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    (First of all, sorry for the delay - went to Croatia for a while, now back in business...)

    Is it The Slits... Is it The Spits... No, it's

     The Splits! 

    If you love Ty Segall, miss Jay Reatard, and have a soft spot for Davila 666's drunken foolishness, you should NOT miss out on The Splits. They are the fastest riser on the scene right now, and are on the verge of breaking out of the garage/punk circles onto bigger and better things: They're playing some the biggest festivals in Finland this summer, and recently toured in Sweden and Italy. They just released their debut full-length on the German label P. Trash, who also distributes The Splits' first 7" released on the Finnish label Airiston punk-levyt last winter.

    What to me sets The Splits apart, is their strong songwriting across the board. I mean, you often run into bands in this genre who got the attitude, the sound, and the passion for joining the two, but their songs just don't stick in your ear and make you scream along and right from the get-go. As, to a great extent, does The Splits' material. Exhibit A:

    The Splits - Don't Fear


    The singer Kiti gets to explore her sweeter side in the power pop band First Times, whose debut 7" will also be available through P. Trash in the near future.

    The name says it all really, the feel of the nervous teenage exhiliration related to the... well, you know,  the first time, sprinkled with some great sweet melodies. As with the Splits, First Times' talents have not gone unnoticed, as they are opening for Reigning Sound in Helsinki in a couple of weeks.

    First Times - Girl on the Run 

    Have fun, until next time!