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Surf Guitar 101 Podcast

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    Head on over to Surf Guitar 101 for their latest podcast featuring all new material, all from albums released this year.

    Track list:

    Mana Pacifica – Tikiyaki Orch.
    Talkin’ to the Trees – The Reefriders
    Taken By the Sea – Voodoo Court
    Tarnation Station – Terry Buffalo Ware
    Belair – The Falcons
    Theme to Mondo Cacti – Reverb Syndicate
    Watching the Blood in the Bullseye –The Razorblades
    Backwash – North of Malibu
    Demonica – The Bahareebas
    No Free Fez – Chum
    Order of the Black Sun - The Mystery Men
    The Ride of May Gray - Jaguar and the Savanas
    Ventures Interview
    Blue Avalanche – The Take Offs
    Berlin Alexanderplatz – El Supernaut
    Lava Tube – Lava Pups
    Shleppin’ and Kvetchin’ – Meshugga Beach Party
    Suppose The Doomsday Cults Were Right – Kill Baby Kill
    Spooky – The Coffin Daggers
    Beyond the Surf – Space Party
    The Martyr – The Secret Samurai
    Gooch in Space – The Deadbeats
    Mobius Transformation – The TomorrowMen
    The Whirling Dervish – The Aqualads
    Staccatto Lane – The Sand Devils
    Witchia -- The Man From Ravcon