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  • I just saw this in a theater on the big screen in 2012 (!?) Three very Italian-looking tough hussies do a Dadaist theater piece. The butch Albina heckles them, throws tomatoes and starts a big prison brawl. There's lesbian shower scenes (as required by statute 43:3425 of the exploitation code) where modern audiences are treated to the sight of actual female pubic hair (now as extinct as the Tyrannosaurus Rex) The guards wear what look like Italian fascist-era tab collar black uniforms, yet the whole thing seems to take place in the U.S. because a guy in a cowboy hat is escorting some prisoners and talking about the death sentence. They end up at the women's prison and take hostages. There are bloody shooting galore, rape, horny prisoners behaving like zombies at the sight of guys, Russian roulette, a woman who puts a razor blade in her vagina and a guy who turns completely into a bloody mess by having sex with her, some incredibly douche-y SWAT team members (with yellow ascots), bad dubbing, a synthesizer score right out of every early 80's spaghetti zombie grindhouser and an ironic bummer ending. And they say foreign film is inaccessible! 

    With a D.A. that kinda looks like Donald Trump. This is vaguely part of the Emmanuelle series.