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    • June 14, 2021 6:44 PM CDT
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      Untitled title


      Radio What Wave June 14th 2021 Playlist




      1. Gruesomes…..What Wave…..from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood, OG Records 1989
      2. Edgar Breau…Flag Of The World….from the brand new Shadows Of ecstasy release. Edgar was/is lead guitarist vocalist for Simply Saucer and this was the first project he did when SS ended originally. It’s taken almost 30 years, but this is finally out!
      3. Luckies….Lover’s Curse….download from this Montreal rock’n’roll/rockabilly outfit. Had the pleasure of seeing them at The Wheel via the internet a couple weeks back and really enjoyed them!
      4. Nathaniel Mayer….Village Of Love….1962 release on Fortune Records out of Detroit and a great mixture of doowop and soul.
      5. Dany Laj and the Looks….You and Me….from their brand new Ten Easy Pieces release that just came out on vinyl and CD. Copies are going fast and really looking forward to Dany Laj coming back to London to play some of these songs.
      6. Miesha & The Spanks….SOS…..from their recent Singles EP and from Calgary.
      7. Tuns….Keeping Options Open….from the recent Duly Noted release. Features Mike O’Neil from the Inbreds, Chris Murphy from Sloan and Matt Murphy from Super Friends. Kind of a super power pop type combo!  Saw them a couple years ago at Call The Office and they sound as good live as on record.
      8. Spy’s….Underground…..originally came out on a 1980 7” and the band has remastered this for the online market. Spy’s were from Windsor Ontario and used to play the Cedar Lounge here in London fairly often, before renaming themselves The Nelsons.
      9. Satanic Togas….Strange Attraction….recent single on Goodbye Boozy Records and from Australia.
      10. Space Slave….Yeah….from the Spacement Tapes and from London Ontario. One of the many Shawn MacDonald bands in this town and all are really good!
      11. Ultra 5….Mystery Track….from their 1991 Reincarnation release and from NYC.  They played London once, back in late 1992 at the Electric Banana.
      12. Bob Bryden & Long Day Journey….Happenin’ Street….from the brand new Love In The Atomic Age which is now hitting record stores thanks to Bob driving all over the place.
      13. Mononegatives….Neighbots….from the brand new Apparatus Division release and from London Ontario. First press of the record sold out immediately and second pressing is in the works.  I’ve seen a couple of great reviews of this one and it certainly lives up to them.
      14. Petroleum Byproduct….Mad About Plaid…from the 2009 Superficial Artificial release and from Vancouver.
      15. JJ Burnel….Do The European….from his 1979 solo Euroman Cometh release. JJ is the longtime bass player for the Stranglers.
      16. Kevin Dunn….Nadine….from the compilation Declaration Of Independents that came out in 1979. A totally different take on the Chuck Berry standard with the electronics in the forefront. Kevin was the guy who engineered the very first version of Rock Lobster, prior to the B52’s going big time.
      17. Autogramm….Bad Day…from the recent No Rules release and from Vancouver.
      18. The Perks….McPig….from their only 7” that came out in 1978 and from London Ontario. A bunch of highschool kids decide to make a record and this is what came out.                                           This is the beginning of a set that looked at Awes Recording Studio (and label) which was based in downtown London and was the first studio in this area to record punk/new wave.
      19. Friendly Fire….Junior Senility….from their 1979 4 song EP that was on the Awes label. Looking for any kind of info on this band as no one I’ve talked to knows anything about this mystery band.
      20. Uranus…..53 Buick….from their 1978 4 song EP on Awes Records. Uranus went on to the Trilogy label where they had a top 10 hit with You’re So Square 2 years later.
      21. Demics….Factories….from the NYC CD on OPM Records.  Recorded in Feb 1978, 2 months after the band’s very first show and gives you an idea of how fast the Demics were evolving back then.
      22. Demics….Talk’s Cheap….as above and this is a different version than what is on their Talk’s Cheap EP.
      23. Boy From Nowhere….Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White….recorded live at St Stephans Hall here in London 6/15/1985.  This is from our wedding bash as are the next 2 bands.
      24. UIC….Nowhere To Run…..recorded live at St Stephan’s Hall as above.
      25. 3D Invisibles…..5 Year Mission….from a 1984 7” and this Detroit combo were the headliners at the above bash.
      26. Ultra 5…My Only Desire….from their 1992 House O’Fun release and features Tara on the lead vocals.
      27. Amy Rigby….Dancing With Joey Ramone….from her 2005 Little Fugitive release and covered by many since as it’s such a great tune!
      28. Government….Only Drive My Car…..from the 1979 Electric Eye release and from Toronto.  One of the few late 70’s new wave/punk combos from Toronto that didn’t play London.
      29. Gary US Bonds….I Wanta Holler….from the compilation  Songs We Taught The Detroit Cobras.
      30. King Khan….King Of The Jungle…..from his 3 Hairs and You’re Mine release from 2001.  Right around the time of this release, King Khan and His Shrines played Call The Office here in London and there were as many people in the band as in the crowd! The band still put on a stellar show and have never come back since…
      31. Cramps…. Get Off The Road….from the 12” of the same name and came out in 1986.
      32. Cramps….Kizmiaz….from the 12” of the same name and came out in 1986
      33. Melissa McClelland….Passenger 24….from the 2006 Thumbelina’s One Night Stand release. First heard this on the excellent Renny’s Riot that happens every Wednesday at 1:30 on CKCU.
      34. Tom Wilson….I’m In Love With The System….from his 2006 Dog Years release and from Hamilton Ontario.
      35. Jerry Jerry & The Sons Of Rhythm Orchestra…..Bad Idea….from their 1985 Road Gore release on OG Records and from Edmonton.
      36. Flamin’ Groovies….Comin’ After Me…..from their 1970 Flamingo release.
      37. Gene Vincent….Race With The Devil….from a Greatest Hits release.
      38. Randall Pee Coltrane…..Vaxanation Blues…..recent single and a timely one!


       Heard every Monday at 6PM on radiowestern CHRW 94.9FM out of London Ontario Canada


      Thanx to all that took the time to listen to the show, and/or send an email, text, message, Hey, mail, smoke signals etc!


      Next week our theme is summer as we’ll be airing on June 21.


    • June 28, 2021 5:38 PM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist June 28/2021.  Canada Day Special

      All Canadian acts on this one, as Canada Day is just a couple days away. This is barely scratching the surface as there is so much great talent in Canada.

      1. Nomeansno…..Oh Canaduh…..from a 1991 7” and a cover of a Subhumans song. 
      2. Deja Voodoo…..Blast Off…from their 1986 Swamp Of Love release and from Montreal.  Tony and Gerard of Deja Voodoo were OG Records back then and they put out loads of cool releases,  many of which topped the college radio charts across Canada back in the mid to late 80’s. Check out any of their legendary It Came From Canada series for a look at great Canadian music in the 80’s.
      3. K.V. Raucous & The Cavedwellers….  It Came from the Swamp….from his recent Beach Party At Drac’s and this is a one man band from Calgary.
      4. UIC….Green Lady…from their Wiseman Sessions, recorded in the late 80’s and properly released in 2016 on Yeah Right Records. Personally I think if this was released when it was originally recorded, things would have gone much different for UIC and they would have been playing much larger gigs.
      5. TVD…C’mon And Tell Me Off….from their recent Avec release and from right here in London Ontario. 3 vets of the late 70’s punk scene that have still got it and have a great time playing.
      6. Enchanters….Torture Chamber….from their latest 7” and it’s on Transistor 66 Records out of Winnipeg. Enchanters home base is Toronto and have played London at least once.
      7. Lowdown Dirty Mojos….Mystic Highway 6….from the brand new Stone Cold Groovers release and from Hamilton Ontario. Singer/guitarist Paul Wootton got his start in The Sinners, one of the first combos to release vinyl in the London Ontario punk scene.
      8. Chuckee Zehr….Finish What We Started…..from her recent Laugh Lines Crow’s Feet release and from London Ontario.
      9. Nash The Slash….Fever Dream….from his 1978 Bedside Companion release and from Toronto.
      10. Roger Zuraw….Fine Weather Blues….from his 2019 Remembering The Lakeshore release and from Etobicoke.
      11. Stompin’ Tom Connors…..The Hockey Song….from the 1972 Hockey Song release and a timely song. You can’t get any more Canadian than The Stomper!
      12. Bloodshot Bill…..High & Dry…..from a 7” on Norton Records from 2007. 
      13. Dany Laj & The Looks….Till Jockey’s Lament….from their brand new 10 Easy Pieces release. Once things get back somewhat to normal, hopefully Dany Laj will come back to London to play again as it’s been way too long!!
      14. Cluttered….The Toll….from a brand new release called Accidents and from Halifax.
      15. Joey Shithead Keithley & His Band Of Rebels….When Power Came To Canada….2007 release and from Burnaby BC where Joey is a city councillor.
      16. The Supreme Bagg Team….Flip Flip Flip….from a 1988 7” and from Toronto. Future UIC guitarist Dave Dysart was in this combo.
      17. Chris Houston….Einstein’s Brain’s In Hamilton….from a 2013 7” and supposedly a true story.
      18. Blackie & The Rodeo Kings….Leen On Your Peers….from their 1999 Kings Of Love release and Congrats to Tom Wilson on his 2012 City Of Hamilton Award for Life Time Achievement Honoree for his work over the years as an author, musician and painter.
      19. Tom Wilson…Super Sun Natural…from his 2006 Dog Years release.
      20. Florida Razors….New York’s Screamin’…from their Half A Rock’n’Roll Record mid 80’s and this was the first of many bands we’ve met Tom Wilson in over the years.
      21. Teenage Head….Top Down….from a 1978 7” and sometimes referred to as the Beach Boys version due to the great harmony vocals.
      22. The Poles….CN Tower….from a 1977 7” and from Toronto.
      23. Edgar Breau…..Flag Of The World….from his recent Shadows Of ecstasy release and from Hamilton. Edgar is the guitarist/vocalist and long time member of Simply Saucer.
      24. Bob Bryden and Long Day Journey….Flower Balm….from their recent Love In The Atomic Age that Bob is hand delivering to record stores across the region. Check your fave record store for this one.
      25. Ugly Ducklings….That’s Just A Thought That I Had In My Mind…..from a 1966 7” and the first record I ever bought by this band. And on their Somewhere Outside long player.
      26. Evaporators…..Winnipeg ’64….from a 1993 7” from this Vancouver combo that features Nardwuar the Human Serviette on vocals and attitude.
      27. Deverons….She’s Your Lover….from a compilation called Wyld Canada and is one of the bands that Nardwuar mentions, as is…..
      28. The Quid….Crazy Things…..from a 1965 7”
      29. Painted Ship…..And She Said Yes…..from a compilation called Wyld Canada and from Vancouver. Led by Captain William Hay, this combo released only 2 singles, both double sided monsters!
      30. Haunted….1 2 5…..from a 1966 7” and from Montreal.
      31. A Passing Fancy…..I’m Losing Tonight….from 1968 Toronto and re-ished on Ugly Pop Records a few years ago. The single has way more wallop than the album version of this song.
      32. Gruesomes….What’s Your Problem….from their debut longplayer, Tyrants Of Teen Trash on OG Records from 1986 and available via Ricochet Sound on CD.
      33. Drums Along The Gardiner…..Fish….from their only 7” and from Toronto 1988.
      34. Stolen Minks…..Boys On The Floor…..from their debut release from 2005 and from Halifax.
      35. Smugglers…..Canadian Ambassadors….from their 1992 Atlanta Whiskey Flats release and this band was indeed filled with Canadian Ambassadors.
      36. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet….Our Weapons Are Useless….from their debut single from 1985 and from Toronto.


      Big Thanx to all that took some time to listen, send an email, message, text, shoutout, hey etc!! Back again next week in the same timeslot.

    • July 19, 2021 5:04 PM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist July 19/2021 London Music Club Special


      This show is about the recently closed down, London Music Club. In its 17 or so years existence, this club hosted literally a ton of bands/artists from around the world. Today on Radio WW, we’re going to play some of the many that we saw there over the years. And we talk a little about the club in between sets.

      1. Gruesomes….What Wave….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood 1989 OG Records.
      2. Spit Jr…..Emotional Suitcase….brand new single from Spit Jr. Spit played solo and with several bands, including Dashboard Rattle at the London Music Club (LMC).
      3. Edgar Breau….from his recent Flag Of The World release and Edgar, along with Simply Saucer bassists Kevin Christoff put on an amazing set at LMC many years ago.
      4. CJ Lee….Blaxland City Line….from his recent Hitchcock Sequel release and he’s an Australian living in the Exeter Ontario area now.  CJ’s live shows are rumoured to be fantastic!
      5. Ginger St James…. Hair Of The Blackdog…from her 2016 One For The Money and we got to see Ginger for a memborable show at the LMC.
      6. Chuckee Zehr….Shake Like Elvis…. From her recent Laugh Lines Crows Feet release and Chuckee played LMC many times over the years.
      7. Wanda Jackson….Funnel Of Love…from the 2003 Heart Trouble release featuring Lux and Ivy of The Cramps. It was mind bogling to see Wanda in such an intimate performance with The Rizdales backing her up.
      8. Tom Wilson….I’m In Love With The System….from his 2006 Dog Years release and it was a packed show when we saw Tom at the LMC.
      9. Frank Ridsdale and Slugfest….The Water Road….from their 2006 release, The Port. Frank has played LMC countless times, even hosting Christmas and New Years parties there.
      10. Dashboard Rattle….1979….from their self titled release and we’ve only seen Dashboard once, and it was at the LMC.
      11. Bloodshot Bill….Love Me Twice….from his 2016 Guitar Boy on Norton Records. The first time we brought Bill into town, this is where we had the show. The Dropouts and Black Holes were also on the bill and the show rocked out and introduced a lot of people to Bill. Next time we brought Bill into town was at the Victoria Tavern, as part of our Rockabilly Massacre series of shows.
      12. Black Holes….Miss Pearl….recorded live at the Brunswick.  Black Holes were from London and my fave local rockabilly band to go see.
      13. Jason & The Nomads….Earthquake….from his 2006 Warpspeed Ahead release and from London. Jason performed at the LMC as part of the rockabilly shows that Shakin’ Kats (heard Wednesday evenings here on radiowestern) used to put on. They brought many fine bands to the LMC.
      14. Paul James….Good Old Rock’n’Roll…from his 1984 Almost Crazy release. Only saw Paul at the LMC once, but man oh man that was one wild and crazy show!! One of my all time fave shows at the LMC!
      15. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats…Halfway To Memphis….from their Rip It Up release and from London Ontario. Heard a rumour that they might be doing some new recording in the near future.
      16. Royal Crowns…Greasy Corpse…from their 32 Miles From Memphis release and feature Teddy Fury on the tubs.  We’ve seen these guys live a few times, every show is nothing short of fantastic! So precise, so clean, so perfect!!
      17. 24th Street Wailers…. Spitfire….from their 2015 Where Evil Grows release. Another shitkicker of a show and we were hoping they would come back, but never happened.
      18. Twin Fin…Let’s Get Drinkin’…from their 2015 Whiskey Wine & Venom Blood release and from London.
      19. Andre Bisson….How Many Times….from his 2017 Break release. Took a chance on this show as we weren’t familiar with the band, but they had horns so we went. We were very pleasantly surprised as the horns sounded so clear and loud at the LMC.
      20. Galea….Come On In My Kitchen….from her 2005 Diary Of A Bad Housewife release. Galea has played LMC many times, as part of her Galvanizers and in Slugfest.
      21. Pack AD…. Snow….from their 2007 debut, Tintype. Pack AD played here a couple times until they had enough of a fanbase to pack Call The Office.
      22. TVD…I’m Not In Love….from their recent Avec release and TVD played as part of a bash put on my Larry and Cathy to celebrate their anniversary a couple years ago. This was a really fun show as most everyone knew everyone else and I even got to DJ between sets.
      23. Dropouts….Sucker Punch….from their 2005 After School Specials release and from London. They did their last London show here, prior to moving to Vancouver.
      24. Evil Farm Children….Border Blaster….from their Evilling release from 2008 and they played LMC as part of Rena’s birthday bash a few years back.
      25. The Speaking Tongues….Run To My Door….from their 2008 self titled debut and they played with Evil Farm Children at Rena’s LMC bash.
      26. White Cowbell Oklahoma….Take Me Down To Mexico….from their soon to be released Textos Raros Volume 1 2001 to 2021. One of only 2 bands we’re playing today that didn’t play the LMC.
      27. Dany Laj & The Looks….Pick It Up….from their brand new Ten Easy Pieces and the second and last band we’re playing today that didn’t play the LMC.
      28. Young Rival….T Shirt and Shorts….from their 2010 self titled release and from Hamilton.  Young Rival played with Pack AD at one of their LMC shows.
      29. Johnny Terrien & the Bad Lieutenants….The Grey and the Black….from their 2017 Half Wits release and a Demic cover. RIP to JD Weatherstone, Demics drummer who passed away yesterday.
      30. 63 Monroe…Dear John…from their 2006 Last Exit To Rawk’n’Roll release and from London Ontario.
      31. Black Frame Spectacle….Bust Out The Boogie…from their 2012 Grady Sessions II release and they played with Pack AD at LMC.
      32. Mountain Of Wolves….Call My Name….from their 2017 self titled release and from London Ontario.
      33. Comos….One Step Back….from their 2006 Bandwidth release. Comos held their record release party here and it was packed to the rafters!   LMC was great about having record/CD release parties.
      34. Cordcalling….When I Scream….from their 2010 Obsessed By The Light release and from London Ontario.
      35. Rizdales…High Heeled Homewrecker….from their 2007 Radio Country release and they played LMC many times.
      36. Frank Ridsdale…..Mod Mod World….from his 2003 Mod World Old World release and Frank played LMC countless times over the years.

      Big Thanx to all that took time to listen, read the above, send texts, messages, emails, phone calls etc….

      And Thanx to Pete Denomme and his crew at the London Music Club for playing host to so many great artists/bands over the years!

      Back again next week and we’ll do a trib to Jimmy Weatherstone, Demics drummer, who passed away yesterday.

    • August 9, 2021 5:05 PM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist August 9/2021


      1. Gruesomes…..What Wave…..from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood OG Records 1989.
      2. CJ Lee….Nowhere Bound Train….from his recent Hitchcock Sequel release and a former Aussie living in Exeter Ontario. This guy plays around and you gotta check out his live shows!
      3. Spit Jr…Emotional Suitcase….latest single from this local dynamo. Check out the video for this as it’s a fun one.
      4. Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers….All Mae….from the recent Tremblin’ double CD on Dirty Water Records. A greatest hits comp that covers their career so far.
      5. Tami Neilson….Sister Mavis….from her recent Chick A Boom! release and a Canadian living in New Zealand. Tami’s toured through London twice, caught her most recent show and it was Fantastic!! Can’t wait for Tami to come back through this area.
      6. Lowdown Dirty Mojos….Shotgun Wedding….from their recent Stone Cold Groovers release and from Hamilton. Lead singer/guitarist Paul Wootton used to play in Spiral Scratch many years ago and next week we’ll be playing some live Spiral Scratch from 8/17/1981 as part of a special covering the 40th anniversary of Doug and Rose’s Stag party at the Cedar Lounge. We’ll also be playing some….
      7. Certain General….Touch…..from a 2018 7” of 1981 recordings, when they made their first appearance here in London Ontario. We’ll be playing that first appearance on next week’s show. We’ll also be spinning some tracks from the about to be released Downtown double vinyl release. This will be recordings from 1981, a few have been released prior, but in Downtown they’ve been cleaned up and re-mastered. Heard a few tracks and it sounds Fantastic!
      8. Mononegatives….Living In The Age….from the recent Apparatus Division release and from right here in London Ontario.
      9. Deadly Hearts….The Wobble….from a self titled release from 2011 and from Halifax. Features Myles Deck who has played in many bands since and before.
      10. Link Wray….Run Chicken Run….from his Early Recordings on the Ace label.
      11. Routes….Can’t Be Helped….from their recent Instrumentals II on Groovie Records and this combo is from Japan. Just heard the Routes have yet another brand new release.
      12. ZZ Top….Jesus Just Left Chicago….from the 1973 Tres Hombres release and goes out to Dusty Hill who passed very recently.
      13. ZZ Top…..Bar-B-Q….from the Rio Grande Mud release from 1972.
      14. Moving Sidewalks….99th Floor….from the self titled release on Eva records and was recorded in 1967. This was ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons former band and this song used to be covered locally by 63 Monroe.
      15. Undertakers….Unchain My Heart….1966 recording on the compilation Texas Punk Groups From the 60’s.  Most of you have probably heard the Gruesomes version of this one.
      16. The Outcasts….I’m In Pittsburgh….1966 recording on the compilation Flashback Volume 2 and these guys were from San Antonio Texas.
      17. The Spades….We Sell Soul….1965 recording from the compilation Epitaph For A Legend. This features Roky Erickson on vocals/guitar prior to him joining the 13th Floor Elevators.
      18. Bob Bryden & Long Day Journey…Mr Blues Takes A Trip…from the recent Love In The Atomic Age and is available as double vinyl or single CD at many indy record stores now.
      19. Hook Up….Silver Kiss….from their 2011 Tomorrow And Today release and were based in Montreal when this was released. They played London many times, including a live to air on Radio WW several years ago.
      20. High Dials….Diamonds In The Dark…from their 2003 A New Devotion and from Montreal
      21. Sunday Sinners….It’s So Lonely…from their 2006 Sweet Jam release and also from Montreal.
      22. Deadly Snakes…Graveyard Shake…from their 2001 I’m Not Your Soldier Anymore. Around this time they played Call The Office and Greg Cartwright (Oblivion) was in the band which was kind of neat to see and hear.
      23. TVD…Don’t Ask Me…from their recent Avec release and from London Ontario.
      24. Chickens….Superbee….from their self titled release that came out in 2000 and is 4/5 of UIC.
      25. Steel River….Southbound Train….from their 1971 A Better Road release.
      26. Pointed Sticks….She’s Not Alone Anymore….from their 2009 3 Lefts Make A Right release and from Vancouver. This was their first reunion release and sounds almost the same as their late 70’s/early 80’s records.
      27. The Move….Do Ya….from their Best of and is a 1972 recording.
      28. Small Faces…. All Or Nothing….from the Decca Years box set and this is a 1967 recording.
      29. Small Faces….Whatcha Gonna Do About It….as above.
      30. Secrets….I’ll Cry Tomorrow….from the Teenage Rampage CD version that came out in 1997 on OPM Records. Love the bass line on this track, played by John Hamilton, who had been the Diodes drummer prior to joining the Secrets.
      31. Diodes….Shapes Of Things To Come….from the Time Damage Live 1978 release on Rave Up Records. This is what went out over the airwaves of CHUM FM back 3/3/1978 as this was a live to air deal that had some backroom dealings to get played onair. And according to the Diodes, this is what they really sounded like live back then.
      32. Diodes….Child Star…live recording from Call The Office 11/18/2001 on their last visit here. John Hamilton wasn’t drumming, he was playing keyboards that night and they had a fill in drummer.
      33. Plugz…. Better Luck….from their 1981 Better Luck release and from East LA.
      34. Godfrey & Friends….Down Whittier Blvd….from the compilation East Side Sound Volume 2 that came out in 2000.
      35. Mark & The Escorts….Get Your Baby… above.
      36. Blendells….Get Your Baby… above and a different take on the same song.
      37. The Brat….Highschool….from the compilation Los Angelinos and came out in 1983.


      Thanks for taking the time to tune in, or read the above, send an email, text, message, phone, mail, telegram and telegraph to keep us informed.

      Next week we’re doing a special on Doug and Rose’s Stag that was held on Aug 17/1981 at the Cedar Lounge. 5 bands played that night; Nach Dem Tode, Radio 4, Spiral Scratch, Zellots and from NYC Certain General. We’ll be playing the live recordings of 4 of these bands (haven’t located NDT’s recording from that night) and also playing a bit of the soon to be released Downtown, a double vinyl record that was recorded right around the same time.


      Upcoming Live Shows

      Full Throttle is at Dundas And Sons Brewing Company this Saturday at 10PM.

      Galea and the Galvinators are at Port Burwell this Saturday at 8PM

      63 Monroe is at the Richmond with James Clark Hangover August 21

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