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Midlife Crisis - 3rd Crisis EP 7" Out now!

  • The long awaited new EP from all our favourite punk rockers Midlife Crisis is finally here!
    This 3rd Crisis EP includes not only amazing covers of old classics, but also two newly written tracks. This means that for the first time ever the band will release a couple of original songs - fuckin A!

    The covers this time around are "Silver Son Johnnie" (Four Mandarines) and "First Time is the Best Time" (DMZ), alongside the originals "Here I Go and Here I Am" and "Dark Yellow Easy Flow".

    So get ready for another dose of straight up classic sounding punk rock with loads of heart and lots of attitude!

    700 copies
    - 600 solid yellow vinyl
    - 100 black vinyl with an exclusive beer bootle opener keychain (for members of the Boozersclub only)

    Releasedate: October 7, 2011

    Order now at: