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Earache Radio No. 1

  • Earache Radio #1


    Thankless Dogs - "Yesterday is Gone"

    Poison 13 - "What a Way To Die"

    The Fingers "What's In It For Me"

    Kajun SS - "German Kajun"

    Golden Pelicans - "Chained to the Dumpster"

    The Gargoyles - "Runnin' Down"

    Brother Buzz - "Dynomite"

    Vice Principals - "Wofman Amadeus Jackboot"

    The Infections - "Kill For You"

    The Drags - "Anxiety"

    The Knaughty Knights - "Get Well In Jail"

    The Chinese Millionaires - "Heart On A Chain"

    Supersnazz - "Boss Hoss"

    Yummy - "Happiness Is"

    Loli &/the Chones - "Makeout Party"

    Teengenerate - "6 & Change"

    CPC Gangbangs - "Teenage Crime Wave"

    The Teepees - "You're a Turd"

    The New Bomb Turks - "I'm Weak"

    Zeke - "Dilaudid"

    The Lazy Cogwgirls - "Loretta"

    The Humpers - "Hey Shadow"

    The Bill Collectors - "Gold Medal"

    HEAD - "Killed By Death"