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  • The blog that's bringing you the Wild, the Crazy, and the Ugly of Finnish balls-out rock'n'roll, one-by-one.

    I know, I shouldn't... but I can't resist: only four posts in to the blog, I'm already usingĀ  it shamelessly for promotional purposes and personal (immaterial) gain... *SLAP* Woah, thought I had some morals for a moment there. Gladly, I don't. So, ladies and prostates, I give you:

    The Shangri-Blahs

    We've just recorded our first 7" (not out yet), and are throwing our first show next month. Excited? Yes. Spit-you-in-the-face-can't-believe-it's-finally-happening-fucking-nerve-wrecking-fantastic? YOU BET! We're a male five-piece (no Alphas, though), and the music is Punk/Power Pop/Garage/you-know-what-I-mean. Think Hard-Ons vs. Vibrators. Or something. Enjoy.