...Cry In The Night...from their first LP, which has just been re-released on Groovie Records out of Greece.

      14.The Dead Beat...Blue Cheer...from the Boss Sound CD. Hamilton surf combo.

      15. The Stampeders...Wild Eyes...7" from 1972 that i picked up at the recent Record show here in London Ontario.

      16. The Enemas...Picture Yourself At Guelph...recorded live at Call The Office, 10/27/12 as part of our big Graphic Underground London; 1977-1990 opening night show.

      17. NFG...Bloodstains On The above.

      18. The Zellots...Land Of The above.

      19. Uranus...Cruisin' above.

      20. The Hypnotics...Here She Comes Again...recorded live at Grooves Records, 11/3/12. This was the first time for this Windsor Ontario combo to play London.

      21. Dragsville...Royal Drag...recorded live at Brennan's 11/3/12. First ever show by these veterans of many other bands.

      22. Heimlich Maneuver...In My Head...from a cassette called Takin' The A Train For Jesus from the late 80's.

      23. The Barbacans...Little White Lies...from their brand new CD, No Hits For The Kids.

      24. A Passing Fancy...I'm Losing of this Toronto 1966 punker on Ugly Pop Records.

      25. In-Sect...I Can See My Love...another re-ish on Ugly Pop Records.

      26. Master's Apprentices...War Or Hands Of Time...yet another Ugly Pop Records re-ish. Ugly Pop is crankin' out the cool noise!

      OK, so this is the end of our regular scheduled show....Ryan didn't show up to do his Freak Out, so i quickly decided to do an all London hour of noise with a stack of tracks from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with What Wave 24, our latest zine which is now available at cool stores here in London.

      27. 63 Monroe...At The Boot...from Slippery's Club Hits. This was recorded live at The Cedar Lounge, Easter 1980.

      28. Radio 4...I Don't Wanna Go To New York...also from Slippery's Club Hits.

      29. Flying Squad...Health Food...from Mr Garager's Neighbourhood LP on OG Records from 1989.

      30. The Enemas...Joe Wyatt...from Slippery's Club Hits.

      31. The Stoves...Can't Slow above.

      32. The Hippies...Can above.

      33. Jim Ashby...Speed City....on the Speed City label and all about London Ontario circa 1970.

      34. Uranus...Motorbikin'...from Slippery's Club Hits.

      35. Captain Scarlet...Scars Of above.

      36. Legend Killers...You'll Get Yours...from their 1989 7", Better Than Hammerin'.

      37. Spiral Scratch...Still Rockin'...from Slippery's Club Hits.

      38. The Finks...Magic above.

      39. The above.

      40. The above.

      41. Sheep Look Up...Civil above.

      Thanx for all the phone-ins, emails, facebook messages and all that jive!! Back again next week with more noise that annoys.

      Here's some links to the show:

    • November 3, 2012 10:54 AM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist....Nov 1 /2012

      First off, big thanx to everyone that came to the Graphic Underground: London 1977-1990 art opening on friday eve....we had over 300 people through on a cold and rainy eve.

      And huge thanx to everyone that came out to the party the following night at Call The Office!!! When the venue runs out of almost every kind of beer, you know a good time has been had!! All 4 bands rocked and sounded better than back in the day!!! You'll be hearing  audio from this show on next week's Radio WW.

      1. The Ugly Ducklings...Nothin'...from the Somewhere Inside CD. A live recording from CHUM AM from the mid 60's.

      2. T.H.E.....Grilled Cheese...locals who supplied us a cool demo and they play out fairly frequently here in London.

      3. Dead Rabbits....I Don't Care...recorded live at The Cedar Lounge 10/9/81.

      4. Amboy Dukes...Journey To The Center of The Mind...from the Loaded For Bear CD and a request from Port Stanley on beautiful Lake Erie.

      5. The Misfits...Halloween II...flip side of the Halloween 7" from 1981 and the start of our day late Halloween set.

      6. The Cramps...Teenage Werewolf...from the How To Make A Monster CD and recorded in Oct 1976,  probably on Halloween.

      7. Shouting Thomas and the Torments...Dead Man Slide...from the latest GaragePunk Hideout CD, Garage Monsters.

      8. Thee Outlets...Vampire Of Mine...from a 7", German all female combo.

      9. The Hypnotics...Here She Comes Now...from their LP, Static Fuzz Radio. The Hypnotics are in town tonite at Brennan's here in London.

      10. The Hypnotics...Soul At 7...from the CD of the same name.

      11. The Hypnotics...Radio City...from their Static Fuzz Radio LP.

      12. The Hypnotics...Run Johnny Run...from the Soul At 7 CD.

      13. Weirdonia...Green Tables...from their Freaks CD.

      14. Weirdonia...1960's Antique Clock...from a demo. Weirdonia are playing with The Hypnotics tonite at Brennan's.

      15. Apecassette...The CD from this 2 piece from Windsor Ontario.

      16. The fave Windsor 7", from the early 80's. The Spys evolved into The Nelsons.

      17. The Biters....Oh Yea....recorded live at Call The Office 10/21/12. Great powerpop/70's glam combo from Atlanta.

      18. Dynamite Pussy Club...Under The Groove....This is a Radio WW session recorded by this 3 piece combo from Bath, UK. This session was recorded exclusively for Radio WW by our good pals in Dynamite Pussy Club!!!

      19. Dynamite Pussy Club...Boogie Shoes.

      20. Dynamite Pussy Club... Deep Fried.

      21. Dynamite Pussy Club...Griddle. Thanx for all the  calls about Dynamite Pussy Club and this session!! Dynamite Pussy Club Rock!!!!

      22. A Passing Fancy...I'm Losing Tonight...7" re-ish on Ugly Pop Records.

      23. Flying Squad....Godzilla...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that came with the latest ish of What Wave zine, now on sale at cool record stores here in London.

      24. The Hippies...Can Teens...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that came with the latest ish of What Wave zine.

      25. The Stoves...Can't Slow above.

      26. The Terminals...D above.

      27. In-Sect...I Can See My Love....another Ugly Pop 7" re-ish....all these Ugly Pop releases are nicely packaged, some come with inserts and the sound quality is excellent!!

      Thanx for all the phone-ins (there were a lot on this show), emails and facebook messages. Back again next week with some audio from Graphics Underground: London party at Call The Office next week.
    • October 26, 2012 10:31 AM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Oct 25/2012

      Another all London Ontario show as we count down to Graphic Underground: London 1977-1990 show this weekend. On friday we have the art opening at 7PM at Forest City Gallery. And on Saturday night at Call The Office, we have;Uranus, NFG, The Zellots and The Enemas reuniting for one night only.

      At both shows we'll have copies of What Wave 24, the all London issue. Band trees, info and lots of pics in this 104 page,  plastic bound book. And it comes with a 90m cassette of London bands from 1978 to 1992, almost all unreleased material!

      1. Pete Tangredi....Life Is A Crazy Passion...from the Demics Covers CD.

      2. Uranus...Motorbikin'....from the cassette that comes with WW 24 called Slippery's Club Hits.

      3. Uranus...You're So Square...from their hit single from 1980.

      4. Uranus...Shake Some Action...from a live to air on CFNY 1980.

      5. The Zellots...Soldiers...from Slippery's Club Hits.

      6. The Zellots...Boots...recorded live at the Kent Hotel, early 80's.

      7. The Zellots...Empty Victories....1980 demo.

      8. NFG...Cowboy Rock...from Slippery's Club Hits.

      9. NFG...Media Junkie...recorded live late 70's at the York or the Cedar Lounge.

      10. above.

      11. NFG...House Of The Rising above.

      12. The Enemas...Joe Wyatt...from Slippery's Club Hits. This is the only song we've got from The Enemas.

      13. The Terminals...Spiderman...from the We Killed CD and a request.

      14. Flying Squad...Health Food...from Mr Garager's Neighbourhood LP from 1989.

      15. Flying Squad...I'm So Cool...late 80's demo about a former DJ at this radio station.

      16. Flying Squad...Brian Mulroney...demo.

      17. Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons...Scars Of Love...from Slippery's Club Hits.

      18. Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons...Are You Really Gone?...from the Four Whom The Bell Tolls 7" that came with WW # 16.

      19. Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons...A Piece Of Me...late 80's demo.

      20. Ukase...Runaround...from their only 7".

      21. The Hippies...Can Teens...from Slippery's Club Hits.

      22. The Finks...Magic above.

      23. UIC...Shamrock above.

      Back next week wiith more, including a session recorded exclusively for Radio What Wave from The Dynamite Pussy Club from Bath, UK. And a pile of requests...seeya at the London Record Show on sunday at Centennial Hall here in London.

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • October 23, 2012 8:02 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist for Oct 23rd 2012.

      This was a special fill-in for the History Of Us (CHRW retrospective show) in which we dedicated the show to the Graphics Underground London 1977-1990 show that is happening this weekend. On friday Oct 26th, we have the art opening at Forest City Gallery. On saturday, Oct 27 we have the opening party with;Uranus, NFG, The Zellots and The Enemas re-forming for one night only at Call The Office. And this weekend will be the unveiling of What Wave 24, an all London Ontario edition which comes with a 90m cassette of all local bands from 1978 to 1992.

      Our intent was to talk a bit about the beginnings of punk rock here in London and then play the entire cassette that comes with the What Wave. Didn't accomplish either as we had many guests for this show....Markii Burnaway from NFG, Bob Gliddon from NFG, Brian Lambert from The Enemas and he is also the curator of this whole Graphics Underground show. And Rena O, editor of What Wave zine was also present....a packed onair booth!

      1. Peter Tangredi...Life Is A Crazy Passion...from the Demics Covers CD.

      2. Eddie and The Hot Rods...Do Anything You Want To at Fryfogles 11/7/77 and one of the very first punk/new wave shows here in London Ontario.

      3. NFG...Cowboy Rock...from Slippery's Club Hits, the cassette that comes with WW 24.

      4. 63 Monroe...At The above.

      5. 63 Monroe... Hyjack Victim...from the Rave Up LP, Hijack Victim that came out in 2005.

      6. 63 above.

      7. 63 Monroe...Give 'em above.

      8. 63 Monroe...Henry the 8th...from a 7" from the early 80's.

      9. NFG...Weekend Punx...from a live recording from about 1979 and possibly at The York Hotel.

      10. NFG...Bloodstains On The above.

      11. above.

      12. The Zellots...Empty Victories...1981 demo from EMAC studios.

      13. The Zellots...One Way Street...recorded live at the Kent Hotel in Waterloo early 80's.

      14. The Zellots...Blades...1981 demo from EMAC studios.

      15. The Enemas...Joe Wyatt...from Slippery's Club Hits.

      16. Nach Dem Tode...Heaven Has above.

      17. The Demics...New York City....from the Talk's Cheap EP, 1979.

      18. The Stoves...Can't Slow Down...from Slippery's Club Hits.

      19. Uranus...Motorbikin' above.

      20. Spiral Scratch...Still Rockin' above.

      21. The above

      22. Sheep Look Up...Civil above.

      23. above.

      24. Regulators...Brainless above.

      25. The Sinners...Not Worth My above.

      26. The Demics...Nervous Breakdown... as above.

      27. Flying above.

      Thanx to Rena O, Markii Burnaway, Bob Gliddon, and Brian Lambert for coming on air to discuss the punk rock years here in London and the big show happening this weekend.

      Back on thursday Oct 25th at 6PM with more local action as we approach the weekend.

      Here's the podcasts:

    • October 19, 2012 6:07 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Oct 18/2012

      The continuing saga of the Graphics Underground London 1977-1990 story as we play only London Ontario bands from about 1978 to 1990. The Graphics Underground show happens the weekend of Oct 26th, with the art show opening on friday and the party at Call The Office on Saturday Oct 27th...Uranus, The Zellots, NFG and The Enemas re-uniting for one night only.

      We were given the go ahead to start about 20m early, so we played the first 4 songs from the about to be released cassette, Slippery's Club Hits, which comes with What Wave #24 which will be released Oct 26th...

      1. 63 Monroe...At The Boot...recorded at the Cedar Lounge, Easter 1980. This song is a celebration of the good times we had at the Cedar Lounge.

      2. The Stoves...Slow Down...recorded live at the Cedar Lounge, May 1979.

      3. Uranus...Motorbikin' to air from CFNY May 1980.

      4. Spiral Scratch...Still Rockin'...recorded live at the Cedar Lounge fall 1981.

      And here's where we start our regular show.....right around 6PM so the faithful few can listen to my usual fuckups on the radio....

      5. Peter Tangredi... Life Is A Passion....from The Demics Covers CD that came out in 1998. A song that tells what reality was like back in the late 70's...fucking aerosmith, foghat, pink floyd and worse ruled what passed for radio back then. You couldn't walk down the street looking like a punker without being verbally and/or physically hassled. Shouts of 'Hey Devo' were expected...why Devo? I have no fucking clue, but that's probably all the rockers could comprehend for the music we dug. Now anyone can walk down the street with a pink mohawk, stud covered leather jacket and facial tattoos and no one will give you a second look....

      6. Legend Killers...Beg...demo from 1986 not long after they first started. The only band to appear on EVERY compilation we've ever released...something like 11 cassettes, a 7" EP and 2 LP's. And this is why!

      7. Legend Killers...Stepping above.

      8. Legend Killers...You'll Get Yours...from the Better Than Hammerin' EP that came out in 1989 on What Wave Records.

      9. Legend Killers...Baby Sitter...from a CD they released when they reformed about 10 years ago where they collected a bunch of songs they released over the years.

      10. UIC...New Rose...recorded live at Call The Office 3/16/85. You can find some of the songs from this gig up on might see a younger version of me dancing up front by the stage.

      11. UIC...Our Garage...title song from this LP from 1986 on Fringe Records.

      12. UIC...Pushed Into The Hole...from the 1989 Wiseman Sessions that were issued in an extremely limited edition many years ago. Someday they may come out on vinyl...

      13. UIC...Green Lady...from the 1989 LP, Live Like 90 on OG Records.

      14. The Zellots...On The Dole...recorded early 80's at the Kent Hotel in Kitchener Ontario. Probably recorded by Peter Moore, the big name producer who presently does all kinds of mastering, TV documentaries, producing, etc....

      15. The Zellots...Blades...from the Japanese CD, You Only Get 1 Shot At The Big Time...on Wizzard in Vinyl in 2006.

      16. The Zellots...Let's Play House...recorded live at The Cedar Lounge 8/17/81 for a wedding.

      17. Crash 80's...Waiting For The Heat...only 7" this band ever released...1980.

      18. Regulators...What's In The City...from their only 7" on Ready Records. For Jeff Morritt, singer/guitarist who passed away recently.

      19. Regulators...Sherry Share It...recorded live at the Polish Hall 11/2/79. The Polish Hall was used and abused at many gigs in the early days of the London punk rock days.

      20. Second Thoughts...Wound Up...from their one and only 7" 1980.

      21. Finks...Can't Say No...from their only single, mid 80's. These guys actually got airplay on CKSL AM here in London....something that just doesn't happen to indy bands...ever!!

      22. Redline...Brand New Cadillac...recorded live at Fryfogles June 1983. Fryfogles jumped onto the new wave/punk band wagon fairly early, entertaining artists like The Stranglers, DOA, Bopcats, John Cale, Panther Burns, 999, Vice Squad, The Professionals and many many more.

      23. The Stoves...So You Say...recorded live at The Cedar Lounge May 1979.

      24. The Stoves...Just My above.

      25. Radio 4...We Are The Architects...from a basement recording...early 80's.

      26. Sheep Look Up....Burning...from their first release, a cassette from 1983.

      The saga continues on Tuesday Oct 23rd at 3:30 PM as we do yet another special on London's early punk/new wave/whatever scene...on CHRW 94.9FM. Then we continue again next thursday at the usual time.

      Thanx for all the call-ins on this show!! And remember, next week is fund raising week here at CHRW so please pledge some $ to help us purchase new studio equipment....

      Here's the podcasts:
    • October 12, 2012 6:08 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Oct 11/2012

      1. Nick Curran...Kill My Baby...from the Reform School Girl from 2010....Nick passed away last weekend, only 35 and WAAAAYY too young. A guy who actually understood rock'n'roll and was playing it in 2012!! And one of the blackest sounding white guys ever!!!

      2. Hank And Frank...Nancy Sinatra...demo from the late 80's and was also on a What Wave cassette back then. Possibly the greatest song (Ok, one of my faves) to ever come out of London!! Hank is the Singing Bookman, Frank is from Uranus, Sci-Phonics and currently solo around London Ontario. This is the beginning of our all London show to help promote the Graphics Underground London 1977 to 1990 show and exhibit happening on Oct 26th weekend. And we'll be releasing WW 24, the all London issue that weekend as well. It comes with a 90m cassette of London only combos from about 1978 to 1992.

      3. Uranus...Secret Agent Man...from a live to air on CFNY in May 1980. Uranus are one of the 4 bands re-uniting on Oct 27th at Call The Office.

      4. Uranus...Uranium Rock...recorded live at The Embassy Hotel, 3/22/82 and broadcast on CHRW back then.

      5. The Sci-Phonics...I'm Ready...recorded live at The Key West Cafe, 3/11/87. The Sci-Phonics included a couple of members of Uranus and used to gig all around town from about 1984 to the early 90's. They reunite every few years and always put on a good show. The Key West was located on the west side of Talbot, right around where the Nite Owl presently is. Key West hosted a TON of cool Gruesomes, Deja Voodoo, Plan 9, Cheepskates, Flying Squad, The Fuzztones, Hysteric Narcotics, Flaming Lips, UIC, Purple Toads, Shadowy Men and many many more.

      The Sci-Phonics, mid 80's, looks like Key West Cafe.

      6. Sci-Phonics...Marie Marie...recorded live at Wortley Roadhouse and featured both Jerry Fletcher and Jack Whiteside on guitars, a very rare occurrence as Jack replaced Jerry many years prior to this performance.

      7. Uranus...You're So Square...1980 single that made it into the top 10 charts across Canada.

      8. Uranus...53 Buick...from their very first self released single.

      9. The Mongrols...The Day She Died...1987 demo of this 3 piece that opened for many touring bands in their 3 year existence. Led by Trelvis and they morphed through many name changes; Royal Mongrels, Ungone and a couple other names. Not to be confused with the present day Mongrels from London...who are also quite cool!

      10. The Mongrols..Play My above. This song was on a WW cassette back then.

      11. The Mongrols...Plastic Girls...from the 7" EP, Four Whom The Bell Tolls, 1988, which came with WW # 16.

      12. Drowned Hampsters...Politix...from the 1984 LP, The 'P' is For Political. London Ontario band with no connections to any other band in this city...a mystery band that released an LP and disappeared.

      13. Nihilist Spasm Band...Test Recording...from probably the longest lasting band in London history, having formed in the mid 60's and still going to this day. Noise that you love or hate.

      14. Hot House...Burn It Down...from the 1978 LP of the same name. They used to play the Cedar Lounge a fair bit and would call themselves aggressive rock. They self released this LP back in 1978.

      15. Redline...IRA...Sept 1983 demo. Commercial new wave band from London that played around the bars...this original showed they could do a lot more than just cover tunes.

      16. The Demics...New York City...from the Talk's Cheap EP. Probably the most well known punk tune to come out of sleepy London Ontario. And ironically, the song is about trying to escape sleepy London...

      17. The Demics...Grey and Black...from the NYC CD on OPM records which collects a bunch of live and demo Demics recordings.

      18. The Demics...400 above.

      19. The Demics...Blue Boy...recorded in Toronto in 1980.

      20. Jack Whiteside...I Won't See You No More...from the Demics Covers CD that original drummer Nick Perry released back in 1998. Jack was in Uranus and many other bands.

      21. Keith Whittaker...I'd Kiss You Honey...from his solo CD, Drink To Me that came out in 2007 on Bullseye Records.

      22. The Hippies...How You Gonna Live...from their only single which came out around 1983.

      23. The Hippies...9th...1983 demo when they had renamed themselves Tenement 13.

      24. The above. This song will be on the cassette that comes out with WW #24.

      25. Boy From Nowhere....What It Is...recorded live somewhere...Boy From Nowhere evolved out of The Hippies, with Jon Traut taking over the vocal duties....had to shorten this one as Ryan In The Red was about to start his Freakout show.

      Next week we continue with more local noise from the late 70's up to the early 90's.

      Graphic Underground London 1977-1990 is happening in London on Friday Oct 26th with the art opening at Forest City Gallery. Bell time is 7PM and it will be a licensed event. On display will be posters and zines from London from that era.

      Then on Saturday Oct 27th, at Call The Office, will be the official opening night party. Featuring 4 London bands from that era, re-uniting for one night only....Uranus, NFG, The Zellots and The Enemas. Bands should be starting around 9:30 PM. We'll also have some big screens showing pictures from the time period.

      Here's a link to the archived show:

    • October 5, 2012 6:05 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Oct 4/2012

      1. Bloody Diamonds...Lady Of The Night...from the They've Got Secrets LP that just came out. Big Thanx to Bloody Diamonds for playing live to air last week on Radio WW!! And a great show that eve at the Black Shire Pub!

      Bloody Diamonds visiting CHRW's Radio WW for a live to air 9/27/12

      2. Rocket From The Tombs...Final Solution...from the Life Stinks LP. RFTT is heading to This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton this coming sunday eve. Only show in Canada!

      3. Oily Birds...Born To Lose...recorded live at Jimmy Jazz in Guelph. The Oily Birds have a show on saturday night at the St Regis Hotel here in London.

      4. Cordcalling...When I Scream...from their CD of the same name, Cordcalling play tonight at The Black Shire Pub.

      5. Pack AD...8...from their latest LP, Unpersons. Pack AD play Call The Office on Oct 13th. This song is filled with venom and hate and they usually dedicate it to me at live shows...

      The Pack AD visiting WW HQ's and posing with our mascot, Rory The Wonder Dog!!

      6. The Gruesomes...Get Outta My Hair...from their first LP, 13 Unlucky Hits, which has just been released on green vinyl on Groovie Records from Greece. Limited pressing of 800, but you should be able to find it or mailorder it.

      The Gruesomes visiting our old WW HQ's back in the late 80's.

      7. Evil Farm Children...Brain Buffet...from the brand new Garagepunk Hideout CD called Garage Monsters. We've had Evil Farm Children here in London many a time and they always put on a great show!

      Evil Farm Children at Victoria Tavern here in London, 5/23/09

      8. The Snails...Pollution...from their recently released self titled debut CD. It's on Action Records outta Greece.

      9. Cile Turner...Crap Shootin' Sinner...from the compilation LP, Stompin'. Picked this up at Star Records in Oshawa the other day. Haven't been to Star for a few years and it's still the same, stacked with cool records!! For those that don't know, Oshawa is just east of Toronto and Star is well worth a stop if you're in the area!

      10. Angry Samoans...Inside My Brain...from the 1980 EP of the same name. Angry Samoans are supposed to play Call the Office on this coming Wed night.

      11. Angry Samoans...I Lost My Mind...from the 1990 LP. STP Not LSD LP.

      12. Apecassette...Ambiguous...from the Stupid CD. 2 piece art/noise combo from Windsor Ontario who opened up for Bloody Diamonds last week.

      13. Jehosaphat Blow...Oh Ya Oh from this one man band who seems to move constantly.

      14. Certain General...Hello My God...from the 1982 12" called Holiday Of Love. Certain General were based in NYC and had Londoner Marcy Saddy (X B Girls) on drums. They came up here in August of 1981 and played several shows while on vacation here. This is the start of our London only show to help promote our big event coming up on the weekend of Oct 26th, Graphic Underground London 1977-1990. The rest of the show is London bands from that era...with almost all of the songs being unreleased.

      15. Boy From Nowhere...Slow at Call The Office 3/1/86. London's first 60's/70's garagepunk combo who only played cool cover songs.

      Boy From Nowhere playing in our basement, 1986??

      16. B5 Blue...It's My Pride...recorded live at Mortz's, early 90's. Boy From Nowhere morphed into B5 Blue and still only played cover songs, but did it with style and finesse!

      17. UIC....Cracked Actor...recorded live at Key West Cafe 11/16/87. I don't even remember UIC doing a David Bowie tune, but here's the proof! And i musta heard it as i taped this show! Key West Cafe was a small upstairs bar that would pack people in for real rock'n'roll, which UIC specialized in!

      UIC promo shot we did after a show..mid 80's???

      18. Flying Squad...Lewd Behaviour...late 80's demo from this band that you either loved or hated, nothing in between! Biker rock long before it became acceptable!

      Flyinq Squad after a gig at the Civitan Club...mid 80's???

      19. Terminals...Billy Stick Totin' Jerk...from their only cassette, We Kill. Terminals were probably the first punk band in the city to adapt to the faster hardcore sound that started in the early 80's. They were instrumental in bringing many out of town bands to play in sleepy London Ontario.

      20. Redline...Mystery Dance...recorded live at Fryfogles June 1983. Redline were more of a commercial new wave type of band than punk. Fryfogles is long gone, and it was host to many cool combos, among them; Panther Burns, John Cale, Black Flag, Flipper, The Professionals, Stranglers, 999, Rezillos, DOA and TONS more!! We did a special on Fryfogles a year or so ago on Radio WW and talked about the venue and played many of these bands and more.

      21. The Generics...Someday...basement demo, but this song was included on their only 7". Buncha snotty kids when they arrived on the scene, but they certainly proved their worth!

      22. Radio 4...Is God A Man...early 80's basement demo recorded by Chris Richards. Radio 4 evolved into Sheep Look Up.

      23. Sheep Look Up...Jumper...from their early 80's cassette. This is one of those bands that coulda and shoulda, but just didn't! Their early demos are just amazing as can be heard here.

      24. Legend Killers...Gunpowder...from their 1989 7" on What Wave Records. All of the above local bands will be on the 90m cassette tape we're releasing with What Wave zine 24 due out Oct 26th at Graphics Underground London 1977 - 1990 opening night.

      Early Legend Killers promo shot..probably taken by Martha.

      That's a wrap, thanx for all the phone-ins and emails. We're back next week with an all local show, playing music from about 1977 to 1990 in preparation for the Graphic Underground London show.

      Here's links the archived show:

    • September 28, 2012 12:32 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist....Sept 27 2012.

      This was a special show as we had Bloody Diamonds in for a live to air. Bloody Diamonds are from Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada on the Atlantic. London Ontario was one of their many tour stops and we got them for a double shot as they played onair and then put on a great show at The Black Shire Pub later that eve.

      1. The Hook Up...List Of Diagrams...from their soon to be release CD, Call Up The Devil. We had The Hook Up on last week's show yammering about this CD and lots of other stuff.

      2. Radio Birdman...More Fun...from the Living Eyes LP, 1978. Guitarist Chris Masuak is in sleepy London Ontario tonite to preach the rock'n'roll to us sinnners!!

      3. Radio Birdman...Murder City Nights...from the Radios Appear above!!

      4. New Christs...Born Out Of Time...from the Detritus 12"....possibly one of my all time fave songs!! This is boner material!!! Rob Younger is so fucking brutally honest on this one it slays me every time!!

      5. Willie Alexander...Kerouac....from the Live at The Rat double LP from 1976. Willie should be in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame as he's more than paid his dues since the mid 60's. He's played in many a Boston combo, spent time in the Velvet Underground and is still active to this day. This is one of those mellow songs that always gets stuck in my noggin' and i start doing  the sickly oooh oohhh out loud and get a lot of strange looks!

      But the real reason i played this track, was as part of a tribute set to Sam Sniderman, founder of the record store chain, Sam The Record Man. A Canadian institute!! And one of the key figures  in helping  to promote up and coming Canadian bands! I bought this record at Sam's here in sleepy London back in about 1979 and it blew my mind!! So many cool Boston combos and my first hearing of DMZ and The Real Kids who have gone on to become 2 of my fave combos!! Thanx for bringing this record into Canada Sam!

      6. Tom Wilson and The Florida Razors...New York City..I vividly remember seeing The Florida Razors for the first time at a place called The Firehall here in sleepy London Ontario. They blew me away with their straight ahead rock'n'roll from The Flamin' Groovies school of rock!! Became an instant life time fan that night, and next day i happened to see this single up on the wall at Sam's in London and it was mine!!! Tom Wilson is now a Canadian institution with Blackie and The Rodeo Kings and his former combo, Junkhouse. Sometimes he spots us in the crowd and yells out What Wave!! Kind of embarrassing as we're pretty low profile people.

      7. The Beatles...Revolution...This is the first single i ever bought at Sam's in downtown Toronto at the flagship store. My parents took my sister and i to downtown Toronto and somehow we ended up at Sam's. It was probably me bugging the shit out of them to go into Sam's. Bought (or maybe my parents did???) this single and Cream's Sunshine Of Your Love single from the wall at Sams...needless to say, i was in heaven!! Charting singles at Sam's were a bit cheaper than our local K Mart and went for 66 cents back then. And that was a LOT of money to me back in 1968!

      8. Bloody Diamonds...Monster....Live over the airwaves at CHRW...then Jake goes and breaks a bass string part way through the song! This is live radio and we work with whatever happens!!

      9. Oily Birds...Second Cousin...not the song i wanted to play, but a good one nonetheless. Recorded live at Jimmy Jazz in Guelph Ontario, 4/28/12. Oily Birds are opening up for Chris Masuak at Call The Office Tonite (with a capital T!).

      10. The Kards...Cry Just A Little...from the Here's The Deal CD. The Kards are at London Music Club tomorrow night.

      11. Blue Demons...Beatnik Bandit...from their latest 7" on Boppa Do Down Records outta Toronto.

      12. Bloody Diamonds...She Ain't over the airwaves.

      13. Bloody Diamonds...Bright Lights over the airwaves.

      14. Bloody Diamonds...Baby Don't Be over the airwaves.

      15. Bloody Diamonds...They've Got over the airwaves.

      16. Bloody Diamonds...Lady Of The Night...from their LP They've Got Secrets.

      17. Bloody over the airwaves and the end of our live to air presentation. Huge thanx to Bloody Diamonds for stopping by, setting up and playing live to air. It's a massive undertaking as they've gotta find CHRW, unload all of their equipment and cart it up to the station, get set up in a tiny room and do countless sound checks so everything sounds great to you, the listener. And once they're done, they've gotta cartload all of their equipment back to the van and rush to do a soundcheck!!

      And a HUGE thanx goes out to the guys behind the scenes, the sound engineers, Alex and Chris who make everything sound so nice over the airwaves!!!

      18. Black Flag...6 Pack...from a 7" and to plug the Raymond Pettibon exhibition that opened that eve at McIntosh Gallery on the campus of Western University. For those interested, there's many many early Black Flag posters on display at the gallery.

      19. The Ventures...Guitar Freakout...from the LP of the same name. Picked this one up way back in 1967 at our local K Mart and it still sounds good 45 years later!! That 60's vinyl was tough and took a lot of abuse from my tiny foldup record player back then! This goes out to Nokie Edwards who suffered a heart attack last week while on tour in Japan. All the best Nokie!! And he is a member of the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame!

      20. The Snails...Satisfaction Guaranteed...from their brand new self titled CD on Action Records outta Greece. We like Action Records as they put out our LP, Thee Cave Comes Alive..songs from the What Wave Fanzine tapes back in 2004.

      21. Flying Squad...Godzilla...demo from the late 80's that just might appear on our next cassette coming out Oct 26th at the Graphic Underground London 1977 to 1990 exhibit. Had to cut this one short as Ryan In The Red was taking over the airwaves with his Freak Out!!

      Back atcha next week with more noise that annoys. Huge thanx to Bloody Diamonds, and they put on a KILLER show at Black Shire that night!! I shoulda made a recording of that show...

      Here's a link to the archived shows:
    • September 21, 2012 6:00 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Sept 20/2012

      Dave and Jaime of The Hook Up outside the CHRW doors.

      On this show we had Dave and Jamie of The Hook Up, a soon to be Hamilton Ontario based garage/rock'n'roll/soul/surf/psych combo. They did a live to air on Radio WW back in the winter of 2011 and since there have been major changes in the band, it was time to get them back on Radio WW to yammer and play some tunes...

      1. Nihilist Spasm Band...This Is A Test...great sound check from these local noise makers to wake everyone up and get the show on the road.

      2. Burnin' Ethyl...Kittens With Lipstick...from the Rock'n'Roll Combustion CD from a few years back. Burnin' Ethyl will be at Call The Office tomorrow night as part of the Shakin' Katz Birthday Bash happenin' there.

      3. The Black Frame Spectacle...A Line In The Sand...from the Grady Sessions CD and as above, they will be at CTO tomorrow night.

      Black Frame Spectacle at London Music Club June 8/2011

      4. Duke Sedan and The Hightones...Real Cool Daddy...from their self titled CD from 2008. The Hightones have moved from the rockabilly sound heard here to more of a swing oriented sound.

      5. Blue Cheer...Summertime Blues...from the Vincebus Eruptum LP and a request of the singer from 44i as they are also playing tomorrow as part of the birthday bash.

      6. The Hook Up...Skin and Bone...recorded at Grooves Sept 8/2012.

      The Hook Up at Grooves....Sept 8/2012

      7. The Hook above.

      8. The Hook Up...Burnin'...from the soon to be released Call Up The Devil CD.

      9. The Hook Up...List Of above.

      10. 5 Royales...Summer The Slum...from a Charly compilation that Dave Hook Up brought in.

      11. Detroit Cobras...Summer The Slum...from the SFTRI LP, Mink Rat Or Rabbit...30 or so years later and the same song.

      12. Tom Jones...Evil...from a 3rd Man 7".

      13. Spencer Davis Group...I'm A Man...from a 7" and goes out to The Reply from Toronto.

      14. Bo Diddly...I'm A Man...from a 7"

      15. Jerry Lee Lewis...Matchbox...from the Live At The Star Club CD that Dave borrowed from the London Public Library!

      Jerry Lee Lewis, London Ontario Aug 16/1988. Think this picture was in What Wave...

      16. John Lee Hooker...The Motor City Is Burnin'....from a CD that Dave brought in...

      17. T Valentine...Teenage Jump..from a crazy R&B CD compilation that Dave brought in...wish i could remember the name of it.

      18. The Hook Up...Minstrel Man...from the Garagepunk Hideout Compilation, Noises From The Hideout.

      19. Eliza And The Strange...Crack...from their self titled debut LP. This band is now called Bloody Diamonds and will be live to air next week on Radio WW. Then they play later on that evening at The Black Shire Pub.

      20. Eliza And The above.

      21. Radio Birdman...Do The Pop....from the Radios Appear LP. Guitarist Chris Masuak will be at Call The Office on Friday Sept 28th, a show you can't miss!

      Here's the link to the archived show:

      Big thanx to Jaime and Dave of The Hook Up for dropping by to spin some platters and do some yammering about music. And as we found out, Dave and i were at some of the same shows over the years, long before we knew each other!

      And next week we have our live to air with Bloody Diamonds, coming all the way from Halifax to play for you, the listener!

    • September 15, 2012 10:00 AM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Sept 13/2012


      1. Tranzmitors....A Little Bit Closer...from their brand new La Ti Da 7".

      A well dressed Bryce Dunne of The Tranzmitors, Call The Office May 8/2011.

      2. Radio Birdman... Murder City Nights...from the Radios Appear LP, late 70's. Guitarist Chris Masuak is coming to sleepy London Ontario Friday Sept 28/2012. Here's a link to the facebook event:

      Three Canadian dates only...and probably a once in a lifetime event that you can't afford to miss.

      3. Radio Birdman...455 SD....from the Living Eyes LP.

      4. New Christs...Like A Curse...from the Detritus 12" and features Birdmen Rob Younger on vocals and Chris Masuak on guitar. The flip side of this, Born Out Of Time is one of the most wicked and honest songs ever!

      5. The Hitmen...Don't Hit Girls...from the 78-82 LP and once again, Chris Masuak on guitar. Hopefully those 4 songs are enough to get you out to catch this legend of Australian punk, who oddly enough, was born in Canada.

      6. Sammy Ambrose...This Diamond Ring...This is the original version of this 1965 number one hit by Gary and The Playboys. Who coincidentally i went to see last night. Entertaining show, but Gary's voice wasn't in the best form. They went through all the hits and Gary explained who wrote them and many other tidbits about the time period.

      7. The Standells...Barracuda...from the Rhino Best Of LP and part of a 60's set.

      8. The Yardbirds...The Nazz Are Blue...from the Over Under Sideways Down LP, original mono version, which to me, sounds WAY better than the stereo version.

      9. Eliza and The Strange...Lady Of The Night...from their self titled LP that came out early this year. This band is from Halifax and are now known as Bloody Diamonds. They are coming to London Thursday Sept 27th, Black Shire Pub. Plus, they'll be doing a live to air broadcast right here on Radio What Wave that day! There'll be a facebook event going up for that shortly.

      10. Eliza and The Strange...She Ain't above.

      The guy on the right is Jake, he's the bass player for Bloody Diamonds and his previous band, The Bad Bad Bad, appeared on Radio WW March 29/2012.

      11. UIC...Pushed Into The Hole...from the unreleased Wiseman Sessions, late 80's. UIC were from Exeter Ontario, sometimes referred to as Hooterville (Petticot Junction TV show from the mid 60's reference).

      12. Needles/Pins...Picture My Face...brand new La Ti Da single.

      13. Chelsea Beat...Victim Of Circumstances...Montreal combo who have an LP on Brooklyn based Killer Diller Records.

      14. Teenanger...Cops But Not Cops...from their recent Frights LP.

      Teenanger from behind the stage at Moon Over Marin, London Ontario June 27/2010

      15. The Hook Up.... 65 Has No Blues...recorded live at Grooves Records, Sept 8/ 2012.

      The Hook Up at Grooves Records, London Ontario 9/8/12. That's new member Adam in the bright green shirt.

      16. The Hook Up...Burnin'...from the recently remastered CD, Call Up The Devil. Next week we're going to have a member or 2 or 3 live on Radio WW to yammer about music and stuff.

      17. Alligator Wine...Hidden Charms...from the Other Space Sessions download. Argentina fucked up blues/noise combo who just might have been listening to some early Simply Saucer.

      18. Chris Spedding...Motor Bikin'..from the live Friday The 13th LP. Chris Spedding visited London a number of times in the late 70's/early 80's, but somehow i never got to see him. This version of Motor Bikin' is nowhere near as good as the version by Uranus which you will hear on the next What Wave cassette coming out Oct 26th.

      19. Galileo 7...Anne Hedonia...from their about to be released LP, Staring At The Sound. Guitar player, vocalist and leader Allan Crockford was in The Prisoners, James Taylor Quartet, Thee Headcoats and many more legendary combos. For some reason his vocals remind me of Wreckless Eric.

      20. Orrie Hit Machine...Slaving Meat Wheel....local combo and no other information is available....

      21. Munday Nuns...recorded live at This Ain't Hollywood (coolest club this side of Toronto) June 3 2012. Re-united for one night only and for some reason i was deemed responsible. They fucking rocked!!!

      22. Big John Bates...Wide Open Blues...from the latest Garagepunk Hideout download, Supercharged Sounds. Vancouver based rockabilly/Rhythm and blues style combo.

      Sometimes it's tough to get a beer at Call The Office...putting your instrument up on the bar seems to help! Big John Bates bassplayer in action at Call The Office April 3 2011.

      23. Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners....High Voltage...from It Came From Canada Volume 2. Probably my all time favourite Canadian rockabilly influenced combo! No, scratch that, the BEST FUCKING ROCKABILLY combo to ever come out of Canada!! And they were WAY more than rockabilly as they delved into swing, gospel, surf instros, ballads and tons more! And they were all really nice and cool guys!! Spent way too many hours yammering to guitarist Erik Sandmark about old cartoons and bad movies.

      One of my fave pictures of Ray Condo!! Rena took this one at Call The Office, late 80's at one of their very few times to come to London. Canada's skinniest cowboy was absolutely psychotic once he strapped on his guitar and hopped up on the stage!

      24. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants...Eyes...from their latest split 7". We're lucky to have a band like this right here in sleepy London Ontario, so get out and catch these guys live whenever you can.

      25. The Living Deadbeats...Lost...from their self titled debut LP that came out this past summer. And they made 2 stops here in sleepy London Ontario!

      The Living Deadbeats, July 23 was a hot evening!

      26. The Johnnys...Motorcycle Mama...latest demo from this Toronto based combo who specialize in high energy late 70's punk.

      27. The Chocolate Watchband...Milk Cow Blues...from the Now Way Out CD on Sundazed.

      And that's a wrap, back again next week with a couple of The Hook Up members as they are in town for a little while. And the following week, Sept 27th we'll have The Bloody Diamonds on for a live to air.

      Thanx for all the phone-ins, emails, facebook messages and the HEYS!!!

      You can find the podcast here:

    • September 7, 2012 5:15 PM CDT
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      Playlist Sept 6/2012

      1. Cheap Trick....Hello There....from their In Color LP and a great way to start the show!

      2. Telephathic Butterflies...A Final Word...from their Introducing CD on Rainbow Quartz.

      3. Segarini... Gotta Have Pop...from his 1978 LP of the same name. Bob Segarini, formerly of The Dudes, Wackers etc gets in on the new wave with this powerpop LP.

      4. The Fine Print...Get You Alone....from a cassette we released on Record Store Day 2010. Local power poppers who are big fans of The Kinks and The Who.

      5. The Fine Print...Haunt You No above.

      6. Ultra 5...City Of Fire...from their House'O'Fun CD from around 1990. Drummer Ken Anderson is coming to London with his folk duo, Hungrytown tonight.

      7. The Cheshyres...Carry The News....mid 80's demo that also features Ken Anderson. Singer Wayne Pattern moved to London and ended up in The Evil Hoodoos.

      8. The Kards...Pipeline...from their Here's The Deal CD and they have their CD release party tonight here in London.

      9. Budokan...For Badgeholders Only...from their recent Spin A Little Gold CD.

      10. The noble Savages...She's So track singer Rufus sent us.

      11. Ultimatemost High...1 Of The 2...demo from about a year ago.

      12. The Hook Up...Tantrum Girls Deserve To Die...from their Call Up The Devil CD. The Hook Up are in London on Saturday afternoon, 2:30 at Grooves Records.

      13. The Hook Up...Driftwood...from their cassette C60 Go! that we released last year.

      14. Ralph...I'll Remember...from his Sophisticated Boom Boom CD from 1997. Ralph has a show of his 1977 punk rock photos as the gallery in the train station in Brantford Ontario.

      15. Terror Lake...Chitter Chatter...from a recent demo.

      16. Laughing Sky...Electric Circus...from their recent Divine CD. NYC psych combo.

      17. Walkin' Jacks...Summertime...from their recent Drop Dead CD.

      18. Tyranna....Johnny...from their self titled LP on Rave Up Records. Late 70's Toronto punk combo.

      19. Riff Randalls...Traitor Of The Heart...from their Doublecross LP i recently picked up at Speed City Records. Support your local record store as they are becoming extinct. Hits'n'Misses in Toronto is closing in a week or so.

      20. Eliza and The Strange...Crack...from their self titled debut LP. They've renamed themselve Bloody Diamonds and are coming on Radio WW on Sept 27th.

      21. Flamin' Groovies...Can't Explain...from a Skydog 7" from the early 70's.

      22. Magic Christian...Let's Shake...recent single on Schizophrenic Records outta Hamilton Ontario.

      23. The Damnsells...Legend...from their first 7".

      24. Magic Christian...Teenage Head...the flipside of the Let's Shake single played above.

      25. Evil Eyes...Good As Gold...from their brand new 7" EP. Outta Toronto.

      26. The Raunchettes...Slaughter The Pig...from a 1985 single on Jargon Records outta Rochester NY. All girl punk combo and we sent this out to Rush (Prog trio out of Toronto) who deserve this as they insulted The Runaways back in 1977 when they were in Toronto. Girls can rock harder than Rush as The Runaways proved that night!! There's a hilarious interview with Rush in Beetle, where scribe Robert Village Idiot brings out the 'real' Rush! I'll find the link and post it sometime...And it's all Ryan In The Red's fault for bringing up Rush as he found a live Rush CD in the CHRW new releases and that got me a fuming as i really don't like Rush. To put it mildly....

      27. catl...Gotta Thing For You  as we had to fade this one out.

      Thanks for all the phone-ins (I can only talk for a minute or 2, cause we're live on the air and i'm a one man show), emails, facebook messages and HEY's...

      Back next week with more noise to annoy!

      You can catch the archived show at:

    • August 31, 2012 5:56 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist....Aug 30/2012

      1. UIC...Crop Dusting... recorded live at Call The Office in London Ontario 3/16/85

      UIC at The Shamrock in Lucan Ontario 1984

      2. Elvis...Blue Moon Of Kentucky...since Aug 31st is a blue moon, this song seemed somewhat appropriate.

      3. Almighty Rhombus...Even Though...brand new from this Sudbury Ontario combo who deliver the pop.

      4. Marvelous Beauhunks...Kickin' Around...from their Do Not Resuscitate CD. Oshawa combo from the early 90's who have reformed.

      5. Budokan...All We Know Is Rock'n'Roll....from their Spin A Little Gold CD. Victoria BC combo, some of whom played in Bum.

      6. Blue Demons...Cougar Country....from their recent Boppa Do Down single. Toronto instro combo who wear masks.

      7. Pow Wows...Killing Me...from their single on Get Hip Records. Outta Toronto.

      8. Aunt Beezy...Crawl Around...Toronto area combo of which there may be some Von Drats in this band.

      9. Living Deadbeats....Lost...from their recent LP. Vancouver combo.

      10. Redline...IRA....1983 demo from this London Ontario combo, of which one member is presently in Living Deadbeats.

      11. Magic Christian...Teenage Head...from the recent single on Schizophrenic Records. Also features X Teenage Head guitarist Gord Lewis and singer Dave Rave.

      Cyril Jordan's guitars, Magic Christian, Hamilton Ontario 1/20/2009 

      12. Artful Dodger...Think Think...from their 1975 debut LP and goes out to guitarist Gary Cox who passed away recently.

      13. Flamin' Groovies...Shake Some Action...from the 1983 Line 7" and goes out to leader Cyril Jordan who is celebrating a birthday today.

      Record geek showing off his Cyril Jordan autographed single...

      14. Fist City...Buried...from their brand new La Ti Da single and they will be at Brennan's on monday night.

      15. Fist City...Cryptic above.

      16. Ultra 5....My Only Desire...recorded live at The Electric Banana in London Ontario 11/29/92. Drummer Ken Anderson is coming back to London next friday in his acoustic duo, Hungrytown.

      We got a mention in the local daily for this show!!

      17. Pelt...Mr Tarantino...from  Kingston Ontario and from a demo the band sent us about a year ago.

      18. Familiar Fiends...Shut Up Little Man...from a 7" compilation from Brantford Ontario (about an hour east of London Ontario) and the first record from Brantford in many years.

      19. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants...Eyes...from their latest single.

      20. Lonesome Ghost...Haunted By God...from the Empty Church CD. Duo outta Aylmer Ontario, a tiny farming village just outside of London.

      Lonesome Ghost at Grooves Records for Record Store Day 2010...the day we released the Lonesome Ghost cassette and probably their last ever live show...

      21. Hook Up...65 Has No Blues...from the Call Up The Devil CD. They are in town at Grooves Records for an instore on Sat Sept 7th at 2:30.

      22. Mo-dettes... Dark Park Creeping...all female combo from the UK from 1980.

      23. Bush Tetras... Das Ah Riot...from a 7" from 1981 from this NYC combo.

      24. Dennis Most...He's A Whore...from the recent Instigate Me CD. Dennis is infamous for his Excuse My Spunk song from the late 70's.

      Thanx for all the phone-ins, emails, facebook messages etc...Back next week at the same time for more noise!

      The show is archived for a couple of weeks at this location:

    • August 25, 2012 1:27 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Aug 23/2012   All female led band show as our tribute/show of solidarity for the ladies of Pussy Riot!


      1. X Ray Spex...Oh Bondage, Up Yours....from the Germ Free Adolescents CD. Anti bondage song to start the show.

      2. Poison Girls...Persons Unknown...from a split 7" on Crass Records from 1980.

      3. Poison Girls...Jump Mama Jump...from the Hex LP on Crass Records 1979.

      4. Crass...Systematic Death...from the Penis Envy LP on Crass Records.

      5. The Hook Up...Church Belles...from the Call Up The Devil CD. The Hook Up are moving to Hamilton Ontario very soon and will be back playing in this area again.

      6. The Curse...Killer Bees...from their only 7". The first all female punk band on the Toronto scene.

      7. The Poles...CN Tower...from their 1977 single.

      8. The Hippies...Nuclear Disaster...1982 7" from London Ontario.

      9. The Zellots...Blades...1980 demo from London Ontario. The Zellots will be reuniting on Oct 26th for our opening party of the Underground Graphics London Ontario 1977 to 1990 show.

      10. The Lunachicks...Get Off The Road...from a double 7".

      11. Lost Patrol...No Escape...from their very first single and only record that features original vocalist Chris Larche.

      12. The Stolen Minks...Bring It...from their High Kicks CD.

      13. Big Maybelle...One Monkey Don't Stop The Show...1954 session on Okeh Records.

      14. Wanda Jackson...Riot In Cell Block # 9...from the Heart Trouble CD and this features Lux and Ivy of The Cramps.

      15. Jane Doe...Dance With Me Henry...local single from the mid 80's that featured a number of prominent locals.

      16. Celia And The Mutations...Mony Mony...1977 single with The Stranglers as the backup band.

      17. Joan Jett...Roadrunner...from the Fit To Be Tied CD, a greatest hits compilation.

      18. The Cubes...On A Leash...from their 1979 7" on Tremor Records.

      19. White Lung...Viva La Rat...from their It's The Evil CD.

      20. Meow....Kill Kill Kill...from their first 7" on Twist Like This Records out of Texas. The band was from Vancouver and released an excellent CD on Mint Records and features Neko Case on drums and vocals.

      21. Meow... above.

      22. Plasmatics...Monkey Suit...from their first LP, New Hope For The Wretched from 1980 on Stiff Records.

      23. Stolen Minks...Minks Riot...from their very first CD. Halifax all girl garagepunk combo who came to London a few times and rocked the house!

      24. Vagiants...Alright...from a promo CD and recorded right here  in London at Call The Office. This features J-Rod on vocals and guitar, who went on to....

      25. Angry Dragons...Snake Apartment...from their first 7".

      26. Tyranna...Shockface...from the Rave Up LP. Late 70's Toronto punkers who finally get a full length.

      27. Eliza and the Strange...Baby Don't Be Nice...from their self titled debut LP. They've since renamed themselves Bloody Diamonds and are coming to London the last thursday of September.

      Out of time...thanx for all the phone-ins, requests, emails etc. Back next week at the same time.

      Here's the link to the archived show:

    • August 18, 2012 1:15 PM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist.....Aug 16/2012

      For this particular show, we started one hour early, 5PM and played London Ontario combos from the late 70's up to about 1990. The reason, we're doing a big show on Oct 26th, called Underground Graphics London 1977 to 1990 which will be a visual display of the posters, zines, artwork etc from that era. This visual display will be at Forest City Gallery here in London. And for opening night, we've got a big bash planned featuring 4 local bands from the above era reuniting for the night; The Enemas, NFG, The Zellots and Uranus. It'll be an action packed night of rock'n'roll!  And if that isn't enough, we're bringing back our zine, What Wave for an all local issue that will be released at the opening of the show. We're also releasing a 90m cassette of almost all unreleased tunes from local bands from the 1977 to 1990 era. Some of those tunes may have been played in part 1 of the show.

      Part 1.....London Ontario bands

      1. NFG....Weekend Punx....recorded live in the late 70's/early 80' one is sure where it was recorded.

      2. UIC....Telephone...recorded live at Call The Office 3/16/85

      3. The Finks...Don't Bring Me Down....1987 demo

      4. Evil Hoodoos....Just Like recording, possibly from The Brunswick Hotel.

      5. B5 Blue...Lift Up Your recording from The Brunswick Hotel.

      6. Sheep Look Up...Civil Disobedience...from a cassette they released in 1982.

      7. Radio 4...The Remedy...early 80's demo recorded by Chris Richards.

      8. The Zellots...Blades...1980 demo.

      9. The Generics....I Wanted To Be A Punk....1983 basement demo.

      10. Condo Christ....Patriotic Fever...demo

      11. The Terminals...Spiderman...from a retrospective CD called Violence As Usual.

      12. The Stoves...Can't Slow Down...recorded live at The Cedar Lounge 1979.

      13. Uranus....Dixie Fried...from a live broadcast on CFNY 1980.

      14. The Sci-Phonics....7 Nights To Rock...recorded live at Worley Roadhouse 12/5/92

      15. Tuerto Loco....Nancy Sinatra...recorded live on Radio What Wave 5/12/11.

      And that's the end of part 1....this portion of the show, should be archived for about 2 weeks at:

      Part 2....ELVIS That's The Way To Spell Success...our trib to Elvis who passed away 35 years ago on the day this show aired.

      16.Elvis...Heartbreak in Little Rock 5/16/56

      17. Elvis...Interview after the above show in Little Rock.

      18. Elvis...I'll Never Let You Go...

      19. Elvis...That's All Right.

      20 Orion....Rockabilly Rebel...from the Rockabilly LP from 1980 on Sun Records. This guy sang, moved and kind of looked like Elvis, but for one thing. He wore a mask so you couldn't tell his real identity. But the chicks dug it, so Orion was able to have a career milking the dead Elvis schtick. He was killed in a botched robbery several years after retiring the act.

      21. Orion....Lover Please...from the 1979 LP. Reborn on Sun Records.

      22. Janice K....Hard Headed Woman...from a 1987 home demo. Janice K is from Nebraska and is one of the few female Elvis acts. She has the chops to back it up, as she saw Elvis live many times and was even a guest at one of the King's many parties. Janice K has been featured on many of the mainstream talk shows (Oprah, Inside Edition etc) the mainstream press (People magazine) and even several What Wave cassettes!

      23. Janice K...One above.

      24. El Vez...Hurarches Azules...from the Graciasland CD on SFTRI. The Mexican Elvis, and like Janice K has had lots of mainstream press. El Vez was formerly in a punk band that you probably know of, The Zeros.

      25. Boy From Nowhere....Burnin' Love...1987 demo from local rock'n'roll combo.

      26. Frank Ridsdale...Mystery Train...recorded live on Radio WW 10/16/10.

      27. Cowboy Project...All Shook Up...brand new local combo who could have members that are also in The Kards and/or Robbie Antone's Blues Machine.

      28. Cowboy Project...Jailhouse above.

      29. Jane Doe...There's A Guy Works Down The Chipstore Swears He's Elvis...local combo from the mid 80's who released just this one 7".

      30. Peter Singh...Elvis I'm On The Phone...1982 7" on Albion Records in which Elvis comes on at the end and explains that he's not really dead.

      31. The Supreme Bagg Team...Crankin' With Elvis...from Mr Garager's Neighbourhood LP that we released in 1989 on OG Records.

      32. Deja Voodoo....Let Elvis Die...from It Came From Canada Volume 5, 1989 OG Records.

      33. Chris Houston...Baby Jesus Looks Like Elvis...from It Came From Canada Volume 3, 1988 OG Records. Chris was a former member of The Forgotten Rebels....

      34. Forgotten Rebels...Elvis Is Dead...from the In Love With The System LP on Star Records.

      35. Satan's Cheerleaders...Tribute To Elvis...from the Infinity CD on SFTRI. That's Vampira doing the double tracked vocals.

      36. Crawlspace...The Devil Talks In Tongues...from the In The Gospel Zone LP on Bona Fide Records 1988.

      37. Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper...(619) 239-KING...from the Root Hog or Die LP. I could not find a copy of Elvis Is Everywhere, their semi-hit!

      38. Gun Club...For The Love Of Ivy...from their debut, 1981's Fire Of Love with the immortal words; 'All Dressed Up Like An Elvis From Hell'.

      39. Janis Martin...My Boy Elvis...from the Wild Wild Young Woman compilation LP on Rounder Records.

      40. Wanda Jackson...closes the show talking about Elvis as we've run out of time once more.

      Thanx for all the crazy phone calls, emails, facebook messages etc...this 2 parter was a blast to do!

      The show is archived for a couple of weeks at:

      Next show, Thursday Aug 23rd, 6PM EST is going to be an all female show to show some solidarity with the women of Pussy Riot who have been found guilty of 'hooliganism'.

    • August 10, 2012 10:20 AM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist Thursday Aug 9/2012

      When i arrived to do the show, there was a pre-recorded segment airing...(ie nobody was at the station and they were playing some show that had been broadcast prior) so i hijacked the station and started at about 5:30PM, hence the longer playlist.

      1. X Ray Spex....Let's Submerge...from their Germ Free Adolescents LP from 1978. 'We're going the the underground' has always been a battle call for underground music in my books!!

      2. catl...Got A Thing For You...from their latest CD, Soon This Will All Be Gone.catl in action at Call The Office 4/25/10

      3. Eddie Coffin and His Invisible Men...Invisible Boogie....Hamilton blues punk combo.

      4. Eddie Coffin and His Invisible Men...Them Alley Cat above. Crude, rude and fun blues the way it should be done!

      5. Bobby Fuller 4....Nervous Breakdown with a promo for a show on Friday Aug 10th...only $1 at the door!

      6. Light Bulb Alley....Pepper Spray....from the Garagepunk Hideout compilation CD, We Love Trash!

      A well attired Light Bulb Alley after a show at Brennan's 4/21/12

      7. The Hypnotics...Here She Comes Now...from their Static Fuzz Radio LP and they will be playing tonight in Windsor at FM Lounge. And singer/guitarist Dave has a radio show called Revolution Rock, every tuesday 10:30AM - 12 Noon on CJAM out of Windsor University...well worth checking out!

      8. The Dustaphonics...Catwoman's Strut...from their Party Girl CD on Dirty Water Records.

      9. The Blue Demons...Cougar Country...from a new 7" on Boppa Do Down Records outta Toronto.

      10. Drive Train...Time Is Of The Essence...7" on Tombstone Records from 1988.

      11. Wax Mannequin..R&R abbreviation for Rock'n'roll will never die and from The Price CD and a request.

      12. Familiar Fiends...Shut Up Little Man...from a brand new 7" compilation called BTFD Rock Vol 1 and from Brantford Ontario...about an hour east of sleepy London Ontario.

      13. Tyranna...My Neighbour....from the recent Rave Up LP and this particular song was recorded at The Edge (Toronto new wave/punk club that closed down June 1981) as Wayne/Jayne County was recording a live LP there that night and someone offered to record Tyranna as well.

      14. Evil Eyes...Honey Please...from their brand new 7" and we've been informed that drummer Craig Leather Upper is doing his last show with the band tonite at Mitzi's in Toronto.

      15. Persian Claws....Mysterious Mystery...from a demo and goes out to Rufus Noble Savage as we were talking about this band the other day and i said this was my fave song by them.

      16. Radio Birdman....Aloha Steve and Danno...from a 7" and goes out to Mike Baarda as he asked about Chris Masuak who will be at Call The Office on Sept 28th doing Birdman, Screaming Tribesmen, Hitmen, New Christs and other songs from his long illustrious career.

      17. New Christs...Born Out Of Time...from the Detritus 12". One of those songs that just bleeds honesty and energy!!! I'm trying to convince Chris Masuak to play this song when he comes to London....any help appreciated!

      18. The Hitmen...Rock'n'Roll Soldiers...from the 78-82 LP on Survival Records.

      19. 63 Monroe...Strike 3...from their Rave Up LP which collects some of their early tracks. Singer Steven R Stunning and his fiancee have a Buck And Doe happening this weekend at Call The Office with 63 Monroe, Johnny Terrien, Alcohollys, Jayne Mansfield's Head and several other bands playing.

      63 Monroe back in The Cedar Lounge in London Ontario.

      20. 63 Monroe...Give 'em Up....recorded on closing night at The Cedar Lounge, May1/82.

      21. 63 Monroe...Hijack Victim...from the Rave Up LP.

      22. Alcohollys...don't know the name of the song, but it was recorded at Call The Office 7/23/12.

      23. Fist City...Buried....this is the start of our La Ti Da Records special as we received a bunch of new releases....and Fist City come to London monday Sept 3rd...

      24. Tranzmitors...Concrete Depression....another brand new La Ti Da release.

      Tranzmitors at Call The Office 5/8/2011

      25. Needles/Pins....Getting On Home...another  brand new La Ti Da release from this Vancouver power/pop styled combo.

      26. React....Sounds That I've Heard...another brand new La Ti Da release. 2 members of The Tranzmitors form a new combo that ventures into late 60's freakbeat style sounds!

      27. Ballantynes....Misery....yet another brand new La Ti Da release.

      28. Ballantynes...The Railtown Abbey...from their previous La Ti Da 7" and a fave around Radio WW!

      29. The Reply...Memphis Train...since we're on a soul kick, let's play this demo from our fave soul/mod/garage/R&B combo from Toronto.

      The Reply at Brennan's, Apr 21/2012

      30. The Living Deadbeats...Beauty Of The Rose...from their recent LP.

      Living Deadbeats....Call The Office 7/23/12

      31. The Bomboras...He's Waiting....recorded live at Call The Office, 11/98. That was the night that was the night keyboardist Jake Cavaliere set his keyboard on fire!! Obviously part of the act, but it was a sight to pics from that night unfortunatly.

      32. UIC....What I Want....recorded live at Call The Office 3/16/85 and had to cut this short as the clock on the wall says it's time for Ryan In The Red to takeover with his Freakout show!!!

      Back again next week with a special called....E L V I S...That's The Way to Spell Success!

      It's the 35th anniversary of The King's passing so we're gonna play some tributes to Elvis, poke some fun at him and you'll hear some songs you won't hear anywhere else, all in the name of Elvis!  Here's a link to the facebook event for the show:

      And here's a link to this show and a few previous shows:

      Thanx for all the phone-ins, requests, emails, facebook messages and HEYS!!!

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