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Sounds from Vancouver's EMERGENCY ROOM

  • Wanna hear what's going on musically here in my hometown of Vancouver? Then check out my latest Podcast! There is an airing of cuts from the hot-of-the-presses 'Emergency Room Vol.1' compilation LP, which celebrates one year of activity at THE EMERGENCY ROOM, Vancouver's premier underground venue and creative space. Tracks from THE DEFEKTORS, PETROLEUM BY-PRODUCTS, and MUTATORS are included, as well as VAPID's dance-craze 45 'Do The Earthquake'! This episode also features Vancouver locals THE TVEES, THE PACK A.D. and THE SPECTRES. Things are hopping here on the wet coast! The first half of the show has even more of my tribute to my main Man BO DIDDLEY! Hear thee Originator himself, in addition to a load of cats that were inspired by him: 60's beat combos like THE PRETTY THINGS and THE FAERIES, as well as a set of MEDWAY combos belting out the Bo Diddley beat. Remarkable! Click the link, like now! Rock On! S3AN