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The MANICS - "Just Be There" (Live)

Posted by The MANICS
The MANICS perform their smash "Just Be There" LIVE at AK Studios! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Just Be There" (Aspegren/Andersson) There's a fire on the horizon tonight, watch the flames grow higher I'm the one who set it all alight, I'm the fire But it seems you don't understand And even if I put a match in your hand You still wouldn't get it So maybe it's best if you and I just forget it But wait...! There's a show of strength at the gates tonight, will you be standing there with me? I will be there of all of my heart and I hope that you will be a part 'Cause to me this is love, you see And I take love seriously And I really need to know If you, if you're ready to go Have you got what it takes -- just be there! If you've got what it takes... I really hope that you will come along I really hope that you can be that strong 'Cause I'd hate for you to prove me wrong I hate that you make me write this song ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peter Aspegren - Vocals/rythm guitar Gustav Andersson - Lead guitar Fredrik Malmbecker - Bass Niklas Ohlson - Drums Recorded strictly LIVE, Norrköping, December 2011 Management & booking: Contact & information: //
Posted February 6, 2014
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