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CiTRed: Rockin' Blues from Various Decades

  • Yup, got another Podcast. This one features some Rockin' Blues both new and old, from a variety of labels: John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, The Soledad Brothers, The Cut In The Hill Gang. Also some hep R'n'B from the vaults of the Modern Records label, some Chuck Berry album cuts, and a trip to Outer Space with The Neanderthals and The Laundronauts. Not enough? How about some Punk Rock from the Chiswick label, including The Nips who just played a reunion show this past week? And some new stuff from Dead Ghosts and The Fucking Eagles. Also: check out the 'Bonus' podcast: 15 minutes worth of Nervous Norvus and Killing Joke. (I like a good Killing Joke).