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  •   This week on The Trip! we celebrate 4/20 with a chillum full of cannabis choons!   Listen here:  http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/381-The_Trip-20140420-0030-t1397950200.mp3The setlist:  MUDDY WATERS - CHAMPAGNE & REFFER BARNEY BIGARD SEXTET - SWEET MARIJUANA BROWN STEVENS ...
  • Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! is a podcast hosted by Eldouchebagel, playing rock n' roll records from the Great Northwest and around the world.  We play garage rock, power pop, punk rock, surf, rockabilly, soul, and more...  Send requests or feedback!  We'll play it!   &nb...
  • Mon at 11:16 PM
    Posted by swt
            The catfish are jumpin' and the hillbillies are high here at the Big Enchilada. We're going down to the fishin' hole .Enjoy this new crop of musical hillbilly madness   DOWNLOAD  | FACEBOOK |   SUBSCRIBE TO ALL GARAGEPUNK PIRAT...
  • Bruised tongues summer nightschurch keys viva viva rock and roll I still hate cd'slimozine tokyo 1970 killing the record industry IV black lips i dont wanna go home underneath the rainbowbantam rooster your last song the las vegas shakedownnashville teens find my way back home teengenerate she's ...
  • #214 'The Barracuda'!                           1.Hank Haint-Blackout 2.Heart Attack Alley-Too Hot Blues 3.The Bobby Nelson Quartet-Dum Drums 4.Kitty, Daisy & Lewis-Going Up The Country 5.Sugar and Sweet -Han...

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  • May 16 - hosted by Hot Plains
    A ton of great garage, rock n' roll and punk acts! Hot Plains Music Fest 2014.May 16, 17 & 18. In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Festival Wristbands are now on sale. Individual tickets to Pawn Shop events are also available in store or online with YEG Live. Purchase your wristbands and tickets at...
  • July 11 - hosted by Gunter
    Astro Zombies - Koffin Kats - Nekromantix - Lords of Altamont - Cosmic Psychos - Slim Cessna's Auto Club - The Paladins - Boogie Beasts - The Generators - Daddy Long Legs - The Sonics - King Salami and the Cumberland 3 - 56 KIllers - The Montesas - Voodoo Swing - Marc and the Wild Ones - Restless - ...
  • Sun at 8:30 AM - hosted by Viki Vortex & the Cumshots
    Dirt Box Disco Album launch with 4 bands including us Viki Vortex
  • April 17 - hosted by The Fingers
    at Dokhius Galerie, together with the Doppelgangers https://www.facebook.com/events/215174945346571/?fref=ts
  • April 29 - hosted by Wild Wax
    ANOTHER AMAZING NIGHT OF LIVE! MUSIC AT THE GUN CLUB, ST. PAULI!! Both bands are on SLOVENLY RECORDS! http://www.slovenly.com/index/germany Tour is presented by: http://zumabookings.com/ LOS VIGILANTES (PUERTO RICO) Tumbled into LOS VIGILANTES snarling organ-laced swing is a touch of rockab...

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