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'Caught in The Red' for March 11th 2008 - 'Venture in to Vinyl'...

  • My latest CiTR podcast is a 'Venture in to Vinyl'. With top Instro combo The Ventures getting inducted in to the (so-called) Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame on Monday night, I figured it was as good an excuse as any to haul in a pile of their records and play them. Listen in for an airing of their obscure independently released debut single from 1959! I also air two current independently released debut singles - hot off the press! The debut release on 'The Little Room Record Co.' (featuring former Soledad Brother Johnny Walker's new combo 'The Cut In The Hill Gang') and the debut release by new Vancouver group Dead Ghosts. Things are hopping in Vancouver's garage rock scene right now, listen in to hear some local talent (The Green Hour, The Trap Doors and The TVEES). There is also a segment of moody 60's garage from the likes of The Ugly Ducklings and The Chargers. Dig it! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------> My pal Mark Lee Allen also has a regular podcast. He is an archivist of Rockabilly and Hillbilly records, and his podcasts follow suit. Here's what he has to say about his latest episode: "Back with another Double Shot of major label backwoods boys, this week join myself & a host of Hank & Bob Wills wannabes as we trawl through the vaults of the M-G-M label, fresh off of the Hadacol Caravan tonight we have Paul Davis, Hardrock Gunter, Randy Atcher, Billy Jack Wills, Bud Hobbs & a whole bunch more!"

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    "Also learn & examine the evidence I have gathered for the theory that Bob Wills may have been insane, or at least suffering from some form of undiagnosed medical disorder."