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Early 1970's


    D/W: Edward L. Montoro

    More Something Weird stupidness with Uschi Digard who seduces a nerdy nervous cop, romps naked in fields and screws an old guy. "Heaven" in the title is her character's name. Get it?


    Max Von Sydow makes a daring escape from a mental institution (and then sneaks back in) in order to frame the people who framed him for a murder that landed him in there. He sneaks into a wimpy doctor's house (who may remind you of Donald Pleasance's character in CUL DE SAC). The doctor sees him, but no one believes him. Max Von Sydow kills the townsfolk and makes it look like the Doc is committing the killings. The police inspector doesn't buy it, though. "Too obvious." With a surprise ending and Liv Ullman.


    D: Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

    This German made-for-TV movie is long, talky but it's like Fellini, THE TENTH VICTIM, and a David Cronenberg movie all rolled into one. It may have been where they got the idea for THE MATRIX. A computer think tank is creating a virtual population of beings. The main programmer dies mysteriously and another disappears and no one remembers he EVER existed, like in LATHE OF HEAVEN. Lots of zoom and synthesizer shocks. The retro-futuristic sets are great and there's a torch singer who sings in English. One computer operator looks like the lady in the radiator from ERASERHEAD (!?) There's a part 2. Don't miss.