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  • May 23, 2019 - posted by Sheep Dog
    Looking to #DJ some #CarShows in The #Ohio Area with great #Oldies & current #Rockabilly tracks if any one has a lead hit me up. Prices will vary depending on clients needs
  • May 7, 2019 - posted by vikbot
    • Location Boston, MA [map]
    Garage Punk band The Mess Me Ups, needs a drummer to play a couple of gigs in June, go into the studio, and make a the kind you can eat off of, or listen to the songs with a pencil and paper cone.   Songs are on Mess Me Ups facebook page..please imagine a better recording, and if...
  • May 5, 2019 - posted by Todwina Moore
    "ROCK IN A HARD PLACE" 90min music documentary. 30 ODD years of Sth Australian Underground Original. Directed & Produced by Tdwina J Moore PUNK, ROCK, PUB ROCK, ART ROCK   $25.00AU  Plus Postage See The Trailer Here: "Rock In a Hard Place"  DOCUMENTARY 78 -2010 Adelaide Austra...
    • Location Allston/Cambridge MA [map]
    Our little band with a drummer an a guitar player is looking for a bass player. our first show is on the 9th of June at Lilypad in Cambridge MA Real fun gig!! Easy fun songs. Get back to us soon!!

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  • 6 hours ago
    Posted by TheYoungSavage
    A nice female voice for this 60's garage band!!! This garage band came from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The only single of this band was released in 1965. The a-side, titled "Bad Girl", is awesome. The voice of the female singer is gritty and snarling. The b-side "Am I The One" is good, but my favor...
  • Fri at 7:20 AM
    Posted by TheYoungSavage
    Another excellent 60's garage tune: "Time", by Dexter And The Derbies, a 60's garage teen band from Athens, Alabama. This tune was released in 1967. The age of this band teens are 12 years old for each member. This song is one of my favorites for the style: the beat of the drums, the intense guitar ...
  • Thu at 7:06 AM
    Posted by TheYoungSavage
    One of my favorite 60's garage rock tunes. The Bends have released this fantastic song, titled "If It's All The Same To You", in 1966. Love the guitar, the vocals and the style of this powerful garage tune. The band came from Bristol, Connecticut.  

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