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  • Topic: ATTN: Melbourne Drummers/Guitarists/Vocalists/Bass/Anythingelse

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    • June 3, 2010 9:50 AM CDT
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      Not sure if this is really the right place but I thought I'd give it a shot.


      I'm currently looking to either form, start or jam with people with similar mind sets. I basically like a lot of obscure rock such as 60's Surf/Psychedelia/Garage/Beat, Shoegaze, Neo-Psychedelia, Garage Punk, Blues, Lo-Fi, ProtoPunk etc.

      Something along the likes of Black Lips, White Stripes, Eddy Current Supression Ring, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The UV Race, 13th Floor Elevators, The Sonics, The Frowning Clouds, The Seeds, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Jesus & Mary Chain, The Warlocks etc.

      I'm hoping to play very striped back music that to most people, sounds wrong..shitloads of reverb, fuzz, treble, untuned guitars and jangle. Mostly 60's Garage/GaragePunk influenced type stuff but dabbling in shoegaze, surf, psychedelia etc.

      I'm 22 from Tullamarine so looking for people around that age. Don't really care on skill , band/recording/live experience or ability, as long as theres the right influences, an aquired tone & decent gear is there. I mostly play a Telecaster, & Gretsch Tennesee Rose through a few pedals into a Twin Reverb / Hot Rod Deville these days.

      Whole lot of reverb, delay, jangly guitar, fuzz, cleans, low-fi, treble & oscillation.

      I can be contacted via pm/this thread or email at

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