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  • 2014, Finally posting some songs I liked or played alot...ho hum type of year. Just a note to everyone, facebook killed my old page because it wasnt a person, it still isnt but got a new one now.

    The Lupines Ohio Over the Moon 

    Doctopus Wobbegong Wobbegong

    Ming City Rockers Chic and the Motherfuckers Ming City Rockers
    Sick Hyenas Handle Song Sick Hyenas

    The Experimental Tropic Blues Band She Could be My Daughter The Belgians
    Black Pistol Fire Dimestore Heartthrop Hush Or Lush

    Black Manila Keep Your Head On Beach Parade
    Limones Negros No Feeling Limones Negros

    Spider Bags Summer of 79 Spider bags
    zig zags Down the drain zig zags

    Jonah Gold & His Silver Apples Neanderthal Beat Pollute the Airways
    Danny and the Darleans Can't Kill the Rooster Danny and the Darleans

    Danko Jones Rock n roll Is Black n Blue Garage Rock: A Rock Collection
    Golden Pelicans Two Feathers Golden Pelicans

    Gino and the Goons I Like It Shake It
    Conmen Nothin to Do Too Tough to Dance

    Brimestone Howl Chicken Coop in the sky Blowhard Deluxe
    The Frights kids DeathFrights

    Daddy Long Legs New York City Blood From a Stone
    Genital Hospital Street Mummy Genital Hospital

    Dune Rats Superman Dune Rats



  • The FRANCS
    The FRANCS I'm on my third listen to this great show... I would take your year end top 10 list over most everyone.
    January 30, 2015 - 1 likes this
  • The FRANCS
    The FRANCS I'm now on my 4th listen...
    February 4, 2015
  • Pete Sottrel
    Pete Sottrel Yes, absolutely. As ever, multiple listens are compulsory. Thanks for putting it together!
    February 12, 2015
  • The FRANCS
    The FRANCS 5th listen...
    February 12, 2015