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THE SCUMBUGS - TARANTULA (live on the television)

Buzzfueled insect riot rock and roll, strictly for dancing or bugging out your square-ass neighbours! B.6 of the album: Bugging out with... by Screaming Apple Records. The Scumbugs perform Tarantula, live on television. This footage is not our own, it’s a stolen bootleg that was banned in Norway before it was released. But now you can finally enjoy our 3 minutes of total fame, because CRIME PAYS!!! There is a rumour buzzing around that a certain member of The Scumbugs invited four groupies into a hot-tub filled with cheap beer and THUS created the legend of his eight-legged love life (which this song is based on). That is off course bullshit. Some of their lyrics are not necessarily autobiographically accurate. It’s also based on fiction, much like the rumour itself. And with that we have come full circle. For more info: buy our record and listen to it extremely loud! …or join us on
Posted December 27, 2014
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