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Bug Chaser - Christmas Van 2013 *LEGENDARY CHRISTMASING*

Posted by køpper
HI everybody it's yer boys bug chasers and we just wanna wish yall and merry holiday and hope we don't offend anyone for not doing a kwanza or passover video. we'll get ya next time. Thanks so much for the memories over these amazing years. This is a fun song for the whole family. Remember to show respect to your family and loved ones. "Bug Chaser the great american iconic band of the internet era comes out swinging hard on most every occasion. Christmas Van is a flying ace for the 21st century. An instant classic"- Pete Relic/music video preservation association "amazing video ! the world has definitely become a smaller place, and bug chaser has brilliantly demostrated this in their latest christmas effort." - Christ Keith/music equipment consultant
Posted December 23, 2013 - Filed in Music - #  #Christmas  #xmas 
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