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  • Tue at 4:45 PM - posted by Bill Kelly
    • Location New Jersey [map]
    • Condition NM to G+
    Moving my high-end psixties garage and retro garage vinyl.  I have discs that rarely come up.  It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to score some big-time rekkids.  Let's haggle.  E-mail me at bk081849@aol.com.  Put "garage sale" in the subject line.  Prefer cash & carry.
  • Mon at 5:02 AM - posted by boomrang kids
    I'm looking for people to do a small write up on our latest release. It doesn't need to be amazing. Just a quick opinionated paragraph or two. Preferably somebody with a good sense of humor, even if you don't like the music, we'll still post it!!!  
  • Mon at 4:50 AM - posted by boomrang kids
    We had a limited run of tapes made through Wiener Records! You can click the link to buy direct from them, or you can snag a copy from our bandcamp page!    
  • The Rolling Stones' Exile on Main St deluxe LP/CD/DVD box; The Beatles Help! DVD box; Rádio Momento 60 compilation series Vol. 1; Hotel Massachusetts CD; The Malarians: In the Cool Room CD; The Todd Killings DVD; Filming the Glory Stompers: Behind the Scenes with Dennis Hopper by Kirk Kimba...

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  • #220 'The Cat is High'   The Ink Spots - That Cat Is High - 1938 - Rejected Leon's Lone Star Cowboys - Crawdad Song - 1933 - Rca Ma Rainey - Screech Owl Blues - 1928 Memphis Minnie - Black Rat Swing - 1941 - Okeh Clyde Mcphatter - I'll Love You Til The Cows Come Home - 1961 - Mercurry...
  • SHADOWS IN THE VOID #3 Shadows In The Void #3 on GaragePunk Pirate Radio, recorded on a drunk, lonely, summer Saturday night...so you'd better get ready for about an hour of deviant SEX, cheap BOOZE, blind VIOLENCE and sheer FRUSTRATION with your inept host : Dead End Fred. Get your ears RIPPED ...
  • we Go wild for 90 mins Bringing on Horror Creepy Crazy Psychobilly and Punk this week as Liv Decay from Romanian Horror Punk / Psycho Band Raizing Hell calls in to Chat about the Music & more This show is Blown Up and Out of Control from Song Number One .. hit play and ROCK   Listen on the si...

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