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Playing On A Busy Street Corner 06/05/08

  • This past Thursday KELP pwas asked by the Santa Barbara Downtown Organization to perform for an event called First Thursdays. It's supposed to be an arts and music event held at different locations in the downtown area on State Street. State Street is the "main drag" of SB where all of the best places to eat, shop and get drunk are located. KELP set up on the corner of Anapamu and State in front of a museum and performed for 3 solid hours. We sold 25 cd's and ended up having a pretty good time. The down side was we were asked to turn down several times. If you're in a band, you know what I mean. But get this - one of the merchants who owns a crappy little book store came running over in the middle of a song and stood over our drummer telling us to turn down. We stopped and tried to calm the little man down. He was upset because he couldn't hear his music in his store. Dude! Turn it off and just enjoy! It got a little ugly and I'm pretty confident we'll never be asked to play this event again. How sad. Did I mention we played for free? Anyway, we still managed to have a good time. And my 22 month old daughter Keilana danced in circles with her tamborine, playing along with the music. Next show is at the Mercury Lounge in Goleta, CA followed by Summer Solstice and the 4th of July show...again in the middle of State Street. We are idiots.