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  • Topic: Tropic of Cancer/Delta of Venus

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    • May 30, 2012 10:33 AM CDT
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      I believe I am posting way too much but without all the fistfights and kids jumping out of (1st floor)  windows because of summer break I am a bit bored. Anyway, there was a Henry Miller discussion in this group recently and while watching After Hours for research purposes last night Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller came up. I took that to be a bit of a sign. The most impressive thing about Henry Miller was his ability to riff on any given subject for five minutes or five hours at a time. Also, Tropic of Cancer is the funniest book I have ever read. Funnier than Bukowski. The only thing funnier in the english language is Mark Leyner's bit about the mummified King Tutankhamen/Lenin's corpse/Ted Williams' cryonically preserved head bit on pg. 23 of the hardcover edition of The Sugar Frosted Nutsack. Lenny Bruce HAD to have read Henry Miller as well. The most interesting thing about Miller is that he seems to have been willing to sell himself or anyone else to anyone in order to procure the next meal or complete the next page in his novel. Absolutely shameless really which is part of his charm.

      If wikipedia is to be belived, Anais Nin and Miller wrote for the same collector. Nin apparently even put up money to publish the 1st edition of Tropic of Cancer. Regarding tone and setting, Nin is in many ways superior to Miller. Her collection of short stories Delta of Venus has the tone of a smoky opium den. Not that one author is "better" than another, just different. Ok I am going to flip over Here Are the Sonics!!! now and try to refrain from posting for another 5 mnutes. Thank you for your kind indulgence.


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