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  • The blog that's bringing you the Wild, the Crazy, and the Ugly of Finnish balls-out rock'n'roll, one-by-one.

    Time for the first Finnish speaking howlers in this blog. Without further a-do, may I present:


    Räjäyttäjät is a three-piece form the town of Jyväskylä in Central Finland. Their name, translating to "The Detonators", just about says it all. According to the singer/guitarist Jukka, the band was born out of frustration with boring gigs, boring bands who made boring music, and the overall need for something to HAPPEN or to EXPLODE! Or anything that would break the numbing dullness that is the modern reality. It is therefore only appropriate that they call their music RÄJÄ 'N ROLL!


    Räjäyttäjät worships at the altar of Hurriganes, the greatest ROCK 'N ROLL band this shitty country has ever seen. The singer/drummer Remu, the band leader and the only surviving member of the legendary line-up including Cisse Häkkinen on bass and Albert Järvinen on guitar, didn't know any English, but wanted the music to be in English all the same, as it was the language of rock 'n roll. So, he would just come up with lyrics that sounded English, but often didn't really mean anything. And, of course, he was right. in the world of gritty rock and roll, who fuckin cares what you say, as long as it sounds good!

    Here's one their most famous songs, Get On, live from the the Tavastia club in 1974. The lyrics are below, including, for example, the legendary lines: "Got to be a skoogie, bim bom bang!" and "Ain´t got no rolling, ain´t got no bowling" !!!

    "Just a sweet Carolina, just a rocking little mama
    Leave my baby in old Alabama
    Rockin´ in the evening when the sun goes down
    Playing guitar that´s a swinging old town
    Rocking and a rolling just a little while
    Ain´t got no rolling ain´t got no holding
    Get on, get on baby, get on
    Get on, get on baby, get on
    Let me be rock and rolling free
    Well old Alabama, just a sweet Carolina
    Rocking and rolling may leave town
    Got to be a scoogie lay on my boogie
    Let me hear you say you got my hole around
    Got to be a scoogie, bim, bomb, bang
    Ain´t got no rolling ain´t got no holding
    Get on, get on baby, get on
    Get on, get on baby, get on
    Let it be, rock and roll with me
    Go go baby dancing rock and roll
    Twist and shout, you´ll be a rocking the bowl
    Just a little baby she´s rolling around
    Ain´t got no rocking or roling in town
    Got to be a scoogie of the neighbourhood
    Ain´t got no rolling, ain´t got no bowling
    Get on..."