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    Aloha !!! Yes, to celebrate the upcoming end of the world and my return from holidays (though life should be a permanent holiday), we offer 2 signed cds to the first 2 GaragePunk members who'll write ' I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD & REV. FROST' in the comment box. You’re all going to HELL !
  • AHOY

    Hum. Silence in the back.I got a new cd out.In case you don't give a fuck 'bout Donna Summers' death, go check it out. can go back to work now.Thanx for your time.T.
  • Awooooooooooo !!!

    Yes ! And Howdy everyone, I'm rev. Frost, your best friend on this side of hell !   Awwwwright, me and my wolf brother Shouting Thomas Torment just started a band called 'The Bloody Tomahawks' you may checkout the songs HERE or HERE (don't worry, we'll make a page on the bloody Hideout too !), and a...