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  • Hot Roddin 2+Nite ALL Halloween

    Chekck out our Halloween Broadcast   First up 90 Mins of Monsters and Rock and if You love ZOMBIES check out our Hour Long Zombie invasion   to gr...
  • Hot Roddin 2+Nite Ep 188 ( Devils Music)

    This wek is one HELL of a SHOW kicking off fall Creepiness We Saluate Hell Satan and all that is DEVIL's Rock N Roll Help us Spread The SIN with this Great Boppin Wreckin Hot Roddin 2+Nite   Listen at the site   Or On Mix Cloud
  • Hot Roddin 2+Nite - Ep 182 - 08-23-14 ( Johnny Cash Tribute)

    This week Psychos / Rockabilly / Punks give it up on this Johnny Cash Tribute   Listen Here   Playlist HR2N Open - BsJohnny Cash & the Tennessee Two - Get RhythmIntroHellabama Honky Tonks - Rockabilly TrainLew Lewis & The Twilight Trio - Number Nine Freight Trai...
  • Hot Roddin 2+Nite - Ep 182 - 08-23-14 ( with Guest Liv Decay )

    we Go wild for 90 mins Bringing on Horror Creepy Crazy Psychobilly and Punk this week as Liv Decay from Romanian Horror Punk / Psycho Band Raizing Hell calls in to Chat about the Music & more This show is Blown Up and Out of Control from Song Number One .. hit play and ROCK   Listen on the si...
  • Hot Roddin 2+Nite - Ep 178 - 07-26-14 With Guest Chuck De Vill

    This week another 90 MIN BLOW OUT as we invite Guest Chuck De VIlle Of The Rockin Tomcats & Raise The Undead to Call in from Germany & talk about the music but we also Get Down to some Great Old School Psychobilly .. since the Sheep Dogs feeling a lil OLD !   Listen here -
  • Hot Roddin' 2+Nite - Ep 177 - Ramones Ep

    Hey friends come Crank this one up We have a Tribute to The Ramones that will knock your socks off and a WHOLE SLEW of NEW Rockabilly / Psychobilly Tunes so Turn up this Pure Rock N Roll Show Main Site MixCloud
  • Hot Roddin 2+Nite .. Turn this shit UP

    It's that time of the WEEK .. for The craziness that is HOT RODDIN 2+NITE We take a Moment to Remember Radio Icon Casey Kasem . Then go from 0 to 180 MPH with wild Rockabilly , Psychobilly music   Listen Now LOUD and Proud website Or tune in on MIXCLOUD http://go...
  • Hot Roddin 2+NITE Beach Masacre

    Calling all #Psychos hit the Beach with me on Hot Roddin 2+Nite Mixcloud  main site -   Play List HR2N - Dog HouseAdels - Hot NiteIntroPhantom Rockers - In The SummertimeLakeside Jerks - BoozeThe Boozehounds - Turn So PrettySpellb...