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Daggerplay - My Friends Are Mental And I Am Mental, Too

Posted by Daggerplay
"My Friends Are Mental And I Am Mental, Too" taken from the band´s debut album "Urban Campfire Songs". "Urban Campfire Songs" is now available here : Spotify : Daggerplay is the Finnish punk rock´n´roll band formed in Helsinki in the end of 2011. The band´s sound is a fresh mixture of raw punk rock & rock´n´roll with a dash of vintage pop music. Music & lyrics by Pekko Mantzin Arranged by Daggerplay Recorded and mixed by Sammy Aaltonen at East Sound Studios, Helsinki, Finland. Produced by Daggerplay and Sammy Aaltonen. Mastered by Niko Ailamo. This video was filmed by Matti Pekkanen and edited by Tommi Luostarinen.
Posted September 10, 2014
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