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  • November 18 - posted by Chris Henniker
    Meet Lily. She's cute, pretty, adorable and playful. But within this cute little girl's exterior is one of the most ruthless editors in the publishing industry. The writer who works for her is a talented freelancer with clients around the world, including Jehan Legac, children's composer Wendy Jill,...
  • NEW IN STOCK - 2014.46 GARAGE/PUNK/BEAT/MOD/SURF/ROCK'N'ROLL - LP (Album) LOS INFIERNO - THE LOST TAPES Mexico's wildest and most primitive garage-combo LOS INFIERNO make some noise again; this time with their LP 'The Lost Tapes', which makes you realise by its name already that t...
  • Do you need something for your band's website, such as your story? Your story is what you are! Get that straight, you get everything else right. Are you, like me, eager to get noticed as a band or writer? Do you need photos of your band done? Do you need a stronger story for your website? I...
    • Location England [map]
    GOLDBLADE ‘Acoustic Jukebox’ Overground Records OVER 139LP 689492156510 (colour vinyl, 300 only) Over 139CD 689492156527 (digipack, 500 only) Release date: 6th October 2014 'The band turn up with one guitar, a manic vocalist and a drummer looking for a cardboard box to bang out the...

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  • Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! Episode No. 28 The Statics – “Wimp” The Primate 5 – “Action Woman” The Pierced Arrows – “Keep Pushin’” Dreamsalon – “Walkin’ Past My Dreams” The Sellwoods – “Mary Kay&r...
  •     It's TrasH! #46 Almost a Live to Air with Frankie and Jimmy by It's Trash! Rock N Roll Show on Mixcloud Demics- I wanna Know Demics- You tell me The Strike- Anthem of the 80s Demics- Talks Cheap Radiators From Space- Television Screen Wire- Mess of My Nots- White Noise Rings- I w...
  • Sure, most of us can’t see the forest through the cities. There are, however, certain urban explorers enveloped in plaid, coifed in wool, and sporting well-manscaped facial hair, who have never held an axe or stacked a cord of wood to get ready for winter. Regardless of their deep forest cre...

Event Listings

  • January 9, 2015 - hosted by World Break Down
    Concert by: 1.the hope engine 2.world breakdown 3.und mir der mond
  • December 5 - hosted by the grubs
    come out and hang at this rad punk/surf show! The Grubs/Jonee Earthquake/Thee Icepicks/The Banditos FREE! 21+ chit chat lounge in haverhill, ma 103 washington st. fb event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1503770276559871/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
  • December 16 - hosted by Wild Wax
    KÜKEN: Maybe Hamburgs best band. https://www.facebook.com/kuekenpunk?fref=ts http://kueken.bandcamp.com/releases Liquor Store: Yeah Buddy. Two words that might mean nothing to some, but for true believers of righteous American style living, two words that signify a call to arms, a rallying ...

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